St. Johns County, Florida

(Established 1874)
(Last Cemetery Visit: 06 July 2013)

DIRECTIONS: From Bunnell, take U. S. 1 north across the county line at Pellicer Creek to St Johns CO Road 204 (just south of the intersection of U.S. 1 with I-95). Take St Johns CO Road 204 two miles west. The cemetery is on the south side of the road.

NOTE: This listing was compiled in March 2007 using three different census of this cemetery. One census was taken in November 1990 by Art and Hazel Olson, Dan and Gay Rawley and Margie Godby; one was found in the archives of the St Augustine Historical Society (undated) and one was provided to the compiler by Mary Ketus Deen Holland.

In July 2008 additional information from a survey of the cemetery by C Mack Wills for the St. Augustine Genealogical Society on 01 Oct 2006 (updated on 23 Jan 2008) was added.

Any items contained in parenthesis were added by the compiler and do not appear on the cemetery inventories listed above.

The compiler was finally able to visit this cemetery on 16 Nov 2009 and took images of 394 grave markers on the west side of the road which divides the cemetery. He visited the cemetery again on 19 Nov 2009 and took images of 349 grave markers on east side of this road. One hundred ninty-four (194) obituaries copied from the archives of the Flagler County Historical Society and the St Augustine Historical Society Library were scanned and posted to the listing in December 2009. Eighty-two (82) additional obituaries from the aforementioned souces, newspapers and were posted in March 2012. Additional obituaries will be posted as they become available.

Names listed in italics are those for which the compiler has grave marker images. The compiler was unable to find grave sites of 84 individuals listed on the aforementioned cemetery census.

HISTORY: The land for the cemetery was donated and conveyed by deed to the Trustees of the Missionary Baptist Church located in District Number 8, St Johns CO, FL and their successors by A. M. Coette and Malissa Coette, his wife, on the 25th day of February 1887. There were earlier burials on this property with the Rev James Middleton being the first person buried in the cemetery with a marked grave. Rev Middleton died 18 Aug 1874.

In February 1959, William F. Miller, forest supervisor of Rayonier, Inc. of Fernandina, presented the Pellicer Creek Cemetery Trustees with a deed to 1 1/2 acres of land which was added to the two acres the cemetery covered at that time.

Cemetery cleaning with brunch on the ground is done three times per year; the first Saturday in June, the third Saturday in August and the last Saturday in October.

Any corrections and/or additions should be sent to the compiler, Claude Sisco Deen, Jr, P.O. Box 637, Flagler Beach, FL 32136-0637,


Albert, Alice (Virginia) DuPont Bryant, (11 Apr)1867-1939
(d/o Virgil R DuPont & Sarah Elizabeth (Kate) Knight; w/o James Monroe Bryant & FNU Albert)

Albrecht, Edwin A. (Alfred), (21 Feb)1928-(03 Jun) 1987
U.S. Navy, WW II

Allbritton, Mary J. (Josephine) Rogero, 05 Apr 1922-04 Jan 2012
(d/o William Daniel Dupont & Aline May Pellicer; w/o FNU Rogero & FNU Allbritton)

Allen, Beverly P., 13 Mar1895-15 Feb1967
Georgia WAGR Cen Meg Off Tng Sch World War I

Allen, Edna Mae, 02 Oct 1895-15 Feb 1986

Allen, Jr.,Gerald F. (Fitzhugh Lee), 17 Mar 1924-25 Dec 1992
SSgt U.S. Army World War II
(h/o Martha Lois LNU)

Allen (III. ), Gerald Fitzugh, (15 Mar)1948-(07 Mar)2012
(s/o Gerald Fitzhugh Lee Alllen & Martha Lois LNU; h/o Jackie LNU)

Allen, Martha Lois, 30 May 1927-01 Apr 2005
(w/o Gerald Fitzhugh Lee Allen, Jr)

Allen, Sidney, 1918-1919
Son of A. P. & C Dyal

Amos, Jo (Josephine) Kinlaw Morrison, (12 Nov)1924-(18 Jun)2004
(d/o Ralph W Kinlaw and Verna LNU: w/o FNU Morrison & Staney L Amos)

Amos, Stanley L., 22 Jul 1920-12 Nov 1996
AP1 U.S. Navy WW II
(h/o Jo Morrison)

Anderson, Joanna Edwards, 22 Sep 1958-20 Mar 2004
(d/o Clyde Wesley Edwards & Minnie LNU; w/o Tallie "Mikee" Anderson

Antwine, Jean May, 04 May 1939-(no dates)
(w/o Johnny W. Antwine)

Antwine, Johnny W., 13 Nov 1938-08 Oct 2011
(s/o John Antwine & Ruby LNU; h/o Jean May LNU)

Asher, (Charles) Herbert, (07 Jun)1897-(08 Sep)1984
(h/o Margaret)

Asher, Margaret (R), (16 Jul)1911-(25 Jan)1996
(w/o Charles Herbert Asher)

Badger, Meredith Lynn, 15 Aug 1958-16 Aug 1958

Badger, Sadie F., 15 April 1889-29 Nov 1932
Wife of C E (Carroll Elmer) Badger
(d/o Edward Pellicer & Sarah Carter)

Bales, Blanche S., (Jan)1885-(03 Sep)1963
(d/o Augustus Middleton Stevens & Minnie G. Parker; w/o Lee Killingsworth and Frank Elmer Bales)

Bales, Frank Elmer, 26 Mar 1878-09 Jan 1962
CPL Co F 6 Regt MO INF Spanish American War
(h/o Blanch Stevens)

Ballard, Aron, 31 Jan 1885-26 Apr 1896

Ballard, Mary, 15 Jul 1848-08 Jun 1927

Banks, George Wayne, (05 Dec)1940-(20 Sep)2012)
(s/o George F. Banks; h/o Caroline Faye Clifton)

Bankston, Emily (Katherine) Kate, 12 Jun 1916-02 Jan 1917
(d/o Samuel Collins Bankston & Katherine Delores Johnston)
(grave unmarked, adjacent to John Baggs Johnston's grave)

Bateman, Mary Jane Norton, 21 Dec 1933-27 Jan 2008
(d/o Paul Vernon Norton & Sarah Elizabeth Gable)

Beachem, Alice Cothron, 19 Sep 1915-01 Jul 2008
(d/o William Franklin Cothron & Agnes L. Bryant; w/o Seth Philip Barnes,
William Slade Pinkham & Joseph William Beachem)

Beadle, Donna M., 14 Mar 1928-05 Jan 1992
(d/o FNU Paquita; w/o Orville Beadle)

Beaver, Carmen Alicia, 01 Apr 1933-(no date)
(w/o Joseph Donald Beaver)

Beaver, Cora Lindsey, 30 Aug 1944-25 Oct 1987
(d/o B C Lndsey & Addie Pearl Higinbotham; w/o W C Beaver)

Beaver, Debbie L. (Louis)e, 28 Jul 1908-31 Mar1979
(In McSwain plot)

Beaver, Joseph Donald, 02 Jan 1932-(14 Feb 2005)
(h/o Carmen Alicia LNU)

Beaver, Walter R. "Rocky," 29 Nov 1928-06 Mar 2008

Beck, Viola, 1884-(07Aug)1939

Bennett, Marie E. (Elizabeth), (03 Sep)1942-(10 Sept)1975
(d/o Rex William Higdon & Elmo Thomas; w/o of James Bennett)

Bennett, Rebel (J.), (19 Nov)1963-(17 Jun)2000
(s/o James Bennett & Marie Eizabeth Higdon)

Berman, Michael S., 20 Apr 1951-02 Apr 2002
U.S. Navy

Bickley, Jesse (Dean), (13 Sep)1987-(26 Oct)1987

Blackwelder, Angline D., 02 Jan 1877-16 Jan 1938
(w/o John Henry Blackwelder)

Blackwelder, Annie L., Died 1933 at Age 98 (c1835-1933)
(d/o FNU Lastinger; w/o FNU Blackwelder)

Blackwelder, Ben, 15 July 1890-10 Oct 1977
(s/o FNU Blackwelder & Annie Lastinger; h/o Emma F Putnal)

Blackwelder, Cora L., 14 Feb 1944-(no date)
(w/o Raymond Joseph Blackwelder)

Blackwelder, Emma P., 14 Apr 1897-13 Sep 1971
(d/o Dan P Putnal & Nancy Sharpe; w/o Ben Blackwelder)

Blackwelder, J. C., 16 Jan 1938-08 Mar 1944
(s/o John Henry Blackwelder, Jr & Nettie Leticia Bridges)

Blackwelder, John, (05 Oct)1928-(08 Feb)1986
(s/o John Henry Blackwelder, Jr & Nettie Leticia Bridges)

Blackwelder, Jr., John Henry, 11 Aug 1905-09 Aug 1983
(s/o John Henry Blackwelder & Angeline D. LNU; h/o Nettie Leticia Bridges)

Blackwelder, Sr., John Henry, 10 Aug 1876-09 Dec 1951
(h/o of Angeline D. LNU)

Blackwelder, Lawrence Ray, 27 Dec 1963-19 Mar 1984
(s/o Raymond Joseph Blackwelder & Cora L. LNU)

Blackwelder, Louise, 1943-(no date)
(w/o Theodore Louis Blackwelder)

Blackwelder, Nettie B. (Leticia), 24 Jul 1905-28 Dec 1972
(d/o Nathan Bridges & Nettie Edna Downing; w/o John Blackwelder)

Blackwelder, Raymond Joseph, 03 Aug 1940-20 Nov 1991
(s/o John Henry Blakwelder & Nettie Leticia Bridges; h/o Coral L. LNU)

Blackwelder, Theodore
(Louis), (29 Apr)1934-(06 Mar)1999
(s/o Ben Blackwelder & Emma F Putnal; h/o Louise LNU)

Bland, Barbara Sue Stearns, 25 Jan 1947-01 Nov 1976
(d/o Robert Strickland Stearns & Lenida Rich; w/o Allen Thomas Paul & Jimmie Lee Brand)

Bowles, Bob (Bobby J), 24 Sep 1944-15 Apr 2006
(h/o Sharon LNU)

Bowles, Sharon, 09 Nov1946- (no dates listed)
(w/o Bobby J Bowles)

Bradbury, Fred F. (Flynn), 01 Apr 1900-26 Dec 1979
(h/o Mabel Idella Tomlinson)

Bradbury, Mabel I. (Idella) (nee: Tomlinson), 4 May 1906-15 Jan 1975
(w/o Fred Bradbury)

Braddock, Baby, (????)-11 Aug 1936
(probably the baby of Jasper Laden "Jack" Braddock & Edith Margret Eatman)

Braddock, Edith M. (Margret), (17 Mar)1902-(10 Nov)1946
(d/o Edward Eatman & Julia Carter; w/o Jasper Laden "Jack" Braddock)

Braddock, Jasper L. (Laden - "Jack"), (28 Nov)1897-(11 Sep)1971
(s/o Alonzo Dosier Braddock & Idella Allen; h/o Edith M Eatman)

(Braddock, Jasper Willard, 11 Dec 1931-30 Jul 2008)
(U.S. Army, FL National Guard, retired)
(s/o Jasper Laden "Jack" Braddock & Edith Margret Eatman; h/o Marjorie Osburne)

Braddock, Lonnie, 09 Sep 1938-10 Nov 1946
(s/o Jasper Laden "Jack" Braddock & Edith Margret Eatman)

Braddock, Marie, (19 Mar)1934-(10 Nov)1946
(d/o Jasper Laden "Jack" Braddock & Edith Margaret Eatman)

Brown, April L., 26 Apr 1979-01 Mar 2005
(d/o Ralph Kenneth Lee & Sandra Kay Lester; w/o Brian Wade Brown)

Brown, Pauline Blackwelder, 30 Sep1928-31 Mar 1993
(d/o Roy Gilbert Pellicer Blackwelder& Eva Simms)

Broxson, (Luther), (04 May)1911-04 Dec(1981)
(h/o Allie LNU)

Bryant, Alice B., 1905-1906

Bryant, Alice V. (Vrginia), 1867-1939
(w/o James Bryant)

Bryant, Howard G., 1904-1904

Bryant, James (M), 1856-(25 Jan)1919
(s/o W R & Ada Byrd; h/o Alice V. LNU)

Bryant, W. Alberta, 1908-1909

Burkley, Ethel, 20 Aug 1917-Sep 2008
(d/o William F. McFarland & Eiza Buford; w/o Edward Leroy Pellicer & Paul Wesley Burkley)

Burkley, Paul Wesley, 08 Jan 1924-02 Jul 1998
SF3 U.S. Navy WW II
(h/o Gennell LNU & Ethel Mary McFarland)

Burnsed, Elizabeth (Jane), (11 Aug)1881-1886
(d/o James Burnsed & Georgia Ann Davis)

Burnsed, George, 1851-1932

Burnsed, George G. (Gideon), (12 Mar)1876-1880
(s/o James Burnsed & Georgia Ann Davis)

Burnsed, George R., 1850(Sep 1854)-(07 Mar)1932
(s/o Susan Burnside; h/o Jane Durrance)

Burnsed, Georgia Ann (nee: Davis), 09 Jun 1844-31 Jul 1919
(w/o James Morris Burnsed)

Burnsed, Georgia F., 1872-(Dec)1959

Burnsed, Gertrude (Charlotte), (05 Oct) 1906 - (as a child bef 1920)
(d/o James Andrew Burnsed & Susan Grace Stevens)

Burnsed, Grover C. (Cleveland), (11 Apr)1884-(10 Apr)1951
(s/o James Morris Burnsed & Georgia Ann Davis; h/o Lula A. St. Johns)

Burnsed, James A. (Andrew), (27 Jun)1868-(20 Dec)1932
(s/o James Burnside & Georgia Ann Davis; h/o Susan Grace (Susie) Stevens)

Burnsed, James (Morris), 20 Jan 1838-21 Mar 1902
(s/o James M. Burnside & Mary Dukes; h/o Georgia Ann Davis)

Burnsed, Lula A. (nee: St. Johns), (09 Aug)1888-(06 Dec)1949
(w/o Charles Clayton Brawner & Grover Cleveland Burnsed)

Burned, Mrs. Susan, 14 Feb 1825-23 Jun 1924
(said to be buried here)

Burnsed, Susie, 1831-1921

Burnsed, Susie S.(Susan Grace), (Jun)1878-1949
(d/o Robert S Stevens & Cynthia Elizabeth Simms; w/o James Andrew Burnsed)

Burnside, John Elias, 05 Jan 1861-10 Jun 1906
(s/o James Burnside & Georgia Ann Davis; h/o Flora Charlott Thompson)

Burnside, Mary, (06 Oct 1900)-6 Oct 1900
(d/o John Elias Burnside & Flora Charlott Thompson)

Burnside, Mattie, 11 Sep 1898-04 Jul 1900
(d/o John Elias Burnside & Flora Charlott Thompson)

Burnside, Richard Dolphus, 18 Apr 1873-(about 1885)
(s/o James Burnside & Georgia Ann Davis)

Burrell, Frank Ronald, 15 Nov 1941-18 Oct 2016)
(U.S. Army - Korea)
(s/o Frank Oscar Burrell & Lora Jane Thomas)

Byrd, Ada C. (Idela), 10 Jan 1891-06 Jan 1973
(d/o John Cooper Carter & Christina Ellen Masters; w/o William. Randolph Byrd)

Byrd, Alice Eliz (Elizabeth), 12 Sep 1916-30 Apr 1918
Infant Dau of Wm. R. & and Ada (Idela Carter) Byrd

Byrd, Betty, 21 Dec 1919-03 Aug 1937

Byrd, Cynthia Elizabeth, 20 Jul 1870-30 May 1942
(d/o Philip McSwain; w/o Thomas Randolph Byrd)

Byrd, (Elizabeth) Betty, 21 Dec 1919 -03 Aug 1937

Byrd, Eva Hulda, 25 Apr 1911-17 Jun 1982

Byrd, Frankie, 26 Mar 1895-26 Feb 1967
(w/o Thomas A. Byrd)

Byrd, Sr., Norman R. (Richard), 26 Jun 1925-11 Oct 1992
Cox U.S. Navy World War II
(s/o William Randolph Byrd & Ada Idela Carter; h/o Helen Louise LNU)

Byrd, Silas, 13 Dec 1895-29 Jan 1933
(s/o Thomas Randolph Byrd & Cynthia Ann McSwain)

Byrd, Thomas A., (c1898)-28 Nov 1936
Florida Pvt U.S. Army
(h/o Frankie LNU)

Byrd, Thomas A. (Alvin), 18 Nov 1924-21 Jan 1984
(s/o Thomas A Byrd & Frankie LNU)

Byrd, Thomas Randolph, 08 April 1861-23 Dec 1946
(s/o Wiliam Byrd & Sarah French; h/o Cynthia Elizabeth McSwain)

Byrd, Unnamed Infant, 1918-1918
Infant of Thos. & Frankie Byrd

Byrd, Unnammed Infant (26 Jul 1915)-26 Jul 1915
Infant Dau of Wm. R. & and Ada (Idela Carter) Byrd

Byrd, Unnamed Infant, 15 Mar 1919-16 Mar 1919
Infant Dau of Wm R & Ada (Idela Carter) Byrd

Byrd, Wilbur Robt (Robert), 17 Nov 1920-19 Mar 1921
Infant Son of Wm R. (Randolph) & Ada (Idela Carter) Byrd

Byrd, William R. (Randolph), 15 Jun 1888-24 Oct 1963
(s/o Thomas Randolph Byrd & Cynthia Elizabeth McSwain; h/o Ada Idela Carter)

Canaday, Martha W., 01 May 1945-02 Sep 2003

Capo, Carolee Clifford, 01 Sep 1948-04 Feb 2003
(w/o Harold Charles Capo, Jr)

Capo, Harold Charles (Jr), 15 May 1931-31 Dec 2001)
(s/o Harold Charles Capo & Aleen Dupont, h/o Eleanor Jane O'Steen & Carolee Clifford)

Carroccino, Anthony M. (Tony), 26 Apr 1932-09 Jan 2006
(U.S.M.C. - Korea)
(h/o Janet Julia Dupont)

Carroccino, Chrstoper Jackson, 16 Jan 1962-19 Jan 1962
(s/o Anthony MCarroccio & Jannet Julia Dupont)

Carroccino, Jannet D., 15 Mar 1934-23 Apr 1994
(d/o Ellis Abraham Dupont & Thelma Julia Eatman; w/o Anthony M Carroccino)

Carroll, James W. (Wayne), 01 Jul 1955-21 Aug 2011

Carter, Annie, 21 Aug 1892-06 Jun 1902

Carter, Annie Mae, 15 Jan 1911-03 May 1958
(d/o James Dozier DuPont & Mary Ann Osteen; w/o Seth M Carter)

Carter, Christina (Ellen), (17 Aug 1855)1854-(29 Jun)1929
(d/o Peter Andres Masters & Mary C Solana; w/o John Cooper Carter)

Carter, David I., 18 Nov 1837-22 Jul 1914
(s/o George Carter & Keziah Grooms; h/o Sarah S Sykes)

Carter, Edith Golden (nee: Paullin), 20 May 1883-21 Jan 1949
(w/o William Henry (Willie) Carter)

Carter, Edwin W., 1870-(08 Jul)1936

(Carter, Edwin Walter, 22 Oct 1872-10 Aug 1923)
(son of James Raiford Carter and Marie Emily Pellicer; hus of Viola Estelle Wilson)
(said to be buied here)

Carter, Elijah, 28 Oct 1875-26 Jul 1901
(s/o David I Carter & Sarah S Sykes)

Carter, Elizabeth J. (Jane) (nee: Meeks), 22 April 1899-06 Dec 1970
(w/o Clarence P. Jones & Emanuel C. Carter)

Carter, Emanuel C., 17 Jun 1885-22 Dec 1970
(s/o John Cooper Carter & Christina Ellen Masters; h/o Fannie H Yelvington & Elizabeth Jane Carter)

Carter, Fred W. (Frederick Wesley), (27 Jan)1891-1953
(s/o Tillman Henry Carter & Nancy Osteen; h/o Gennieve Cason & Ione Christina Carter)

Carter, Jr., Frederick Wesley, (25 Nov)1938-(04 Dec)2002
(s/o Frederick Wesley Carter & Ione Christina Carter; h/o Lois Margaret Bibow)

Carter, Geo (George W.), 29 Apr 1817-08 Mar 1888
(s/o David Carter & Rachel Cooper; h/o Keziah Grooms)

Carter, George (Wallace)(Sonny), (20 Dec)1865-(03 Apr)1949)
(s/o David I Carter & Sarah Sykes; h/o Ida Elizabeth Parker)
(He built the Carterville Methodist Episcopal Church and was the first one married in the church)

Carter, Hanna T., 1910-1912
(d/o Edwin Walter Carter & Viola Estelle Wilson)

Carter, Ida E. (Elizabeth), (08 Jun)1868-(31 Jan)1939
(d/o Henry Hyson Parker & Sarah Sloan; w/o George Wallace Carter)

Carter, James R. (Raiford), 22 Jan 1843-10 Aug 1923
(s/o George W. Carter & Keziah Grooms; h/o Marie Emily Pellicer)

Carter, John (Cooper) (Uncle), (25 Feb)1847-(13 Nov)1933
(s/o George W. Carter & Keziah Grooms; h/o Christina Ellen Masters)

Carter, Joseph A. (Atwood)(Dody), 23 Feb 1866-12 Dec 1928
(s/o David I. Carter & Sarah S. Sykes; h/o Keziah Blackwelder)

Carter, Julia, 1849-08 Dec 1939

Carter, Kisjia (Keziah), 13 Aug 1818-24 Mar 1902
(d/o Benjamin Grooms & Jane Townsend; w/o George W Carter)

Carter, Lewis Andrew, 06 Jan 1883-20 Jun 1884
(s/o John Cooper Carter & Christina Ellen Masters)

Carter, Lillian M., 29 Dec 1929-26 Nov 2006
(w/o William Lensei Carter)

Carter, Lois M. (Magaret) (05 Oct)1942-(18 Oct)1983
(d/o Paul Bibow & Laura Ottilia Hartke; w/o Frederick Wesley Carter)

Carter, Luetta, Oct 1906-Jun 1907
Daughter of Charles L. Carter (and Karlie Murray)

Carter, Marjorie, Apr 1904-Nov 1908
Daughter of Charles L. Carter (and Karlie Murray)

Carter, Mattie (Martha), 09 Oct 1859-25 May 1935
(d/o George W. Carter & Keziah Grooms)

Carter, Nancy L., 01 Sept 1851-16 July 1937
(d/o James J. Osteen & Mary Thompson; w/o Tillman Henry Carter)

Carter, Sarah S. (Sykes), 22 Aug 1839-10 Feb 1918
(w/o David I. Carter)

Carter, Seth M., 04 Sep 1910-23 Jun 1962
Louisiana PVT U.S. Marine Corps Res WW II
(s/o Charles C. Carter & Louella Bloodsworth; h/o Annie Mae DuPont)

Carter, Tillman H. (Henry), 22 Apr 1850-28 June1895
(s/o George W. Carter & Keziah Grooms; h/o Nancy L. Osteen)

Carter, William Henry, 08 Jun 1871-02 Mar 1957
(s/o Tillman Henry Carter & Nancy Osteen; h/o Edith Golden Paullin)

Carter, William L. (Lensie), 29 Sep 1919-04 Sep 1985
MM1 U.S. Navy World War II
(s/o Charles C Carter & Louella Bloodsworth; h/o Lillian M. LNU)

Chapin, Nora Godwin Chesser, (08 Mar)1895-(10 Jun)1988
(d/o Messer Marion Godwin, Jr & Edna Georgia Carter; w/o William O Chesser & Walter H Chapin)

Chapin, Walter H. (Henry), 14 Nov 1895-24 Jul 1965
(2nd h/o Nora Godwin Chesser)

Chesser, Evan H., 02 Jun 1921-05 Jan 1945
Florida CAPT 63 AAF Bomb Sq World War II
(s/o William O. Chesser & Nora Godwin)

Chesser, Geane Alvan A., (08 Jul 1922)-25 Mar 1939
(s/o William O. Chesser & Nora Godwin)

Chesser, Larie Brooks, 30 Jul 1918-08 Dec 2002
(w/o Wade Hildred Chesser)

Chesser, Wade Hildred, 17 Aug 1917-27 Sep 2002
(s/o William O. Chesser & Nora Godwn; h/o Larie Brooks)

Chesser, Warren H., (Harding), (20 Apr)1920-(18 Jul)1981
(s/o William O. Chesser & Nora Godwin

Christensen, Bernice Burrell, 29 Jun 1931-03 Dec 2007
(d/o Raymond M. Prevatt and Ethel Mae McClain; w/o Maurice Ivan Burrell and FNU Christensen)

Clayton, Jimmie Lou, (21 Dec)1917-(28 Apr)1987
(d/o James Arthur Odom & Stella Martin; w/o FNU Clayton)

Clemons, E. Rick (Ernest Richard), 22 Dec 1940-11 Feb 1998
(h/o Melinda Lou Dupont)

Cleveland, George M. (Milo), (14 Nov)1904-(20 Jul)2001
(s/o Wilbur Frank Cleveland & Margaret A LNU; h/o Helen M. Prevatt)

Cleveland, Helen M., (17 Feb)1917-(15 Dec) 2000
(d/o Albert Prevatt & Ruby Pellicer; w/o George M. Cleveland)

Cleveland, Phillip L., (Dec)1936-(Apr)1937

Cleveland, Wilbur F. (Frank)., 1868-(Jun)1961
(h/o Margaret A. LNU)

Clusser, Alvah H., (08 Jul 1922)-25 Mar 1939

Cody, Catherine (Lois) Y., 09 Apr 1915-(29 May 2008)
(d/o Henry Elmer Yelvington & Theresa Lorena Young; w/o Cecil Hyatt Cody)

Cody, Cecil H. (Hyatt), 09 Dec 1913-10 Mar 2004
(s/o Edmond Wright Cody & Pearl Lanier; h/o Catherine Lois Yelvington)

Cody, Clyde E. (Edmond), 23 May 1909-07 Sep 1969
(s/o Edmond Wright (Ed) Cody & Pearl Lanier)

(Faren) Colee, Teddy, (21 Mar)1967-(25 Oct) 2012
(s/o Paul William Colee & Barbara A R Solana)

Colee, Paul William, 25 Jun 1933-22 Jan 2009
(s/o Stephen E Colee & Alma M Pacetti; h/o Barbara A R Solana)

Copeland, Edward A. (Allen), (06 Feb 1908) 1909-(05 Jul) 1969
(s/o John Wesley Copeland & Alice Susan Hilliard; h/o Hester Coates (Letty) Johnston)

Copeland, Letty C. ( Hester Coates), (17 Nay 1900) 1902-(24 Jul)1995
(d/o John Baggs Johnston & Mary Ketus Carter; w/of Edward Allen Copeland)

Corbin, Joseph L. (Lawson), 17 Jun 1960-10 Sep 1974
(s/o Walter Corbin & Agnes LNU)

Corbin, Kevin (Lamar), (03 Jan)1978-(02 Mar)1978
(s/o Donnie Corbin)

Cothron, Agnes B. (Bryant), 23 Jan 1888-22 Feb 1976
(d/o James Monroe Bryant & Alice Virginia DuPont; w/o William Franklin Cothron)

Cothron, Sr., William F. (Franklin), 24 Sep 1884-08 Mar 1968
(s/o Joseph Cothron & Marguerite Elizabeth Weeks; h/o Agnes Bryant)

Croyle, Sally L., 16 Oct 1930-17 Apr 2005
(d/o FNU Cunningham; w/o Gary E. Croyle)

Coyne, Thelma, 1916-1961

Crowley, Colby John, (29 Jan) 2010-(01 Mar) 2013
(s/o Todd Crowley & Deborah LNU)

(Crozier, Mrs. Mary Ann, ???? -07 Nov 1953)

Crum, Bert M., 01 Jan 1918-10 Sep 1993
U.S. Army World War II

Cruse, Energy, 11 Dec 1894-08 Nov 1971
CM1/c U.S. Navy, World War II
(h/o Mary Adith LNU & Clarice Smith Lee)

Cubbedge, Laura (Idella) Morrison, 29 Aug 1872-24 Feb 1973
(d/o Tillman Henry Carter & Nancy Osteen; w/o Joshua L. Morrison & William Albert Cubbedge)

Cubbedge, Rosa Belle Sheets, 04 May 1903-14 Ag 1994
(d/o James Charles Sheets & Belle Arnett; w/o Barney Clifford Cubbedge)

Cubbedge, William A. (Albert), 16 Oct 1878 (1882)-31 Aug 1956
(s/o Albert M Cubbedge & Louisa Register; 2nd h/o Laura Carter Morrison)

Curlee, Erma Jean McCallum, 20 Oct 1937-(no dates)
(d/o James Phllip McCallum & Erma Edith Cubbedge; w/o Harold Joseph Curlee)

Curlee, Harold Joseph, 26 Ag 1930-01 Sep 2000
(s/o Ozzie Curlee & Stella LNU; h/o Erma Jean McCallum)

Currier, John Michael, 14 Mar 1985-17 Apr 2011
(h/o Maggie Kasten)

Daniel, Ashley Elizabeth, 30 Mar 1987-29 Jan 2011
(d/o Keith Daniel & Bonnie LNU)

Daniels, Leslie E. (Edward), 27 Jan 1926-11 Jun 1992
S1 U.S. Navy, World War II
(h/o Virginia Thiele)

Daniels, Virginia T. (nee: Thiele), 13 Sep1923-05 Sep1996
(w/o Leslie Edward Daniels)

Davis, Fannie (E) Burnside, (03 Nov)1861-(16 Aug)1914
(d/o David Molton & Susan Burnsed; w/o Mathew (Mack) Davis)

Davis, Genevieve, (02 Oct)1923-(05 Dec)2011
(d/o Wimbley Henry Wells & Daisy Ideal Stoddard; w/o James Davis)

Davis, Mathew (Anthony), 02 Sept 1889 (1890)-16 Aug 1921
(served in a tank division in World War I)
(s/o Mathew Davis & Fannie Burnside)

Davis, Mathew (Mac), (Sep 1854)1852-(19 Jul)1925
(s/o George Washington Davis & Jane (LNU); h/o Frances E (Fannie) Burnside)

Dawson, Carl L. (Luzon), (13 May)1921-(07 Dec)1992
U.S. Army, World War II
(h/o Barbara Alma Evans and Delores I. LNU)

Deen, Maude (Margaret) Burnside, (18 Jan 1902)-(14 Apr)1928
(dau of James Andrew Burnside & Susan Grace Stevens; 1st wife of Morrell Emerson (Mannie) Deen)

Deen, Minnie Mae, 04 Dec 1885-20 Jul 1942
(d/o John Baggs Johnston & Mary Ketus Carter; 1st wife of William Henry (Doc) Deen)

Deen, William Henry (Doc), 06 Oct 1873- 03 Feb 1962
(s/o Henry Deen and Nancy Miles; h/o Mabel Clair Carter & Minnie Mae Johnston)

Dion, Elizabeth E. (Elaine)(nee: Shearer), 09 Jun 1962-26 Sep 1989

Dixon, A. (Abraham/Abe), 05 Dec 1856-(1888)
(s/o John Dixon & Mary Victoria Franklin; h/o Charity Lewis)

Dixon, Charity (nee: Lewis), 1855-1937
(w/o Abraham Dixon)

Draper, Howard Eugene "Curley," 19 Mar 1933-04 Jan 2008
CPL U.S. Army Korea

Driver, Joe David, 04 Oct 1939-20 Aug 2004
(h/o Shirley Phillips)

Driver, Shirley Phillips, 01 Sep 1941-(no dates)
(w/o Joe Deavid Driver)

Drummond, Norma (Carolyn), (08 May)1931-(07 Aug) 1985
(d/o Charles Ellis Osteen & Ollie Stevens; w/o Jack Wiley McKinnon & Charles J Drummond)

Drury, Arnold Milton, 17 Jun 1940-06 Apr 2006
(h/o Margaret Kinlaw)

Drury, Berldyn "Nana," 03 Mar 1916-03 Sep 2007
(d/o Claude Peavy & Deborah LNU; w/o Milton N. Drury)

Drury, Margaret Kinlaw, 27 Jan 1942-(no dates)
(w/o Arnold Milton Drury)

DuPont, Aline M. (May), 16 Aug 1892-22 Mar 1970
(d/o A. J. Pellicer & Josephine Lopez; w/o William Daniel DuPont, Sr.)

DuPont, Annie, (Mary Ann/Mercyan) 28 Jan 1870-19 Aug 1941
(d/o Jackson Osteen & Rachel E. Carter; w/o James Dozier DuPont)

DuPont, Colleen (Sarah) R., 18 Sep 1919-27 Jul 1997
(d/o FNU Redmond; w/o Jack Hewitt DuPont)

DuPont, E. L. (Edward Longworth), (15 Feb 1861)-1922
(s/o Virgil R DuPont & Sarah Elizabeth Knight)

DuPont, Ellis A. (Abraham), 28 Jan 1897-31 Jul 1990
PVT U.S. Army World War II
(s/o James Dozier DuPont & Mary Ann O'Steen; h/o Florence O. Rhoden & Thelma Julia Eatman)

DuPont, George E. (Everett), 05 Apr 1897-25 Aug 1969
Florida PVT 77 Co Trans Corps World War I
(s/o Cornealus DuPont & Lenora Carter; h/o Ada Editha Bethea & Donna Godwin)

DuPont, Gilbert J., -died at age of 20 days
(Possibly the son of James Dozier DuPont & Mary Ann Osteen)

DuPont, Hiroko, 09 Dec 1932-04 Aug 2009
(d/o FNU Icoma; w/o Russell Eatman DuPont)

DuPont, Jack H. (Hewitt), 23 Jan 1908-10 Jul 1980
SGT U.S. Army
(s/o James Dozier DuPont & Mary Ann Osteen; h/o Jennie LNU & Colleen Redmond)

DuPont, James Dozier "JD," 24 Jun 1930-17 Mar 2002
(s/o Ellis Abraham DuPont & Thelma Julia Eatman)

DuPont, James D. (Dozier), 19 Jan 1863-10 April 1930
(s/o Virgil R DuPont & Sarah Elizabeth Knight; h/o Mary Ann (Annie) Osteen)

DuPont, James Lester, 18 Feb 1939-17 Aug 2019
U. S. Navy Seabees
(s/o Lee James DuPont & Tressie Lunita Bowers; h/o Lynda Louise Revels)

DuPont, Lee J. (James), 21 Jul 1903-12 Apr 1974
(s/o James Dozier DuPont & Mary Ann Osteen; h/o Tressie Lunita Bowers)

DuPont, Louis G. (George), 10 Jun 1893-30 Jul 1967
Florida SGT 10 Motor Co MTC World War I
(s/o Cornealus DuPont & Lenora Carter; h/o Madeline McDonald)

DuPont, Louis G. (George) Jr, 25 July 1936-27 Nov 1967
Florida 1ST LT U.S. Air Force Res
(s/o Louis George DuPont and Madeline McDonald)

DuPont, Madeline, 17 Sep 1899-15 Dec 1979
(d/o (FNU) McDonald & Annie Snow; w/o Louis George DuPont, Sr.)

DuPont, Michael D. (David), (23 Apr)1943-(20 Jun)1984
A2C U.S. Air Force
(s/o William Daniel DuPont & Ivy Dixon)

DuPont, Milton, 1815-15 Aug 1833

DuPont, Ralph (Cornelius) , (29 Sep 1923)1924-(13 Oct)1945
(Lt., JG, USN - killed in action - monument, Ft William McKinley, the Philippines)
(s/oWilliam Daniel DuPont & Aline May Pellicer)

DuPont, Russell Eatman, 17 Dec 1932-03 May 2015
(s/o Ellis Abraham DuPont & Thelma Julia Eatman; h/o Hiroko Icoma)

DuPont, Sarah, (15 Feb) 1874-(Feb) 1874
(infant d/o Virgil R DuPont & Sarah Elzabeth Knight)

DuPont, Sarah E. (Elizabeth/Kate), 07 Feb 1841-17 Aug 1907
(d/o Samuel Knight; w/o Virgil R DuPont)

DuPont, Thelma (Julia), 21 Apr 1904-13 Sep 1998
(d/o Edward Allen Eatman & Julia Carter; 2nd w/o Ellis Abraham DuPont)

DuPont, Tressie "Nita" (Lunita), 04 Nov 1908-30 Jan 1987
(d/o Jesse Monroe Bowers & Roxie E Bishop; w/o Lee James DuPont)

DuPont, Sr., William D. (Daniel), 21 Mar 1890-15 Dec 1970
(s/o Cornelius D DuPont.& Lenora Carter; h/o Aline May Pellicer)

DuPont, Jr., William D. (Daniel), 25 Dec 1920-26 Apr 1970
(U.S. Navy World War II)
(s/o William Daniel DuPont & Aline May Pellicer; h/o Ivy Dixon)

Durrance, Ida (Elizabeth) DuPont, 18 Jun 1902-30 Jan 1978
(d/o Cornelius DuPont & Lenora Carter; w/o William Hilton Durrance)

Durrance, Maurice Wray (Swamp Fox), (13) May 1936 (1938)-(17) Sep 2003
(s/o William Hilton Durrance & Ida Elizabeth DuPont; h/o Peggy Marie LNU)

Durrance, William H. (Hilton), (12 Jul)1908-(09)Sept 1978
(s/o Joseph Giles Durrance & Etta Oceney Sauls; h/o Ida Elizabeth DuPont)

Dyal, Edwar Sidney Allen, (10 Nov)1918-22 Apr 1919
(s/o Ashley Peterson Dyal & Cora Keziah Osteen)

Eastmoore, Helen Godwin (Sally), 04 Nov 1930-27 July 1980
(d/o William Godwin & Pearl LNU; w/o Ray Eastmoore)

(Eatman, Alice Laura, c 1867-28 Feb 1928)
(dau of John Gordon & Sarah LNU; 2nd w/o Alsey J Eatman)

Eatman, Alsey J. (Aulsey), 10 Jan 1861-29 Mar 1932
(s/o Calvin L Eatman & Annie Elizabeth Allen; h/o Hettie Raulerson & Alice Laura Gordon)

Eatman, Blair Dean, 17 Aug 1971-04 Sep 2005
(s/o Brady Stuart Eatman & Mary Ella Mackey; h/o Crystal LNU & Rebecca Hubbard)

(Eatman, Brady Stuart, 28 Apr 1933-16 Mar 2014)
(s/o Edward Willard Eatman & Margaret Maybelle Tidwell; h/o Mary Ella Mackey)

Eatman, Brandon Scott, 23 Nov 1959-20 Oct 1977
(s/o Brady Stuart Eatman & Mary Ella Mackey)

Eatman, Calvin, c1832-30 Dec1899
(One census shows this family, i.e., Calvin L (Buck) Eatman, wife Annie Elizabeth Allen, dau of Darius Allen and Mary Hulbert, and son Charles William buried here – they all have "modern" grave markers in the Eatman Cemetery in Flagler CO, FL and the complier has listed them in that posting -they may well be buried here)

Eatman, Edward A. (Allen), (01 Jan)1863-(21 Mar)1953
(s/o Calvin L Eatman & Annie Elizabeth Allen; h/o Julia Carter)

Eatman, Sr., Edward Willard, 01 Dec 1905-10 Jul 1970
(s/o Edward Allen Eatman & Julia Carter; h/o Margaret Maybelle (Maggie) Tidwell)

Eatman, Elizabeth L. K., 21 Apr 1920-19 May 2001
(d/o Jack Jefferson Kersey & Louise Bainbridge; w/o Worth Zeno Eatman)

Eatman, Glendon O'Brian, 27 Apr 1958-10 Aug 1958
(s/o Brady Stuart Eatman & Mary Ella Mackey)

Eatman, Julia Carter, (21 Aug)1879-08 Dec1939
(d/o Tillman Henry Carter & Nancy L Osteen; w/o Edward Allen Eatman)

Eatman, Josephine (Nell), 04 Sep1918-29 Nov 1999)
(d/o Edward Allen Eatman & Julia Carter)

Eatman, Tylor, (about 1967)-03 Jan 1968
(s/o Brady Stuart Eatman & Mary Ella Mackey)

Eatman, Zackie, (30 Aug)1907-(11 Jun)1979
(d/o Edward Allen Eatman & Julia Carter)

Eatman, Sr., Worth Z. (Zeno), 25 Nov 1916-22 Dec 1993
(s/o Edward Allen Eatman & Julia Carter; h/o Elizbeth L Kesey)

Edgell, Douglas Clyde, 11 May 1955-29 Jul 2000
CW4 U.S. Army Persian Gulf
(s/o David E. Edgell & Vivian B. LNU; h/o Carol Cleere)

Edmonson, Lloyd L. (Lester) 03 Jun 1917-21 Feb 1986
(s/o Wesley Franklin Edmonson and Tilitha West)

Edmonson, Tilitha, (09 Feb)1890-(13 Nov)1958
(d/o Poleman Shelby West & Elizabeth Hamilton; w/o Wesley Franklin Edmonson)

Edmonson, Wesley F. (Franklin), (20 Feb)1892-(06 Aug)1956
(s/o Decatu Franklin Edmondson & Priscilla Simmons; h/o Tilithia West)

Edwards, Clyde W. (Wesley), 09 May 1940-22 Dec 2008

Edwards, James W. (Wesley) "Jimmy," 18 Nov 1973-17 May1994

Everett, Annie P., 05 Dec 1919-24 Jun 2003
(d/o George H. Pellicer & Irene Bazwell; w/o Ivan Hugh Everett)

Everett, Ivan H. (Hugh), 20 Mar 1931-(25 Sep 2010)
(h/o Kay LNU & Annie Pellicer)

Fischer, Ray Edward, 07 Oct 1919-(no date)

Fischer, Lucille D. (Dorothy) Thomas , 29 Aug 1918-29 Jul 1979
(d/o Louie Eric Thomas & Eva Carter; w/o Ray Edward Fischer)

Fischer, Jr., Ray Edward (Eddie), 06 Apr 1944-18 Jun 2006
(s/o Ray Edward Fischer & Lucille Dorothy Thomas)

Fisher, Pearl Marie, 27 May 1934-25 Apr 1989
(w/o Douglas Fisher)

Flake, Francis E. (Edward), (06 Jan)1828-(02 Dec)1912
(h/o Mary Knotts)

Flake, Sr., Jack H., (28 Oct )1888-26 Jan 1974
(h/o Rona Lee LNU)

Flake, John Fladger (Fletcher?), (28 Oct)1857-1934
(s/o Francis Edward Flake & Mary Knotts; h/o Lizzie C. LNU & Laura Idella Middleton)

Flake, Joseph F. (Fletcher), (07 May)1882-(Nov)1967

(Flake, Laura Idella, 23 Jul 1867-????)
(d/o David Alexander Middleton & Martha Jane Causey; w/o Charles Edward Yelvington & John Fletcher Flake)
(said to be buried here, but no record of burial or no marked grave has been found)

Flake, Rona Lee "Polly," 1888-(Sep)1964
(w/o Jack H Flake, Sr)

Flessner, Reba (Erma) Vincent, 15 Apr 1903-23 May 1999
(d/o Charles Atwood Parker & Ida Carter; w/o George Wilbur Vincent & FNU Flessner)

Floyd, Helen (Elizabeth) Y., 04 Sep 1917-13 Apr 2006
(d/o Henry Elmer Yelvington &Theresa Lorena Young; w/o James Bourke Floyd)

Floyd, J. (James) Bourke, 22 Mar 1917-07 Apr 2005
(h/o Helen Elizabeth Yelvington)

Fox, A. C. "Jeppie" (Arthur Clement) 01 Jul 1914-26 Jul 1988
(s/o John Tillman Fox and Angelina Marie Tiss; h/o Minnie Lulu Miller)

Fox, Curtis (A.), (02Sep)1936-(22 Jul)1999
(s/o Arthur Clement Fox & Minnie Lulu Miller; h/o Betty Jean Smott Brock)

Fox, Minnie Lula, 03 Apr 1918-29 Jan 1989
(d/o Gussie Cebie (CB) Miller and Myrtice Augusta (Mertie) Stevens; w/o Arthur Clement Fox)

Franklin, Arthur Willard, 01 Nov 1926-13 Oct 1977
CPL U.S. Army World War II
(s/o Arthur Franklin; h/o Wanda Keeter)

Fulkerson, L. Frances, 14 Mar 1938-(no date)
(d/o FNU Smith; w/o William Albert Fulkerson)

Fulkerson, William A. (Albert, "Red"), 05 Dec 1930-06 Jan 2005
(s/o Sylvester Fulkerson & Agnes F. Conner; h/o Laura Frances Smith)

Fussell, Infant, -1931
Infant of Mr. & Mrs L. B. Russell

Gader, Donnie (A) DuPont, (03 Mar)1910-(10 Jun)1985
(w/o Frank J. Gader)

Garland (III), Del Ray, (11 Nov 1980)-11 Nov1980
Son of Sabrina
(s/o Del Ray Garland, Sr. & Sabrina Wyndham)

Gaston, Gilford B. (Bland), 18 Jun 1930-(no dates)
(s/o Roy Gaston & Dora LNU; h/o Shirley Anne LNU)

Gaston, Shirley A. (Anne), 21 Nov 1935-07 Apr 1996
(w/o Gilford Bland Gaston)

Gelsebach, Marian (Ana), 10 Oct 1913-14 May 1988

George, Brice, (28 Aug)1866-(Feb)1947
(s/o Lewis James George & Martha Elizabeth Popwell; h/o Nancy Ann Walker)

George, Brice Furnie (Furnafal), 23 Oct 1894-12 Nov 1947
Florida MOMM lC U.S.C.G.R. World War II
(s/o Brice E. George & Nancy Ann Walker; h/o Alice Josephine Griffin & Pearl L.Bostrom)

George, Ellen M., 30 Jun 1878-26 Jul 1881
(d/o Lewis James George and Martha Elizabeth Popwell)

George, Gilbert Lewis, 10 Nov 1889-11 Feb 1890
(s/o Brice George & Nancy Ann Walker)

George, Lewis James, 21 Dec 1834-15 Sep 1905
Co K 4th Ga Cav C.S.A.
(s/o Brice George, Jr. & Mehala Moody; h/o Martha Elizabeth Popwell)
(note: no dates on his military stone; dates are on old stone shared with his wife)

George, Martha E. (Elizabeth), 22 Sep 1838-30 Jun 1916
(d/o James William Popwell & Martha Ann or Polly Ann "Annie" Gill; w/o Lewis James George)

George, Nancy Ann, 13 Oct 1867-30 Sept 1929
(d/o William Alfred Walker & Nancy Ann O'Steen; w/o Brice E. George)

George, Paul Emory, 29 Mar 1904-24 Dec 1904
(s/o Brice George & Nancy Ann Walker)

(George, Sara, 06 Apr 1935-06 Apr 1935)
(d/o of Brice George & his 2nd wife, Effie Lee "Annie" Tyre)
(said to be buried here; compiler could not locate grave)

George, William Wallace (21 Nov 1896)-25 Mar 1920
Florida Mach Mate, 2nd Class U.S.N.R.F.
(s/o Brice E. George & Nancy Ann Walker)

Germain, Inez L. (Lee), 19 Dec 1941-14 Feb 2011
(d/o FNU Leggett; w/o Walter Paul Germain)

Germain, Sr., Walter P. (Paul), 14 Aug 1931-17 Nov 1994
PN3 U.S. Navy Korea
(h/o Inez Lee Leggett)

Giddens, Evelyn E., (10 May 1914)1913-(15 Feb)1938
(d/o Edward Allen Eatman & Julia Carter; w/o Wilford W Giddens)

Giddens, Infant Son (1960)-1960
(s/o Clinton Glenn Giddens& Mary Ellen LNU)

Gelsebach, Marian A., 10 Oct 1913-14 May 1988

Glover, Margaret E. (Elizabeth-Pat), (26 May)1912-(24 Nov)1966
(d/o Wesley Franklin Edmonson & Tilithia West; w/o Patrick Glover)

Glover, Patrick, (03 Oct)1885-(04 Nov)1960
(h/o Margaret Elizabeth Edmonson)

Godwin, Anna Taylor, 09 Sep 1934-(no dates)

Godwin (?) , Bettie and Babe
( in Messer Godwin plot - no dates)

Godwin, Hardy Ralph, (Sep)1893-1954
(s/o Messer Marion Godwin & Edna Georgia Carter; h/o Anna Mae Ridge)

Godwin, Hazel R. (Randal), (08 Nov)1898–(09 May)1921
(s/o Messer Marion Godwin & Edna Georgia Carter)

Godwin, Jemima A., 19 Jan 1835-03 Jan 1918
(nee: McDonald; w/o Messer Marion Godwin)

Godwin, Little Darling, 02 Jul 1912-2 Jan 1913
(d/o Messer Marion Godwin & Edna Georgia Carter)

Godwin, Marvin E. (Elie -Buck), 19 Mar 1928-20 Oct 1950
(s/o Willie (Bill) Godwin & Addie Pearl Higginbotham; 1st h/o Celia Annie DuPont)

Godwin, Mattie,
(d/o Messer Marion Godwin and Edna Georgia Carter)

Godwin, Messer M. (Marion), 13 Sep 1833-30 Aug 1885
(h/o Jemima A. McDonald)
(note - he has two stones, one will full dates and one with just the years)

Godwin, Messer Marion, (28 Dec)1863-(04 Sep)1942
(s/o Messer Marion Godwin & Jemima A McDonald; h/o Edna Georgia Carter)

Godwin, Theodore R. (Roosevelt), (15 Sep)1901-(23 Mar)1978
U.S. Army World War I
(s/o Messer Marion Godwin & Edna Georgia Carter)

Godwin, Unnamed Infant, 26 Jul 1915-26 Jul 1915
(d/o William Godwin & Ada LNU)

Godwin, Unnamed Infant, 16 Mar 1919-16 Mar 1919
(d/o William Godwin & Ada LNU)

Godwin, Willie (Bill), 25 Mar 1896-10 May 1972
Florida PVT U.S. Army World War I
(s/o Ely Godwin & Sallie LNU; h/o Addie Pearl Higginbotham)

Goette, Adam M., 10 May 1845-16 Mar 1915
Pvt CO F 26 GA Inf C.S.A.
(h/o Milessa LNU)

(Goette/Goatie, Milessa-(no dates)
(funeral home marker)
(w/o Abram M. Goette)

Goette/Goatie, Willie, 1874-(10 Feb)1935

Gordon, William John, c 1865-22 Sep 1949
(s/o John Gordon & Sarah LNU)
(A Funeral Home Marker with the date 22 Sept 1949, name illegible, in Section C close to Braddock lots)

Grace, Bettye P. (Patricia), 02 Jul 1910-13 Mar 1988

Grace, Myrtle, 16 Dec 1906-08 Mar 1982

Graham, Arthur G., 27 Jan 1956-11 Jan 2006

Graham, Billy, 03 Feb 1965-(no dates)
(h/o Judy W. LNU)

Graham, Judy W., 17 Nov 1962-(no dates)
(w/o Billy Graham)

Graham, Robert Gage, 18 Oct 1931-20 Dec 2001
U.S. Army - Korea
(h/o Stella May LNU)

Graham, Stella May, 23 Mar 1933-28 Oct 2002
(w/o Robert Gage Graham)

Gramling, Mildred Evelyn Stevens, 30 Nov 1921-22 Aug 2004
(s/o Charles Gramling & Clark Mae LNU; w/o Wallace A. Gramling)

Gramling, Wallace Andrew, 22 Mar 1923-14 Jul 1996
(h/o Mildred Evelyn Stevens)

Gray, (Anna) Beryl Hart, 21 Jul 1911-22 Jan 1983
(d/o George D Hart & Florida G Masters; w/o Herbert Francis Gray)

Gray, Herbert F. (Francis), 24 May 1910-15 Dec 1968
(s/o Frank V Gray & Fannie G Rawson; h/o Anna Beryl Hart)

(Gray, Mary Ardith, 23 Mar 1939-29 Dec 2011)
(d/o Herbert Francis Gray & Anna Beryl Hart; w/o Lloyd Stone)

Greenhalgh, Robert Samuel, 12 Apr 1937-14 Dec 1992

Griffith, Kathryn Louise, 28 Aug 1954-02 Aug 1994

Hagan, Robin Lynette, 25 Apr 1964-31 Jul 2009
(d/o Arnold Hagan & Jean Flowers; 1st w/o Jeffre Lee McMullian)

Hall, Alice, 16 Mar 1917-19 Aug 1917
(buried in the McSwain plot)

Hall, Bessie (B), 25 Sep 1904-28 Mar 2001
(d/o James Barney Hall & Katie McSwain)

Hall, Daniel, 10 Feb 1910-13 Dec 1910
(buried in the McSwain plot)

Hall, Elizabeth,
(d/oJames Barney Hall and Katie McSwain)
(said to be buried in the McSwain plot)

Hall, Katie McS., 22 Sep 1878-27 Oct 1964
(d/o FNU McSwain; w/o James Barney Hall)

Hall, Mary & Martha, (no dates)
Infant Daughters of J. B. & Katie Hall
(daughters of James Barney Hall & Katie McSwain)
(buried in the McSwain plot)

Hall, Naoma, 25 Mar 1901-29 Mar 1910
(buried in the McSwain plot)

Hall, Silvinia C., 1851-23 Apr 1899
(w/o J. W. Hall)

Halstead, Holly Victoria Zecchini, 25 Dec 1967-22 Sep 2001
(d/o Wallace Zecchini; w/o David M. Halstead)

Hamilton, Arizona Lee, 10 Sep 1911-19 Mar 2006
(d/o David Luther Lee & Gertrude Putnal; w/o Lewis Robert Hamilton)

Hamilton, Lewis R. (Robert), 05 Jul 1912-01 Mar 1977
(h/o Arizona Lee)

Hansen, Ernest Clarence, 06 Nov 1956-03 Dec 1978
(s/o Ernst Hansen & Ruth H. LNU;; h/o Linda LNU)

Hansen, Ernst R., 14 Jan 1925-(no dates)
(s/o Jens Hansen & Jenny Marie LNU; h/o Ruth H. LNU)

Hansen, Jenny (Marie), 27 Jan 1900-26 Jun 1984
(w/o Jens Hansen)

Hansen, Jens, 06 Nov 1895-31 Jul 1979
(h/o Jenny LNU)

Hansen, Ruth H., 29 May 1932-(no dates)
(w/o Ernst R Hansen)

Hardersen, Ginny A. Morrison, 27 Dec 1946-07 Aug 1994

Hart, Baby, stillborn, (11 Mar 1919)-11 Mar 1919
(on same type of tombstone as George D. Hart)

Hart, Florida G., 17 Nov 1884-01 June 1952
(d/o Peter Andres Masters & Leonice Lopez, w/o George D. Hart)

Hart, George D., 16 Dec 1877-27 Aug 1931
(h/o Florida G. Masters)

Hart, Harold L., (22 Nov)1916-(13 Apr)1968
(s/o George D Hart & Florida Masters)

Hart, James A., (06 Jul 1886)1887-(21 Jan)1945
(h/o Lula E LNU)

Hart, Lula E., 1879-1951
(w/o James A. Hart)

Hartley, Annie, 01 Nov 1890-17 Nov 1958
(d/o Timoteo Pellicer & Mary Magdalene Pellicer; w/o Fred W. Hartley)

Harton, Nella Carter, (02 Feb)1896-1990 (10 Feb 1991)
(d/o George Wallace (Sonny) Carter & Ida Elizabeth Parker; w/o Virgil Vaseo Harton)

Harton, Virgil V. (Vaseo), 03 Oct 1920-30 Jun 1973
(s/o Virgil Vaseo Harton & Nella Carter)

Harton, Wallace Alexander, (29 Sep)1922-(15 Jan)1994
(s/o Virgil Vaseo Harton & Nella Carter; h/o Maidee Chaney)

Hawkins, Flora Mae, 05 Oct 1960-14 Aug 2010

(Hawkins, Lorraine Clair, 15 Sep 1946-15 Dec 2009)
(d/o James Edward Wyndham & Erma Virginia Bowers; w/o Carl Earl Black,
James Harmon Minchew & Walter Raleigh Hawkins, Jr.)

Hersey, Daniel Jay, 03 Sep 1906-17 Mar 1997
(s/o Thomas J. Hersey & May Lena Pellicer)

Hersey, May Lena (Maria Catharina) , (24 May)1880-(10 Apr)1958
(d/o Timoteo Pellicer & Mary Magdalene Pellicer; w/o Thomas J. Hersey)

Hersey, Thomas J., 1869-(14 Jul)1942
(h/o Maria Catharina Pellicer)

Hersey, Virginia Greenwood, (17 Nov)1919-(03 Nov)2007

(Hesters, John Cullen, 12 Sep 1883-20 Apr 1936)
(s/o Stephen Byrd Hesters & Nellie Young; h/o Ophelia Hesters)
(funeral home records say buried here on 22 Apr 1936)

Hicks, Jr., Carol C. B. (Buford), (28 Mar)1957-(05 Mar)2009
(s/o Carol Buford Hicks & Alice LNU)

Higdon, Celta Hunter, 02 Sep 1900-24 Feb 1957
(w/o Charles Cross Higdon)

Higdon, Charles C. (Cross), (23 Nov)1883-(15 Oct)1969
(s/o John Royal Higdon & Sarah Rose Anne Cross; h/o Celia Hunter)

Higdon, Elmo T. "Granny," 22 Mar 1913-07 Dec 1998
(d/o Louie Eric Thomas & Eva Carter; w/o Rex William Higdon)

Higdon, Jr., Rex William, (13 Apr)1939-(21 Dec)1979
Sp4 US Army Vitenam
(s/o Rex William Higdon & Elmo Thomas; h/o Hilda Susan Bartlam)

Higdon, Sarah A. (Ann), 1857-(09 Jun)1939
Mother of Charles C. Higdon
(d/o Isaac Grundy Cross & Mary Ann Hascue Taylor; w/o John Royal Higdon)

Higginbotham, Burb, 01 Mar 1862-12 Mar 1942
(On double stone with Millie Higginbotham)

Higginbotham, Daniel E., 1900-1946
(On Double Stone with John B. Higginbotham)

Higginbotham, Dubignon J., (22 Feb)1909-(20 Jul)1974
(w/o Hubert S. Higginbotham & T. Hyden Smith)

Higginbotham, Hubert S., 1905 –(Sep)1962
(s/o Jacob C. Higginbotham & Aliph McSwain; h/o Dubignion J. LNU)

Higginbotham, Jacob C., (25 Oct)1876-(Feb)1963
(h/o Aliph McSwain)

Higginbotham, J (Jacob) Russell, (07 Feb)1911-(17 Feb)1976
(s/o Jacob C. Higginbotham & Aliph McSwain ; h/o Lois Hicks)

Higginbotham, Jessie M., 1901-1901
(On Double Stone with Susie Anna Higginbotham)

Higginbotham, John B., 1910-1947
(On Double Stone with Daniel E Higginbotham)

Higginbotham, Lois R. (nee: Hicks), (16 Jan)1915-(25 May)1990
(w/o Jacob Russell Higginbotham)

Higginbotham, Millie, 11 Oct 1882-03 Jul 1956.
(On Double Stone with Burb Higginbotham)

Higginbotham, Susie Anna, 1907-1907
(On Double Stone with Jessie Higginbotham)

Hill, Amos, (12 Oct)1925-(21 Sep)1970
(s/o Fred Hill; h/o Marion LNU)

Hobbs, Everett J. (Jonah), 23 Apr 1899-19 Dec 1970
(h/o Nettie Eiabeth Stevens)

Hobbs, Nettie E (Elizabeth), (16 Nov)1908-(11 Aug)1983
(d/o Charles Humphrey Stevens & Cynthia Ella Byrd; w/o Everett Jonah Hobbs)

Hodges, Ben (Benjamin Giles), 21 Aug 1929-17 Dec 1986
(s/o Benjamin Giles Hodges & Noraq Lowanza Downing; h/o Eunice Aline McFarland)

Hodges, E. (Eunice) Aline, 30 Jul 1932-25 May 2015
(d/o William Thomas McFarland & Eliza Beuford Edmonson; w/o Benjamin Giles Hodges)

Holland, Mary Kaziah, 09 Nov 1950-28 June 1952
(d/o Zachary Grantham Holland Jr, & Mary Ketus Deen)

Holland, Mary Ketus Deen, 24 Nov 1917-11 Feb 2009
(d/o William Henry "Doc" Deen & Minnie Mae Johnston; w/o Zachary Grantham Holland, Jr)

Holland, Jr., Zachary Grantham, 27 Aug 1918-09 Aug 2003
(s/o Zachary Grantham Holland & Flora Maud Deen; h/o Mary Ketus Deen)

Hollingsworth, Helen Jane, 22 Sep 1893-05 Oct 1967
(w/o James Albert Hollingsworth)

Hollingsworth, James Albert, 06 Aug 1868-10 Nov 1934
(h/o Helen Jane LNU)

Hollingsworth, Jr., James A. (Albert), 25 Aug 1922-25 Aug 2007
AMM2 U.S. Navy World War II
(s/o James Albert Hollingsworth & Helen Jane LNU; h/o Myrtle Moore)

Hollingsworth, M. (Mildred) Helen, 23 Jul 1943-24 Mar 1971
(d/o James A. Hollingsworth, Jr & Myrtle Moore)

Hood, Sarah Belle "Goatie"
(no dates)

Hornsby, John H., (04 Jun)1937-2012
(h/o Betty S. LNU)

Hornsby, Betty S., 1948
(w/o John H. Hornsby)

Howell, Cynthia V. "Cindy," 21 Jun1959-(no date)
(w/o Ronnie B Howell)

Howell, Lois, 1937-(no date)
(w/o Paul P Howell)

Howell, Paul P., (26 Mar) 1910-(21 Oct)1983
(h/o Lois LNU)

Howell, Ronnie B., 27 Sep 1956-(no date)
(s/o Paul P Howell & Lois LNU; h/o Cynthia V. LNU)

Hughes, Tom, 1893-(23 Jun)1955

Hughey, infant girl (Sharon Elaine) -1955
(dau of William Ernest Hughey and Irene May Kersey)

Hughey, Irene M. (May), 13 Jul 1921-26 June 1983
(d/o George Otto Kersey & Lillie Mae Brosky; w/o William Ernest Hughey)

Hughey, Marilyn S. (Sandra), 22 Sep 1946-31 Jan1991
(d/o William Ernest Hughey & Irene May Kersey)

Hughey, William (Ernest), 15 Mar 1920-29 Nov 1999
U.S. Army, WW II
(h/o Irene May Kersey)

Hunter, Gretchen (Veronica) "Tinnie," (24 Dec)1931-(04 Aug)2008
(w/o Robert W. "Buck" Hunter)

Hunter, Robert (W) "Buck," (02 Feb)1933-(09 Aug)2000
(h/o Gretchen Tinnie Medl)

Irvin, Ida Fay, (27 Jun 1920-31 Aug 2009)
(d/o George D Hart & Florida G Masters; w/o Jesse Leroy Irvin)

Irvin, Jesse Leroy, 01 Feb 1920-08 Jan 2001
S SGT U.S. Army - World War II
(s/o Charles Irvin & Mary Irene Smith; h/o Ida Hart)

Jeffcoat, Sada (Sarah A.), 01 Aug 1878-04 Apr 1941
(d/o Henry Hyson Parker & Sara Sloan; w/o William S. Jeffcoat)

Johns, William Ray, 10 Feb 1956-05 Oct 1997

Johnson, A. (Arthur) W. (Fat), 16 Jul 1908-02 Oct 1967

Johnson, Dalton Kelly, 21 Jan 2000-07 My 2002
(s/o Brian Johnson & Tammy LNU)

Johnson, Ella, 1857-1934
(m/o Lula Johnson Starling Keller)

Johnson, Ellen Hart, 02 Sep 1908-08 May 1997

Johnston, David S., 09 Jun 1881-30 Aug 1950

Johnston, John Baggs, 20 Sep 1853-26 Oct 1932
(s/o Joseph Marion Johnston & Nancy Ann Baggs; h/o Mary Ketus Carter)

Johnston, Laura (Louise) Burnsed, (08 Sep 1886)1887-(14 Dec)1909
(d/o James M Burnsed & Georgia Ann Davis; w/o Earnest Walton Johnston)

Johnston, Mary Ketus, 19 Jun 1864-02 Jun 1957
(d/o George W. Carter & Keziah Grooms; w/o John Baggs Johnston)

Jones, Annie, (03 Aug 1877)-23 Feb 1940
(former listing had age 62 yrs, 6 mos, 20 days)

Jones, Etta (Frances) Jones, 23 Mar 1903-25 Oct 1997
(d/o Edward Allen Eatman & Julia Carter, w/o Ray Allen McDougall, William Franklin Hargrove & Bernice Fisher Jones)

Kane, Ronald P. (Paul), 02 Mar1943-22 Apr1980

Kaump, Lillie Simms, (27 Apr 1888)1881-(15 Feb)1971
(d/o William Simms and Winnie Adaline Ballard; w/o Fred Kaump)

Keen, Anita (Ruth) Tindall, 03 Dec 1941-15 Jan 2011
(d/o Joseph Douglas Tindall & Mabel Ruth Martin; w/o Frank Keen)

Keller, Adaline Simms, 22 Oct 1869-12 Apr 1954

Keller, George W., 1861-(27 May) 1935

Keller, Dr. J. (John P.), 1873-1934
(h/o Lula Johnson Starling)

Keller, Louise G., (May)1870-1902
(d/o John Simms; w/o Nathan Keller)

Keller, Lula, 1878-1934
(w/o Dr. John P. Keller; d/o Ella M. Johnson)

Keller, Nathan, (Oct)1854-10 Dec 1942
(h/o Louise G. Simms)

Kelsey, Margaret Burnsed, 1902-1928
(May be the d/o James Andrew Burnsed & Susan Grace Stevens;
w/o Morrell Emerson Deen & FNU Kelsey)

Kersey, Dodgie Sykes, 18 Oct 1919-13 Sep 2003

Kersey, Doris B. (Edna), 03 Oct 1935-28 Oct 1984
(d/o Harvey Broadway; w/o John (Joe) Kersey)

Kersey, George Otto, 14 Mar 1895-03 Jul 1970
(s/o Thomas Kersey & Mollie LNU; h/o Lillie Mae Brosky)

Kersey, Harold O., 23 Jan 1925-18 Sep 2012
(s/o George Otto Kersey & Lillie Mae Brosku; h/o Margie E. LNU)

Kersey, Sr., J. J. "Jack" (Jefferson), 09 Jan 1898-17 May 1985
(U.S. Army -World War II)
(s/o Thomas Kersey & Mollie LNU; h/o Louise Bainbridge)

Kersey, Jr., Jack J. (Jefferson), 02 Aug 1921-01 Sep 1994
PFC U.S. Army World War II
(s/o Jack Jefferson Kersey & Louise Bainbridge; h/o Joan Quigley)

Kersey, Lillie Mae, 14 Feb 1902-02 Feb 1970
(d/o Charles H. Brosky & Martha F. LNU; w/o George Otto Kersey)

Kersey, Louise B., 06 Jan 1902-29 Apr 1977
(d/o WillamWilson Bainbridge & Elisabeth Jane Sweat; w/o Jack Jefferson Kersey)

Kersey, Nettie N., 1860-1940
(w/o Thomas J. Kersey)

Kersey, Thelma Dodgie Sykes, 18 Oct 1919-13 Sep 2003

Kersey, Theodore Eugene, 09 Jan 1952-25 Mar 1967
(s/o Theodore William Kersey & Nina Myrtle Shamblen)

Kersey, Theodore William, 12 Sep 1926-08 Jan 2007
PFC U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o Jack Jefferson Kersey & Louise Bainbridge; h/o Nina Myrtle Shamblen & Dorothy (Dot) Edwards)

Kersey, Thomas J., 1862-(08 May)1942
(h/o Nettie N. LNU)

Kersey, Tommy R., 1922-1931

Kersey, Tony Lee, 24 Feb 1954-03 Aug 2001
(s/o Theodore William Kersey & Nina Myrtle Shamblen)
( h/oBarbara Louise Pilger, Juanita Sue McCullar & Cynthia LNU)

Knight, Clarence, 1896-1901
(s/o David W. Knight & Dora M. Pellicer)

Knight, David W., (27 Jan)1857-(06 Apr)1913
(s/o Samuel Knight & Mary E Hunter; h/o Dora M. Pellicer)

Knight, Dora M., 07 Jun 1857-28 Jan 1936
(d/o Santiago Gaspar Magino Pellicer & Maria Dorotea Fontania; w/o David W. Knight)

Knight, Frank P. (Pellicer), 05 Oct 1898-08 Jan 1954
(s/o David W. Knight & Dora M. Pellicer; h/o Elizabeth Lillian Burnsed)

Knight, Kate,
(former listing says, concrete slab, no dates or names)

Knight, Sam,
(former listing says, concrete slab, no dates or names)

Kozlwski, Helen (Elizabeth), (10 May)1920-(07 Apr)1975

Lackey, Youlanda Odom, 24 Nov 1953-01 Feb 1999
(d/o William A. "Dykes" Odom; w/o FNU Lackey)

Lane, James E. (Ernest), 28 Dec 1925-19 Oct 1991
COX U.S. Navy, SGT U.S. Army World War II
(h/o Norma Lilly McCallum)

Lane, Norma Lilly, 08 Apr 1928-02 Jan 2015
(d/o Hall Graham McCallum & Pearl Carter; w/o James Ernest Lane)

Langford, (William) Edward, 22 Dec 1927-11 Nov 1930
(s/o Edward Jackson Langford & Eva Myrtrie Carter)

Langston, Alray "Ray," (19 Apr)1931-(no dates)
(h/o Dorothy Godwin)

Langston, Dorothy "Dot" (G), (08 Aug)1931-(26 Nov)2003
(w/o Alray Langston)

Lee, David L. (Luther), 31 Dec 1889-07 Jan 1971
(s/o Jane E (Jessie) LNU; h/o Gertrude Putal)

Lee, Gertrude P., 30 Jan 1893-18 Sep 1974
(d/o Dan P Putnal & Nancy Sharpe; w/o David Luther Lee)

Lee, Jasper D. "Jack," 17 Dec 1935-12 May 1995

Lee, Sandra Kay, 14 Feb 1959-07 Nov 2009
(d/o FNU Lester & Margie LNU; w/o Ralph Kenneth Lee)

Lee, Walter Albert, 1964-(Apr)1965

Leggett, Annie Lee, 29 Oct 1919-07 Sep 1989
(w/o James D. Leggett)

Leggett, Emma Rogers, 15 Feb 1913-22 Jan 1999
(w/o Richard Elton Legett)

Leggett, Frances L. (Louise) , 09 Oct 1941-25 Jan 2002
(d/o FNU Lloyd; w/o Richard Lonnie Leggett)

Leggett, Herman D. (Delton), 01 Jan 1939-14 July 1965
Florida Sp 4 U.S. Army
( s/o James D. Leggett & Annie Lee)

Leggett, James D., 22 Feb 1916-18 Dec 1999
PVT US Marine Corps World War II
(h/o Annie Lee)

Leggett, Richard Elton, 23 Mar 1911-29 Apr 1982
(h/o Emma Nell Rogers)

Leggett, Richard (Lonnie), 15 Apr 1934-27 Apr 2004
(h/o Frances Louise Lloyd)

Lewis, Eva M., 30 Jun 1942-27 Nov 2001
(d/o FNU Smith; w/o Corky Lewis)

Lewis, Rachel V., 21 Apr 1921-22 Jun 2001
(d/o Arren Daniel Varnum & Rachel Lucretia Owens; w/o Mack Dorman & Roscoe Lewis)

Lewis, Sherman "Corky," 1956-07 Aug 2004
(h/o Eva M. Smith)

Lindsey, (Addie) Pearl Higginbotham, 04 Jan 1905-05 May 1992
(w/o Willie "Bill" Godwin and Butler C. Lindsey)

Lindsey, Butler C. "BC," (16 Oct)1906-(06 Feb)1979
(2nd h/o Addie Pear Higginbotham Godwin)

Lindsey, Newton J. (Bubba), 1946-(no date)
(s/o Butler C Lindsey & Addie Pearl Higginbotham)

Lonngren, Angeline G. (Greca), (04 Apr)1907-(19 May)1975
(wife of FNU Malzone & Bert R. Longren)

Lonngren, Bert R. (Ringvald), (08 Jun)1899-(06 Jul)1974
(son of Magnus Lonngren & Anna LNU: hus of Angeline Greca LNU)

MacWilliams, Ernest A. (Alexander), 18 Nov 1908-08 Feb 1981
(h/o Sadie Augusta Miller)

MacWilliams, Sadie A. (Augusta), 13 Oct 1911-13 May 1987
(d/o Gussie Cebie (CB) Miller & Myrtice Augusta Stevens; w/o Raiford Jackson Buckles
& Earnest Alexander MacWilliams)

Maltby, Joseph Michael, 02 Jun 1985-07 Jul 2008

Manning, Wayne Edward, 15 Dec 1930-27 Mar 2013
(s/o James "Jimmy Manning: & Hazel LNU; h/o Janice Elaine Register)

Mantalas, John, 18 Apr 1921-13 Sep 1985
Capt., U.S. Army, WW II, Korea

Marshall, Morris M. (Melvin), (29 Feb)1912-(09 Dec)1941
(ss/o James M (Mack) Marshall & Bessie Bessant Carter; h/o Hazel Annie Elbers)

Martin, Leora G., (09 Jun)1901-(12 Jul)1992
(w/o Shay Ward Martin)

Martin, Norma L., 13 Feb 1925-03 Mar 2002
(d/o Audry McKendry Dotson & Nina Anne Meredith; w/o Sidney Owen Martin)

Martin, Shay W. (Ward), (13 Apr)1901-(12 May)1990
(h/o Leora G. LNU)

Martin, Sidney Owen, 17 Aug 1926-02 Mar 2003
(h/o Norma L.Dotson)

Masters, Andrew, 1918-(Aug)1956
(s/o Paul Emanuel Masters & Lucy Thompson)

Masters, Columbus, 25 Aug 1915-(03 Oct 2004)
(s/o Paul Emanuel Masters & Lucy Thompson)

Masters, Elavina V , 1873-1955
(2nd w/o Paul Emanuel Masters)

Masters, Emanuel E., 1912-1954
(s/o Paul Emanuel Masters & Lucy Thompson)

Masters, Paul E.(Emanuel), (26 Apr 1877)1876-(28 Nov)1938
(s/o Peter Andres Masters & Leonice Lopez; h/o Lucy Thompson & Elavina V. Norton)

Masters, (Tullulah Ellen) "Lulu" DuPont, 14 Jan 1859-26 Sep 1903
(d/o Virgil R. DuPont & Sarah Elizabeth Knight; w/o Henry Francis Masters)

Maurice, Alice C. (Craton), (21 Apr)1901-(23 Oct)1988
(w/o of Robert W Maurice)

Maurice, Sr., Robert W. (William), (04 Jul)1893-(04 Dec)1984
(h/o Alice Craton)

McBride, Geneva H. (Helen), (13 Jan)1936-(02 Jan)1985
(d/o Roy Gilbert Pellicer Blackwelder & Eva Simms; w/o Henry E. McBride)

McBride, Henry E., (20 May)1919-(18 Oct)2000
(h/o Geneva Helen Blackwelder)

McCallum, Erma Edythe, 16 Sep 1917-19 Nov 1995
(d/o George E. Cubbedge & Margaret (Maude) LNU; w/o James Phillip McCallum)

McCallum, Hall G. (Graham), 06 Oct 1889-28 Sep 1965
(s/o Acqua Lawrence McCallum & Delia Josephine Carington; h/o Pearl Carter)

McCallum, James Phillip (Jr) , 03 Mar 1915-17 Sep (2003)2004
(s/o Hall Graham McCallum & Pearl Carter; h/o Erma Edythe Cubbedge)

McCallum, Pearl Carter, 28 Feb1895-20 Aug 1937
(d/o Tillman Henry Carter & Nancy L Osteen; w/o Hall Graham McCallum)

McCallum, Randall G. (Graham) "Red," 01 Nov 1917-07 Feb 2001
CPL U.S. Army World War II
(s/o Hall Graham McCallum & Pearl Carter; h/o Annie Laura Kinlaw & Hazel Homes Hooker)

McClain, Daisy E., 08 Jun 1912-23 Jul 1912

McCormick, Amos F. (Fostina), (13 Nov)1905-(25 Mar)1990
(s/o Stephen A McCormick and Ada LNU; h/o Verla Mae Roberts)

McCormick, Stephen A. (Archibald), (01 Apr)1874-1947
(h/o Ada LNU)

McCormick, Verla M. (Mae),(16 Jun)1911-(01 Jun)1992
(d/o Albert Roberts & Carrie LNU; w/o Amos Fostine McCormick)

McCullar, Baby, (no dates)-1949

McCullar, Bish, 1950-1997

McCullar, Charles A., 19 Aug 1896-05 Aug 1907
(s/o Thomas McCullar & Josephine Pellicer)

McCullar, (Charles) Perry, 03 May 1835-07 Mar 1886
(s/o Jackson "John" McCullar & Taitha Byrs; h/o Mary Caroline Wasdin)

McCullar, Charles P. (Perry), (08 Jan)1914-(17 Feb)2009
(U.S. Coast Guard, World War II)
(s/o James Randall McCullar & Sarah Conway; h/o Corrine Ida Grube)

McCullar, Corrine Ina, 07 Jun 1918-15 Jul 2011
(d/o FNU Grube; w/o Charles Perry McCulllar)

McCullar, Elizabeth Ann Nix
(w/o Bish McCullar)

McCullar, James E. (Ephraim), 03 May 1908-11 Feb 1999
(s/o James Randall McCullar & Sara Conway; h/o Marion Helena Kenney)

McCullar, James R. (Randall), (07 Sep)1865-(19 Aug)1952
(s/o Charles Perry McCullough & Mary Caroline Wasdin; h/o Sarah Conway)

McCullar, Marion (Helena) K.(nee: Kenney), 18 Oct 1909-01 Jul 1995
(w/o James Ephraim McCullar)

McCullar, Robert Earl, (13 Sep)1916-(06 Feb)1997
(s/o James Randall McCullar & Sara Conway; h/o Winona Flake)

McCullar, Sarah C. (Conway), (09 Feb)1880-(31 Dec)1965
(d/o Rev. Charles Daniel Conway & Louisa Zaney (Lizzie) Moody; w/o James Randall McCullar)

McCullar, Tabitha (nee: Byrd), 1812-06 Nov 1911
(wife of Jackson "John" McCullar)

McCullar, Winona Flake, (May) 1927-(no dates)
(d/o Jack H Flake & Rona Lee LNU; w/o Robert Earl McCullar)

McCullough, Charles Henry, (07 Apr)1867-(09 Mar) 1951
(s/o Charles Perry McCullough & Mary Caroline Wasdin; h/o Cuba May Doak)

McCullough, Cuba May, (03 May)1877-(15 Jun)1969
(d/o Robert Daniel Doak & Mary Preston; w/o Charles Henry McCullough)

McCullough, Joe H. (Joseph Henry), 25 May 1920-27 Oct 2008
U.S. Coast Guard World War II
(s/o Charles Henry McCullough & Cuba May Doak: h/o Mary Lou Frederick)

McCullough, Mary Lou, c 1926-24 Apr 2015
(d/o Grover Cleveland Frederick & Olive Mae Pearce; w/o Joseph Henry McCullough)

McCullough, Ralph, (no date)-1907
(s/o Charles Henry McCullough & Cuba May Doak)

McCullough, Ray (Raymond McDaniel), 29 Jan 1914-29 Mar 2002
(s/o Charles Henry McCullough & Cuba May Doak; h/o Clarice Jannette Malphurs)

McCullough, Ruth, (no date)-1909
(d/o Charles Henry McCullough & Cuba May Doak)

McDougal, Ray Allen (Jr), 19 May 1929-08 Apr 1995
(s/o Ray Allen McDougal & Etta Frances Eatman)

McFarland, Barbara, 01 Aug 1868-01 Apr 1947
(w/o T. Jefferson McFarland)

McFarland, Eliza Beuford, 21 Mar1885-21 Dec 1955
(d/o Decatur Franklin Edmondson & Priscilla Simmons; w/o William Thomas McFarland)

McFarland, (Melvin) Lewitt (Lee), 16 Jul 1912-23 Apr 1990
(s/o William T. McFarland & Eliza Beuford Edmonson)

McFarland, William T. (Thomas), 01 Nov 1883-18 Aug 1937
(s/o of T. Jefferson McFarland & Barbara LNU; h/o Eliza Beuford)

McMahon, Annie E. (Elizabeth), (25 Jan)1936-(22 Aug)1988
(w/o Richard C. McMahon)

McMahon, Richard C., 1933-(no date)
(h/o Annie Elizabeth LNU)

McMullian, Carlos (T. K.), 28 Feb 1926-03 Dec 1964
Florida T SGT U.S. Air Force World War II – Korea
(s/o William McMullian & Ruby Clara DuPont; 1st h/o Jeanette Blackwelder)

McMullian, James D. (DuPont), 27 Mar 1929-14 Sep 2004
(GSgt., U.S.M.C., Retired)
(s/o William McMullian & Ruby Clara DuPont; 2nd h/o Jeanette Blackwelder)

McMullian, Jeanette, 04 Dec 1930-11 Nov 2008
(d/o Roy Gilbert Pellicer McMullian & Ruby Simms; w/o James DuPont McMullian)

McMullian, Jeffery A. (Arnold), 20 Jun 1986-21 Apr 2009
(s/o Jeffre Lee McMullian & Robin Lynette Hagen)

McMullian, Ruby C. (Clara) (30 Oct)1899-(10 Apr)1931
(d/o James Dozier DuPont & Mary Ann Osteen; w/o William King & William M McMullian)

McMullian, W. (William) M., 1874-1933
(h/o Ruby Clara DuPont)

McNeill, James E., 09 Dec 1934-21 May 2001
PFC U.S. Army Korea

McQuaig, Rophiner K. (Katherine), (01 Nov)1890-(11 May) 1977
(w/o Alex McQuaig)

McQuaig, Thelma Coyne, 1916-1961
(d/o Alex McQuaig & Rophiner Katherine LNU)

McSwain, Baby, 1923-1923

McSwain, Benj L. (Benjamin Leon), (22 Apr)1915-(05 Jan)1969
(s/o Neely McSwain & Ella Mary Quigley; h/o Carol LNU)

McSwain, Charles U., 1907-1930
(s/o Neeley (Neal) McSwain & Ella Mary Quigley)

McSwain, Cynthia, (no date) -1907

McSwain, Ella (Mary) Q., (Mar 1887)1886-(Dec)1961
(d/o John O Quigley & Susan J. LNU; w/o Neeley McSwain)

McSwain, Gertrude, 1904-1904

McSwain, Haywood H. (Haskell), 1912- 1954 (Mar 1956)
(s/o Neeley (Neal) McSwain & Ella Mary Quigley)

McSwain, Neal (Neeley), (03 Mar)1885-(28 Apr)1977
(h/o Ella Mary Quigley)

McSwain, Philip P., (no date)-1912

McSwain, William D. (Daniel), (09 May)1873-(Apr)1958
(h/o of Dora LNU)

Mesuita, Oscar J. (Jack), 24 Feb 1899-08 Sep 1988

Mesuita, Timothy Clyde, 14 Jan 1952-09 Jan 2021

Mickler, Ada Dupont, 20 Nov 1907-12 Aug 1999
(d/o Cornelius D. DuPont & Lenora Carter; w/o William Felix Mickler)

Middleton, Rev. James (R), 10 Jul 1803-18 Aug 1874
(s/o James Middleton & Mary Owens; h/o Rachel Carter)
( His & Rachel's are the oldest marked grave I found in the cemetery)

Middleton, Rachel, 29 Mar 1812-08 Jul 1875
(d/o David Carter & Rachel Cooper; w/o Rev. James R. Middleton)

Miller, C. B. (Gussie C B), 27 Sep 1885-26 Jan 1964
(s/o James C. Miller & Annie Eliza Burnside; h/o Myrtice Augusta Stevens)

Miller, Maggie (Margaret Maybelle) Eatman, 28 Jun 1912-27(24) Oct 1995
(d/o William Jackson Tildwell & Elizabeth Noblett; w/o Edward Willard Eatman & Rufus Marvin Miller)

Miller, Mertie A.(Myrtice Augusta), 23 May 1888-20 Jul 1957
(d/o Robert S. Stevens & Cynthia Elizabeth Simms; w/o Gussie Cebie (CB) Miller)

Minchew, Tarah Michelle, - 28 Jun 2015

Minton, Claranet, 28 Jun 1908-02 Jul 1908
(d/o Joseph Franklin Minton & Fay Edwarda Masters)

Minton, Clifford W. (Welch), (19 Nov)1911-(01 Aug)1967
(s/o Joseph Franklin Minton & Fay Edwarda Masters)

Minton, Fay Edwarda, 16 Feb 1880-07 Feb 1933
(d/o Peter Andres Masters & Leonice Lopez; w/o Joseph Franklin Minton)

Minton, Joseph F. (Franklin), (15 Nov 1875)1874-(Jun)1959
(h/o Fay Edwarda Masters)

Minton, Thelma, 20 Jun 1910-20 Apr 1911
(d/o John Franklin Minton & Fay Edwarda Masters)

Missinne, Charles J. (John), 01 Jan 1918-15 Aug 1969
SP3 U.S. Navy World War 11
(s/o Henry Missinne & Grace LNU; h/o Marietta (Mary Etta) Rose Breckenridge)

Missinne, Charles T. (Thomas-Tommy), 04 Dec 1947-01 Aug 1973
Florida SN U.S.N.R. Vietnam
(s/o Charles John Missinne & Marietta Breckenridge; h/o Patricia Eileen Lingold)

Missinne, Marietta, (07Jul)1922-(24 Nov)1994
(d/o FNU Beckenridge; w/o Charles John Missinne)

Mitchell, Donald, 08 Jul 1935-05 Sep 2010

Mitchell, Evelyn R. (Randolph) "Chi-Chi," 04 Feb 1912-04 Aug 2007
(d/o William Randolph Byrd & Ada Idela Carter; w/o John Thomas Mitchell)

Mitchell, John Thomas "Mitch," 25 Jun 1912-25 Nov 1997
(h/o Evelyn Randolph Byrd)

Moody, Charles David "Junebug," 12 Oct 1946-20 Oct 1992

Moody, Ruby V. (Viola), 27 Jul 1903-31 Jun 1980
(w/o FNU Buckner & FNU Moody)

Moore, Howell, (about 1884-before 1917)
(h/o Susan Lulu Davis)

Morris, John (no dates)

Morrison, Albert Y. (Yates), (25 Sep)1894-(12 May)1955
(s/o Joshua L Morrison & Laura Idella Carter; h/o Ruth Conova)

Morrison, Horace C., 06 May 1896-01 Dec 1897
(s/o Joshua L. Morrison & Laura Idella Carter)

Morrison, Joshua L., 1875-1907
(h/o Laura Idella Carter)

Morrison, William "Bill" Thomas, 12 Jan 1920-07 May 1996
U.S. Navy, World War II

Nelson, Cecelia Clementine "Celie", 02 Feb 1930-15 Mar 2011
(d/o Merlin Stevens & Theresa Roberts; w/o Henry Fernand Nelson)

Nelson, Henry (Hank) Fernand, 27 Jun 1928-25 Jul 2002
U.S. Navy, World War II, Korea
(h/o Cecelia Clementine Stevens)

Nester, Daniel E. (Everett), 17 Jun 1901-05 Feb 1966
(h/o Theresa May Roberts)

Nester, "Theresa" Mary Stevens, 16 June 1907-29 Jan 1977
(d/o Albert Roberts & Carrie LNU; w/o Merlin Stevens & Daniel Everett Nester)

Nettles, Doris Louise, (25 Dec)1928-(18 May)1996
(d/o Fredick Chesser & Verna Edna Owens; w/o Marion Ellis Nettles)

Nettles, Marion Ellis, (07 Sep)1926-(22 Dec)1997
(h/o Doris Louise Chesser)

Newborn, Jessie M. (Mae), 04 May 1895-06 Dec 1970
(w/o Tom Newborn)

Newman, J. D. (John David), (27 Feb)1927-(24 Feb)1981

Nix, Elizabeth Ann (Bish), (07 Feb)1950-(05 Feb)1997
(d/o Robert Earl McCullar & Winona Flake; w/o FNU Nix)

North, Mrs Emily, (11 Apr 1892)-02 Sept 1942
(former listing said age 50 Yrs, 4 Mos, 22 days)

Norton, Paul Vernon, 26 Sep 1900-23 Feb 1973
(s/o Fred D. Norton & Lena LNU; h/o Sarah Elizabeth Gable)

Norton, Sarah Elizabeth, 13 Nov 1905-21 May 2001
(d/o John F Gable & Margaret Harriet Upchurch; w/o Paul Vernon Norton)

Odom, James Arthur, (06 Jun)1897-(07 Feb)1986
(h/o Stella Martin)

Odom, Ray J. (Jennings), 13 Nov 1927-31 Aug 1981
S 2 U.S. Navy World War II
(s/o James Arthur Odom & Stella Martin

Odom, Stella Martin, (13 Apr) 1895-(17 Jul) 1976
(d/o Isaac J. Martin & Zillie A. LNU; w/o James Author Odom)

Odom, William A. Dykes, 21 Jul 1921-24 Dec 2001
(U.S. Army, World War II - Silver Star)
(s/o James Arthur Odom & Stella Martin)

Ortagus, Charles I., (12 Sep)1931-(15 Feb)1962
(s/o Charles Ignatus Ortagus and Annie Elizabeth Miller)

Osteen, Charles Ellis, 01 Nov 1898-04 Jun 1953
S2, U.S.N.R.F. World War I
(s/o William Edward Osteen & Pauline Carolina (Carry) Falana; h/o Ollie Stevens)

Osteen, David M., 19 Mar 1872-29 Oct 1918
(s/o Jackson Osteen & Rachel E Carter, h/o Helen Matthews)

Osteen, Jack (Jackson), 16 Feb 1847-11 May 1923
(s/o James Osteen & Mary Thompson; h/o Rachel E. Carter)

Osteen, James, (c1804-c1877)
(reported to be the first person buried in the cemetery with only marker being a coquina rock)
(s/o William Osteen; h/o Mary Thompson)

Osteen, James, (27 Apr 1834-19 Nov 1902)
(s/o James Osteen & Mary Thompson; h/o Julian Ann Green)
(obit says buried here, could not find grave)

Osteen, Martha (nee: Knight), 13 Jun 1845-(11 Nov 1923)
(w/o William Edward Osteen)

Osteen, Mary E. (Elvira), 28 Aug 1857-28 Aug 1905
(d/o Virgil R DuPont & Sarah Elizabeth Knight; w/o Thomas (Theodore) Osteen)

Osteen, Noah, 22 Jan 1880-29 Dec 1902
(s/o Jackson Osteen & Rachel E. Carter)

Osteen, Ollie S., 20 Aug 1902-17 Jan 1923
(d/o John Welburn Stevens & Catherine Carter; w/o Charles Ellis Osteen)

Osteen, Mrs. Rachel E., 15 Oct 1845-04 Jan 1916
(d/o George W. Carter & Keziah Grooms; w/o Jackson (Jack) Osteen)

Osteen, Thomas (Theodore), 18 Nov 1856-24 Jan 1930
(s/o James Osteen & Mary Thompson; h/o Florence Dora Moore & Mary Elvira DuPont)

Osteen, William E. (Edward), 16 Aug 1838 - 05 May 1917
(s/o James Osteen & Mary Thompson; h/o Martha Knight)

Osteen, Winnie Catherine, 23 May 1926-01 Aug 1928
(d/o Charles Ellis Osteen & Ollie Stevens)

Padova, Joyce Wright, 09 Nov 1926-(09 Nov 1981)
(d/o Thompson J. Wright, IV & Nea Ella Wells; w/o FNU Padva)

Palmer, Elease Hodge, 23 Feb 1921-09 May 2007
(d/o FNU Hodge; w/o FNU Scarborough & FNU Palmer)

Pappy, Diane E. (Estelle), 22 Sep 1947-08 Mar 1980
(d/o William Simms; w/o John Dias Pappy)

Pappy, John Dias, 14 Aug 1941-02 Dec 1994
(s/o John George "Johnny" Pappy & Laura Idel Yelvington; h/o Diane Estelle Simms)

Parker, Charles A. (Atwood), 16 Mar 1874-25 July1963
(s/o Henry Hyson Parker & Sarah Sloan; h/o Ida Carter)

Parker, Charles H. (Henry), (05 Jun)1915-(16 Dec)1998
(s/o Charles Atwood Parker & Ida Carter; h/o Ethel I Byrd)

Parker, Clyde Alton, (22 Apr)1909-(31 May)1968
(s/o Charles Atwood Parker & Ida Carter; h/o Mary Marrow & Virginia Gibbs Rich)

Parker, Eleanor L. (nee: Stubbs) 26 Apr 1864-07 Jan 1887
(w/o E C Parker)

Parker, Ethel I. (nee: Byd), 1917-2004
(w/o Charles Henry Parker)

Parker, Henry H. (Hyson), (30 Aug 1844)-(27 Dec 1886)
Co K 5 Ga Cav C.S.A.
(s/o William Hall Parker Jr & Sarah Jane Carter; h/o Sara Sloan)

Parker, Ida C., 15 Oct 1875-25 Dec 1957
(d/o Tillman Henry Carter & Nancy L. Osteen; w/o Charles Atwood Parker)

Parker, Mary Morrow, 19 Nov 1916-04 Aug 2001
(w/o Charles Alton Parker)

Parker, Raymond Earl, 14 Sept 1900-16 Mar 1954
(s/o Charles Atwood Parker & Ida Carter; h/o Dorothy L. Bower)

Parker, Roy A., 30 Mar 1948-17 May 1998
(s/o Charles Henry Parker & Ethel I. Byrd)

Parker, Sarah Sloan, 30 Aug 1844-06 Sept 1903
Married to Henry H. (Hyson) Parker
(d/o John Sloan & Eliza Thomas)

Parker, Thomas Gerald, 26 Oct 1942-08 Dec 2000
(s/o Charles Henry Parker & Ethel I. Byrd)

Parsley, Ganis, 03 Dec 1932-27 Feb 1994
(s/o Russell Parsley & Roxie Rhoton)

Parsley, Infant boy -1958-10 Aug 1958

Parsley, Roxie, 14 Jul 1903-29 Apr 1992
(w/o Russell Parsley)

Parsley, Russell, 17 Dec 1887-14 Feb 1974
Kentucky PVT U.S. Army World War I
(h/o Roxie Rhoton)

Parsley, Salvanis (Vanis), 18 Mar1929-26 Aug 1997
PFC U.S. Army Korea
(s/o Russell Parsley & Roxie Rhoton)

Parsley, Jr.,(Salvanis) Vanis, (no date)-28 Aug 1958
(s/o Salvanis Parsley)

Payne, Harold H., 30 Jul 1940-10 Oct 2019
(h/o Katherine Elizabeth Stewart)

Payne, Katherine Elizabeth, 05 Aug 1943-11 Sep 2017
(Nee: Stewart; w/o Harold H. Payne)

Pellicer, Augusta F. (Frank – Gus), 08 Jun 1885-13 Feb 1932
(s/o Paul Franklin Pellicer & Rebecca Youngblood)

Pellicer, Barbara Joyce, 24 Nov 1934-10 Sep 2019
(d/o Joseph Benefield Arnold & Joyce M. Parrish; w/o Thomas Wilson Pellicer)

Pellicer, C. B. (Christopher Bravo), 14 Jan 1889-15 Oct 1955
(s/o Timoteo Pellicer & Mary Magdalene Pellicer)

Pellicer, Clarence E., 17 Dec 1876-21 Aug 1938
(s/o Paul Franklin Pellicer & Rebecca Youngblood; 2nd h/o Agnes B Smith)

Pellicer, Sr., Claude J. (John), 17 Mar 1917-30 Nov 1968
(s/o Joseph Edward Pellicer & Martha Keziah Johnston; h/o Nina Herrin & Mary Lou Lowery)

Pellicer, III, Claude John, c 1983-19 Sep 2013
(s/o Claude John "Johnny" Pellicer, Jr. & Suzette King)

Pellicer, Edward, (04 Oct)1848-(26 Jan)1919
(s/o Santiago Gaspar Magino Pellicer & Maria Dorotea (Dora) Fontania; h/o Sarah Carter)

Pellicer, Edward Leroy, 03 Sep 1913-18 Oct 1958
(s/o Joseph Edward Pellicer & Martha Keziah Johnston; h/o Ethel Mary McFarland)

Pellicer, Frank, (no date)-05 Dec 1900

Pellicer, George H., 1873-(15 Jul)1963
(s/o Andres Jose Ambrosio Pellicer & Barbara Georgiana Pacetti; h/o Irene (Theresa) Bazwell)

Pellicer, Harry F. (Fontania), (25 Apr)1880-(11 Oct)1957
(s/o Edward Pellicer & Sarah Carter; h/o Ona Ruth Brubaker)

Pellicer, Sr., Herschel F. (Floyd), (22 Feb)1930-(25 Nov)1983
PFC U.S. Army
(s/o Joseph Edward Pellicer & Martha Keziah Johnston; h/o Maude Louise Hampton & Paula LNU)

Pellicer, Hubert Donald, 17 Apr 1932-25 Apr 1991
A1C U.S. Air Force Korea
(s/o Joseph Edward Pellicer & Martha Keziah Johnston; h/o Elissa Aileen Coward
& Glenda Elise Atinson)

Pellicer, Irene (Theresa), (22 Jan)1892-(Jun)1966
(d/o FNU Bazewell; w/o George H. Pellicer)

Pellicer, Joseph Brantley, 07 Sep 1923-01 Oct 1971
(U.S. Army - WW II)
(s/o Joseph Edward Pellicer & Martha Keziah Johnston; h/o Jacques DeRushia
& Naomi Olive Bennett)

Pellicer, Joseph C. (Cleveland), (07 Apr)1886-(15 Jul)1968
(s/o Timoteo Pellicer & Mary Magdalene Pellicer; h/o Myrtle M. LNU)

Pellicer, Joseph Edward (Eddie), 13 Feb 1889- 02 Jun 1956
(s/o Paul Franklin Pellicer and Rebecca Youngblood; h/o Martha Keziah Johnston)

Pellicer, Joseph John, (09 Nov1868)-09 Nov 1968
(s/o Claude John (Johnny) Pellicer, Jr & Margaret Mary (Peggy) Missinne)

Pellicer, J. (Joseph) Leaston, 15 Jan 1891-30 May 1956
PVT U.S. Army World War I
(s/o Paul Franklin Pellicer & Rebecca Youngblood; h/o Pauline Mercer)

Pellicer, Mattie (Martha) Keziah Johnston, (17 Jul)1892-(31 Mar)1989
(d/o John Baggs Johnston & Mary Ketus Carter; w/o Joseph Edward Pellicer)

Pellicer, Milton Paul, 19 Apr 1915-17 Jul 1985
(s/o Joseph Edward Pellicer &Martha Keziah Johnston; h/o Annie Lucille Standridge
& Naomi O. LNU)

Pellicer, Myrtle (R), (26 May)1896-(15 Nov)1968
(w/o Joseph Cleveland Pellicer)

Pellicer, Nellie, 1859-(06 May )1933
(d/o James Pellicer & Dorothea LNU; buried next to her borther Raphile Pellicer)

Pellicer, Ona Ruth, (27 Sep)1889-(25 Dec)1960
(d/o Leslie David Brubaker & Helen M Boynton; w/o Harry Fontania Pellicer)

Pellicer, Paul F. (Franklin), 05 Dec 1844-10 Oct 1915
(Company A, 2nd Bat, FL Inf, C.S.A.)
(s/o James Pellicer & Dorothea LNU; h/o Rebecca Youngblood)

Pellicer, Paul Jasper (Buba), 05 Apr 1878-(01 Apr)1952
(s/o Paul Franklin Pellicer & Rebecca Youngblood; h/o Genevieve LNU)

Pellicer, Raphile, 1861-(23 Mar or 04 Apr)1928
(s/o James Pellicer & Dorothea LNU; buried next to his sister Nellie Pellicer)

Pellicer, Rebecca, 30 Aug 1853-21 Mar 1935
(d/o Elijah Youngblood & Margaret (Peggy) Davis; w/o Paul Franklin Pellicer)

Pellicer, Rubert J. (James), (21 Sep)1884-(17 Oct)1956
(s/of Edward Pellicer & Sarah Carter)

Pellicer, Sarah C., 01 Apr 1854-05 Oct 1907
(d/o George W. Carter & Keziah Grooms; w/o Edward Pellicer)

Pellicer, Thomas Wilson, 24 Jul 1923-04 Sep 2005
U.S. Navy World War II
(s/o George H. Pellicer & Irene Theresa Bazwell; & h/o Gladys LNU & Barbara Joyce Arnold)

Pellicer, Walter E. (Edward), 29 Jul 1886-21 Sep 1961
Fla Pvt 520 Casual Co World War I
(s/o Edward Pellicer & Sarah Carter)

Peppers, Albert Randall, (no date)-04 Jan 1940
(infant son of Margaret Peppers)

Peppers, Margaret P. & Baby, 1919-(04 Jan)1940

Phiel, Harry D. (Dean), 22 Oct 1935-20 Aug 2004
CS/2 U.S. Navy Vietnam

Phillips, Elizabeth Leigh, 30 Mar 1929-17 Mar 2004
(w/o Otis Clifford Phillips)

Phillips, Esta L., 15 Aug 1914-29 Dec 1996

Phillips, Otis Clifford, 09 Sep 1915-10 Nov 1980
(h/o Elizbeth Leigh LNU)

Pickett, Alice (Rosa) C.(Carter), 07 Oct 1882-12 Jun 1985
(d/o Tillman Carter & Nancy Osteen; w/o John Pickett)

Pitcher, Mary (Madeline) Burnsed, (24 Jun)1863-(21 Oct)1916
(d/o James Burnsed & Georgia Ann Davis; w/o Eugene T. Pitcher)

Platt, Richard Lee, 01 Sep 1951-11 Aug 2005
(s/o Charles Nathan Platt & Mary Ruth Fussell; h/o Cherry Ann Wadsworth)

Pomar, John F. (Francis), 19 Apr 1927-02 Feb 1998
(s/o Edward William Pomar & Maria Louisa Usina; h/o Claire Juanita McCormick)

Poppell, Annie, 1810-19 Dec 1883
(Polly Ann Gill, w/o James William Powell)

Powell, Julius D. "Jay," c1926-01 Mar 2014
(h/o Martha LNU)

Powers, Frank B (Bernard), 11 May 1926-30 Jun 1969
S2 U.S. Navy WW II

Preslar, Dorothy V. (Virtees), (12 Oct)1917-(18 Sep)1964

Prevatt, Albert, (29 May)1887-(02 Sep)1955
(s/o Francis Preston Prevatt & Fannie Daniels Lee; h/o Ruby Pellicer)

Prevatt, Bob, - no dates

Prevatt, Carrie Chanler Osteen, (15 Nov 1921)-10 Mar 1999
(d/o Thomas O'Steen & Florence Dora Moore; w/o James Prevatt)

Prevatt, David E. (Eugene), 11 Jun 1957-14 Jun 1976
PFC U.S. Army C Troop 3rd Sq 7 Cavalry
(s/o Robert Prevatt)

Prevatt, Ethel M (Mae)(nee: McClain), 12 Dec 1914-12 Apr1992
(w/o Raymond M. Prevatt)

Prevatt, Francis Preston, (08 Jan)1857-11 Sept 1941
(h/o Fannie Daniels Lee)

Prevatt, Lawrence A. "Larry," 15 Nov 1936-23 Oct 2001
( h/o Linda Lou Holstein)

Prevatt, Linda Lou Holstein, 13 Aug 1948-03 Sep 2004
(d/o John Holstein & Anna LNU; w/o Lawrence A. Prevatt)

Prevatt, Raymond, (no dates)

Prevatt, Raymond M., 22 Sep 1895-11 Sep 1956
Florida PVT Quartermaster Corps World War I
(s/o Reuben Robert Pevatt & Elizabeth Lee; h/o Ethel Mae McClain)

Prevatt, Ruby (nee: Pellicer), (11 Mar)1894-(30 Nov)1977
(w/o Albert Prevatt)

Prevatt, Rufus, 20 Sep 1897-06 Jan 1965
Florida PVT U.S Army World War II
(s/o Reuben Robert Pevatt & Elizabeth Lee)

Pringle, Vivian Edna, 14 Apr 1931-
(w/o William R. Pringle)

Pridmore, Linda Carol, 06 May 1966-06 Mar 1912

Pringle, William R., 17 Oct 1925-13 Dec 2011
(s/o Harry Bert Pringle & Martha Elizabeth Yelvington; h/o Vivian Edna LNU)

Pugh, Gertrude Yelvington, 20 Sep 1904-17 Feb 1986
(d/o Bertie Yelvington & Alice Virgnia Knight)

Putnal, Sallie, (15 Apr)1864-(21 Mar)1944
(2nd w/o Dan P Putnal)

Quigley, Barney, 06 Feb 1928-(no date)
Married 26 Jul 1947
(s/o John Henry Quigley & Minnie LNU; h/o Dorothy "Dotty" LNU)

Quigley, Bob, 1873-1957

Quigley, David Wayne, 08 May1958-26 Sep 1993
(s/o David H. Quigley & Juanita U. LNU)

Quigley, Dotty,10 Jul 1931-(no date)
(d/o Leonard Sapp & Nellie Mae Signley; w/o Barney Quigley)

Quigley, Henry Leroy, 01 Feb 1948-26 Feb 1969
Florida SP4 Co C 554 Engineer Bn Vietnam Arcom PH
(killed in action)
(s/o John Rudolph Quigley & Betty Ruth LNU)

Quigley, Jesse James, 23 Aug 1923-16 Feb 2015
(s/o John Henry Quigley & Minnie LNU)

Quigley, John H. (Henry), (21 Sep)1892-(14 Aug)1960
(s/o John O. Quigley & Susan J. LNU; h/o Minnie LNU)

Quigley, John O., (about 1843)-1914
(2nd hus of Susan J LNU)

Quigley, John Rudolph, 14 Sep 1924-22 Aug 1979
TEC4 U.S. Army World War II
(s/o John Henry Quigley & Minnie LNU; h/o Betty Ruth LNU)

Quigley, Minnie, (05 Aug)1888-(22 Jun)1976
(w/o FNU Tomlinson & John Henry Quigley)

Quigley, Ronald Terry, (Mar 1952)-Mar 1952
(former listing said age 5 days)

Quigley, Susan (J), (Aug 1873)-1914
(w/o Unknown Quigley, 2nd w/o John O Quigley)

Quigley, Unknown

Rector, Laura M., (01 Apr)1882-19?? (03 Oct 1972)
(w/o Manuel Luther Rector)

Rector, Manuel L. (Luther), 1875-(Nov)1966
(h/o Laura M. LNU)

Redmond, Caroline H., 17 Feb 1883-22 Oct 1960
(d/o Joel Hough & Mary Liddell Kirkland; w/o Philip J Redmond)

Redmond, Philip J. (Jasper), 12 Feb1880-24 Jun1965
(h/o Caroline Hough)

Register, Floyd S., 29 Nov 1949-(no dates)
(s/o Lonnie L Register & Barbara A R Solana; h/o Shirley Q. LNU)

Register, Lonnie L. (Jr), 14 Mar 1948-25 Apr 2013
(s/o Lonnie L Register & Barbara A R Solana)

Register, Shirley Q., 26 Feb 1955
(w/o Floyd S. Register)

Reimer, Albert Edward, 08 Nov 1883-14 Oct 1962
(s/o Edward Reimer & Jennie Routh; h/o Frances Mary (Fennie) DuPont)

Reimer, Albert W. (William), 09 Aug 1935-30 Jul 1985
(s/o Francis Reimer & Bessie Myrtle Lancaster; h/o Doris A. LNU)

Reimer, Doris A., 17 Dec 1935-(no date)
(w/o Albert William Reimer)

Reimer, Fannie DuPont (Frances Mary), 05 Apr 1887-08 Apr 1960
(d/o Cornelius DuPont & Lenora Carter; w/o Albert Edward Reimer)

Revels, Georgia E. (Elizabeth), 21 Sep 1916-13 Aug 1998
(d/o Baxton Sutton; w/o Robert Buie "Bob" Revels & Gertrude Harris)

Rich, Lenida, 05 Jun 1919-20 Jan 1999
(d/o Luther Talmage Rich & Sarah Carter; w/o Roberts Strickland Stearns)

Rich, Luther Talmage, 01 May 1887-03 Jan 1972
(s/o James Luther Rich & Sarah Aldonia Crumpler; h/o Sarah (Sallie) Carter)

Rich, Sallie Carter, 26 Jul1893-25 Mar1969
(d/o George Wallace (Sonny) Carter & Ida Elizabeth Parker, w/o Luther Talmage Rich)

Robinson, Archie (Lee), 05 Sep 1911-10 May 1989

Rodgers, Lowell B., 24 Aug 1935-09 Mar 2004

Selph, infant, (1958)-1958

Sacra, Stanley William, (08 Feb)1933-(06 Nov)1997
(h/o Zenia Mae LNU)

Sacra, Zenia M. (Mae), (23 Apr)1931-(10 Sep)1994
(w/o Stanley William Sacra)

Sapp, Joedy Vernon, 30 Dec 1934-23 Mar 2004
(s/o Leonard Sapp & Nellie Mae Signley; h/o Lara Jean LNU)

Sapp, Laura Jean, 22 May 1933-18 Dec 2005
(w/o Joedy Vernon Sapp)

Sapp, Nellie (Mae) , 17 Feb 1908-28 May 1994
(d/o Henry A. Singley & Daisy LNU; w/o Leonard Sapp)

Sheets, Belle Arnett, 01 Jan 1881-29 Nov 1971
(w/o James Charles Sheets)

Sheets, George H., 26 Jun 1833-02 Jun 1914

Sheets, Georgia R., (09 Jul)1909-(09 Mar 1975)
(d/o G. Henry Smith & Mary Vance; w/o Roy Clifford Sheets)

Sheets, James C. (Charles), 1855-1929
(h/o Belle Arnett)

Sheets, Roy C. (Clifford), (12 Feb)1901-(02 Oct)1970
(s/o James Charles Sheets & Belle Arnett; h/o Georgia R Smith)

Sheets, Stanton Arnett, 18 Jun 1911-07 Aug 1980
(s/o James Charles Sheets & Belle Arnett; h/o Laverne Cubbage)

Shorter, Agnes O. (Odessa), 27 Jun 1936-26 Dec 2009
(d/o FNU Bryant; w/o FNU Robinson, FNU Whitecloud, and FNU Shorter)

Sims, Maudena Lynn, 19 Jul 1969-23 Jul 2018
(d/o William Ware Harris & Maudena Elaine Durrance, w/o Charles Robert Usina, Jr., & Jimmy Lee Sims)

Simms, Alice (Mrs), 1876-Oct 20,1893
Married 19 Apr 1893

Simms, Baby,
Infant of William Simms.

Simms, Infants (twins),
Infants of Wm Simms.

Simms, Clarence (R), (Apr)1894-1920
(s/o William Simms & Winnie Adaline Ballard)

Simms, Effie M. (Mary), 10 Apr 1921-17 Oct 1991
(d/o FNU Hart; w/o Robert Edward Simms)

Simms, Ellame S. Higginbotham, 30 Jan 1927-28 Apr 2005
(d/o Jack David Sapp & Pearl Louise Smith; w/o George Wilton Higginbotham
& Gerald Eugene Simms)

Simms, Ellen E., 1901-1907

Simms, John, 1821-27 Aug 1903

Simms, John S., 1864-1905
(s/o John Simms & Elizabeth Starling)

Simms, Mary A. Sikes, 1898-1964

Simms, Robert Edward, 20 Dec 1909-19 Apr 1982
(s/o Robert Simms & Laura Ketters; h/o Effie Mary Hart)

Simms, Van (Vandan), 04 Feb 1868-25 Mar 1899
(s/o John Simms & Elizabeth Starling)

Simms, Walter L., 30 Jun 1904-25 Jul 1986
(s/o William Simms & Winnie Adaline Ballard)

Simms, Wm (William), (Jan)1859-(12 Jan)1920
(s/o John Simms & Elizabeth Starling; h/o Winnie Adaline Ballard)

Simms, Sr., William Van, 30 Aug 1918-16 Feb1981
PFC U.S. Army World War II

Simms, Jr., William (Butch), (10 Sep)1950-(01 Nov)1983
(s/o William Simms & Lois LNU; h/o June LNU)

Simms, Winnie (Winifred) A., 1906-1919
(d/o William Simms & Winnie Adaline Ballard)

Simms, Winnie A. (Adaline), (Oct 1869)-1919
(d/o FNU Ballard; w/o William Simms)

Sirmans, Dorothy M. Vickers, 04 Jun 1917-12 Dec 2000
(d/o Thomas Raleigh Vickers & Blsnche Alice Cox; w/o Willis Leon Sirmans)

Sirmans, Willis Leon, 08 Jan 1919-07 Oct 2004
(U.S. Army - World War II, Korea)
(s/o George Washington Sirmans & Euna Whitney; h/o Dorothy M. Vickers)

Smith, G. (George) Henry, 1877-(04 Aug)1958
(h/o Mary Vance)

Smith, John Perkins, 25 Jul 1903-18 Nov 1978
(s/o Robus Aborn Smith & Eugenia Harden; h/o Nannie Walker)

Smith, Mary V. (Vance), (13 Sep)1876-(05 Jan)1969
(w/o George Henry Smith)

Smith, Nannie Walker, 31 July 1899-09 Jan 1992
(w/o John Perkins Smith)

Snook, Millie (Ann) Godwin, (17 Nov)1926-(27 Dec)2015
(d/o Willie Godwin & Addie Pearl Higginbotam; w/o Samuel Allen Snook)

Snook, Samuel Allen (Jr.) , (20 Jun)1926-(25 Nov)2014
(s/o Samuel Allen Snook & Helen Ivey; h/o Millie Ann Godwin)

Solano, Isaella Marie, 12 Apr 2002-20 Apr 2002
(d/o Martin Solano)

Souther, Ephraim Tapper (Jr), 24 Dec 1956-23 Mar 2012
(s/o Ephraim Tapper Souther & Florence LNU; h/o Flora Mae LNU)

Souther, Flora Mae, 05 Oct 1960-14 Aug 2010
(w/o Ephraim Tapper Souther, Jr.)

Spencer, (Elizabeth) Bettie, 1852-(19 Oct)1934

Stephens, David A. (Alexander), 21 Sep 1862-25 Aug 1898
(s/o John M. Stevens & Mary Ann Middleton

Stephens, Mary A.(Ann), 05 Dec 1829-13 Jun 1905
(d/o Rev. James R. Middleton & Rachel Carter; w/o John M. Stevens, CSA)

Stevens, Augustus M. (Middleton), (16 Apr)1860-1934
(s/o John Stevens & Mary Ann Middleton; h/o Minnie G Parker)

Stevens, Charles Francis, 19 Jun 1947-15 Jun 2004
(U.S. Army-Vietnam)
(s/o Wallace Humphrey; h/o Joyce LNU)

Stevens, Charles H. (Humphrey), (19 Mar)1883-(15 Feb)1968
(s/o Robert S. Stevens & Cynthia Elizabeth Simms, h/o Cynthia Ella Byrd)

Stevens, Cheryl Ann, 1957-(30 Jan)1957
(d/o Stanley Mahr Stevens and Rose Kersey)

Stevens, Cynthia E.(Ella), 1885-1935
(d/o Thomas Randolph Byrd & Cynthia Elizabeth McSwain; w/o Charles Humphrey Stevens)

Stevens, Elizabeth, 1860-18 Feb(1933)
(d/o John Simms & Elizabeth Starling; w/o Robert S. Stevens)

Stevens, Fred, 10 Oct 1911-(26 Jul 2007)
(s/o Charles Humphery Stevens & Cythia Ella Byrd; h/o Marian Tenney)

Stevens, Infant, 12 Mar 1898-16 Mar 16 1898
Son of R. S. and L. Stevens

Stevens, Infants (twin sons) (08 Jan 1946)-08 Jan 1946
Infant Twin Sons of Wallace & Margaret (Gray) Stevens

Stevens, John W. (Welborn), 16 Apr 1860-27 Feb 1935
(s/o John M Stevens & Mary Ann Middleton; h/o Catherine (Kate) Carter)

Stevens, Kate (Catherine), 15 May 1862-16 Mar 1946
(d/o George W. Carter & Keziah Grooms; w/o John Welborn Stevens)

Stevens, Marian, 06 Sep 1915-21 Feb 1998
(d/o Francis Prince Tenney & Marie L."Nettie" Bacon; w/o Fred Stevens)

Stevens, Marie S., 16 Jun 1928-(no date listed)
(w/o Thomas William Stevens)

Stevens, Marvin M., 05 Dec 1885-03 June 1942
(s/o Robert S Stevens & Cynthia Elizabeth Simms)

Stevens, Merlin S., 17 Mar 1904-25 Oct 1947
(s/o Robert S. Stevens & Cynthia Elizabeth Simms)

Stevens, Minnie G., (12 Apr)1863-(11 Sep)1949
(d/o Jasper W. Parker & Ann Elizabeth Marion Grooms; w/o Augustus M. Stevens)

Stevens, Minnie I., 1881-1898
Daughter of R. S. & L. Stevens

Stevens, Robert S., (10 Oct)1851-(07May)1910
(s/o John M. Stevens & Mary Ann Middleton; h/o Cynthia Elizabeth Simms)

Stevens, Rose J., 03 Oct 1923-
(d/o George Otto Kersey & Lillie Mae Brosky, w/o Stanley Mahr Stevens)

Stevens, Stanley M. (Mahr), 10 Oct 1922-14 Nov 1990
(s/o Stanley Wesley Stevens & Lena Ida Mahr; h/o Rose J Kersey)

Stevens, Terrell A. (Anthony), 1957-(28 Dec)1957

Stevens, Thomas W. (William), 24 Dec 1916-02 Jun 2010
(s/o Charles Humphery Stevens & Cynthia Ella Byrd; h/o Marie S.LNU)

Stevens, Sr., Wallace Ulysses, 29 May 1913-17 July 1983
Capt., U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Charles Humphrey Stevens and Cynthia Ella Byrd; h/o Thelma Beck)

Stevens, William A. (Augustus), 01 Jul 1890-30 July 1935
(s/o Augustus Middleton Stevens & Minnie Parker; h/o Verna McCullough)

Stiner, David Russell, (no date)-15 Feb 1991
Son of Russell E. Stiner and Donna K. Wells

Strickland, Brenda (Sue) Usina, (31 Mar)1949-(09 Jun)1986
(w/o Marshall Strickland)

Stubbs, Eleanor L. (Ellen), 26 Apr 1854-07 Jan 1887
Wife of E. C. (Calvin) Stubbs
(d/o William Hall Parker, Jr & Sarah Jane Carter)

Suggs, Vera (Evelyn) Raulerson, (15 Nov)1904-(25 Sep)1978
(d/o Louis Eric (Luke) Thomas & Eva Carter; w/o Robert Daniel Raulerson & FNU Suggs)

Sutton, Baby, early 1950's,
(Infant of Buck Sutton -- might have been moved to a cemetery near Palatka)

Tallman, Baby, 1931-1931

Tallman, Florence E., 1905-
(d/o Neeley (Neal) McSwain & Ella Mary Quigley; w/o Walter Tallman and FNU Lang)

Tallman, (Mary) Hope, 15 Apr 1930-06 May 1930
(d/o Walter Howard Tallman & Florence E McSwain)

Tallman, Walter (Howard), (08 Oct)1881-(22 Feb)1966
(h/o Florence E McSwain)

Taylor, Margaret Merle (14 Jul)1925-(16 Jan)1986

Taylor, Matthew A. (Arnold), 21 Jul 1957-21 Jan 2001
(s/o Carlye Taylor & Barbara LNU)

Taylor, Rachel (Esther) Simms, 04 Jul 1937-25 Nov 1997
(d/o Robert Edward Simms & Effie Mary Hart; w/o Richard Taylor)

Tedder, Agnes Taylor, (04 Jan)1932-(01 Jan)1997
(w/o James Edward Tedder, Jr)

Tedder, Jr., James E. (Edward), (01 Jun)1931-(15 Mar)2007
(s/o James Edward Tedder; h/o Agnes Taylor)

Tedder, James Edward Tedder (Sr), 21 Jul 1905-28 Sep 1970

Temple, Amy L. (Laura), 27 Dec 1879-22 Aug 1942
(d/o Clarence S. Pushee & Fanny C. LNU; w/o Leslie Joel Temple)

Temple, Leslie J. (Joel), 29 Jun1871-14 Jan 1951
(h/o Amy Laura Pushee)

Tenney, Carrie B., 15 Jun 1910-09 Apr 2000
(d/o Joseph William Beach & Marion Lucy Corbett; w/o Stanley Earl Tenney)

Tenney, David S.(Stevens), (06 Jan)1951-(10 May)1966
(s/o Frank Tenney & Ellen Stevens)

Tenney, Ellen S.(nee Stevens), 10 Oct 1927-
(w/o Frank F Tenney)

Tenney, Francis P. (Prince), 21 Aug 1888-12 Feb 1972
(s/o Frank Folsom Tenney and Hattie Prince; h/o Marie L.Bacon)

Tenney, Frank F., 27 Nov 1924-17 Mar 1984
(s/o Francis Prince Tenney & Marie L. Bacon; h/o Ellen Stevens)

Tenney, Rose L., 14 Feb 1930-(no date)
(w/o Stanley Earl Tenney, Jr)

Tenney, Stanley Earl, 26 Nov 1911-25 May1982
(s/o Francis Prince Tenney & Marie L Bacon; h/o Carrie Mae Beach)

Tenney, Jr., Stanley Earl, 21 Feb 1933-30 Jun 2000
CPL U.S. Marine Corps Korea
(s/o Stanley Earl Tenney & Carrie Mae Beach; h/o Rose LNU)

Thomas, Arley (Ollie), 19 Dec 1909-26 Jan 1914
(s/o Louis Eric Thomas & Eva Carter)

Thomas, Cecil, 24 Sep 1911-23 Jan 1914
(s/o Louis Eric Thomas & Eva Carter)

Thomas, Cena (Seneth) H., 02 Feb 1888-15 Apr 1987
(d/o FNU Hamilton; w/o Owen Ozem Thomas)

Thomas, Dorothy E., 17 Mar 1920-13 Jul 2010
(d/o William F. Smith & Sarah E. Anderson; w/o Rev. Ira Alvin Thomas)

Thomas, Sr., Ellsworth T. (Theodore), (03 Feb 1928)1929-(28 Aug)1969
(s/o Louis Eric Thomas & Eva Carter; h/o Maidie Jean Taylor)

Thomas, E. T. (Ellsworth Theodore) "Teddy," 21 Mar 1952-15 Aug 2006
(s/o Ellsworth Theodore Thomas & Maidle Jean Taylor; h/o Nora Dale Stratton & Brenda LNU)

Thomas, Erma "Aunt Erma," 22 Mar 1913-(02 Oct 2011)
(d/o Louis Eric Thomas & Eva Carter)

Thomas, Eva, 27 Dec 1885-31 Dec 1960
(d/o Tillman Henry Carter & Nancy L Osteen; w/o Louis Eric Thomas)

Thomas, Florine B., 30 Jun 1920-04 Aug 2003
(d/o Addison L Bevis & Lena Clark Martin: w/o Owen Ozem Thomas, Jr)

Thomas, Harry, 26 Mar 1923-23 Jan 1994

Thomas, Rev Ira Alvin, 23 May 1920-20 Jan 2007
US Army World War II
(s/o Louis Eric Thomas & Eva Carter; h/o Dorothy E Smith)

Thomas, Louis E. (Eric), 26 Dec 1877-10 Oct 1951
(s/o George E. Thomas & Annie Brandy; h/o Eva Carter)

Thomas, Louie E. (Erice), (16 Dec)1906-(08 May)1970
(s/o Louis Eric Thomas & Eva Carter; h/o Ella Mae Slappy)

Thomas, Lowell, 14 Feb 1922-June 1922
(s/o Louis Eric Thomas & Eva Carter)

Thomas, Owen O. (Ozem) 14 Sept 1880-13 Aug 1975
(s/o Lewis Ransom Thomas, CSA & Martha K Nettles; h/o Seneth (Cena) Hamilton)

Thomas, Jr., Owen O. (Ozem), 24 Dec 1919-16 Jan 1995
TEC 5 U.S. Army World War II
(s/o Owen Ozem Thomas & Seneth Hamilton; h/o Florine Bevis)

Thompson, Stanley I., 08 May 1883-22 Dec 1944
(native of England; h/o Ages LNU)

Tindall, J. (Joseph) Douglas, 06 Jan 1915-19 Mar 2000
(s/o of Van M Tindall & Annie LNU; h/o Mabel Ruth Martin)

Tindall, Jr., (Joseph) Douglas, 21 Apr 1940-02 (06) Jun 1972
(s/o Joseph Douglas Tindall & Mabel Ruth Martin)

Tindall, Mabel M. (Ruth), 27 Oct 1920-24 May 2005
(d/o FNU Martin; w/o Joseph Douglas Tindall)

Tindall, Van M. (McDonald), 25 Jun 1893-30 Nov 1975
(h/o Annie LNU)

Tomlinson, Silvanus, (26 Jun)1887-1918

Trad, Samuel (Sam) Louis, 05 Aug 1933-02 May 2004
PVT U.S. Army (USMC)
(s/o Louis Trad & Nazhla Jabaly; h/o Margaret Mary "Peggy" Missinne)

Tussell, infant, -19 Oct 1931

Usina, Kathy Ann, (26 Aug)1954-(06 Apr)2001

Valley, Sarah Carter, 01 Apr 1854-05 Oct 1907
(w/o Michael Valley)

Vann, Nila, 01 May 1857-05 Mar 1946

Vaughn, Emma K., 1874-(09 Feb) 1958
(w/o John J. Vaughn)

Vaughn, John J., 1886-1936
(h/o Emma K. LNU)

Vickers, Drothy M. Sirmans, 05 Jun 1917-12 Dec 2000

Wadsworth, Angela (Agusta) Carpenter, (22 Jan 1915)-19 Jan 1981
(d/o Eugene Lee Carpenter & Lulu May Pipes; w/o Lewis Edward Wadsworth II)

Wadsworth, Frances E., 21 Nov 1915-20 Apr 1999
(d/o Frank Ernest Faulkner & Hannah Susie Bouge; w/o William Littledale (Billy) Wadsworth)

Wadsworth, Lewis E. (Edward, II), (21 Nov 1915)-14 Oct 1985
(s/o Lewis Edward Wadsworth & Lotta May Littledale; h/o Angela Agusta Carpenter & Sonia Dianne Martin)

Wadsworth, Myra B. (Ellen), 07 Jan 1929-13 Jan 1992
(d/o Jesse Monroe Bowers & Amorette Claire Deen,w/o Thomas Holden Wadsworth)

Wadsworth, Thomas H. (Holden) "Buddy," 22 Nov 1927-01 Oct 1999
(s/o Gordon Parramore Wadsworth & Frances Alice Matchett; h/o Myra Ellen Bowers)

Wadsworth, William L. (Littledale/Billy) 06 May 1914-26 Sep 1978
U.S. Army World War II
(s/o Lewis Edward Wadsworth & Lotta May Littledale; h/o Frances E. Faulkner)

Waggoner, Joshua R., 01 May 1988-18 Aug 2004
(s/o Michael Alan Waggoner & Ponda S. LNU)

Waggoner, Michael A. (Alan), 22 Oct 1951-29 Oct 2003
(h/o Ponda S. LNU)

Waggoner, Ponda S., 05 Sep 1952-(no dates)
(w/o Michael Alan Waggoner)

Walters, Aubrey Lynn, 09 Jan 1971-28 May 1971
(d/o Mr & Mrs Wilson D Walters)

Waltersdorf, Betty Jane Carter, (13 Jun)1935-(08 Mar)2008
(d/o FNU Jordan; 2nd w/o Howard Louis Waltersdorf)

Waltersdorf, Howard (Louis), (09 May)1943-(29 Mar)2009
(s/o Herbert Waltersdorf & Elan LNU; h/o Betty Jane Carter)

Wanderer, Dorothy (Marilyn) Parker, 02 Aug 1939-01 Mar 1910)
(d/o Clyde Alton Parker & Mary Marrow; w/o John P. Wanderer)

Watts, Paul David, 01 Oct 1948-(no dates)
(h/o Nancy Ferrell)

Watts, Nancy Ferrell, 08 Dec 1948-02 Aug 2003
(d/o FNU Spung; w/o Paul David Watts)

Webb, Margaret M. (Merle) Taylor, 14 Jul 1925-16 Jan 1986

Wells, Alvin A. (Anderson), (04 May)1900-(07 Jun)1966
(s/o Alvin Anderson (Sonny) Wells & Mary Carmella (May) Simms; h/o Fannie Alice Temple
& Amorette Claire Deen)

Wells, Alvin Leslie, 19 Aug 1927-19 Apr 1993
CD3 U.S. Navy, Korea
(s/o Alvin Anderson Wells, Jr & Fannie Alice Temple)

Wells, Amorette (Claire) Deen, 08 Dec 1901-20 Mar 1997
(d/o William Henry "Doc" Deen & Mabell Clair Carter; w/o Jessee Monroe Bowers,
Ralph Virgil Decker & Alvin Anderson Wells, Jr.)

Wells, Benjamin E. (Earl), 04 Sep 1922-10 Dec 1988
U.S. Army World War II
(s/of Wimbley Henry Wells & Daisy Ideal Stoddard; h/o Helen Ivey)

Wells, Daisy (Ideal) S., (16 Mar)1902-(17 Feb)1976
(d/o Fred L. Stoddard & Mina May Dowling; w/o Wimbley Henry Wells)

Wells, Ella Parker, 01 Apr 1872-01May 1949
(d/of Henry Hyson Parke, CSA & Sara Sloan; w/o Daniel Doolittle Wells)

Wells, Fannie Alice, 29 Apr 1903-04 Dec 1947
(d/o Leslie Joel Temple & Amy Laura Pushee; w/o Alvin Anderson Wells Jr)

Wells, Loyce (Evelyn) Manning, 02 Jan 1933-02 May 2009
(d/o James Manning & Hazel LNU; w/o Wimbley Donald Wells)

Wells, Wimbley Donald, 10 Dec 1926-05 Mar 2007
(s/o Wimbley Henry Wells & Daisy Ideal Stoddard; h/o Loyce Manning)

Wells, Wimbley H. (Henry), (30 Mar)1896-(21 Oct) 1966
(s/o Alvin Anderson Wells, Sr. & Mary Carmella (May) Simms; h/o Daisy Ideal Stoddard)

Wetherington, Michael Wayne, 27 Oct 1974-04 Nov 1974
(s/o Clifford Wetherington & Gail LNU)

White, Charles W. (William), 04 Oct 1900-16 Nov 1983
(U.S. Navy)
(s/o George E White & Hannah A. LNU; h/o Grace Susie Burnsed)

White, Donald Lewis, 24 Dec 1931-03 Apr 2009
(s/o Charles William White & Grace Susie Burnsed; h/o Lenice Jean Bohland)

White, Grace S. (Susie), 19 Nov 1903-16 Oct 1992
(d/o James Andrew Burnsed & Susan Grace Stevens; w/o Charles William White)

White, Harry C., 30 Apr 1919-20 Aug 1984
(h/o Helen C. LNU)

White, Helen C., 09 Oct 1909-(05 May 1997)
Married 11 Feb 1950
(w/o Harry C. White)

White, Lenice Jean, 30 Dec 1935-(no dates)
(d/o FNU Bohland; w/o Donald Lewis White)

White, Malinda, 09 Oct 1859-25 May 1935
(w/o Charles White)

White, Rophiner B., 1928-(07 Oct)1959
(d/o George H. Pellicer & Irene Theresa Bazwell; w/o FNU White)

Whitten, Anna Belle Kersey Wetherington, 22 Dec 1928-13 Mar 2006
(d/o Jack Jefferson Kersey & Louise Bainbridge; w/o Milton Aaron Wetherington
& Edward Miles Whitten)

Whitten, Sr., Edward M. (Miles), 14 Mar 1925-12 Dec 1993
PFC U.S. Army
(2nd h/o Anna Belle Kersey)

Whittle, Leo G.(Greshin), 07 Mar 1907-29 Sep 1987
EM 1, U.S. Navy, WW II

Whittle, Vermel K., (31 Mar)1911-(04 Nov)2007
(d/o Willie Henry King & Alice Yelvington; w/o Leo Greshin Whittle)

Wiley, Edward O., 07 Mar 1947-

Wiley, Viola B., 26 Nov 1944-24 Mar 2007
(d/o John Henry Blackwelder, Jr. & Nettie Leticia Bridges; w/o Edward O. Wiley)

Willis, Madeline, (05 Aug)1927-(13 Jan)2000
(d/o Louis George DuPont & Madeline McDonald; w/o FNU Willis)

Wilson, Bessie, 1912-(24 Nov)2005
(2nd w/o Ernest Henry Wilson)

Wilson, Betty Jean, 04 Nov 1934-(no date)
(w/o William Paul Wilson)

Wilson, Ernest (Henry), (02 Feb)1896-(02 Oct)1984
(s/o John H. Wilson & Annie LNU; h/o Flossie LNU & Bessie LNU)

Wilson, Hugh Edward, 27 Dec 1921-31 Dec 1988
U.S. Air Force
(s/o Ernest Henry Wilson & Flossie LNU)

Wilson, Louis E., 1883-(04 Jul)1939

Wilson, William Paul, 12 Feb 1930-04 Apr 2007
/s/o Ernest Henry Wilson & Flossie LNU; h/ o Betty Jean LNU)

Wise, Allan Lee, 12 Jan 2003-04 Feb 2003
(s/o Allan Wise & Amy Blackwater)

Wissbroecker, Edwin K., (21 Aug)1924-(no date)

Wissbroecker, Judith Arlene, (05 Jan)1955-(22 Apr)2011

Wissbroecker, Phyllis M., (22 Jun)1925-(14 Apr)1984
(d/o Robert Maurice; w/o Rev. Edwin K. Wissbroecker)

Wood, Arthur M. (Myrick), 28 Sept 1897-17 Sep 1983
(s/o Alexander S. Wood & Lillian Myrick; h/o Cynthis Delie Hall)

Wood, Cynthia D. (Delie), 17 Apr 1898-(17 Jun 1997)
(d/o James Barney Hall & Katie McSwain; w/o Arthur Myrick Wood)

Woods, John Paul, 06 Oct 1953-14 Oct 2005
(s/o Francis Woods & Edna LNU)

Wright, Charles G., (26 Jan)1939-(02 Dec)1992
(h/o Mary Irene LNU)

Wright, Ella Jane, 10 Dec 1925-18 Aug 1980
(d/o Thompson J. Wright, IV & Nea Ella Wells)

Wright, Mary Irene, (28 Apr)1907-(06 Dec)1974
(w/o Charles G Wright)

Wright, Nea (Ella) Wells, (05 May)1904-(03 Jan)1973
(d/o Daniel Doolittle Wells & Ella Jane Parker; w/o Thompson J. Wright IV)

Wright, Robert H. (Harvey), (25 Sep)1907-(17 Mar)1983

Wright, Sharon Jodie, 17 Dec 19??(1944) - (04 Jul 2006)
(d/o Thompson J Wright, IV & Nea Ellen Wells)

Wright, Thompson J. IV, (Dec)1899-(Dec)1964
(s/o Thompson J Wright III & Jodi LNU; h/o Nea Ella Wells)
(Chief of Police, Holly Hill, FL & many years Chief Deputy Sheriff for Volusia CO)

Wyndham, (Emma) Virginia Bowers, 31 Jul 1921-04 Jul 1994
(d/o James Monroe Bowers & Amorette Claire Deen; w/o James Edward Wyndham)

Yarber, Clair Juanita, 20 Jun 1929-12 Oct 2005
(d/o Amos Fostina McCormick & Verla Mae Roberts; w/o John Francis Pomar & James Yarber)

Yarbrough, Joyce Mac, 16 May 1913-20 Aug 1994

Yelvington, Alice V. (Virginia) Knight, 1885-1906
(d/o David W Knight & Dora M Pellicer; 1st w/o Bertie (Bert) Yelvington)

Yelvington, Bertie (Bert), 10 Dec 1876-01 Nov 1967
(s/o Andrew Yelvington & Mary Jane McCullough; h/o Alice V. Knight & Maud Godwin)

Yelvington, Charles Edward, 27 June 1868-(no date listed)
(s/o Gideon Yelvington & Elizabeth Harvey; h/o Laura Idella Middleton)

Yelvington, Ellen (Lourette), 17 Aug 1936-01 Nov 1936

Yelvington, Floyce E., 1913-(16 Jan)1969
(d/o John Jelks Lindsey & Leila L Warren; w/o James Edward Yelvington)

Yelvington, Henry E. (Elmer) 02 Nov 1884-09 Jul 1967
(s/o Andrew Yelvington & Mary Jane McCullough; h/o Theresa Lorena Young)

Yelvington, (Jr.), Henry Elmer, (Sep)1919-(07 Feb)1958
(s/o Henry Elmer Yelvington & Theresa Lorena Young; h/o Helen Ruth LNU)

Yelvington, Infant, 02 Mar 1915-18 Mar 1915
Son of Bert & Maud Yelvington

Yelvington, Infant Son, (1951)-1951

Yelvington, James E. (Edward), 1913-(Nov)1968
(s/o Bertie (Bert) Yelvington & Maude Godwin; h/o Floyce E. Lindsey)

Yelvington, Leon, 28 Mar 1955-20 Jan 1957

Yelvington, Maud G., 08 Jan 1899-19 Aug 1987
(d/o Ely Godwin & Sallie LNU; 2nd w/o Bertie (Bert) Yelvington)

Yelvington, (Theresa) Lorena (Tavie) Y., 13 Oct 1896-12 Oct 1979
(d/o of William M Young & Minne LNU; w/o Henry Elmer Yelvington, Sr.)

Yelvington, Wallace (William), (10 Nov)1909-(23 Aug)1980
(son of Charles Dewitt Yelvington and Mamie Elizabeth Wilson)

Zimmerle, Phillip M. (McMahan), 18 Jul 1949-30 Nov 2002
(s/o Homer Dowlen "Doc" Zimmerle & Arviezine McMahan; h/o Rita Yvonne Pellicer)

Zimmerle, Rita (Yvonne) P., 14 Jul 1955-(no dates)
(d/o Hubert Donald Pellicer & Glenda Elise Anderson; w/o Phillip McMahan Zimmerle)