Bunnell High School Classes

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When this area was being settled in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s, there were several one-room schools in being; the Espanola school, the Gilbert School, the Malphurs’ School, the Miller-Johnston School, and the St Johns Park School.

During early part of the century, additional schools were added as the population increased. Schools were established at Black Point, Bunnell, Codyville, Dupont, Haw Creek, the Hammock, Korona, Matanzas, Ocean City (Flagler Beach) and St Joe (present-day Palm Coast).

All students of high school age were transported to the school in Bunnell which was located across the street from the present-day United Methodist Church on Lambert Street.

For many years these one-room school houses were not only used to master the basics of knowledge, but also they were used to form much of the social life of the community - - some also being used for religious services.

(average pay for teachers was $60 per month – increased to $120 per month in August 1918) 

Bunnell School # 1 
Lafayette Golden 

Bunnell School #13 
H. H. Williams 

Codyville School #5 
Teacher: N. A. Brantley 

Dupont School #4 
Allie Cochran 

Espanola School #10 
Bessie Safriet 

Flagler School #1 
Maddie Godden  

Gilbert School #8 
Corinne Lait 

Haw Creek School #6 
Teacher: Fay Caldwell 

Malphurs School #9 
Teacher: Pauline Henderson 

Ocean City School #2 
Bessie Buchanan
Willie MacKirby
L. O. Upson 

Matanzas School 
Teacher: Lily Dale Thompson 

St Johns Park #7 
Teacher: Jennie Pigue 

By April 1918, most of these schools were closed with their students consolidated into the Bunnell School. In July 1919, construction began to enlarge the one-room Bunnell School. Two class rooms of 15 x 24 feet were added with a 6 foot hallway connecting them with the old structure.

On 30 Aug 1923, school began for the Class of 1924, the first class to graduate from a four year high school program in Flagler County. The Class was educated in the Bunnell School with their graduation exercises being held at the United Methodist Church across the street.

The Class of 1924 numbered five (everyone in the class held a class office) with the total population of the Bunnell School, grades one to twelve being less than 175 students

On 12 Oct 1923, W. B. Talley of Lakeland, FL was employed as architect for a new school building which would contain class rooms for grades 1 – 12. The bid of Arthur Ittman was accepted for construction of the new school on 17 Nov 1923 with the school to be constructed on property owned by George Moody.

In January 1924, Mr. Moody was paid $1,000 for blocks 22, 23, 29, and 30, in the town of Bunnell as recorded in Deed Book 5, page 271. Each block contained 12 lots. Construction of the new high school building was begun soon after with dedication ceremonies being held on Tuesday, 26 Aug 1924.

The main building was an attractive two-story brick structure with a basement. The first floor included an office and eight class rooms. On the second floor there were four classrooms, a library, an auditorium and a workroom for teachers. In the basement were the home economics rooms, music rooms, two storage or janitor's rooms, the heating plant and the cafeteria.

The beautiful red brick school building, of which we were so justly proud, was severely damaged by fire and water on Saturday morning, 27 Jun 1970.  Determined to be not worthy of saving by those in authority, it was torn down two years later.

When the old high school was closed, some elementary classes were sent to Flagler Beach, some students were sent to the old Carver High School in Bunnell, with the remainer being housed in the BHS school gym and the remaining standing buildings around the old high school building until the new Flagler-Palm Coast High School on State Road 100 was opened in Sep 1974.

Bunnell High School Class of 1974 was the last class to be graduated with the Bunnell High School name and thus the last class to be inventoried on this web site.