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GOOD HOPE (Flagler-Palms Memorial Gardens) CEMETERY
Flagler County, FL
(Section 39, Township 12, S, Range 31, E)

(Last visit to photograph markers: 06 Oct 2013 - updated from on-line obits daily)

DIRECTIONS: From the intersection of I-95 and State Road 100, go east about 1/4 mile. Turn south on Old Kings Road and go about one mile to the cemetery which lies on the east side of the road.

BACKGROUND: On 15 Jun 1923, the Dupont Holding Company deeded to W. Lea Bartlett, R. L. Harper, Ed Johnson, E. W. Johnston and D. B. Brown as trustees, 5 acres of land for the cemetery (Flagler County Deed Book 6, pg 99). The cemetery was laid out in four blocks with plans for a chapel in the center which was never build. The lots in each block were 12' x 34' with a 6' alley on each side.

On 22 May 1980, a citizen of Flagler CO, conveyed her individually owned interest in Hope Cemetery to A. H. and Margie Craig of St Augustine, FL.

The last Board of Trustees of The Hope Cemetery Association, an unincorporated association, conveyed to A. H. and Margie Craig their interest in the cemetery on 30 May 1980. At this time, there were two parcels making up 4.831 acres.

On 08 Mar 1994, the Craig’s conveyed their interest to Prime Succession of Florida, Inc, a Delaware corporation with an Indiana address. I do not know when the name of the cemetery was changed to Flagler Palms Memorial Gardens, nor do I know who currently owns same. The current owners should be commended, however for the outstanding manner in which the cemetery is being maintained.

NOTE: This listing was originally compiled in May 2001, updated in July 2005 and again in Sep 2013 by taking digital images of the grave markers (1,670 + 857) and transferring that information to the listing. Any items contained in parenthesis were added by the compiler and do not appear on the grave markers. Dates that appear in parenthesis were obtained from obituaries, the Social Security Death Index the Florida Death Index, other published public records, family histories and Baggett & Summers Funeral Home Records transcribed by Bill Morgan and John Woodard of DeLand.

The compiler was assisted in the production of this listing by Norma Durrance Turner (1916-2012) and June Rodgers Smith, both descendants of Flagler County Pioneer Families.

During September and October 2010, the obituary records of the Flagler County Historical Society were researched and 537 obituaries were found for individuals buried in this cemetery. They were scanned, posted and linked to this listing in October 2010. Additional obituaries are posted as they are found.

On 12 Mar 2008, Craig Flagler Palms Funeral Home & Memorial Gardens began to post obituaries on-line. You can visit them at: http: www.craigflaglerpalms.com

Comments, corrections, or additions should be sent to Claude Sisco Deen, Jr., P.O. Box 637, Flagler Beach, FL 32136 or emailed to Sisco_Deen@hotmail.com

3,412 Memorials (80% Photographed) Find-A-Grave
Last Update: 07 Feb 2021


Aanonsen, Esther 25 Nov 1935-14 Dec 2002
(d/o Lauritz A. Johannessen & Anna Amaile Jerstad; w/o Per Aanonsen)

Abate, Dominick "Blackie," 09 Oct 1913-30 Oct 2000
(s/o Annello Abate & Anna Mascola; h/o Maria T. LNU)

Abate, Joseph, (25 Dec)1908-(09 May)1988
(U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II)
(s/o Girolamo Abate & Marianina Oreoll; h/o Maria Capaccio)

Abate, Maria T., 13 Mar 1920-(26 Aug) 2010
(w/o Dominick Abate)

(Abbott, David Michael, 02 Aug 1975-22 Sep 1995)
(s/o Robert Milton Abbott & Fancisca Ann Piquita Hugas)

Abbott, F. (Fancisca), 28 Jul 1949-
(d/o Jack V. Hugas & Shirley Holbrook; w/o Robert M. Abbott)

Abbott, Robert M. (Milton), 07 Jan 1946-(27 Jan 2016)
CTRC, U.S. Navy, Vietnam,
(s/o Jack David Abbott & Susana Chong; h/o Francisca Ann Paquita Hugas)

(Abrahams, Charles A., 14 May 1937-07 Mar 2014)
(s/o Louis Abrahams & Elizabeth Dinda; h/o Laura A.Price)

(Abrahams, Laura A., 15 Jun 1929-28 Jul 2023)
(d/o Earl Lee Price & Rosalie Jordan; w/o Charles A. Abrahams)

Abrams, Eli, (27 May)1925-(08 Sep 2014)
(s/o Samuel Abramowitz & Rose Denberg; h/o Sydelle Siegel)

Abrams, Sydelle, (09 Mar)1928-(04 Aug)2000
(d/o Samuel Siegel & Francis Hubschman; w/o Eli Abrams)

Accardi, Jean, 20 Aug 1920-10 May 1999
(d/o Ignacio Paci & Frances Bullard)

(Acevedo, Carol May, 19 Feb 1939-22 Feb 2017)
(d/o James Mase & Jessie Jacoby; w/o William Acevedo)

(Adams, Chester W., 1934-2017)

Adams, Harold C. (Cordell), (11 Apr 1913)1914-(11 Sep)2000
(s/o William Wesley Adams & Sarah Moore; h/o Mildred Bazemore)

Adams, Mildred B., (17 May) 1919-(17 Jun 2016)
(d/o Ezekiel E. Bazemore & Lauraette Loftin; w/o Harold Cordell Adams)

(Adams, Paige, 04 Sep 1972-01 Feb 2016)
(on same marker as James and Carol Kaminer)

Afonso, Adelaide J., 21 Jul 1922-22 Sep 1987
(w/o Manuel L. Afonso)

Afonso, Deolinda L., 20 Jul 1899-09 Nov 1986
(d/o Manuel L. Lopes & Adelaide LNU; w/o John M. Afonso)

Afonso, Manuel M. (Maria), 20 Aug 1919-13 Jul 2002
(s/o John M. Afonso & Deolinda Lopes)

(Agard, Dudley DeCosta, 30 Jul 1925-10 Dec 2011)
(s/o Aston Agard & Doris Aitcheson)

Agranovich, Anna M., 18 Sep 1924-18 Sep 1998
(w/o Naftoly A. Agranvich)

Agranovich, Naftoliy A., 24 Aug 1924-29 Nov 1997
(s/o Avram Pesach Agranovich & Sara Riva Vulfovna Poluchaevska; h/o Anna M. Riva Aronova)

Aguiar, Amelia, 15 Jan 1916-01 Sep 1986

Aguilar,Tomy C., 07 Mar 1904-28 Dec 1966

Ahearn, Leo “Lee” William, 03 Jul 1928-27 Jan 2003
(s/o Charles Edward Ahearn & Margaret Ann Devine; h/o Marilyn Julia Brazill)

Ahearn, Mabel, 01 Jan 1909-04 Aug 2000

Ahearn, Marilyn Julia, 16 Mar 1930-11 Sep 1993
married 12 May 1951
(d/o James Burton Brazill & Julia F. Backus; w/o Leo “Lee” William Ahearn)

Alcazar, Ana L. (Luisa), 28 Jul 1934-14 Mar 2006
(d/o Enrique Colon-Maldonado & Flora Rodriguez-Velazquez)

(Alex, Edna I. (Iris), 09 Sep 1944-08 Feb 2017)
(d/o Emilio Rafael Rivera-Berrios & Gloria Mercedes Ortiz-Nunez; w/o Robert Alex)

(Alex, Robert, 13 Jan 1937-03 Apr 2023)
(h/o Edna Iris Rivera-Berrios)

Alexander-Brieda, Barbara Sue Godkin, 22 Jan 1945-25 Nov 2003
(w/o FNU Brown, Sidney Charles Bubes & Frank R. Alexander-Brieda)

Alexander-Brieda, Frank R. (Rafael), 07 Sep 1926-25 Mar 2010
(s/o Reuven Josef Bieda & Helen LNU; h/o Barbara Sue Godkin)

Alexis (No other name) -1998

Alexis, Francklette, (04 Sep 1965)-(07 May)2010
(d/o Agnus Alexis & Marcelle Nazaire)

Alexis, Gabrielle Marie, (11 Dec)1956-(20 Sep)2011
(nee: Gelin; w/o Ricot Alexis)

(Alexon, James, 10 Aug 1922-04 Apr 2014)
(U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II)
(s/o Vaios Alexon & Evangeline Diamond; h/o Alice Ohler, Mary Canakaris & Gretrude Sands)

Alexon, Mary, 19 Jun 1928-03 Dec 1989
(d/o Michael John Canakaris & Giasimo Mouzaris; w/o James Alexon)

Alford, Carrie (Mae) King, (31 May)1909-(13 Oct)1995
(d/o John Christopher Mercer & Nancy Celeta (Jennie) Deen)
( w/o Thomas Larimore King & Orlando Francis Alford)

Alford, Dora E. (Eula), 18 Oct 1906-16 Aug 1951
(d/o Walter Lon Rogers & Lillie Bell; w/o Orlando Francis Alford)

Alford, Orlando F. (Frances), 04 May 1889-15 Apr 1974
(Veteran of WW I)
(s/o Jeremiah C. Alford & Jessie Beatrice Yokley; h/o Dora Eula Rogers &
Carrie Mae Mercer King)

(Algarin, Carmen, 25 May 1953-08 Dec 2018)

(Alicea, Margarita "Maggie," 16 May 1966-17 Jun 2009)

Alkoff, Louis, (25 Sep)1912-(22 Aug)1994
(Captain, USA, WW II)
(s/o Samuel Alkoff & Anny Peskin; h/o Rachel "Rae" Lerman & Elizabeth Theodora Zabel)

Alkoff, Rachel Lerman, (09 Dec)1913-(25 Jun)1988
(d/o Hyman Lerman & Ida Pekin; w/o Louis Alkoff)

Allan, Elizabeth, (24 Sep)1902-(10 Mar)2001
(d/o Samuel David Hurlburt & Mary Jane Stamp; w/o Frank Allan)

Allan, Frank, (03 Feb)1900-(14 Feb)1972
(WW I Veteran)
(s/o Richard Gill Allan & Ellen Chandler; h/o Elizabeth Hurlburt)

Allard, Gerard (Joseph) D. (Donat), 13 Feb 1921-07 Jun 2006
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o Joseph Paul Ephrem Allard & Emmie Mary Ladoucer; h/o Jacqueline Margaret Boyer)

Allard, Jacqueline M. (Margaret), 15 Feb1925-30 Jan 2005
(d/o Noe Boyer & Laura Leutia; w/o Gerard Joseph Donat Allard)

Alleman, Bevelry, (10 Nov)1935-(no date)
(d/o Lawrence Schmidtendorff & Edith Kenndy; w/o Raymond Henry Alleman)

Alleman, Raymond H. (Henry), (18 Sep)1934-(29 Jan)2007
(s/o William A. Alleman & Anna L. White; h/o Beverly I. Schmidtendorff)

(Allen, Connor Robert, 13 Apr 2010-02 Jan 2019)
(s/o Robert Allen & Kelly Moore)

Allen, Elsbeth, (03 Jul)1929-(08 Nov)2002
(Nee: Durenberg; w/o Harold Allen)

Allen, Eva (Evamae Violet) D., (12 Feb)1900-(05 Jun)1975
(d/o George Washington Durrance & Dora Elizabeth Helms; w/o Joseph Lindsey Allen)

Allen, Fred B., 1867-(11 Jun)1932
(Canadian Mounted Police)

Allen, Harold (Clyde), (19 May)1929-(02 Dec)2007
(s/o George Albert Allen & Marion Lily St. Claire; h/o Elsbeth Durenberg)

(Allen, Hillary, 07 Jan 1946-no date)
(Nee: Moses,w/o Silvanous Allen)

Allen, Joseph L. (Lindsey), (12 Mar 1897)1898-(12 Feb)1944
(s/o Joseph Allen & Elizabeth Williams; h/o Evamae Violet Durrance)

Allen, Jr., Joseph L (Lindsey), (21 Apr)1923-(13 Jul)1981
(s/o Joseph Lin dsey Allen & Evamae Violet Durrance; h/o Jane Naugle)

Allen, Michael T. (Thomas), (21 Apr)1923-(21 Apr)1923
(s/o Joseph Lindsey Allen and Evamae Violet Durrance)

(Allen, Pearline Gloria, 03 Aug 1937-29 Sep 2021)
(w/o Herbert B. Allen)

Allen, Silvanous (A.), (09 Sep)1940-(24 Nov)2004
(h/o Hillary Moses)

Allen-Jack, Joann (Vivian) Summers, 23 Dec 1932-23 Jun 2006
(d/o Mack G. Summers & Lily M. Felder)

(Alleva, Dorothy I., 25 Aug 1929-26 Nov 2015)
(d/o Sylvester G. Alpi & Antoinette Panesse; w/o Michele Anthony Alleva)

(Alleva, Michele A., 07 Jul 1922-12 May 2007)
(s/o Dominic Alleva & Theresa LNU; h/o Dorothy I. Alpi)

Almedia, Jose M. (Moita),25 Mar 1945-18 Nov 2004
(s/o Domingos Almeida; h/o Maria LNU)

(Alonzo, Maria Argelia, 1928-2014)

Alspach, Charles I. (Irwin)(Jr.), 16 Aug 1916-29 Jul 1999
(s/o Charles Irwin Alspach & Cora May Longacre; h/o Dorothy Alice Fair)

Alspach, Dorothy A., 14 Feb 1922-07 Jul 1983
(d/o Gordon E. Fair & Mary A. Grosby; w/o Charles Irwin Alspach)

Alvarez, Diana, (22 Jan)1955-(21 Jun)2004

(Amato, Angelina L., 24 Mar 1930-08 Dec 2019)
(d/o Vito Amorose & Margaret Catrone; w/o Joseph Anthony Amato)

Amato, Joseph A. (Anthony), 05 Apr 1927-23 Apr 2003
SN, U.S. Navy, World War II, Korea
(s/o Calogero Amato & Margherita Savoia; h/o Angelina L. Amorose)

(Ambrose, James Levi, Jul 1868-21 Aug 1930)
(s/o Joseph E. Ambrose & Catherine Miller; h/o Lucy D. Pigg)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

(Ambrose, James Lewis, 19 Jun 1911-27 Aug 1929)
(s/o James Levi Ambrose & Lucy D. Pigg)

Ambrose, Leanne R. (Rose), 23 Apr 1940-14 Jun 2011
(d/o Charles Norford & Clara Robinson; w/o Ronald Rudolph Ambrose)

(Ambrose, Lucy D., Jul 1873-24 Sep1946)
(d/o Hiram J. Pigg & Mary J. Coleman; w/o James Levi Ambrose, also said to be buried here)
(Norma Durrance Turner said they are all three buried at the foot of the Eisenbach plot)

Ambrose, Ronald R. (Rudolph) Ambrose, 16 Mar 1939-no date
(s/o Oscar Rudolph Ambrose & Thelma D. Lindsay; h/o Leanne Rose Norford)

Ambrose, Thelma D., 05 Mar 1918-10 May 2012
(d/o Emmanuel Lindsay & Anna Bryant; w/o Oscar Rudolph Ambrose)

(Amole, Earle Byron, II, 26 Aug 1922-07 Jun 1997)
(s/o Earle Byron Amole & Alice Weeks; h/o Ida Julia Cochran)

(Amole, Ida Julia, 20 Jul 1922-07 Mar 2000)
(d/o John D. Cochran & Julia Kergh; w/o Earl Byron Amole)

Ampolini, Bert Matthew, (23 Jan)1959-(21 Aug)1994

Anderson, Agnes, 30 Oct 1897-09 Feb 1986

Anderson, Anita E., 1945-no date
(w/o Robert Andrew Anderson)

Anderson, Jr., Everett Warren (Andy/Butch), 19 Jun 1946-10 Aug 1995
(s/o Everett Warren Anderson & Lee LNU; h/o Lesley Ann Moore)

Anderson, Joseph L. (Lowell), 15 Sep 1937-15 Nov 2007
(s/o Joseph Jonathan Anderson & EmilyGranby; h/o Glenda D. Wilson)

(Anderson, Lauren, 19 Oct 1967-29 Jan 2015)
(d/o Lewis Calobrisi & Gloria LNU: w/o Craig Anderson)

Anderson, Lisa Louise, 26 Oct 1959-02 Mar 1964
(d/o Albert L. Anderson & Phoebe M. Thompson)

(Anderson, Mary Rachel, 1962-24 Oct 1962)
(infant d/o Robert W. Anderson & Monteze M. Snyder; could not locate grave)

Anderson, Monteze M., 19 Oct 1934-(no date)
(d/o Willis Snyder; w/o Rev Robert Wight Anderson)

Anderson, Phoebe M., 25 Nov 1933-02 Mar 1964
(d/o Marshall JohnsonThompson & Elise Mae Cameron; w/o Fred Edward Pippin & Albert L. (Buddy) Anderson)

Anderson, Robert A. (Andrew), (17 Feb)1943-(21 Aug)2008
(s/o Andrew H. Anderson & Theresa Harris; h/o Anita E. LNU)

Anderson, Robert T. (Thomas), 12 Aug 1911-29 Aug 2005
(s/o Thomas Patrick Anderson & Belle Dora Haulbrook; h/o Sue Hodge)

Anderson, Robert W. (Wight)(Rev), 18 Jun 1920-08 Jan 1991
(s/o John J.. Anderson & Margaret L.Kindness; h/o Monteze M. Snyder)

Anderson, Tracy Lynn, 14 Jun 1963-02 Mar 1964
(d/o Albert L. Anderson & Phoebe M. Thompson)

Anderson-Scacchetti, Ann, 1935-2004
My Beloved Wife, Don

(Andrews, Rudy M., 09 Dec 1948-30 Sep 2015)
(s/o Rudy Popner & Barbara Thomas; h/o Cheryl LNU)

(Angell, Hyacinth May "Cynthia", 11 Aug 1931-13 Mar 2020)
(d/o Thomas Carr & Inah Ogilvie; w/o Keith Angell)

Angelo, Marie D., 28 Jul 1934-14 Jun 1991

Angelucci, Louis A., 30 Sep 1928-24 Sep 2011
(US Navy - WWII)
(h/o Marie Ann Hirschman)

Angelucci, Marie Ann, 09 Feb 1922-17 Jun 2001
(d/o Frank Hirschman & Madeline Kapla; w/o Louis A. Angelicci)

Annese, Joyce D., 01 Feb 1938-(03 Sep 2019)
(h/o Patrick Charles Annese)

Annese, Patrick C. (Charles), 02 Jan 1925-10 Apr 2013
(US Navy WW II)
(s/o Frank Annese & Christine Uva; h/o Joyce D. LNU)

Anthes, Evelyn D. (Dolores), (23 Mar)1911-(18 Mar)2004
(d/o David Anderson & Alice Jenkins; w/o William Seward Anthes)

Anthes, William S. (Seward)(Jr), (06 Feb)1911-(25 Jul)1989
(s/o William Seward Anthes & Lena Klausmann; h/o Evelyn Dolores Anderson)

Antignano, Vincent (Earnest), (25 May)1927-(05 Apr)1999
(WW II Veteran)
(s/o Louis Antionano & Anglina Lindino)

Anzalon, Anthony, 09 Mar 1939-04 Oct 2002
US Army (Vietnam)
(s/o Louis Anzalon & Rose Chelleni; h/o Lidna Hutzler)

Appio, Andrew (Anthony), (15 Apr)1942-(18 Nov)2008
(s/o Dominick Appio & Louise Ditaranto; h/o Carolyn Ann D'Oca)

Appio, Carloyn (Ann), (24 Dec)1942-(no date)
(d/o FNU D'Oca & Mary Anton; w/o Andrew Anthony Appio)

Aquino, Carmine L. (Louis), (27 Nov)1913-(30 Oct)1989
(U.S. Army, World War II)
(h/o Margaret Cecelia McCarthy)

Aquino, Margaret C. (Cecelia), (16 Jul)1916-(25 May 2007)
(d/o John H. McCarthy & Rosalie C. Nuttall; w/o Carmine Louis Aquino)

Aragona, Dominick, 29 Mar 1909-17 Feb 1995
(s/o John Aragona & Josephine LNU; h/o Elsie Anello)

Aragona, Elise (Maria), 08 Feb 1916-(23 Aug 2008)
(d/o Umberto Anello & Amalia LNU; w/o Dominick Aragona)

(Arbit, Raisa (M.), (29 Mar)1948-(03 Apr)2014

Arbona, Jr., John, (27 Nov)1931-(23 Aug)2000
(s/o John Arbona & Carmen Pons; h/o Carol Stockmal)

(Arcelay, Nery, 16 Sep 1937-10 Aug 2022)

Areza, Erlinda (T.), 1932-(no date)
(Nee: Estrella; w/o Dr. Pablo R. Areza)

Areza, Grace, 1969-(no date)
(d/o Pablo R. Areza & Erlinda T. Estrella)

(Areza, Dr. Pablo R., 26 Jan 1929-01 Jun 2017)
(s/o Gonzalo Areza & Joaquina LNU; h/o Erlinda T. Estrella)

Arkin, Lottie, (09 Oct)1920-(22 Nov)2000
(d/o Herman Werbitzsky & Ethel P. Rashba; w/o Hyman P. Arkin)

(Armaly, Michael T., (25 Oct)1947-(21 Feb)2014)
(s/o Thomas Gabriel Armaly & Winifred Roberts; h/o Suzanne Mankin Hileman)

Armaly, Suzanne H., (01 Sep)1949-(06 Mar)1997
(d/o Elmer Richards Hileman & Jane Mankin Hutchison; w/o Michael T. Armaly)

Arnold, Carol S. (Sandra), 21 Apr 1939-17 Jun 2003
(d/o John Kmita & Irene J. Goszka; w/o Robert A. Arnold)

(Arnold, Randall R. (Robert), 30 Apr 1964-19 Aug 2017)

Arnold, Robert A., 07 Aug 1938-(12 Nov 2022)
(s/o Johin H.Arnold & Claire Hofmann; h/o Carole Sandra Kmita)

Arroyo, Obdulia, 05 Jun 1910-09 Oct 1993
(Nee: Barbosa; w/o Luis Arroyo)

Arruda, Duart, (13 Apr)1925-(06 Dec 2010)
(s/o John Arruda & Maria du Angels; h/o Hortense Farias)

Arruda, Hortense, (19 Mar)1930-(13 Oct)2004
(d/o Antonio Farias & Guilherm Dejesus; w/o Duart Arruda)

Ashley, Dora (Sarah Lavinia) D., (09 Apr)1888-(05 Mar)1971
(d/o George Washington Durrance and Dora Elizabeth Helms; w/o William Ashley)

Ashley, Wilhelmina, 31 May 1901-24 Jul 2009
(w/o Wilberforce Ashley)

Asprey, Dorothy, (05 Sep)1937-(27 Nov)2019
(d/o Cyril Lloyd & Florence LNU: w/o Lawson Malcom Asprey)

Asprey, Lawson M. (Malcom), (19 Oct)1932-(11 Apr)2008
(h/o Dorothy Lloyd)

(Assena, Donzilia, [03 Mar]1943-2014)

Atkinson, Sonia (Patricia), (05 Oct)1964-(28 Jun)2013
(d/o Otto Hinkson & Coral LNU: w/ of Michael Atkinson)

(Auguste, Emmanuel F., 18 Jun 1933-28 Jun 2022)
(s/o Chrysostome Auguste & Berenice Leonard; h/o Marie Dragon)

(Auguste, Marie L., 21 May 1935-21 Sep 2017)
(d/o Ferdinano Dragon & Delcina LNU; w/o Emmanuel F. Auguste)

Aumick, Jean (Emily), (03 Nov)1931-(no date)
(d/o Nathanial Burton; w/o Lloyd Bernard Aumick)

Aumick, Lloyd (Bernard), (18 Apr)1921-(02 Nov)2005
(s/o Ralph E. Aumick & Stella M. Bush; h/o Jean Emily Burton)

Aumick, Richard (Eugene), (30 Apr)1964-(11 Apr)2007
(s/o Lloyd Bernard Aumick & Jean Emily Burton; h/o Monika A. Nicholas)
(on same marker as Sharon Raffo, his sister)

Aurello, Vincent J. (Joseph), 26 Nov 1922-04 Jul 2005
U. S. Army (WW II)
(s/o Achille Aurello & Francesca Amodio; h/o Beatrice C. Di Domenico)

Aurora, George J., 22 Oct 1926-04 Nov 2012
(s/o Joseph Aurora & Nancy Condello; h/o Sue J. Ferrera)

Aurora, Nancy C., 09 May 1908-21 May 1995
(Nee: Condello)

Aurora, Sue J., 30 Oct 1928-(24 Oct 2022)
(d/o Frank Ferrera & Angelina LNU; w/o George J. Aurora)

Austin, Lloyd G. (Gene), 27 Jul 1950-03 Mar 2008
(U. S. Navy Seabees)
(s/o Miles Morris Austin & Audrey Elizabeth Miller; h/o Vivian Juanita Miller)

(Austin, Tina D. (Delores), 28 Mar 1960-26 Sep 2016)
(d/o Ernest Molineiro & Audrey Wilson; w/o William Donald Austin)

Avagliano, Dorothy M., 08 Aug 1921-11 Jul 2009
(d/o Henry Martens & Florence Zanelli; w/o Matthew S. Avagliano)

Avagliano, Matthew S. (Saverio), 14 Sep 1916-31 Jan 2003
(s/o Frank Saverio Avagliano & Felice Antonia Giusto;h/o Dorothy Adelaide Martens)

Averill, Robert C. (Clark),, (26 Nov)1921-(14 Apr 2001)
(Royal Canadian Air Force, WW II - U.S. Air Force, Korea)
(s/o James Otis Averill & Hulda Ericka Danielson; h/o Joyce Isabel Larcombe & Norma D. LNU)

(Avilez, Everett J., 14 Apr 1952-02 Sep 2021)

(Ayala, Feliciano Lucela, 11 Nov 1930-06 Aug 2009)
PFC US Army Korea
(h/o Gloria N. LNU)

(Ayala, Gloria N., 18 Aug 1934-no date)
(w/o Feliciano Lucela Ayala)

Ayala, Ricardo, 10 Sep 1924-12 Jul 1999

(Azallion, Tiffany Lynn, 05 Mar 1984-08 May 2013)
(d/o Donald M. Azallion, Jr. & Cathy Mayfield)

Babbitt, James Arthur, (03 Aug)1899-(24 Apr)1987
(s/o William A. Babbitt & Elva Viola Poore;; h/o Luna Moody)

Babbitt, Luna, (25 Feb)1907-(25 Sep)1962
(d/o George Moody & Bettie Miles; w/o James Arthur Babbitt)

(Baffa, Jo Ann, 21 Dec 1944-20 Oct 2018)
(d/o John Baffa & Josephine LNU)

Baiata, Ben (Joseph), (02 Aug)1925-(23 May)2004
(s/o Mariaho Baiata & Battatomea V. Calarco; h/o Rita Jaconetta)

(Baiata, Marion Rich (Richard), 23 Mar 1948-05 Apr 2006)
(U.S. Army - Vietnam)
(h/o Marylou Sicignano)

(Baiata, Marylou, 1951-25 Jul 2014)
(Nee: Sicignano; w/o Marion Rich Baiata)

Baiata, Patrick J., 08 Oct 1950-18 Sep 1987
(s/o Ben Joseph Baiata & Rita Jaconetta; h/o Karen Ann Zilinskas)

Baiata, Rita, 29 Dec 1926-13 Nov 2011
(Nee: Jaconetta; w/o Ben Joseph Baiata)

Bailey, Flona V. (Virtuemaude), (13 Sep)1919-(10 Dec)2003
(d/o Cyral Sinclair & Almina Downs; w/o Sanford Leonard Bailey)

(Bailey, Gloria Cora, 26 Jan 1926-03 Mar 2017)
(d/o Francis Anthony Uliano & Leah Delmont; w/o Walter E. Bailey)

Bailey, Jr., Reginald J. (John), 03 Apr 1974-02 May 2007
(s/o Reginald John Bailey & Jacquelin LNU)

Bailey, (Rev) Sanford L. (Leonard), (03 Apr)1922-(23 Oct)1997
(s/o Charles Bailey & Christina Robinson; h/o Flona Virtuemaude Sinclair)

(Bailey, Walter E.(Eliot), 10 Oct 1925-02 Sep 2013)
(US Army - WW II)
(s/o Joseph Bailey & Isabel Wright; h/o Gloria Cora Uliano)

Baines, Ivy M. (Mercedes), (18 Mar)1928-(15 Dec)1998
(d/o Lyceps Aird & Blanche U. Cousins)

Baker, Dolores (W.), (09 May)1932-(08 Jan)2012
(d/o Althear Wilson Rhodes & Julia Robinson; w/o George Baker)

(Baker, Dora Pansy, 24 Dec 1905-11 Apr 1987)
(d/o James Daniel Rushing & Anna Eula Durrance; w/o Fllyd Harold Burmeister, Lewis Calvin Park, William Dewey Jones & Charles Henry Baker)
(said to be buried here; compiler could not locate)

Baker, George (A.), (30 Dec)1929-(04 Mar 2014)
(s/o Samuel J. Baker & Margaret Derling; h/o Dolores Rhodes)

Baker, Robert Wright, 12 Jun 1931-10 Jul 1997
(s/o Alfred A. Baker & Mary A. Lynch; h/o Paula Slavin)

(Balducci, Raymond, 15 Oct 1925-19 May 2014)
(s/o Vincenzo Balducci & Norina Gili; h/o Louise LNU)

(Ball, Jr., Arthur Thomas, 26 Sep 1911-26 Apr 2005)

Ballance, Landyn James, (22 Nov)2011-(28 Feb)2012
(s/o Nathan Ballance & Taylor Fox)

(Bambrick, Edward, 1938-(30 Apr)2008)
(s/o Edward Bambrick & Gladys Penny; h/o Tanya Christine LNU)

(Bambrick, Tanya Christine, (06 Apr)1935-(29 Mar)2019)
(w/o Edward Bambrick)

Banach, Chester L., (15 Oct)1925-(19 May)2012
(s/o Edward Banach & Jenny Maguda; h/o Rose Marie LNU & Catherine LNU)

Banach, Rose M. (Marie), (30 Oct)1927-(08 Nov)1998
(w/o Chester L. Banach)

(Barach, Florence C., 1912-2015)
(d/o Louis Chaikin & Pear Okum; w/o Harry Barach)

Barach, Harry, (20 Apr)1907-(25 Sep)1980
(s/o Solomon Barach & Bertha Zadman; h/o Florence Chaikin)

Barach, Shirley, 20 Nov 1908-13 Feb 1984
TSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(d/o Solomon Barach & Bertha Zadman; sister of Harry Barach)

Barbato, Iris, (01 Jan)1923-(06 Nov)2009
(w/o Libero Barbato)

Barbato, Libero, (17 Jul)1910-(09 Oct)1997
(h/o Iris LNU)

Barbee, Christina, (no date)-30 Aug 2000
(d/o David Barbee & Linda LNU)

Barber, Donna L., 06 Sep 1949-23 Apr 1997

Barber, Ernest A., 13 Jul 1932-

(Barber, Shirley J., 26 Feb 1933-02 May 2016)
(d/o Lester E. Bossardet & Wilma M. Belcher; w/o Herbert H. Barber)

Barbosa, Isaac, 06 May 1925-10 Feb 2009
(h/o Maria LNU)

Barbosa, Maria, 04 Mar 1929-
(w/o Isaac Barbosa)

Barclay, Delphina A., (09 Sep)1925-(12 Sep)2001

(Bardaji, Gustavo C., 01 May 1928-18 Mar 2014)

(Bardaji, Inocenta Gloria, 28 Dec 1924-05 Nov 1997)

Barditzky, Caroline R., (16 Apr)1905-(13 Apr)1983
(d/o Harry R Rogers & Cora Reeves; w/o Henry Bernard Barditzky)

Barditzky, Henry B. (Bernard), (4 Sep)1895-(4 Sep)1984
(s/o Hermon Barditzky & Hellen; h/o Caroline Rogers)

(Bardouille, Isla M., 02 May 1924-01 Nov 2013)

(Bare, Annie Elosis "Lois," 23 Mar 1911-25 Aug 2008)
(Nee: Hart; w/o Jesse James Hancock & FNU Bare)

(Barilka, James Michael "Jim", 19 May 1959-18 Jun 2020)
(s/o Michael Louis Barilka)

Barker, Beulah A. (Augusta), 13 Oct 1917-19 Aug 1957
(d/o William H. Porter & Sallie Ester McLeod; w/o John Phillip Barker, Sr.)

Barlow, Frank A. (Arthur), (26 Nov)1938-(14 Jul)2007
(s/o Edward Augustus Brown Barlow & Mildred Horn; h/o Theresa (LNU)

Baron, George, 1923-(2016)
(h.o Vivian Marion LNU)

Baron, Vivian M. (Marion), (11 Aug)1923-(14 May)1982
(w/o George Baron)

Barreiro, Gloria (Matos Ramalho), 22 Dec 1924-15 Mar 2005
(w/o Manuel Barreiro)

Barreiro, Manuel, 18 Aug 1928-(20 Dec 2014)
(s/o Manuel Barreiro & Maguelina Goncalves; h/o Gloria Ramalho)

Barrera, Dr. Eduardo, 21 Oct 1936-10 May 2010
(h/o Cecilia LNU)

Barrera, Ernesto V., (15 Sep)1908-(04 Jul)1984

(Barreto, Aida Valentin, 04 Oct 1933-02 Feb 2019)

Barry, A. Virginia Barry, (31 Jan)1921-(05 Mar)2011
(d/o Jean E. Forsberg & Mary T, LNU and on same marker with Mary T. Forsberg)

Barry, George Henry, (07 Feb)1924-(09 Apr)1994
U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Monroe Barry & MargaretM.Geib; h/o Ruth Lillian Collins)

Barry, Ruth C. (26 Feb 1922-09 Feb 2015)
(d/o Jesse Edward Collins & Grace Katharine McConnell; w/o George Henry Barry)

Bartlett, Ida, 1860-(22 Jul)1942
(d/o Joseph Burris & Comfort Hilton; w/o William Lee Bartlett)

Bartlett, W. (William) L. (Lee), (05 May)1850-(27 Nov)1932
(s/o William Bartlett & Carlinda Mitchell; h/o Janice E. Jones & Ida Burris)
(First County Judge of Flagler CO, FL ,1917-1928)

(Bartley, Clinton O., 31 Jan 1932-12 Nov 2016)
(s/o Enos Bartley & Madeline Rowe; h/o Sandra LNU)

Bartoli, Jean, 19 Jan 1920-
(w/o Victor Bartoli)

Bartoli, Victor (W), 20 Mar 1919-16 Jan 2006
US Army
(h/o Jean LNU)

Bartolotta, Angelo, (11 Aug)1934- (27 Jan)2005
(U.S. Army, Korea)
(h/o Virginia LNU)

Barton, (Langton) Erwin, 25 Nov 1929-25 Mar 2006
(h/o Mazie LNU)

Bases, Frances, (22 Apr)1903-(16 Aug)1997

Bassani, Fernando, 16 Feb 1929-(no date)

(Bassani, Mary, 27 May 1928-07 Feb 2015)
(d/o Anttilio Sementelli & Margerita Celli; w/o Fernando Bassani)

Bassel, Estelle, 26 May 1917-16 Feb 1992

Bassel, Herbert B., 04 Aug 1919-22 May 1990
PFC, U.S.Army, WW II

Bassett, Cynthia White, 16 Jan 1959-(no date)
(w/o Jeffrey Wilkes Bassett)

Bassett, Jeffrey Wilkes, 18 Aug 1958-01 Apr 2010
(s/o Raymond Irving Bassett II & Lucille Rachel Wilkes; h/o Cynthia White)

Bates, Kenneth W., 29 Nov 1937-23 Mar 2009
US Army
(s/o Glenn M. Bates & Bina Poorbaug)

Batumskiy, Mikhail, 12 Dec 1946-11 Oct 2010

Bauler, Francis M. (Martin), (15 Dec)1921-(28 Apr)2000
(s/o Peter F. Bauler & Alvina Maria Magdalena Rosebrock; h/o Mardell Suzanna Green)

Bauler, Mardell S. (Suzanna), (13 May)1928-(07 Jan)2002
(d/o John Green & Ida B. Smith; w/o Francis Martin Bauler)

Baumgartner, Andree G., (10 May)1922-(13 Oct)2008
(w/o Joseph Michael Baumgartner)

Baumgartner, Joseph M. (Michael), (27 May)1919-(15 Nov)1993
(s/o Joseph Baumgartner & Helen Timko; h/o Andree G. LNU)

(Baylor, Doris Lucille, 02 Jun 1941-15 Dec 2013)
(d/o Nathan Omega Durrance & Lucille B. Davison; w/o Guy Almeron Baylor)

(Baylor, Guy Almeron, 24 Oct 1936-02 Mar 2016)
(s/o John Jefferson Baylor & Florence Lavada Roberts; h/o Doris Lucille Durrance)

Beard, Jeanne M., 03 Sep 1922-01 Oct 2009
(w/o Russell Ellsworth Beard)

Beard, Joan Ann, (25 Oct)1942-(24 Aug)1994
(d/o Thomas E. Grace & Magaret H. Sinclair; w/o Willi R. Beard)

Beard, Russell E. (Ellsworth), 12 Oct 1914-01 May 1988
(s/o James E. Beard &Mary E. Brubraker; h/o Jeanne M. LNU)

Beary, James (P.), (26 Dec)1934-(28 May)2004
(s/o Cornelius Berry & Elizabeth White; h/o Kathleen LNU)

Beauchamp, Thomas Evan, 30 Oct 1934-25 Sep 2009
Col US Army Vietnam
Purple Heart
(s/o Irving Alonza Beauchamp & Sara Thomas; h/o Bobbe Jean LNU)

(Bechtel, Howard D., 13 Oct 1928-03 Jun 2015)
(s/o Leslie P. Bechtel & Elizabeth Tull; h/o Mary LNU)

(Bechtel, Mary 03 Jun 1926-26 Dec 2004)
(w/o Howard D. Bechtel)

(Beck, Robert J. (John), 05 Feb 1943-25 Jun 2018)
(s/o John Adam Beck & Loretta June Weide; h/o Mary Louise Fisher)

(Becker, Elfriede, 02 Sep 1909-04 Mar 1991)

Beckford, Sr., Karl Anthony, (02 Jun)1952-(02 Jun)2006
(h/o Faye Smith)

(Beckwith, Jr., Charles C. (Clarence), 20 Mar 1928-10 Jun 2016)
U.S. Army Air Corp. WW II
(s/o Charles Clarence Beckwith & Ruth Edith Johnson; h/o Lois Shoemaker Kirkwood)

(Beebe, Earl Asahel, 28 Apr 1909-29 Jun 1993)
(s/o Byron Henry Beebe & Ruby S. Fish; h/o Elizabeth Simpson McBurnie)

(Beebe, Elizabeth S. (Simpson), 06 Apr 1914-11 Feb 1987)
(d/o Robert McBurnie & Elizabeth Gunn; w/o Earl Asahel Beebe)

Behan, Evelyn M., (11 Sep)1910-(26 Mar)1992

Beja, Julieta, 27 Oct 1923-19 Jul 2005
(d/o Anthony Cunha & Sara Lopes; w/o Ramior Jesus Beja)

Beja, Ramiro (Jesus), 28 Feb 1923-04 Oct 2012
(h/o Julieta Cunha)

Bekkerman, Mariya Y. (Yefimovna), (27 Feb)1936-(08 Dec)2000
(d/o Yefim Raxinskiy & Yevgeniya Dubrovskaya)

Belanger, Ethel R., (12 Jan)1932-(04 Jun)2012
(w/o Radcliffe James Belanger)

Belanger, Radcliffe J. (James), (04 Jan)1932-(07 Dec)2000
(s/o Herdler Belanger & Santiaga Watson; h/o Ethel R. Soures)

Belfon, Anthony A. (Anderson), 14 Apr 1934-11 Feb 2002
(s/o George Belfon & Agatha Joseph; h/o Sidney Margaret LNU)

Bell, Fred (Frederick), (14 Sep)1941-2013
(s/o Paul Stanley Bell & Gwyneth E. Morris

Bell, Laura H., 1926-(no date)

Bell, Myron H., 1923-(no date)

Belle, Andre M. (Maurice), (23 Jan)1965-(27 Feb)1995

Bellefontaine, Alvin L., (01 Mar)1927-(23 Jan)2011
(s/o Theodore J. Bellefontaine & Jean Vaughan; h/o Marie Reine LeBlanc)

Bellefontaine, Jeanne A., (31 May)1914-(11 Sep)2009
(d/o Cyprion Lavoie & Delma Beaudet; w/o Roy J. Bellefontaine)

Bellefontaine, Marie-Reine, 1930-(no date)
(w/o Alvin L, Bellefontaine)

Bellefontaine, Roy J. (Joseph), (02 Mar)1922-(26 Mar)2011
(s/o Theodore J. Bellefontaine & Jean Vaughan; h/o Jeanne A. Lavoie)

Bellitto, Vincenzia, (15 Oct)1914-(02 Sep 2004)

(Bellos, Merritt T. (Thurlow), 13 Jan 1914-10 Jul 2005)
(s/o Gilbert F. Bellows & Mary Ada Keagy; h/o Pearl Morris)

(Bellos, Pear, 16 Sep 1915-05 Jun 2006)
(d/o Charles S. Morris & Sarah E. Penticoff; w/o Merritt Thurlow Bello)

Belmont, Barbara, 01 Apr 1896-24 Feb 1993
(d/o Peter Mayer & Barbara Lauth; w/o Benjamin Belmont)

(Belony, Andre Jean, 25 Aug 1942-10 Jun 2016)
(h/o Manite Audan)

(Belony, Manite Audan, 05 Aug 1948-04 Aug 2018)
(Nee: Audan; w/o Andre Jean Belony)

Bels, Blanche (Blanca) D. (Dorothy), 27 Oct 1912-17 Jun 2003
(d/o George Henry Bartle & Luisa Champin Lopez; w/o Basil A. Bels)

Benedetto, Molly, 25 Oct 1916-13 Nov 2011
(d/o Dominick Benedetto & Mary Lucia; sister of Pauline Benedetto)

Benedetto, Pauline (Mary), 03 Oct 1915-04 Jul 2007
(d/o Dominick Benedetto & Mary Lucia; sister of Molly Benedetto)

Benedict, Shirley J., 11 Mar 1932-17 May 2009
(d/0 Christian Swartz & Helen Northern; w/o Dr. J.Keith Benedict, DVM)

Benenati, Sr., Nicholas (George), 14 Jul 1927-10 Sep 2002
PFC, U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o Japer Benenati & Silva Destetano; h/o Cynthia LNU)

Benes, Florence May, 24 May 1907-27 Jan 1988
(d/o Russel Randall & Emma Brooks; w/o Joseph Benes)

Benes, Joseph Stephen, 20 Feb 1903-02 Mar 1990
(s/o Joseph Hugo Benes & Christine Hoffman; h/o Catherine Dorothy Oppermann)

Benes, Robert John, 27 Jan 1916-04 Nov 2007
(s/o Frank Benes & Marie Ann Cerny; h/o Sherry Rae Hill)

Benes, Sherry Hill, 17 Jan 1919-07 Apr 1997
(d/o Harry Hill & Blanche Simon; w/o Robert John Benes)

(Benjamin, J.D., Loretta L., 05 Apr 1950-07 Nov 2013)

Bennett, C. (Charles) Michael, 30 Dec 1928-28 Mar 2004
(U.S. Army, Korea)
(s/o Roy P. Bennett & Katie E. Swartz; h/o Jane Edna Kohler & Hong Cao)

Bennett, Jane K., 22 Jan 1928-19 Nov 1998
(d/o Joseph F.Kohler & Sallie Berky; w/o Charles Michael Bennett)

Benson, Jr., G (George) Royal, (12 Apr)1891-(14 Jun)1947
(s/o George Royal Benson & Bertha Almeda Elliott; h/o Bess Hill)

Benson, Hazen M. (Miller), 25 May 1896-03 Apr 1954
(s/o George Royal Benson & Bertha Almeda Elliott; h/o Hazel BaileyWhitesides)

Bentley, Sr., Douglas L. (Leo), 29 Mar 1928-17 Nov 2011
SSgt US Air Force
(s/o Leo Frances Bentley & Lottie May Tingley; h/o Mary Kosik)

Bentley, Mary, 06 Oct 1926-21 Oct 2011
(d/o William Kosik & Eva Priplet; w/o Douglas Leo Bentley, Sr.)

(Bentzley, Joseph Patrick, 20 May 1943-06 Oct 2021)

Benyon, Carl W., 1932-(no date)
(h/o Elizabeth LNU)

Benyon, Elizabeth "Betty," 1932-(no date)
(w/o Carl W. Benyon)

Berenblit, Berta, 20 Jun 1917-25 Jun 2012

(Bergamo, Donna. 1939-no date)
(w/o Samuel Bergamo)

(Bergamo, Samuel, (05 Mar)1925-2016)
(s/o Leonardo Bergama & Rose Grippi; h/o Donna LNU)

Bermann, Elfriede, 1929-2003
(on same marker as Alfred P. Kurz, Jr.)

(Bernhard, Isabelle P., (01Sep) 1924-(24 Nov)2001)
(d/o William Nathan Whitney & Elsie A. Wolff; w/o Arnond Joseph Bernhard)

Bernard, Sr., Guillermo ("Bernie"), 25 May 1931-12 Feb 2011
(s/o George Bernard & Lilia Barret; h/o Julia LNU)

Bernard, Julia A., 11 Jul 1934-(no date)
(w/o Guillermo Bernard)

(Bernhard, Arnold J. (Joseph), 17 May 1920-12 Mar 2003)
(s/o Isidore Henry Bernhard & Hazel Lacey; h/o Isabelle Veronica Whitney)
Sgt. US Army WWII
Purple Heart

Bernhard, Isabelle P., (01 Sep)1924-(24 Nov)2001
(d/o Nathan William Francis Whitney & Elsie Wolff; w/o Arnold Bernhard)

Berns, Muriel, 15 Oct 1929-30 Nov 1989
(d/o Harry Kirshner & Alice Ackerman; w/o Murray Berns)

(Berns, Murray, 12 Jun 1925-21 Sep 2019)
(h/o Muriel Kirshner & Joanally Punay Talaman)

(Berrios, Jacqueline M., 01 Sep1931-26 Mar 2019)
(d/o Frank Lyons & Grace Klinsner; w/o Joseph Berrios)

(Berrios, Samantha Lee, 22 Oct 2002-05 Nov 2022)
(d/o Miguel Berrios & Nancy LNU)

Berry, Jonathan Allan, 14 Mar 1989-21 Jun 2004
(s/o Allan Berry & Elisabeth LNU)

Berry, Thomas Edward, 27 Nov 1955-01 Nov 1991
Sp5, U.S. Army, Vietnam

Bevilacqua, Corrado (L.), (30 Jan)1928-(17 Jan)2007
(French Foreign Legion - WW II)
(s/o Ermanno Bevilacqua & Anna Caputo; h/o Genevieve Fanti)

Bevilacqua, Genevieve, (19 Mar)1928-(17 Jan)2007
(d/o Frank Fanti & Stell Pierorazio; w/o Corrado Bevilacqua)

(Bezbatchenko, Svetlana, 03 Nov 1939-11 Apr 2021)

(Biery, Joyce A. (Ann), {23 Nov 1942}1943-2015)

Bindig, Frieda, 13 Mar 1890-5 Jun 1990
(d/o Anton Doebele & Rosa Kessler; w/o Gerhard Bindig)

(Biondella, David, 14 Nov 1933-20 Sep 2016)
(s/o Louis Biondella & Ann Vitola; h/o Alice Geraldine Healy)

Bishop, Harle J. (II), 23 Jun 1935-(01 Jul 2015)
(s/o Harle J. Bishop & Freda Marie Anderson; h/o Mary Kathryn Maxwell)

Bishop, Mary K. (Kathryn), 11 Jul 1935-06 Sep 2008
(d/o Charles Maxwell & Veroncia Doud; w/o Harle J.Bishop II)

Bistrisky, Betty “Sister” (L.), (15 Dec) 1916-(09 Sep 2007)
(U.S. Army - Women's Army Corps, WW II)
(s/o Fred H. Bistrisky & Pearl Holochenko)

Bistrisky, John “Brother,” (06 Sep)1914-(26 Feb)1999
(s/o Fred H. Bistrisky & Pearl Holochenko)

Blackwood, Sr., Oswald C. ("Ossie," Constantine), 11 Jul 1934-30 Nov 2008
(s/o George Blackwood & Anita Edwards; h/o Visper Alfreda Strachan)

(Blair, Stuart Lloyd, (12 Sep)1963-(15 Nov)1998)

(Blake, Audrey E. (Elaine), 23 Nov 1942-23 Dec 2015)

(Blake, Joseph Martin, 05 Jun 1933-23 May 2015)
(s/o Charles Benjamin Blake & Jennie Heardman; h/o Lila May Avery)

( Blake, Lila May, 05 Apr 1932-22 Apr 2017)
(d/o Earl Avery & Lillian Mullins; w/o Joseph M. Blake)

Blankenship, Emma B., (01 Sep)1883-(18 Jan)1979
(d/o Thomas Henry Barney & Amanda Dortch; w/o James Cummings Blakenship)

Blankenship, James C. (Cummings), (11 Nov 1878)1877-(21 Dec)1960
(Spanish-Americian War Veteran)
(s/o John Blakenship & Martha Gannon; h/o Emma Barney)

Blankenship, Willard 1905(14 Jun 1903)- (07 Dec)1955
(s/o James Cummings Blankenship & Emma Barney; h/o Ruth Aunamaber)

Blatz, Ann, 24 Mar 1944-(no date)
(Nee: Bruno; w/o Warren Blatz)

Blatz, Warren (J.), 02 Jun 1942-19 Jan 2012
(s/o Louis Henry Blatz & Agnes L. Storm; h/o Ann Bruno)

Blois, Elizabeth M. (Bette), (01 Dec)1924-(05 May)2014
(d/o William Sullivan & Mary LNU; w/o George T. Bois)

Blois, George T. (Thomas), (07 Jun)1920-(04 Nov)2006
( U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o William Thomas Blois & Sarah A. Dicey; h/o Elizabeth "Bette" Sullivan)

Blue, Alice Orlan, 12 Mar 1935-28 Apr 2003
(d/o Thomas Forest Putnam & Fannie Mae Wilson; w/o Donald Marlow Blue)

Blumer, James Thomas, 15 Sep 1911-02 Feb 1988
(s/o George Henry Blumer & Annie E. LNU)

Boardley, Sallie S. (Sabina), 26 Nov 1921-16 Mar 2000
(d/o Phoat Merritt & Ida H. Taylor; w/o Charles Boardley)

(Bochkareva, Julia, 29 Sep 1940-02 Jul 2016)
(w/o Victor Bochkareva)

(Boco, Marc A., 19 Aug 1971-12 Oct 2009)

Boco-Baxter, Marilyn P., (16 Mar)1943-2012

Boczon, Patricia G., 20 Dec 1945-26 Feb 2012
(d/o George Gloyd & Lorena Vetter; w/o Jacob Boczon, Jr.)

Boda, Louis Carl, (14 Dec)1927-(15 Dec)1988
(s/o Stephen Boda & Lena Hesler)

Boetius, Paul J., 03 Oct 1922-(02 Dec 2017)
(h/o Sylvia A. LNU)

Boetius, Sylvia A., 04 Sep 1922-18 Jun 2012
(w/o Paul J. Boetius)

(Bohrer, Albert E. (Eugene), 26 Jul 1916-21 Sep 2000)
(s/o Edwin Bohrer & Ida Elizabeth Adeline Cordes; h/o Carmen A. Rivera)

Bohrer, Carmen A., 05 Feb 1922-12 Jul 2003
(d/o Jose D. Rivera & Antonia N. Rodriquez; w/o Albert Eugene Bohrer)

Boileau, Hentschel - Getz

Bolcar, Phyllis 26 Nov 1923-(no date)
(w/o Robert Joseph Bolcar)

Bolcar, Robert J. (Joseph), 02 Jul 1932-18 Oct 2002
(s/o John J. Bolcar & Elizabeth Smith; h/o Phyllis Massaro)

Bologna, Grazia, 16 Jul 1937-17 May 2012
(d/o Serafino Longo & Maria Epaminodo; w/o Giacomo Bologna)

Bonanno, Frank (Joseph), 05 Jun 1960-07 Nov 1993

Bonanno, Mario Louise, 27 Jun 1933-06 Feb 1994
A2C, U.S. Air Force, Korea
(s/o Leonard Bonanno & Antoinnett LNU)

Bonanno, Vinnie, 21 Jan 1935-(no date)

Bond, Charles A. (Alvin), 16 Jun 1922-02 Mar 1999
1st Lt., U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II
(s/o William Henry Bond & Eula Essary)

(Bongo III, Dominic, 19 Nov 1946-07 Jun 2021)
(s/o Dominic Bongo & Stella Filardo; h/o Teresa Sparagna)

(Bonitto, Lazarine, 03 Sep 1914-02 Mar 2014)
(d/o Beliz Loyson & Eleanor Pierrepont; w/o Stanley Bonitto)

Bonsangue, Cecile Bat Yehuda Moreno, (07 Jun)1921-(04 Jan)2008

Booe, Clara S., (13 Mar 1888)-(24 Nov 1947)
(w/o Frank E. Hoover and Harry Dow Booe)

Booe, Fred S. (Simpson), (20 Feb)1887-(10 Jun)1953
(s/o Zeb E. Booe & Ida May Coffing; h/o Martha Nancy Barber)

Booe, Harry D. (Dow), (13 Dec)1888-(22 Nov)1947
(s/o Zeb E. Booe & Ida May Coffing; h/o Clara S. LNU)

Booe, Ida M. (May), (10 Jul)1862-(05 Oct)1952
(d/o Brazier Hunt Coffing & Sarah Catherine Ireland; w/o Zeb E. Booe)

Booe, James W. (William), (26 Aug)1923-(26 Jun)1924
(s/o William Frank Booe & Clara Blanche Jones)

Booe, William F. (Frank) (26 Sep)1895-(07 Nov)1955
(s/o Zeb E. Booe & Ida May Coffing; h/o Clara Blanche Jones)

Booe, Zeb E., 16 Dec 1862-22 Mar 1951
(s/o James Moffett Booe & Hannah Maria Spinning; h/o Ida May Coffing)
(Flagler County School Board, Chairman, 1917; Mayor of Bunnell, 1924-1926;
Flagler County Superintendant of Public Instruction,1929-1937)

Booth, Mary Ella, (06 Apr)1921-(28 Apr)2008
(d/o Franklin Akers & Lily Duncan; w/o Raymond E. Booth)

Booth, Raymond E., (01 May)1921-(Jul)1986
(s/o Homer Sidney Booth & Oreta Margaret Atkins; h/o Mary Ella Akers)

Bootz, Davina Michele, 20 Jul 1978-10 Sep 1994

(Border, Peggy Rae, 03 Oct 1944-23 May 2023)
(d/o Alva Vincent Jernnings & Marjorie Louise Brown; w/o Ronald V. Border & John Walford Seay)
Flagler County Supervisor of Elections (1991-2008)

Borish, Blanche Gertrude., 24 Apr 1921-(18 May 2022)
(nee: Nadler; w/o Harold Borish)

Borish, Harold, 14 Jul 1918-08 Oct 1997
Tec 5, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Joseph Borish & Mathilda Levine; h/o Blanche Gertrude Nadler)

Borish, Leonard, 06 Apr 1922-14 Jan 1991
U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Joseph Borish & Mathilda Levine)

(Bosco, Robert, 13 Oct 1945-08 May 2021)
(s/o Joseph Bosco & Anna Abramchik; h/o Kathy LNU)

Bostwick, Lewis S. (Schoonmaker), 05 Jan 1917-06 Jan 1993
(s/o Lewis Schoonmaker Bostick & Irene E. Spiller; h/o Margaret Greene)

Bostwick, Margaret, 06 May 1914-28 Oct 1966
(d/o Martin Greene & Mabel Smith; w/o Lewis Schoonmaker Bostwick)

(Botelho, Frank Alan, 06 Dec 1942-30 Jun 2023)
(s/o Frank A. Botelho, Jr. & Margareet Silvia; h/o Pamela DeAscentis)

(Bouillon, Sharon Dianne, 20 Jul 1943-10 Jan 2019)
(d/o Roy Elbert Likins & Wilmuth Helen Brisendine; w/o Robert Earl Bouillon)

(Bouley, Mildred, 24 Jun 1929-03 Jan 2014)

Bounds, Grace Anna, 04 Dec 1924-31 Jan 2013
(d/o Herman Soll & Katherine Fitzgerald; w/o Jack Bounds, Jr.)

Bounds, Jr. Jack, 02 Dec 1927-29 May 2004
Married 02 Oct 1950
(s/o Jack Bounds & Audrey G. Dodd; h/o Grace Anna Soll)

Bourne, E. (Edward) Lee, (01 Dec)1923-(29 May)1997
(s/o Edward Lee Bourne & Gladys Elizabeth Wright; h/o Suzanne deCotte League)

Bourne, Suzanne League, 1926-(19 Mar 2019)
(d/o Fredrick Hickson League, Jr., & Helen Warren Davis; w/o Edward Lee Bourne)

Bourque, Jeannette C. (Celina), (27 Oct)1910)-(11 Jan)1996
(d/o Edward Lemoi & Exilda Mondina; w/o Joseph L. Bourque)

Bourque, Joseph L., (06 Nov)1909-(27 Aug)2001

(Boutin, Ghislaine, 19 Nov 1946-13 Aug 2023)

Bouzas, Dimitrios ("Mitsako"), (01 Apr)1926-(08 Feb)2011
(s/o Constantinos Bouzas & Maria Dipoulou; h/o Eleni "Nitsa" Tatsios)

Bouzas, Eleni ("Nitsa"), (28 Apr)1928-(11 Mar)2011
(d/o George Tatsios & Anna LNU; w/o Dimitrios Bouzas

(Bowen, Ulric F. (Francis), (16 Jan)1925-(06 Nov)1999)
(s/o Richard Dennis Bowen & Emma Rolin; h/o Winnifred Zornes)

Bowen, Winnifred “Ruth,” (06 Feb)1933-(20 Oct)2008
(d/o Earl Richard Zornes and Goldy Bell; w/o Ulric F. Bowen)

Boyer, Mildred M. (Margaret), (18 Nov)1915-(15 Dec)2004
(d/o George Samuel Carr & Ada Foxall Griffin; w/o Nelson Cyrus Boyer)

Boyer, Nelson C. (Cyrus), (20 Nov)1913-(25 Mar)2002
(s/Justin LeRoy Boyer & Elizabeth Edna Pettit; h/o Mildred Margaret Carr)

Bozzone, Hugo J. (Joseph), (28 Feb)1910-(15 Sep)2003
(h/o Frances Del Nostro)

Brackwinkle, Hilda L., (20 Nov)1915-(11 Mar)2000
(d/o John F. Brackwinkle & Matilda A. Georges)

Bradley, Sarita A. (Ann), (30 Sep)1936-(16 Apr)2002
(d/o Sidney W. Bradley & Callie D. Sadler)

Bradley, Viola Louise “Aunt Lou,” 15 Dec 1907-06 May 2004

Branco, Jesuina R., 07 Oct 1927-08 Feb 1995
(d/o Antonio Ricardo & Rita Chaves; w/o Manuel Faria Branco)

(Branco, John M., 27 Dec 1960-no date)
(listed on Izzo family monument)

Branco, Manuel, 27 Jun 1923- (06 Jan)06 Feb 1992
(s/o Jaime F. Branco & Angelina Dejusus; h/o Jesuina Ricardo)

Brandon, Thomas “Ty” (Venson), (24 Jun)1968-(24 Oct)2003
(s/o Stanley Brandon & Karan Sue LNU; h/o Melissa Dawn Brucke)

Branker, Princess L. (Laverne), 25 Jan 1949-27 Nov 2006

Brannam, Levi Lloyd, 08 Jan 1914-03 Sep 1992
(s/o John Elias Brannam & Minnie L. Joiner; h/o Melba Groover)

Brannam, Melba G., 11 May 1922-(08 Dec 2014)
(d/o James Stephen Groover & Nona Parrish; w/o Levi Lloyd Brannam)
married May 10, 1942

(Branon, Monique, (27 Jul)1938-(17 Nov)2013)
(w/o Fouad Hadda & James Francis Branon)

Brehm, Bobbi (Roberta Lee), (07 Nov)1928-(13 Apr)2004
(d/o Outten J. Clinard & Mary E. Hein; w/o Gary W. Brehm)

Brehm, Gary W. (Warburton), (13 Mar)1929-(23 Oct) 2009
(s/o Rudolph Warburton Brehm & Beatrice E. Cooley; h/o Roberta Lee "Bobbi" Clinard)

Brell, Jean, (29 Mar)1933-(09 Dec)2007
(d/o Robert Cherry & Olga Hodge; w/o Ralph Brell)

(Brendel, Andrew T. (Todd), 10 Mar 1969-29 Jan 2015)
(s/o Dr. Thomas Henry Brendel & Gwendolyn LNU)

Brendel, Thomas H. (Henry), (02 Dec)1938-(07 Feb)2011
(s/o William John Brendel & Eleanor Helen Samack; h/o Gwendolyn LNU)

Brendle, Arthur H. (Howard), 25 Jun 1923-30 Jan 2003
(U.S. Army Military Police, WW II)
(s/o Edward C. Brendle & Rev. Dorothy Minnie King; h/o Dorothy Mae Powell)

Brereton, Anson, 15 Apr 1948-18 Dec 2010
(s/o McLawrence Brereton & Elaine Willis; h/o Hazel LNU)

Brickerd, Helen U., 06 May 1922-10 May 1983
(d/o Ferdinand Calhound Underwood & Anna Mae Devilbiss; w/o Stanley E. Brickerd)

Brink, Mary T., 14 Jan 1917-03 Jul 2003
(d/o Josef Teply & Maridil; w/o Wesley Spencer Brink)

Brink, Spencer W. (Wesley), 24 Dec 1937-09 Feb 2002
(s/o Wesley Spencer Brink & Mary J. Teply)

Britt, Ernest O. (Olevia), 12 Jan 1929-24 Jul 1991
Pvt, U.S.Marine Corps, WW II
(s/o Olevia L. Britt & Mdetha R. Jones)

(Britton, Frank Raphael, 06 Mar 1928-06 Apr 2010)
(s/o Alexander Britton & Eliza McKenzie; h/o Monica Ena Louise Green)

Britton, James L. (Louis), 26 Mar 1967-29 Jul 1988

(Britton, Monica Ena Louise, 30 Jul 1933-10 Jun 2017)
(d/o Horatio Green & Advira LNU; w/o Rev. Frank Raphael Britton)

Britton, Robert A. (Allen), 15 Feb 1951-27 Mar 1998
(s/o Harry Britton & Mary LNU; h/o Corrine)

(Brock, Mary Elizabeth, 1959-28 Mar 1959)
(infant d/o Leonard Brock & Bettie Campbell)
(obit says buried here, could not locate)

Brockett, Earl C. (Clark), (27 Feb)1888-(02 Aug)1955
(s/o Lewis Brockett & Louise Clark; h/o Rossie Bernard Merriman)

Brockett, Rossie (Bernard) Merriman, (07 Nov)1889-(24 Apr)1985
(d/o George Eli Merriman & Dorothy P. Hassell; w/o Earl Carl Brockett)

(Brogan, April Dyan, 30 Oct 1986-01 May 2015)
(d/o Kenneth Brogan & Sandra Spaulding)

Brooks, Arnld A. (Adolph), 15 Oct 1922-19 May 1972
(s/o Alfred Roland Brooks & Martha Ann Burris; h/o Ailie LNU)

Brooks, Isaac Lamar, (14 Mar)1917-(22 Jun)1951
PFC, 3361st Signal Battalion
(s/o Alfred Roland Brooks & Martha Ann Burris; h/o Pearle)

Brooks, Lucille Roberts, 09 Nov 1919-27 Nov 2004
(d/o Frank M.Roberts & Cora L. Burriss; w/o Thomas Shelton Brooks)

Brooks, Mattie A. (Martha Ann Burris) 17 Mar 1885-27 Nov 1969
(d/o William Alfred Burris & Mary Louise Roberts; w/o Alfred Roland Brooks)

Brooks, Robert Emery, 25 Jun 1909-17 Jul 1964
(s/o Alfred Roland Brooks & Martha Ann Burris ; h/o Hazel Lucille Guthrie & Edelle LNU)

Brooks, Ronald A., 18 Apr 1934-23 Jul 2009
(s/o Alexander Brooks & Helen Madeline Fogel; h/o Esther L. LNU)

Brooks, Rev. T. (Thomas) Shelton, 02 Dec 1914-18 Aug 2007
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Alfred Roland Brooks & Martha Ann Burris; h/o Lucille Roberts)

Brotherson, Alma H. (Harriette), 28 Dec 1904-29 Sep 1991

Brousseau, Dorothy, 08 Feb 1922-16 May 1998
(d/o John M. Manke & Lydia L. Holler; w/o Theodore Henry Brousseau)

(Brousseau, Ted (Theodore Henry), 21 Feb 1920-03 Jul 2009)
(s/o Leo Brousseau & Rosanna La Plante; w/o Dorothy Geraldine Manke)

Brown, Anita L. (Louise), 19 Apr 1925-04 Jul 2011
(d/o of Henderson Stanfield & Carolyn Lee; w/o Elmore Jerome Brown)

Brown, Anna Carty
(w/o Clyde B. Brown)

Brown, Averley, (15 Aug)1917-(27 Sep)1997
(s/o Anthony Brown & Lettie Bradshaw; h/o Christine Paulino Ingram)

Brown, Catherine L “Tiquia,” 12 Jan 1929-24 Aug 2003
(d/o Samuel Brown & Louisa Charles)

Brown, Charles, 29 Sep 1927- 19 Oct 1996
Husband of Elmin Doris

Brown, Charlotte Yonkers, (27 Oct 1889)1890-(17Aug)1942
(d/o George Peter Yonkers & Louise Braymiller; w/o Dale Benton Brown)

Brown, Christine P. (Paulino), (11 May)1926-(27 May)1999
(d/o William Ingram & Nora Roe; w/o Averley Brown)

Brown, Clyde B. (Bertram), 17 Aug 1922-14 Oct 1996
(s/o Cecil Brown & Beatrice Mulrain)

Brown, Dale B. (Benton), 17 Dec)1890-(21 May)1970
(s/o David Benton Brown & Minnie Truman; h/o Florence Davis & Charlotte Yonkers)
(Flagler County Clerk of Court, 1928-1945)

Brown, Jr., Dale Benton, (14 May)1915-(04 Jan)1990
(Cpl, U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Dale Benton Brown & Charlotte Yonkers; h/o Rosemary Iverson)

Brown, David Benton (M.D.), (14Apr)1852-(13 Dec)1929
(Medical Corps, U.S . Army, WW I)
(s/o Thomas Brown & Rachel Mills; h/o Minnie Truman)
(Flagler County Superintendant of Public Instruction, 1921-1925, 1926-1929)

Brown, Elmin Doris, 01 Feb 1937-23 Sep 1997
(Nee: Bowen; w/o Charles Brown)

Brown, Elmore J. (Jerome), 15 Aug 1921-02 Apr 2013
(s/o Elmore W. Brown & Anna P. Blackwell; h/o Anita Louise Stanfield)

Brown, Essylin I. (Isabel), (09 Jul)1924-(26 Mar 2020)
(w/o Joseph Alexander Brown)

(Brown, Helen Rita, 04 May 1920-13 Dec 2013)
(d/o Joseph Stolzenberger & Catherine Gavin; w/o William A. Brown)

Brown, Jr., Henry Bernard, 21 Jun 1910-09 Dec 1992
LCDR, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Henry Bernard "Foley" Brown & Margaret Wilma Tormay; h/o Marcella Marie Kelley)

Brown, Hewitt A. (Allan), 12 Sep 1932-19 Apr 1993
A1C, U.S. Air Force, Korea
(s/o William L. Brown & Mollie Rauch)

(Brown, Joan M., {29 Oct}1958-{15 Apr}2018)

(Brown, John T., 02 May 1958-11 Aug 2020)
(s/o John W. Brown & Helen C. Flood; h/o Judith M. Busby)

Brown, Joseph A (Alexander)., (06 Jan)1930-(09 May 2016)
(s/o Ishmael Brown & Hilda Brotherton; h/o Essylin Isabel LNU)

Brown, Margaret “Meg,” 15 Jul 1949-09 Dec 1992
(d/o Richard Aloysius Klein & Margaret Elizabeth Conrad; w/o Charles Robert Brown)

Brown, Minnie Truman, (03 Jan)1861-(11 Jul)1945
(d/o Thomas Leander Truman & Susanna Baldwin; w/o Dr. David Benton Brown)

Brown, Odessa (nee: Williams), 16 Oct 1957-27 Apr 2000

Brown, Rosemary Iverson, (10 Sep)1923-(03 Aug)2000
(d/o Andrew John Iverson & Elizabeth Woodburn; w/o Dale Benton Brown, Jr)

(Brown, William A., 20 Nov 1928-22 Aug 2020)
(s/o Jared Brown & Dorothy Good; h/o Helen Stolzenberger)

Browne, Harold R., 09 Jul 1926-24 Oct 2001

Browne, Jacqueline A., 02 May 1932-20 Mar 2001

Brownstein, Louis, 22 Sep 1904-09 Jul 1989

Brownstein, Mary, 27 Mar 1906-01 Jan 2000

Brucculeri, (Carmelo) Carmen, 06 Jul 1982-11 Jun 2000
(s/o of Angelo Brucculeri & Mary Terenzi)

Brunell, Helen A., (27 Feb)1922-(no date)
(d/o Silvas Spinozzi & Elizabeth Smith; w/o Thomas Richard Brunell)

Brunell, Thomas R. (Richard), (11 Apr)1933-(22 Jun)1985
(s/o Paul Brunell & Helen Lippincott; h/o Helen Spinozzi)

Bruner, George A. (Anderson), (11 Aug)1883-(31 Oct)1974
(s/o James C. Bruner & Susin J. LNU; h/o Minnie Lee Teate)

Bruner, James C., (about) 1847-(6 Sep) 1922
(The 1940-1941 Graves Registration Project by the Military Department of Florida and the American Legion show him buried in the Cochran Cemetery in Flagler Beach, a cemetery .9 m north of Moody Blvd on Central Ave, a cemetery no longer in being. This study also shows his dob as 1846 and states that he was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of former Union Soldiers of the Civil War)

Bruner, John B (Bridenridge), (14 Jun 1990)1898- (13 Nov 1948)1958
(s/o James C. Brune & Susin J. LNU; h/o Myrtle Amelia Grimes)

Bruner, Myrtle (Amelia), (01 Nov)1891-(Dec)1959
(d/o George Buchanan Grimes & Catherine Rebecca Strunk; w/o John B. Bruner)

Bruner, Thomas H. (Harrison), 07 Apr 1895-12 Jun 1974
Pvt, U.S. Army (WW I)
(s/o James C. Bruner)

Brunner, Fredrick S. (Stewart), 21 Oct 1941-07 Dec 2000
(s/o Leopold Brunner & Essie Melocowsky; h/o Harriet R. Pickett)

Brunner, Harriett R., 25 Aug 1942-28 Feb 2002
(d/o Joseph Pickett & Thelma Klein; w/o Frederick Stewart Brunner)

Bruno, Antoinetta, 13 Jun 1915-09 Aug 2011
(d/o Sossio Sole & Louise Barbra; w/o Joseph Bruno)

Bryan, Gilbert E. (Emery), 27 Apr 1928-19 Feb 1997
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o George Russell Bryan & Mildred Barton; h/o Jane Alice Murphy)

Bryan, Juanita, (16 Feb)1955-(13 Jul)2009
(d/o FNU Carrillo & Theresa LNU; w/o James A. "Jimmy" Bryan, Jr)

Bryant, Carmen A. (Aida), 30 Jul 1942-11 Mar 2009
(d/o Albert Eugene Bohrer & Carmen A. Rivera; w/o Barry A. Bryant)

Bryant, Paul Albert, 15 Feb 1971-07 Dec 2003
(s/o Barry A. Bryant & Carmen Aida Bohrer)

(Buchanan, Erastus Downey, 13 Aug 1869-19 Aug 1946)
(s/o James Buchanan & Hulda Babbs; h/o Adaline Mathews & Nellie L. Edwards)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate)

Buchanan, Karen G. (Gail), 21 Jan 1953-21 May 1997
(d/o Carroll Albert Demers & Marilyn Ardelle Brent; w/o Richard George LaValley & Kenneth Jay Buchanan)

(Buck, Sydney L. (Lloyd), 04 Sep 1931-07 Feb 2020)
(s/o Sydney E. Buck & Gwendolyn Lewis; h/o Jacqueline LNU)

Buckingham, Craig W. (William), 26 apr 1934-19 Sep 2012
Sgt US Army
(s/o Edward Benton Buckingham & Hettie Idessa Craig; h/o Luisa LNU)

Buckley, Dominic Stephan Xavier, 29 Dec 2009-27 Jan 2010

Buckley, Jeremiah J., 13 Oct 1925-27 Sep 2010
(s/o Timothy Buckley & Anna Killarney; h/o Roseanne J. O'Brien)

Buckley, Roseanne J., 12 Dec 1927-(31 May 2014)
(d/o Richard O'Brien & Rose LNU; w/o Jeremiah J. Buckley)

Buell, Thomas U. (Upton), 03 Oct 1931-16 Nov 2009
A1C US Air Force US Army
(s/o Harry James Buell & Julia Helen Root; h/o Barbara Lee Clarke & Joan LNU)

(Buenzli, Katherine, 1925-2015)
(w/o William Charles Buenzli)

Buenzli, William (Charles), (17 Nov)1929-(02 Nov)1997
(s/o John C. Buenzli & Ruth Sisco; h/o Katherine LNU)

Bulcewicz, Richard J. (Jozef), (04 Jul)1949-(23 Dec)2007

Bulkin, Helen Marie, (13 Feb)1917-(30 Mar)1996
(d/o Andrew Schneider & Susan Cullen; w/o Alvin Bulkin)

Bullard, Elizabeth, (21 Dec 1907)1900-(08 Nov)1981

Bullard, James Howard, 22 Nov 1925-26 Apr 1988
(s/o James Oliver Bullard & Haudie Ray Royal)

Bullard, J. (James) O. (Oliver), 13 Jun 1906-17 Aug 1987
(s/o Isaac Henry Bullard & Rutha Ann Gable; h/o Haudie Ray Royal & Elizabeth LNU)

Bullard, Johnny (Oliver), 08 Feb 1941-10 May 1991
(s/o James Oliver Bullard & Haudie Ray Royal)

Bullock, Lessie, 17 Mar 1921-25 Mar 2011

Bulmer, James Thomas, 15 Sep 1911-02 Feb 1988
(s/o George Henry Bulmer & Annie E. LNU; h/o Eleanor Harriet Rayfield)

Burke, Patricia, (18 Apr)1946-(25 Dec)2007
(d/o John Stanislaus Pikula & Jennie D. Magdic; w/o FNU Burke)

(Burns, Donella LaVonne, 22 Mar 1924-16 Aug 2020)
(d/o William Baughman & Rhoda Leeth; w/o Joseph Samuel Burns)

Burns, Joseph S. (Samuel), 16 Feb 1911-16 Feb 1991
(h/o Donella LaVonne Baughman)

Burton, John W. (Wadhams), (15 Oct)1910-(22 Jan)2001
(s/o John Wadhams Burton & Pauline Haeusser; h/o Ruth Kussin)

Burton, Paul F. (Frederick), 21 Feb 1919-01 Feb 1996
TSgt, U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II
(s/o John Wadhams Burton & Pauline Haeusser)

Buteux, Ernest Joseph, (16 Mar)1883-(13 Feb)1963
(s/o Ernest Joseph Buteux & Mary Emma Wilkinson; h/o Margaret Annie Boakes)

Buteux, Margaret Annie, 1883-(28 Mar)1964
(d/o John Abraham Boakes & Annie Amelia Bullock; w/o Ernest Joseph Buteux)

Butler, Gerald E. (Elmer), (02 May)1907-(16 Nov)1978
(s/o William John Butler & Lillian E. Annand) h/o Beatrice Marguerite Wigle)

Butler, Marguerite (Beatrice), (22 Oct)1907-(04 Mar)1991
(d/o Everett Wigle & Myrtle May Walrath; w/o Gerald Elmer Butler)

Butterfield, Gene, 12 Apr 1923-12 Jun 1990
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Cloyd Butterfield & Mintiee Cook; h/o Lola Belle Hahn)

Butterfield, Lola H., 22 Dec 1920-04 Jan 2011
(d/o Walter Bahn; w/o Gene Butterfield & Clinton Henry Fields)

Byerly, Hester Lee, 18 Mar 1925-06 May 1992
(d/o Charlie A. Allison & Laura L. Gay; w/o Karl Stover Byerly, Jr.)

Byerly, Jr., Karl Stover, (25 Feb)1918-(27 Nov)1982
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Karl Stover Byerly & Mary Bonner; h/o Hester Lee Allison)

Byno, Carol,, 24 Dec 1946-18 Dec 2011
(w/o Ronald Byno)

Byno, Ronald 15 Aug 1946-(no date)
(h/o Carol LNU)

(Bythwood, Emery W. (William) Bythwood, 18 Jan 1926- ?? Mar 2016)
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o David Bythwood & Vera Johnson; h/o Frances X. Dean)

Bythwood, Frances X. , 26 Oct 1930-01 Jun 2012
(Nee: Deanw/o Emery William "Nick" Bythwood)

Cabrera, Antero, 15 Feb 1917-04 May 1995
(s/o Felipe Cabrera & Francisca Martinez; h/o Elena Vidal)

Cabrera, Elena, 12 Oct 1917-12 Mar 1997
(d/o Prancisco Vidal & Edewigio Izquierdo; w/o Antero Cabrera)

Cadenhead, Matthew David, 27 May 1985-04 Mar 2009
(s/o Michael Cadenhear & Connie LNU)

Cadet, Marie Maxia, 26 Jan 1914-09 Apr 1995

Cadet, Mike Andrew, 07 Mar 1964-13 May 2006
(s/o Carlo Cadet & Rose LNU; h/o Shannon)

Cahill, Anne M. (Madeline), (05 Mar)1916-(17 Jul)1988
(d/o Paul Urbon & Annie Navickas)

Cajigas, Camelia, 19 Mar 1911-26 Dec 1997
(d/o Juan Ortiz & Fidela Medina; w/o FNUCajigas)

(Calandro, Mary, 28 Apr 1928-31 Jan 2017)
(d/o Edward Benoit & Carmela LNU; w/o Pasaquale J. "Pat" Calandro)

Calandro, Michael (Edward), 06 Aug 1987-23 Apr 2007
(s/o Ed Calandro & Wanda LNU)

Calandro, Pasquale J., (07 Feb)1929-(17 Aug)2013
(s/o Angelo Calandro & Florence Zimbardi; h/o Mary Benoit)

(Calderaro, Charles Peter, 16 Aug 1935-29 Dec 2013)
(s/o Charles Calderaro & Josephine Marco; h/o Sherry LNU)

(Camardello, Anglo M. (Michael), 02 Sep 1926-26 Mar 2014)
(s/o Nicholas Camardello & Mary LNU; h/o Sharon Young)

Camerin, William Ralph, 25 Dec 1928-08 Jul 2008
CEC2 U S Navy Korea
(h/o Elaine Kamsler)

Camino, Jose R. (Ramon), (07 Apr)1922-(28 Mar)2012
(h/o Julia Regio Medina)

Camino, Julia R. (Regio), (11 Apr)1924-(25 May)2002
(d/o Bienvenido R. Medina & Maria R. Gonzales; w/o Jose Ramon Camino)

(Cammock, Dudley E. (Everard), 08 Jun 1917-14 Mar 2009)
(s/o Caleb Arthur Cammock & Ida Jane Linton; h/o Clara I. Jones & Carmen Katheline Brown)

(Camp, John E., 22 Jul 1939-15 Dec 2022)
(s/o John A. Camp & Annie Watts; h/o Lana Mills)

Camp, Lana (Kay), (09 Jul)1957-(27 May)2013
(d/o Thomas Mills & Norma Y. "Peggy" Ellis; w/o Thomas E. "Gene" Camp)

Campbell, Ernest J. (Joscelyn), 01 Apr 1928-27 Aug 1994
(s/o Charles T. Campbell & Ancella L. Anglin; h/o Selena Elizabeth Carter)

Campbell, Gladys Louise, (05 Apr)1926-(28 Sep)2012
(d/o Isaac Campbell & Matilda Sutherland)

Campbell, Leon (Walter), 21 May 1935- (02) 21May 2002
(s/o Leonard Campbell & Celina Frater)

Campbell, Selena E. (Elizabeth), 04 Apr 1928-21 Aug 1994
(d/o Joseph Carter & Judith Reid; w/o Ernest Joscelyn Campbell)

Canakaris, John M. (Michael), 23 Jan 1922-04 Dec 2012
(s/o Michael John Canakaris & Giasimo Mouzaris; h/o Elaine Campolis & Georgia King)

Canfield, James V., 07 Dec 1929-(no date)
(h/o Mary Ann Keating)

Canfield, Mary Ann, 23 Sep 1931-05 May 2004
(d/o Cornelius J. Keating & Eleanor M.Sullivan; w/o Joseph A.Mortimer & James V. Canfield)

Canfield, Terry James, 21 Feb 1946-19 Apr 2012
(s/o Earl J. Canfield & Martha Felthaus; h/o Theresa LNU)

Cangialosi, Francesca "Frances", 18 Jul 1924-(22 Dec 2017)
(d/o Ciro Ferrara & Maria Cira Mini; w/o Francesco Cangialosi)

Cangialosi, Francesco, 08 Feb 1927-23 Dec 2007
(h/o Francesca Ferrara)

Canty, Barbara (A.) "Bobbe," 20 Aug 1925-09 May 2013
(d/o Oscar Hurkett & Louise E. Coughlin; w/o George Dennis Canty)

Canty, George (Dennis) "Judd," 18 Jun 1922-(05 May 2018)
(s/o of J Paul Canty & Mary V. LNU; h/o Barbara A. Hurkett)

Capek, Frank J. (Joseph), (31 Dec)1913-(28 Jan)1996
(s/o Frank Joseph Capek & Bernardina Valkova; h/o Lillian Bertha Vecere & Rose A. Cudlin)

Capek, Rose A, (25 May)1917-(25 Jan)2013
(d/o Anton Cudlin & Anna LNU; w/o Frank J. Capek)

Capitolo, Robert Michael, 04 Oct 1940-12 Jul 2009
SP4 U.S. Army (Vietnam)
(s/o Umberto Capitolo & Alice Traver)

Capo, John H., 1945-(no date)
(h/o Stella Ann Gregory)

Capo, Marcus Blaine, 24 Aug 1988-10 May 1989
(g/s of John H. Capo & Stella Ann Gregory)

Capo, Stella A., (03 Sep)1945-(01 Jul)2006
(d/o John Burton Gregory, Jr. & Dorothy Fay Lunsford; w/o John H. Capo)

Capua, Jr., Anthony J, (Joseph), 24 Jan 1938-01 Jul 2011
Pvt U.S. Marine Corps (Vietnam)
(s/o Anthony Joseph Capua & Julia Teresa Nargi; h/o Luann B. Marinaccio)

(Carbone, Elizabeth, 02 May 1936-23 Feb 2020)
(w/o Edward Guido Carbone)

Carbonetto, Alfred A. (Alfia), 21 Jun 1912-02 Aug 2007
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Gulseppe Carbonetto & Marie Aleure; h/o Anna Meringolo)

Carbonetto, Anna M. (Marie), 23 Jul 1919-28 May 2005
(d/o Thomas Meringolo & Bombina Benvenuto; w/o/ Alfred Alfia Carbonetto)

Card, Eloise F. (Francis), 23 Jan 1895-20 Jan 1959
(w/o Herbert Card)

Card, Eric L. (Leopold), 13 Dec 1927-19 Nov 2007
Married 01 Sep 1951
(s/o Charles Card & Viola Louise LNU; h/o Mabel Constance Staine)

Card, Mabel C.(Constance "Consie"), 05 Sep 1928-(31 May 2020)
(d/o Morrell Staine & Floriene LNU; w/o Eric Leopold Card)

(Cardillo, Rosemary, 11 Jun 1949-(12 Dec 2020)
(d/o Wilson Montefetri & Elsie Screen; w/o Thomas J. Cardillo)

(Cardillo, Thomas J., 23 Nov 1942-02 Dec 2014)
(s/o Louis Cardillo & Jeanie Tracy; h/o Rosemary Montefetri)

Cargill, Patricia (Ann), 08 Nov 1935-07 Jan 2013
(d/o Aloysius Gallagher & Susan Amerise; w/o Robert M. Cargill)

Cargill, Robert M. (Marshall), 15 Jun 1934-29 Feb 2008
(s/o Robert Cargill & Dorothy Irene Pratt Nye; h/o Patricia Ann Gallagher)

Carillet, Lucie Ferry, (08 Apr)1899-(24 Oct)1964
(d/o Edouardo Ferry & Lea Henrion; w/o Paul Carillet)

Carillet, Paul, (20 Oct)1896-(23 Jan)1978
(WW I Veteran - French Army)
(s/o Michael Garillet & Catherine LNU; h/o Lucie Ferry)

Carlo, Maritza, 15 Apr 1971-11 Jul 1990

(Carlson, David Venner, 03 Aug 1938-07 Aug 2017)
(s/o Venner John Carlson & Eraine L Lamothe; h/o Susan Jane Duncan)

Carlson, Mary Ann, 14 Feb 1922-30 Jan 1989
(Edwin C. Beer & Alice Helen Lowry; 1st w/o Scovel M. Carlson)

Carlson, Scovel M. (Skip), 23 Oct 1922-06 Oct 2012
(s/o Gustav William Ossian Carlson & Elizabeth Ann McMillen; h/o Mary Ann Beer & June Elizabeth Galster)

(Carlson, Susan Jane, 15 Jun 1943-08 Mar 2007)
(d/o Harold Ashburn Duncan & Betty Williams; w/o David Venner Carlson)

(Carmody, Lonna Gaye, 04 Oct 1952-26 Sep 2013)
(d/o Jarvey Julian Crosby & Jessie Mae Bennett; w/o Michael Wayne Glasco & Thomas Patrick Carmody)

(Carner, Richard Leland, 20 Dec 1922-15 Mar 2015)
(s/o Leland T. Carner & Ann Walwrath; h/o Zelda Louise Brooks)

Carney, Kenneth (Francis), (16 Mar01914-(14 May)1981
(s/o Bernard J.Carney & Augusta Sophia Brown)

(Carosi, Giulio, 06 May 1933-11 Mar 2016)
(s/o Secondino Carosi & Paola LNU; h/o Lorraine L. Micillo)

Carpetto, Diane M., 30 Apr 1950-(no date)
(nee; Evanac; w/o George M. Carpetto)

Carpetto, George M., 03 Sep 1941-13 Aug 2007
(s/o Louis Carpetto & Colomba Scotto; h/o Diane M. Evanac)

Carr, Amanda Michelle, (21 Mar)1980-(13 Oct)2002
(d/o Goron Carr & Susan LNU)

Carr, Edward J. (James), 29 Feb 1916-13 Jan 1993
(s/o James H. Carr & Madeline Bauer; h/o Joyce F. LNU)

Carr, Joyce F., 16 Jan 1927-(no date)
(w/o Edward James Carr)

Carroll, Ethan, (no date)-28 Apr 2005

Carroll, Robert M., 01 Nov 1956-18 Aug 2009

Carter, Dolores, 01 Dec 1931-24 Sep 1990
(d/o Hugh John Cain & Eunice Sullivan; w/o Kenneth Woodward Carter)

Carter, Helen M., (02 Feb)1904-(01 Jan)1945
(d/o William Michael Maley & Frances Cecelia Mabee; w/o Norman Emerson Carter)

Carter, Kenneth W. (Woodward), 24 Sep 1919-05 Nov 1991
MM1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o John R. Carter & Hattie Brewer; h/o Dolores M. Cain)

Carter, Norman (Emerson), (23 Dec)1878-(20 Sep)1944
(s/o Montgomery Carter & Anne Reed; h/o Helen Maley)
(Mayor of Flagler Beach, FL at time of death)

Carvalheira, Jose (V.), 25 Nov 1941-31 Jan 2008
(h/o Leontina LNU)

Carvalheira, Leontina, 07 Oct 1942-(No date)
(w/o Jose V. Carvalheira)

(Casis, Meridan, 03 Jul 1937-22 Sep 2017)
(d/o Urbano Caasi & Victora LNU; w/o Rolando Celino Casis)

(Casis, Robert Celino, 24 Nov 1937-03 Aug 2022)
(h/o Meridan Casis)

(Casselman, Frederick George, 29 Dec 1927-17 Jun 2018)
(s/o Frederick Casselman & Hazel C. Encke; h/o Helen Florence Gourley)

(Casselman, Helen F. (Florence), 15 Apr 1932-01 May 2016)
(d/o William Gourley & Mary Ferrara; w/o Frederick George Casselman)

(Cassidy, Patrick (Kevin), 26 Mar 1963-23 Feb 1997)
(on same monuments as Robert & Nancy Rizzo)
(h/o Roxanne Lee Vanleuven)

Castan, Delima Rose, (01 Nov)1915-(26 Jun) 2009
(d/o Nord Jean Pierre & Erzulia Joachim; w/o Edouard Castan)

Castan, (Jacques) Edouard, (01 Oct)1959-(14 Dec) 2007
(s/o Edouard Castan & Delima Rose Pierre)

Castro, Angela, 05 Aug 1914-12 Jan 2010

Catalano, Alfred F. (Fredrick), 05 Jan 1924-17 Nov 2002
US Army
(s/o Antonio Catalano & Rosalia Zito; h/o Anna Spadaro)

(Catalano, Anna, 21 Mar 1926-12 Jul 2015)
(d/o Jack Spadaro & Antonina Cosenza; w/o Alfred Fredrick Catalano)

(Catalano, Ernest C. (Jr), 25 Aug 1951-24 Nov 2006)
(h/o Nettiemae LNU)

Catalano, Jeanette (Gloria) Touhey, 01 Dec 1932-17 Jan 1999
(d/o Basil M.Zullo & Josephine Demarco; w/o Michae S. Touhey & FNU Catalano)

Catania, Santa M. (Maria), (01 Nov)1916-(12 Feb)2003
(d/o Michael Albanese & Maria G.Difranza; w/o William Emilio Catania)

Catania, William E. (Emilio), (17 Jun)1913-(17 Nov)2000
(s/o Joseph (Giuseppe) Catania & Annina Maria Iannelli; h/o Santa Maria Albanese)

Caudill, Leonard, 06 Nov 1923-30 Aug 1986
PFC, U.S. Marine Corps, WW II
(s/o John Albert Caudill & Lizzie Ann Sparks; h/o Mabel LNU)

Caudill, Mabel, 25 Jul 1925-(no date)
(w/o Leonard Caudill)

Caudle, Ethel (Catherine), 04 Oct 1917-08 Nov 1989
(d/o Arthur Stagner & Julia Ann Davis; w/o FNU Harris, Unknown Mashburn,
J. Carroll Leggett, Grover C. Layton, Jr., & Wilbur Clayton Caudle, Jr.)

Caudle, Wilburn C. (Clayton)(Jr.), 10 Oct 1918-20 May 1994
(s/o Wilburn Clayton Caudle & Mary M. Major; h/o Ethel Catherine Stagner)

Cauley, William J. (Jefferson), 06 Jan 1948-06 Jan 1948
(s/o Benjamin Franklin Cauley & Stella Fedora Kersey)

Cawley, Dorothy M. (Marie), (05 Apr)1928-(18 Feb)1995
(d/o August G. Doneman & Anna A. Bauer; w/o William J.Cawley)

(Celebre, Josephine, 26 Feb 1927-05 May 2018)
(d/o Bart Solazzo & Mary LNU; w/o Louis S. Celebre)

Celico, (Francesco) Frankie L., 09 Jan 1978-09 Sep 2011
(s/o Carlo Celico & Finita Turano)

(Centeno, Christa, 16 Oct 1934-01 May 2023)
(d/o Lorenz Frietag & Maria Rau; w/o Ismael Centeno)

(Cepeda, Marcelo, 24 Feb 1945-21 Feb 2018)
(s/o Celestino Cepeda & Dorothy Delgado; h/o Geraldine LNU)

(Chaffin, Mary Rebecca, 07 Apr 1940-25 Mar 2020)
(d/o Charles & Mary Thompson)

Chakales, Kathryn R. (Maria Rosa), 11 May 1901-12 Apr 1995)
(d/o Giuseppe D'Angelo & Martie Antonia Medici; w/o Harry Charles Chakales)

Chalfinch, Gladine S., (25 Aug)1891-(18 Sep)1971
(d/o Moses Steven Slaughter & Caroline E. Wilson;; w/o Marcus L. Chalfinch)

Chalfinch, Marcus L., (28 Jun)1886-(11 Aug)1954
(s/o Henry W. Chalfinch & Ida LNU; h/o Galdine Slaughter)

(Chambers, Roderick A., 11 Jul 1934-01 Feb 2020)
(s/o Arthur Chambers & Clarice Rochester; h/o Vera LNU))

(Charles, Gregory D., 11 Jul 1931-12 Oct 2017)
(s/o Donald Charles & Agnes LNU; h/o Joyce C. Modeste)

(Charles, Joyce, 11 Aug 1933-23 Dec 2018)
(d/o Jorge H. Modeste & Anelestine; w/o Gregory D.Charles)

Chaves, Agostinho (de), 09 Feb 1952-04 Jul 2007
(s/o Francisco Augusto de Chaves & Rosa Cabral; h/o Maria)

Checa, Ana D. (Delia), 18 Sep 1937-09 May 2005
(d/o Emillo Rosario & Ramona Cristobal)

(Chen, Lin Wei, 10 Dec 1923-18 Feb 1994)

Cherit, John J. (Joseph), 01 Oct 1924-01 Jul 2002
(s/o Michael Cherit & Mary Sefchack; h/o Nancy Marie Steele)

(Cherit, Nancy M. S., 13 Jul 1927-16 Jul 2010)
(d/o John Steel & Veronica Papinsack; w/o John Joseph Cherit)

(Chernova, Velentina Fedorovna, 19 Feb 1940-01 Oct 2021)

Chesnut, Dorothy L. (Louise), 30 Nov 1927-24 Jul 2006
(d/o William J. Newman & Irene M. Arthur; w/o John H. Russell, Jr. & Malcolm Ray Chesnut)

Chesnut, Malcolm R. (Ray), 13 Dec 1920-05 Jul 2002
Capt, U.S. Air Force
(s/o John Allie Chesnut & Mary Camilla "Molly" Green; h/o Dorothy Louise Newman)

Cheyneen, Cathy Susan Burke, 1961-1991

Chin, Fay, 13 Jul 1931-(no date)
(w/o Harold B. Chin)

Chin, Harold L. (Lloyd), 28 Jul 1928-07 Nov 2011
(h/o Fay LNU)

Chisholm, Monica, 23 Dec 1931-20 Jul 2011
(d/o Septimus Millwood & Ina King; w/o Charles Alfred Chisholm)

Christensen, Robert L.,20 Mar 1922-17 Oct 1996
Tec 4, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Christian Carl Christensen & Anna Peterson)

Christian, Ernest L., 04 Apr 1954-15 Jan 2001
(h/o Rosa M. Worsley)

Christian, Eusta L., 18 Jan 1924-03 Mar 1990

Christie, John, (23 Dec)1911-(04 May)2003
(s/o Archibald Christie & Eliza R.Kessler; h/o Ruth Estella Kramer)

Christie, Ruth (Estella), (13 Aug)1916-(08 Apr)2001
(d/o Garfield P.Kramer & Maria Eckhardt; w/o John Christie)

Chuddy, Sr., George E. (Edward), 24 Nov 1919-08 Feb 2005
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o John Cudy & Susanna Katana; h/o Helene Bertine Ladick)

Chuddy, Helene B., 07 Nov 1923-26 Jul 2012
(d/o Paul Ladick & Josephina Stepanovsky; w/o George Edward Chuddy, Sr.)

Church, Cornelius G. (George), (09 Mar)1918-(11 Sep)1981
TSgt, U.S. Air Corps, WW II
(s/o Milo E. Church & Sarah Ella Flaven)

Chvilicek, Simon, 25 Apr 1906-12 Dec 2007
MM US Coast Guard WW II
(s/o Martin Chvilicek & Anna Podskubkova; h/o Anna Richtrova & Unk)

(Cianciulli, Donna D., 06 Jun 1944-05 Feb 2021)
(d/o Eugene Gagen & Sophie Dorothy (Aleksiejczyk) Alec; w/o Robert "Bob" Cianciulli)

Cimorelli, Sharon M. (Marie), 05 Jan 1955-02 Apr 1999
(John Scifo & Alice LNU; w/o James K. Cimorelli)

Cina, Evelyn, (18 Jun 1943-12 Feb 2003
(Nee: Esposito; w/o Steven Cina)

Cina, Steven, 20 Nov 1938-(no date)

(Ciullo, Gary K., 30 Dec 1942-14 Jul 2015)
(s/o Louis Donoto Ciullo & Marie Etha Kirk)

Ciullo, Louis D. (Donoto), 29 Sep 1919-28 Oct 1998
TSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Luigi Donoto Ciullo & Florinda E. Eiale; h/o Marie Etha Kirk)

Ciullo, Marie K., 13 Dec 1920-10 Sep 2007
(d/o Grover E. Kirk & Irene O. Nix; w/o Louis D. Ciullo)

Claiborne, Edward B. (Benjamin), (26 Dec)1914-(25 Aug)1986
(h/o Vera Eileen Hutchison)

Claiborne, Vera (Eileen) H., (31 Dec)1915-(14 Mar)1985
(d/o Forest Hutchison & Mildred H. Green; w/o Edward Benjamin Claiborne)

Clark, Abbie S. (Samantha), (16 Oct)1909-(03 Sep)1977
(d/o David Alex Groover & Melissa Turner; w/o Cleveland Jackson Clark)

Clark, Billy Joe, 11 Nov 1940-14 Feb 2002
(s/o Cleveland Jackson Clark & Abbie Samantha Groover)

Clark, Cleveland (Jackson), (27 Nov)1904-(31 Dec)1985
(Theophilus W. Clark & Arkey Misa Rainey; h/o Abbie Samantha Groover)

Clark, Evelyn A. (Anna), (20 Aug)1924-(10 Jun)2003
(d/o John P. Filchner & Zeline Leplattenier; w/o George L. Clark)

Clark, George L., (07 Aug)1916-(18 Apr)1990
(U.S. Veteran)
(h/o Evelyn Anna Filchner)

Clark, Irene L., (05 Feb)1912-(05 Jul)2002
(d/o John Edward Courser & Edna Rolund Alward; w/o Keith Edmond Wells & Irving Nelson Clark

Clark, Irving “Pete” (Nelson) (28 Aug)1911-(20 Jan)1991
(s/o Frank Wilson Clark & Beulah Jane Smith; h/o Lena Mae Wright & Irene Lenore Courser)

(Cleary, Joseph J. (Jerome), 01 Feb 1937-22 Sep 2022)
(s/o Jerome Clear & Helen LNU; h/o Lois LNU)

(Clevenstine, Malcolm Phillip, 14 Mar 1943-21 Mar 2014)
(s/o Malcolm P. Clevenstine & Anna Luscri; h/o Rosetta Marie Falleti)

(Clicklard, Evelyn A.,, 06 Oct 1937-10 Feb 2023)
(d/o Charles Franklin Parliament & Thelma Elizabeth LNU; w/o Gary George Clickard)

(Clicklard, Gary George, 26 Jun 1938-12 Jun 2023)
(h/o Evelyn A. Parliament)

Clifton, Eunice I. Ranew, (01 Feb)1891-(21 Dec)1971
(d/o William Riley Ranew & Sarah Alice Tomlinson ; w/o Sylvester Loran Clifton)

Clifton, Sylvester L. (Loran), (13 Mar)1890- (05 Jul) 1957
(s/o Henry (Strawberry) Clifton & Mary Catherine Fort; h/o Eunice I. Ranew)

Cline, Bertha (Mae), (27 Mar)1889-(03 May)1984
(d/o Thomas A. Jackson & Louisa Rebecca Brown; w/o Wayne Herbert Brisendine & FNU Cline)

(Clinton, Judith C., 31 Jul 1957-no date)

(Clinton, Isaiah, 29 May 1919-13 Jul 1999)

Coady, Catherine T. (Theresa), 03 Oct 1926-27 May 2001
(d/o Michael Doherty & Mary Lawless; w/o Edward Joseph Coady)

Coady, Edward Joseph, 11 Feb 1925-18 Sep 1990
S1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Thomas J. Coady & Margaret M. Kavanagh; h/o Catherine Theresa Doherty)

Coalfleet, George M., 1902-(25 Oct)1950
(s/o Clarence W. Coalfleet & Hannah Layton; h/o Rhea R. McLanry)

Coates, Camile G., (18 Aug)1936-(21 Mar)1995
(d/o Cleamon Graham & Loca B. Croft; w/o James Harold Coates)

Coates, Craig H. (Harold), (07 Aug)1954-(06 Aug)1991
(s/o James Harold Coates & Camile Graham)

Coates, James H. (Harold), (28 Dec)1932-(19 Jun 2018)
(s/o George M. Coates & Nancy Arizona Register; h/o Camile Graham)

Coates, J. (James) Michael, 06 Apr 1956-09 Jan 1994
(s/o James Harold Coates & Camile Graham)

Coates, Norris W. (Winford), 20 Jul 1927-26 Jan 2004
(s/o Thomas Edward Coates & Mittie Ann Bowen; h/o Norma Jane Ramey)

Coates, Norma (Jane), 02 Jul 1934-(no date)
(d/o Robert Gordon Ramey & Katie Mintz; w/o Norris W. Coates)

Coburn, Karen (Alice) McGonagle, 29 Sep 1947-09 Jan 2009
(d/o Daniel McGonagle & Alice Gaffney; w/o Ralph Coburn)

Cochran, William A., Oct 1843-25 Aug 1920
Pvt, Company L, 56 NY Inf
(USA, Civil War, h/o Annie Elizabeth Eagerton [dates are carved in base], however, the 1940-1941 Veterans Graves Registration Project conducted by the Military Department of the State of Florida and the American Legion show his dob as 1845 - at that time he was shown to be buried in the Cochran Cemetery in Flagler Beach, FL at the SW corner of N Central and 14th street; however a story in The Flagler Tribune of October 9, 1924 says that the graves in the Cochran Cemetery were move to Hope Cemetery the first of that week)

(Coelho, Anna Maria M., 21 May 1932-29 May 2017)
(d/o Manuel Fransisco & Elvira Matos; w/o Joao X. Coelho)

(Cogan, Barnett, 18 Apr 1929-03 Jun 2023)

Cohen, Arnold Leonard, 25 Dec 1928-18 Dec 2011
PFC US Marine Corp World War II
(h/o Ruth Mann)

Cohen, David, 01 Apr 1920-22 Oct 2007
SGT US Army Air Forces WW II
(s/o Albert Cohen & Esther Lizmi)

Cohn, Heinz, 11 Oct 1909-21 Nov 2002
(s/o Eugen Cohn & Anna Gotthilf; h/o Ruth Torok)

Cohn, Ruth, 02 Jun 1912-24 Mar 2005
((Nee: Torok; w/o Heinz Cohn)

Cola, George J. (John), (10 Mar)1915-(11 Oct)2004
(s/o Umberto Vitorco Cola & Ilida Illio; h/o Gladys M. Lechner)

Cola, Gladys M.,, (09 Sep)1920-(09 Dec)2000
(d/o Joseph Lechner & Adele Hlad; w/o George John Cola)

Colburn, Doris C., (11 May)1914-(04 Apr)1988
(d/o William E. Cole & Irene M. Steenburgh; w/o Robert William Colburn)

Colburn, Sr., Robert W. (William), (17 Jul)1915-(07 Feb)1997
(so/ Lorin Burdell Colburn & Jessie M. Fox; h/o Doris Cole)

Cole, Ralph J. (John), (04 Jul)1920-(12 Sep)1994
(s/o Ralph John Cole & Lillian Eberle)

Collett, Mary Jane, (22 May)1927-(19 Dec)2009
(d/o John A. Sillings & Verna Hollen; w/o Robert Collett)

Collett, Robert, (22 Dec)1924-(29 Mar)1995
(s/o Henry Collett & Lucy E. Brock; h/o Mary Jane Sillings)

Collier, Bernadette, (07 Oct)1922-(04 Aug)2008
(d/o JamesWalker & Sarah Fuinival; w/o William. Robert Collier)

Collier, William (Robert), (20 Jan)1921-(08 Jul)2006
(s/o Merchant Lee Collier & Nancy Belle Newcomer; h/o Bernadette "Bessie" Walker)

Collins, Carbonel W., 06 Jan 1915-21 Nov 2011
(h/o Murial A. DeCosta)

Collins, Muriel D., 06 Aug 1927-10 Jan 2012
(d/o Leslie DeCosta & Gwendolyn Warlock; w/o Carbonel W. Collins)

Collins, Joseph Mike, 12 Feb 1954-(no date)
(h/o Patricia Jean Ridings)

Collins, Patricia J. (Jean), 12 Feb 1955-13 Aug 2009
(d/o Charles Ridings & Mary LNU; w/o Joseph Mike Collins)

Colon, Isolina, 02 Jun 1914-17 Sep 2001
(d/o Ramon Maldonado & America Soto; w/o Pedro Colon)

Colon, Jr., Pedro, 20 Apr 1937-26 Dec 1999
(s/o Pedro Colon & Isolina Maldonado)

Colquhoun, Eileen (Frances), 21 Feb 1923-27 Dec 2005
(d/o George Walker & Frances Doran); w/o William Colquhoun)

Colquhoun, William, 27 Jul 1924-19 Jan 2005
(U.S. Marine Corps, WWII)
(s/o William Colquhoun & Alexanderi Holmes; h/o Eileen Frances Walker)

Combs, Harold D. (Dale), 20 Sep 1934-16 Sep 2001
(s/o Gerald Combs & Ruth Maxine Weatherman; h/o Mary Lou Miller)

(Combs, Jonathan Zachary, 11 Feb 1981-12 Oct 2021)

Combs, Mary Lou, 27 Mar 1939-25 Oct 2005
(d/o Daulphus Dell Miller & Rosa Augusta Wilkerson; w/o Harold Dale Combs)

Combs, Nancy Lou, 23 Sep 1946-04 Dec 1991
(Nee: Fleurie; w/o Ellsworth H. Combs)

Comeau, Claire O. (Odela), (15 Jan)1926-(20 Jan)1997
(d/o Raymond J. LeFehure & Katherine MacMaster; w/o Richard J. Comeau)

Comeau, Richard J., (18 Aug)1926-(27 Oct)2006
(s/o Louis M. Comeau & Adele Mucse; h/o Claire Odela LeFehure)

Composti, John F., (22 May)1915-(28 Jul)2001
(s/o Frank Composti & Helen Somma; h/o Kathryn Elizabeth Bambrick)

Composti, Kathryn E. (Elizabeth), (18 Jan)1919-(10 Nov)1993
(d/o Michael Bambrick & Elizabeth Chiosi; w/o John F.Composti)

Conklin, Edith Annie, (01 Dec)1899-(01 Nov)1939
(d/o James Daniel Rushing & Anna Eula Durrance; w/o Gordon Sterling Conklin)

Connelly, Carolyn, (25 Dec)1935-(01 Oct)2004
(d/o Brady F. Moss & Marie E.McAbee; w/o Charles F. Ferrugia & David Francis Connelly)

Connelly, David F. (Francis), (12 Mar)1932-(07 May)1991
(s/o David Frances Connelly, Jr. & Margaret Ennis; h/o Carolyn Moss)

Conrad, Leslie M. (Monroe)(Jr.), (15 Jul)1918-(08 Sep)1995
(s/o Leslie Monroe Corad & Vera Brown; h/o Virginia Ruth Bankes)

Conrad, Virginia R. (Ruth), (30 Oct)1921-(18 Apr)1984
(d/o Paul Bankes & Ruth Boyle; w/o Leslie Montoe Conrad, Jr.)

Conti, Giuseppa, (08 Nov)1908-(10 Nov)1993

Conway, George E., 30 Nov 1923-26 Feb 2010
PFC U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o James Conway & Mary Glenn; h/o Julia Cathryn Robinson)

Conway, Julia C. (Cathryn), 03 May 1926-04 Jun 2001
(d/o Abraham Robinson & Nettie McKenny; w/o George Conway)

Coogan, Jane (Alice) Bryan, 15 Nov 1931-11 Apr 2007
(d/o Francis J. Murphy & Jeannie R. Kolyer: w/o Gilbert Emery Bryan & Frank Coogan)

(Cooke, Cesaria Maria, 27 Nov 1950-03 Oct 2018)
(d/o Jose deSilva & Juraci LNU

Cooley, Izola L., 05 Mar 1922-1922-09 Mar 2011
(d/o Walter W. Laechelin & Hilda Becker; w/o Samuel Morton Cooley, Jr.)

Cooley, Samuel Morton, Jr., 13 Sep 1921-14 Feb 2005
RADM, U.S. Navy, World War II
(s/o Samuel Morton & Emily Flanagan; h/o Izola Laechelin)

(Cooper, Frank B., about 1871-25 Nov 1945)
(s/o George E. Cooper)
(obit say buried here, compiler unable to locate grave)

(Coppack, Pauline, (01 Oct)1933-(14 Feb)2014)
(d/o Edmund Scragg & Barbara Johnson; w/o Roland Coppack)

(Coppack, Roland, (28 Sep)1931-25 Jul 2008)
(h/o Pauline Scragg)

(Corbett, Jr., William L., 30 Nov 1940-11 Apr 2014)
(s/o William Corbett & Caroline Librege; h/o Thomasine Beck)

Cordasci, Paul, (12 Oct)1909-(06 Dec)1999
(s/o Joseph Cordasci & Amelia LNU; h/o Savaria "Sally" Cianciotto)

Cordasci, Sally, (31 Oct)1913-(30 May)2004
(Nee:Cianciotto; w/o Paul Cordasci)

Corn, Arlie C. (Christine), (26 Oct)1907-(03 Apr)1991
(d/0 Asa Coil Burnett & Sarah Etta Moon; w/o Harold Pearson Corn)

Corn, Harold P. (Pearson), (20 Oct)1909-(13 Sep)2002
(s/o Frank Herbert Corn & Ada Louise Morgan; h/o Arlie Christine Burnett)

Corrado, Rita C. (Christina), 17 Jun 1979-27 Apr 2006

Corrent, Edward N. (Nicholas), 17 Jul 1908-03 Jan 1989
1st Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(George Corrent & Sadie A Suderlund; h/o Irene Ellen Dolezal)

Corrent, Irene D., (15 Feb)1917-(10 Feb)1993
(d/o Frank William Dolezal & Bessie Morava; w/o Edward Nicholas Corrent)

Costadura, Gloria A. (Amelia), 05 Aug 1922-29 Aug 1990
(d/o Gaspar Calderazzo & Frances Lombardi; w/o Mario Pierno & Marion Joseph Costadura)

Costadura, Mario J. (Joseph), 25 Nov 1919-13 May 1999
(s/o Giacomo Costadora & Concetta Elliseo; h/o Gloria Amelia Pierno)

Cota, Maria Lidia, 13 Oct 1920-13 Jun 2009

Coulart, Maria A., 21 Jul 1930-05 Dec 2001

Cousins, Mollie E., 18 Apr 1924-22 Sep 1991
(d/o John Sandillo & Bessie L. Gasust; w/o JamesCaruthers & Basil Cousins)

Coyne, Edward A., 14 Feb 1924-12 Oct 2012
(s/o Edward F. Coyne & Aileen Thompson; h/o Eileen M. Henry)

Coyne, Eileen M., 03 May 1925-26 Apr 2011
(d/o Thomas Henry & Bridget Feury; w/o Edward A. Coyne)

Cozzone, Anne (Barbara), 24 May 1938-05 Mar 2012
(d/o Patrick Cusick & Rose LNU; w/o Guy Cozzone)

Cozzone, Guy (Gaetano) "Sonny," 29 Jan 1931-10 Mar 2007
(s/o John Cozzone & Jennie Orefice; h/o Anne Barbara Cusick)

Craft, Eva Davis, (04 Nov 1900)1903-(18 May)1981

Craft, Percy B., 19 Aug 1913-08 Nov 1986
Cpl, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Powell Craft & Luexa Lacey; w/o Eva Davis LNU)

Cramer, (Delbert) Milo, (21 Nov)1909-(18 Jan)1997
(s/o Milton Harvey Cramer & Flora Alice Brown; h/o Leola Faye Price)

Cramer, Howard M (Morrison) 06 Jul 1931-26 Jul 1995
SMSgt U.S. Air Force, Korea, Vietnam
(s/o Cloyd L. Cramer & Sara Eva Tallon; h/o Jackie West)

Cramer, Leola (Faye), (23 Jun)1913-(11 Dec 1998)
(d/o Lee Ellsworth Prie & Estella Coleman; w/o Delbert Milo Cramer)

(Crawford, Catherine E. (Elizabeth), {22 Feb}1927-{24 Oct} 2007)
(d/o Lindwood Crawford & Frances S. LNU)

(Cree, Arlene S., 31 Oct 1945-20 Aug 2018)
(d/o Walter George Cree & Charlotte Elizabeth "Shirley" Green)

Cree, Charlotte E. (Elizabeth), (17 Dec)1914-(23 Sep)1992
married 1942
(d/o Jeremiah Joseph Green & Elizabeth Duncan; w/o Walter George Cree)

Cree, Walter G. (George), (07 Jan)1918-(26 Jan)1998
(s/o George Cree &Mary Ethel Lea; h/o Charlotte Elizabeth "Shirley" Green)

Creech, Dahlia R. (Ruth), 05 May 1896-12 Nov 1969
(d/o James Levi Ambrose & Lucy D. Pigg; w/o John Mortimer Creech)

Creech, John M. (Mortimer), 23 Feb 1884-01 Mar 1956
(s/o Samuel R. Creech & Mary M. Turner; h/o Dahlia Ruth Ambrose)

(Creolino, Dante, 23Nov 1921-01 Mar 2012)
(s/o Dominick Creolino & Angiolina Piccianni; h/o Ruth Hillard)

(Creolino, Ruth, 12 Jan 1923-16 Jul 2009)
(d/o George Hillard & Bertha Oswald; w/o Dante Creolino)

Crespo, Armando N. (Nicholas), 15 Sep 1940-17 Mar 2008

Cretella, Annello, 01 Jan 1922-30 Jun 1999
(s/o Alfred Cretella & Elizabeth McConnell; h/o/ Helen Margaret Dexter)

Cretella, Helen (Margaret), 20 Mar 1924-(20 Mar 2014)
(d/o William Dexter & Helen McCarthy; w/o Annello Cretella)

Criss, Lynn (Marie) "Pooh," (18 Sep)1968-(23 Jan)2011
(d/o Louis D. Criss, Jr. & Jeanne Widdis)
(on the same marker as Roger "Kritter" Dykstra)

Crooks, Abe (Abraham B.) (aka: Skipper), 13 Feb 1875-19 Jan 1954

Croscin, James, 18 Feb 1899-05 Aug 1948
(s/o Frank D. (Chroscinski) Croscin & Mary Podzinski; h/o Monica (Mamie) Novak)

Crosier-Purper, Louise A., (30 Oct)1958-(25 Feb)2001
(d/o Audrin Vernon Crosier & Lucillel Spear Tetirick; w/o Edward J. Purper)

Crotty, Francis Patrick, 14 Apr 1904-05 Mar 1995
(MOMM2, U.S. Coast Guard, World War II)
(s/o Patricius Francis Crotty & Anna Roache;h/o Thelma Mae Hendren)

Crotty, Thelma Mae, (19 Oct)1906-(09 Mar)1999
(d/o Charles A. Hendren & Mae Bertie LNU; w/o William R. Hargett; Jack Brooks & Francis Patrick Crotty)

Crout, Herman Hardy, 25 Feb 1901-28 Dec 1958
(U.S. Marine Corps)
( h/o Mary Davis)

Crout, Mary (Ann)(Minnie) Davis, 05 Oct 1907-18 Apr 1962
(w/o Herman Hardy Crout)

Crowding, Dorothy C., 13 Nov 1910-11 Jan 2000
(d/o Harry Garfield Calvert & Jeanetta C. Griffin; w/o Edward Fenimore Crowding, Jr.)

Crowding, Edward F. (Fenimore)(Jr.), 06 Dec 1910-08 Feb 1997
(s/o Edward Fenimore Crowding & Rachel E. Cooper; h/o Dorothy Katherine Cavert)

(Crozier, Dolores Pauline, 03 Sep 1925-13 Jul 2019)
(Benjamin F. Schrock & Ellen Gertrude McKenna; w/o Thomas Jerome Crozier)

Crozier, Thomas J. (Jerome), 04 Mar 1921-29 Jan 2006
Sgt US Army Air Forces
(s/o James Wiley Crozier & Mary Jane Dunaway; h/o Dolores Pauline Schrock)

(Cruz-Munoz, Carlos Alberto, 06 Feb 1933-08 Jun 2015)
(s/o Zacarias Cruz & Gregoria Munoz; h/o Paula Carreras Nieves)

(Cruz, Fortunato V., 26 Mar 1935-10 Sep 2021)
(h/o Victoria Paniagua)

Cruz, Juan A., 09 Mar 1935-21 Aug 2010

(Cruz, Paula, 25 Jan 1931-11 Jun 2022)
(d/o Pablo Carreras & Zenaida Nieves; w/o Calroa Alberto Cruz-Munoz)

Cruz, Pedro Juan, 13 Mar 1930-06 Jan 2013
(s/o Juan Cruz & Cruz Gomez; h/o Carmen L. Gonzales)

(Cruz, Victoria P., c 1939-06 Apr 2016)
(Nee: Paniagua; w/o Fortunato V. Cruz)

(Cruzen, Dorothy L., {06 Dec}1918-{14 Jun}2008)
(d/o Edward D. Wright & Bertha Carter)

Cudnohoske, Mazie M., 07 Jul 1938-(no date)
(d/o Alvin H.Leitl & Jessie I. Toney; w/o Milton Melvin Cudnohoske)

Cudnohoske, Milton M. (Melvin), 02 Feb 1935-03 Feb 2004
(s/o Herman Cudnohoske & Agnes Schwittay; h/o Mazie M. Leitl)

Cuevas, Victoria Colon, 20 Aug 1939-18 May 2011

Cullinane, Eily, 29 Sep 1924-27 Dec 1993
(d/o John J. Horgan & Mary Desmond; w/o John Patrick Cullinane)

Cullinane, John P. (Patrick), 14 Mar 1924-25 Oct 1998
(s/o Walter Cullinane & Nellie Walsh; h/o Eily Horgan)

(Cummings, Gina Ann, 03 Sep 1968-14 May 2020)
(d/o Thomas Joseph Cummings & Maryanne LNU)

Cummings, Lucille M. (Maud), 04 Oct 1928-21 Aug 2006
(d/o Adrian Fuller & Mabel Francella Forbes; w/o FNU Cummings)
(on same stone as her mother, Mabel F. Fuller)

(Cuni, Carmela, 30 Apr 1921-11 Aug 2015)
(d/o Carl Guccione & Emily Rovello; w/o Matteo Michael Cuni)

Cuni, M. (Matteo) Michael, (25 Feb)1921-(15 Oct)2000
(s/o Francesco Cuni & Angelina Scudieri; h/o Carmela Guccione)

Cuozzo, Anthony (G.), 08 Oct 1934-17 Aug 1994
(s/o Antonio Cuozzo & Caterina Viscusi; h/o Anita Curatolo)

Curry, John T. (Thadeus), (26 Jan)1953-(23 Jul)2008
(s/o John Thadeus Curry & Frances C. McGinnis: h/o Lynn LNU)

Curry, Madge, (Evey), (27 Jan)1900-(01 Jun)1990
(w/o Edgar Curry)

(Cutler, Joanna M. (Marie), 02 Sep 1930-08 Jan 2014)
(d/o Anthony Coulapides & Alexandra Trochanis; w/o Charles Stanley Cutler)

(Cuthbert, Elizabeth Ann, 25 Jul 1996-17 Mar 1997)
(d/o Anthony William Cuthbert & Nancy Helen Roberts)

Cutruzzola, Louise J., (30 Jan)1930-(05 Mar)2008
(d/o Salvatore Tabile & Adeline Fabio; w/o Vito Cutruzzola)

Cutruzzola, Vito, (31 Aug)1927-(13 Oct)2011
(s/o Francesco Cutruzzola & Megalini Fausta; h/o Louise J. Tabilr)

Czar, Dolores Ann, 20 Jul 1942-04 May 2003
(d/o George Czar & Catherine T. Carroll; w/o Charles A. Woznikaitis)
(on same marker as Vincent Enzo Piazza, relationship unknown)

(DaCosta, Almerinda, 29 Jun 1927-17 Mar 2017)
(d/o Antonio Jacinto DaCosta & Maria Isabel Mederiros; w/o Jose Jacinto Costa)

(DaCosta, Elias F., 19 Mar 1938-01 Mar 2014)
(s/o Antonio DaCosta & Francisca Fontes; h/o Jorgina Moniz)

(DaCosta, John P., 01 Jan 1947-18 Jan 2017)
(s/o Jose Antonio DaCosta & Maria Rosa DePinho; h/o Anna LNU)

Dahl, Martha M., 1912-1985

Daley, Jr., John Clarence, 11 Jun 1920-08 May 1992
SSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o John Clarence Daley & Agnes Carr; h/o Marjorie A. LNU)

Daley, Marjorie A., 04 Sep 1924-07 Aug 2010
(w/o John Clarence Daley, Jr.)

Dame, Timothy E. (Eric), 17 Apr 1965-12 Jan 1989
(s/o Frederick Edgar Dame, Jr., & Lillian Rose Cook)

D’Amodio, John Joseph, 1959-(Aug)1959
(s/o FNU D’Amodio & Bertie Opal Durrance)

Dance, Malcolm A. (Alexander), (12 Jun)1906-(20 Sep)1996
(s/o William Berkley Dance & Lillian Estrella Hall; h/o Marie Festa)

Dance, Marie F., (23 Dec)1911-(18 Sep)2002
(d/o Ralph G. Festa & Elizabeth C.Chappa; w/o Malcolm Alexander Dance)

(Dandy, Lesley Anne, 15 May 1954-06 Nov 2016)
(w/o Roscoe Gree Dandy)

(Dandy, Roscoe Greer, 20 Dec 1946-no date)
(h/o Lesley Anne LNU)

(D’Angelo, Marie, 28 Jul 1934-14 Jun 1991)

Daniels, Angela M. (Marguerite), 16 Apr 1939-(no date)
(d/o Louis Weber & Juanita LNU; w/o Samuel Richard Daniels)

(Daniels, Herbert Pressley, 26 Mar 1939-28 Nov 2019)
(s/o William Isom Daniels & Willie Catherine Simmons; h/o Ann Ballard)

Daniels, Samuel R. (Richard), 10 Jan 1938-11 Jul 2006
(s/o Lincoln Marcell & Ruby Bays; h/o Angela Marguerite Weber)

(Danko, John Joseph, 10 Aug 1921-04 Dec 2003)
US Mercant Marine WW II
(s/o Steve Danko & Julia Soltes)

Dansby, Jr., Arthur, 19 Feb 1921-25 Jun 1995
CMSgt, U.S. Air Force, WW II, Korea, Vietnam
(s/o Arthur Dansby & Lottie C. Burk; h/o Sammie Simmons)

Darby, John D., 18 Aug 1923-01 Feb 2013
(s/o William Darby & Elizabeth Jane Marshall; h/o Marion Louise Swanson)

Darby, Marion L. (Louise), 02 Apr 1925-15 Jul 2003
(d.o Ernest Godtfried Swanson & Gertrude Katherine Bowman; w/o John D. Darby)

(Da Silva, Manuel P., 19 Sep 1937-07 Sep 2018)
(s/o Manuel Pereira Da Silva & Barbara da Conceicao; h/o Selma Assuncao Lima)

(Da Silva, Manuel T., 29 Oct 1922-20 Jun 2015)
(h/o Ilidia LNU)

Dattoli, John Anthony, 05 Jan 1932-24 Nov 1997
(s/o Edward Guy Dattoli & Susan M.Crupi; h/o Josephine Waters)

(Dattoli, Randall Edward "Randy" Dattoli, 29 Jul 1964-15 Aug 1997
(s/o John Anthony Dattoli & Josephine Waters)

Daugherty, Betty, 1940-(no date)
(w/o Bill Daugherty)

Daugherty, Bill (Billy Lee), (07 Sep)1938-(05 Jun)2008
(U.S. Army, Vietnam)
(s/o William B. Daugherty & Ruby Watson; h/o Betty Lou Schubert)

(Davis, Adele E., {25 Mar 1923}1922-2015)

Davis, Betty P., 16 Apr 1913-(24 Apr 2009)
(d/o Harry Patchin & Elizabeth Williamson; w/o Silas Allen Davis)

(Davis, Howard Evans, 30 Nov 1918-01 Aug 1994)
(s/o Grover Cleveland Davis & Odus Black; h/o Alma Louis Pope & Rita Winifed Voigh)

(Davis, J. B., c 1885-29 Dec 1925)
(probate records say buried here, compiler could not locate)

Davis, James H. (Henry), 08 Aug 1930-14 Jun 1993
(s/o Henry J. Davis & Alice A. Conway)

Davis, Lester (C.), 28 Sep 1923-20 Dec 2012

Davis, Margaret M., 1919-1994
(w/o G. Howard Davis)

(Davis, Monica Yvonne, 01 Apr 1957-30 Dec 2022)
(d/o FNU Lewis & Pauline Allen; w/o Floyd Davis)

(Davis, Rita (Winifred), (21 Apr)1920-(05 Dec)2017)
(Nee: Voigt; w/o Robert Albert Comstock & Howard Evans "Dave" Davis)

(Davis, R. L., c1864-26 May 1949)
(obit says buried here; compiler could not locate grave)

Davis, Seymour P. (Sy), 22 Dec 1927-10 Oct 2008
SSgt US Army World War II
(s/o Joseph Davis & Jenny Rosenthal; h/o Shirley Bieder)

(Davis, Shirley, 01 Jan 1925-13 Jun 2016)
(Nee: Bieder; w/o Seymour P. Davis)

Davis, S. (Silas) Allen, 17 Mar 1911-06 Apr 1978
(s/o Silas Allen Davis & Missouria Hunter; h/o Betty Patchin)

Davis, Wilbur D. (Denard), (09 Sep)1913-(08 May)2003
(s/o Eirty Davis & Meckie Parnell; h/o Adele LNU)

Dawson, G. (Garland) Howard, (01 May)1919-(20 Sep)1992
(s/o Garland Harrison Dawson & Anna Fedora Bley; h/o Margaret May Federline)

Dawson, James H. (Henry), (26 May)1923-(07 Mar)2013
(s/o Henderson Dawson & Sena Lillian Tucker; h/o Phynis Elizabeth Durrance)

(Dawson, Margaret May, 01 Jul 1919-Dec 1994)
(d/o Charles E. Federline & Laura M. Mercer; w/o Garland Howard Dawson)

(Dawson, Phynis Elizabeth, 13 Aug 1923-28 Sep 2017)
(d/o Arthur Washington Durrance & Rosa Leah Brooks; w/o James Henry Dawson)

De Andrade, Elba M. (Maria), (02 Oct)1930-(19 Nov)2008
(w/o FNU Gonzalez

Dean, Teri Anne, (30 Dec)1963-2001

DeBellotte, Doris (E.), (04 Nov)1925-(12 May)2006
(d/o Grove Edmund & Emily Charles)

(DeBeradinis, Marilyn R., 10 Apr 1938-24 Apr 2023)
(d/o John Kovacs & Mary Haydu; w/o Richard "Dick" DeBeradinis)

Decker, Chlois D. (Dean), 22 Jun 1935-25 Nov 2007
(s/o William Washington Decker & Harriet Preston; h/o Marlyn LNU)

(DeCosta, Elias F., 19 Mar 1938-01 Mar 2014)
(s/o Antonio DeCosta & Francisca Fontes; h/o Jorgina Moniz)

Deemer, Helen Stanton, 30 May 1912-02 Apr 1990
(d/o Frank Lippincot & Ethel Rapp; w/o Paul T.Brunell & FNU Demmer)

Deen, Claude Sisco, 12 Jul 1914-20 Jul 1969
MM2, U.S. Navy, Ensign, USMM, WW II
(s/o James Emmett Deen & Ethlyn Winifred (Ethel) Sisco; h/o Margaret Edna Booe & Irma Tice Ruggles) (Chairman, Flagler County School Board, 1941)
(father of the compiler of this listing)

Deen, Clyde E (Emmett), 15 Sep 1903-24 Feb 1948
(U.S. Army)
(s/o James Emmett Deen & Daisy Padgett; h/o Bonnie Dale Proctor & Jewel Glyn Whitaker)

Deen, Daisy Padgett, 13 Dec 1883-19 Jan 1969
(w/o James Emmett Deen, Sr., Fritz Donkin Marjenhoff & Andrew Nelson)

Deen, Eddye E. Starr, 27 Dec 1898-10 Jun 1970
Wife of James Lester Deen

Deen, Gladys Naomi Close, 22 Sep 1894-08 Jun 1964
(d/o David Scott Close & Sadie Francis De’Baun; w/o James Emmett Deen, Sr.)
(Flagler County Supervisor of Registration, 1948-1964)

Deen, Sr., J. E. (James Emmett), 21 Jun 1878-15 Oct 1948
(s/o James Monroe Deen & Mary Jane Josephine Sophronia Miles; h/o Daisy Padgett,
Ethel Winifred Sisco, & Gladys Naomi Close)
(Flagler County Supervisor of Registration, 1944-1948)

Deen, James Lester (Jimmy), 04 Aug 1901 15 Aug 1986
(s/o James Emmett Deen & Daisy Padgett; h/o Gertha Ione Alexander, Eddye E Star & Velma Sue Bowers)

Deen, Sue G. (Velma Lorraine), 14 Sep 1924 28 Dec 1994
(d/o James Allen Bowers & Ethel Lola Cluck; w/o FNU Graves & James Lester Deen)

DeFelice, Albert J.(Joseph), 09 Dec 1909-08 Mar 2010
s/o Telestoro DeFelice & Clorinda Silvaggi; h/o Theresa Mary Sorge)

DeFelice, Theresa M. (Mary), 24 Nov 1911-07 May 1997
(Nee: Sorge; w/o Albert Joseph DeFelice)

(DeFusco, Umberto, 15 Jun 1943-08 Apr 2015)
(US Army)
(h/o Maria LNU)

Dekom, Otto Joseph, 06 Jun 1918-07 Jul 2004
(s/o Anton George Dekom & Marie Lucchesi; h/o Maria Djordjevitch)

Delgado, Esther Acosta, 27 Oct 1929-19 Nov 1999
(d/o Plutarco Delgado-Perez & Elisea Brigida-Martin)

Delgado, Florencio (M.), (22 Jul)1925-(11 Apr)2006
(s/o Florencio Delgado & Paulina Falco; h/o Olga Olivera & Lucia LNU)

Delgado, Olga (Pascuala), (23 Oct)1929-(12 Jul)1995
(d/o Aberaldo Olivera & Mercedes Vazquez; w/o Florencio Delgado)

(Delgado, Roberto, 08 Aug 1932-18 Aug 2003)
(s/o Plutarco Delgado-Perez & Elisea Brigida-Martin)

Delgado-Martin, Elisea Brigida, 20 Mar 1907-14 Jun 1997
(w/o Plutarco Delgado-Perez)

Delgado-Perez, Plutarco, 28 Jun 1904-16 May 1997
(h/o Elisea Brigida-Martin)

Della Porta, Barbra Jean, (01 Apr)1957-(25 Mar)2009

Della Porta, Emiddio, (09 Jun)1912-(2000)
(h/o Jennie Barbaro)

Della Porta, Jennie, (08 Dec)1918-(30 Jan)1998
(d/o Anthony Barbaro & Mary Caridi; w/o Emiddio Della Porta)

Delmage, Mary A., (07 Sep)1893-(08 De)1979

(DelPino, Frank (Francisco) E. (Ernesto), (11 Aug)1922-(23 Aug)2004)
(s/o Juan DelPino & Josefa Contreras; h/o Gloria LNU)

(DelPino, Glora, (01 Jan)1928-no date)
(w/o Francisco Ernesto DelPino)

DeLuca, Frances A., (06 Nov)1921-(25 Dec)2007
(d/o Ernesto Cornale & Maria Rigassio Scotto; w/o John Anthony DuLuca)

DeLuca, John A. (Anthony), (09 Jul)1921-(16 Dec)2001
(s/o Gennaro DeLuca & Rosalie Laspada; h/o Frances A. Cornale)

DeMarchi, John P. (Paul), (09 Nov)1910-(29 Jul)1978
SSgt U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Angelo Demarchi and Nancy D Amico; h/o Evamae Allen)

Denison, Timothy Eden, 31 Dec 1954-21 Dec 1988
(s/o Stanely W. Denison & Joan E. Goode; h/o Patricia M. Flowers)

Dennis, Raphael A. (Augustus), 22 Sep 1925-13 Mar 2013
(s/o FNU Dennis & Wilhelmina Stevens; h/o Madgerine LNU)

(Denuna, Cezar D., 24 Sep 1932-29 Mar 2015)
(s/o FNU Denuna & Maria Doromal; h/o Felicitas Derla)

(Denuna, Felicitas D., 07 Mar 1931-18 Jan 2022)
(d/o Antonio Derla & Vicenta LNU; w/o Cezar D. Denuna)

(DePaul, Edith, 26 Sep 1919-23 Jul 2011)
(d/o Rocco Leggiadro & Elvira Riso; w/o Philip Christie DePaul)

(DePaul, Philip Christie, 19 Feb 1922-01 Jul 2014)
(US Navy WW II)
(s/o Christie DePaola & Carolina Quarantiello; h/o Edith Leggiadro)

DeRosa, Clara A.(Anna), 02 Aug 1915-19 May 1994
(d/o Olindo Testa & Palma Pisaturo; w/o Joseph Albert DeRosa)

DeRosa, Joseph A. (Albert), 13 Apr 1913-16 May 1988
(US Army WWII)
(h/o Clara Anna Testa)

DeSantigo, Aurea V., 24 Aug 1946-(no date)
married 9 Mar 1968
(Francisco DeSantiago, Jr.)

DeSantiago, Francisco, 04 Jan 1943-07 Dec 1998
Sp 4, U.S. Army

(Dias, Maria Herminia, 01 Oct 1944-08 Jun 2019)
(d/o Sebastia da Silva & Evangelina Nunes; w/o Manuel Dias)

Diaz, Aurea, 1924-(no date)
(nee: Colon; w/o Genaro Diaz)

Diaz, Genaro, (07 Sep)1924-(22 Oct)2008
(s/o Genaro Diaz & Amelia LNU; h/o Aurea Colon)

Diaz, Ricardo A. (Andres), 31 Aug 1953-28 Sep 2006
(h/o Lori)

DiBella, Paul, 16 Sep 1985-12 Nov 1987
(s/o Rosario DiBella & Angela LNU)

Dichtenberg, Jacob J. (Jack), (13 Jul)1925-(02 Aug)2013
(US Navy WW II)
(s/o Benjamin Dichtenberg & Ruchel Lea Zygielwaks)

Dickman, Frank C. (Carmen), 22 Jan 1891-06 Jul 1949
Capt, U.S. Army, WW I & II, Pennsylvania
(s/o Frederick W. Dickman & Jennie Huntsman; h/o Jane White Dalziel - she is buried in Bicknell, IN)

Dietz, Charles H. (Henry), 28 Jun 1914-27 Jun 1998
((s/o Otto Dietz & Ella Edith Messick; h/o Lillian Eckert &Virginia Diana Goss)

Dietz, Virginia D., 06 Jul 1925-(10 Jan 2007)
(d/o Edward Goss & Edith I. Johnson; w/o Charles Henry Dietz)

DiFazio, Michelle, (28 Dec)1947-(08 May)2005
(d/o Pasquale Spagnuolo & Maria; w/o Rev. Silverio "Sal" DeFazio)

DiFazio, Silverio, (28 Jun)1946-(26 Jun)2023
(s/o Mario DiFazio & Renata Florenti; h/o Michelle Spagnuolo)

(DiFilippo, Evelyn, 27 Oct 1944-25 Feb 2023)
(d/o Ryamond Ebbrecht & Mary LNU; w/o Mark "Rick" DiFilippo)

DiGirolamo, Nunzio A.(Anthony), 18 Oct 1931-15 Feb 2000
United State Air Force
(s/o Domonic DiGirolamo & Sanatella Inarella; h/o Julia M. Schluensen)

Dignan, Gertrude C.(Catherine), 29 Nov 1911-03 Apr 1999
(d/o Frank Dunn & Gertrude A. Schmillen; w/o William Thomas Dignan)

Dignan, William T. (Thomas), 18 Jan 1908-24 Feb 2003
Tec 4, U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o William J. Dignan & Mary A. McCune; h/o Gertrude Catherine Dunn)

DiLello, Sandra (D)., (24 Nov)1948-(02 Jun)2013
(d/o Nicholas Volchok & Irene Hayes; w/o Vincent C. DiLello)

(Dillard, Ava Sophia Dillard, 17 Mar 2020-17 Mar 2020)

Dillard, Mark A. (Alan), (18 Nov)1955-(15 Oct)1995
(h/o Linda Lee Keating)

Dillard, Robert J. (Jeffrey), (02 Apr)1954-(20 May)1988

Dimillo, Eddie (Edward John), 17 Feb 1982-16 Sep 2002
(s/o James Anthony Dimillo & Janice Gail Wetherington)

Dimmick, Agnes L. (Louise), (05 May)1912-(24 Mar)1995
(d/o Sylvester Loran Clifton & Eunice I. Ranew; w/o Russell Lanier Yelvington & Richard Lavern Dimmick)

Dimmick, Ersell “Sally,” (14 Mar)1911-(01 Feb)1981
(d/o Irving D. Scouten & Nellie Michaels; w/o Harry Joseph Woodrow & Richard Lavern Dimmick)

Dimmick, (Richard) Lavern, (17 Sep)1902-(18 May)1990
(s/o Richard Albert Dimmick & Pearl Rose Surbrook; h/o Ersell Grace Scouten & Agnes Louise Clifton)

(Dioguardi, Thomas, 30 Apr 1938-01 Mar 2013)
(s/o Antonino Dioguardi & Francesca LNU)

Diorio, Alfred E., 25 Jul 1919-25 Jun 2004
CWO , U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o Vincent James Diorio & Mildred Terranova)

DiStefano, Angelo, 19 Nov 1904-28 Jun 1982
(h/o Josephine Campo)

DiStefano, Josephine, 03 Jan 1915-31 Mar 1999
(d/o Carmello Campo & Mary B. LNU; w/o Angelo DiStefano)

(DiStefano, Mary G., 30 Oct 1936-05 Sep 2020)
(d/o Clair F. Vahey & Zitta A. Cronauer; w/o Salvatore DiStefano)

(DiStefano, Salvatore, 15 Jan 1935-03 Oct 2012)
(US Army)
(s/o Angelo DiStefano & Josephine Campo; h/o Mary G. Vahey)

Ditolla, Theresa, 10 Sep 1935-28 Mar 2012

DiVico, Jr., John, 03 Nov 1919-27 Jun 2002
(s/o John Divico & Concetta Maisello; h/o Mary Scott)

DiVico, Mary, 04 Feb 1922-(01 Jun 2014)
(d/o Paul Scott & Katie Scarcelli; w/o John DiVico, Jr)

Dixon, Chester (Carl) C. D. C., 11 Aug 1912-17 Jun 1994
(s/o Joseph Carl Dixon & Drusella Ann Jackson; h/o Emma Zahler, Vivian Jane Williams & Diana Isabella Rogers)

Dixon, Diana I. (Isabella), 18 Jan 1922-23 Jun 2005
(d/o Manzie I. Rogers & Maria Grace Vescera; w/o Chester Dixon)

(Dobis, Christina Maria, 09 Jun 2015-11 Jun 2015)

(Dobis, Leonard E. (Eugene), 07 Sep 1928-11 Jul 2016)
(s/o John Dobis & Helen Szostek; h/o Margueritte Louise Barnes)

(Dobis, Margueritte L. (Louise) 20 Jun 1927-07 Dec 1997)
(d/o Leonard George Barnes & Marie Francis Hartsell; w/o Leonard Eugene Dobis)

Dobson, David R. (Rufus), (24 Feb)1904-(28 Jun)1986
(s/o William M. Dobson & Martha Blackwell; h/o Rhea Roberta Hall & Opha Dickens)

Dobson, Opha (May) Martin, (10 Mar)1905-(21 Jan)1986
(d/o Floyd I. Dickens & Sarah Conrad; w/o Charles T.Martin, Ward Winslow Martin & David Rufus Dobson)

Dobson, Rhea (Roberta) H. (24 Dec)1908-(12 Aug)1979
(d/o John Curry Hall & Agnes Belle Green; w/o Owen Elliott Shelton, J. D. McClarty & David Rufus Dobson)

Doe, Unnamed Infant, 1995-Jan 1995

Doerrler, Barbara R., (22 Oct)1940-(27 Oct)2001
(d/o Joseph Greis & Emma Haas; w/o William F. Doerrler)

(Doerrler, William F., 06 Jan 1932-13 Jul 2014)
(s/o Louis Doerrler & Elizabeth Hofmman; h/o Margaret R. Greis)

Dolson, Margaret R., 09 Oct 1928-(no date)
(Nee: Ramsey;w/o William A. Dolson)

Dolson, Wiilliam A., 04 Dec 1928-11 Nov 2009
(s/o William Dolson & Grace Ten Eyck; h/o Margaret E. Ramsey)

Domenech, J. (Jose) Luis "Nene," (04 Aug)1950-2013
(w/o Maria Celia Fernandez)

Dooley, David C., 05 Sep 1952-17 May 2004
(s/o Earl Dooley & Wilma Judd; h/o Peggy Knipper)

Doreste, Albert, 04 Dec 1932-13 Mar 1995
(s/o Guillermo (William) Doreste & Mina (Minnie) Berger)

D’Orlando, Steven (David) "Dee," 26 Dec 1954-05 Oct 2003

Dorne, Melba Hunter, 29 Oct 1924-(no date)

Dorne, Trey, 01 Oct 1987-15 Apr 1988

Dorne, William P. (Padgett), 04 May 1925-19 Nov 1992
Cpl, U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II
(s/o Joseph Anthony Dorne & Joyce Neville Paine)

D’Ornellas, Manuel J. (John), 04 Mar 1943-07 Apr 2005
U.S. Army
(s/o FNU D'Ornellas & Josephine LNU)

Dorr, Hubert S. (Stanley), (10 Sep)1922-(02 Jun)2006
married 06 Jul 1947
(s/o Clarence L. Dorr & Ethel L. Titus; h/o Nellie Lounsbury)

Dorr, Nellie L., (06 Sep)1920-(02 Mar 2016)
(d/o Martin Lounsbury & Helen L. Dyckman; w/o Hubert Stanley Dorr)

Dorsey, Domenica (Mae), 05 Apr 1928-03 Jun 1997
married 10 Apr 1950
(Nee: Rebardo; w/o John Edward Dorsey, Jr)

Dorsey, John E. (Edward)(Jr.), 19 Dec 1920-15 Jan 1993
(s/John Edward Dorsey & Agnes V. Pfrommer; h/o Domenica Rebardo)

Dos Santos, Antonio (Tony), 15 Jun 1947-07 Mar 2004
(h/o Elisabete LNU)

Douglas, Eideta T. (Theresa), (31 Mar)1903-(07 Aug)1996
(d/o Aston S. Burrell & Rose A. Williams)

Dow, Edwin R. (Ruthven), 21 Dec 1869-30 Oct 1954
( Evangelist, Mayor of Flagler Beach)
(s/o James Chase Dow & Hannah L. Cooley; h/o Mary L. Cooley)

Dow, Mary L., 09 Jun 1865-19 May 1939
(d/o FNU Cooley; w/o Dr. Edwin Ruthven Dow)

Dowling, Elizabeth, 17 Jun 1929-(no date)
(w/o Patrick Joseph Dowling)

Dowling, Patrick J. (Joseph), 14 Dec 1929-06 Jan 2008
(s/o Edward Dowling & Anne Connor; h/o Elizabeth "Betty" LNU)

Doyle, Jr., John Edward, (01 Aug)1948-(14 Feb)2013
(s/o John Edward Doyle & Daisy Doster; h/o Shelley Newmark)

Dressler, Friedrich (Karl), 21 Jan 1936-27 Feb 2004
(h/o Rosel Anna Zimlich)

Dressler, Michael C., (23 Sep)1957-(13 Dec)2002
(s/o Friedrich Karl Dressler & Rosel Anna Zimlich)

Dressler, Rosel (Anna), 19 Sep 1936-18 Feb 2006
(d/o Josef Zimlich & Maria Christ; w/o Friedrich Karl Dressler)

Dreyfus, Isabel L., 01 Oct 1922-07 May 2009
(d/o Aaron Levinson & Carrie Brilianstone; w/o John Sydney Dreyfus)

Dreyfus, John S. (Sydney), 27 Apr 1909-11 Nov 1995
(s/o Sydney Dreyfus & Edna Helen Well; h/o Debra Virginia Carr & Isabel Levinson

Duarte, Edward J., 14 Jul 1932-03 Mar 2007
SP3 U.S. Army - Korea
(s/o Joseph Duart & Georgianna Vivaros; h/o Odelia Dolores LNU)

Duarte, Odelia D. (Dolores), 15 Mar 1931-27 Jun 1991

Du Brul, Richard L. (Leonard), 12 Nov 1928-22 Jun 1998
Capt, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Cyriac Leonard Du Brul & Florence M. Kavanaugh; h/o Veronica Susan Slowey)

(Du Brul, Veronica S. (Susan), 28 Jan 1930-08 Aug 200
( d/o Alexander F. Slowey & Anna T. Sexton; w/o Richard Leonard Du Brul)

(Dudley, William Franklin, 1942-13 May 2015)
(s/o Willie Leon Dudley & Goldie Lucy Bell Stanley; h/o Margaret Ann Cusack)

Duensing, Clyde (L.), 30 Oct 1912-21 Sep 1980
(s/o Charles Carl Duensing, Jr. & Emma Potter; h/o Jewell Hopper)

Duensing, Jewell 09 Nov 1908-20 Mar 1991
(d/o William Hopper & Cleo M.Rorie; w/o Clyde L. Duensing)

Duffer, Delbert Daniel, 12 Nov 1923-01 Feb 1994
SSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Albert Lucious Dugger & Bertha Lea Mangum; h/o Novetta Faye Doty)

(Duffield, Maxine "Max" Adel, 10 Jul 1933-25 May 2016)
(d/o Merle Brooks & Camilla Cannon; w/o Rolland Duffield)

(Duffield, Rolland A., 19 Dec 1930-13 Oct 2017)
(s/o Leroy Duffield & Pear Harshbarger; h/o Maxine Brooks)

Duhaney, Inez E., 19 Nov 1920-(no date)
(w/o Jameson C. Duhaney)

Duhaney, Jameson C. (Coke), 04 May 1910-19 Oct 2011
(s/o John Duhaney & Jane LNU; h/o Inez E. LNU)

Duke, Elaine, 1927-(no date)
(w/o Eric Charles. Duke)

Duke, Eric C. (Charles), (25 Apr)1922-(04 Apr)2009
US Merchant Marine
(s/o FNU Duke & Sylvia Bishop; h/o Myrtle I.Benjamin & Elaine LNU)

Dunn, Augusta (Simonne), (06 May)1921-(25 Dec)1999
(d/o Frank Frizzi & Margueritt Andre; w/o Jack Dunn)

Dunn, Francis, (27 May)1947-(15 Sep)2004
(s/o Jack Dunn & Augusta Simonne Frizzi)

Dunn, (Dr.) Jack, (04 Aug)1916-(11 Jan)2006
(s/o Solomon Dunn & Gitil Millstein; h/o Augusta Simonne Frizzi)

Dunn, Lucy H., 31 Aug 1916-02 Mar 2010
(d/o Thomas Hendrick, Jr. & Lucy B. LNU; w/o Donald M. Dunn)

Dupelle, Helyn, 08 Aug 1925-(no date)
(w/o Orrel CharlesDupelle, Jr.)

Dupelle, Orrel (Charles) “Dupe,” (Jr.), 5 Jul 1924-03 Jan 1996
(s/o Orrell Charles Dupell & Theresa C. Taggart

Dupont, John L. (Lenthall), (25 Dec)1881-(30 Oct)1972
(s/o Benjamin Edward Dupont , CSA & Caroline Octavia Kisselsteine; h/o Sadie Maria Mickler & Rosemary Bartley)

Dupont, Rosemary, (12 Nov)1880-(31 Mar)1970
(d/o William Harrison Bartley & Mary Margaret Dorinda Santini; w/o John Lenthall Dupont)

(Duran, Jorge F., 22 Dec 1948-30 Jul 2020)
(s/o FNU Duran & Carmen LNU; h/o Maria LNU)

Duran, Nathan Edwards, 06 Mar 2009-06 Mar 2009

(Durkin, John James III, 21 Jan 1958-24 Jul 2023)
(s/o John James Durkin, Jr. & Anna Elizabeth LNU; h/o Gail LNU)

Durrance, Arthur Washington, (05 Jan)1878-(04 Aug)1954
(s/o George Washington Durrance & Dora Elizabeth Helms; h/o Rosa Leah Brooks)

Durrance, Baby Girl, 18 Nov 1959-18 Nov 1959
(d/o Eddie Eugene Durrance & Ruby Lucille Allman)

Durrance, Betty S. (Spicie), (07 Apr)1919-(10 Mar)1980
(d/o David M Damron & Georgia Martin; w/o Homer Marcum & John William "Buck" Durrance)

Durrance, Carl Hiram, 31 Dec 1920-11 Mar 1988
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Arthur Washington Durrance & Dora Elizabeth Helms; h/o Audrey Jeanette Albritton, &
Mary Louise Dreggors)

Durrance, Clara May, 11 Apr 1900-25 Jul 1908
(d/o Arthur Washington Durrance & Rosa Leah Brooks)
(originally buried in Durrance Family Cemetery, Espanola)

Durrance, Cynthia K., (25 Sep)1951-(no date)
(Nee: Kelly; w/o Eddie Eugene Durrance)

Durrance, Dora Elizabeth Helms, (Jul 4)1862-(20 Dec)1924
(d/o John Helms & Sara A Johnson; w/o George Washington Durrance, CSA)
(originally buried in Durrance Family Cemetery, Espanola)

Durrance, Eddie E. (Eugene; aka Gene), (14 Oct)1937-(no date)
(s/o Everett Eugene Durrance & Maudena Lee Yelvington; h/o Ruby Allman, Beverely Hughes & Cythia Kelley)

Durrance, Everette E. (Eugene), 22 Feb 1908-02 Aug 1969
(s/o Arthur Washington Durrance & Rosa Leah Brooks; h/o Maudena Lee Yelvington)

Durrance, George Walter (Son), 04 Mar 1893-24 Aug 1927
(Horseshoer, 106 Engr Tn, WW I (Florida)
(The 1940-1941 Graves Registration project by the Military Department of Florida and the American Legion show his dob as 1894 and show him buried in the Durrance Cemetery outside of Espanola,
a cemetery that is no longer in being)
(s/o George Washington Durrance & Dora Elizabeth Helms; h/o Mary Kathleen Melvin)

Durrance, George Washington, (27 Sep)1850-(04 March)1940
(CSA, no unit given on the 1940-1941 Graves Registration Project by the Military Department of Florida and the American Legion. This study also shows his dob as 1851)
(He did not serve in the CSA but in an act which became law on 10 Jun 1936, the State of Florida
granted him a pension for rendering valuable assistance and aid to the soldiers of the Confederacy
and to the Confederate cause - csdeen
(s/o William Irvan Durrance and Louvinia L. Prescott; h/o Dora Elizabeth Helms)

Durrance, George W. (Washington)(Uncle Buck), (13 Jun)1902-(15 Aug)1973
(s/o Arthur Washington Durrance & Rosa Leah Brooks; h/o Loretta E. Brannick)

Durrance, Hullett Worrell, 11 Nov 1898-14 Jan 1967
(s/o George Washington Durrance & Dora Elizabeth Helms; h/o Eddie Mae Cornell,
Eva Marguerita Doles & Mary Magdalene (Peggy) Morgan)

Durrance, Irene M. (Mathilda) J. (Nuny), 09 Oct 1898-15 Jul 1986
(d/o James Jeppson & FNU Sundaine; w/o Thomas Omega Durrance)

Durrance, James Hulett (Bill), (22 Aug)1921-(25 Jan)1983
MM 1, Seabees,WW II
(s/o Thomas Omega Durrance & Irene M. Jepson; h/o Ethel Fillinger)

Durrance, John Ernest, 01 Sep 1885-13 Sep 1968
(s/o George Washington Durrance & Dora Elizabeth Helms; h/o Julia A. Davis )

Durrance, John W. (William) “Buck,” (05 Feb)1923-(30 Dec)1992
U.S. Marine Corps, WWII
(s/o John E. Durrance & Julia A. Davis; h/o Betty Spicie Damron)

Durrance, Julia A. (Ann), 16 May 1898-05 Mar 1975
(d/o Daniel W. Davis & Syren E. Fite; w/o Nathaniel Arthur Stagner & John Ernest Durrance)

Durrance, Lorretta E. (Elizabeth), (15 Aug)1916- (07 Feb)1982
(d/o Peter N. Brannick & Eliabeth Davison; w/o George Washington Durrance)

Durrance, Maudena (Maude) L. (Lee), 22 Feb 1913-01 Oct 1953
(d/o Eddie Yelvington & Eva Cothron; w/o Everette Eugene Durrance)

Durrance, Mildred Lorea, 12 Sep 1925-22 May 1926
(d/o John Ernest Durrance & Julia A. Davis)

Durrance, M. (Minnie) Louise, 07 Nov 1935-03 Jul 1991
(d/o Edward Jessie Dreggors & Carrie Emanuel; w/o Clyde Nolan Clifton & 2nd w/o Carl Hiram Durrance)

Durrance, Nathan (Omega)(aka Bud), 06 Feb 1919-05 Sep 1985
AMM3, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Thomas Omega Durrance & Irene M. Jepson; h/o Lucille B. Davison, Carolyn May Hosford & Armetha Naomi Lord)

Durrance, Rosa L. (Leah), (30 Mar)1883-(09 May)1977
(d/o Joseph Jefferson Brooks & Louisa Driggers; w/o Arthur Washington Durrance)

Durrance, Thomas O. (Omega), 10 Aug 1896-26 Dec 1966
(s/o George Washington Durrance & Dora Elizabeth Helms; h/o Irene M. Jepson)

Duval, Dorothy S., 08 Nov 1916-21 Mar 1989
(d/o Robert Lee Stacy & Margaret Virginia Jackson; w/o Karl Bannister Duval)

Duval, Karl B. (Bannister), 07 May 1914-06 Dec 1997
(s/o Samuel Bannister Duval, Jr. & Genevieve Elizabeth Kuhn; h/o Dorothy Leigh Stacy & Donna Jean Sponenberg)

(Dwyer, Bessie M., 29 Jan 1884-12 Jan 1951)
(d/o Abraham Elliott & Mary Samantha Kenney; w/o William Dwyer)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

(Dwyer, Gladstone A., 16 Mar 1928-13 May 2014)
(s/o Hubert Anthony Dwyer & Ina Satira Ricketts; h/o Evelyn Sanderson)

(Dyadyura, Anna, 19 Dec 1920-06 Jan 2007)
(according to the find-a-grave posting the translation of the inscription is as above)
(Social Security Death Index spelling is: Anna Diadioura)

Dyer, Howard R. (Ricardo), (20 Dec)1974-(14 Nov)2009
(h/o Camille Rose)

(Dyke, George S., 07 Nov 1934-11 Feb 2018)
(s/o John Dyke & Naomi Riley; h/o Pamela M. Fair)

Dykstra, Roger "Kritter," 1946-(no date)
(on the same marker with Lynn Criss)

Dzikowski, Beatrice Bamer, 1934-(no date)

Dzikowski, Charles, 1930-(no date)

Eberle, Karen K. (Kamilla), (28 Mar)1955-(21 Aug)1978
(d/o Harold F. Eberle, Jr., & Camilla W. Spivey)

(Eckenrode, Donna (Christine), 10 Nov 1961-08 Sep 2006)
(d/o Albert Wade Windsor, Jr., & Elsie Mae Asmussen; w/o Leonard C. Eckenrode)

(Eckenrode, Leonard C. (Carroll), 16 Feb 1959-18 Oct 2010)
(s/o William Thomas Eckenrode, Jr. & Patricia Catherine Nutter; h/o Donna Christine Windsor)

Edsell, Charles Lyle, (14Mar)1897-(06 Nov)1971
(s/o Vernon Levi Edsell & Lucinda Snow; h/o Nellie Francis Jones)

Edsell, Leon E., 03 Jun 1924-13 Nov 1989
Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Charles L. Edsell & Nellie F. Jones; h/o Jan Spencer)

Edsell, Nellie Francis Jones, 30 May 1901-01 Jul 1995
(d/o Joseph Leon Jones & Rosa Edna Braddock; w/o Charles Lyle Edsell)

Edwards, Calvin (Kenneth), 17 Jan 1936-(no date)
(h/o Hilda Elaine Parks)

Edwards, (Hilda) Elaine, 28 Feb 1941-04 Jan 2011
(d/o Woodrow Wilson Parks & Novella Christine Johnson; w/o Calvin Kenneth Edwards)

Ehrismann, Anthony W. (William), 28 Jul 1973-30 Oct 2012
(h/o Jennifer L. LNU)

Ehrismann, Jennifer L., 09 Sep 1971-(no date)
(w/o Anthony William Ehrismann)

Eighmey, Bernice E. (Emma), (03 Nov)1903-(05 Jul 1994)
(d/o Francis Goodman & Tena Enos; w/o Delbert William Eighmey)

Eighmey, Clayton L. (Leslie), 16 Jul 1922-02 Oct 1993
U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Delbert William Eghmey & Bernice Emma Goodman; h/o Joyce Irene Richards)

Eighmey, Delbert W. (William), (03 Jun)1898-(16 Apr)1978
(h/o Bernice Emma Goodman)

Eisenbach, C. B. (Carl Benton), 26 Nov 1920-04 Nov 2005
( U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Hervey Alexander Eisenbach & Neva Brown; h/o Leona Ward)
(Flagler County Deputy Sheriff, Bunnell City Commissioner & Mayor)

Eisenbach, Hervey A (Alexander)(aka Mutt), 25 Feb 1892-12 Dec 1946
(U.S. Army, WWI)
(s/o Rudolph Carl Eisenbach & Dora Marie; h/o Neva Brown)
(Flagler County Judge, 1931-1945)

Eisenbach, Leona, 03 Aug 1920-06 Apr 2011
(d/o Clarence Wilson Ward & Lena Ward; w/o Carl Benton Eisenbach)

Eisenbach, Neva Brown, 01 Feb 1893-30 Nov 1982
(d/o David Benton Brown & Minnie Truman; w/o Hervey Alexander Eisenbach)

Elder, Leslie P., 02 Apr 1935-(no date)

Elder, S. Lenore 02 Dec 1950-(no date)

(Eldredge, David Stark, 05 Jul 1945-12 Apr 2018)
(s/o Robert A. Eldredge & J.Elaine Stark; h/o Jane Campbell)

Elkinyuk, Anna, 24 Aug 1923-23 Oct 1991
(w/o Isaak Elkinyck)

Elkinyuk, Isaak, 25 Dec 1923-02 May 2008
(h/o Anna LNU)

(Ellerin, Boris, 15 Jun 1952-23 Mar 2016)

Ellis, Charles L. (Levin), 12 Aug 1923-12 Nov 1993
(s/o Niolon Ellis & Lou Ella Culpepper; h/o Wylodine Franklin)

Ellis, Wylodine E., 04 Jul 1928-(11 Jan 2017)
(d/o Virgil Hand Franklin & Pinkey Callum; w/o Charles Levin Ellis)

Ellrod, Merilyn J., 28 Nov 1927-10 Jan 2013

Ells, (Johanna Mary) Josie, (28 May)1924-(06 Mar) 2012
(Nee: Madden; w/o Donald M. Ells)

Emerson, Bonnie Lee, (20 Oct)1936-(22 Aug)2005
(d/o Lawrence Hoppes & Mary Bryson; w/o Warren Melson Emerson)

Emerson, John B., (19 Jan)1931-(26 Feb)2004
(U.S.Marine Corps, Korea)
(h/o Mildred LNU)

Emerson, Mildred, (27 Aug)1929-(30 Oct 2021)
(w/o John B. Emerson)

Emerson, Warren Melson, (01 Oct)1929-(16 Mar)2011
(s/o Warren Emerson & Dorothy Irene Erickson; h/o Bonnie Lee Hoppes)

Emery, Becky. 07 Sep 1953-(02 Nov 2015)
(on the same marker with Lillie Wilson & Martin Gillis)

England, Minnie L. (Lee), 15 Aug 1883-03 Feb 1966
(d/o Cornelius Theodore Teate & Laura A. High;
(w/o Lonnie Theopllis Miller, George Anderson Bruner, & Jack W. England)

Engle, Evelyn L., (30 Sep)1958-(05 Jan)2003

Enright, Lillian M. (Maria), 24 Oct 1938-01 May 2012
(d/o Basil A. Bels & Blanca Dorothy Bartle)

(Erskine, Phyllis A. (Arlene). 31 Dec 1968-07 May 2014)
(d/o Gary Gordon Kleingardner & Frances A. Schrader; w/o Tony Allan Erskine)

Eskesen, John, (27 Feb 1867)1868-(27 Feb)1925
(s/o Jeso Eskesen & Bodil M. LNU)

Esposito, Rev. Alberto G., 1963-(no date)
(s/o Louis H. Esposito & Anna P. LNU)

Esposito, Anna P., (21 Apr)1924-(20 Mar)2012
(d/o Ciuseppe Palombo & Concetta Paolella;w/o Marino Rippa & Louis H. Esposito)

Esposito, Carmela, (15 Jul)1918-(30 Aug)2002
(d/o Catello Guadagno & Pierina Partenza; w/o Frank John Esposito)

Esposito, Frank (John), (01 Jan)1913-(29 Nov)2000
(s/o Sam Esposito & Josephine Mardorma; h/o Carmela Guadagno)

(Esposito, John Thomas, 31 Oct 1938-03 Jun 2016)
(s/o Francis Thomas Esposito & Henrietta Victoria Rose "Charlotte" Mitchell; h/o Cheryl Ann Preussker & Ruth C. LNU)

Esposito, Sgt. Louis H., (21 Jan)1925-(02 Dec)2002
U. S. Army
(s/o Alberto Esposito & Maria Vicinanza; h/o Anna Palombo)
(Memorial Marker; he is buried at the Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, Sumter CO, FL)

Estes, Edgar R. (Rowling), (21 Dec)1920-(15 Oct)1986
(s/o Edgar Rowling Estes, Jr. & Anna M. Homann; h/o Helga Olga Cummiskey)

Estes, Helen O. (Olga), (28 Nov)1922-(09 Apr)2011
(d/o Peter Joseph Cummiskey & Charlotte Neumeyer; w/o Edgar Rowling Estes)

(Estrada, Gloria, 14 May 1932-09 Apr 2018)
(d/o Troylan Santos & Natividad Figueroa; w/o Henry J. Estrada)

(Estrada, Henry, 10 Jan 1933-27 Aug 2018)
(s/o Juan Estrada & Ana Linares; h/o Gloria Samtos)

Eustaquio, Thomas A. (Agustin), (21 Dec)1926-(19 Mar)1996
(s/o Julio Eustaquio & Maria Agustin; h/o Rita Sarmiento)

(Eustaquio, Dr. Rita, 22 May 1930-24 Feb 2007)
(d/o Basilio Sarmiento & Inocencia Saldana; w/o Thomas Agustine Eustaquio)

Evans, Kenneth G. (Gary), 15 Sep 1974-04 Jun 1991
(s/o Kenneth Gary Evans & Deborah Pearson)

Ewing, John J. (Joseph), 28 Dec 1931-11 Apr 1998
PFC, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o John J. Ewing & Mildred Stack; h/o Jean LNU)

Ewing, Robert J., 13 Dec 1939-(no date)

Fabry, Frieda Charlotte, 05 Jun 1938-05 Dec 2009
(d/o Valentin Jung & Luise LNU; w/o Robert M. Carroll & Hans Jurgen Fabry )

Fabry, Hans J, (Jurgen), 29 Jan 1942-28 Oct 2005
(s/o Johann Fabry & Katherine Beumers; h/o Frieda Charlotte Jung)

Fahrney, Micheal (William) "Mike", 27 Apr 1968-21 Mar 1989
(s/o Larry Fahrney & Judith LNU)

Fallon, Donald G. (George), (17 Oct)1922-(02 Jun)2003
(s/o Silas George Fallon & Blanche Maud Fuller;h/o Emma Jean Tiedman)

Fallon, Emma Jean, (12 Oct)1923-(09 Jan)2006
(d/o Walter Van Dolen Tiedman & Edna Komfort; w/o Donald G. Fallon)

(Fanor, Ramcess, 07 Apr 1968-12 Feb 2019)
(s/o Frenel Fanor & Maude LNU; h/o Lyne Emilie "Lily" Homeus)

Farawell, Joseph A (Anthony), 23 Oct 1934-04 Jul 2004
(U.S. Army)
(s/o Henry Farawell & Anna O'Dell; h/o Margurita Bertha "Rita" Kennedy)

Farawell, Margurita B. (Bertha) "Rita", 11 Jun 1939-12 May 2008
(d/o William John Kennedy & Hermina LNU; w/o Joseph Anthony Farawell)

Faria, Fernando (R.), 11 Dec 1933-(09 May 2016)
(h/o Rosa Figuerido)

Faria, Rosa, 28 Aug 1938-13 Feb 2006
Married 16 Aor 1961
(d/o Antonio Figuerido & Maria Conceicao Curado; w/o Fernando Faria)

Farlow, Donald L. (Lawrence), 23 May 1929-18 Mar 2009
1st Lt U.S. Air Force (Korea)
(s/o Fred Farlow & Helen Smith; h/o Lou Emma Fish)

(Farlow, Lou E. (Emma), 22 Jan 1936-07 May 2020)
(d/o Chester Edward Fish & Ruby Nanny LNU: w/o Donald Lawrence Farlow)

Farrell, Eric (Nestrille), 24 Aug 1920-21 May 2010
(s/o Javis Farrell & Muriel LNU; h/o Doris White)

Farrell, Glyne N. (09 Nov)1947, (27 May)2013
(s/o Eric Nestrille Farrell & Doris White; h/o Beverly Silvera)

Farrell, James J. (Joseph), 11 Mar 1923-07 Nov 1991
(s/o Peter Farrell & Elizabeth McMenemy)

(Farrell, Rosemarie E., 25 Apr 1950-07 Dec 2018)

Farrell, Winifrid C. (Connor), 18 Sep 1928-08 May 2021)

Fass, Fannie, (24 Apr)1895-(17 Nov)1987
(d/o Abraham Silverstein & Ettie LNU; w/o Edward Louis Fass)

Faulkner, Frank Russell, 04 Sep 1920-13 Apr 1989
MM2, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o George L. Faulkner & Elsie Mildred Cook)

Faynberg, Michail, 20 Jul 1939-07 Apr 2007
(s/o Solomon Faynberg & Liza Vecksler)

(Federico, Robert J. (Joseph), 1935-05 Dec 2015)
(s/o Charles Joseph Federico & Esther Masciocchi; h/o Patricia Lynn Morrison)

Feinberg, Herman, 12 Apr 1920-20 Jun 2002
1st Lt, U.S. Army, World War II
(h/o Vivian Stein)

(Feinberg, Vivian, 29 Jun 1927-28 Mar 2017)
(d/o Albert A. Stein & Mary Rosinsky; w/o Herman Feinberg)

(Feistel, Rose M. (Marie), 24 Sep 1940-19 Mar 2004)
(d/o Arthur B. Koenig & Charlotte M. Hanes; w/o James Feistel)

(Fellheimer, Janice, 27 Jul 1951-09 Sep 2019)

(Fellheimer, Morris (Moe), 05 Nov 1939-11 Jun 2020)

Felser, Aimee (Gloria), (02 Oct)1925-(29 Feb)2000
(d/o James Bell & Anna Krassik; w/o Edward Felser)

Fennell, Carl (John), 12 Dec 1941-20 Jan 1990
(US Navy)
(s/o Thomas Frances Fennell & Julia Theresa Wanglund; h/o Evelyn Delorro Rodriguez)

Fennell, Evelyn, 29 Dec 1946-(no date)
(d/o Manuel Humberto Rodriguez; w/o Carl John Fennell)

Ferguson, Brewster F. (Francis), (29 May)1922-(24 Sep)2001
United States Air Force
(s/o Herman Brewster Ferguson & Nora T. Ryan)

Ferguson, Emma A., 13 Sep1919-07 Nov 2009
(d/o Juan Alvarez & Emerita LNU; w/o Stanley Raymond Ferguson)

Ferguson, Stanley R., 13 Oct 1926-10 May 2010
(s/o James Ernest Ferguson & Hazel Gertrude Greenwood; h/o Emma Alvarez)

Fernandes, Jose, 10 Mar 1927-11 Jul 2009
(h/o Noemi LNU)

(Fernandes, Noemi, 11 May 1930-31 May 2021)
(w/o Jose Fernandes)

(Fernandez, Anthony "Tony", 11 Jun 1934-17 Aug 2012)
(h/o Serafin "Manny" LNU)

(Fernandez, Eliza T. (Teofila), 05 Mar 1925-22 Nov 2002)
(d/o Juan Aleman & Natividad Martinez; w/o Jose Maria Fernandez)

Fernandez, Eulogia, 02 Mar 1900-31 Dec 1991
(d/o Manuel Doce Lopez & Dominga Rodroguez Castano; w/o Candido Fernandez)

(Fernandez, Evangelina, 22 Dec 1926-18 Apr 2012)
(w/o Frank Fernandez)

(Fernandez, Frank (F.), 28 May 1926-08 Feb 2015)
(w/o Evangelina LNU)

Fernandez, Jose A., 21 Apr 1956-05 Apr 2000

Fernandez, Jose M. (Maria), (28 Jul)1925-(26 Sep)1997
(s/o Jose M. Fernandez & Consuelo Suarez; h/o Elisa Teofila Aleman)

Fernandez, Nancy, 26 May 1928-02 Mar 2001
(Nee: Florio; w/o Raymond M. Fernandez)

Fernandez, Raymond M., 27 Dec 1922-06 Jul 1998
(s/o Candido Fernandez & Eulogia Lopez; w/o Nancy Florio)

(Fernandez, Serafin "Manny", 26 Jul 1930-18 Jul 2015)
(w/o Anthony Fernandez)

Ferrando, Jr., Augusto, 08 Apr 1930-22 Jul 2001
SSgt, U.S. Air Force, Korea
(s/o August Ferrando & Hazel Beletsky; h/o Joyce Emma Perricone)

Ferrando, Joyce E. (Emma), 24 May 1931-15 Jun 1997
(d/o Joseph Perricone & Lucy Boccio; w/o Augusto Ferrando, Jr.)

Ferrante, Frank, 01 Sep 1930-04 Mar 2006
(s/o Donato Vito Ferrante & Maria Gaetana Lasse; h/o Rosemarie LNU)

Ferrante, Rosemarie, 10 Sep 1929-(17 Jun 2018)
(w/o Frank Ferrante)

Fettner, Beatrice, (23 Jan)1909-(30 May)2004

Fettner, Lazarus, (24 Jun)1912-(21 May)1989
(s/o Moses Juda vel Leib Fetter & Sophia Hornik)

Fick, (Caroline) Carey "Tiff," 01 Jun 1941-24 May 2012
(d/o Joseph Hegedus & Jean LNU; w/o Donald M. Fick)

Fick, Donald M., 12 Aug 1937-(18 Apr 2021)
(s/o Nicholas Fick & Lillian Chatto; h/o Caroline Hegedus)

Fick, William "Bill" (A.), 30 Nov 1960-24 Mar 2010
(s/o Donald Fick & Caroline Hegedus)

Fickle, James H. (Howard), 14 Dec 1930-07 Feb 2013
(h/o Patsy Ann LNU)

Fickle, Patsy Ann, 07 Jul 1933-(no date)
(w/o James Howard Fickle)

(Figueroa, Carmelo Juan, 30 Mar 1930-27 Apr 2023)
(s/o Pablo Figueroa & Mercedes MNU; h/o Marian Louise Hart)

Figueroa, Julia, (16 Aug) 1927-(06 Jun 2022)
(w/o Nilo R. Figueroa)

Figueroa, Marian Louise, 13 Jun 1932-31 Aug 2008
(d/o Arthur R. Hart & Marjorie D. Fenty; w/o Carmelo Figueroa)

Figueroa, Nilo (R.), (26 Sep)1923-(20 Nov)2003
(so Modesto Denis Figueroa & Gregoria Ramos; h/o Julia)

(Filippelli, Andrew John, 10 Aug 1982-04 Dec 2014)
(s/o John & Mary Jane Filippelli)

Finch, Christy (Sinclair M), (23 Dec)1896-(09 Nov)1962
(d/o John Sinclair Mainland & Maria Susana Colitus; w/o Ranzel Frank "Ray" Finch)

(Finch-Bennett, Joyce Leanda, 1941-(08 Apr)2018)
(w/o Phillip Devan Bennett)

Finch, Ray (Ranzel Frank), (12 Dec)1892-(02 Feb)1962
(s/o James S. Finch & Mamie Hellrich; h/o Sincliar M. "Cindy"Mainland)

(Finck, Hannele "Hanna" J., 26 Mar 1932-26 Apr 2015)
(d/o Jacques L. de Miranda & Johanna E. Polak; w/o Hans Finck)

Finck, Hans (E.), (30 Dec)1923-(05 Feb)1999
(s/o Wilhelm T. Finck & Elisabeth Hoen; h/o Hanna de Miranda)

Findley, Victoria Brooke (Shelly "Vicky"), (13 Dec)1980-(27 Jun)1996
(d/o Viola Marie Finley)

Finn, Eileen H. Helen), 10 Feb 1927-31 Jan 2005
(d/o William Whitney & Elsie Wolff; w/o Vincent E. Finn)

(Finn, Vincent E. (Jr.), 24 Feb 1925-01 Oct 2014)
(s/o Vincent E. Finn & Eleanor Jones; h/o Eileen Helen Whitney)

Fischett, Charles, 11 Nov 1913-26 Jul 2003
(s/o Vincent Fischett & Matilda Moccia; h/o Virginia Mantell)

Fischett, Virginia, 23 Aug 1915-11 May 2002
(d/o George Mantell & Josephine A. Corr; w/o Charles Fischett)

Fisher, Kathlyn E., (06 Dec)1924-(20 Jan)1981
(d/o William Allen Scharf & Hilda E. Hendrickson; w/o Raymond Edwin Sandstrom & George Vincent Fisher)

Fitzgerald, Daniel “Danny” (Michael), 16 Nov 1929-07 Sep 1998
(s/o Daniel M. Fitzgerald & Helen Middleton Alexander; h/o Viola Matarazzo & Josephine LNU)

Fitzgerald, Josephine “JoJo” 01 Sep 1930-(no date)
(w/o Daniel Michael Fitzgerald)

Fitzgerald, Wallace Wayne, (12 Dec)1932-(03 Oct)1986
Sgt, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Grover Randolph Fitzgerald & Inez Moreland

Flad, Edward J. (John), 01 Jul 1924-(04 Jan 2016)
(s/o Fredrick Flad & Josephine LNU; h/o Marion C. Flannery)

Flad, Marion C., 08 Oct 1926-(Sep 2015)
(d/o George Joseph Flannery & Katherine Beni; w/o Edward John Flad)

Flanigan-Klein, Rita May
(see Klein, Rita May)

Flenke, Harold A. (Alfred), 05 Sep 1914-12 Apr 1999
(s/o Emil Flenk & Augusta Brischke; h/o Velma Rose Sheehan Surber)

Flett, Pte. Thomas G (Gilbert Barton), (18 Dec)1885-(01 Dec)1974
(s/o William Wallace Flett & Jessie Scott Douglas; h/o Jessie Smith)

Fleurie, Ellsworth P. (Pines), 09 Aug 1903-27 Oct 1973
(s/o Curtis Fleurie & Mary Famous; h/o Louella Gertrude Chaffee)

Fleurie, Louella C. (Gretrude) , 02 Aug 1913-27 Oct 2000
(d/o Newton Chaffee & Gretrude Reed; w/o Ellsworth P. Fleurie)

Florio, Samuel A., 10 Mar 1930-22 Jul 2003
(s/o John Florio & Mary J. Demasso; h/o Shirley J. LNU)

Florio, Shirley J., 12 Nov 1935-(no date)
(w/o Samuel A. Florio)

Floyd, Daniel H. (Haywood) (Pat), 14 Jan 1919-25 Aug 2003
Sgt, U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o George Lumpkin Floyd & Martha Caroline Tinely Williams; h/o Helen Virginia Coleman)

(Floyd, Helen Virginia, 10 May 1922-31 Aug 2007)
(d/o Daniel J. Coleman & Susie Goodman; w/o Daniel Haywood Floyd)

Flynn, Arthur J. (Joseph), 18 May 1934-07 Jan 2009
(s/o Thomas Joseph Flynn & Katherine Dwyer; h/o Christine Gay Maxon)

(Flynn, Carmela V., 29 Jun 1928-16 Nov 2021)

Flynn, Christine Gay, 10 Mar 1936-30 Apr 2007
(d/o Carroll R. Maxon & Ethyl Hanley; w/o Arthur Joseph Flynn)

Flynn, Harry P. (Paul), 19 Jun 1913-25 Aug 1986
(h/o Mary Jane Lawson)

Flynn, Mary Jane, 04 Feb 1916-16 Jan 2009
(Nee: Lawson; w/o Harry Paul Flynn)

Flynt, Dora Angelina (Dodie), 02 Aug 1928-19 Feb 2009
(d/o Salvatore Saia & Anna Feuerhardt; w/o Hugh James Flynt & Daniel Claude "Danny" Johnston)

Flynt, Hugh James, 03 Mar 1927-19 May 1989
CMS, U.S. Navy, WW II, Korea
(s/o Thomas Elton Flynt & Lena Maude Harvey; h/o Dora Angelina Saia)

Fogel, Arthur, (07 Dec)1929-(22 Mar)2008
(h/o Sylvia)

(Fogel, Oleg, 11 Sep 1976-17 Oct 2003)
(from Nikopol, Russia - language on tombstone is written in Russian)

(Foley, James Michael, 27 Jan 1941-26 Sep 2020)
(s/o John Foley & Teresa LNU; h/o Sandra Rae Bamford)

Forbes, Edgar L. (Lloyd), 08 Aug 1935-23 Jul 2006
(s/o Samuel H. Forbes & Imogene Walters; h/o Verona LNU)

Forbes, John Nathaniel, 26 Apr 1927-16 Feb 2008
(s/o Nathaniel Forbes & Fancella Dailey; h/o Annett Vernice Holness)

(Ford, Roberta Olga Louise "Fathema", 02 Sep 1987-25 May 2021
(d/o Gary Ford & Donna Marie Gatlin)

(Foreign, written in either Chinese or Japanese), 1923-1994

Forestiere, Vincent Anthony, , 15 May 1918-04 Jan 2011
(U.S. Navy, WW II))
(s/o Antonio Forestiere & Filomena LNU; h/o Doris Parliman)

(Forestiere, Vincent Anthony (Jr.), 11 Dec 1942-27 Apr 2005)
(s/o vincent Anthony Forestiere & Doris Parliman)

Forsberg, Mary T. (Theresa), 10 Oct 1892-02 Mar 1987
(w/o Jean Edward Forsberg)
also on marker with A. Virginia with dates

(Fortney, John Herbert, 28 Mar 1954-21 Nov 2015)
(s/o Herbert Hadley Fortney & Sarah June Runfola; h/ Teri Lewis)

Fortney, Joshua (Francis Vincent "Fatty", (12 Aug)1984-(20 Feb)2013
(s/o John Herbert Fortney & Teri Lewis)

Foster, Elizabeth (Ruth), (31 Aug)1925-(11 Jun)2003
(Charles D. Maxson & Mary F. Williamson; w/o Richard Foster)

Foster, Isabella M. (Mary), 25 Aug 1918-14 Apr 1999
(d/o Walter H. Knight & Jane A. Gelshenen)

Foster, Richard, (26 Jul)1920-(25 Feb)2010
(s/o Cassel M. Foster & Helen Chase; h/o Elizabeth Ruth Maxson)

Fountain, Gilbert A. (Allaire), 08 Mar 1930-12 Nov 1987
PFC, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o John Fountain & Harriet Brown)

Fowkes, Derek Van Hom, 09 Oct 1964-30 Nov 2008
(s/o Leonard Fowkes & Mary Kiy LNU; h/o Laura Gausepohl)

Fowler, Nikita Andrea, 17 Dec 1967-18 Sep 2006
(d/o Robert John Fowler & Laurine Geban)

(Fowler, Robert John, 20 Oct 1931-04 Apr 2019)
(h/o Laurine Geban)

Frakes, Barbara Ann, 10 Mar 1924-05 Aug 1988
(d/o Calvin C. Ferrel & Maude M. Raines; w/o Harold Lee Frakes)

Francis, Dennis Alexander, 02 Mar 1935-01 Jun 2012)
(s/o Unis Francis & Hilda Maude Perkins; h/o Velma LNU)

Francis, Noel L., 01 Apr 1934-(no date)
(h/o Olive Amanda Masters)

Francis, Olive A. (Amanda), 26 Jun 1926-17 Feb 1998
(d/o Simeon Masters & Sarah White; w/o Noel L. Francis)

(Frank, Samuel "Sammy" Joseph, 29 Feb 1943-01 Jan 1943)

(Fraser, Margaret Guy, 16 Mar 1929-24 Jan 2023)
(d/o Cecil Victor Guy & Anne Frances LNU; w/o Edgar Fraser)

(Fraser, Robert, 17 Feb 1892-26 Jun 1977)
(Royal Canadian Army, WW I)
(Obit says here, compiler could not locate grave)

(Frassrand, Anthony Leo, 20 Nov 1966-22 Nov 2019)
(s/o Thomas "Hal" Frassrand & Margaret LNU; h/o Alba LNU)

(Fray, Hugh Wavell Beresford, 16 Jan 1942-13 Sep 2019)
(U. S. Navy, Vietnam)
(s/o Sidney Fray & Leonie Fidler; h/o Subil V. Meikle & Sue M. Baety)

Fray, Sybil (V), 08 Sep 1933-09 Jul 2008
(d/o Quintin Meikle & Iris Bird; w/o Hugh Wavell Beresford Fray)

(Frazao, Rosanna, 19 Dec 1947-21 Jun 2022)
(nee: Ledford; w/o Manuel Frazao)

Frazier, Kimberly Ann, 28 Apr 1969-12 Nov 2008
(d/o Woodrow Wilson Frazier & Patricia Ann Holt)

Frazier, Patricia (Ann) P., 25 Mar 1925-06 Sep 2004
(d/o Preston Grant Holt & Dillie Abigail Brady; w/o Woodrow Wilson Frazier)

Frazier, Woodrow W. (Wilson) "Woody", 13 Apr 1927-17 Aug 1996
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o George W. Frazier & Jeanettie Allen; h/o Patricia Ann "Pinky" Holt)

Frederick, J. (Joseph) Lawrence “Lolly,” (06 Mar)1914-(02 Dec)1997
(s/o Joseph Schultz Frederick & Bessie Fleming; h/o Jacklyn Hope Brewer)

Frederik, Johanna C. (Catharina) A. (Auguste), 14 Dec 1920-24 Jun 2007
Co-founder Flagler County Humane Society
(d/o Johannes Petrus Sanders & Christian Martha van der Weriff; w/o William Steven Frederik)

Frederik, MD, Willem S. (Steven), (28 Mar)1913-(24 Apr)1977
(s/o Peter Willem Frederik & Johanna Willemina Wilten; h/o Johanna Catharina Auguste Sanders)

Freitas, Elaine P, 11 Apr 1961-10 Dec 2009
(d/o Sylvestre Paulo & Diolinda LNU; w/o Camilo Freitas)

Frey, Raymond J. (Jay), 10 Mar 1941-05 Dec 1990
(US Navy)
(s/o Joseph Frey & May B. Lurz)

Fried, Beatrice G. (Grace), (08 Oct)1913-(13 Feb)2005
(d/o Earnest W.Fietz & Margaret G. Gier; w/o Edward Morse Fried)

Fried, Edward M. (Morse), (17 Sep)1911-(23 Dec)2005
(s/o Walter Fried & Jenny Yetter; h/o Beatrice Grace Fietz)

Friedenberg, Herbert, 06 Nov 1924-20 Jun 2008
(s/o William Herman Friedenbery & Jeanne Silver; h/o Fannie Gelman & Beverly Myra Cohen)

(Fuccio, Ermelinda, 27 Jan 1931-01 Dec 2013)
(w/o Pietro Fuccio)

(Fuccio, Pietro, 27 Sep 1931-01 Apr 2019)
(h /o Ermelinda LNU)

Fugaro, Francesco “Frank,” 23 Sep 1900-09 Feb 1998

Fuller, Mabel F. (Francella), 21 Jul 1907-20 Mar 2000
(on same marker with her daughter, Lucille M. Cummings)
(Nee; Forbes; w/o Adria Fuller)

Furtner, Anton, (10 Jun)1901-(Jan)1967

Furtner, Mary (Maria), (24 Dec)1903-(06 Nov)2001

Gabitova, Mindigayan, 25 Dec 1928-16 Jan 2010

Gabriel, (John Donald) Jack, (08 Apr)1928-(27 Apr)2008
(U.S. Navy, Korea)
(s/o Frederick Gabriel & Marie Hucke; h/o Mary LNU)

(Gajan, Dolores Anne, 01 Jul 1936-20 Feb 2023)
(d/o Harold Holland & Dolores LNJ; w/o Victor Gajan)

(Gajan, Victor, 08 Mar 1933-14 Dec 2019)
(s/o John Gajan & Matilda LNU; h/o Delores Anne Holland)

(Galambos, Joseph, 08 Nov 1876-22 Mar 1952)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

Gale, Aaron, 03 Nov 1920-09 Dec 2012
(h/o Constance Louise Jaffe)

Gale, Constance L. (Louise), 07 May 1924-20 Jun 2010
(d/o Max Jaffe & Etta Fuchs; w/o Aaron R. Gale)

Gallagher, Barry F., 17 Jun 1968-15 Oct 2012

(Gallino, Mary M., 04 Jul 1941-no date)

(Gallino, Samuel V. (Vincent), 09 Feb 1939-14 Jan 2017)
(s/o Gaicomo "Jack" Gallino & Theresa Daisy Arcurio; h/o Mary LNU)

Galynkina, Klara, 16 Oct 1946-16 Oct 2010
(d/o Haim Shabashev & Lisa LNU; w/o Alex Galynkina)

Gamarra, Esperanza , 01 Jul 1941-06 Jul 2005
(d/o Castulo Malave & Angelina Alicea; w/o Ricardo Gamarra)

Gamble, Nelson R. (Rolla), 23 Apr 1938-02 May 2001
(US Navy WW II)
(s/o Nelson R.Gamble & Irma D. Hoffman; h/o Debra LNU)

Gammon, Rilla (Magdelene)Walker, 10 Jun 1915-13 Mar 2002
(d/o James M. Walker & Myrtle M. Whaley; w/o Aubrey Gammon)

(Gannon, Arthur George, 18 Sep 1932-07 Jan 2014)
(h/o Judy Pappert)

Gannon, Judith P., 22 Oct 1934-11 Feb 2010
(d/o James Vincent Pappert & Evelyn Adel Eades; w/o Arthur George Gannon)

Garcia, Ana (M.), 22 Sep 1901-30 Jan 2000

Garcia, Rene N., (26 Feb)1929-(21 Mar)1998
(s/o Miguel Garcia & Rosa Lopez)

(Gardner, James E., 19 Dec 1938-05 May 2017)
(s/o Ed Reed Gardner & Carrie Lorraine Luke; h/o Alice Jan Jenkins)

Gardner, John, (08 Jun)1905-(07 Apr)1992
(h/o Theresa Roy)

Gardner, Myra (Miriam), 03 Jul 1941-10 Jul 1994
(d/o Harry Kalmanowitz & Ann Dornfeld)

Gardner, Teddy (Theodore William), 16 Jun 1989-20 Mar 2004

Gardner, Theresa, (12 Jun)1913-(08 Jan)2003
(d/o Pierre Peter Paul Roy & Catherine Bouchard; w/o John Gardner)

Garley, Genevieve A., (17 Dec)1911-(22 Jan)1993
(Nee: Siminski; w/o Joseph David Garley)

Garley, Joseph D. (David), (13 May)1910-(14 Oct)1989
(s/o John Garley & Mary White; h/o Genevieve A. Siminski)

Garner, Michael D. (Daniel), 04 Dec 1950-17 Mar 1996

Garrett, Betty L. (Lou), (01 Feb)1936-(10 Mar)1992
(d/o Robert Alex Murray & Ora Lee Roberson)

Gary, Minnie Pettigree, (10 Jun)1917-(29 May)1996
(d/o Zack Pettigree & Cutie Jones)

Gaskin, Lionel E., 04 Oct 1910-09 Oct 1999
(s/o Stephen Gaskin & Constance Haywood; h/o Lorna Cloretta Lovell)

Gaskin, Lorna C. (Cloretta), 21 Oct 1923-05 Mar 2012
(d/o Orail Walton Lovell & Maude Louise LNU; w/o Lionel E. Gaskin)

Geant, Denise Y., (06 Jan)1922-(20 Feb)2004
(d/o Achilles Cauwe &Elvire Spegelaere; w/o Thomas Edward Geant)

Geant, Thomas (Edward), (06 Sep)1917-(16 Dec)1996
(s/o Thomas J. Geant & Mary Keating; h/o Denise Y. Cauwe)

Gearlds, Paul L. (Leon), 01 May 1963-04 Dec 1982

Geasey, Lorraine (Catherine), (09 Mar)1919-(12 Aug)2000
(d/o Jesse Conrad & Lydia Erdmen; w/o William Robert Geasey)

Geasey, William (Robert), (21 Mar)1919-(27 Sep)2001
(s/o William Geasey & Elizabeth Sidiski; h/o Lorraine Catherine Conrad)

Gederberg, Jack (John Charles), 24 Mar 1944-26 Nov 2002

Geiger, Cora L. (Lee), 23 Aug 1885-10 Apr 1944
(d/o George Washington Croft & Martha Jane Brady;w/o Jesse C. Knox & Joshua C. Geiger)

Geiger, Gertrude L. (Leopoldina), 12 Feb 1922-03 Apr 1984
married 21 Jan 1942
(d/o of Frank Ring & Antonia Bind; w/o William Franklin Geiger)

Geiger, John Calhoun, (24 Mar)1915-(28 Oct)1981
(s/o Joshua Cornelius Geiger & Cora Lee Croft)

(Geiger, Joshua Cornelius, 09 Jan 1871-31 Jan 1928)
(s/o Joshua Geiger & Mary Ann Lewis; h/o Cora Lee Croft)
(Funeral Home Records & obituary say buried here; compiler could not locate grave)
(Norma Durrance Turner told me that he is buried in the only large cement crypt with no markings in
the north west section - In the family files in the Flagler County Historical Society there is a bill
from L. O. Upson for "preparing a brick and cement vault to bury the dead body of J. C. Geiger")

Geiger, William Franklin, 04 Oct 1916-10 Mar 1988
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Joshua Cornelius Geiger & Cora Lee Croft; h/o Gertrude Leopoldina Ring)

Gelash, Olga (18 Apr)1921-(30 Apr)2004
(d/o Peter Stoma & Anna Eisavich; w/o William Gelash)

Gelash, William, (05 Jul)1917-(23 Sep)1999
(US Army WW II)
(s/o Frank Gelash & Mary G. Zbutowich; h/o Olga Stoma)

Genovese, Marion, (26 Dec)1921-(17 Jun)2006

Gentile, Anthony J., (02 May)1914-(18 Nov)2004
(U. S. Army, WW II; U.S Consul)
(s/o Benedetto Gentile & Rosalie D'Ali; h/o Eva Marie Murphy)

Gentile, Eva M. (Marie), (26 Oct)1919-(20 Apr)1995
(d/o John Thomas Murphy & Annettie Marie Collins; w/o Anthony J. Gentile)

George, Carroll (Lee), (02 Nov)1922-(14 Jun)2009
(d/o Ned Ridgley & Hattie LNU; w/o Bernard A. George)

(Germano, Yolanda, 10 Jan 1929-16 Jul 2022)
(d/o Paulo Ferrante & Francesca Mannino; w/o Joseph Anthony Germano)

Geroe, Edwin F. (Frances)(Jr.), 21 Dec 1928-10 Jun 1994
(s/o Edwin Frances Geroe & Frances Hunt; h/o Emily J.Crane)

Geroe, Emily J., 22 Feb 1931-(no date)
(d/o Edward Paytick Crane &Emily Sophronia Wiley; w/o Edwin Frances Geroe, Jr.)

Geschke, Allen E. (Edwin), (16 Jul)1899-(27 May)1969
(h/o Grace Madeline Huband)

Geschke, Jr., Allen E.,(16 Jul) 1921-(23 Aug 2010)
(s/o Allen Edwin Geschke & Grace Madeline Huband; h/o Sydell R. Hevia; Margaret B. Carlton)

Geschke, Grace M., (Madeline) 1899-(15 Jun)1969
(d/o William Henry Huband & Maria Magdalena Bieber; w/o Allen Edwin Geschke, Sr.)

Geschke, Margaret C. (Carlton), (22 Jun)1919-(07 Jul)1973
(d/o Joseph Carlton & Rose Bux; w/o Charles J. Lorincie & Allen E. Geschke, Jr.)

(Geyer, Deborah Ann, 17 Oct 1937-30 Dec 2017)
(d/o Vean L. Geyer & Julia Kuhn)

Geyer, Julia A., (30 Aug)1911-(12 Aug)1990
(d/o Frank Kuhn & Mary Foerst; w/o Vean Ladrue Geyer)

Geyer, Vean L. (Ladrue), (20 May)1911-(07 Mar)2001
(s/o Clarence G. Geyer & Zelpha Nettie Conover, h/o Julia A. Kuhn)

(Giancaspro, Jeffrey L., 10 Jan 1963-12 May 2023)
(s/o Cosmo Giancaspro & Jeanette Alulno; h/o Stephanie A. Perrotta)

Giardina, Marie, 01 Aug 1915-25 Oct 2010
(d/o Fortunato Santalucia & Caroline Pepe; w/o Salvatore Giardina)

Giardina, Salvatore (Joseph), 27 Aug 1924-24 Apr 2004
(s/o Serafino Giarddina & Guissppina Natoli; h/o Marie Santa Santalucia)

Gibbons, Gwendolyn (Ena), 11 May 1906-29 May 1995

Gibbs, David D. (Dennis), 23 Aug 1943-16 Aug 2002
(s/o Dennis Ivan Gibbs & Marie Lottie Klock; h/o Judith LNU)

(Gibson, Khalyil Chemon-Moyea, 25 Aug 1999-12 Nov 2017)

Giddens, Emory D. (Dalton), 11 Aug 1916-22 May 1958
Tec5, 1264 Engr Combat Bn, WW II
(s/o Geroge Giddens & Frances M. Whitman)

Giddens, Frances M.,17 Jan 1877-19 Aug 1953
(d/o James D. Whitman &Abby G. Morris; w/o George Giddens)

Giglio, Antoinette M., 31 Jan 1916-15 Apr 2006
(d/o Angelo Mario Torsiello & Grace Ventrano; w/o Thomas Giglio)

Giglio, Sandy (Santo) C. (Charles), 13 Apr 1938-(no date)
(h/o Thersa Rose Dominici)

Giglio, Thomas, 14 Jul 1914-16 Jun 1999
(s/o Santo Giglio & Antonina Nina LoCicero; h/o Antoinette M. Torsiello)

Giglio, Theresa (Rose), 14 Dec 1939-30 Nov 1994
(d/o Frank Dominici & Lucy Esposito;w/o Santo Charles Giglio)

(Gil, Julia, 12 Oct 1927-22 Oct 2010)
(Nee: Espada)

(Gil, Richard Andrew, 16 Sep 1985-27 Jan 2011)
(s/o Ricardo Gill & Maggie Herrera)

Gill, Bernard (Gerald), (03 Jan)1920-(25 Jan)2005
(U.S. Army, WWII)
(s/o Francis Gill & Rose Carney; h/o Loretta A. Humphrey)

Gill, Devin Jensen, 23 Oct 1974-19 Apr 2004
(s/o Jensen Gill & Jacqueline LNU)

Gill, Loretta, (20 Apr)1915-(09 Aug)1996
(d/o David Joseph Humphrey & Esther Bottome Schmidt;w/o Bernard Gerald Gill)

Gill, Mae B. (Bertha), 04 Aug 1897-09 Nov 1972
(w/o James Luther Gill)

Gill, Richard A. (Andrew) "Ricky," 16 Sep 1985-27 Jan 2011
(s/o Ricardo Gill & Maggie Herrera)

Gilleland, Jordan J. (Jon), 1962- (13 Aug)1964
(s/o M/M Earl Robinson according to obituary)

Gillis, Martin, 07 Aug 1948-(no date)
(on the same marker with Lillie Wilson & Becky Emery)

Gilyard, Sim (Nip) T. (Jr.), 16 Nov 1935-15 Feb 2007
(s/onSim T.Gilyard & Viola Cooper; h/o Patricia LNU)

Giordano, Fred, 11 Oct 1944-(no date)
(h/o Stella, LNU)

Giordano, Stella, 10 Sep 1945-13 Apr 2010
(Nee: Cubillos; w/o Frederick Giordano)

Giumenta, Teresa (Mary), (13 Mar)1927-(16 Jun) 2007
(d/o Charles Tringali & Hannah O'Brien; w/o Thomas N. Giumenta)

(Giumenta, Thomas N., 08 Aug 1923-02 Jun 2018)
(U. S. Army, W.W. II)
(s/o Frederick Giumenta & Josephine Cacciola; h/o Teresa Mary Tringali)

Glanz, Edward J. (Jacob), (16 May)1929-(13 Nov)2013
(h/o Helen Latrelle Brady)

Glanz, Helen L. (Latrelle), (23 Nov)1933-(23 Dec)2007
(Nee: Brady; w/o Robert O. Starkson & Edward Jacob Clanz)

Glotzer, Milton, (21 Nov)1924-(12 Mar)2007
(US Army WWII)
(s/o Morris Glotzer & Pearl Fremil; h/o Sylvia Altberger)

(Glotzer, Sylvia, 30 Jul 1927-22 Oct 2019)
(d/o Rubin Altberger & Jenny Fensterstock; w/o Milton Glotzer)

Goeller, Henrietta (G.), (03 Jan)1908-(15 Nov)2000
(d/o Nicholas Cimino & Florence Donnelly; w/o Thomas L. Goeller)

Goff, H. (Henry) Wallace, 17 Jul 1931-11 Nov 1995
(US Navy)
(s/o Henry L. Goff & Mildred E. Sellars; h/o Elizabeth Donton & Patricia Ann Duggan)

Goff, Nancy G., 26 Jul 1930-01 May 2011
(d/o Harlan Gaines & Magdalene Hanks)

Goff, Patricia A. (Ann), 05 Jan 1939-03 Jul 2009
(d/o Henry Duggan & Mildred Anne LNU; w/o Robert B. McCaine & Henry Wallace Goff)

(Gokum, Andre, 01Jan 1978-15 May 2022)
(s/o Alexander Gokum & Valentina Koshelva)

Goldberg, Dmitry, 28 Mar 1932-31 Dec 2007
(s/o Sam Golberg & Ethel Sorina LNU; h/o Fira LNU)

Goldberg, Fira, 22 Apr 1938-(no date)
(w/o Dmitry Goldberg)

Goldman, Barry, 1941-

Goldman, Edit R., (14 Feb)1916-(16 Apr 2017)
(d/o Louis Rubin & Anna Deutschman; w/o Joseph Samuel Goldman)

Goldman, Joseph S. (Samuel), (24 Mar)1909-(19 Mar)1996
(s/o William Goldman & Rebecca Fuchs; h/o Edith Rubin)

(Goldman, Patricia, 10 Sep 1938-28 Apr 2021)
(w/o Richard M. Goldman)

(Goldman, Richard M., 21 Aug 1937-01 Dec 2019)
(s/o Joseph Samuel Goldman & Edith Rubin; h/o Harriet Barbara Fettner & Patricia Baird)

Goldman, Rita (Beverly), (13 Apr)1945-(10 Oct)2009
(d/o Benjamin Slade & Elsie Fein; w/o Barry Goldman)

Gombos, Zsuzsanna (nee: Szabo), 12 Nov 1961-14 Jul 2005

Gonzales, Cheryl Anne, (no date)-06 Nov 1974
(d/o Dr. Leopoldo Gonzales & Haydee Bahia)

(Gonzalez, Haydee, 12 Sep 1944-21 Mar 2018)
(d/o Rodolfo Bahia & Salud Depusoy; w/o Dr. Leopoldo Gonzalez)

Gonzalez, John, (30 Jan)1912-(21 Apr)1996
(s/o Pedro Gonzales & Juana Pineiro; h/o Josephine Fernandez)

Gonzalez, Josephine “Fina,” (12 May)1921-(19 Aug)1991
(d/o Candido Fernandez & Julia Lopez; w/o John Gonzales)

Goodin, Gladstone A. (Alexander), 15 Apr 1911-17 Jun 1997
(s/o David Charles Goodin & Farnces Keziah James; h/o Edna Lucille LNU)

Goodman, Isabella , (12 Oct)1906-(04 Apr)1998
(d/o Henry Weisfield & Rose Koten; w/o Samuel Goodman)

Goodman, Samuel, (15 Jan)1903-(08 Mar)1985
(s/o Louis Goodman & Anna Becker; h/o Isabella Eridfeld)

Goodyear, Leland A.(Arthur), 01 Jul 1922-10 Aug 1983
U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Jay Leo Goodyear & Millicent Marion Grieves)

Gordon, Ann Jane, 31 Jul 1921-(23 Oct 2015)
(d/o George Alexander & Ida Kennedy; w/o John William Gordon)

Gordon, Doraldo Roy, 16 Jul 1931-04 Jun 2007
(h/o Florencia B. LNU)

Gordon, Florencia B., 28 Feb 1931-(no date)
(w/o Doraldo Roy Gordon)

Gordon, Hylan H. (Herbert), (29 Mar)1913-(26 Feb)1990
(h/o Sylvia Rowena Rosenblatt)

Gordon, John William ("Wilie") 17 Aug 1921-13 Jan 2011)
(s/o Samuel Gordon & Elizabeth Schofield; h/o Ann Jane "Nan" Alexander)
married 07 Aug 1946

Gordon, Sybil M. (Merle), (31 Jul)1922-(20 Dec)2012

Gordon, Sylvia R. (Rowena), (06 May)1916-(05 Aug)1989
(d/o Joseph Rosenblatt &Bella Isreal; w/o Hylan Herbert Gordon)

Gordon, Ursula E. (Estella), 03 Jun 1920-09 Jun 1994
Wife of Cecil B, Mother of Walter, Bruce, Horatio & Claudette
(d/o Walter E. Barclay & Marie L. Cowell; w/o Cecil Bruce Gordon)

(Gorenshteyn, Anatoly, 24 Oct 1938-14 Nov 2020)

Gorman, Victoria Filippova, 26 Jun 1986-11 Sep 2012

Gosnell, Albert W. (Walker), (06 Jul)1898-(13 Mar)1981
(s/o Albert Fiefield Gosnell & Ethel Carolyn Green; h/o Lavinia Taylor)

Gosnell, Lavinia, (21 Jun)1902-(09 Jun)1993
(d/o Job Taylor & Lavinia Webb; w/o Albert Walker Gosnell)

Goulart, Maria A. (Alice), 21 Jul 1930-05 Dec 2001
(d/o Francisco Serpa & Inez Gloria; w/o FNU Young & Pedro "Peter" Goulart)

Gould, Katherine (M.), (15 Apr)1925-(18 May)2005
(w/o Tim Gould)

Gould, Ted Raymond (26 Sep)1947-(19 Oct)1977
SN, U.S. Navy, Vietnam
(h/o Jerry Paulette Allison)

Goykhman, Leva, 18 Dec 1912-10 Jan 1981

Goykhman, Riva, 10 Mar 1922-11 Feb 1999

Graff, Earl Ralph, 13 Apr 1921-23 Oct 1996
(s/o Ralph S. Graf & Elenora Clare Zettle; h/o Gwendolyn June LNU)

Graff, Elliott, 26 Feb 1919-08 May 1990
TSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Sam Graff & Sarah Wolk; h/o Norma Ogust)

Graff, Gwendolyn J.(June), 27 Jun 1927-(no date)
married 30 Apr 1949
(w/o Earl Ralph Graff)

Graff, Norma, 16 Oct 1925-04 Sep 2006
2nd Lt US Army World War II
(d/o Max Ogust & Anna Reiners; w/o Elliott Graff)

Graham, Harold E. (Ernest), 06 Mar 1915-23 Feb 1995
(s/o Ernest Graham & Carrie Belle Fair; h/o Clara Ruth Nutter)

Graham, Ruth N., 29 Mar 1914-13 Mar 1995
(d/o Austin David Nutter & Clara Shepler; w/o Harold Ernest Graham)

Granelli, Ann, (26 Oct)1934-(11 Mar)2008
(d/o Louis Callegari & Matilda Scafordi; w/o Louis A. Granelli)

Granelli, Louis A., (29 Dec)1933-(10 Nov)2012
(h/o Ann Callegari)

Grant, Emily, 18 Dec 1912-17 Jun 2011
(d/o Herbert Grant & Ellen LNU)

Grant, John, (20 May)1918-(27 Aug)1993
(s/o John Grant & Mary Casey; w/o Margaret Welshthyne Finlay)

Grant, Margaret (F), (21 Dec)1923-(Jan)1996
(d/o William Finlay & Elizabeth Welsh; w/o John Grant)

(Gray, Curtis Israel, 02 May 2000-13 Apr 2019)
(s/o Curtis B. Gray & Carmen A. Mosby)

(Gray, Mary L. E., (08 Jul)1923-(30 Jan)2014)

Greathouse, Charles J. (Junior), 09 May1925-25 Dec 1999
WW II Veteran, Purple Heart
(s/o Charles W. Greathouse & Opal Whited; h/o Helen Jeri Gearhart)

Greathouse, Helen J. (Jerie), 11 Feb 1928-20 Apr 1995
(d/o Louis Gearhart & Helena Stritch; w/o Charles Junior Greathouse)

(Grebin, Joel D., 20 Apr 1938-19 May2018)
(s/o Mitchell Grebin & Sarah Miller; h/o Claire Cameron)

Greco, Tammy Ann, 03 Nov 1965-02 Jun 2003
(d/o Paul Daunt & Pholomena Ann "Phyllis" Kusinsky; w/o FNU Buccarelli & FNU Greco)

(Green, Howell G. (Granville), 23 May 1946-29 Mar 2014)
(s/o Benjamin Green & Estraina Clark; h/o Cynthia LNU)

Green, Jennie Rees, 07 May 1907-22 Mar 1988
(d/o William M. Rees & Tereza Jane; w/o Orlin B. Green)

Green, Joycelyn (Amanda), (22 Nov)1933-(31 Oct)2009

(Green, Lillian, 23 Oct 1941-17 Sep 2020)
(d/o Napoleon Fletcher & Beatrice LNU; w/o Edison M. Kemp & William J.Green)

Green, Orlin B. (Benjamin), 24 Apr 1902-03 Jul 1965
MSgt, U.S. Army, WWI & WWII
(s/o Benjamin V. Green & Ella Vandeusen; h/o Jennie Rees)

Green, Stephanie (Stephie), 02 Apr 1982-04 Sep 1993

Green, Sr., Rev. William J., (20 Apr)1939-(24 Nov)2006
(s/o Ardell Green; h/o Lillian Fletcher)

Greene, Eunice E. (Estelle), 26 Jun 1905-27 Aug 1990
(d/o Frederick Wilson & Francis "Fannie" Tucker; w/o Wilmore Wheeler Greene)

(Greene, Florence, 08 Jun 1928-19 Sep 2020)

Gregorio, Joaquim (Gomes), 16 Nov 1922-29 Jun 2009
(h/o Laurinda Pedro Morgado)

Gregorio, Laurinda, 02 Dec 1922-14 Nov 2005
(d/o Antonio Felipe Morgado & Angelina Pedro; w/o Joaquim Gomes Gregorio)

(Greif, Greif S., (03 Mar)1945-(13 Dec)2017
(s/o Joseph Greif & Laura Kaufman; h/o Helayne L. Hershberg)

Greif, Stanley Shiajohan, 05 May 1926-19 Feb 2011
Lt US Navy World War II Korea
(s/o Samuel Greif & Rose Scalettar)

Grey, Ena Adela, 12 Sep 1925-13 Feb 1997
(d/o Harold Lindo Minott & Ida Louise Gray)

Grieco, Mary, 1913-(18 Jun 2011)
married 22 Apr 1950
(w/o Mauro Grieco; buried Arlington, VA)

Grieco, Mauro, (12 Nov)1910-(22 Nov)1986
(h/o Mary Macaione)

Griffin, Jessie Lee, (06 Nov)1912-(08 Jan 1992)
(Nee: Stephens; w/o John William Griffin)

Griffin, John P. (Patrick), (06 Sep)1930-(25 Feb)1999
(s/o Gerald Griffin & Bridget J. Keegan)

Griffin, John William, (14 May)1912-(25 Oct)1986
(s/o James Ashley Griffin & Mollie Blanche Young, h/o Jessie Lee Stephens)

Grine, Carlos A., 08 Jun 1950-19 Apr 2012
(h/o Miquelina dos Santos)

Gross, Sheldon, (21 Nov)1926-(17 Feb)1983
PHOM 3, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Abraham Gross & Molly Jacknowitz; h/o Gloria Polllack)

Groves, Mary C. (Catherine), 04 Sep 1926-20 Jun 2001
(d/o John F. McDonagh & Susan Kehoe)

(Groysman, Ida, 12 Jan 1946-19 Oct 2005)

Gruchawka, Genevieve J. (Juliana), (05 Dec)1924-(18 Mar)2005
(d/o John Stroka & Julianna Nowacki; w/o Stanley Peter Gruchawka)

Gruchawka, Stanley P. (Peter), (04 Aug)1924-(22 Nov)2008
(U.S. Marine Corps, WW II)
(s/o Stanislaw Gruchawka & Stephania Dombyk; h/o Genevieve Juliana Stroka)

Grybowicz, Helen, 11 Mar 1918-04 Jun 2003
(d/o John Taborowski & Mary Kozlowski; w/o FNU Bryll & Stefan Grybowicz)

Grybowicz, Stefan, 25 Mar 1922- 23 Aug 2009
(h/o Gloria Rita Lopez & Henen Taborowski)

Gubitz, Frederick H. (Hermann), (03 Dec)1905-(08 Jul)1990
(s/o Frederick Gubitz & Martha A. Newman; h/o Marie Matilda Stefango)

Gubitz, Marie S. (Matilda), (18 Oct)1911-(31 Aug)1999
(d/o John Karaloy "Janos" Stefango & Matilda H. Marx; w/o Frederick Hermann Gubitz)

(Guerin, Austin Francis, (28 Sep)1967-(01 Sep)2019)
(s/o Augustine Francis Guerin, Jr. & Marian H. Kleinhans; h/o Donna Marie Ferriol)

(Guida, Dominic E., 23 Oct 1978-09 Nov 2021)
(s/o Edward Guida & Carol LNU)

(Guidice, Carlo Emanuel "Buster," 11 Sep 1927-18 Feb 2012)
(s/o Anthony Guidice & Anna Lee; h/o Dorothy V. Scott & Janet Mary Revock)

(Guidice, Janet, 01 Jan 1935-17 Dec 2007)
(d/o Walter Revock & Eva Willet; w/o FNU Lanzafama & Carlo Emanuel Guidice)

Guido, Jean (D.), 22 Jun 1939-03 Oct 2012
(d/o Henry John Bridgin & Hazel A. Skiff; w/o Anton J. Guido)

Guilfoyle, Scott R., 01 Oct 1962-09 Apr 2008
(s/o Raymond Guilfoyle & Helen LNU)

Gunn, John P. (Patrick), 11 Nov 1928-30 Dec 1990
(s/o George Gunn & Vera Clarkson; h/o Lillian Ann Burns)

Gunn, Lillian A. (Ann), 04 Jun 1929-(30 Oct 2017)
(d/o Frank Burns & Anna Cooney; w/o John Patrick Gunn)

(Guse, Charlotte E., 1922-2016)
(d/o Robert Shaumemann & Hedwig Franzn; w/o Hans Harold Guse)

Guse, Hans H. (Harold), (11 Mar)1920-(10 Jan)1996
(s/o Erich Alfred Guse & Gertrude Leissling; h/o Charlotte Shaumemann)

Gustafson, “Baby” Richard “Jake” (Raymond), (04 Apr)1996-(23 Apr)1996

Habacker, Evelyn (Ella), 05 May 1912-22 May 2004
(d/o Conrad Wolf & Anna Meyer; w/o William Habacker)

(Habicht, Dale C., 14 Dec 1938-20 Aug 2014)
(s/o Donald George Habicht & Dorothy Doris Pfeil; h/o Kathle M. Foley)

(Haddon, Alexander M. (McCance), (01 Jan)1920-(18 Jun)2003)
(US Army Air Corps WW II)
(s/o James Haddon & Elizabeth McCance; h/o Anne Catherine White)

(Haddon, Anne W. (Catherine), (29 May)1921-(27 May)2014)
(d/o William White & Elizabeth Jarvis; w/o Alexander McCance Hadden)

Haines, Flossie B. (Flora Matilda Bichard), 15 Feb 1914-31 Dec 2000
(d/o Thomas Stephen Bichard & Ada Maud, raised by Austin (Van) Wickline & Ester (Etta) Chaffee
after death of her mother; w/o Vernon Warren Haines)
(1st female Flagler Beach Commissioner - 1937)

Haines, Vernon W. (Warren), 09 Jan 1911-14 Apr 1976
(s/o George Haines & Katherine; h/o Flora (Flossie) Matilda Bichard)

Hale, Wilburn E. (Earle), (18 May)1907-(29 Apr)1980
(s/o Clinton C. Hale & Ida Arline Amnurgey; w/o Mae Stone)

Hall, Darline Rene, 12 Mar 1964-18 May 1986
(d/o Donald Russel Hall)

Hall, Donald R. (Robert), (12 Jun)1926-(29 Dec)1997
(US Army Air Corp WW II)
(s/o Russell Lloyd Hall & Jeanne Elizabeth Warne; h/o Laura Elizabeth Tarvis)

Hall, Laura E., (Elizabeth), (28 Mar)1929-(03 Oct)1997
(d/o Eben C. Tarvis & Olive Crossley; w/o Donald Robert Hall)

Haller, Martha (Henrietta) C., (09 May)1915-(08 Sep)1995
(d/o Glen W. Correll & Gussie Ivy; w/o Rudolf Vincent Haller)

Haller, Rudolf V. (Vincent), (06 Nov)1909-(06 Dec)2005
(s/o Franz J. Haller & Maria Lindley; h/o Martha Henrietta Correll)

Hamilton, Alice, 27 Jan 1932-(27 Jun 2017)
(d/o Jose Ramon Canto & Camila Diaz; w/o Carroll W. Hamilton, Jr.)

Hamilton, Beatrice (Eleanor), (14 Jan)1920-(10 Sep)2001
(d/o Clifford W. Combs & Della Stadler; w/o Raymond Elwood Hamilton)

Hamilton, Jr., Carroll W. (William), 23 Mar 1933-21 Feb 2006
LCpl US Marine Corps
(s/o Carroll William Hamilton & Coral Gill; h/o Alice Canto)

Hamilton, Christine O. (Olive), (03 Mar)1923-(30 Nov)2012
(d/o Lionel Alexander Hind & Eileen Violet Alexander; w/o Earl Hamilton, Jr.)

Hamilton, Idola B., 20 Mar 1918-06 Jan 2013
(d/o Frances Binning & Mary Lillian Romero; w/o Milburn Bernard Hamilton)

Hamilton, Milburn B. (Bernard), (12 Jan)1914-(03 Jul)2006
(s/o Louis L. Hamilton & Aline Ducote; h/o Idola Binning)

Hamilton, Raymond (Elwood), (14 Nov)1918-(13 Aug)2009
(US Army WW II)
(s/o James G. Hamilton & Grace Wallace; h/o Beatrice Eleanor Combs)

Hancock, Jesse J. (James), (16 Jun)1903-(09 Dec)1952
(s/o Henry James Hancock & Sallie Mae Eubank; h/o Annie Elois "Lois" Hart)

Hand, Alexander D. (Douglas), (16 Oct)1918-(10 Feb)2005
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Walter David Hand & Agnes Frances Stidworthy; h/o Dorothy Mae Sheppard)

Hand, Dorothy (Mae) S., (24 Jan)1923-(22 Oct)2007
(d/o Thomas L. Sheppard & Ella Mae Stearn; w/o Alexander Douglas Hand)

Hanley, Jean M., 06 Jan 1928-16 Aug 2008
(Nee: Santapau; w/o Stephen Gerard Hanley)

Hanley, Stephen G. (Gerard), 10 Apr 1925-22 Dec 2001
Tec 5, U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o Michael J. Hanley & Philletta "Lottie" Dodd; h/o Jean M. Santapau)

(Hanlon, Roberta H. 13 Aug 1940-05 Apr 2018)
(d/o Robert Hochman & Doris Addolorata Vincenza Trezza: w/o Marty Hanlon)

(Hanna, Eileen F., (24 Mar)1940-(25 Aug)2013)
(d/o Joseph Grassi & Frances Benedict; w/o Francis A. Hanna)

Hanna, Elsie (Florence), (07 Feb)1915-(08 Jul)1996
(d/o John P. Hanauer & Margaret Maeglin; w/o Kevin J. Hanna)

(Hanna, Francis A., 1935-no date)
(h/o Eileen F. Grassi)

Hanna, Gertrude, 12 Nov 1900-27 Jan 1994
(d/o Willie Hathorn & Ella B. Hughes)
(on same memorial with Stillman Hanna, Jr.)

Hanna, Kevin J. (James), (11 Jul)1921-(30 Dec)1993
(s/o Francis Hanna & Martha McGurk; h/o Elsie Florence Hanauer)

Hanna, Jr., Stillman, 26 Jun 1921-03 Feb 1995
(s/o Stillman Hanna & Mattie G. Hather)
(on same memorial wit Gertrude Hanna)

Hanrahan, Helen, 1935-(2013)
(w/o Michael J. Hanrahan)

Hanrahan, Michael J., (14 Mar)1926-(30 May)2009
(US Army WW II)
(h/o Helen LND)

Hanson, Alma I., (31 Mar)1917-(26 Oct)2012

Hanson, Robert F. (Frederick), 28 Sep 1921-27 Dec 1994
(s/o George Frederick Hanson & Elizabeth M. Wiley; h/o Zelma Hokin)

Harbor, Cindy (Carol), 10 May 1964-(no date)
(Nee: Hunsucker;w/o Randy Harbor)

Harbor, (Donn Aranda) Randy, 06 Feb 1962-20 Jan 2006
(US Army)
married 05 Jun 1982
(s/o Earl Dyer Harbor & Gail Young; h/o Cindy Carol Hunsucker)

Hardin, John T. (Thomas), (13 Ma)1937-(23 Sep)2007
(s/o James E Hardin & Ollie Gertrude Meeks; h/o Lula Nesbitt)

Harding, Daniel Owen (Danny), 20 Feb 1918-14 Jan 1997
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW II
( s/o Joseph Harding & Margaret Lucy Martin; h/o Dorothy Eloise Shamblen)

Harding, Dorothy (Eloise) Shamblem, (22 Dec)1924-(19 Aug 2015)
(d/o George Arnold Shamblem & Lottie Emily Milam; w/o Daniel Owen Harding)

Harding, Joseph, (09 Oct)1879-(09 Mar)1958
(s/o Joseph Harding & Emma Brooks; h/o Margaret Lucy Martin)

Harding, Margaret (Lucy) Martin, (11 Aug)1878-(22 Mar) 1976
(d/o Owen Young Martin & Mary Jan Frost; w/o Joseph Harding)

Hargett, (James) Jimmie Thomas, 17 Nov 1925-22 Mar 1972
PFC, Co C 232 Inf, U.S. Army, WWII
(s/o Weldon R. Hargett & Thelma Mae Hendren; h/o Wilda Strickland)
(moved to Strickland Family Cemetery, Korona, Flagler CO, FL)

Harkins, Elwood C. (Charles, Jr.), (01 Dec)1910-(22 Oct)1989
(s/o Elwood Charles Harkins & Catherine Isadore Smith; h/o Olive D. Owen)

Harkins, Olive D., (29 Oct)1918-(26 Feb 2014)
(Nee: Owen; w/o Elwood Charles Harkins, Jr. & Samuel Levin)

Harper, Gilbert L. (Lee), 20 Oct 1921-08 Dec 1986
PFC, U.S.Army, WW II
(s/o Charles Henry Harper & Myrtle Ivory Buchanan; h/o Etta Carol Greenman)

Harris, Baby Boy, 1976-1976
(s/o Gary Harris & Allison Braddock)

Harris, Connie K., 28 Oct 1942-
(w/o Coy G. Harris, Jr)

Harris, Jr., Coy G. (Gary), 23 May 1928-31 Jul 1994
Sgt, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Coy Gary Harris and Linnie Nancy Retherford; h/o Paulette Yvette Carillet & Connie Kay Morris)
(Flagler County Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1965-1968)

Harris, Jr., James (Arthur), 07 Aug 1949-20 Jan 2003
Gy Sgt, U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam, Purple Heart
(h/o Glenda LNU)

(Harris, Paulette Yvette, 08 Oct 1928-01 Apr 2010)
(d/o Paul Carillet & Lucie Ferry; 1st w/o Coy G. Harris, Jr.)

(Hart, Dorothy Edna Bandy, 29 Sep 1901-18 Jun 1989)
(w/o Edward Martin Hart II & Eldo "Pudge" Hendricks)
(ashes buried with Edwin Martin Hart II - unmarked)

Hart II, Edwin Martin, (16 Nov)1899-(23 May)1943
(s/o Edwin M. Hart & Ida A. Fuquay; h/o Dorothy Bandy)

Hart, Hilda Eva, 19 Feb1925-23 Sep 2004
(d/o Francis George Straw & Lois Ada Hart; w/o Julius Marvin Hart, Sr)

(Hart, James Wesley, 29 Apr 1933-21 Sep 2017)
US Navy
(s/o James Andrew Hart & Lorene LucilleKrauth; h/o Gail Rowena Woods)

Hart, Sr., Julius M. (Marvin), 08 Nov 1919-12 Jun 2001
Pvt, U.S. Marine Corps, World War II
(s/o Emerald Erastus Hart & Addie Martha Kinchen; h/o Hilda Eva Straw)

(Hart, Sonia S., 30 Sep 1940-13 Nov 2019)
(d/o Augustin Santiago & Romona Martinez; w/o Robert P. Hart)

(Hartwich, Pamela, 05 Feb 1952-08 Jan 2017)
(d/o Devon Earl Hawkins & Lydia D. Raulerson; w/o Peter Hartwich)

Harvey, Bill (William), 06 Jun 1937-(no date)

Harvey, Doris Julia, (03 Sep 1904)1902-(03 Apr)2002
(d/o Little Berry Anderson & Francis Rebeccca Miller; w/o Lonnie Proctor Harvey)

Harvey, Joan, 28 Nov 1938-(12 Aug 2015)
(w/o Bill Harvey)

Harvey, Scott (William), 09 Apr 1963-07 Feb 2001
(s/o Bill Harvey & Joan LNU)

Hawkins, Devon E. (Earl), 06 Dec 1923-13 Aug 1999
(s/o Basil Earl Hawkins & Wava Belle Geiger; h/o Lydia D. Raulerson)

Hawkins, Lydia D., 26 May 1923-08 Apr 2009
(d/o John Decoy Raulerson & Minnie Lee Dibon; w/o Devon Earl Hawkins)

(Hawkins, Ronald A., 10 Nov 1938-18 Sep 2013)

Hawthorne, Arthur (Wilson - Jr), (12 Jan)1925-(27 Sep)2005
(s/o Arthur Wilson Hawthorne & Carrie E. Corum; h/o Elsie Mae Lomax)

Hawthorne, Elsie (T.)(Mae), (14 Jul)1922-(13 May)2000
(d/o Sidney Lomax & Grace A.Strickland; w/o Arthur Hawthorne)

(Haynes, Elizabeth A., (15 Nov)1927-(07 Jun)1999)
(d/o Daniel J. Chatterley & Ellen V. Devaney; w/o Walter Sidney Haynes)

(Haynes, Walter S. (Sidney), 1921-1999)
(h/o Elizabeth A. Chatterley)

(Healy, Eileen M. (Monica), 15 Feb 1928-06 Mar 2015)
(d/o Thomas Cronin & Norah McCarthy; w/o John Patrick Healy)

Healy, John P. (Patrick), 02 Mar 1926-02 Oct 2006
SGT US Army Korea
(s/o William Healy & Ellen O'Connor; h/o Eileen Monica Cronin)

Hedden, V. Martinson, 1916-1981

Heffernan, Martin J. (James), (13 May)1943-(03 Apr)2012
(US Navy)
(h/o Nancy J. LNU)

Heffernan, Nancy J., 1941-(no date)
(w/o Martin James Heffernan)

Hegedus, Dorothy, 09 May 1934-23 Feb 2002
(d/o Joseph Skrocki & Agnes Pytel; w/o FNU Buehner & Joseph R. "Jo Jo" Hegedus, Jr.)

Hegedus, Joseph R. (Raymond, Jr.), 14 May 1938-15 Dec 2001
SN, U.S. Navy
(s/o Joseph Raymond Hegedus & Johanna C.Sikora; h/o Dorothy Skrocki)

Heget, Clifford C. (Clarence), (15 Mar)1918-(15 Nov)1991
(s/o Clarence Heget (Hegetschweiler) & Irene Veroneau; h/o Mariona Rose Aloysius)

Heget, Marion R. (Rose), (27 Jun)1919-(08 Oct)1994
(d/o John Aloysius Fahy & Rose Ella Toolan; w/o Clifford Clarence Heget)

(Hegger, Fred (Frederick) P. (Peter), (27 Sep)1925-(04 Nov)1976)
(s/o Jacob Hegger & Gertrud Books; h/o Hilda Moennighoff)

(Hegger, Hilde M., (29 Apr)1925-(23 May)2006)
(d/o Joseph Moennighoff & Fransisca Siepman; w/o Frederick Peter Hegger)

(Hegger, Michael S. (Stephen), (26 Jan)1960-(29 Dec)2003)
(s/o Frederick Peter Hegger & Hilda Moennighoff)

Heifner, William E. (Edwin), 11 Dec 1922-01 Aug 1987
SB 1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(ss/o Walter Ray Heifner & Erma Estelle Robertson; h/o Elizabeth Jane Collins)

Heimann, David, 1945-1991

Hein, Annes (Marie) P., (11 Feb)1927-(12 Jun)1990
(d/oNicholas (Nick/Nico) Piacun; w/o Theodore C. Hein)

Hein, Theodore C., (16 Nov)1918-(27 Apr)2001
(s/o Berthold Hein & Anna Bessler; h/o Annes Marie Piacun)

Heinze, Gertrude R. (Ruth), (31 Jul)1922-(29 Oct)2000
(d/o Elman Joseph Steen & Lillian Christensen; w/o Nelson John Heinze, Jr.)

Heinze, James M. (Michael), (31 Jul)1948-2012
(s/o Nelson John Heinze, Jr. & Gertrude Ruth Steen)

Heinze, Nelson J. (John/Jr.), (21 Jul)1922-(13 Sep)1995
(s/o Nelson J. Heinze & Josephine Lauber; h/o Gertrude Ruth Steen)

(Helm, Charles M., 09 Oct 1930-01 Jan 2019)
(s/o Snively Arthur Helm & Lelia A. Bristow; h/o Charlotte Virginia McDaniel)

(Helm, Charlotte "Ginger", 28 Oct 1931-08 Oct 2007)
(d/o Walter Earl McDaniel & Charlotte Viola Huff; w/o Charles M. Helm)

(Helm, Mark E. [Earl], 15 Jul 1957-23 May 2010)
(s/o Charles M. Helm & Charlorre Virginia McDaniel)

(Helms, Jr., Jimmy, 06 Sep 1963-06 Sep 1963)
(s/o Jimmy Helms and Johnnie Lea Durrance; unmarked)

Helms, John, 07 Nov 1837-03 Nov 1920
Ord Seaman, Confederate States Navy, North Carolina
(The 1940-1941 Graves Registration Project by the Military Department of Florida and the American Legion show his dob as 1836, his rank as BS,
and his being assigned to the Ship Arctic)
(s/o Allen Helms; h/o Sarah A. Johnson)

Helms, Sarah A., 12 Jan 1846-27 Jan 1908
(d/o Levi Johnson and Temperance; w/o John Helms)
(1st Latter Day Saint to be baptized in Flagler CO, FL)

Hendel, Edward Robert, 24 Jun 1927-02 Apr 1990
S 2, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Albert Hendel & Dorothy A. Knaus; h/o Maryann I. Stocker)

Henderson, Joan R., (30 May)1930-(26 Oct)2008
(d/o Howard Dixon & Grace Speck; w/o Wayne Wilmont Henderson)

Henderson, John A. (Albert/II), 11 May 1925-09 Apr 2001
SC2, U.S. Navy, World War II
s/o John Albert Henderson & Mamie Plummer; h/o Fannie Neal)

Henderson, Kenneth Y., 04 Aug 1926-15 Apr 2003
U.S. Navy
(s/o Kenneth J Henderson & Mary F. Malaney; h/o Mildred Rosenvold)

(Henderson, Mildred, 07 Aug 1928-15 Nov 2014)
(d/o William Rosenvold & Ingrid Hansen; w/o Kenneth Y. Henderson)

Henderson, Wayne W. (Wilmont), (04 Jun)1929-(20 Jul)2001
(s/o Kenneth Frank Henderson & Dorothy Louise Yost; h/o Joan R. Dixon)

Henderson, Winthrop C. (Cox), (21 Apr)1917- (27 Mar)1953
(s/o Joseph Randall Henderson & Maude Annesley Middleton; h/o Thelma Irene Parker)

Hendren, Charles A. (Alberti) “Carl,” (22 Jun)1878-(13 Sep)1949
(h/o Mae Bertie. LNU)

Hendren, Mae B. (Bertie), (25 Sep)1881-(20 Sep)1973
(w/o Charles Alberti Hendren)

Hendricks, Hugo A., 26 Jun 1930-(no date)
(h/o Mary Ella Seldon)

Hendricks, Mary E. (Ella), 09 Mar 1934-03 May 1996
(d/o Charlie W. Seldon & Ezerine Mayo; w/o Hugh A. Hendricks)

Hennessy, Donal F. (Francis), 05 Jan 1920-08 Jan 2007
Col US Army WW II
(s/o Thomas Christopher Hennessy & Anna Elizabeth Regan; h/o Edna C. Hallock & Roberta LNU)

Henry, Alva R. (Roland), (18 Oct)1945-(31 Mar)2011
(s/o Richard Henry & Catherine Burrell; h/o Avis "Blossom" LNU)

Henry, Laura R., 1875-(24 Sep)1955
(d/o Samuel Reeves & Josephine Hackett; w/o William Henry)

Henson, Elizabeth J. (Jane), 10 Dec 1908-02 Nov 1991
married 10 Dec 1925
(d/o Homer Woods & Syrena Daniels; w/o Raymond R. Henson)

Henson, Raymond J., 19 Nov 1926-23 Dec 1999
Tec 4, U.S. Army, WW II

Henson, Raymond R., 23 Sep 1902-06 Jul 1994
(h/o Elizabeth Jane Woods)

Herman, Edward P., 05 Jun 1928-2 May 1998
U.S. Navy, WW II
(h/o Lois Adelle LNU)

(Herman, Lois Adelle, 13 Jan 1923-19 Sep 2013)
(w/o Edward P. Herman)

Hernandez, Edward, 27 Nov 1947-25 Mar 2002
SP4, U.S. Army, Vietnam
(h/o Zulma)

Hernandez, Lilia M., (10 Sep)1911-(28 Oct)1999
(d/o Enrique Gonzalez & Nicasia Tellechea; w/o Susano A. Hernandez)

(Hernandez, Natalie, 2018-2018)

Hernandez, Susano A., 1904-1966
(h/o Lilia M. Golzalez)

Heron, Ivanhoe C. (Cecilon), 17 Aug 1911-23 Jul 2012
(s/o Cleveland Heron & Rettinela Bromley; h/o Violet Ina Chang)

Heron, Violet I (Ina)., 09 Nov 1924-20 Aug 2002
Married 19 May 1956
(d/o Isaac Chang & Ella E. Tomlison; w/o Ivanhoe Cecilon Heron)

Herr, Lola, 06 May 1881- 6 Jul 1949
(d/o Walter Lee Bartlett & Janice E. Jones; w/o FNU Ebling & Charles Herr)

(Herr, Orin Kermit "OK," 17 Oct 1918-17 Apr 2011)
(s/o Charles S. Herr & Lola Bartlett; h/o Effie Louise Hays & Willa Mae "Debbie" Roman)

(Herron, Harvey W., 20 Sep 1931-02 Dec 2021)
(s/o Harvey Herron & Mary LNU; h/o Gail LNU)

Hewan-Lowe, Owen (Arnold), (15 Oct)1926-(24 Sep)2009
(s/o Arnold Hewan-Lowe & Mable Gordon; h/o Phoebe LNU)

Hibbard, Roy W. (William), (23 Feb)1913-(09 Nov)1987
(s/o Harry Smith Hibbard & Jessie E. LNU; h/o Frances Richardson)

Hickey, Eleanor R. (Ruth), (21 Dec)1913-(21 Feb)1980
(Nee: Tierney; w/o Frank Lorraine Hickey)

Hickey, Frank L. (Lorraine), (09 Oct)1908-(06 Aug)1992
(s/o Frank W. Hickey & Olla Mary Lorraine; h/o Eleanor Ruth Tiereny)

Hicks, Barbara A. (Ann), 11 Jan 1939-27 Mar 2008
(d/o Arthur Lewis Johnson & Willie Beatrice Young; w/o Elbert Hicks)

Hicks, Elbert, 16 Aug 1935-21 Mar 2022
(s/o Eddie Hicks & Florence Stevens; h/o Barbara Ann Johnson)

Higgins, Madeline P. (Pauline), (13 Aug)1928-(07 Jul 2016)
(Nee: Cavaliere;w/o Thomas George Higgins)

Higgins, Thomas G. (George)(Jr.), (21 Nov)1921-(21 May 2018)
(s/o Thomas George Higgins & Frances Dolan; h/o Madeline Pauline Cavaliere)

(Higgs, Edna Mae, 09 Oct 1931-11 Jun 2016)
(d/o Charles Joseph Mauger & Edna Cecelia Blankenship; w/o Joseph Bernard Higgs)

Higgs, Joseph Bernard, 13 Feb 1928-20 Apr 1992
S 2, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o John Arthur Higgs & Mary Frances Boswell; h/o Edna Mae Mauger)

Higman, John P. (Paris), 06 Jul 1911-20 Oct 1996
(US Army WW II)
(s/o Frank Higman & Elizabeth Harvey; h/o Marion Fulton Robertson)

Higman, Marion F. (Fulton), 24 Oct 1924-13 Apr 1994
(d/o Alexander C. Robertson & Jean LNU; w/o John Paris Higman)

Hill, Henry Joseph, 10 Jan 1937-27 Mar 2004
MSgt, U.S. Air Force, Korea
(s/o Robert H. Hill &Catherine Lorraine Gaillard; h/o Yvonne "Faye" Lauder)

Hill, Joanne Pellegrino, 23 Oct 1929-11 Sep 2006
(d/o John Pellegrino & Rose Bruzzi; w/o Paul William Hill)

Hill, Paul William, 23 Sep 1924-02 Feb 2008
(s/o Joseph Hill & Gertrude Pender; w/o Joanne Pellegrino)

(Hill, Yvonne Fay, 24 Sep 1938-03 Mar 2018
(d/o Ftizgerald Lauder & Claribell Siddons; w/o Henry Joseph Hill)

Hiltz, Harry E. (Jr.), (30 Apr)1923-(09 Oct)2009
(s/o Harry E. Hiltz & Leila Gladys Packwood; h/o Ruth Terese Hayes)

Hiltz, Ruth T. (Terese), (23 Jun)1928-(16 Feb)2000
(d/o Joseph S. Hayes & Katherine M. White; w/o Harry E. Hiltz, Jr.)

Hinders, Vernon (Frank), 18 Mar 1884-04 Mar 1937
(s/o Deitrich Hinders & Anna LNU)

Hinshaw, Marie M., (31 Aug)1922-(01 Mar 2003)
(d/o Robert J. Morris; w/o Robert Gray Hinshaw)

Hinshaw, Robert G. (Gray), (28 Aug)1924-(01 Feb)1999
(s/o Adolphus McKinley Hinshaw & Rena Larena Hines; h/o Marie Morris)

Hipple, Cora (Isabelle), (06 Oct)1886-(02 Jan)1977
(d/o Benjamin F. Stahlnecker & Sara Ann Dreisback; w/o John Henry "Harry" Hipple)

Hipple, Harry (John Henry), 1883-(19 Aug)1969
(s/o William Hipple & Mary Jane Witmeyer; h/o Cora Isabelle Stahlnecker)

Hirten, Ethel (Mary), 09 Sep 1922-17 Jun 1999
(d/o James Markey & Ruth Livingstone; w/o George Theodore Hirten)

Hirten, George (Theodore), 09 Sep 1917-07 Apr 2001
(s/o George T. Hirten & Freda A. Bauer; h/o Ethel Mary Markey)

Hodges, Charles M. (Maxwell), (16 Nov)1923-(29 Dec)1978
AOC, U.S. Navy, WW II, Korea
(s/o Charles D. Hodges & Florence Belle Patton; h/o Margaret Elizabeth)

Hodges, Florence B. (Belle), (07 Mar)1904-(30 Aug)1978
(NEE: Patton; w/o Charles D. Hodges)

Hodges, Margaret E., (22 Jan)1925-(22 Mar)2012
(d/o David Marion McWatters & Mary Lauvinia LNU; w/o Charles Maxwell Hodges & Johnny Joseph Seale)

Hoefler, Kathleen, (27 Mar)1903-(29 Dec)1983

Hoffman, M. (Mildred) Naomi Deen, 03 Jan 1934-21 Mar 1991
(d/o James Emmett Deen & Gladys Naomi Close; w/o Larry Hoffman)

Hoffman, Zbigniew Jozef, 30 Sep 1938-05 Apr 2004
(s/o Ludwick Hoffman & Helena Malicka)

Holbach, Angie (Angeline) R., (19 Apr)1913-(09 Aug)1993
(Michael Peter Helwig & Magdalena Lena Pischke; w/o Nicholas J. Holbach)

Holbach, Nicholas J., (23 Feb)1912-(07 Jul)1997
(s/o Frank Holback & Elizabeth Propst; h/o Angeline R. Helwig)

Hollenbach, Robert L. (Lawrence), (04 Sep)1921-(26 Mar)2000
(US Navy WW II)
(s/o Morris Hollenbach & Minerva M. Mayer; h/o Virginia E. LNU)

Hollenbach, Virginia E., (19 Mar)1920-2013

Holler, Lawrence J, (James), 30 Aug 1941-28 Apr 2003
MM3, U.S. Navy
(s/o Daniel D. Holler & Geraldine Agnes Endler)

Holling, Margo M. (Mary), (16 Jun)1940-(17 Mar)1981
(d/o Maurice A. Hartwell & Catherine Theresa Smith)

Holling, Ronald A. (Allen), (15 Jun)1961-(11 Oct)1990
(s/o FNU Holling & Margo Mary Hartwell)

Hollister, Elizabeth, 22 Oct 1861-14 Dec 1940
(d/o Martin Allen & Gertrude Thompson; w/o FNU Hollister)

Holmes, Debra E. (Elaine), 03 Nov 1959-17 Mar 2001
(d/o Homer Lee Buckles & Lois Louise Woods; w/o Douglas Wayne Holmes)

Hooper, Ella May Robinson, 08 Oct 1903-04 Nov 1990
(d/o McCamy Alexander Robinson & Lena Guthrie; w/o Fred W. Hooper)

Hoover, Charles R. (Robert), 22 Jan 1913-12 May 1991
(s/o Fred E. Hoover & Clara S. Kinsinger; h/o Lille Mae Lewis)

Hoover, Lillie Mae, (15 Feb)1919-(23 Nov)1980
(d/o William Tallie Lewis & Minnie Bell Gillyard; w/o Charles Robert Hoover)

Hoover, Walter L., 06 Jan 1912-03 Sep 1989
PFC U.S. Army
(s/o Fred E. Hoover & Clara S. Kinsinger)

Hoppe, Anna F., 08 Jun 1921-06 Aug 2007
(d/o Steve Obeda & Anna Hodul; w/o Robert L. Hoppe & companion of Fred Kaufman)
(on same marker as Frederick E. Kaufman)

Hopper, Henry (Red), 26 May 1921-19 Jul 2000
(s/o Albert V. "Bert" Hopper & Mary Jane Thompson; h/o Alice May Hopper)

Hopper, Henry Albert, 17 Jul 1952-(no date)
(s/o Henry Hopper & Alice May Hopper)

Hopper, Debra Lee, 16 Aug 1955-(no date)

Hornberger, Herbert Charles ("Chip"), 18 Aug 1947-10 Sep 2009
(s/o Herbert Hornberger & Angeline C. Cole; h/o Darlene LNU)

Horney, Barry H., 18 Aug 1941-19 Dec 2011)
(s/o Alfred Horney & Clara Rosenberg; h/o Wilma Dratel)

Horney, Wilma D., 19 Jul 1941-(25 Oct 2016)
(Nee: Dratel; w/o Barry H. Horney)

(Hornsyld, Flemming, 09 Mar 1941-22 Oct 2017)

(Hornsyld, Vibeke, 14 Feb 1944-no date)

Hoskins, Susan Alice, 26 Mar 1895-14 Apr 1990
(d/o John Calvin Noblitt & Vina Alice Elliott)

Houk, Donald C. (Charles), 06 Jul 1934-17 Mar 1986
(US Navy)
(s/o Morris R.Houk & Doris Evans)

Howard, Betty M., 19 Jun 1927-23 Aug 1999
(d/o Ralph O. Hawkins & Emma I. Schweitzer; w/o William James Howard)

Howe, Gertrude (Lilla) Geiger, (06 Dec 1913)1914-(29 Aug)1938
(d/o Joshua Cornelius Geiger & Cora Lee Croft; w/o Karl H. Howe)

(Howell, Maynard, 22 Sep 1931-30 Jul 2023)
(s/o Oliver Howell & Elizabeth LNU; h/o Louise LNU)

Howell, Vonetta A. (Abina), 29 Jul 1973-14 Aug 1992

Hudson, Sr., Donald V. (Vincent), 07 Nov 1933-31 Mar 2008
SN U.S. Navy, Korea
(s/o Edward Joseph Hudson & Agnes Gertrude Mulligan; h/o Joan C. Perrello & Marianna LNU)

(Hughes, Gloria G., 21 May 1927-12 Jul 2011)
(d/o Robert L. Jenkins & Mamie T. Markham; w/o Calvin Hughes

Hughes, Harry J. (Jr), (05 Jan)1912-(22 Jan)1998
(s/o Harry J. Hughes; h/o Ruth Stewart McAuley)

Hughes, Ruth M., (22 Jul)1912-(26 Nov)1997
(d/o John Stewart McAuley & Juilette Lynch; w/o Harry J. Hughes, Jr.)

Hull, Clinton B. (Bradley), (01 Sep)1892-(02 Jun)1975
(s/o Dewitt O. Hull & Delia LNU; h/o Ruby Orlean Cronk)

Hull, Ruby O. (Orlean), (08 Nov)1888-(07 Feb)1977
(d/o Dennis M Cronk & Abigail Rose Clark; w/o Clinton Bradley Hull)

Hulser, Leroy J. (Joseph), (15 Jul)1924-(07 Mar 2017)
(s/o Felix Hulser & Sophie Steinlein; h/o Lorraine Catherine Dougherty)

Hulser, Lorraine C. (Catherine), (15 Mar)1930-(15 Feb)1990
(d/o John H. Dougherty & Lottie Hanson; w/o Leroy Joseph Hulser)

Hummel, Minnie, (Dec)1871-(28 Nov)1954
(w/o Aaron Franklin Hummel)
(Sister of the Clara S. Kinsinger who married Frank E. Hoover & Harry Dow Booe)

Hunt, David L. (Lewis), (18 Nov)1912-(26 Jan)2001
SSgt US Army WW II
(s/o John H. Hunt & Hannah B. Lewis; h/o Pauline Anna Maurer)

Hunt, Francis E. (Emerson), 19 Sep 1924-24 Aug 2009
Tec 4 U.S. Army WW II
(s/o Wesley Hunt & Mabel Genevive Robson; h/o Rev Florence L. LNU)

Hunt, Pauline A. (Anna), 15 May 1914-26 Dec 2002
(d/o Michael Maurer & Katharina Fernengel; w/o David Lewis Hunt)

Hurley, Carol A. (Ann), (10 Jul)1955-(03 Jan)2005
(d/o Casper Richard LoBuglio & Carmela Mele; w/o Richard Lee Hurley)

Hurley, Richard L. (Lee), (16 May)1954-(no date)
(h/o Carol Ann LoBuglio)

(Hurst, Mike, 01 Sep 1977-16 Oct 2022)
(s/o Rogert Hurst & Betty McCorkle)

Hurt, Clyde C. (Clayton), (27 Apr)1903-(07 Mar)1986
(s/o William E. Hurt & Mattie Gilbert; h/o Eleanor Highsmith)

Hurt, Eleanor H. (Highsmith), (12 Oct)1913-(11 Mar)1997
(d/o Zebulon Francis Highsmith & Annie Elizabeth Joye; w/o Clyde Clayton Hurt)

Huss, MaryEllen J. (Joan), (24 Jan)1942-(04 Jan)1987

Huss, Paul John, (13 Jun)1948-(no date)

(Husted, Elizabeth, (02 Jun)1936-(15 May)2004
(d/o Gorge W. Graham & Jennie McDowell; w/o Lawrence Husted

(Husted, Lawrence (16 Oct)1932-(16 Apr)1999
(s/o David Husted & Violet Meyers; h/o Elizabeth Graham)

Hutchinson, Cliff (Clifford) L. (Lee Roy), (09 Apr)1925-(23 May)2006)
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o Charles W. Hutchinson & Clara J. Henry)

Hutchinson, Mary E. (Elizabeth), (17 Mar)1901-(25 Oct)1994
(d/o Joseph Morris & Mary Garrison)

Hysko, Maite (Mieczyslava), (04 Jul 1880)1881-(25 Jun)1970
(w/o Hipolit "Henry" Hysko)

(Iacobucci, Renato V. (Vincent), (17 Sep)1920-2015)

Ielardi, Diodoro (John) “Ted,” 07 Mar 1937-28 Sep 2002
U.S. Navy
(s/o Daniel Ielardi & Anna Angelini; h/o Madeline Breihof &DarylSherry Dolderer)

(Ingram, Carmen Eloise, 14 Jan 1932-09 Aug 2014)
(d/o Adib Khouri & Gwendolyn Nicholson; w/o Esric Lionel Ingram)

(Ingram, Esrie Lionel, 30 Oct 1931-27 Nov 2016)
(s/o Leiscester Ingram & Gertrude Brown, h/o Carmen Eloise Khouri)

(Innerarity, John H., ????-18 Aug 2021)

Ioselev, Lilya, (21 Dec)1935-(10 Dec)2008

Iovino, Ann, 28 Jul 1931-01 Aug 2007
(d/o Charles Spina & Mary Chiaramonte; w/o Frank A. Iovino)

Iovino, Frank, 18 Nov 1930-(no date)
(h/o Ann Spina)

(Ireland, Autumn, 30 Mar 1933-24 Jun 2018)
(d/o Bert Cook & Isabella Peeler; w/o Robert E. Fulton & Henry Maxey Ireland)

(Ireland, Henry Maxey (Jr.), 25 Apr 1932-17 Apr 2017)
(s/o Henry Maxie Ireland & Dorothy LNU; h/o Rose Alma Lanier & Autumn Bernice Cook)

Ishmael, Eric E., 27 Jul 1938-(no date)
(/ho Norma Y. Osbourne)

Ishmael, Norma Y., 18 Nov 1940-05 May 1979
(d/o Alonza Osbourne & Edna Smith; w/o Eric E. Ishmael)

Itkin, Betya, (25 Dec)1923-(04 May)2004
(d/o David Valdman & Khaya Bushkanets; w/o Igor Itkin)

Itkin, Igor (19 Oct)1923-(19 Feb)2005
(s/o Lev Itkin & Sofya Tylis; h/o Betya Valdman)

Ivanova, Roza, 21 Sep 1928-19 Apr 2012

Ivans, Theresa V. (Veronica), 15 Dec 1927-30 Mar 1989
(d/oMegerdick Dabanian & Maude Mace; w/o William Francis Ivans)

Izquierdo, Angelina Vidal, 1921-(09 Dec)2008

(Izzo, Antonio, 03 Feb 1931-16 Jun 2017)

(Izzo, Antonio G., 09 Nov 1960-no date)

(Izzo, Evelyn, 23 Jan 1930-no date)

(Izzo, Lisa A., 23 Feb 1965-no date)

(Izzo, Rosemarie N., 03 Jul 1959-no date)

Jablonski, Thomas R. (Raymond), 19 Jan 1938-12 Jun 1996
(s/o Stephen Robert Jablonski & Teresa Beatrice Hoffman)

Jackson, Al, 1924-(no date)

Jackson, Lorraine, 1930-(no date)

Jacobs, Adele, 21 Aug 1925-27 Jun 2012
(w/o Leonard Barry Jacobs)

Jacobs, Leonard (Barry), 18 Feb 1922-21 Jul 1993
(h/o Adele LNU)

Jacobs, Mavis M. (Maud), 06 Sep 1912-14 Sep 2004
(d/o Thomas Minott & Elizabeth Hansley)

Jacobs, Rita (Lillian), 02 Feb 1925-17 Jun 1988
(d/o Max Finkel & Ethel Kabdon; w/o Erwin Jacobs)

Jacobson, Claire, (25 Feb)1919-2014
(NEE: Friedman; w/o David Jacobson)

Jacobson, David, (16 Jun)1913-(26 Nov)1997
(US Army)
(s/o Samuel Jacobson & Rebecca Kossoff; h/o Claire Friedman)

Jakust, Julia C., (14 Nov)1925-(04 Mar 1996)
(d/o Harry E. Gerhart & Charlotte Irene Burns; w/o Richard M. Jakust)

Jakust, Richard M., (03 Jul)1926-(May)1986
(s/o Charles Frederick Jakust & Ethel Shaw; h/o Julia C. Gerhart)

Jamison, Mary C. (Catherine), 24 Mar 1942-22 Nov 2012
(d/o Anthony Webb & Catherine Tate; w/o William E. Jamison)

Jamison, Jr., William A. (Alexander), 22 Feb 1921-25 Mar 1994
MOMM1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o William Alexander Jamison & Florence Torrance

Jamison, William E., 05 Dec 1936-(no date)
(h/o Mary Catherine Webb)

Jansic, Anthony F., (Francis), (14 May)1894-(18 Aug)1978
(Flagler Beach City Commissioner)
(s/o Andrew Jansic & Anna Martin; h/o Gertrude Ryan)

Jansic, Sr., James R., 19 Apr 1920-22 Jan 2002
Sgt, U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o Anthony Francis Jansic & Gertrude Ryan; h/o Jeanne Marie Kaiser)

Jansic, Jeanne M. (Marie), 20 May 1924-27 May 2007
(d/o Bernard P. Kaiser & Loretta M. Phelan; w/o James R. Jansic)

Janus, Margaret M. (Mary), 18 Oct 1937-(24 Jul 2021)
(d/o Chester Szemborski & Irene LNU; w/o Marvin Thomas Janus)

Janus, Marvin T. (Thomas), 04 May 1937-23 May 2004
(s/o Leo F. Janus & Stella Sobczak; h/o Margaret Mary Szemborski)

Jarosz, Sr., George A. (Alexander), (14 Dec)1927-(22 Jul)2006
(s/o John J Jarosz & Anna Mary Mansky; h/o Ruby Eunice Dunson)

Jarosz, Ruby D., (28 Jan)1930-(11 Sep 2017)
(d/o Walker Lee Dunson & Margaret Elizabeth Brown; w/o George Alexander Jaroz, Sr.)

Jaslow (Jazlowiecki), Chester J., 09 Jul 1909-24 Jun 1991
(s/o Walter Jazlowiecki & Magdalen Helczynski; h/o Mary Magdalen Stankiewicz)

Jaslow, Mary M. (Magdalen), 22 Jan 1906-22 Jan 1996
(Nee: Stankiewicz; w/o Chester J. Jaslow)

(Jean, Pierre "Tibo" Labonte, 15 Jan 1934-17 Sep 2015)
(s/o Jeanity D. & Anna A. Jean Paul)

Jeffries, Sharon B., (25 Aug 1943)(no dates)
(Nee: Bryan; w/o Walter T. Jeffries)

Jeffries, Walter T., (03 Oct)1930-(22 Dec)2007
(U.S. Marine Corps)
(s/o Thomas R. Jeffries & Minnie Price; h/o Sharon A. Bryan)

(Jefimenko, Fedora "Baba", 28 Sep 1920-24 Nov 2017)
(d/o Ivan Witracchenko & Marfa Kucherenko

Jekabsons, Andris, 23 Jun 1936-24 Jun 2018
(s/o Ansis Jekabsons & Milda Vitols; h/o Lois Evelyn Ruff & Carolyn Thrush)

Jekabsons, Lois E. (Evelyn), 08 Aug 1937-15 Nov 2006
(d/o Frazier A. Ruff & Evelyn P. Trice; w/o Andris Jekabsons)

Jenkins, Jr., Albert E. (Edward), 05 Sep 1923- 16 Nov 2006
(US Army WW II)
(s/o Albert Edward Jenkins & Violetta M. Miller; h/o Catherine Veronica Dolan)

Jenkins, Catherine V. (Veronica), 30 Jun 1924-07 Aug 2010
(Nee: Dolan; w/o Albert Edward Jenkins, Jr.)

Jenkins, Gladys V. (Virginia), (03 Sep)1924-(22 May 2009)
(d/o Russell Charles Sheline & Elizabeth Cox; w/o Richard Andrew Jenkins)

Jenkins, Richard A. (Andrew), (10 Nov)1924-(18 Sep)2000
(s/o Robert P. Jenkins & JennieM.Zetter; h/o Gladys Virginia Sheline)

(Jennings, Janet G., 23 Nov 1946-21 Jul 2022)
(d/o Ernest Turchette & Mary Battoglia; w/o David Jennings)

Jeppson, Ella M., (01 Mar)1871-(21 Jun)1944
(d/o George William Meyers & Sidney Ann Thompson; w/o James Jepson)

Jeppson, James, 12 Feb 1871-17 Nov 1951
(h/o Ida Amanda Sundquist & Ella Meyers)

Jesus, Justa, (12 Dec)1918-(21 Apr)2011

(Johnan, Joan Helen, 23 Mar 1934-08 Jul 2018)
(d/o John O'Donnell & Anna Schnetzler; w/o Ralph Johnan)

Johns, Clara E. (Ellen), 02 Jul 1891-02 Nov 1995
(d/o John Burnell & Elizabeth J. Lee; w/o John Dykes Johns)

Johnson, Albert A. (Augustus), 28 Jan 1903-26 Jun 1998
(s/o Thomas Johnson & Prscella Walters; h/o Muriel Agatha Cammock)

(Johnson, Bobbie Ray, 28 Jan 1939-17 Jul 2014)
(s/o George Alvin Johnson & Thelma A. LNU; h/o Bessie Louie Damelio)

Johnson, Catherine E. (Elvina), 24 Apr 1936-12 Jun 2003
(d/o Samuel Unmisig & Jeanteet Horwath; w/o Raymond Leonard Johnson)

Johnson, Doris Booth, 28 Mar 1913-08 Jan 1976
(d/o James Brack Booth & Aurora Sweat; w/o Phillip Stanley Johnson)

Johnson, Doris Wynele, 22 Oct 1942-22 Jul 1948
(d/o Phillip Stanley Johnson & Doris Sweat Booth)

Johnson, Edouard Donovan, 04 Mar 1906-29 Oct 1933
(s/o William Edgar Johnson & Lillian Williams)

Johnson, Eva J. (Janet), 24 Nov 1918-19 Jan 2003
(d/o Frank J. Hickey & Ethel V. Wilson

(Johnson, Hansel Phillip, 04 Mar 1936-15 Jun 2021)

Johnson, Hazel T., 04 Jan 1914-18 Feb 2006
(d/o Hugh Turner & Kittie Mae Blackstock; w/o Walter Weldon Johnson)

Johnson, Helen E., (29 Jul)1925-(11 Jan)1998
(4th w/o Malcolm Leroy Johnson)

(Johnson, John Sylvester, 12 Mar 1949-10 Dec 2017)
(s/o Joseph Johnson & Catherine Cecelia Keough; h/o Ann Carol Nicolosi)

Johnson, Lillian Williams, 29 Oct 1882-12 Jan 1968
(d/o Septimus (Seth) Williams, CSA & Laura Frances Basford; w/o William Edgar Johnson)

Johnson, Malcolm L. (Leroy) (19 Aug)1903-(04 Aug)1977
(s/o William Edgar Johnson & Lillian Williams; h/o Blanche Walker, Leona Moody,
Mary Vandergrief, & Helen E. LNU)

Johnson, Mark Lee, 28 Mar 1961-13 Mar 1989
(s/o Bobbie Ray Johnson & Bessie Louie Damelio)

Johnson, Muriel A. (Agatha), 03 Oct 1909-31 Dec 1999
(d/o Caleb Cammock & Ida Linton; w/o Albert Augustus Johnson)

Johnson, Paula J. (Juanita), 26 May 1949-18 Mar 2008
(d/o Henry Hudson & Juanita Womack)

Johnson, Philip S. (Stanley), 07 Feb 1908-25 Mar 1982
(s/o William Edgar Johnson & Lillian Williams; h/o Eunice Horne Outz & Doris Sweat Booth)

Johnson, Raymond L. (Leonard), 22 May 1933-25 Dec 2011
Pvt US Army Korea
(s/o Leonard Hilman Johnson & Mary May Perona; h/o Catherine Elvina Unmisig)

Johnson, Robert A. (Alfred), 17 Jun 1921-14 Nov 1999
ART 1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Frank C. Johnson & Laura Estella Jensen)

Johnson, Roy R. (Rogers), 11 Aug 1938-08 Oct 1999

(Johnson, Samuel G., (20 Nov)1941-2015)

Johnson, W. (Walter) Weldon, 08 Oct 1910-15 Sep 1992
Tec 5, U.S. Army, WW II
(h/o Hazel Turner)

Johnson, Wilburn L (Leo). (Bill), 20 Feb 1929-08 Jul 2013
(h/o Barbara J. Clark)

Johnson, William Edgar (Ed), 23 Jun 1878-31 Oct 1944
(s/o William Brantley Cooke Johnson & Martha Ann Wallace Pipkin; h/o Lillian Williams)
(First President of Bunnell Town Council, 1913)

Johnson, William L., 19 May 1937-11 Dec 1999
U.S. Marine Corps

Johnston, Josephine, 16 Mar 1940-(no date)
(w/o William A. Johnston)

Johnston, William A., 11 May 1931-(no date)
United States Marine Corps
(h/o Josephine LNU)

(Jonas, Donald E. (Edward), (30 Jul)1927-(03 Feb)2015)
(s/o Warren M. Jonas & Anna Bertha Jeroff; h/o Bernice Alae Bauer)

Jones, Alice Mae, 30 Aug 1930-07 Jun 2010
(d/o Harold Cowley Sessions & Juanita Herndon) married 01 Nov 1946 (Hulon Jones)

Jones, Anna P. Abbott, 07 Aug 1914-25 Jan 2007

(Jones, Cynthia T. (Theresa), 02 Jul 1936-10 Apr 2017)
(Nee: Crossdale; w/o Ronald Leo Jones)

Jones, (Dora) Pansy R., (24 Dec)1905-(11 Apr)1987
(d/o James D. Rushing and Anne E. Durrance; w/o Charles Henry Baker, Floyd Harold Bumeister,
Lewis Calvin Park & William Dewey Jones)

Jones, Hulon, 16 Jun 1920-13 Sep 1986
Tec 4, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o James Pinkney Jones & Susie F. Swain; h/o Alice Mae Sessions)

(Jones, Johnny, 1928-2015)

Jones, Mary K. (Kathryn), (12 Jan)1932-(22 Mar)2007
(d/o James McGlohon & Roberta Robinson: w/o William T. Jones)

Jones, Robert H., 09 Oct 1934-29 Nov 2011
(s/o R. Leroy Jones & Alice Mae Jordan; h/o Shirley Ann Baynton)

(Jones, Ronald Leo, 03 Jul 1929-15 Sep 2016)
(s/o Enoch Jones & Elma Maitland; h/o Cynthia Theresa Crossdale)

Jones, Ruby M., 09 Oct 1911-25 Nov 2001
(d/o George C. Jones & Rosa A. Thomas)

Jones, Shirley B., 29 Mar 1937-22 Sep 2019)
(w/o Donald S. Jones)

Jones, Shirley B., 01 Aug 1934-(no date)
(d/o Everett C. Baynton; w/o Robert H. Jones)

Jones, Truman Autrey, 19 Feb 1926-31 Jul 1977
WT 3, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Paul H. Jones & Lelia Belle Buchan; h/o Lucille R. LNU)
(Mayor, City of Bunnell, 1975)

Jones, W. D. (William Dewey)(aka: Jonesy), (22 Mar)1919-(31 May 1997)
(4th h/o Dora Pansy Rushing; compiler was told he moved to and was buried in Alabama)

Jones, William T., 1928-(no date)
(h/o Mary Kathryn McGlohon)

Josey, Jean (E.), (11 Aug)1950-(25 May)2013
(d/o John Brown & Annie McKay; w/o Willie J. Josey)

(Josey, Willie J., 26 Nov 1937-15 Oct 2020)
(s/o Willie Josey & Minerva Halley; h/o Jean E. Brown)

Jozefek, Phyllis Ann, 24 Nov 1945-26 Jun 2005
(Nee: Kusinsky; w/o Raymond Jozefek)

Juliano, Angelo, 15 Apr 1950-03 Feb 2013
(s/o Frank Guiliano & Filomena Batista; h/o Patricia Nuzzo)

Jund, Florence, 22 Jul 1924-26 Sep 2008
(d/o Frank M. Shortt & Della King; w/o Warren Stephen Jund)

Jund, Warren Stephen 15 Sep 1921-21 Aug 1990
S1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o John Jund & Theresa Boeck; h/o Florence Shortt)

Jungkans, Helen “Helc” A. (Antoinette), 12 Jul 1921-08 Oct 1998
(d/o Edward Trzesniak & Antoinette Kiebala; w/o Ervin C. Jungkans)

(Kagey, Marilyn Ann, (04 May)1922-2015)
(d/o Cary Edker Brown & Lydia Esther Weaver; w/oWilliam Edward Kagey, Jr.)

Kagey, Wm. (William Edward, Jr.), (21 Sep)1921-(21 Jan)1986
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o William Edward Kagey & Mabel Rose Menter; h/o Marilyn Ann Brown

(Kaiser, John R. (Raymond), 20 Nov 1927-09 Nov 2017)
(U.S. Navy)
(s/o George C. Kaiser & Bertha Sylvia Reif; h/o Ruth Eileen Abbott & Ursula Ellen Reyman)

(Kaminer, Carol, 28 Jul 1952-no date)

(Kaminer, James (Louis), 26 Jul 1944-23 Sep 2017)
(s/o Louis Kaminer & Mildred LNU)

Kaney, Mildred (Melvetta) R., (05 Sep)1897-(26 Mar)1972
(d/o Harry Varney Rogers & Cora Reeves; w/o Harry S. Kaney)

Kanost, Alan W. (Woodward), (25 Dec)1929-(21 Mar)2002
(s/o John Robert Kanost, Jr. & Hazel Edith Frisbie; h/o Beverly Ann Miles)

Kanost, Beverly (Ann), (08 Oct)1937-(20 Jan)2002
(d/o Floyd L. Miles & Mary T. Decker; w/o Alan Woodward Kanost)

Kaplan, Rose (16 Feb)1905-(30 Jun)2003

Kappel, Andre, 22 Oct 1917-11 Jun 2001
(Egbert L. Kappel & Julliet Maanster; h/o Leila Cecelia Hastings)

Kappel, Leila C. (Cecelia), 22 Jun 1918-26 Nov 1992
(d/o Milton Hastings & Florence Coppin; w/o Andre Kappel)

(Karnes, Seymour G., 18 Oct 1934-11 May 2018)
(s/o Harry Karnes & Frances Silver; h/o Charlotte Rosenberg)

Karr, Charles S. (Simon), 28 Oct 1921-29 Sep 2007
(s/o Charles Kazimir Karcauskas & Mary Brikas; h/o Florence Rita Grimas)

Karr, Florence (Rita) G., 08 Jul 1924-07 Aug 2007
(d/o John S.Grimas & Mary A. Ambrose; w/o Charles Simon Karr)

(Kates, Muriel, 16 Aug 1931-07 Nov 2020)
(d/o Philip Brown & Anna Harding; w/o Stan Kates)

Katz, Jeanne, 13 Mar 1919-23 May 2013
(d/o Abraham Sprung & Natalie Reichert; w/o Leon Sidney Katz)

Katz, Leon S. (Sidney), 04 Oct 1912-17 Dec 1994
(s/o Barnett Katz & Bella Plaskow; h/o Jeanne Sprung)

Kaufman, Frederick E. (Edward), 10 Jun 1920-03 Oct 2003
(U.S. Navy)
(s/o Gustave Fredrick Kaufmann & Anna Jackson; on same marker with Anna F. Hoppe)

(Kavanagh, Bernard Brian, 24 Jan 1938-20 Jan 2020)
(s/o John Kavanagh & Catherine Grant; h/o Mary Kay Keating)

Kearns, Eric Scott, 12 Jun 1972-05 Jan 2000
(s/o of James Kearn, Jr. & Helen LNU)

(Keating, Susan Mary, 12 Feb 1968-03 Jan 2018)
(d/o Daniel Keating & Roselyn LNU)

Keegan, John J. (Joseph), (22 Feb)1918-(23 Oct)1985
(New York National Guard - U.S. Army WWII)
(s/o Patrick Joseph Keegan & Sarah Marie Larkin; h/o Marjorie Jeanette Doran)

Keegan, Marjorie J., (05 Jul)1921-(14 May 2021)
(d/o William Doran & Jane Orr Hamilton; w/o John Joseph Keegan)

Keeley, Cecilia, (31 Aug)1895-(12 Apr)1988
(d/o Patrick Keeley & Amanda Brink)

(Keer, Dorothy "Dotty" Hartzel, 08 Sep 1923-18 Dec 2014)
(d/o William Kutz Hartzell & Dora Miriam Martin; w/o Richard Moffett Keer)

Keer, Richard M. (Moffett, (08 May)1924-(31 Dec)2011
(s/o Frederick George Keer & Edith Hazlett Moffett; h/o Dorothy Jean Hartzell)

(Kehley, Helen J., 02 Jun 1937-12 Oct 2022)
(d/o Stanley Narbut & Antoinette Gunosky; w/o Clifford Kehley)

Kelly, Edward J., 20 Feb 1912-15 Nov 2004
S1, U.S. Navy, World War II
(s/o James Kelly & Mary Tully;h/o Helen Maryann Puscan)

Kelly, Ellen M. (Mae), (15 Mar)1918-(19 May)1989
(d/o Edward Gagnon & Laura E. Johnston; w/o Robert Balentine Kelly)

Kelly, Helen M., 17 Jul 1916-01 Oct 2011
(Nee: Puscan; w/o Edward J. Kelly)

Kelly, Robert B.(Balentine), (27 Feb)1914-(20 Jul)1983
(s/o Thomas Nolan Kelly & Annie Dick; h/o Ellen Mae Gagnon)

Kempton, Ernest L. (Leroy-Jr.), (01 Jul)1925-(27Oct)1990
S2, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Ernest Leroy Kempton & Alice G. Barrows; h/o Frances E. LNU)

Kempton, Frances (E.), 16 Dec 1927-(05 May 2021)
(w/o Ernest Leroy Kempton)

(Kennedy, Bette L., (21 Apr)1928-(26 Feb)2016)
(d/o John Hart & Beatrice LNU; w/o Michael James Kennedy)

(Kennedy, Charles Leonard, 31 Jul 1924-13 May 2016)
(s/o Charles Stephen Kennedy & Vera Jane Allison; h/o Eileen Jessie Harris)

(Kennedy, Eileen J. (Jessie), 26 Sep 1926-14 Apr 2016)
(d/o Joseph Harris; w/o Charles Leonard Kennedy)

(Kennedy, Joan C., 01 Nov 1935-20 Dec 2010)
(d/o FNU Werner & Claire LNU)

Kenney, John F, 27 Sep 1942-(no date)
(h/o Judith M. Stellwagen)

Kenney, Judith, 13 Jun 1940-25 May 2011
(d/o Earl Ray Stellwagen & Ida Kasowski; w/o John F. Kenney)

Kerr, Colin, 23 Sep 1923-28 Apr 2008
(s/o Alexander Kerr & Christina Robertson; h/o Rose Barbara Maimone)

Kerr, Daisy Viola, 10 Aug 1925-28 Dec 2002
(d/o James Kerr & Elma Robinson)

Kerr, Rose B., 09 Oct 1922-02 Feb 1994
(d/o Peter Maimone & Josephine Miano; w/o Colin Kerr)

(Kerr, Thomas C., 28 Mar 1957-11 May 2016)

Kersey, Sara Elizabeth, 05 Aug 1912-04 Jan 1989

(Kes, Mesak, 04 Feb 1982-03 Sep 2017)
(s/o Sophal Kes & Chantha LNU)

Kester, Isla (Ann) Fuquay, (05 Apr)1915-(27 Oct)1984
(d/o Dana Fellows Fuquay & Eula Ann (Annie) Parker; w/o Philip Allen Kester)

Kester, Philip A. (Allen), (04 May)1920-(28 Jun)1983
Lt JG, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Preston Arlondo Kester & Eunice Viola Linch; h/o Isla Fuquay)

Kilbeck, Michael Jon, 26 Jan 1936-08 Sep 2005
Sgt US Army
(s/o Theodore Matthew Kilbeck & Helen M. Russell; h/o Edith L. Bigge)

(Killean, Catherine L., 17 Jul 1945-01 Oct 2018)
(d/o Louis Kiel Accorsi & Irene Louise LNU; w/o James Edward Killean)

(Killean, James E. (Edward), 01 Dec 1941-03 May 2017)
(s/o Edward Frances Killean & Lorraine Margaret Manske; h/o Catherine Louise Accorsi)

Killeen, Lillian T. (Teresa), 05 Oct 1925-04 Nov 1999
(d/o Martin Murphy & Mary A. Gallagher)

(Kilper, Anna,?? Dec 1847-25 Apr 1928)
(w/o John Kilper)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

(Kilper, William Henry, 28 Feb 1883-23Aug 1961)
(s/o John Kilper & Anna LNU)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Kincer, Claude, (09 May)1917-(08 Mar)2004
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Benjamin Washington Kincer & Mahala Webb; h/o Mabel Newberry)

Kincer, Mabel, (20 Mar)1919-(26 Feb)2007
(d/o Bennie Newberry & Sarah F. Maggard; w/o Claude Kincer)

King, (Barbara) Joann B., (05 Dec)1935-(no date)
(d/o Robert Lee Burnsed & Margaret Ellen Sheppard; w/o James Eustis Crews, Jr & Herschel Clarence King) (Mayor of Bunnell)

(King, Charles Manuel, 1897-15 Dec 1960)
(s/ o Joseph M King & Ida L Kelly; h/o Frances Wyona Durrance)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate)

King, Clara B. (Bell), 28 Sep 1876-23 Jan 1968
married 21 Feb 1912
(d/o William Henry Duerr & Elizabeth Robinson; w/o William H. King)

King, Connie Jo, 30 Jul 1945-21 Jul 1948
(d/o Joseph Larimore King & Sara Ann (Sallie) Irvin)

King, Herschel C. (Clarence), (16 Sep)1928-(22 Oct)1995
(s/o Thomas Larimore King & Carrie Mae Mercer; h/o Peggy Jean Jones & Barbara Joann Burnsed)
(Flagler County School Board, 1953-1990)

King, III, Herschel C. (Clarence), (27 Nov 1973)-27 Nov 1973
(s/o of Herschel Clarence King, Jr & Peggy Jean Jones)

King, Joseph Larimore "Larry," 28 Jan 1926-17 Dec 2012
(s/o thomas Larimore King & Carrie Mae Mercer; h/o Sara Ann Irvin, Mille Ann Palmer & Marilyn Janice Varn)

King, Marilyn Varn Colee, 09 Dec 1923-(22 Mar 2023)
(d/o Claude Grady Varn & Marjorie Amelia Boor; w/o Raymond Francis Colee, Jr. & Joseph Larimore King)

King, Maxine, 18 Oct 1949-29 May 1950
(d/o Joseph Mack King & Haroldine Bowden)

King, Thomas Larimore, 01 Mar 1903-10 May 1952
(s/o Joseph M King & Ida L Kelly; h/o Carrie Mae Mercer)

King, William H. (Henry), 27 Nov 1875-01 Jan 1968
(h/o Clara Bell Duerr)

Kippins, Erla I. (Iona), 04 Jan 1918-10 Sep 2002
(Nee: McKenzie; w/o Joseph Lemuel Kippins)

Kippins, Joseph L. (Lemuel), 14 Mar 1916-01 Dec 1996
(U.S. Army WW II - New York National Guard)
(s/o Arnold J. Kippins & Eletha Watson; h/o Erla Iona McKenzie)

Kirzhnerman, Lyubov, (25 Aug)1926-(15 May)2004

Kist, Dr. Kevin W., (13 Apr)1932-(14 Dec)2010
(US Army - Korea)
(s/o Henry Kist & Florence West; h/o Maureen Brady)

Kiziukiewicz, Anthony C. (Colon), (31 Jan)1971-(30 May)2004
(s/o Robert Kiziukiewicz & Susan LNU)

Klein, Louis V. (Vincent), 08 Mar 1947-27 May 2003
United States Air Force
(h/o Rita May VanBuskirk)

Klein, Margaret C., 28 Mar 1919-16 Oct 2009
1st Lt US Army WW II
(d/o Morgan Henika & Bertha Mae Baumgardner; w/o Richard A. Klein)

Klein, Richard A. (Aloysius), 19 Feb 1920-14 May 1985
TSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Richard G. Klein & Margaret Gaffney; h/o Margaret Elizabeth Henika/Conrad)

Klein, Rita May, 21 Oct 1942-14 Aug 2011
(d/o Robert VanBuskirk & Frances Musarra; step d/o Sam Musarra)
(w/o James H. Flanigan & Louis V. Klein)

Kleingardner, Frances A. (Arlene), 14 Jun 1947-18 Sep 2007
Married 28 Mar 1965
(Nee: Schrader; w/o Gary G. Kleingardner)

Kleingardner, Gary G., 20 Dec 1947-(no date)
(h/o Frances Arlene Schrader)

Kment, Florence P. (Pearl), (16 Dec)1928-(17 Jun)2004
(d/o Wilson Bosley & Ethel Grimm; w/o James F. Kment)

Kment, James F., (11 Jul)1924-(22 Dec)1995
U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Frank Robert Kment & Mary C.Check; h/o Florence Pearl Bosley)

Knights, Harry L. (Lester), 22 Feb 1951-20 Oct 2005
(s/o Franklin Harman Knights & Arlene Carrie Thomas; h/o of Susan Gail Colby & Bonnie Rae Dix)

(Knipper, Charles 07 Nov 1930-no date)
(h/o Doris Ann Eberst)

(Knipper, Doris (Ann), 10 Nov 1933-11 Apr 2015)
(d/o Cyril Eberst & Amanda Dees; w/o Charles Knipper)

(Koehler, Mayraceliz, 31 Mar 1966-06 Nov 2021)

(Koliev, Dmytro, 04 Jun 1951-02 Dec 2021)

(Kolumbus, Carolyn Rose, 29 Oct 1940-27 Aug 2013)
(d/o John Henry Feeman, Jr. & Mildred Rose Gerth; w/o FNU Stroble & Gregory John Kolumbus)

Kong, Margaret, 27 Oct 1933-(no date)
(w/o Roger Kong)

Kong, Roger, 17 Oct -(no date)
(h/o Margaret LNU)

Konter, Frank Andrew, 02 Jul 1924-28 Jun 2010
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Andrew A. Konter & Victoria LNU; h/o Marie Agnes Shafer & Rosemary Suzanne Hanson)

(Konter, Rosemary Suzanne, 03 Sep 1928-09 Jun 2016)
(d/o John Hanson & Gertrude Tritt; w/o Donn G. Snow & Frank Andrew Konter)

Korobrinikova, Tamara M., 20 Aug 1935-28 Dec 2012
(d/o Mikhail Sterhov & Tatyana Toukmacheve; w/o Vladimir Korobrinikova)

Kort, Herman (Ernest.), (16 Mar)1888-(24 Jul)1962
(s/o Henry Kort & Caoline Gambright; h/o Rose Esterheld)

Kort, Rose, (20 Sep)1892-(16 Dec)1972
(d/o William Esterheld & Caroline Sufert; w/o Herman Ernest Kort)

Kotomine, Valleri, 26 Apr 1955-17 Dec 2002
(h/o Elena)

Kozich, Peter H. (Herman), 13 Apr 1932-13 Oct 2001
United States Air Force
(s/o George Kozich & Rozalia Repiscak; h/o Sandra J. Dobbs)

(Kozich, Sandra J., 30 Apr 1941-10 Feb 2019)
(Nee: Dobbs; w/o Peter Herman Kozich)

Kozminski, Joseph T. (Josef Thedius), (20 Dec)1890-(Oct)1969
(s/o Pawel Kozminski & Jozefa Marianna Cybulska; h/o Olga A. Hysko)

Kozminski, Olga A., (01 Sep 1906)1910-(19 Mar)1993
(d/o Henry Hysko & Marie Albricht; w/o Gustave Kloska & Joseph Thedius Kozminski)

Krajewski, Slawek (Slawomir), (07 Sep)1980-(13 Dec)2000
(s/o Piotr Krahewski & Krystyma LNU)

Kravtsova, Fenya, (24 Oct)1925-(23 Jun)2008

(Kraydman, Howard Sherman, 21 May 1941-15 Jul 2020)
(s/o Jack Kraydman & Ethel Coles; h/o Helene Gaines)

Kretkowski, Blanche, (12 Aug)1908-(26 Dec)2005
(d/o Frank Sepneski & Francis Malinowski; w/o Eugene Kretkowski)

Kretz, Ioma L. (Lee), 12 Apr 1926-08 Jan 2016)
(d/o Lewis P. Baysden & Mary Owens; w/o Robert MorrisKretz)
married 19 Aug 1969

Kretz, Robert M. (Morris), (03 Nov)1922-(19 Aug)1986
Cpl, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Albert Augustus Kretz & Hazel S. Pearson; h/o Helen Josephine Mann & Ioma Lee Baysden)

(Krivoshey, Pavel, 25 Oct 1986-05 Jun 2022)

Kroovand, Michael H. (Henry), (02 Feb)1944-(21 Jan)2007
(s/o Simon Carl Kroovand & Edith Knopf; h/o Judy LNU)

Kruchinsky, Leo Edward, 12 Mar 1919-06 Feb 1989
Cpl, U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II
(s/o Thomas Kruchinski & Ethel J. Martinitis; h/o Mabel E.Chadburn & Estelle Eleanor Maher)

Krull, Julia N. (Nanearle), 24 Feb 1931-29 Nov 1991
(d/o Edward Davis Chapman & Mary Elizabeth Sheppard; w/o William David Krull)

Krusinski, Donald C. (Charles), (30 May) 1933-(21 Apr 2018)
(s/o Alexander W. Krusinski & Mary Pysz; h/o Miroslawa Anna Kilmczuk)

Krusinski, Miroslawa A. (Anna), "Mira," (18 Apr)1948-(no date)
(w/o Donald Charles Krusinski)

Kudryashova, Zoya K., 26 Jul 1932-12 Dec 2009

Kuehl, Florence J. (Jean), 09 Oct 1929-30 Apr 2007
(d/o Melvin C. Moore & Elsie H. Rust; w/o Robert Harold Kuehl)

Kuehl, Robert Harold, 10 Dec 1925-18 Jan 2004
Cpl, U.S. Marine Corps, World War II
(s/o Harold Charles Kuehl & Mary Veronica Pubins; h/o Florence Jean Moore)

Kuhlman, Arthur, (18 May)1915-(14 Oct)1983
(s/o Richard Kuhlman & Louise Anna Keller; h/o Elizabeth Mae Hughes)

(Kuhlman, Elizabeth M. (Mae), (18 May)1916-(25 May)1992)
(d/o Percy Gordon Hughes & Catherine Broad; w/o Arthur Kuhlman)

Kulesavage, John J. (Joseph), 04 Mar 1928-20 Nov 2003
SFC, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o John Kulesavage & Helen T. Karpenski; c/o Ruth Marilyn Waltz-Shephard)

Kulha, Edward T. (Thomas), (26 Oct)1920-(09 May)1991
(s/o Paul Kulha & Justin Lehoir; h/o Mary Kaczan)

Kulha, Mary, (29 Jul)1922-(20 Jul)2007
(d/o Alex Kaczan & Katherine Medvid; w/o Edward Thomas Kulha)

Kuntz, Reinhart (Ernst) O. (Oskar), 13 Jan 1938-24 Aug 2003
(s/o Wilhelm Kuntz & Eva Keller; h/o Linda LNU)

Kurcin, Janice (Elaine), (09 Feb)1951-2013
(Nee: Hallmark; w/o Edward John Kurcin)

Kurz, Jr., Alfred P. (Paul), (26 Apr)1954-(06 Sep)2012
(US Army)
(s/o Alfred Paul Kurz & Lois Jane Troyke; h/o Sabine LNU)
(on the same marker as Elfriede Bermann)

Kutsyshin, Mikhail, 23 Aug 1965-23 Jan 2006
(s/o Semen Kutsyshin & Genriyeta Goroshina; h/o Tatyana Tkach)

Lackey, Daniel R. (Robert), 02 Dec 1963-17 Oct 1984

LaFontaine, Eleanor V. (Veronica), 23 Nov 1927-07 Nov 2007
(d/o John Stroka & Julianna Nowacki; possible w/o Edgar H. LaFontaine)

LaForest, George F., 12 Feb 1928-01 May 2004
(s/o Clerie LaForest & Laurea Placide)

Lago, Frank (Andrew) “Andy,” 25 Nov 1972-09 Aug 1993

LaGrange, R. (Ramon) Grant, 10 Jun 1927-(26 May 2019)
(s/o George F. LaGrange & Margery C. LNU; h/o Veronica Mae Wakefield & Jacqueline Marie Davidson)

LaGrange, Veronica M. (Mae), 14 Jan 1927-04 Sep 1996
married 27 Dec 1940
(d/o Julian E. Wakefield & Anne M. Abbott; w/o Ramon Grant LaGrange)

Lambert, Edith J. (Janet), (14 Apr)1942-(04 Aug)2013
(Nee: Martin; w/o Lee W. Lambert)

(Lambert, Lee W., 26 Jun 1942-11 Jul 2015)
(h/o Edith Janet Martin)

Lambrou, Vasilios, 22 Jun 1919-09 Feb 2006
(s/o Efthimios Lambrou & Olga Stergiou)

LaMonica, Joseph C. (Charles), 05 Jul 1926-10 Jan 1995
Tec 4, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Joseph LaMonica & Mary Lauria; h/o Marie Theresa Kostelnik)

LaMonica, Marie "Mert," 05 Apr 1929-16 Jun 2008
(d/o Stephen A. Kosteinik & Anna Vuraska;w/o Joseph Charles LaMonica)

LaMonica, Stephen, 08 Aug 1966-16 Aug 1992
(s/o Joseph Charles LaMonica & Marie Theresa Kostelnik)

Landis, Farrell M. (Marvin), (16 Mar)1913-(02 May)1987
(s/o Samuel W. Landis & India E. Musser; h/o Virginia Burris)

Landis, Virginia B., (21 Jun)1917-(10 Dec)1997
(d/o Charles Edward Burris & Faye Belle Fenstermaker; w/o Farrell Marvin Landis)

Langen, Martin G. (Gus), (26 Oct)1914-(13 Jul)2001
(s/o John Martin Langen & Mary Catherine Girards; h/o Mildred Irene Rowland)

Langen, Mildred I. (Irene), (08 Feb)1917-(08 Oct)1991
(d/o Roy D. Rowland & Winifred Goulden; w/o Martin Gus Langen)

(Langhauser, Dennis M., 14 Apr 1961-11 Jun 2023)
(s/o Margaret LNU)

Larsen, Carl L. (Ludwig), (05 Jun)1898-(22 Apr)1976
(h/o Mina Bensen)

Larsen, Mina B., (15 Jul)1900-(24 Dec)1981
(Nee: Bensen;w/o Carl Ludwig Larsen)

Larson, Lester H. (Henry), (02 Jul)1915-(17 Nov)1992
(s/o Emil Louis Larson & Alma Irene Else)

LaSalle, Anthony, (13 Jun)1911-(17 Apr)1994
(s/o Guiseppe Michael LaSala & Olympia Graziosah; h/o Mary Theresa Lombardi)

LaSalle, Mary (Theresa), (28 Jun)1919-(24 Feb)2005
(d/o Michael V. Lombardi & Antoinette Muscarella; w/o John Kupchin & Anthony LaSalle)

Lauder, Claribell M. (Minetta), 31 Oct 1905-08 Mar 2006
(d/o Gordon George Siddons & Emma Binns; w/o Gerald Lauder)

LaVigne, Raymond A. (Arthur), (11 Nov)1915-(23 Oct)1991
(WW II Veteran)
(s/o George J. LaVigne & Alice M. Hebert; h/o Alessandra "Sandy" LNU)

Layne, Shirley Q., 07 Mar 1938-16 Jul 1999

Lazzano, Gaetano, 23 Mar 1935-20 Aug 2012
(s/o Salvatore Lazzano & Paula Vaccaro; h/o Giuseppina LNU)

Leach, Fanonda, 29 Apr 1917-19 Jun 2010
(d/o John Wesley Chambers & Mary Williams; w/o Samuel David Craft & Luther Leach)

Learmont, George M. (Menna), (05 Jul)1907-(01 Oct)1962
(h/o Minnie White)

(Leary, Mary, 26 Nov 1921-22 Oct 2013)
(d/o Ralph Vucci & Ana Uva; w/o Edward George Leary)

LeBrun, Rachel Ann, 27 Nov 1953-11 Aug 2012
(d/o Leonard Labbe & Colleen Dyer; w/o Richard LeBrun)

LeBrun, Richard, 09 Dec 1958-(no date)
(h/o Rachel Ann Labee)

Ledun, Huguette Andree, 17 Jun 1922-12 Jan 2006
(d/o Andre Ledun & Pauline Dulon)

Lee, Arthur D (Duane), (12 Jan)1930-(22 Aug)1979
SSgt, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Ellis B. Lee & May Lowther; h/o Helen Irene Hanifan)

Lee, Fay, (09 Nov)1905-(31 Jul)1999
(d/o William Porter Smallwood & Lula McCullar; w/o Paul W. Lee, Sr)

Lee, Sr., Paul Wilson, (22 Oct)1902-(18 May)1993
(s/o Rev. Nathaniel W. Lee & Kordelia "Delia" Kaler; h/o Fay Smallwood)

Lee, Jr., Paul W. (Wilson), 05 Mar 1926-27 Mar 2009
(s/o Paul Wilson Lee & Fay Smallwood; h/o Marjorie Dismuke)

Lee, Thomas (05 Oct)1893-(01 Apr)1956
(Canadian Forces, WW I)
( h/o Agnes LNU)

Legakis, John, 27 Jun 1926-25 Feb 2002
Pvt, U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o Anthony Legas & Besse Gregori)

Legakis, Timothy A., 03 Jan 1932-24 Nov 1987
AB, U.S. Air Force, Korea
(s/o Anthony Legas & Besse Gregori; h/o Theresa Carmela Bianca)

Legakis, Theresa C. (Carmela), 19 Apr 1933-24 Aug 2007
(s/o John Biannca & Anna LNU; w/o Timothy A. Legakis)

Leggett, Ethel Carolyn, 24 Mar 1937-24 Jul 1937
(d/o Carroll Leggett & Ethel Catherine Stagner)

Leite, Jose, 24 Nov 1929-07 Mar 2011
(h/o Urania LNU)

Leite, Urania, 10 Sep 1929-(no date)
(w/o Jose Leite)

Lelah, Kathleen E. (Evelyn), 09 Sep 1916-01 Jan 1995
(d/o Albert Waike & Ivy Savaille; w/o Joey Joseph Lelah)

(Leland, Janet Faye, 1922-29 Aug 1953-24Sep 2010)
(d/o William Lloyd Rehberg & Ethel Pauline Pappy; w/o Gary Lyle Leland)

Lemoine, Helen Odette, (24 Aug)1910-(18 Mar)1997
(Nee: Andree; w/o Pierre Lemoine)

Lemoine, Pierre (15 Sep)1918-(03 Jan)1995
(s/o Gabriel Lemoine & Marguerite Coot; h/ Helen Odette Andree)

Lemon, Jr., Marcus Paul (P. J.), 13 Sep 1978-16 Apr 1988
(s/o Marcus Paul Lemon & Wanda Lynn Edwards)

Lentine, Louis J. (Joseph), 20 Dec 1922-06 Aug 2003
Cpl, U.S. Army Air Forces, World War II
(s/o Salvitore Lentine & Esther Polese; h/o Rose Mary Verlizzo)

Lentine, Rose (Mary), 14 Feb 1926-21 Dec 2003
(d/o Alfred Verlizzo & Nicolina Piscitelli; w/o Louis Joseph Lentine)

(Lepecki, Frances (Franciski), c-1894-30 Jun 1931)
(w/o Frank Lepecki)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

(Lepkowski, Janet R., 08 Nov 1925-31 Oct 2022)
(d/o Ambtose Ryan & Margaret Scanlon; w/o Edward Lepkowski)

(Lepore, Grace (A.), 13 Jun 1936-24 Jan 2019)
(d/o Joseph Curasi & Mary Biondo; w/o Michael C.Lepore)

(Lepore, Michael C., 27 Sep 1934-13 May 2014)
(h/o Grace Curasi)

Leto, Antoinette (Rita), (27 Feb)1925-(04 Nov)1996
(d/o John J Sellitti & Florence Gordon; w/o Joseph Thomas Leto)

Leto, Joseph T. (Thomas), (18 Sep)1924-(29 Nov)2002
(s/o Joseph Leto & Anna Vicari; h/ o AntoinetteRita Sellitti)

(Levene, William G. (George), 20 Aug 1940-25 Dec 2018)
(s/o George Levene & Elethia LNU; h/o Gwendolyn Fraser)

Levine, Harriet L. (Louise), 27 Oct 1916-20 Jul 2001
(d/o Harry A. Allen & Esther Carlson; w/o Howard Albert "Scotty" Levine)

Levine, Howard A. (Albert/Scotty), 19 Apr 1917-26 Jul 1997
(s/o George Levine & Alice Virginia Stevens; h/o Harriet Louise Allen)

Levine, Kathryn A., (24 Sep)1944-(23 Feb)2008
(Nee: Eberth; w/o Robert J. Levine)

Levine, Robert J., (31 Jan)1928-(no date)
(h/o Kathryn A. Ebert)

(Levitan, Lev Z., 28 Jan 1949-17 May 2013)

(Levy, Lloyd Rudolph, 02 Nov 1939-31 Oct 2021)

Lewandowski, Arley Ana, 17 Jun 1984-01 Dec 2000

Lewin, Eda D., 20 Apr 1941-01 Oct 2008
(d/o Reginald Shirley & Elma Tamayo; w/o Omey Lewis)

Lewis, Mary A. (Ann), 04 Jan 1860-30 Jun 1946
(d/o Augustus Miller & Scher Shaw; w/o William Harrison Lewis)

Lewis, Sybil J. (Joenitha), (27 Oct)1920-(28 Jul)2011
(d/o William George Percival Lewis & Estella Geraldine Legister)

(Lewis, William Alonzo, 18 Jun 1931-20 Dec 2015)
(New York National Guard)
(s/o James Lewis & Minnie Beauford)

Lewis, William H.(Harrison) (Uncle Bill), 28 Jan 1862-01 Dec 1940
(s/o George Washington Lewis & Mary Luella Tabor; h/o Mary Belle Tune & Mary Ann Miller)

(Li, Philomena, 30 Jul 1928-27 Feb 2018)
(w/o Walter Li)

(Li, Walter, 30 Sep 1926-23 Mar 2011)
(s/o Benjamin Li & Karoline Kraemer; h/o Philomena LNU)

Liddle, Warren L.(Leslie), (06 Jan)1921-(14 Jul)1996
(s/o Walter F. Liddle & Hazel Ann Dibble)

(Liebman, Harvey B., 05 May 1956-18 Mar 2022)

(Lienhop, Lola Ann, 02 Jun 1956-11 Jan 2022)
(d/o Chester J. Wrona & Ann Strauss; w/o Steven Lienhop)

Light, Grace (Rita), 03 Feb 1919-25 Mar 2003
(d/o Dominick Raguse & Carmel Ottomanelli; w/o Herbert Julius Light)

Light, Herbert J. (Julius), 19 Jun 1921-21 May 2009
(s/o Obie Light & Lydia Pleasure Odom; h/o Grace Rita Raguse)

Ligieri, Elizabeth, 26 Jun 1922-16 Jul 2004
(d/o Thomas J. Koppers & Elizabeth McKeoun;; w/o Leonard Ligieri)

Likins, Roy E. (Elbert), (12 Jun)1905-(02 Feb)1986
(s/o Mark Likins & Paradine D. Hack; h/o Wilmuth Helen Brisendine)

(Likins, Roy Weldon, 23 Jul 1938-14 Nov 1991)
(s/o Roy E. Likins & Wilmuth Helen Brisendine; h/o Jamesene Elizabeth (Zene) Dawson)
(unmarked, buried next to parents)

Likins, Wilmuth H. (Helen), (21 May)1910-(10 Aug)1997
(d/o Wayne Herbert Brisendine & Bertha Mae Jackson; w/o Roy Elbert Likins)

((Lindsey, Patricia Ann, 30 Mar 1939-28 Nov 2020)
(d/o Thomas Raymond Hollins & Evelyn Ganoe; w/o William Walter Lindsey)

(Lindsey, William Walter, 20 May 1936-07 Apr 2017)
(s/o Adam James Lindsey & Florence Mabel Seitz; h/o Patricia Ann "Patty" Hollins)

(Lipkovich, German M., 16 Jun 1939-10 Feb 2015)

Lipshitz, Bernie (Bernard), (11 Mar)1928-(Jun) 2013
(U.S. Army - U.S. Merchant Marines)
(s/o Abraham Lipshitz & Sarah Sorrow; h/o Wilda AliceSchraga)

Lipshitz, Wilda (Alice), (14 Jul)1929-(11 Jul)2000
(d/o Abraham Schraga & Joan Klee; w/o Bernard Lipshitz)

Lipsky, Blanche F. (Florence) 26 Mar 1914-30 Aug 2006
(Nee: Rosenzweig; w/o Harry Lipsky)

Lipsky, Harry, 10 Jan 1914-03 Feb 1998
(s/o Oscar Lipsky & Jennie Kalish; h/o Blance Florence Rosenzweig)

(Lis, Andrzej Maciej, (06 Jan)1956-2015)

(Lishchinskaya, Ida, 19 Jul 1923-09 Oct 2002)
(d/o Ykob Lishchinskay & Berta Lubarskaya)

(Lishchinskaya, Rakhil, 23 May 1927-07 Feb 2002)
(d/o Ykob Lishchinskay & Berta Lubarskaya)

Little, Sabrina Marie, 12 Oct 2001

(Livingston, Martha Jane, 18 Dec 1919-01 Apr 1014)
(d/o Daniel Law & Anne Zwald; w/o William Ira "Bill" Livingston)

(Livingston, William Ira, 04 May 1920-04 Sep 2014)
(U.S. Navy WW II)
(s/o Lewis Frick Livingston & Mary Watson; h/o Martha Jane Law)

(Locke, Rosalie Ellen, 30 Apr 1928-15 Aug 2021)
(d/o John Stewart & Bertha LNU; w/o Donald H. Locke)

(Lockie, Teresa, 20 Jan 1926-21 Dec 2018)
(d/o Joseph Knox & Isabella Martin; w/o William Lockie)

Lodi, Joseph L. (Leo), 14 Aug 1948-03 Mar 2009
(U.S. Army, Vietnam)
(s/o Letterio Louis Lodi & Amelia Crisafi; h/o Rita Giuseppina Kadox)

Lodi, Rita G. (Giuseppina), 13 May 1948-20 Nov 2005
(Nee: Kadox; w/o Joseph Leo Lodi)

(Loffredo, Pietro, 20 Apr 1937-07 Dec 2018)

Logan, Betty L. (Rebecca Louisa), (04 Jun)1921-(30 Jun)1989
(d/o Allen Elisha "Sade" Guthrie & Beulah Solona Brooks w/o Thomas Jefferson "Jack" Logan)

Logan, Gerald E. (Emery), 13 Nov 1940-25 Jan 1995
(s/o Thomas Jefferson "Jack" Logan & Rebecca Louisa "Betty" Guthrie; h/o Virginia M. LNU & Jean M. LNU)

Logan, Jean M., 24 May 1943-(no date)
married 25 Oct 1972
(w/o Gerald E. Logan)

Logan, Thomas Jefferson (Jack)(Rev), 26 Mar 1916-29 Sep 1977
S1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o James R. Logan & Martha LNU; h/o Rebecca Louisa "Betty" Guthrie)

Loh, Blanca A., 09 Nov 1930-(no date)
(w/o Louis Loh)

Loh, Louis, 01 May 1923-18 Mar 2011)
(h/o Blanca LNU)

Loiacono, Frank, (04 Aug)1931-(19 Oct)2009
(s/o Salvatore Loiacono & Mary Marcasa; h/o Joan Howard)

(Long, Carol L., 21 Nov 1950-??Apr 2016)
(d/o Glendon L. Wagner & Gloria L.Dizutti; w/o James Long)

Long, James, 17 Jan 1948-22 Mar 1996
U.S. Coast Guard, Vietnam
(h/o Carol L. Wagner)

Long, James G., 22 Sep 1928-28 Dec 2010
(s/o James G. Long & Catherine C. LNU; h/o Barbara A. LNU)

Look, Geraldine (B), (03 Jun)1928-(11 Jul)1997
(d/o Andrew Joseph Brueggen; w/o John Owen Look)

Look, John (Owen "J.O."), (27 Oct)1927-(18 Jan)2009
(s/o Clarence Albert Look & Charlotte C. Gueney; h/o Geraldine Marie Brueggen & Harriet Elizabeth Conrad)

Loomis, Josephine M. (Marion), 15 Jun 1919-17 Feb 1989
1st Lt, U.S. Army, WW II, Korea
(d/o Ralph A. Loomis & Marion A. LNU)

Lopez, David R., (29 Dec)1918-(Mar)1966
(s/o Roberto Lopez Casuso & Ynocencia del Castillo Alvarion; h/o Hilda B. LNU)

Lopez, Hilda B., 1920-1997
(d/o Pedro C. Garcia & Felincina Fuego; w/o David R. Lopez del Castillo)

Lopez, Mercedes, 27 Sep 1930-26 Apr 1993
(d/o Jose Gomez & Maria Nunez)

Lopez, Roberto A., 1949-2003
(s/o David R. Lopez del Castillo & Hilda Gracia Fuego)

Lopez, Sarah Morejon, (18 May)1918-(12 Jul)2004
(on the same marker with Roberto A. Lopez, relationship unknown)

Loprieno, Ann M., (17 Dec 1928-(no date)
(d/o Francesco Loprieno & Rosa LNU)
(on same marker with her sister, Marie G. Loprieno)

Loprieno, Marie G., (08 Mar)1934-(08 Nov)2007
(d/o Francesco Loprieno & Rosa LNU)
(on same marker with her sister, Ann M..Loprieno)

Lorelli, Frank (Francesco Stephen), 26 Dec 1912-23 Nov 1999
(New York National Guard)
(s/o Vincenzo James Lorelli & Margaret M. Iroio; h/o Gussie LNU)

Lorelli, Gussie, 04 May 1923-(no date)

Lorenzen, Elizabeth (Mary) C., (21 Dec)1924-(10 Oct)1983
(d/o James Connolly & Margaret LNU; w/o John Dare Lorenzen)

Lorenzen, John D. (Dare), (14 Aug)1921-(15 Jul)1995
(s/o Max Andreas Lorenzen & Lena Emily Smith; h/o Elizabeth Mary Connolly)

(Lourenco, Maria Gloria, 10 Dec 1930-02 Jan 2018)
(d/o Luiz Guerreiro Costa & Maria Gloria Dos Santos; w/o Francisco Lourenco)

(Lowe, James Wilson, 05 Jan 1913-11 Dec 1962)
(s/o Willie J. Lowe & Virgie LNU; h/o Allie Mae Craig & Mary Clarinda Moore)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate grave)

(Lowe, Mary Clarinda, c1926-07 Apr 1962)
(d/o I. M. Moore & Ethle M. Bates; w/o FNU Galbreath; Charlie Amazon Eagon & James Wilson Lowe)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate grave)

Lue, Lester A. (Alfanso), 17 May 1932-01 Mar 1997
(s/o Henry Lue-Fong & Leta Bennett; h/o Loretta Amelia Smith)

Luers, Charles G. (Godfried), (19 Jun)1904-(12 Sep)1992
(h/o Elizabeth Smith)

Luers, Elizabeth S., (04 Feb)1914-(03 Jan)1979
(Nee: Smith; w/o Charles Godfried Luers)

Luke, Jane E. (Elizabeth), 01 Dec 1935-17 Jun 2007
(d/o Chester Englert & Kate McDonough; w/o John Theodore Luke)

Luke, John (Theodore) "Jack," 13 Jun 1932-27 Oct 2008)
( U.S. Navy Veteran)
(s/o Clarence E. Luke & Catherine Kedian; h/o Jane Elizabeth Englert)

Lukincrook, John, (16 Feb)1918-(25 Jul)2004
(U.S. Army Air Corps - WW II)
(s/o Samuel Lukincrook & Martha Ostapchuk; h/o Marie McGuire)

Lukincrook, Marie M, (24 Feb)1921-(08 Jun)2011
(w/o John Lukincrook)

Lumadue, Patricia H., 04 Nov 1931-(no date)
married 23 Jul 1955
(d/o Lonnie Proctor Harvey & Doris Julia Anderson; w/o Richard M. Lamadue)

Lumadue, Richard M., 21 Oct 1933-04 Dec 1997
(s/o Burton George Lamadue & Edma Mae Cole; h/o Patricia Elizabeth Ann Harvey)

Lumadue, Jr., Richard M., 12 May 1959-26 Dec 2011
(s/o Richard M. Lumadue and Patricia Elizabeth Ann Harvey)

Lumpkin, Anthony, 29 Jul 1979-16 Mar 2001
(s/o Michael Plaia & Annette Lumpkins)

(Luther, Holly Ellen, 1953-no date)
(w/o Steven E. Luther)

(Luther, Steven E., 17 Sep1957-18 Nov 2015)
(s/o FNU Luther & Grace LNU; h/o Holly Ellen LNU)

Lyle, Henry J. (Joseph), (18 Jul)1911-(30 Nov)1996
(h/o Viola Beatrice Taylor, 03 Jun 1917-15 Oct 1998)

(Lynaugh, Beverly Lee, 21 Mar 1942-07 Aug 2023)
(d/o Howard Kuntz & Gladys LNU; w/o John Lynaugh)

Lynch, Rega E. (Edward), (16 Jul)1902-(03 Jun)1970
(s/o Latham David Lynch & Tessie Sommerville)

Lynch, Sr., Wray R. (Robert), 08 Feb 1945-03 Jul 2005
(h/o Valeria LNU)

Lynner, Alicia F., (21 Dec)1920-(23 Mar)1984
(Nee: Fogarty; w/o Sigurd Robert Lynner)

Lynner, Sigurd R. (Robert), (11 May)1915-(18 Nov)1987
(U.S. Army WWII)
(s/o Sigurd Johannes Lynner & Paula Christiane Ramsaas; h/o Alicia A.Fogarty)

Lyons, Beverly J. (Joyce), (29 Nov)1903-(03 Jun)1991
(d/o Solomon Dulberg & Minnie Kiser; w/o Louis Lyons)

Lyons, Louis, (02 Oct)1899-(20 Nov)1988
(s/o Reuben Lyons & Emma Krakauer; h/o Beverly Joyce Dulberg)

Lyons, Matthew C. (Corey), 03 Jun 1981-09 Apr 2009
(s/o Thomas F. Lyons & /Suzanne O. Scott)

Lyons, Thomas F., 28 Feb 1939-03 May 2009
(s/o Thomas V. Lyons & Gertrude Cavanaugh; h/o Suzanne O. Scott)

Macaluso, Robert, (20 Aug)1945-(30 Apr)2005
(h/o Donna Pellegrino)

Macaulay, Carol A., 17 Aug 1936-(no date)
(w/o Robert Macaulay)

Macaulay, Robert 10 Aug 1930-28 Jul 1988
U.S. Navy, Korea
(s/o Thomas McKenzie Macaulay & Margaret Petilla; h/o Carol Beggs)

(Machiz, Edward, 05 Aug 1936-19 Aug 2019)
(s/o Irving Machiz & Mildred Nussinoff; h/o Lenora Shapiro)

(Machiz, Lenora, 20 May 1939-24 Nov 2019)
(d/o Morris Shapiro & Rachel Lipschitz; w/o Edward Machiz)

Machlus, Barry (Joel), 19 Oct 1944-13 Nov 1993
(s/o Morris Machlus; h/o Linda June Neidoff)

Machlus, Linda, 22 Jun 1951-(no date)
(Nee: Neidoff; w/o Barry Joel Machlus

Mack, Betty J. (June), 14 Jul 1920-15 Dec 2006
(d/o Lindley Colin Lanning & Elizabeth A. McMillan; w/o Robert William Mack)

Mack, Robert W., 07 Dec 1918-19 Jun 2004
Tec 4, U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o William F. Mack & Frances E. Bubna; h/o Betty June Lanning)

Maddox, David A., 23 Jul 1941-(no date)
(h/o Matilda C. LNU)

Maddox, Matilda C. (Til), 20 Nov 1943-22 Feb 2012
(d/o Charles Fischett & Virginia Mantell; w/o David A. Maddox)

Magerus, Edith V. (Victoria), 20 Jan 1925-21 Apr 2007
(d/o Joseph N. Gustafson & Gerda V. Lundquist; w/o Herbert Matthew Magerus)

Magerus, Herbert M. (Matthew), 01 Aug 1918-19 May 2007
FC2 US Navy
(s/o Peter Magerus & Mary Dyon; h/o Edith Victoria Gustafson)

Maggio, Phyllis C. (Catherine), 19 Dec 1918-24 Mar 2002
(d/o Tony Bredice & Henrietta Allison; w/o Joseph A. Boswell & Michael Maggio)

Maggio, Jr., Sam S. (Salvatore), 1913-(23 Nov)2012
(s/o Sam Salvatore Maggio & Annie Puccio; h/o Edith Gertrude Sevin)

Magner, Mary, 16 Feb 1910-28 Oct 1982

Magsino, Jacinda Dior, -30 Aug 2008-

Mahoney, James Michael, 11 Feb 1928-18 Nov 1981
(s/o Charles H. Mahoney & Barbara A. Wagner; h/o Mary Ellen Urbanski)

Mahoney, Mary Ellen, 07 Jan 1930-21 Feb 2007
(d/o Paul C. Urbanski & Bertha V. Drounak; w/o James Michael Mahoney)

(Maiorino, Kathy Cameron, 30 Dec 1946-20 Feb 2014)
(d/o George Cameron and Elizabeth Morris; w/o Nicholas Maiorino)

Makarchuk, Nikolay, 10 Feb 1944-12 May 2005

Maki, Eino John, 25 May 1916-04 Aug 1994
(s/o Juho Maki & Tekia Amalia Husa; h/o Edith Helen Liebig)

Maki, James Robert, 02 Mar 1959-25 Jul 1979

(Malacky, Phillip J. (James), 19 Aug 1943-21 Aug 2015)
(s/o Michael Malacky & Elizabeth Petricko; h/o Patrici Ann LNU)

Malatino, Joseph T., (21 Oct)1905-(09 Oct)2000
(h/o Rose T., LNU)

Malatino, Rose T., (25 May)1905-(14 Feb)2004
(w/o Joseph T. Malantino)

Malherios, Paulo J.,(03 Feb)1974-(13 Jan)2007
(s/o Antonio J. Malherios & Maria Silverio; h/o Tracy Ciolek)

Malone, Edward J. (Joseph), 14 Jul 1930-03 Oct 1997
(s/o Joseph Malone & Mary Kelly; w/o Margaret M. LNU)

Malone, Margaret M.
(w/o Edward Joseph Malone)

Maloney, Arline E., 1920-2013
(w/o Michael Francis Maloney)

Maloney, J. Juanita, 11 Nov 1917-29 Dec 2002

Maloney, Michael F. (Francis), (14 Feb)1918-(20 Mar)2006
(s/o Edward P. Maloney & Sarah Mishaud; h/o Arline E. LNU)
(Lt. Col, USAF, Retired)

(Mangaudis, Andy (Andrew Paul), 1952 (25 Mar)2014)
(s/o Ernest Mangaudis & Violet Marie Boucher)

Mann, Marie C., (07 Feb)1903-(06 Mar)1986
(d/o Clay Crosby& Lottie De Vine; w/o Roger Wolcott Mann)

Mann, Roger W. (Wolcott), (16 Apr)1900-(03 Sep)1982
(s/o Walter Harris Mann & Marcia Almeda Rich; h/o Marie Cosby)

Mannino, Phyllis “Felicina,” 25 Jan 1920-15 Oct 2004
(d/o Racco Bininnti & Pasqualina Tomaselli; w/o Frank PeterMannino)

Mannino, Frank Peter, 23 May 1919-12 Sep 2010
(s/o Antonio Mannino & Domencia Ruffino; h/o Felicina Bininnti)

Marazzo, Adelfina V. (Vincenza), 23 Sep 1924-18 Dec 2003
(d/o Vincent Benedetti & Glovanna Lucci; w/o Louis Chester Marazzo)

Marazzo, Louis C. (Chester), 17 Feb 1924-01 Apr 2004
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o Pasquale Marazzo & Anna Angeline; h/o Adelfina Vincenza Benedetti)

(Marcedo, Carlos Amaral, 20 Mar 1956-16 Jan 2021)
(s/o Jacinto Amaral Macedo & Maria de Lourdes P.Vasconcelos; h/o Maria Goretti Carvalho)

Marciano, Charles J. (John), 12 Aug 1920-12 Jul 1995
(s/o Joseph Marciano & Josephine Farone; h/o Genevieve Agnes Beckley)

Marciano, Genevieve (Agnes), 19 Jul 1919-24 Jan 2004
(d/o Edward Beckley & Rebecca Hauser; w/o Herman Adolf Gaardner; Louis Viggiano & Charles John Marciano)

(Marcus, Audrey, 06 May 1934-24 Aug 2017)
(d/o Charles Gore & Aileen LNU; w/o Philip Marcus)

Marcus, David Charles, 19 Mar 1964-28 Jul 1994
(s/o Philip Marcus & Audrey Gore)

(Marcus, Philip, 11 Nov 1927-13 Jul 2020)
(s/o Abraham Marcus & Dora Eisenberg; h/o Audrey Gore)

Maresco, Charles J. (Joseph), 13 Nov 1936-21 Dec 2000
(s/o Fred George Maresco & Mildred Mirabella; h/o Honora M. Kosack)

Maresco, Honora M. (Honey), 02 Sep 1934-01 Jul 2012
(s/o Lawrence Kosack & Mildred Cohen; w/o Charles Joseph Maresco)

Margiotta, Dominick A. (Anthony), 03 Apr 1908-20 Aug 1989
(U.S. Army WW II)
(h/o Rose LNU)

Margiotta, Rose, 04 Dec 1911-15 Jan 2001
(w/o Dominick Anthony Margiotta)

Mariani, Elvira, 23 Nov 1923-15 Sep 2010
(d/o Arturo Rutti & Filomena Pettinella; w/o Emilio Mariani)

Mariani, Emilio, 15 May 1914-30 Dec 2012
(s/o Nicola Mariani & Anunziata Lancia; w/o Elvira Rutti)

Marin, Pura, 08 Dec 1905-16 Jan 1998

Marion, Chester (Francis), (09 Dec)1912-(06 Jan)1994
(s/o Stephen J. Marion & Mae Clayson; w/o Margaret Dorothy Maczko)

Marion, George F., 1921-(no date)
(w/o Gloria Margaret Linehan)

Marion, Gloria M. (Margaret), (16 Apr)1922-(02 May)1985
(d/o Edward Linehan & Margaret Oneill; w/o George F. Marion)

Marion, Margaret (Dorothy), (12 Jul)1918-(06 Jun)1998
(d/o John Maczko & Mary Arendas; w/o Chester Francis Marion)

Marks, Charles R. (Robert), (18 Jul)1922-(08 Mar)1999
(s/o Edward Marks; h/o Margaret Theresa Voight)

Marks, Margaret T. (Theresa), 10 Mar1921-15 Feb 1999
(d/o Frank Voight & Margaret Schmidt; w/o Charles Robert Marks)

Marro, Domenick (James), (27 Jul)1918-(30 Jun)1997
(s/o Frank J. Marro & Mamie Pirriano; h/o Mildred Alma Grammes)

Marro, Mildred (Alma), (01 Oct)1919-(15 Sep)1998
(d/o Walter Grammes & Theresa Schmolz; w/o Domenick James Marro)

Marrocco, Anna E., 14 Feb 1905-23 Sep 1992

(Marron, Eileen, Jan 1938-24 Nov 2019)
(d/o William Cason & Eileen Donohue; w/o Patrick J. Marron, Jr.)

(Marron, Patrick J., 22 Dec 1934-27 Jan 2001)
E5 Air Force Korea
(s/o Patrick J. Marron & Adekaide Gardner; h/o Eileen Cason)

Marsden, Donald C., 26 Jul 1926-07 Mar 2013
(s/o George Edward Marsden & Carmen Farris; h/o Virginia Agnes Nicol)

Marsden, Virginia (Agnes), 21 Feb 1925-24 Jul 1999
U.S. Navy, WW II
(d/o Alexander Crawford Nicol & Agnes McKinnon Tinney; w/o Donald Charles Marsden)

Marsh, Helen (Kathryn) B., (29 Aug)1900-(19 Jun)1955
(d/o George Royal Benson & Bertha A Elliott; w/o Sydney Arthur Walker & Gordon R. Marsh)

Marshall, Agusta M., 02 Feb 1917-21 Aug 1996
(d/o Thomas L. Moore & Lillie L. Johnson; w/o Wille Jones & FNU Marshall)

Marson, Linnette A. (Ann), 01 Feb 1902-28 Apr 1989

Martellucci, Antonina, 04 Aug 1928-18 Sep 2005
(d/o Charles Costa & Lillian LNU; w/o Pasquale C. Martellucci)

Martellucci, Pasquale (C.), 16 Nov 1925-(no date)
(h/o Antonina Costa)

Marteney, Florene H., 29 Sep 1927-12 Aug 2006
(s/o Calvin Kiefer & Margaret Hoffman; w/o Ross E. Marteney)

(Marteney, Robert Alan, 04 Mar 1955-07 Apr 2014)
(s/o Ross E. Marteney & Florene Hoffman Kiefer)

Marteney, Ross E., 18 Mar 1924-(21 Nov 2022)
(s/o Elwood Marteney & Ada Tyre; h/o Florene H. LNU)

(Martin, Elisea Brigida Delgado Martin, 20 Mar 1907-14 Jul 1997)
(d/o Jose Martin & Guadalupe Tacoronte; w/o FNU Delgado)

Martin, Frederick, (03 Sep)1935-(13 Apr)2009
Married 03 May 1958
(h/o Pauline)

Martin, James Patrick, 25 May 1946-21 Dec 2007
U.S. Army (Vietnam)
(s/o John D. Martin & Catherine A. Kirley; h/o Anne LNU)

Martin, Ward Winslow, (30 Aug)1910-(04 Nov)1981
Tec 4, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Walter C. Martin & Mary E. Buchanan; h/o Opha Mae Dickens)

Martinez, Brad (Infant), 2000-2000

Martino, Betty (Jane), (20 Sep)1926-(22 Dec)2013
(d/o John S. Kamper & Edna Plack; w/o Louis Raymond Martino)

Martino, Clara, (02 Jan)1899-(12 Jun)1997
(d/o Tanalo Senerchia & Caroline Rufo; w/o Anthony Martino)

Martino, Louis (Raymond), (10 Oct)1919-(24 Feb)2010
(s/o Anthony Martino & Clara Senercia; h/o Betty Jane Kamper)

Martinolich, Giovanni, 18 Jun 1927-13 Jan 1994
(s/o Fausto Martinolich & Anna Vidulich)

(Martins, Maria Manuela, 23 May 1959-27 Jan 2019)
(d/o Victor Carvalhana & Etelvina Salgueiro; w/o Manuel Martins)

(Martins, Venancio B., 12 Feb 1953-14 Sep 2015)

Martorana, Anne M., 12 Apr 1927-(no date)
(w/o Emanuele Joseph Martorana)

Martorana, Emanuele J. (Joseph), 16 Feb 1924-08 Dec 1993
(U.S. Navy WW II)
(s/o James Martorana & Anna Laurie; h/o Anne M. LUN)

Mascali, John (D.), (08 Jan)1915-(21 Jun)1993
(s/o Francesco Mascali & Lucia Berardi; h/o Bertha Barbara Dickey & June LNU)

Mascali, June (C), (26 Dec)1909-(22 Oct)2002
(w/o John D. Mascali)

Masi, Anthony, 01 Oct 1910-28 Aug 1998
(h/o Rose Rizzo)

Masi, Rose, 23 Jun 1915-30 Apr 2001
(d/o Michael Rizzo & Pauline Iacona; w/o Anthony Masi)

Masse, Ernest J. (Joseph), (07 May)1911-(11 May)1998
(h/o Katherine LNU)

Masse, Katherine, (26 Feb)1913-(13 Nov)2012
(w/o Ernest J. Masse)

Massetti, Joseph Thomas, 21 May 1924-01 Mar 2006
(s/o Joseph Massetti & Margaret Bonamarte; h/o Rose M. DiCianni)

Massetti, Rose M., 13 Mar 1923-28 May 1994
(d/o Silvio DiCianni & Anna Policano; w/o Joseph Thomas Massetti)

Massie, Anna M., 26 July 1925-(no date)
(w/o Osvaldo H. Massie)

Massie, Osvaldo (H. "Ozzie,)" 02 Jun 1921-30 Sep 2010
U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Astore Massie & Amalia Fornaciari; h/o Anna M. LNU)

Masullo, Andrew A. (Adam), 08 Mar 1921-01 Apr 2010
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o Carmine Masullo & Mary Liguori; h/o Anna Nunez)

Masullo, Anna N., 16 Dec 1922-(no date)
(Nee: Nunez; w/o Andrew Adam Masullo)

Matera, Rocco, 30 Apr 1917-26 May 1995
(s/o Alessio Matera & Rose Grieco; h/o Vincenza Santalucia)

Matera, Vincenza, 17 Aug 1926-(21 Oct 2014)
(d/o Fortunato Santalucia & Caroline Pepe; w/o Rocco Matera)

Mathews, Russell L. (Leon), 07 Jul 1928-07 Dec 2003
(s/o Leo Mathews & Clara Hein; h/o Eleanor Verlie Keller & Ruth Irene McClure)

Mathews, Ruth I. (Irene), 03 May 1923-(16 Feb 2008)
(d/o George McClure & Esther Wilhelmina Hilberg; w/o William Edward Hughes & Russel Leon Mathews)

(Matias, Ana Maria Silva, 08 Mar 1948-20 Nov 2015)
(d/o Frederico Silva & Teodora LNU; w/o Manuel Jeronimo Matias)

(Matias, Manuel Jeronimo, 18 Dec 1945-no date)
(h/o Ana Maria Silva)

Matlock, Mary E. (Elizabeth), 08 Apr 1913-09 Mar 2008
(w/o FNU Griffith & Robert Clemon Matlock)

Matlock, Robert C. (Clemon), 28 Jul 1909-22 Jun 1988
Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Robert L. Matlock & Bell Ackerman; h/o Mary Elizabeth LNU)

Matthews, James H., 1910-2005
(h/o Mary C. LNU)

Matthews, Mary C., 1916-(no date)
(w/o James H. Matthews)

Matto, David Mark, 26 Jul 1969-24 Jan 2003

(Matukonis, Evan Richard, 16 Aug 1990)

Mau, William Edward, 21 Mar 1931-10 Jun 1995
U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Henry R. Mau & Mary Agnes McAuliffe)

Mauney, Claire B., 11 Oct 1933-28 Apr 1997
(d/o John I. Hutchison & Margaret Alexander; w/o Charles H. Flora & John Haralson Mauney, Jr.)

Mauney, Jr., John H. (Haralson), 25 Sep 1931-01 Jan 2005
(U.S. Army)
(s/o John Haralson Mauney & Mary E. Dore; h/o Claire B. Hutchison)

Maxwell, Donald H. (Hawkes), 22 Nov 1938-01 Nov 1996
(s/o John W. Maxwell & Ola Mable Hawkes; w/o Linda G. LNU)

Maxwell, Linda G., 08 Sep 1944-(no date)
(w/o Donald Hawkes Maxwell)

May, Elizabeth M. (Marion), 03 Jan 1924-04 Oct 1992
(d/o William Albert Edwards & Lottie Mae Lauderman; w/o Vernon Clay May)

May, Vernon C. (Clay) “Red,” 24 Nov 1934-21 May 1991
(s/o Talton Mau and Callie Cobb; h/o Elizabeth Marion Edwards)

Mayfield, Florence Herring, 06 Dec 1920-05 Jun 2012
(d/o William Leslie Herring & Theddie Chaffin; w/o Leonidas Charles Mayfield.)

Mayfield, Sr., Leon (Leonidas) C. (Charles), 29 Jul 1918-19 Feb 2006
(s/o Charles Henry Mayfield & Willie Lou Gardner; h/o Florence Eloise Herring)

Mayfield, Timothy Ray, 18 Jul 1957-17 Dec 1998
(h/o Susan M. Peterson)

Mazes, Helen M. (Mae), 01 Mar 1929-19 May 2013
(Nee: Davis; w/o John Henry Mazes)

Mazza, Patric, 03 Jan 1918-(22 Sep 2013)
(U.S. Army WW II - POW - Purple Heart)
(s/o John Mazza & Mary Oliver; h/o Sally Ann Irvin)

Mazza, Sally Ann, 18 Oct 1925-11 Mar 2009
(d/o Charles Irvin & Mary Irene Smith; w/o Joseph Larimore "Larry" King & Patric Mazza)

(Mazzella, Angelina, 25 Sep 1936-02 Sep 2022)
(d/o Anthony Joseph Milazzo & Mary Greco)

(Mazzie, Robert Patrick, 26 Apr 1939-21 Jan 2019)
(s/o Carl Mazzie & Stella LNU; h/o Priscille LNU)

Mazzocca, Rose A., (01 May)1925-(04 May)2004
(d/o Rocco Vicenzo Mondile & Edna D. English; w/o Salvatore Dominic Mazzoccca)

Mazzocca, Salvatore D. (Dominic), (25 Dec)1921-(27Apr)1987
(h/o Rose A. Mondile)

McBride, George A. (Archie), (04 Jul)1926-(08 Sep)1992
(U.S.Army WW II)
(s/o Bill McBride & Vera Holton)

McCabe, Deborah L., 14 Nov 1954-25 Sep 2012
(d/o Charles McCabe & Bernice Clark)

McCallen, Dale E., 21 Jun 1949-(no date)
(w/o John Edward. McCallen)

McCallen, John E. (Edward), 22 May 1948-10 Nov 2009
(s/o James McCallen & Agnes LNU; h/o Dale E. LNU)

McCann, M. (Murtaugh Michael) "Scotty", (26 Jun)1923-(25 Jan)1980
(s/o Michael Patrick McCann & Margaret Morgan; h/o Martha Louise Fargo & Patricia Joan King)

McCarthy, Joseph A., (25 Feb)1940-(16 Sep)2000
(s/o Joseph J. McCarthy & Julia Spillane; h/o Jacqueline Galchik)

McCarthy, Thomas P., (31 Dec 1911)1916-(09 Feb)2003

(McCollister, Jimmie Louise, 26 Nov 1925-15 Jun 2022)
(d/o James Harold and Ruth LNU)

(McCracken, Richard Scott, 11 Jan 1957-no date)
(h/o Wendy Lynn)

(McCracken, Tyler James, 12 Dec 1985-11 Apr 2008)
(s/o Richard Scott McCracken & Wendy Lynn LNU)

(McCracken, Wendy Lynn, 03Aug 1961-no date)
(w/o Richard Scott McCracken)

McDaniel, Alexander Martin (Duke), 21 Jul 1895-08 Jul 1972
PFC, U.S. Army, WW I (Florida)
(s/o J. C. McDaniel & Virginia Martin; h/o Susie Brown)

McDaniel, Bette, (16 Mar)1927-(08 Jan)2005
(d/o Owen Elliott Shelton & Rhea Roberta Hall; w/o Martin Brown (Sambo) McDaniel)

McDaniel, Martin Brown “Bo,” 22 Apr 1923-12 Jul 1987
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o Alexander Martin (Duke) McDaniel & Susie Brown; h/o Bette Shelton)

McDaniel, Susie (Helen) Brown, 1897-(15 Jun)1956
(d/o Edward Lee Brown & Acca E. Collier; w/o Alexander Martin (Duke) McDaniel)

McDonald, John M., (21 Mar)1926-(20 May)1994
(U. S. Navy WW II)
(s/o John Michael McDonald & Molly M. Seltzer; w/o Lillian Gertrude St. John & Mary Josephine Stolarski)

McDonald, Mary J. (Josephine), (20 Jan)1918-(15 Dec)1991
(d/o Joseph Stoloski & Josephine Dopadlik; w/o John M McDonald)

McDonald, Vivian R., 24 Mar 1911-24 Jul 1998
married 27 May 1944
(w/o W. Dallas McDonald)

McDonald, W. (William) Dallas, 14 Apr 1910-14 Jan 2000
(s/o John Augustus McDonald & Virgie Gertrude Starling)

McDonnell, Kathryne A. (Ann), 27 Jan 1920-15 Sep 2005
(d/o Patrick Burk & Mary O'Boyle; w/o Thomas Joseph McDonnell)

McDonnell, James P., (13 May)1962-(03 Feb)1989
(s/o Thomas J. McDonnell & KathryneAnn Burk)

McDonnell, Jr., Thomas J. (Joseph), 22 Oct 1917-17 Mar 1987
TSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(h/o Kathryne Ann Burk)

McDonough, Barbara J. (Jean), 10 Jul 1931-13 Aug 1984
(d/o Robert Earl Arnett & Irene B. Parker; w/o Thomas I. McDonough & George Miles Moody)

McDowell, (Francis) Frank, 11 Aug 1938-23 Oct 2006
(s/o Robert McDowell & Bridget Conroy; h/o Catherine Rene LNU)

McDowell, Rene, 05 Jan 1939-(no date)

McElwaine, Lillian, 04 Mar 1898-01 Dec 1990

McErlean, Kevin J., 22 Jan 1927-27 Apr 2005
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(h/o Mary Veronica Sinagra)

McErlean, Mary, 01 Jan 1927-02 Sep 2005
(d/o Alfonso Sinagra & Rose Adragna; w/o Kevin J. McErlean)

McEvoy, Jr., Edward F. (Francis), 14 Nov 1918-13 Feb 1986
SGM, U.S. Army, WW II, Korea
(s/o Edward Francis McEvoy & Anna Hogan; h/o Ruth Christine Nelson)

McEvoy, Ruth C. (Christine), 14 Jul 1921-(11 Oct 2015)
(d/o George Nelson & Matilda Briedenbach; w/o Edward Francis McEvoy, Jr.)

(McFadden, Anne, 01 Jan 1933-28 Jan 2016)
(d/o Charles Duffy & Ellen LNU; w/o Denis McFadden)

McFadden, Denis, (01 Mar)1926-(06 Jul)2009
(s/o Denis Paddy Owen McFadden & Grace LNU; h/o Anne Duffy)

McGivney, Barbara (A.) Washer, (28 Feb)1934-(11 Jun)1998
(d/o George O. Washer & Anna Foulk; w/o John Paul McGivney)

McGivney, John Paul, (05 Oct)1932-(07 Apr)2012
(h/o Barbara A. Washer)

McGlone, Helen T. (Therese), 10 Oct 1919-(02 Jul)2006
(d/o Rudolph Otto Kaufman & Mary McGotty; w/o Robert James McGlone)

McGlone, Robert J. (James), 28 Apr 1915-07 Oct 1986
(s/o Joseph Patrick McGone & Loretta Troy; h/o Helen Therese Kaufman)

(McGough, Eugene Bernard, 04 Aug 1918-18 Aug 2017)
(Tec 4 U.S. Army WW II Bronze Star Purple Heart)
(s/o John Joseph McGough & Catherine Anastasia Reilly

McGough, Mary R. (Agnes), 11 Jan 1932-25 Mar 1992

McGovern, Arthur J.(James), 27 Jan 1921-(26 Apr 2017)
(s/o James Partick McGovern & Lillian Marie Rennie; h/o Marguerite E. Balcom)

McGovern, Marguerite E. "Maggie," 27 Mar 1927-07 Apr 2011
(d/o Howard M. Balcom & Mary Elizabeth Magorty; w/o Arthur James McGovern, Jr.)

McGraw, Joseph Thomas, (19 Jan)1924-(28 Dec)2010
U.S. Air Force
(s/o Thomas Paul McGraw & Lena F. Waltman)

McGuire, Evelyn S., (11 Feb)1926-(14 Jul)2010
(d/o Edward Ackerman & Liza Stevenson; w/o George M. McGuire)

McGuire, George M., (20 Apr)1924-(03 Oct 2015)
(U.S. Navy WW II)
(s/o Francis A. McGuire & Alice L. Richardson; h/o Evelyn S. Ackerman)

McGuire, Margaret (Ann) "Miki," 11 Sep 1962-30 Mar 2007
(Nee: Privitera; w/o James Albert Pflugradt, Dale Glen Petzold & Patrick Lee McGuire)

(McHugh, Joseph A., 21 Jun 1932-04 Oct 2020)
(s/o Thomas Edward McHugh & Kathleen M. Sheehan; h/o Pauline Eleanor Halpin)

(McHugh, Pauline E. (Eleanor), 24 Sep 1931-08 Mar 2018)
(Nee: Halpin; w/o Joseph A. McHugh)

McHugh, Thomas, 1938-2006

McIntosh, Frederick, 12 Feb 1926-(no date)
(h/o Philis G. Brown)

McIntosh, Iris M. (Maud), (23 May)1919-(17 Jan)2001
(d/o David McIntosh & Ann Rebecca Adina Campbell)

McIntosh, Philis (G), 23 May 1930-30 Nov 2006
(d/o George Rickford Brown & Esther Leslie; w/o Frederick McIntosh)

McKenney, Harry B. (Benjamin), (10Feb)1915-(20 Jan)1979
(s/o James William McKenney & Jessie F. Colson; h/o Willamae Mauise Newsom)

McKenney, (Willamae) Mauise N., (03 Oct)1917-(21 May)1994
(d/o FNU Newsom & Emma Retha Altman; w/o Harry McKenny & John Brice (Jack) Hosford)

(McKeown, Destiny Dawn, (28 Jul)1987-(24 Apr)2017)
(d/o Walter J. Sanders & Patricia D. LNU; w/o FNU McKeown)

(McKerlie, Matthew Roy, 23 Sep 1978-12 Apr 2021)
(s/o EugeneMcKerlie & Susan Gregg)

McKinnon, Mittie J., 23 Apr 1887-27 Nov 1973
(on the same monument as Mamie S. Miller; grandmother of T.J. Miller)

McKinstry, Elwyn R. (Robert)(Jr.), 24 Dec 1914-05 Dec 2000
(US Military; Bronze Star & Purple Heart engraved on stone)
(s/o Elwyn Robert McKinstry & Mabel Rebecca Whillans; h/o Viola A. Wnek & Ingeborg Hieronymus)

McKinstry, Elwyn R. (Robert)(III), (21 Sep)1943-(07 Apr)1994
(s/o Elwyn Robert McKinstry, Jr. & Viola A. Wnek; h/o Jean Elizabeth Cole)

McKinstry, Ingeborg, 09 Jan 1922-30 Nov 2000
(d/o Ludwig Hieronymus & Hedy Herm; w/o Elwyn Robert McKinstry, Jr.)

McLaughlin, A. (Andrew) David, (28 Sep)1913-(15 Dec)1993
(s/o Samuel F. McLaughlin & Margaret E. Kennedy; h/o Hilda Virginia Forloines)

McLaughlin, Hilda F., (28 Oct)1918-(23 Jul)1999
(d/o Wallace G. Forloines & Susan Mitchell; w/o Andrew David McLaughlin)

McLellan, Nina M. (Mae), 09 May 1924-26 Feb 2001
(d/o Charles W. Warner & Bertha M. Reece; w/o William McLellan)

McLellan, William, 03 Jul 1922-04 Jan 1991
(s/o Frank McLellan & Barbara McKillop; h/o Nina Mae Warner)

(McManus, Gerald J., 20 Dec 1933-30 Jun 2017)
(U.S. Army Korea)
(s/o William O. McManus & Lydia A. Crosby)

McNab, Roy (Lancaster), 20 Oct 1904-05 Dec 1995
(s/o David McNab & Lucy Jane Lancaster; h/o Winifred Duncan)

McNab, Winifred Duncan, 02 Jul 1917-05 Apr 2008
(d/o John Duncan & Ruby Eleanor Coffing; w/o Roy Lancaster McNab)

(McNally, Ann E., (24 Mar)1941-no date)
(Nee: Miller; w/o Terrance G. McNally)

(McNally, Terrance G., 26 Aug 1940-20 Feb 2008)
(U.S. Marine Corps)
(s/o Terrance Francis McNally & Dorothy Mae Doran; h/o Ann E. Miller)

McNeil, Carrie F. (Frances), 18 Jul 1930-05 Sep 2010
(d/o Harry Cole & Frances LNU; h/o Richard McNeil)

McPartland, Jr., Edward H., 31 Aug 1934-23 Aug 2006
(s/o Edward H. McPartland & Veronica Wagner; h/o Rita Maxine Causby)

McPartland, Rita (Maxine), 01 Jul 1931-23 Aug 2006
(d/o James Preston Causby & Atwood Elizabeth Williams; w/o Edward H. McPartland, Jr.)

(McQueen, Darthula, 08 Apr 1926-03 Apr 2015)
(d/o Henry Favors & Lucy Pritchett; w/o Milton Cooledge McQueen)

(McQueen, Milton Cooledge, c1926-03 Feb 2018)
(s/o John McQueen & Caroline LNU; h/o Darthula)

Meadows, Gretchen Lee, 27 Feb 1946-(no date)
(w/o Raymond "Sonny" Meadows)

Meadows, Jack (L.), (13 Feb)1929-(25 Aug)2009
(s/o Willaim E. Meadows & Elcie Agnes Bolen; h/o Joann Williams)

Meadows, Joann, 1936-(no date)
(Nee: Williams; w/o Jack Meadows)

Meadows, Raymond "Sonny," 17 Nov 1930-08 May 2010
(U.S. Army Korea)
(s/o Claude Faye Meadows & Nell Francis McCully; h/o Erma Jean LNU &Gretchen Lee Edwards)

Medearis, Leona Grace, 01 Apr 1936-02 Feb 2013
(d/o Everette ErnestChapman & Ellen Lavina Terrell; w/o Eldon Glee "Jerry" Medearis)

(Medeiros, Gary, 11 Apr 1979-02 Jun 2019)
(s/o Alcino Medeiros & Natalia LNU)

(Meeker, Debra R. (Ruth), 04 Mar 1955-no date)
(d/o Roy Clinton Cooper & Sarah Cloe Willis; w/o Frank James Meeker)

(Meeker, Frank J. (James), 28 Jan 1955-22 Jul 2016)
Palm Coast City Commissioner, 2007-2012 - Flagler County Commissioner, 2012-2016
(h/o Debra Ruth "Debbie" Cooper)
News Stories

(Mehl, Mildred (Louise), 1919-(08 Apr)2007)
(d/o Albert Walker Smith & Bertha Hilda Beard; w/o Thomas Mehl)

Mehl, Richard L. ( "Dick" Lee), 08 Dec 1942-17 Feb 2010
(s/o Thomas P. Mehl & Midge LNU; h/o Bobbie LNU)

(Mehl, Thomas, (24 Aug)1918-(03 Mar)2014)
(U.S. Army WWII)
(s/o Frederick Mehl & May Proffit; h/o Mildred Louise "Midge" Smith)

Meintel, Henry Keller, (25 Sep)1916-(14 Feb)1985
(U.S. Army WWII)
(s/o George Robert Meintel & Catherine Marie Keller; h/o Irene Fees)

Meintel, II, Henry Keller, (11 Dec)1949-(Jun)1986
(s/o Henry Keller Meintel & Irene Fees)

(Meintel, Irene M., 31 Jul 1925-20 Nov 2016)
(d/o Harry Leo Fees & Naomi Mary Stolz; w/o Henry Keller Meintel)

Meldish, Argentina A. (Aurora), 08 Jan 1924-15 Feb 1996
(d/o Marcelino Gutierrez & Vicenta Fernandez; w/o Stanley Meldish)

Melita, Judy (Judith) A., 29 Oct 1946-(25 Nov 2017)
(d/o Francis Stock & Anna LNU; w/o Robert A.Melita)

Melita, Robert A., 02 Dec 1950-31 Dec 2011
(s/o FNU Melita & Wilma LNU; h/o Judith A. Stock)

(Mendez, Eulalia, 04 Feb 1928-03 Mar 2021)
(d/o Juan Berchini & Josefina Caban; w/o Manuel Mendez)

Mendez, Manuel, 12 Sep 1927-02 May 2007
(s/o Pedro Mendez & Juana Facunda Soto; h/o Eulalia Berchini)

(Mendez, Maria, 24 Jan 1951-no date)
(w/o Roberto Mendez)

(Mendez, Pancho, 25 Mar 1981-30 Jan 2009)
(s/o Roberto Mendez & Maria LNU)

(Mendez, Roberto, 02 Mar 1939-no date)
(h/o Maria LNU)

(Menotti, Joan, 29 Aug 1934-08 Jun 2015)
(Nee: Webber; w/o Renzo Menotti)

Mercadal, Miguel Angel, 19 Dec 1980-26 Aug 2006
(h/o Sandra Maria Santos)

Merenda, Joann, (24 Feb)1922-(29 Jun)2000
(d/o Salvatore Mollica & Marion Vassallo; w/o Samuel Merenda)

Merenda, Samuel, (09 Dec)1919-(20 Jul)1984
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o Domenico Merenda & Elizabeth Piccolo; h/o Joann Mollica)

Merle, Angelina, 24 Sep 1923-(07 Mar 2014)
(Nee: Facciponti; w/o Frank Joseph Merle)

Merle, Frank (Joseph), 11 Nov 1923-26 Dec 1999
U.S. Marine Corps, WW II
(h/o Angelina Facciponti)

Merlino, Jonathan A. (Andrew), 02 Jan 1981-05 Jan 2000
(s/o John Merlino & Donna LNU)

Merrill, Stefanie L. (Leslie), 06 Mar 1981-21 Feb 2012
(d/o Randy Canady & Marilyn LNU; w/o Carson Merrill)

Meyer, William A. (Adolph), 05 Feb 1919-25 Apr 2004
Pvt, U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o Morris Meyer & Sarah Cohen; h/o Frances LNU)

Meyers, Andrew “Andy” (Theodore), (08 Dec)1961-(11 Sep)1998
(s/o Theodore A. Meyers & Lois Estelle LNU; h/o Wanda Jo Menadue)

Meyers, Lois (Estelle), (19 Dec)1928-(28 Sep)1993
(w/o Theodore A. Meyers)

Meyers, Theodore A. (Jr.),(24 May)1925-(27 Jun)2007
U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Theodore A. Meyers & May R. Main; h/o Lois (Estelle) LNU & Ellen E. Wahl)

Middleton, Frederick (Ernest), (08 Feb)1931-(26 Oct 2019)
(h/o Geraldine "Jerry" Summers)

Middleton, Geraldine, (23 Jul)1931-(01 Jun)2005
(d/o Mack Summers & Lillie Felder; w/o Frederick Ernest Middleton)

Miga, Jean W. (Wanda), 17 Jan 1924-21 Feb 1997
(d/o Anthony Mazur & Sophia Janicki; w/o Michael William Miga)

Miga, Michael W. (William)(Jr.), 29 May 1923-12 Sep 1995
Sgt, U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II
(s/o Michael William Miga & Mary Philip; h/o Jean Wanda Mazur)

Miglino, Julia 1884-1976
(w/o Louis Joseph Miglino)

Miglino, Louis J. (Joseph), (15 Jan)1895-(Dec)1980
(h/o Julia LNU)

Miklos, Brian Andrew, 27 Nov 1979-10 Oct 1998
(s/o Andrew Miklos & Cathy LNU)

(Mikulka, Michael John, 04 Feb 1955-06 Oct 2006)
(s/o Henry Mikulka & Ruth Caroline Croscin; h/o Ida Dawn Pryor & Vanessa Ann Dufrene)

Miller, Alice L., 17 Aug 1913-04 Nov 1969
(d/o James R. Logan & Martha LNU; w/o Wesley C. Miller)

Miller, Betty (Louise) Alligood, 08 Dec 1931-13 Dec 1981
(d/o Charles Alexander Alligood & Laura Lee; w/o Thomas Jefferson (TJ) Miller)

Miller, Burrel T. (Theodore), (09 May)1909-(Apr)1989
(s/o Lonnie Theoplis Miller & Minnie Lee Teate; h/o Dorothaleen Hales)

Miller, Dorothaleen H., (02 Jun)1915-(15 Jul)1992
(d/o Seba Hales & Emma P. Temple; w/o Burrel Theodore Miller)

Miller, Elizabeth Ann, (28 Oct)1957-(15 Apr)1996
(d/o Burrell Theodore Miller & Dorothaleen Mamie Hales)

Miller, Elizabeth Ostgard “Betty,” 14 Jan 1932-05 Dec 2002
(d/o Charles Jackson Powell & Mildred Crosby; w/o John Ole Ostgard & Thomas Jackson "TJ" Miller)

Miller, James W., 03 Jul 1917-17 Aug 1986
S1, US Navy, WW II
(s/o Lonnie T. Miller & Minnie Lee Teate; h/o Laura Bufford)

Miller, Laura, 08 Dec 1925-18 Sep 2001
(d/o George J. Bufford & Josephine LNU; w/o James W. Miller)

Miller, (Jr.), Lonnie T., (19 Mar)1911-(16 Sep 2004)
(s/o Lonnie T. Miller & Minnie Lee Teate; h/o Ruby Mae Clark)

Miller, Mamie S., 24 Dec 1911-22 Oct 1938
(on the same monument as Mittie J. McKinnon)

(Miller, Marc Gary, 10 Jul 1951-22 Aug 2021)

Miller, Ruby M. (Mae), (18 May)1919-(18 Jun 1994)
(d/o William E. Clark & Lilla L. Alligood; w/o Lonnie T. Miller)

Miller, Thomas Jackson ("TJ"), 06 Jan 1931-10 Dec 2009
PFC US Marine Corps Korea
(s/o J. B. Miller & Minnie LNU; h/o Elizabeth Ann Powell & Betty Louise Alligood)

Miller, Warren Bryan, 08 Aug 1906-28 Nov 1972
F1, U.S. Navy, WWII, Pennsylvania
(s/o Martin Miller & Mary Anderson; h/o Sylvia Margaret Bruce)

Miller, Wesley C. (Cicero), 13 Dec 1914-12 Jul 1973
(s/o Lonnie Theoplis Miller & Minnie Lee Teate; h/o Alice J. Logan & Katherine LNU)

Millman, Doreen Mary, 05 Aug 1962-14 Dec 2002
(Nee: Richard; h/o Danny Earl Millman)

Milord, Andrina, 27 Jun 1908-07 Jun 2004

(Milrud, Dina, (10 Feb)1941-(17 Aug)2008)
(w/o Isay B. Milrud)

Milrud, Isay (B.), 25 Jul 1935-16 Jan 2011
(h/o Dina LNU)

Minich, Norma J. (Joan), (24 Jun)1927-(22 Mar)1993
(d/o Olivert E. Poinsett & Electra D. Hayatt; w/o Raymond Joseph Minich)

Minich, Raymond J. (Joseph), (05 Aug)1926-(19 Nov)2005
(s/o Alphonse D. Minich & Gertrude A. Maley; h/o Norma Joan Poinsett)

Minott, Lovina, 26 Jan 1945-(no date)

Minott, Egbert S. (Sylvester), 25 Aug 1932-09 Nov 1996
(s/o Thaddaeus Minott & Roslyn Agatha Joseph)

Minott, Olive (E), (07 May)1944-(06 Jul)2012
(d/o Thaddaeus Minott & Roslyn Agatha Joseph)

Minott, Roslyn A. (Agatha), 12 Feb 1915-02 Apr 2000
(d/ Theopyillu Joseph & Rachel Josephs Chri; w/o Thaddaeus Minott)

(Mintalar, Marcelina S., 26 Apr 1929-15 May 2016)
(d/o Vitaliano Rosario & Florentina LNU)

Mintz, Eva, 24 Jan 1902-15 Jan 1999
(d/o Max Herschaft & Lena Benn; w/o David Mintz)

(Mintz, Ira, 10 Mar 1926-27 Sep 2019)
(U.S. Army Air Corps)
(s/o David Mintz & Eva Herschaft; h/o Florence Fisgaer)

(Mintz, Florence, 21 Dec 1928-19 Jan 2019)
(d/o Morris Fisgaer & Mae Blanche Burger; w/o Dr. Ira Mintz)

Miozza, Everett J., (10 Jul)1930-(24 Mar)2006
(US Air Force)
(s/o Francisco Antonio Miozza & Helena Hyacinth Culligan; h/o Juliet Lima)

Miozza, Juliet, 15 Jun 1936-March 2011
(d/o John Lima & Julienne LePage; w/o Everett J. Miozza, partner/o Joseph Longo)

Miranda, Cruz D. (Dominga), (04 Oct)1913-(15 May)2000
(d/o Ernesto Gomez & Gumercinda Castro)

Missinne, Anna Mae, 17 May 1920-15 Dec 1994
(d/o Joseph T. Gibbs & Sallie Prince; w/o Emil Gaston Missinne)

Mitchell, Carol, (no date)-08 Jul 2014)
(w/o Lawrence L. Mitchell)

Mitchell, Dove D. (Dixon), (16 Dec)1922-(21 Oct)2009

Mitchell, Lawrence (L.), (06 Nov 1945)-01 Jun 2000
(h/o Carol LNU)

Mittel, Sr. Frederick "Fred," 06 Sep 1940-03 Jul 2011
(h/o JerriLynn LNU)

Mittel, Jerrilynn, 27 Nov 1943-04 Oct 2012
(w/o Frederick Mittel, Sr.)

Mixon, Irene, 13 Nov 1905-30 Nov 1977

(Mize, Joyce Veazey, 21 Apr 1934-14 Apr 2019)
(d/o Charles Veazey & Gladys Myrtle Phillips; w/o Thomas Houston Mize, Jr.)

(Mize, Thomas Glen, 13 Oct 1956-12 Dec 2017
(s/o Thomas Houston Mize, Jr. & Joyce Veazey)

Mize, Jr., Thomas H. (Houston), 07 Jun 1933-27 Apr 2011
(s/o Thomas Houston Mize & Annie McDaniel; h/o Joyce Veazey)
CW3 US Army

(Moffa, Daniel (Louis), (01 Oct)1919-(03 Feb)1996)
(s/o Salvatore Moffa & Filomena Mignonia; h/o Fanny Patricia Caputo)

(Moffa, Fanny Patricia, 17 Mar 1922-20 Oct 2018)
(d/o Louis Caputo & Briget LNU; w/o Daniel Louis Moffa)

Mohammed, Vincent K. (Kyle Shazzan), (26 Jun)2002-(25 Jul)2002

Mompeller, Daniel, 21 Jun 1932-14 Nov 2006
(s/o Antonio Mompeller & Virginia Martinez)

Monahan, Elizabeth M. (Margaret), (05 Oct)1919-(23 May)1990
(d/o John F. Doherty & Helen J. Ronan)

Monahan, Grace R. (Rose), (09 Apr)1904-(11 May)1988

Monahan, John P., 1943-(no date)

Monahan, Philip D.,1943-1995
(on same marker as Elizabeth M.Monahan)

Monk, Edward R. (Randall), 10 Apr 1936-16 Jun 1994
(s/o Edison T. Monk & Emily D. Randall)

Montalchi, Frances (E.), (30 Mar)1919-(18 Aug)2000
(d/o Salvador Celauro & Mary LNU; w/o Joseph Montalchi)

Montalchi, Joseph, (02 Jan)1920-(13 Feb)2010
(U.S. Army - WW II)
(s/o Julius Montalchi & Frances E. LNU; h/o Frances E.Celauro)

Montanez, Sofia, 30 Sep 1918-22 Mar 2005

Montano, Maria, 02 Jan 1941-01 Mar 2010
(d/o Clemente D'Orio & Antonella Mugnolo; w/o Giuseppe Montano)

(Montemarano, Marie Rose, 02 May 1932-21 Oct 2020)
(d/o Frank Coluccio & Katherine LNU; w/o Matteo Montemarano)

Montgomery, Dorothy E. (Edith), (04 Nov)1904-(24 Sep)1976
(d/o Daniel J. Mickey & Myrtle Sullenger; w/o James Chester Montgomery)

Montgomery, James C. (Chester), (24 Nov)1902-(02 Nov 1989)
(s/o Jasper Montgomery & Matilsa "Tildy" Black; h/o Dorothy Edith Mickey)

(Monzione, Gladys, 14 May 1925-01 Sep 2015)
(d/o Stanley Kushmerek & Annie Lewinski; w/o William J. Monzione)

Monzione, William J., (29 Mar)1925-(29 Jul)2002
(U.S. Navy WW II)
(s/o Domenico Monzione & Rosina Ginolfi; h/o Gladys Kushmerek)

Moody, (Mabel) Virginia Patterson, 07 Apr 1922-08 Jul 2000
Mother of Claudia & Gary
(d/o Herbert R. Patterson & Selma S. Beaver, w/o George Miles Moody)

Moody, Rebecca Lynn, 25 Oct 1946-12 Jul 1994
(d/o Enoch Rice Fillinger & Lora Lee Hager; w/o Charles R. Mutter & Larry S. Moody)

(Moore, Alvina Marie, 10 Aug 1937-10 Feb 2023)
(d/o Francis Pustek & Mary LNU; w/o Edwin "Eddie" Moore)

Moore, Arthur George, (25 Jun)1922-(14 Jun)2008
(h/o Winifred Ruby LNU)

(Moore, Edward I. (Irwin), 16 Oct 1936-17 Mar 2017)
(s/o Reuben Moore & Lee Lucks; h/o Maxine L. Miller)

Moore, Eric S. C., 08 Apr 1936-15 Jan 1993
(s/o Harry Moore & Lily Poole)

Moore, Joseph, 1867-(25 Aug 1958)
(h/o N. Myrtle LNU)

(Moore, Louise E., 13 Jan 1920-06 Oct 1968)
(d/o Grover Cleveland Eye & Alda Lena Horn; w/o Roland Brown Bright & Warren James Moore, Jr.)
(obituary says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

Moore, Martha E. (Ellen), 10 Mar 1914-09 Jul 2004
(d/o Adam Quash & Martha Duke)

(Moore, Maxine L., 16 Jul 1940-26 Dec 2018)
( d/o Nathanal Miller & Freda Rosenberg, w/o Edward I.Moore)

Moore, Melvin C. (Claude), 06 Feb 1892-29 Jul 1946
(h/o Elsie Helen Rust)

Moore, N. (Nellie) Myrtle, 1876-(12 Feb)1937
(w/o Joseph Moore)

Moore, Thomas L. (Lenton), 21 Feb 1955-20 Nov 1957
(s/o Warren James Moore, Jr)

Moore, II Warren James, 24 Jun 1923-02 Jun 1970
Cpl, Com C, 301 Inf, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Warren JamesMoore & Mabel Esther Parkinson; h/o Ethel Frances Cauley & Louise Owen Eye)
(Note: his obit and the Florida Death Index show his date of death as 30 May 1970; they also show him as a Jr.)

Moore, Winifred Ruby, (26 Jul)1923-(25 Nov 2018)
(w/o Arthur George Moore)

(Moran, Patrick Renato, 24 Oct 1982-14 Feb 2016)
(s/o Stewart Moran & Peggy Iacobucci)

Moreira, Carol Ann, (20 Dec)1944-(06 Jun)2004
(d/o Nicholas De Poto & Annamarie LNU; w/o Francisco Moreira)

Moreira, Francisco, 1943-(no date)
(h/o Carol Ann LNU)

Moreno, Isaac L., (11 Feb)1926-(01 Aug)2009
(s/o Leon Moreno & Rebeccaa Schmool; h/o Ruth LNU)

Moreno, Marguerite C. (Teresa), 06 Feb 1922-08 Dec 2006
(d/o John F. Cusack & Elizabeth Robinson; w/o Peter Henry Moreno)

Moreno, Peter H. (Henry), 05 Oct 1905-09 Oct 2003
(s/o Henry Moreno & Argimira Vargas; h/o Marguerite Teresa Cusack)

Moreno, Ruth B., 1936-(no date)

Moretto, Jacintho Milton, 29 Jan 1941-20 Oct 2007
(s/o Jacinto Morreto & Maria Bueno; h/o Kathleen R. LNU)

Moretto, Kathleen R., 21 Oct 1952-(no date)
(w/o Jacintho Milton Moretto)

Morgan, David E. (Earl), 26 Oct 1923-10 Nov 1993
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o Earl Fred Morgan & Alta Milicent Robbins; h/o Ernestine D. LNU)

Morgan, Ernestine D., 19 Feb 1928-(15 Jan 2023)
(w/o David Earl Morgan)

(Morlock, Raymond (J.), (13 Apr)1930-no date)
(h/o Ruth Evelyn Mills)

(Morlock, Ruth E. (Evelyn), (27 Jul)1928-(08 May) 2016)
(d/o Benjamin Mills & Evelyn Vautin; w/o Ramond J. Morlock)

Morris, Aston S. (Samuel), 19 Aug 1920-22 Oct 2006
(s/o William Morris & Rosa Ennis; h/o Olive LNU)

Morris, Frank, 04 Jul 1918-18 Feb 1970
Tec 5 Engineers, U.S. Army, WW II, Louisiana
(s/o George P. Morris & Senie A. Granger)

Morris, Irma, (05 Mar)1913-(20 Feb)1999
(d/o Clarence Page & Alma Miller)

Morris, Olive A. (Agatha), 26 Feb 1921-01 Jun 2010
(d/o David McIntosh & Adina Campbell; )

Morris, Richard E. (Earl) "Dick," 16 Jan 1942-05 Sep 2005)
(s/o Milton Earl Morris & Alberta Ruby; h/o Terrill G. (Terri) Groves)

Morris, Senie G., 27 Sep 1897-10 Apr 1975
(d/o Frank McKenzie Granger & Morning Frances Carter; w/o George Perry Morris)

(Morris, Roshelle A. (Ann), 29 Apr 1970-02 Feb 1995)
(Nee: Martz)

Morris, Terrill G., "Terri," 10 Apr 1942-(no date)
(d/o Oscar Carlos Groves & Rosa Belle Linde; w/o Richard Earl Morris)

Morrison, Jesse Ray, (04 Feb)1955-(08 Feb)1990
(s/o John Ray Morrison & Boots Altman; h/o Marina Margaret Pintoski)

Morrison, John, 01 Feb 1924-31 May 1996
PFC, U.S. Marine Corps, WW II
(s/o Joseph Morrison & Margret Gibson; h/o Lillian M. LNU)

Morrison, Lillian M., 12 Nov 1925-17 Sep 2012
(w/o John Morrison)

Morrow, Anne, 17 Jan 1917-13 Jun 1996
(d/o William Selestak & Mary Zedowski; w/o Walter S.Morrow)

Morrow, Walter S. (Wally), 12 Jun 1916-04 Jun 2009
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(h/o Anne Selestak)

(Morse, Clayton Ralph, 13Apr 1937-11 Jul 2011)
(s/o Robert Leslie Mallar & Dorothy Ethel Morse; h/o Paula J. Richards)

Morton, Clifford E. (Earl, Jr.), 10 Jul 1918-09 Oct 1999
(U.S. Army Air Corps WW II)
(s/o Clifford Earl Ray & Minnie Ellen Fones; h/o Violet Virginia McNeely & May LNU)

Morton, Violet M., 03 Dec 1920-05 Dec 1988
(d/o William B. McNeely; w/o Clifford Earl Morton, Jr.)

Mosco, Irene, 20 Apr 1960-04 Dec 2006
(nee: Morales; w/o Leonard J. Mosco)

Moss, Harold Irving, 29 Jun 1921-27 Mar 1987
MOMM2, U.S. Navy, WW II
(h/o Violet Augusta Shotzbarger)

(Motalskiy, Pavel, 1984-2015)

Motta, Jr., Ernest, 25 Jul1921-29 May 2001
MM1, U.S. Navy, World War II
(s/o Ernest Motta & Maria Jose Souza; h/o Doris "Dot" Ross)

Mottel, Samuel, 21 May 1928-06 Jan 2006
(U.S. Army)
(s/o Jack Mottel & Sadie Schatz; h/o Sylvia Fox)

(Mottel, Sylvia, 21 Sep 1928 - 24 Mar 2019)
(d/o Morris Fox & Esther LNU; w/o Samuel Mottel)

Mount, Lori Ann, 30 Jan 1970-17 Jun 2011
(d/o FNU Hamilton & Alice LNU; w/o Charles Henry Mount)

Muchka, Charlotte J., 20 Jan 1916-23 Mar 2009
(w/o Larry Anthony Muchka)

Muchka, Larry A. (Anthony), 21 Dec 1919-01 May 1997
U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Joseph Munhka & Antoinett Chaloupek; h/o Charlotte J. LNU)

Muentnich, Theodore F. (Fredrick), (04 Dec)1915-(05 Nov)1977
(s/o Fred Alouis Muentnich & Gertrude Wessels; h/o Madeline Lucenda Malone)

Mulero, Jamison Albin, 07 Apr 1992-22 Jun 2010
(s/o Albin E. Mulero & Vicki LNU)

(Muller, Catherine, 26 Apr 1922-04 Jun 2016)
(d/o John Eyerman & Elizabeth Lankau; w/o Paul Muller)

Mulnix, (Bertha) Bobin M. (Marguerite), (30 Aug)1907-(08 Oct)1992
(d/o Isaac Charles Fauley & Genevieve Colbath;w/o Leo F. Parkhurst & FNU Mulnix)

Mulvihill, Timothy Sneed, 18 Jul 1959-06 Jan 1989
(s/o Larry Mulvihill & Nancy LNU)

(Muniz, Darice, 26 Jul 1971-10 Dec 2016)
(Nee: Muniz; w/o Visaya Rasan Ragoonathan)

Murphy, Bernard K. (Kelly), 12 Apr 1893-21 Mar 1970
MM2, U.S. Navy Reserve, WW I, New York
(s/o Edward H. Murphy & Mary Gibson)

Murray, A. (Alexander) Larry, (26 Jan)1914-(07 Apr)1983
(s/o Alexander Murray & Ester Buzan; h/o Theresa Lichtenberger)

(Murray, Lloyd George, 29 Jan 1931-22 Feb 2021)
(s/o Charles Murray & Adina LNU; h/o Beulah Morris)

Murray, Theresa L., (12 Jun)1912-(17 Jan)2002
(d/o Jradne Lichtenberger & Theresa Fidler; w/o Alexander J. "Larry" Murray)

Murray, William L. (Lawson), 31 Jul 1894-10 Feb 1967
Sgt, U.S. Army, WW I, Illinois
(h/o Regis Elizabeth Holman & Olive Celeste Tolan)

(Mursalova, Maryam, 06 Feb 1931-15 Jun 2016)

Musarra, Frances H., 01 Dec 1924-03 Aug 2001
(d/o Frank Harbart & Margaret Timko; w/o Sam Musarra)

Musarra, Sam, 20 May 1930-(no date)

Musgrave, Margaret L. (Loretta), 12 Nov 1900-17 Jun 1995
(d/o Thomas Harrington & Margaret Furey; w/o Robert Ibbotson Musgrave)

(Musikar, Jay Barton, 23 May 1938-30 Dec 2015)
(s/o Samuel Musikar & Helen Fried; h/o Sydell Gloria Hershkowitz)

Musikar, Seth Adam, (no date)-1999

(Musikar, Sydell "Syd" Gloria, 25 Mar 1940-05 Apr 2015)
(d/o Max Hershkowitz & Frieda Pechter; w/o Jay Barton Musikar)

(Myasnikov, Gennadiy, 29 Feb 1936-13 Aug 2020)

Myers, Alden R. (Raymond), (26 Jan )1917-(30 Aug)1981
(s/o Raymond J. Myers & Margaret M. Holland; h/o Dorothea Ella LNU)

Myers, Cecile M. (Marie), 26 Dec 1940-06 Oct 2001
(d/o Aime Leeveillee & Florida Lafond; w/o Edward G. Myers)

Myers, Edward G., (02 Oct)1936-(14 Feb)2002
(s/o William Henry Myers & Mary Catherine Morris; h/o Cecile Marie Leveillee)

Myers, Julliet P. (Pavaskive), 04 Apr 1926-28 Oct 2001
(d/o Miltidis Hafinicolou & Helen Carca)

Myers, Philip C. (Claire), 27 Jan 1914-01 Aug 1990
1st Lt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Philip Myers & Galo H. Lowry; h/o Gertrude Pauline Coleman)

Myre, Nathan C. (Charles), 12 Mar 1922-10 Mar 1990
(s/o Nathan Paul Nelson Myre & Anna Luella Burkhaadt; h/o Elezabeth E.Mcindoe)

Myrie, Lloyd C., 21 Jan 1927-04 Jun 1992
(s/o Zephaniah Horatio Myrie & Laura Adielin Curling; h/o Victoria Imogene LNU)

Myrie, Victoria I. (Imogene), 23 Dec 1927-(no date)
(d/o Roderick Rose & Loretta LNU; w/o Lloyd C. Myrie)

Naclerio, James A. (Arthur), 08 Oct 1922-06 Apr 2001
Cpl, U.S. Army Air Forces, World War II
(s/o Onofrio Naclerio & Rose Mannara; h/o Jennie Marie Locascio)

Naclerio, Jennie (M.), 25 Jun 1926-18 Apr 2002
(d/o Peter Locascio & Maria Cammarata; w/o James Arthur Naclerio)

Nadler, Jack, (21 Oct)1925-(03 Jan)1992

Nagle, Timothy (Tim), (29 May)1952-(01 Jun)1998
(h/o Claudia Mae Sheneman)

(Naillier, Raymond, 07 Jul 1895-23 Dec 1971)
(h/o Marie Chevaller)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

(Nagle, Emma Mae, (16 Sep)1929-(30 Jun)2019)
(Nee: Sloan; w/o William "Billy" Nance)

Napolitano, Armand C., (17 Feb)1909-(23 Jan)1985
(h/o Frances M. Sciafano)

Napolitano, Augustus, (21 May)1932-(08 Jun)1998
(s/o Armand C. Napolitano & Frances M. Sciafano)

Napolitano, Frances M., (07 Nov)1912-2012
(d/o Accursio Sciafano & Giuseppa Bono; w/o Armand C. Napolitano)

Narducci, Jr., Donald (Francis), (10 Aug)1944-(27 Jan)2009
(h/o Louise J. LNU)

Narducci, Louise J., 1945-(no date)
(w/o Donald Francis Narducci, Jr.)

Nash, Eleanor (Elizabeth) P., (21 Nov)1918-(22 Apr)2007
(d/o Elmer A.Peberdy & Irence Conner; w/o Roland Harrison Nash)

Nash, Margaret J. (Jeannette), (02 Aug)1898-(31 May)1994
(d/o John S. Hipple & Sarah E. Cope; w/o William Frank Nash)

Nash, Roland H. (Harrison, Jr.), (30 May)1916-(14 Mar)1995
(s/o Roland Harrison Nash & Beatrice A. Blake; h/o Eleanor Elizabeth Peberdy)

Neal, Jr., Robert (Thompson), (18 Feb)1927-(29 Jan)1981
Tec 5, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Robert Thompson Neal & Beatrice Fuller; h/o Mary Frances Tingle & Katheryn LNU)

Neely, Gabriel H. (Houston), (22 Apr)1922-(01 Jul)1983
Cpl, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Robert R. Neely & Mimia Cardwell; h/o M. Madelyn Proffett)

Neely, M. Madelyn, (15 Jan)1925-(27 Feb)1988
(d/o Haskill N. Proffitt & Ida LNU; w/o Gabriel Houston Neely)

Nelson, David O. (Otto), (14 Dec)1941-(07 Jun)1999
(s/o William Otto Nelson & Reba W. Westbrook; h/o Nancy L. LNU)

Nelson, Del (Delphina) V., 19 Apr 1930-07 Jul 2013
(d/o Percival Lewis & Violet Mae Rhoden; w/o Lester V. Nelson)

Nelson, Esther, 31 Jan 1905-21 Sep 1995
(d/o Israel Schaeffer & Rachel Schwartz; w/o Harold Nelson)

Nelson, Harold I. (Isaac), 16 Mar 1905-26 Nov 1993
U.S. Navy, WW II
(h/o Esther Schaeffer)

Nelson, Lester V., 27 Dec 1927-20 Jul 2011
(h/o Delphina V. Nelson)

Nelson, Nancy L., 1943-(no date)
(w/o David Otto Nelson)

NeSmith, Eileen S. (Sarah), 28 Dec 1917-16 Feb 2004
(d/o James Joseph O'Connor & Anne Elizabeth Mooney; w/o George Alfred NeSmith)

NeSmith, George A. (Alfred), 16 Jun 1919-09 Jan 2005
United States Marine Corps (Retired, MSgt)
(David Daniel NeSmith & Lottie Mae Coody; w/o Eileen Sarah O'Connor)

(Neumeister, Camille R. 14 Sep 1904-03 Jan 2007)
(d/o Macedonio Ronchine & Carlestina Balsarini; w/o Henry A. Neumeister)

Newborn, Eulin J., 03 Jan 1929-06 Jul 1988
U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Earl Newborn & Ellen Leona Brewer; h/o Eunice Leveta Pigue)

Newborn, Howard R. (Rex), 05 Mar 1927-25 May 2002
Cpl, U.S. Army
(on the same monument as Richard J. Schneider)
(s/o Earl Newborn & Ellen Leona Brewer; h/o Viola Morris)

Newborn, Viola, (14 Apr)1928-(29 Oct)2004
(d/o Marion Morris & Alice Morgan; w/o Howard Rex Newborn)

Newbury, George Hildred, 11 Jan 1924-29 Nov 2004
(U.S.Army WW II)
(s/o George A. Newbury & Laura Hildred; h/o Ruth Porter)

Newbury, Margaret, 25 Apr 1948-(no date)
(d/o George Hildred Newbury & Ruth Porter)

Newbury, Robert Hildred, 13 Jan 1952-(no date)
(d/o George Hildred Newbury & Ruth Porter)

Newbury, Ruth Porter, 02 Jul 1927-28 Oct 2010
(d/o Oliver Porter & Margaret Claflin; w/o George Hildred Newbury)

Newton, Samuel, 17 Mar 1918-04 Dec 2009
Tec 3 US Army World War II
(h/o Shirley Price)

Newton, Shirley Price, 03 May 1923-03 Apr 2012
(d/o Unknown Price; w/o Samuel Newton)

Ngoy, Yim, 04 Feb 1932-12 Dec 2005
(s/o Ngoy Pot & Moung Keo)

Nichols, George F., (10 Jan)1912-(11 Feb)1996
(U.S. Army WWII)
(h/o Jeannette Marie LNU)

Nichols, Jeannette M. (Marie), (09 Nov)1904-(14 Nov)1988
(w/o George F. Nichols)

(Nickell, Isabelle, 18 Jun 1893-30 Sep 1955)
(d/o Joseph Martoccia & Alice Hysell; w/o Samuel Luther Nickell, Sr.)
(obit says buried here, unable to locate)

Nicoll, Peter A. (Anthony), (03 Jan)1949-(05 Nov)1996
(s/o Peter Nicoll & Alice Domurat)

Nietubic, Leon P. (Peter), 28 Jun 1917-09 Jan 1991
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o John Nietubic & Valeria Glowcki; h/o Loretta Daniel)

Nietubic, Loretta, 20 Mar 1921-(24 Jan 2018)
(d/o Lon Daniel & Lora Fairchild; w/o Leon Peter Nietubic)

Nigro, Alfred (Lawrence), 16 Oct 1920-22 Sep 2004
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o Lawrence Nigro & Nellie Galante; h/o Elizabeth J. "Betty" Murphy)

Nigro, Elizabeth (J.), 21 Jul 1926-(05 May 2016)
(d/o Francis Joseph Murphy & Catherine Agnes Bartley; w/o Alfred Lawrence Nigro)

Nirenstein, Albert, 21 Mar 1947-13 Nov 2006
(s/o Louis Nirenstein & Pearl Fletcher; h/o Nancy Dunker)
Sgt US Army Vietnam
Purple Heart

Nirenstein, Louis, 07 Feb 1924-13 Jul 2007
SSgt US Army World War II
(s/o Jack Nirenstein & Anna Friedlander; h/o Pearl Fletcher)

Nirenstein, Pearl, 21 Sep 1922-27 Sep 1993
(d/o Albert Fletcher & Blanche Davis; w/o Louis Nirenstein)

Niven, Dolores G., 15 Jan 1932-27 Dec 2011
(d/o David Goldie & Edith Horner; w/o Douglas Randolph Niven)

Niven, Douglas R. (Randolph), 21 Apr 1930-04 Jun 1988
(s/o Alexander Niven & Agnes Beaton; h/o Dolores Goldie)

Nocella, Frank (Pasquale), 15 Apr 1925-26 Oct 2004
(US Navy - WW II)
(s/o Anthony Nocella & Kaythen Ginter; h/o Madeline Blaesch)

Nocella, Madeline, 25 Jul 1926-03 Jul 2012
(d/o Henry W. Blaesch & Rose Florence Kohn; w/o Frank PasqualeNocella)

(Nocella, Maria J., (Jun)1964-(03 Feb)2015)
(d/o Ronald Nocella & Frances LNU)

(Nolan, Helen W. (Willodene),(14 Nov)1935-(25 Jun)2001)
(d/o Harrison Vincent "Buck" Waldrop & Lois Childres; w/o Robert Allan Nolan)

Nolan, John J. (Joseph, Jr.), 18 Sep 1920-29 Jul 1994
U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o John Joseph Nolan & Mary Jane Cahalin; h/o Margaret Theresa Daly)

Nolan, Margaret T. (Theresa), 25 Apr 1924-24 Jul 2011
(d/o James Daly & Susan Quinn; w/o John Joseph Nolan, Jr.)

Nole, Pansy M. (Marie), 24 Feb 1924-08 Apr 2003
(d/o Elzie T. Nole & Delia S. Carathers; w/o FNU Taylor)

Noreiko, Concetta

Noreiko, Walter, 25 Oct 1915-26 Dec 1989
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o Alexander Noreiko & Sophie Rashevich; h/o Concetta Cataccio)

Northey, Kathleen L.(Lydia), 12 Oct 1922-28 Feb 2012
(d/o William Ira Taylor & Ruth Louise Kitchen; w/o Earl M Cook & Richard Paul Northey, Sr.)

Northey, Sr., Richard P. (Paul), 01 Mar 1916-18 Jun 2012
(U.S. Army Air Corps WW II)
(s/o Grose S. Northey & Emma Sue Cooper; h/o Kathleen Lydia Taylor)

Novacek, Oldrich (Andrew), 09 Oct 1941-03 Apr 1984
(s/o Oldrich Novacek & Marketa Wieczorkova)

Novalis, Edward A., 09 Aug 1942-(no date)
(s/o Albert Novalis; h/o Madeline George)

Novalis, Madeline G., 19 Jun 1942-01 Mar 2012
(d/o Peter George & Mary LNU; w/o Edward A. Novalis)

Novak, Edward P. (Peter)(aka Ed), 31 Oct 1910-02 Aug 1990
Cpl, U.S. Army, WWII
(s/o Valentine John Novak & Francis Katherine Norlock; h/o Hildagard Keil)

Novak, Frances (Katherine), (31 May)1884-(26 Dec)1966
(d/o Adam Norlock & Fowestena Faustine Landowski; w/o Valentine John Novak)

Novak, V. J. (Valentine John), (07 Jan)1871-(03 Nov)1952
(s/o Valentinus John Novak & Katherine "Katie" Urbaniak; h/o Frances Katherine Norlock)

Nyland, Mildred C., 26 Apr 1901-07 Feb 1966
(d/o David Scott Close & Sadie Francis De’Baun; w/o Tunis Nyland)

Oatway, Charlotte D., (26 Jan)1915-(23 Oct)1980
(d/o William A. Dinsmore & Gertrude Page; w/o Hubert Irvin Oatway)

Oatway, Hubert I. (Irving), (14 Jul)1915-(21 Sep)1996
(s/o Brunswick B. Oatway & Marjorie Marshal; h/o Charlotte Dinsmore)

(O'Brien, John T., 02 Feb 1955-22 Dec 2022)
(s/o John S. O'Brien & Eleanor O'Brien Vernic; h/o Gerri LNU)

O'Connor, George L., 01 Dec 1950-(no date)
(h/o Rose Ann Bongiomo)

O'Connor, Rose Ann, 08 May 1954-07 Jun 2008
(d/o Benny Bongiomo & Francesca LNU; w/o George O'Connor)

Oddi, Joanne E. (Elizabeth), 03 Jan 1932-07 Aug 2009
(d/o Allen Shaak & Verna Boltz; w/o Vincent Joseph Oddi)

Oddi, Vincent J.(Joseph), 04 May 1929-(04 Jan 2019)
(s/o Vincenzio Oddi & Margherita; h/o Joanne Elizabeth Shaak)
(Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired)

O’Gorman, (James Joseph) Jimmy, 07 Jul 1941-11 Jan 1992
(s/o Thomas O'Gorman & Frances Smith)

Oliveira, Amelia (V.), 25 Jan 1935-23 May 2010
(d/o Antonio Vaz & Maria Flores; w/o Joao R. Oliveira)

Oliveira, Joao (R), 15 Sep 1933-25 Jul 2007
(s/o Joan de Oliveira & Idalia Rodrigues; h/o Amelia Vaz)

(Olkhovestsky, Ida, 16 Nov 1916-16 Aug 2016

Olsen, Astrid, (13 May)1959-(30 Mar)1995
(Need: Hoffman; w/o Scott Thomas Olsen)

Olsen, Scott (Thomas), (01 Dec)1959-(no date)

Olson, Ernest H. (Helmer), 27 Jun 1917-16 May 1997
SSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Olaf Olson & Bengta Swanson; h/o Patricia LNU)

O’Meara, John L. (Leo)("Jack"), (22 May)1915-(24 May)1997
(s/o John R. O'Meara & Ella E. Rees; h/o Marion Elizbeth Mahony)

O’Meara, Marion E. (Elizabeth), (23 Sep)1916-(18 Oct)1998
(d/o Robert L. Mahony & Elizabeth F. Grady; w/o John Leo O'Meara)

(Omuleski, Berta, 05 Aug 1925-23 Feb 2006)
(d/o Wilhelm Hollaczek & Angela Baumgartner; w/o Edward Jerome Omuleski)

Omuleski, Edward J. (Jerome), (24 Nov)1926-(05 Mar)1997
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o Edward Omuleski & Loni Kolmel; h/o Berta Hollaczek)

O’Neill, Evelyn M., (10 Jan)1927-2012
(d/o Herman Brewster Ferguson & Nora T. Ryan; w/o Lambert J. O'Neill)

O’Neill, Lambert J., (15 Aug)1924-(22 Apr)2004
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Lambert O'Neill & Martha Andrieu; h/o Evelyn M. Ferguson)

O’Neill, Robert Steven (Martin), 11 Jul 1986-25 Jun 2011
SSgt US Air Force
(s/o Steven Martin O'Neill & Elisabeth D. LNU)

Orellana, Francisco, 03 Jun 1920-12 Jul 2006
married 24 Jul 1948
(s/o Tadeo Orellana & Maria D. Enamorado; h.o Victoria Rivera)

Orellana, Victoria, 12 May 1923-(14 Apr 2021)
(d/o Andres Rivera & Carmen Pillott; w/o Francisco Orellana)

(Orsillo, Joseph Richard, 03 Feb 1926-28 Aug 2022)
(s/o Angelo Orsillo & Emilia Lanciano; h/o Julai "Judy" DePaolo)

Ortega, Ernesto (Ernie), (07 Nov)1919-(26 Nov 2010)
(s/o Jose Ortega & Romona Figueroa; h/o Lydia Calderon)

Ortega, Lydia, 04 Oct 1929-(22 Aug 2014)
(d/o Carmelo Calderon; & Reimunda Quinones; w/o Ernesto "Ernie" Ortega)

(Ortenberg, Alla, 24 Oct 1943-08 Aug 2021)

Ortiz, Anna Teresa, 07 Apr 1951-05 Mar 2008

Osavio, Vincent L., 18 Jul 1926-04 Jul 2006
(s/o Ernest Osavio & Constance Coombs)

O’Steen, Michael (Kirby), (08 Jun)1937-(08 Jul)2013
(s/o Thomas O'Steen & Bernice Weathersbee; h/o Patricia Ann Carleton & Anny LNU)

Ostgard, Jr., John Ole, 14 Nov 1954-31 May 1978
(s/o John Ole Ostgard & Elizabeth Powell)

(Osto, Ann Lisa, 17 Mar 1942-06 Jun 2015)
(d/o John Lennart Nelson & Elsa Viola Vikberg; w/o David Cook & Felio Gacito Osto)

(Osto, Felio (Gacito)"Larry", 21 Oct 1935-14 Apr 2004)
(s/o Primo Osto & Palmira Savio; h/o Marie Marotto & Ann Lisa Nelson)

Oswald, Bruce W. (Wilbur), (08 Feb)1934-(24 Apr)2004
(s/o William E. Oswald & Edna M. Houston; h/o Dorothy LNU )

(Ottersen, Eugene F. (Frank), 19 Jun 1923-28 Sep 1998)
(U.S.Army Air Corps WW II)
(s/o Olaf Oskar Adolf Ottersen & Dorothy Bergmeier; h/o Ruth Margaret Dono)

(Ottersen, Ruth (Margaret), 20 Oct 1928-28 May 2016)
(d/o Michael Dono & Margaret Galo; w/o Eugene Frank Ottersen)

Ottley, Charles ("Charlie" J.), 15 Jan 1925-20 Jun 2012
(h/o Ruth "Ruthie" LNU)

(Ottley, Robert E., 29 May 1942-27 Apr 2017)
(s/o Amos Adolphus Ottley & Rose Anita Lovelle; h/o Maryanne Janet Parsons & Valerie LNU)

Ovenshire, Brooke, (no date)-1996

Ovenshire, Elizabeth, (no date)-1996

Overby, Ellen M. (Margaret), 02 May 1909-23 Oct 2011
(Charles James Byford & Edith Kate Franks; w/o Richard A. Overby)

Overby, Richard A., 01 Mar 1914-07 Jan 2005
(s/o William Henry Overby, Jr., & Madie Norman Scearce; h/o Ellen Margaret Byford)

Oxford, Nadine L. (02 Jul)1926-(26 Jan)1999
(d/o Leo F. Parkhurst & Bobin Marguerite Fawley; w/o Lynn David Oxford)

Paboudjian, Rose, 25 Sep 1908-13 Nov 1993
(Nee: Ounigian; w/o Hagop "Jack" Paboudjian)

Pace, Dorothy B., (10 Jan)1914-(04 Jun)2008
(d/o James Lewis Briner & Margaret Kerr; w/o Francis P. Pace)

Pace, Frances P., (24 Nov)1916-(27 Apr)2012
(s/o James Pace; h/o Dorothy Louise Briner)

Pace, Marie F. (Frances), (28 Sep)1924-(13 Feb)1999
(d/o Francis C. Dwyer & Lee Suprenant; w/o Vincent Mark Pace)

(Pace, Vincent M. (Mark), (04 Apr)1921-(20 Jul) 2014)
(U.S. Navy WW II)
(In 1984, he with two partners, formed Palm Coast Data)
(s/o Francesco "Frank" Pace & Isabella La Seaea; h/o Marie Frances Dwyer & Evelyn Vaugh)

Pacheco, Eduardo L., 15 Nov 1948-13 Feb 2013
(s/o Antonio Pacheco & Alexandrina Alves; h/o Olga I. Costa)

(Pacheco, George Gary (Jr.), 05 Feb 1973-27 Sep 2018)

Pacheco, Jorgina E., 19 Feb 1939-(no date)
(w/o Manuel E. Pacheco)

Pacheco, Manuel F., 15 Dec 1941-03 Feb 2008
(h/o Jorgina E. LNU)

Pacheco, Olga I., 16 Feb 1952-(no date)
(Nee: Costa; w/o Eduardo L. Pacheco)

Packard, Charles Millard, 29 Apr 1925-01 Feb 1996
(s/o Raymond Wilmot Packard & Lillian M. Hook; h/o Emilia Rose Louis)

Packard, Emilia Rose, 10 May 1928-(no date)
married 26 Jan 1947
(Nee: Louis; w/o Charles M. Packard)

Padgett, Thelma (N.) “Tilla”, (06 Jul)1909-(12 May)1997

Pagano, Dorothy, 12 Oct 1907-12 Feb 1992
(d/o Francisco (Frank) Mastanduono (Mastan) & Philomena Apisa; w/o Glacomo Pagano)

Palazzo, Anthony F., 03 Dec 1923-22 Jan 2006
Purple Heart
(h/o Barbara A. LNU)

Palazzo, Barbara A., 23 Jul 1934-(no date)
(w/o Anthony F. Palazzo)

(Palazzolo, Maria, 26 Jan 1934-16 Mar 2016)

Palm, Florence E., 22 Nov 1913-01 May 2007
(d/o Frank R. Palm & Sussie L.Watkins)

Panisello, Hector, 29 May 1912-27 Mar 1981
(h/o Josefa Melis)

Panisello, Josefa (M.) “Pepita,” (23 Feb)1918-2013
(d/o FNU Melis; w/o Hector Panisello)

Pantalone, David A., 27 Jun 1937-20 Jun 2005
(s/o Rafael Pantalone & Maria Danna; h/o Felicia Napolitano)

(Pantalone, Felica, 14 Sep 1936-27 Aug 2016)
(d/o Luigi Napolitano & Antoinetta Montanile; w/o David A. Pantalone)

Parisi, Jerry G. (Gerard), (10 May)1929-(16 Sep)1998
(s/o Michele Parisi & Rose Salituri)

Parisi, Johanna, 1941-(no date)
(on same monument as Jerry G.Parisi)

Parker, Beatrice V. (Valentine), 14 Feb 1915-14 Sep 2001
(d/o Fredrick L. Smith & Margaret B.Mehm; w/o Marvin Henry Parker)

(Parker, Harrison, 17 Mar 1931-17 Oct 2013)
(s/o Jlyn Harrison & Ella Walter; h/o Frances T. Dinkins)

(Parker, Frances T., 25 May 1930-no date)
(d/o Clarence L. Dinkins & Letitia Roberts; w/o Harrison Parker)

Parker, Marvin H. (Henry), 16 Feb 1915-18 Sep 1990
(s/o William H. Parker & Effie Noibb; h/o Beatrice Valentine Smith)

Parker, Mary Alice, 05 Apr 1927-20 Jul 2012

(Parrish, Will A., 12 Dec 1935-06 Sep 2013)
(s/o Charles W. Parrrish & Elizabeth Smith; h/o Anne Marie Rossidivito)

(Passarge, Werner Gunther, 27 Sep 1931-24 Oct 2019)
(U.S. Army)
(s/o Frans Passarge & Gertrud LNU; h/o Helga LNU)

(Passaro, Enrico S. (Salvatore), 02 Jan 1938-05 Jun 2019)
(s/o Philipo Parraro & Fannie Vanasco; h/o Rosemarie Meyers)

(Passaro, Rosemarie, 1939-(no date)
(d/o Farchese Meyers & Rosaria LNU; w/o Enrico Salvatore Passaro)

(Passero, RoseMarie, 20 Sep 1934-27 Mar 2022)
(d/o Joseph Sofsian & Leocadia LNU; w/o Charles F. Passero)

Pate, Esther J. (Jean), (21 May)1944-(30 Dec)2003
(d/o FNU Lewis; w/o Donald Louis Pate)

Patrick, Dorothy C., 25 Dec 1933-(no date)

Patrick, Francis L. (Lawrence), 18 Feb 1926-10 Jan 1999
Cpl, U.S. Marine Corps, WW II
(s/o John James Patrick & Mary MehalObituaryl; h/o Dorothy LNU)

Patrick, Robert L., 06 Mar 1952-18 Dec 2006
(s/o Francis Lawrence Partick & Dorothy LNU)

Patterson, Ashton Uriah, 16 Dec 1922-10 Sep 2011
(s/o James Patterson & Medora LNU; h/o Juanita LNU)

(Patton, Robert (30 May)1923-(22 Jan)2016)
(s/o Joseph Patton & Helen Dubenczyk; h/o Claire LNU)

Paulino, Dino F., 20 Feb 1946-03 Nov 2012
(s/o Francisco Paulino & Filisma LNU; h/o Beatriz B. LNU)

Paulos, Dr. Thomas John, 10 Sep 1956-05 Apr 2012
(s/o John Thomas Paulos & Aphrodite LNU-Nichols; h/o Cynthia Tuller)

Pauly, Frank J., (31 Dec)1904-(27 Feb)2004
(h/o Mary Sokalchuk)

Pauly, Mary, (21 Nov)1915-(03 Feb)2004
(d/o Peter Sokalchuk & Tatiana Chandora; w/o Morris M. Maser & Frank J. Pauley)

(Pawlowski, Philomene "Phyl," 10 Apr 1921-22 Mar 2014)
(d/o Rocco Consalvo & Santa Tanzelli; w/o Allen Pawlowski)

Pawson, Lois, 24 Jun 1913-03 Jul 1991
(d/o Samuel Pierce Childers & Cora Burdetta; w/o Harrison V.Waldrop & Robert Crasto Pawson, Jr.)

Pawson, Robert C. (Crasto)(Jr.), 27 Sep 1907-21 Sep 1983
U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Robert Crastlo Pawson & Janet Gray; h/o Edith Alice Skillin & Lois Childers)

Paxia, Fred A. (Augustine), (20 Feb)1926-(12 Mar)1980

Payes, Rubia, 1941-1998
(on the same monument as Rumania)

Payes, Rumania, 1903-2001
(Marker reads Senor Jehova Acuerdate Con Misericordia de Rumania Y Rubia Cuando Vengas En Tu Reino - PAYES is in bold letters at the top)

Peart, Oril M., 31 Jan 1935-05 Nov 2004
(d/o Cyril Benjamin Sparks & Ina M. Powell; w/o Tyrell Roy Peart)

Peart, Tyrell R. (Roy), 21 Aug 1934-15 Aug 2004
(s/o Robert Peart & Julia Daleyh/o Oril Marguita Sparks)

(Pedro, Alexandre Duarte, 18 Feb 1940-10 Jun 2017)
(s/o Antonio Pedro & Bernaardina Rebelo; h/o Arminda Rodrigo)

Pellicer, Lucille A. (Annalucille - Annie), (03 Mar)1918-(04 May)2003
(d/o Henry Balious Standridge & Anna L. Smith; w/o Charles William Cogdill & Milton Paul Pellicer)

(Pembroke, James, 24 Apr 1960-no date)
(on same monunment as Helen M. Spinello)

(Pena, Paulina, 25 Jan 1956-18 Aug 2017)
(see Paulina Rodriguez-Pena)

Pendleton, Roosevelt, 31 Oct 1914- (01 Apr)29 Apr 1999
(s/o Ran Pendleton & Juilet Rivers)

Penn, Mary E. (Emily), (05 May)1901-(08 Mar)1986
(d/o Thomas Hand & Minnie Lambert; w/o Carroll A. Cook & FNU Penn)

Penrose, Maryly B. (Barton), 05 Jul 1938-23 Mar 2007
(d/o James Edward Barton & Florence Anne Breeding; w/o Thomas Frank Penrose III)

Penrose, III. Thomas F., 01 May 1924-24 Dec 2007
DT1 US Navy
World War II Korea
(s/o Thomas Frank Penrose, Jr. & Jennie Deaf; h/o Maryly Barton)

Pepito, Agripino, 03 Feb 1907-06 Dec 1987

(Peranek, Dariusz, 19 Dec 1963-21 Dec 2016)

Peranek, Henry K., 01 Jan 1943-13 Dec 2009

Peres, Louise H. (Helen), 20 Oct 1948-07 Apr 1991
(d/o Thomas H. Ruger, Jr. & Louise Pauline Kessler; w/o Terry Frank Peres)

(Perez, Ana M., 20 Feb 1919-28 Mar 2015)
(d/o Braulio Rodriguez & Severina Abella; w/o Luis Garcia)

(Perez, Sergio Augusto, 02 Jul 1946-17 Apr 2019)
(U.S. Army, Vietnam)
(s/o Sergio Perez & Pura LNU; h/o Kathy)

(Perkins, Olga E., 01 Mar 1933-14 Oct 2020)
(Nee: Gonzalez; w/o Robert K. Perkins)

Perkins, Robert K., 23 Mar 1930-19 May 2010
PFC U.S. Army
(h/o Olga Gonzalez)

(Perrine, Pasquale L., 27 Apr 1931-30 Apr 2011)
(s/o Charles Perrine & Madeline White; h/o Vera Wasinski)

(Perrine, Vera, 26 Nov 1940-09 Aug 2021)
(d/o Peter Wasinski & Larisa LNU; w/o Pasquale L. Perrine)

Perrington, Sandra Lynn, 01 May 1969-22 Jul 2009
(d/o FNU Gordon & Florencia Bailey; w/o Dennis Perrington)

(Perrone, Antonina M., 14 Dec 1950-15 Dec 2018)
(d/o Luciano & Josephine Quinci; w/o Lorenzo Perrone)

(Perrone, Lorenzo, 24 Jan 1946-17 Jun 2023)
(s/o Vincenzo Perrone & Bartolomea Urso; h/o Antonina M. "Nina"" Quinci)

Perryman, John Davis, 21 Apr 1925-11 Jun 1988
(s/o John A. Perryman & Bonnie Luceal Davis; h/o Kathryn A. Stallings)

Perryman, Kathryn (A.) S., 18 Jul 1925-(17 Jan 2008)
(d/o Jerry W. Stallings & Gussie Davis; w/o John Davis Perryman)

Perryman, Unnamed Son, 09 Jun 1952-09 Jun 1952
(s/o John Davis Perryman & Kathryn A. Stallings)

Pet, Helena M., (19 Nov)1920-(22 Nov)2005
(Nee: VanZijp; w/o Willem Pet & S. Bernard Brouse)

Pet, Willem, (21 Aug)1917-(19 Feb)1985
(Dutch Army WWII - POW)
(1st h/o Helena M. VanZipj)

Peters, Barbara L. (Louanne), 27 Aug 1935-25 Mar 2002
(d/o Albert Chester Hamm & Helen Louise Skogsberg; w/o Francis Henry Peters)

Peters, Francis H. (Henry) 15 Jan 1935-12 Jan 2012
(s/o William Peters & Elizabeth Deminsky; h/o Barbara Louanne Hamm)

Petersen, Dagmar C., (17 Jun)1919-(10 Dec)2010
(d/o James F. Callan & Ida Lorentina Sofia Goodman; w/o Robert Edward Petersen)

Petersen, Robert E. (Edward), (16 May)1920-(22 Jun)2009
(s/o Evard Olaf Petersen & Ella Wilhelmine Kristine Hencina; h/o Dagmar Helena Jonson & Dagmar Callan)

Peterson, Frances E. (Ellen), (26 Apr)1918-2012
(d/o Myrl McKee Mimmert & Mary Marie Etherington; w/o William Leroy Peterson)

Peterson, Ruth M. (Mary), (09 Apr)1924-(15 Feb)2004
(d/o Irwin Entwhistle & Ruth Troxell; w/o Henry Charles Nestor & Howard Peterson)

Peterson, Thomas H. (Hubbie), 08 May 1934-28 Nov 2003
(s/o Martin Peterson & Ruth D. Fish)

Peterson, William L. (Leroy), (22 May)1918-(05 Dec)1991
(U.S, Navy WW II)
(s/o Perry Oliver Peterson & Ella May Wiley; h/o Hazel Naomi Kengery & Frances Ellen Mummert)

Petrillo, Anthony (no dates)

Petrillo, Helen (Patricia)(03 Feb 1930-24 May 2022)
(d/o John Ferguson & Mary LNU; w/o Anthony Petrillo)

Pfann, Donna (Mae)Averill, 09 Aug 1932-05 Feb 1996
(d/o Ivan S. Averill & Ruth B. Bueoy; w/o John Paul Pfann)

Pfann, John Paul, 17 May 1929-24 Jan 2003
SK3, U.S. Navy, World War II
(s/o Paul Carl Pfann & Althea Marie Kohrell; h/o Donna Mae Averill)

(Pham, Landon Joseph, 20 Mar 2009-07 May 2022)
(s/o Cuong Pham & Thuy Cao)

Phillips, Robert B. (Burtram), 16 Apr 1918-15 Dec 2010
(s/o Bernard Phillips & Margaret Michaels; h/o Soula Clanton Smith)

Phillips, Soula S., 07 Oct 1920-23 Oct 2006
(d/o William Henry Smith & Lelah R.Robinson; w/o Robert Burtram Phillips)

Phippins, Richard H. (Harding), 04 Aug 1916-21 Mar 1983
(s/o Lewis Harding Phippins & Janie Elizabeth Hall; h/o Vera Belle Carr & Louise B. LNU)

(Piazza, Angela, 1935-no date)
(w/o Pietro Piazza)

Piazza, Caterian, 02 Jan 1913-25 Feb 1982
(d/o FNU Impedugia; w/o Vince Piazza)
(on same marker as Vincent Enzo Piazza)

(Piazza, Pietro, (08 Apr)1933-2014)
(s/o Vincenzo Piazza & Caterina Impeduglia; h/o Angela LNU)

Piazza, Vincent Enzo, 05 Sep1931-12 Oct 2004
(s/o Vincenzo Piazza & Caterina Impeduglia)

Pica, John P., 24 Jun 1932-(no date)
(h/o Lucille E. Bucklin)

Pica, Lucille E. Bucklin, 15 Apr 1942-(no date)
(w/o John P. Pica)

(Picano, Corrado, 09 Jul 1964-16 Feb 2023)
(s/o Antonio Picano & Gemma Mancini; h/o Kathalene LNU)

Picher, Lucy, 22 Feb 1926-(2016)
(d/o Valentine Ramos y Martinez & Juana Padilla y Gares; w/o Rolland Picher)

Picher, Rolland, 17 Dec 1928-10 Dec 1989
(s/o Henry Picher & Alexcina Lagassee; h/o Socorro Lucia Ramos)

Pickler, Bobby Franklin, 07 Nov 1932-24 May 2001
(s/o Coy A. Pickler & Lucy C. Poplin; h/o Doris Jean Elizabeth Hall)

(Pickler, Doris Jean Elizabeth, 16 Dec 1935-04 Apr 2014)
(d/o Dillard T. Hall & Maude Martin; w/o Bobby Franklin Pickler)

Pierce, Bruce (Sherburne), 28 Dec 1936-(30 Jul 2008)
(U.S. Army)
(s/o Donald Chester Pierce & Glendola Evangeline Sherburne; h/o Mary Ann Slingerland, Ruth Mozar & Judith C. LNU)

Pierce, Donald Andrew, 18 Jul 1965-05 Jan 2001
(on same monument as William M. Pierce)

Pierce, Ruth (nee: Mozar), 04 Jun 1936-26 Jan 2001
(w/o Bruce Sherburne Pierce)

Pierce, William M., 09 Sep 1933-(no date)
(on same monument as Donald Andrew Pierce)

Pierpoint, Kenneth Edward, 25 Nov 1956-05 Jun 1995

Pierpoint, Marie (Katherine) M., 02 Apr 1922-26 Aug 2006
married 4 Jun 1949
(d/o Fred O. Maier & Mary M. Rodenhauser; w/o William Edward Pierpoint)

Pierpoint, William E. (Edward), 07 Nov 1922-22 Jul 2004
(U.S. Army Air Corps,WW II)
(s/o William H. Pierpoint & Melva Walker; h/o Marie Katherine Maier)

(Pike, Lillian Eunice, c-1866-28 Mar 1950)
(w/o Luther Lee Pike)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate)

(Pike, Luther Lee, 17 Aug 1861-01 May 1929)
(h/o Lillian Eunice White)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate)

Pike, William (Patrick), (09 Apr)1925-(03 May)1996
(s/o William Patrick Pike & Lucille. Payne; h/o Betty Propper)

Pikula, Jennie D., (14 Apr)1924-(29 Jul)2009
(d/o Frank Magdic & Anna Mavrovic; w/o John Stanislaus Pikula)

Pikula, John Stanislaus, (25 May)1913-(07 Nov)1979
(s/o George Pikula & Mary Balogh; h/o Jennie D. Magdic)

(Pimentel, Carlos Alberto, 08 Aug 1953-19 Apr 2021)
(s/o Daciano Jorge dos Santos Pimentel & Arcilia Dias; h/o Maria Jose Pinto)

Pindell, Karen Anne, 29 Nov 1971-02 Jan 2003
(d/o Gerald Szostak & Christine LNU; w/o Richard Pindell, Jr.)

(Pineda, Finlanda, 09 Aug 1957-21 Sep 2022)

(Pineda, Juan Bautista, 1951-2016)

Pineda, Jose A. (Agapito), 17 Aug 1915-31 Oct 2006
(s/o Elias Pineda & Regina Fernandez; h/o Quisqueya)

(Pineda, Marcos Antonio, 1954-2015)

(Pineda, Miguel Angel, 08 Aug 1960-06 Nov 1991)

(Pineda, Nick, 1920-2014)

(Pineda, Quisqueya Georgina, 02 Jan 1928-16 Jun 2021)

(Pineda, Steven, 10 Dec 1955-14 Feb 2023)

Pinzone, Rose Marie (Elizabeth), (05 Jun)1932-(27 Nov)2006
(d/o Anthony Caggiano & Josephine Tacoma; w/o Rudolph Pinzone)

Pinzone, Rudolph A. (Rudy), (18 Feb)1931-(04 Jul)2013
(US Army - Korea)
(s/o Anthony Pinzone & Angelina Saitta; h/o Rosemarie Elizabeth Caggiano)

Piovane, John Rocco, 14 Aug 1939-12 May 2013
CT3 US Navy
(s/o Rocco Piovane & Veronica Sofranko; h/o Maryanne Matsick)

(Piovane, Maryanne, 06 Oct 1939-24 Nov 2017)
(d/o Stephen Matsick & Anna Stanislav; w/o John Rocco Piovane)

(Pisan, Brian G. (George), 03 Aug 1995-14 May 2015)
(s/o Robert Pisan & Karen LNU)

Piscopo, Mary (Rosa), 19 Oct 1908-16 Jan 2009
(d/o Francesco "Frank" Turano & Giuseppa "Josephine" Perri; w/o Anthony Piscopo)

Pitts, Aiden S. (Spencer), (15 Apr 2001)-15 Apr 2001
(s/o Jody Pitts & Melodee LNU)

(Pivtso, Myron, 05 Oct 1942-23 Aug 2017)

(Plastini, Martha, 27 Jun 1939-25 Feb 2017)
(d/o Pedro Colon, Sr. & Isolina Maldonado; w/o Frank Plastini)

(Plate, Patricia A., 14 Nov 1942-30 Sep 2015)
(d/o Ernest Bennett & Gladys Perlson; w/o Ronald J. Plate)

(Plate, Ronald J., 05 Mar 1942-17 Jun 2018)
(s/o Jeffrey Plate & Vera O'Brien; h/o Patricia A. Bennett)

(Plate, Ronald Scott, 01 Jun 1973-10 May 2016)
(s/o Ronald J. Plate & Patricia A. Bennett)

Pletto, Connie (Concetta/Constance), (18 Jan)1925-(27 Jan)2001
(d/o Michelange Vasco & Maria Morici; w/o John Anthony Pletto)

(Pletto, John (Anthony), (22 Feb)1925-(16 Jun) 2015)
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o Joseph Pletto & Josephine Imbergamo; h/o Connie Vasco)

Pluy, Joseph A., (27 Nov)1918-(17 Nov) 2009
(h/o Micheline A. LNU)

Pluy, Micheline A., (27 Aug)1916-(23 Dec)1995
(w/o Joseph A. Pluy)

(Polansky, Gregory V., 12 Jan 1985-02 Aug 2021)
(s/o Valery Polansky & Tatyana LNU)

(Polchinski, Alice I., (08 Nov)1919-(02 Dec)2013
(d/o George King & Ellen Mack; w/o Joseph M. Polchinski)

(Polchinski, Joseph (M.), (15 Mar)1916-(04 Jun)2004)
(h/o Alice I. King)

Poleschuk, Henry, 08 Mar 1925-(24 Oct 2020)
(h/o Julia Lilliam Zubko)

Poleschuk, Julia L. (Lillian), 11 Mar 1928-10 Dec 1990
(d/o Alexander Zubko & Pauline Mashlanka; w/o Henry Poleschuk)

Pollard, Beatrice (Levina), (24 Aug)1902-(23 Mar)1978
(d/o Harry Wallace Sessions & Alice Cowley; w/o Joseph Marion Pollard)

Pollard, Joseph M. (Marion), (19 Feb)1898-(14 May)1974
(h/o Beatrice Levina Sessions)

Pooler, Amy G., 10 Sep 1911-25 Dec 2006
(d/o George Humphrey & Georgina Adman)

(Pope, Jane Frances, 06 Apr 1927-03 Oct 2013)
(d/o Francis Aloysius McGuire & Alice Richardson; w/o Joseph Francis Pope)

(Portal, Adelino R., 19 Sep 1927-09 Dec 2016)
(s/o Acacio Portal & Carminda Rodrigues; h/o Amelia Alfonso)

(Portal, Amelia A., 10 Jun 1924-08 Aug 2018)
(d/o Amadeu Alfonso & Ana Vaz; w/o Adelino R. Portal)

(Portal, Cecilia, 30 Jul 1957-14 Aug 2020)
(w/o Felisberto Portal)

Portalatin, Carlita, 03 Oct 1930-15 Sep 2003
(d/o Antonio Gonzales & Ines Roman, w/o Luis Frenando Portalatin)

Portalatin, Luis F. (Fernando), 04 Dec 1924-17 Jul 2000
PFC, U.S. Army - WW II
(s/o Leopoldo Portalatin y Rivera & Juana Acevedo y Virriel; h/o Carlita Gonzalez)

Portalatin, Juanita (Juana), (24 Jun)1902-(13 May)1988
(d/o Pedro Pablo Acevedo Correa & Juliana Virriel Sabtiago; w/o Leopoldo Portalatin y Rivera)

Posner, Fanny, 01 Aug 1896-23 Dec 1990

Potter, Christopher (O'Keffe), 27 Oct 1967-11 Mar 2007
(s/o Robert Potter & Sheila LNU; h/o Jennifer Costa)

(Potynski, Zbigniew, 17 Jul 1952-11 Jan 2021)

Povilaitis, Al (Algird Joseph) (19 Feb)1919-(28 May)1996
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o Leo Povilaitis & Antanina Benaitis; h/o Josephine V.Masaracchia)

(Povilaitis, Josephine V., 01 Mar 1922-17 Jan 2014)
(d/o Philip Masaracchia & Virginia Gicobbe; w/o Algrid Joseph Povilaitis)

Powe, Celia F. (Connie), (01 Aug)1924-(24 Jun 2017)
(d/o George Washington Key & Mattie Calhoun; w/o Frank Powe, Jr.)

Powe, Frank (Jr.), (22 Mar)1923-(08 May)1992
(s/o Frank Powe & Mattie Turner; h/o Celia F. Powe)

Powell, Albertha O. (Ozberga), 19 Jun 1925-26 Apr 2002
(d/o Emanuel Adolphus Gardiner & Leah Christina McKenzie)

Powell, Alice M., 07 May 1917-(08 Aug 2021)
(d/o James Ricketts & Mary Kern; w/o William J. Powell)

Powell, Eileen M., 22 May 1926-(06 Nov 2017)
(w/o Noel Lynton Powell)

Powell, Lucy D., (02 Feb)1914-(21 Apr 2012
(d/o Christopher Powell & Sarah Barnes; on same monument as Sarah Powell & Carol Winant)

Powell, Mary (K.) (nee: Rabe), (07 Apr)1932-(28 Mar)2005
(d/o Harry Joseph Rabe & Pearl Bertha Sticklin; w/o Roy B. Powell)

Powell, Nancy R., 23 Dec 1939-(24 Sep 2014)
(d/o Hulen Riley & Lillian Johnson; w/o Samuel B. Powell, Jr.)

Powell, Noel L.(Lynton), 07 Oct 1930-05 Sep 2008
(U.S. Army)
(s/o Samuel Powell & Sarah Campbell; h/o Eileen M. LNU)

Powell, Roy (B.), (15 Jul)1930-(05 May)2000
(s/o Roy E. Powell & Olivia Attress Mills; h/o Mary K. Rabe)

Powell, Jr. Samuel B., 09 May 1929-13 Oct 2010
(s/o Samuel Powell & Grace Fonville; h/o Nancy Riley)

Powell, Sarah, (25 Mar)1892-(12 Jan)1979
(Nee: Barnes; w/o Christopher Powell; on same monument as Lucy Powell & Carol Winant)

Powell, William J., 22 Sep 1916-(06 May 2006)
(Jamaican Army Veteran)
(h/o Alice May Ricketts)

(Powers, Agnes L. (Leona), (07 Aug) 1914-(04 Aug) 2009)

Poznyak, Marat B., 19 Nov 1935-24 Sep 1999

(Pratt, Harold, c Aug 1905-05 Jun1928)
(s/o George Stewart Pratt & Catherine Mary Cook)
(obit says buried here, unable to locate)

(Presswood, Crystal Gail, 12 Dec 1956-05 Nov 2022)
(d/o Kenneth Leamon "Dink" Tucker & Evelyn Adkins)

Presswood, Sylvania (R), (May 1874)-29 Nov 1958
(w/o M. Coleb Presswood)

Price, Anne M. (Mae), 08 Apr 1901-20 Sep 1997
(d/o John Norwood & Susie Golden; w/o John Earl Price)

Price, Brian H. (Henry), (18 Feb)1939-(24 Apr)1990
(s/o Henry Price & Irene Maud Dare)

(Prigmore, Kari Lynn, 29 Sep 1991-29 Sep 2022)
(d/o Wayne Prigmore)

(Prince, Cyril (Adriano), (09 Feb)1930-(22 Mar)2016)
(s/o Percival H. Prince & Claudine C. Lynch; hol Monica Maloney)

Prince, Jr., Donald Francis, 01 Oct 1960-31 May 2001

(Prince, Shari Annette, (03 Jan)1961-(31 May)2010)
(s/o Cyril Adriano Prince & Monica Maloney)

Pringle, Matthew (Alexander), 06 Jun 1912-20 Jun 1999
Pvt., U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o John M. Pringle & Hortenca Mayer)

(Proscia, Ellen A., 04 Oct 1932-12 Oct 2017)
(d/o James Maher & Helen Lynch; w/o Frank P. Proscia)

(Proscia, Frank P., 14 Feb 1932-21 Jul 2016)
U.S. Navy, Korea
(s/o Peter Proscia & Rose Antonelli; h/o Ellen Maher)

Pruitt, L. (Lincoln) Darrell, (21 Aug)1920-(20 Jun 2004)
(retired military officer)
(s/o Abrahan Lincoln Pruitt & Florence Gertrude Foster; h/o Elizabeth Louise Neill)

Pruitt, Louise N. (Elizabeth), (15 Aug)1925-(08 May 2009)
(d/o Henry F. Neill; w/o Lincoln Darrell Pruitt)

Punsalan, Camelita A. (Aclao), (02 Jul)1954-(22 Feb)1996
(Nee: Aclao; w/o Reynaldo M. Punsalan)

(Punsalan, Remedios M. Punsalan, 26 Sep 1916-25 Jun 1999)
(s/o Gaspar Maylad & Praxida Reyes)

Punsalan, Reynaldo M., (06 Mar)1953-(no date)
(h/o Camelita E. Aclao)

Puppo, Ann, 30 Jul 1929-(no date)
(w/o Mauro Puppo)

Puppo, Mauro, 06 Jun 1923-13 Mar 2002
(s/o Theodoro Puppo & Ida Diglio; h/o Ann LNU)

Pusey, Douglas E., 1936-(no date)
(s/o Charles Pusey & Anna Ruth LNU; w/o Mary R. Jones)

Pusey, Mary R., (29 Mar)1941-(26 Dec)2009
(d/o Joel Jones & Mary LNU; w/o Douglas E. Pusey)

Quackenbush, Mary E. (Ellen), (03 Mar)1913-(05 Sep) 2007
(d/o William Dwyer & Ellen Ryan; w/o Willis Roland Qackenbush)

Quackenbush, Willis R. (Roland), (10 Jul)1910-(04 Aug)1999
(s/o William Conover Quackenbush & Estella Van Blarcom; h/o Mary Ellen Dwyer)

Quinn, Susan A. (Alice), (08 Oct)1948-(05 Sep)1992
(d/a Andrew J. Quinn & Norma Anne Quinby )
(on same monument as Bruce H. Roland)

(Quintiliani, Annamae, 09 May 1931-02 May 2017)
(d/o David Stvtecki & Elizabeth "Bessie" Conti; w//o James Daniel Quiniliani)

Quintiliani, James D. (Daniel),17 Dec 1929-11 Jan 2008
(U.S. Army)
(s/o Loreto Quintiliani & Anna Cetrone; h/o Annamae Stvtecki)

Radlet, Thomas J. (John), 07 Apr 1924-15 Oct 1998
(s/o Peter J. Radlet & Mary Emma Decoque; h/o Mary Edna Blodgett)

(Radutskaya, Nina, 29 Mar 1924-30 Oct 2015)

Raffo, Sharon (Lee), (15 Sep)1953-(27 Apr)2008
(d/o Lloyd Aumick & Jean Emily LNU; w/o Albert Raffo)
(on the same marker as Richard Aumick, her brother)

Ragsdale, Estelle, 11 Jan 1911-(17)20 Jan 2007
(d/o James Ragsdale & Susie Heffler)

Rahn, George Edward, 15 Jan 1918-15 Feb 1985
MSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Harry T. Rahn & Marquerite Thompson)

Rambo, Harvey N. (Nehemiah), 29 Aug 1916-18 Feb 1972
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW II, Maryland
(also served in Korea & Vietnam, retired as a Sgt)
(s/o William Nehemiah Rambo & Ethel May Leedom)

Ramey, David (Allen), (26 Oct)1966-(09 Dec)2012
(s/o Raymond Ramey & Vesta Workman; h/o Janice Cone)

(Ramey, Raymond, 15 May 1932-02 Apr 2017)
(s/o Byron Ramey & Jessie Atkins; h/o Vesta Lee Workman)

Ramos, Amparo, 03 Feb 1925-20 Dec 2007
(d/o Jose Vera y Valentin & Justa Velazquez y Santiagow/o Epifani Ramos)

Ramos, Epifani, 11 Jul 1932-(19 Jun 2015)
(s/o Adolfo Ramos y Pacheco & Maria Isaac Medina y Ayala; h/o Amparo Vera y Velazquez)

Ramos, Roberto (Nicolas), 13 Nov 1927-16 Jul 1994

Ramsey, Rodney A. (Alva), 01 Nov 1942-02 Sep 2001
United States Army
(s/o Alva Preston Ramsey & Hazel Mildred Meyer; h/o Sandra LNU)

Ramsey, Sandra Cole, 17 Sep 1940-(no date)
(w/o Rodney A. Ramsey)

(Randall, Olga I., 12 Jul 1918-21 Dec 2014)
(d/o John Gazdik & Edith LNU; w/o Sidney Martin Randall)

Randall, Sidney M. (Martin), 16 Apr 1921-07 Aug 1979
Sgt, U.S. Marine Corps, WW II
(s/o Able Martin Randall & Hazel Hartman; w/o Olga I. Gazdik)

Ranew, Sarah Alice, (13 May)1862-(01 Dec)1960
(d/o William Tomlinson & Sarah Anne Driver; w/o William Riley Ranew)

Ranew, Walter J. (Jackson), (09 Feb 1903)1904-(26 Jul)1962
(s/o William Riley Ranew & Sarah Alice Tomlinson)

Ranger, Nettie M. (Menervia) Hall, (23 Mar)1900-(07 Jun)1982
(w/o Charles Edward Ranger)

(Ransom, Eva Adeline, 13 Mar 1923-26 Apr 2021)
(w/o Richard C. Ransom)

Ransom, Richard C. (Carl), (04 Oct)1930-(25 Sep)2007
(s/o Richard Burk Ransom & Thelma Irene Edwards; h/o Mary Louise Brown & Eva Adeline LNU)

(Rask, Anne, (18 May)1948-(08 Oct)2015)
(d/o Richard Pendergast & Maudine LNU; w/o Tim Rask)

(Raszl, Linda Margaret, 15 Aug 1945-06 May 2014)
(d/o Melvin W. Fulling & Phyllis McConville; w/o Richard John Raszl)

(Raszl, Richard John, 25 Apr 1946-03 Sep 2016)
(s/o Louis Raszl & Barbara Heuberger; h/o Linda Margaret Fulling)

Raulerson, E. (Emma) Frances (Oct 1873)1872-(20 Feb)1951
(d/o Lawrence Welch & Martha AnnBarlow;w/o Charles F. Dean & Robert W. Raulerson)

Raulerson, Robert W. (Walter), (17 Jun)1878-(09 Jun)1953
(s/o William T. Raulerson & Elizabeth Motes; h/o Emma Frances Welch)

Rawlins, Carter T. (Tate)(Jr.), (11 Jun)1921-(15 Jun)1987
(s/o Carter Tate Rawlins & Alpha March; h/o Maudie Faye Cruce)

Rawlins, Maudie (Faye) C., (30 Jun)1928-(07 Jan)1996
(d/o Henry C. Cruce & Maude E. Davis; w/o Carter Tate Rawlins, Jr.)

Raymond, Kenneth James, 03 Dec 2000-03 Dec 2000
(s/o Randy Raymond & Danielle Penny)

Rearick, Evelyn, (08 May 1926-19 Oct 2013)
(d/o Charles William Meadows & Agnes McCormick; w/o Francis Walter Rearick)

Rearick, Francis W. (Walter), 02 Jun 1918-25 May 1972
SF 2, U.S. Navy Reserve, WW II, Pennyslvania
(s/o George D Rearick & Carrie E. McMillen; h/o Evelyn Meadows)

Rearick, Jr., Jonny Lee, 21 Feb 1971

Redner, Sr., Clifford, 16 Sep 1925-10 Jan 1998
(s/o Alonzo Redner & Elizabeth L. DeGraw; h/o Dorothy Mae Hardy)

Redner, Deborah L. (Lee), (30 May)1957-(28 Jul)1988

Redner, Dorothy Mae, 21 Aug 1933-18 May 2012
(d/o Willard Hardy & Lillian Crosson; w/o Clifford Render, Sr.)

Redner, Douglas, (26 Nov)1923-(16 Feb)2003
(s/o Alonzo Redner & Elizabeth L. DeGraw; h/o Marjorie Marie Hardy)

Redner, Marjorie (Marie), (27 Nov)1934-(02 Dec)2008
(d/o Willard Hardy and Lillian Crosson; w/o Douglas Redner)

Rees, Tereza J. (Jane), 1868- (22 Oct)1950
(d/o John Eardley & Mary LNU: w/o William M. Rees)

Rees, Thomas, 25 Nov 1896-02 May 1970
(s/o William M. Rees & Tereza Jane Eardley)

Rees, William M., 1871-(10 Nov)1952
(h/o Tereza Jane Eardley)

Reese, A. Willard 'Hap,' 04 Aug 1923-12 Mar 2008
(U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II)
(s/o Ambrose Reese & Marjorie Walters; h/o Edna Storch)

Reese, Edna S., 06 Jan 1924-29 Sep 2007
(d/o Karl Storch & Angelique Akley; w/o A. Willard Reese)

Reese, Edward, 06 Apr 1942-(no date)
(h/o Mary Ann Dominessey)

(Reese, John, 25 Nov1896-02 May 1970)
(s/o William M. Reese & Tereza Jane Eardley)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

Reese, Mary Ann, 23 Jun 1952-(16 Mar 2017)
(d/o Edward C. Dominessey & Evelyn Mary Ryan; w/o Edward Reese)

Regeci, Joseph C. (Clement), (03 May)1920-(07 Aug)1999
(U.S. Army WWII)
(s/o John Joseph Regeci & Mary Kralick; h/o Mary Popovich)

Regeci, Mary, (26 Mar)1921-(11 May)1988
(d/o Charles Popovich & Anna Loyer; w/o Joseph Clement Regeci)

Rego, Joseph (A.), 05 Sep 1946-17 May 2011
(s/o Jose T. Rego & Jacinta Coelho; h/o Virginia Resendes)

Rehberg, Pauline, 17 Jul 1929-09 Nov 2001
(d/o Zerney Laurence Pappy & Nora Gertrude Roach; w/o William L. Rehberg)

Rehberg, William L. (Lloyd), 11 Sep 1922-09 Oct 1997
Cpl, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o A.Lloyd Rehberg & Esther Lucretia Hicks; h/o Ethel Pauline Pappy)

Reid, Evelyn P. (Patricia), (03 Mar)1929-(15 Jan)2004
(d/o Andrew Clark & Anna Carberry; w/o Richard Reid)

(Reitano, Mary, (20 Oct)1926-(23 Sep) 2014)
(d/o Salvatore Mannine & Maria Giorgianni; w/o Savatore Steven "Sammy" Reitsno II)

(Reitano, Savatore (II), (24 Aug)1926-(21 Jul)2013)
(s/o Salvatore Reitano & Josephine DeFranco; h/o Mary Mannine)

Rembish, Mildred, (28 Mar)1922-(20 Jul)2009
(d/o Walter Mikowski & Ann Janiec; w/o Edward Rembish)

Remington, Helen (M.), 11 Jul 1922-18 Feb 2008
(d/o Charles Koppisch & May Frances Jack; w/o Stanley Munsel Remington)

Renzi, Ken (Kenneth James "Kenney"), (19 Jan)1951-(07 Jul)2011
(s/o Albert Renzi & Minnie Brill; h/o Joann LNU)

Renzi, Joann, 1955-(no date)
(w/o Kenneth James Renzi)

Repko, Chester (F.), (12 Sep)1917-(22 Aug)2003
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Walter Repko & Stella Wisneskar; h/o Margaret Agnes Callahan)

Repko, Margaret, (16 Apr)1923-(31 Jan)2002
(d/o Patrick Callahan & Mary Devitt; w/o Chester F., Repko)

Resnick, Florence, 17 Feb 1921-22 Jun 1999
(d/o Samuel Levy & Gussie Krantz)

(Resto, Elizabeth, 02 Nov 1943-08 Jul 2015)
(d/o Raphael Resto Hernandez & Seberiana Ocasio Gonzalez)

(Reyes, Felix V., (29 Jul) 1920-(13 Nov)2013)
(s/o FNU Reyes & Filomena Santiago y Ortiz; h/o Laura Elena Cordero de Ruiz)

Reyes, Juana G. (Graciela), 31 Dec 1952-27 Apr 1995

Reyes, Laura E. (Elena), 18 Apr 1930-04 Jun 1999
(d/o Antonio Ruiz & Herminia Cordero; h/o Felix V. Reyes y Santiago)

Reyes, Maryland, 30 Jan 1998-16 Dec 1999

Reyes, Shalem, 03 Sep 1989-16 Dec 1999

Reynolds, John L. (Lawrence), 01 Oct 1912-27 Dec 1993
(U.S. Army WW II
(s/o Charles Reynolds & Helen Coakley; h/o Myra Helen Lynn)

Reynolds, Myra H., 15 Aug 1922-(11 Apr 2011)
(U.S. Army Air Corps WW II)
(d/o Emmett Lynn & Florence LNU; w/o John Lawrence Reynolds)
(buried Sarasota National Cemetery)

Rhodes, Fred S., 02 Dec 1934-13 Feb 1989
(U.S. Navy)
(s/o Sidney Rhodes (Rosenzweig) & Lillyan Rappaport; w/o Barbara Kaminsky)

Rhodes, William C., (27 May)1944-(07 Aug)2013
(s/o Anderson A. Rhodes & Dortha Hines; h/o Carol Ann Krotzer & Shelvie LNU)

Ribaudo, Andrew (C), (12 May)1908-(30 Mar)2000
(s/o Joseph Ribaudo & Caroline LNU; h/o Florence A. Nicosia)

Ribaudo, Florence (A), (03 Jun)1914-(15 Dec)2008
(d/o Phillip Nicosia & Rose LNU; w/o Andrew C. Ribaudo)

Ribaudo, Joseph A. (Andrew), 26 Nov 1940-13 Jul 2001
(U.S. Army)
(s/o Andrew C. Ribaudo & Florence A. Nicosia; h/o Maryann LNU)

Ribaudo, Mary Ann, 11 Oct 1941-(no date)

Ricardo, Manuel G. (Guilherme), (26 Mar)1947-(01 Oct)2012

Rice-Davis, Gloria I., (23 May 1928)-12 Mar 2010
(d/o Anthony Metzger & Matilda McDonald)

Rich, Gwendolyn (Yetieve) Raulerson, 07 Apr 1911-04 Nov 1962
(d/o Luther Orlando Upson & Ida Arcadia Fuquay; w/o Boyce C. Raulerson & James Carter Rich)

Richard, Henry P. (Paul), 17 Jul 1917-01 Jan 2001
(s/o Harry Richard & Sadie McCabe; h/o Virginia)

(Richard, Virginia I., 30 Aug 1920-11 Jan 2014)
(w/o Henry Paul Richard)

Richards, Charles F., 21 Oct 1932-(no date)
(h/o Florence M. Lockwood)

Richards, Florence M., 22 Mar 1932-20 May 2008
(d/o Frank Lockwood & Mary Sobel; w/o Charles F. Richards)

(Richards, Jerome V., Jr., 14 Dec 1955-08 Feb 2022)
(s/o Jerome V. Richards & Norma LNU; h/o Miguelina)

(Richards, Stanley R. (Roy), (Oct)1932-(02 Jan)2016)

(Richardson, Vivian, (no dates)
(Nee: Fenton; w/o William VincentRichardson, Jr.)

(Richardson, William V. (Vincent)(Jr.), 10 Sep 1937-24 Oct 2004)
(s/o William Vincent Richarson & Frances L. Jeffrey;; h/o Vivian Fenton)

Riche, Wilfrid T. (Toussaint), (01 Nov)1935-(14 Nov)2009
(s/o Antoine Riche & Fernande Muller; h/o Alise LNU)

Richie, Jessie, 22 Oct 1908-02 Jun 2001
(w/o Harry Richie)

Ricketts, Audrey (Gloria), (09 Feb)1930-(05 Aug)2009
(d/o Henry Baker & Kathleen LNU; w/o Horace Orville Ricketts)

Riel, Bert Finley, 16 Sep 1910-21 Sep 1963
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o Paul Edgar Riel & Etta Mai Finley; h/o Eve Allen)

Riel, Eve Allen, (10 Jul 1920-16 Nov 2016)
(d/o Joseph Lindsey Allen & Evamae Violet Durrance; w/o John Paul DeMarchi, Marcus M. Perry,
Tom Faraklas, Jr., Bob Hannas & Bert Finley Riel)

Riely, John C. (Charles)(Jr.), 27 Oct 1924-20 Apr 2000
United States Army (WW II)
(s/o John Charles Riley & Gertrude Anna Zinsmeister; h/o Margery Dean Erganbright)

Riely, Margery E. (Dean), 05 Nov 1923-10 Apr 2003
(d/o Horace Russell Erganbright & Maude Pryor; w/o John Charles Riley, Jr.)

Riggs, Ellen Frances, 12 Nov 1944-26 Sep 2006
(d/o Melvin Michael Riggs & Irma Wellene Brassel; w/o James Thompson & FNU Sullivant;c/o Pietro Piazza)

Riley, Frances K. (Katherine), (19 Feb)1918-2012
(d/o Earl Aamaleric Kinzey & Grace Estelle Threlkeld; w/o John Dumas Riley)

Riley, John D. (Dumas), (30 Nov)1911-(28 Aug)1979
(s/o Joseph Michael Riley & Lucy A. Donovan; h/o Frances Katherine Letton Kimzey)

Rimer, Alison R., 12 Jan 1954-(no date)
(w/o Jeffrey Steven Rimer)

Rimer, Jeff S. (Jeffrey Steven), 28 Jul 1950-20 Feb 2005
(h/o Alison R. LNU)

Ritchie, Horace G. (George), (27 Sep)1906-(21 Oct)1982
(s/o Horace Greely Ritchie & Julia Elizabeth Durrance)

Ritchie, Julia (Elizabeth) D. (aka Jewell), (01 Jan)1880-(01 Mar)1926
(d/o George W. Durrance & Dora E. Helms; w/o Wesley Silcxo & Horace George Ritchie)
(originally buried in Durrance Family Cemetery, Espanola)

Rivas, Pilar B., 11 Dec 1923-(19 Oct 2016)

(Rivera, Agapito, 02 Jul 1940-26 Mar 2023)
(s/o Tito Rivera & Josefina LNU; h/o Maria LNU)

Rivera, Andres, 02 Dec 1937-(03 May 2022)
(s/o Nephtali & Natividad Rivera; h/o Irma Estrella Sanchez)

Rivera, Irma (Estrella), 28 Mar 1930-26 Feb 2009
Married 22 Dec 1962
(d/o Antonio Sanchez & Estrella Cintron; w/o Andres Rivera)

(Rivera, Nilda, 14 Feb 1973-31 May 2014)

Riviere, Eugene R., 11 Sep 1922-12 Feb 2000
U.S. Army
(s/o August Henry Riviere &Jeanette Magowan; h/o Martha Berthoud)

Riviere, Martha, (10 Mar)1924-(29 Jul)2003
(d/o Jean Berthoud & Martha Petrissons; w/o Eugene R. Riviere)

(Rizzo, Nancy, 16 May 1941-no date)

(Rizzo, Robert, 10 Jan 1940-no date)

Roa, Jorge Gutierrez, 31 May 1926-03 Jan 1992

Robbins, Harold J., (Jeffrey) (05 Jan)1921-(16 Feb)1981
(h/o Phyllis LNU)

Robbins, Rolland L., (28 Jan)1933-(01 Apr)2001
US Army
(s/o Floral A. Robbins & Lena L. Alberts; h/o Zelma K. LNU)

Robbins, Zelma K., 1942-(no date)
(w/o of Rolland L. Robbins)

Roberts, Aida D., 11 Nov 1889-29 Mar 1957
(d/o Charles F. Dean & Emma Frances Welch; w/o David Brown Roberts)

Roberts, Barbara E., 11 May 1934-01 Oct 1999
(d/o Arthur W. Hawthorn & Caroline E. Corum; w/o Willie Lee Roberts)

Roberts, David B., 24 Jun 1883-13 Aug 1952
(s/o Nathan Enoch Roberts & Ophelia Brown; h/o Aida Eleanor Dean)

Roberts, Gertrude, 15 Dec 1908-28 Feb 2008
(d/o George Banks & Mary Elizabeth Hawkins; w/o Lee Ester Roberts)

Roberts, Harry Edward, 09 Dec 1926-04 Feb 2007
(s/o Harry Braden Roberts & Anna Pauline Reitzer; h/o Norma Jean Williams)

(Roberts, Joan Marie, 28 Sep 1932-22 Apr 2018)
(d/o Thomas McGranahan & Helen Ryan; w/o Robert L. Roberts)

Roberts, Norma Jean, 26 Nov 1928-16 Dec 2006
(d/o Harry Lawrence Williams & Genevieve D.Rodak; w/o Harry Edward Roberts)

Roberts, Robert L. (Laurence), 11 Oct 1933-17 Nov 2007
(s/o David Joseph Roberts & Eleanor Watson; h/o Joan Marie McGranahan)

Roberts, Willie L. (Lee), 04 Jan 1932-18 Mar 1955
(s/o Lee Ester Roberts & Gertrude Banks; h/o Barbara Evelyn Hawthorne)

(Robertson, Caroline W., (26 Oct)1919-(27 Apr)2007)
(d/o John C. Williams & Rachel Hilliard; w/o James Arnold Robertson)

Robertson, James A. (Arnold), (12 Feb)1913-(03 Sep)1999
(s/o Charles C. Robertson & Sarah P. Arnold; h/o Caroline Gross Williams)

Robertson, James T. (Thomas), (17 Aug)1944-(14 Jul)2005
(U.S. Air Force)

Robinson, Unnamed Infant, (Oct)1948-(Oct)1948
Son of Mr/Mrs J. W. Robinson

Robinson, Gladys May, 09 Dec 1917-25 Dec 2008

Robinson, Lena Guthrie, 30 Aug 1878-10 Jan 1971
(d/o Jaqueline A. "Jack" Guthrie & Elizabeth Ann May; w/o McCamy Alexander "Mac" Robinson)

Robinson, McCamy Alexander, (08 Dec)1859- (18 Jan)1952
(s/o Elam Robinson & Margaret Alexander; h/o Lena Guthrie)

Robinson, William (Jay), (01 Jul)1920-(19 Apr)2005
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Maurice Morris Robinson & Anna Higgins)

Robson, Charles W. (William West), (aka Charlie) (19 Oct)1916-(14 Jun)1953
(s/o Perhering Robson & Jessie Brown; h/o Lucy Southall Grant)

Robson, Lucy G., (22 Sep)1918-(14 Dec)1988
(d/o Albert Weston Grant & Alice Louise Preston; w/o Charles William West Robson)

Roche, Dermuid (Eugene), (29 Aug)1929-(24 May)1990
(s/o Francis J. Roche & Alice C. Courtney; h/o Colette Badin)

Rockett, Nereid (Alice), (04 May)1926-(21 Sep)2011
(d/o Reid A. Williams & Blanche Erick; w/o Charles Rockett)
(also on the same marker with Kuleski)

Rodgers, James C. (Clifford) (aka Buddy), (27 Mar)1889-(20 Nov)1967
(s/o John Benjamin Rodgers & Sarah Elizabeth Moore; h/o Rebecca Louise Dallis,
Mattie Dallis, & Geneva Leah Ambrose)

Rodgers, Jr., James C. (Clifford), 28 Dec 1914-10 Aug 1947
(s/o James Clifford Rodgers & Rebecca Louise Dallis; h/o Virginia Davis)

(Rodrigues, Diamantino Gomes, 01 Mar 1939-13 Oct 2019)
(h/o Maria Emilia Matos)

(Rodrigues, Maria Emilia, 04 Oct 1934-29 Sep 2020)
(d/o Manuel Pereira De Silva & Balbina De Conceio; w/o Olegario Rodrigues)

(Rodrigues, Maria Emilia, 28 Jun 1943-26 Sep 2016)
(d/o Mario De Matos & Maria LNU; w/o Diamantino Gomes Rodrigues)

(Rodriguez, Dora, 06 Jan 1933-27 Feb 2021)
(d/o Benito Garcia & Faustina Mesa; w/o Miguel I. Rodriguez)

Rodriguez, Khizaiah Norberto, 28 Feb 2013-28 Feb 2013

(Rodriguez, Luis E. (Edgardo)(II-Jr.), (Oct)1948-2015)

Rodriguez, Manuel H., 06 Jan 1923-01 Mar 2002
(s/o Manuel Rodriguez y Lopez & Manuela Bonilla y Rivera; h/o Iris Luisa Ramos y Padilla)

(Rodriguez-Pena, Paulina, 25 Jan 1956-18 Aug 2017)
(d/o Cristobal Rodriguez & Josefina Pena, w/o Juan Luna)

Roesler, Elsa, (01 Jan)1925-2012
(w/o Herbert Oswald Roesler)

Roesler, Herbert (Oswald), (16 Dec)1923-(07 Apr)1999
(s/o Oswal Roesler & Berta Kieiewetter; h/o Elsa LNU)

Rogers, Cora R., 1873-(May)1955
(d/o Samuel Reeves & Josephine Hackett; w/o Harry Varney Rogers)

Rogers, Gerald M. (Maurice), (15 Nov)1930-(10 Sep)2006
(U.S. Air Force)
(s/o Warren F. Rogers & Elenore L. Entoner; h/o Gloria Ann Peterson)

(Rogers, Gloria, 1932-2014)
(d/o Martin H. Peterson & Bernita Florence McGill; w/o Gerald Maurie Rogers)

Rogers, Harry R. (Varney), (10 May)1874-(22 Oct)1955
(s/o J. Byron Rogers & Melvetta Risley; h/o Cora Reeves )

(Rogers, Joanne E., 09 Jan 1948-14 Sep 2014)
(d/o Samuel Merenda & Joanne Mollica; w/o William Patrick Rogers)

(Rogers, William Patrick, 19 Apr 1944-no date)
(h/o Joanne E.Merenda)

Rohland, Bruce (Hamilton), (12 Mar)1946-(20 Sep)2007
(s/o Hamilton Thilow Rohland & Helen Pirie Kerr)
(on same monument as Susan A. Quinn)

Rohland, Hamilton (Thilow), (10May)1924-(17 Jan)2012
(s/o Clarence Bruno Rohland & Mabel Briscoe Henning; h/o Helen Pirie Kerr & Norma A. Quinby)

Rohland, Norma A. (Anne), (04 Feb)1921-(04 Dec)2002
(d/o Oliver L. Quinby & Edith N. Harris; w/o Andrew J. Quinn & Hamilton Thilow Rohland)

(Rollins, Darlene L. (Loretta), 23 Sep 1940-23 Mar 2015)
(d/o Steve Sareny & Louise Zablocki; w/o FNU Andrasco & Stanley Wayne Rollins)

((Rollins, Stanley W. (Wayne), 21 Oct 1935- 17 Jul 2020)
(s/o Herbert Rollins & Mildred Eva McLauthien; h/o Margaret LNU & Darlene Loretta Rollins)

Romanello, Jared, 16 Jul 1985-20 Oct 2004
(s/o Nicholas Romanello & Susan LNU)

(Romano, Maria, 16 Aug 1940-08 Jun 2019)
(d/o Giovanni Moscatiello & Angela Ragosta; w/o Vincenzio Romano)

(Romero, Christian Miguel, 01 Jan 2000-23 Apr 2023)
(s/o Miguel Romero & Gloria Sanchez)

Root, Archer A., 07 Jan 1871-31 Mar 1945
(s/o Jonathan Warren Root & Sarah Jane Roby; h/o Florence Margaret Newell & Mary Heatherington)

Root, Florence M. (Margaret), (07 Dec)1871-(Mar)1940
(d/o Lyman E. Newell & Mary Elizabeth Garlington; w/o Archer A. Root)

Rosa, Kevin (Allan), (15 Mar)1956-(29 Apr)2013
(s/o Joseph Rosa & Ann Leavens)

Rosa, Zackary Allan, 17 Apr 1999-10 Jul 2001
(s/o Joshua Rosa & Alison Dazell)

Rosado, Leopoldo (Rivera), (13Mar)1911-(25 Oct)1992
(s/o Pablo Rosado & Francisca Rosado)

Rosado, Zuheily Roman, (06 Mar 1980-21 Feb 2013)
(d/o Virgillo Roman & Carmen Delia Rosado; w/o Ulyses Angel)

Rosario, Alejandrina, 10 Feb 1936-14 Feb 2011

Rose, Leslie P. (Les), 13 Dec 1953-19 Dec 2010
(h/o Norma J.LNU)

Rose, Norma J., 29 Nov 1949-(no date)
(w/o Leslie P. Rose)

Rosen, Elayne D., 07 Jun 1932-02 Feb 1999

Rosendahl, Eskil A. (Alfred Sigvald), 29 May 1915-30 Jun 1998
(s/o Axel Alfred Johansson Rosendahl & Selma Sofia Eriksdotter Ekholm; w/o Pearl Mildred LNU)

Rosendahl, Pearl M. (Mildred), 28 Jun 1923-16 Mar 2010
(w/o Eskil Alfred Sigvald Rosendahl)

Rosenstein, Belle, 19 Jan 1921-(21 Jul 2019)
(Nee: Dinerstein; w/o Julius Rosenstein)

Rosenstein, Julius, 28 Oct 1916-21 Jul 1997
(U.S. Army II)
(h/o Belle Dinerstein)

Rospape, Alain Jean-Louis, 07 May 1923-06 Feb 2013
(h/o Carol Townsend)

Ross, William Junior, 22 Dec 1928-28 Apr 1998
U.S. Navy, Korea
(s/o William Ross & Ruth Volkema)

Rothman, Abraham, 18 Dec 1914-27 Oct 2005
(s/o Phillip Rothman & Minnie Glassman; h/o Esther Schaeffer)

Rothman, Esther, 23 Jun 1922-(16 Oct 2014)
(d/o Sam Schaeffer & Mamie Gimpelson; w/o Abraham Rothman)

Round, Edna M. (Mary), (14 May)1920-(19 Mar)1994
(d/o David W. Folan & Elizabeth M. Doherty)

Rowcliffe, Clifford W., 30 Mar 1922-18 Feb 1988
(h/o Patricia Mary "Paddy" Gutridge)

Rowcliffe, Paddy (Patricia) M. (Mary), 24 Mar 1922-06 Nov 1999
(d/o Oswald T. Gutridge & Nita C. Banee; w/o Clifford W. Rowcliffe)

Rowe, Albert M. (Moncrith), 29 Jan 1929-30 Nov 1992
(s/o James Aubrey Rowe & Melros Mary P. Forde; h/o Jeannie Aaroyo)

Rowe, James A. (Arthur), 13 Oct 1950-15 Feb 2008
(s/o William Arthur Rowe & Bille Gay O'Daniel; h/o Deborah Mayfield)

Rowe, Jeannie, 07 Dec 1932-03 Sep 2000
(d/o Louis Arroyo & Obdulia Barboza y Garzi; w/o Albert Moncrith Rowe)

Rowinski, Joseph J. (John), (24 Jun)1928-(26 Jun 2009)
(s/o IgnatzRowinski & Sophia Rachocka; h/o Peggy A. Talarico)

Rowinski, Peggy A., (04 Jun)1924-(15 Mar)2009
(Nee: Talarico; w/o Joseph J. Rowinski)

Rowland, Mills-Anne Rebekah, 13 Apr 1988-26 Jan 1991
Daughter of John & Jennifer

Rozenberg, Ruth, 11 Jun 1927-(13 Mar 2016)

Rozenberg, Sam, 07 Oct 1903-01 Jul 1995

Ruark, Lucius (Loucious) Barnett, (08 May)1886-(09 Jun)1939
(s/o James H. Ruark & Eula J. Bruce; h/o Minnie Lou Story)

Ruark, Maria A., 20 Dec 1934-15 Oct 2011
(nee: Usquiano; w/o Robert T. Ruark)

Ruark, Philip E. (Edward), (06 Oct)1913-(10 Mar)1983
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Lucius Barnett Ruark & Minnie Lou; h/o Faye Louise Forsyth)

Rubino, Cheryl Lynn, 12 Mar 1962-21 Apr 1973
(d/o Richard F. Rubino & Dorothy M. LUN)

Rubino, Dorothy M., (no dates)
(w/o Richard F. Rubino)

Rubino, Richard F., 18 Mar 1935-20 May 2008
(w/o Larry Rubino & Viola S. LNU; h/o Dorothy Matressa)

Rubinsky, Lena, 16 Aug 1905-23 Jun 1993

(Rubizzi, Adolph, 02 Sep 1930-06 Feb 2018)
(NY National Guard - U.S. Army)
(s/o Joseph Rubizzi & Adele LNU; h/o Dorothy MacAdams)

Rucker, Edwina I., 08 Dec 1931-(no date)

Ruggero, Salvatore, 14 Feb 1923-09 Jan 1993
(s/o Vito Ruggero & Vienza Salerno; h/o Vincenza Salerno)

Ruggero, Vincenza, 20 Sep 1928-(09 Jan 2009)
(d/o Venanzio Salerno & Nicolina Ruggeri; w/o Savatore Ruggero)

Rush, Douglas R., (11 Mar)1930-(15 Apr)1991
(s/o Frederick F. Rush & Margaret V. Morrow; h/o Peggie Ann Heffner)

Rush, Jack A. (Allen), (21 Aug)1937-(30 Nov)1995
(s/o Frederick F. Rush & Margaret V. Morrow; h/o Regina Jeanette Englert)

Rush, Jonathon William, 07 Aug 1981-13 Nov 1981

Rush-Langone, Marie Sue, -15 Sep 2002

Rushing, Jr., James D. (Daniel), (04 Jul 1902)-09 Oct 1940
(s/o James Daniel Rushing & Anna Eula Durrance; h/o Clara Elizabeth White)

Russell, Opal M. (Marie), 30 Dec 1913-22 Nov 1996
(d/o Milton Frank Burchett & Bessie Pearl Patton; w/o Otis Leo Russell)

Russell, Otis L. (Leo), 06 Jun 1916-15 Apr 1990
(s/o Clarence Russell; h/o Opal Marie Burchett)

Russian National, Unknown, 11 Sep 1976-17 Oct 2003

(Rutledge, Bertram, 15 Nov 1929-12 Aug 2022)
(s/o Leslie Ruthedge & Lillian LNU; h/o Janet Rosalie LNU)

(Ryalls, Charles Frederick, (Jr.)(May)1951-2015)
(s/o Charles Frederick Ryalls, Jr. & Eva Lucille LNU)

Sabatini, Gene (Gino Mario), 14 Apr 1926-04 Feb 1997
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o Francesco Sabatini & Giovannia "Jenny" Santilli; h/o Lieselotte "Lee" Alder)

Sabatini, Lee (Lieselotte), 23 Aug 1924-16 Sep 2003
(d/o Herman Adler & Gesine Luttman; w/o Gino Mario "Gene" Sabatini)

Sabatino, Betty (Jean), 09 Aug 1934-(20 Jul 2018)
(d/oFNU Smith & Lyda LNU; w/o Frank Sabatino,Jr.)

Sabatino, Frank (Jr.), 05 Nov 1930-(no date)
(h/o Betty Jean Smith)

Sackrin, Angelica R., (05 Feb)1918-(09 Apr)2006
(d/o Tomas Rosale Resto & Guadalupe Rios Roble; w/o Seymour M. Sackrin)

Sackrin, Seymour M. (Melvyn) "Sid," (2 Jun)1915-(09 Mar)2009
(s/o Myer Sackrin & Mary Kohn; h/o Angelica Roble y Rios)

Sacks, Benjamin, (28 Jan)1906-(03 Jan)1988
(s/o Samuel Sacks & Dora Greenberg; h/o Charlotte Ruth Rosentover)

Sacks, Charlotte (Ruth), (17 Apr)1904-(15 Sep)1983
(d/o Isidore Rosentover & Laura Ostemeil; w/o Benjamin Sacks)

Sacks, Pauline E. (Ethel), (02 Aug)1908-(25 May)1987
(d/o Samuel Sacks & Dora Greenberg)

Sadio, Alfredo L. (Carlos), 08 Feb 1943-01 Feb 2011
(h/o Gilda LNU)

Saffran, Lee Henry, 15 Feb 1916-28 May 1994
Sgt, U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II

(Saint Fort, Andre Rose, (23 Mar 1959) 1939-(04 Aug) 2019)

Salnikov, Aleksandr, (07 Nov)1939-(04 Jun)2012

Salomon, Salim A., 09 Jan 1927-13 Jan 2010

Salsgiver, Victoria A. Missinne, 03 Jun 1950-08 Mar 1986
(d/o Emil Gaston Missinne & Anna Mae Gibbs; w/o Ronald Wilson Salsgiver)

Salt, Norma A., 1931- (no date)

Salt, Walter W., 1931-(no date)

(Saltarello, Joanne, 07 Jan 1948-10 May 2020)
(d/o Joseph Faustini & Mary Cortina; w/o John Saltarello)

Salthouse, Barbara, 19 Mar 1934-22 Dec 2006
(d/o John Wise & Elsie Adzima; w/o Roy Salthouse)

(Sammartano, Paul "Paulie" Martin, 16 Sep 1928-29 Aug 2015)
(s/o Anthony Sammartano & Mary Sparacin; h/o Barbara)

(Sample, Louis Joseph, 19 Dec 1932-30 Sep 2016)
(s/o Joseph Sample & Louise Klyce; h/o Joyce Burton)

Samuels, Eric A., (04 Jul)1938-(13 Jun)2007
(s/o Sidney Samuels & Maude Barton; h/o Lera Whittaker)

(Sanfilippo, Alfonso A., 12 Jun 1921-29 Feb 2016)
(Pvt, U.S. Army Air Corp WW II)
(s/o Antonino Sanfilippo & Maria Licata; h/o Catherine Delina Hubler)

Sanfilippo, Anna, 26 Sep 1916-15 Aug 2009
(d/o Pasquale Calabrese & Mary "Lisa" LNU; w/o Joseph Vincent Sanfilippo)

Sanfilippo, Catherine (Delina), 20 Oct 1922-01 Jun 2006
S1 US Navy WW II Waves
(d/o Grover Jackson Hubler & Florence Annetta Passmore; w/o Alfonso A. Sanfilippo)

Sanfilippo, Jean Ann, 30 Apr 1944-23 Dec 1996
(d/o Charles A. Hruska & Marie Raum; w/o Joseph Sanfilippo)

Sanfilippo, Joseph V. (Vincent), 16 May 1916-02 May 2011
(s/o Salvatore Sanfilippo & Catarina Chiarello; h/o Anna Calabrese)

Sanford, Katherine M., 13 Mar 1933-(no date)

Sanford, Vincent A. (Adolph), 22 Jul 1927-17 Oct 1992
STM1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o William E. Sanford & Francis E. Huston; h/o Katherine Fowlkes)

Santalucia, Frank T., 13 Dec 1928-09 Oct 2010
US Army
(s/o Fortunato Santalucia & Carolina Pepe)

(Santa Maria , Rosemarie, 19 Dec 1941-21 Jul 2020)
(d/o Daniel Lucas & Mary Niebecker; w/o Richard Santa Maria)

(Santiago, Amado, 30 Dec 1923-15 Aug 2018)
(s/o Eustosio Santiago & Maria Rivera; h/o Elvira LNU)

Santiago, Elvira, 04 Jan 1921-14 Feb 2012
(w/o Amado Santiago)

(SanTiago, Jose Oscar, 19 Sep 1937-13 Oct 2015)
(h/o Georgina LNU)

(Santiago, Lizette, 29 Nov 1973-11 Nov 2022)

(Santiago-Morales, Manuela, 01 Jan 1937-24 Jul 2020)
(d/o Gumercindo Morales & Ramona Vila-Rivera; w/o Carmelo Santiago)

(Sardinha, Mimi B., 12 Feb 1930-06 Jul 2016)
(d/o Ildefonso Januario Borges & Emilia Rodrigues Quartilho)

Sarfde, Edward W. (William), (01 May)1947-(10 Sep)1997
(s/o Edward Sarfde & Audrey Mae Brown; h/o Denise M. LNU)

Sarmento, Manuel M. (Moura), 27 Jun 1936-(07 Mar, 2017)
(s/o Joao Branco Sarmento & Albina Moura; h/o Maria I. Cunha)

Sarmento, Maria I., 06 May 1939-24 Oct 2010
(d/o Antonio Louis Cunha & Maria Lourdes Calvao; w/o Manuel Moura Sarmento)

Sarrow, Sarah, (13 Nov)1908-(28 Apr)1985

(Sasine, Janice G., 29 Jul 1949-26 Nov 2022)
(d/o Harry Gordon & Charlotte Newman; w/o Jeffery Sasine)

Savino, Frank, (13 Mar)1925-(18 Mar)2008
(h/o Marie E. LNU)

Savino, Marie, 1926-(2014)
(w/o Frank Savino)

Sawtell, Esther H., (28 Mar)1914-(31 Mar 2005)

Sawyer, Michael (Allen), 13 Aug 1959-04 Oct 2002
U.S. Navy
(s/o Ray Sawyer & Gladys Gayle MuMurria; h/o Miriam)

Sbano, John N., (25 Dec)1931-(27 May)2008
(s/o Luigi Sbano & Nicoletta Yula; h/o Laura T. DiGeloromo)

Sbano, Laura T., (08 May)1931-(08 Aug)2005
(d/o Angelo A. DiGeloromo & Mary Giammetti; w/o John N. Sbano)

Scacchetti, Ermelinda, (13 Nov)1894-(09 May)1987
(w/o Mario John Scacchetti)

Scacchetti, Mario J. (John), (17 Jul)1894-(11 Oct)1982
U.S. Army, WW I
(h/o Ermelinda LNU)

(Scarborough, Alex Laon, 22 Jun 1961-11 Sep 2013)
(s/o George Henry Scarborough & Louvina LNU; h/o Jacqueline Dawn McIntosh)

Scarol, Angela, (07 Sep)1916-(09 Jan)1991
(d/o Michele Sarra & Concetta Siragusa; w/o Michele Scarol)

Scarol, Michele, (18 Nov)1912-(09 May)1998
(s/o Gaetano Scarol & Leonarda Camastra; h/o Angela Sarra)

Scarol, Thomas, 10 Apr 1946-05 Nov 2001
(s/o Michele Scarol & Angela Sarra; h/o Rita LNU)

Scarol, Rita, 30 Sep 1949-(no date)
(w/o Thomas Scarol)

Sceppa, Anna E. (Elizabeth), (05 Nov)1915-(27 Nov)1988
(d/o John Sceppa & Fannie Bianca)

Sceppa, Sadie (Theresa), (10 Mar)1919-(10 Nov)1997
(d/o John Sceppa & Fannie Bianca)

Schade, Dennis Michael, 24 Jan 1959-10 Nov 2010

Schade, Patricia (Mary), 06 Sep 1925-22 Feb 2009

(Schaffer, Roy M. (Mack), 07 Feb 1925-20 Jul 2013)
AEM1 U.S. Navy WW II
(s/o Joseph Schaffer & Rose Todres; h/o Jane Ruth Winsberg & Selma Rubinsky)

Schaffer, Selma, (05 Feb)1925-(07 Dec)2011
(d/o Edward Rubinsky & Lena Selmon; w/o Roy Mack Schaffer)

Schamp, Gerhard G. (Gotthold), (26 Oct)1932-01 Jan 2013
(s/o Gerhard Schamp & Margaret Lauterborn); h/o Sally Eileen Hummel)

Schamp, Sally E. (Eileen), 1935-(no date)
(d/o Lloyd Hummel & Margaret LNU; w/o Gerhard G. Schamp)

Schatz, Lilah Ruth,(20 Oct)1911-(17 Feb)2007
(d/o Ben Richardson & Lelah Mae Dorrity; w/o Robert Deleon Schatz)

Schatz, Robert Deleon, (25 Jan)1911-(Jul)1988
(s/o Henry R. Schatz & Georgia M. LNU; h/o Lilah Ruth Richardson)

Schindler, Edward W. (White), 11 Nov 1926-24 Dec 2008
Married 04 Aug 1945
(s/o Jacob Charles Schindler & Eva Mae Goodwin; h.o Mary Cecilia Aud)

Schindler, Mary C. (Cecilia), 21 Jan 1925-(08 Feb 2014)
(d/o Clarence M. Aud & Estelle A. Combs; w/o Edward White Schindler)

(Schleith, Gloria (Louise), 07 Nov 1935-15 May 2016)
(d/o John Jacob Schleith & Sophie Adelheid Donch)

(Schmalzigan, Joyce Marie, 05 Jun 1942-04 Oct 2016)
(d/o Joseph Barbarise & Julia Sgerbinski; w/o Richard Edward Schmalzigan)

Schmitzer, Paul J., (12 Jun)1920-(10 May)2003
(s/o Fred Schmitzer & Ida H. Wagner; h/o Sally Josephine Cochran)

Schmitzer, Sally J. (Josephine), (26 Oct)1920-(10 Sep)2008
(d/o Harry C. Cochran & Eloise Miller; w/o Paul J. Schmitzer_

Schmukler, Leya, (16 Oct)1923-(05 Dec)2008

Schneider, Richard J. (Joseph), 17 Dec 1967-23 Nov 1988
(on the same monument as Eulin J. Newborn)

Schoen, Josephine (Marie), (20 Mar)1907-(13 May)1996
(d/o Alfred Emil Kopp & Mathilde Rapp; w/o Otto Schon)

Schoen, Otto, 1907-1967
(h/o Josephine Marie Kopp)

(Schoenleber, Edward J., (29 Apr)1952-11 Jun 2015)
(h/o Margaret E. Verge)

Schrader, Evelyn, (20 Feb)1917-(13 Mar)2011
(d/o Tertellus Vincent Meriwether & Nettie Mae Taylor; w/o James William Schrader)

Schrader, James W. (William), (24 Oct)1915-(31 Mar)2003
(s/o John Leroy Schrader & Ursa Flo Milligan; h/o Evelyn Lucele Meriwether)

Schrader, Vicki (Victoria Ann), (22 Sep)1972-(18 Jan)1996
(d/o Dan E. Schrader & Ina Sue Fowler)

Schramm, Bernard (Thomas), (02 Jun)1920-(03 Jun)1994
(s/o Albert Alfred Schramm & Hannah M. Hankins; h/o Jacqueline Eppley ReQua)

Schramm, Jacqueline (R), (29 Apr)1924-(08 Jun)2002
(d/o Eugene ReQua & Gertrude E. Eppley; w/o Bernard Thomas Schramm)

Schulberg, Dolores J., 27 May 1932-06 Oct 2009
(d/o John Johnson & Marie Hodge; w/o Martin I. Schulberg)

Schulberg, Martin (I.), 07 Jan 1938-27 Sep 2012
(h/o Dolores Johnson)

Schultz, Elizabeth J. (Joyce), (24 Feb)1918-(10 Sep)1991
(d/o Harry R. Buhr & Elizabeth M.Bessey; w/o Ralph Kenneth Schultz)

Schultz, Ralph K. (Kenneth), (01 Jan)1916-(22 Sep)1995
(s/o Frank Schultz & Mary Bredikow; h/o Elizabeth Joyce Buhr)

Schultze, Delma M., (27 Nov)1915-(28 Jan)1998
(d/o Robert J. Davidson & Mary E. Foisie; w/o Henry E. Schultze, III)

Schultze, III Henry F., (25 Apr)1913- (05 Jan)2000
(s/o Henry F. Schultz & Kathryn B. Eberbach; h/o Delma Mary Davidson)

Schuman, Mildred, 1952-(no date)
(w/o Stephen Schuman)

Schuman, Stephen, 1941-(no date)
(h/o Mildred LNU)

Schwab, Mildred (T.), (29 Sep)1914-(08 Feb)2007
(w/o Robert Jerome Schwab)

Schwab, Robert (Jerome), (23 Jun)1913-(10 Dec)2002
(h/o Mildred T. LNU)

(Schwartz, Philip (Alvin), 14 Sep 1941-26 Jul 2016)
(s/o Martin Schwartz & Lillian Seltzer; h/o Carol Rubin)

(Schweiger, Margot (H.), 12 Mar 1927-25 Feb 2017)
(w/o Werner Schweiger)

(Schweiger, Marian, (02 Nov)1961-(03 Jun)2018)
(d/o Benjamin F. Armstrong & Anna Leona Hoch; w/o Steven L. Schweiger)

Schweiger, Steven (L.), (10 Feb)1960-(05 Feb)2006
(s/o Werner Schweiger & Margot LNU; h/o Marian Leann Armstrong)

Schweiger, Werner, 11 Jun 1929-17 Jul 1982
(s/o Julius Schweiger & Elisabeth Hauf; h/o Margot H. LNU)

Scifo, Alice, 09 May 1931-15 Aug 2012
(d/o Anthony Sangett & Clara Decanmoi; w/o John Scifo)

(Scott, Constance J., 27 Jun 1920-30 Dec 2013)
(d/o Peter Williams & Martha Shimkuf; w/o James Ormsby Scott)

Scott, Frank J., 1963-2004
(s/o Mrs. Marjorie C. Scott)

Scott, James Ormsby, 06 Feb 1920-04 Nov 2004
3rd U.S. Merchant Marine, World War II
(s/o Albert W. Scott & Freida Redman; h/o Constance Williams)

Scott, Mabel B. (Blanche), (30 Jun)1905-(03 Jul 1998)
(d/o James A. McLean & Maggie LNU)

Scott, Marjorie C., (21 Feb)1932-(09 Sep)2004
(d/o Frank C. Castner & Rose Redmond)

(Scott, Tony, 13 Apr 1932-07 Jul 2020)

(Seay, John Watford. 23 Sep 1937-06 Sep 2014)
(s/o John Mathis Seay & Elizabeth Watford; h/o Beverly Gail Emery & Peggy Rae Jennings)

Seciniaz, Laurent, 20 Feb 1938-22 Nov 2012

Sedor, Edith R., 1914-(2015)
Married May 18, 1940

Sedor, Jr., Stephen, 1913-1996
Married May 18, 1940

(Seese, Mary Costa, 27 Apr 1925-29 Sep 2018)

Segal, Frieda Esther, 27 Aug 1916-01 Nov 1998
(Jewish Holocaust Survivor)
(d/o Adolf Lopatka & Margarete Drucks; w/o Max Horst Segal)

Segal, Max Horst, 05 Jan 1916-28 May 1996
(Jewish Holocaust Survivor)
(s/o Max Segal & Greta Ascher; h/o Frieda Esther Lopatka)

Seib, Bernice L., 23 Apr 1922-15 Sep 2011
(d/o Noel Briden & Grace Galiviller; w/o Daniel Walter Seib)

Seib, Daniel W. (Walter), 13 Aug 1922-07 Nov 1988
Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Daniel William Seib & Ana Sykely; h/o Bernice L. Briden)

Seidler, Elaine, (06 Jul)1934-(01 May)2011
(Nee: Jensen; w/o Jack Seibler)

Seibler, Jack, (07 Sep)1927-(20 Jan)1996
married 08 Dec 1990
(s/o Irving Seidler & Evelyn Eva J. Schoenfeld; h/o Lona M. Winer & Elaine Jensen)

Sekunda, Peter (James), (31 Dec)1930-(16 Mar)2013
(s/o John Sekunda & Katherine Kolendra; h/o Sara McKee)

(Sekunda, Sara V., 04 Aug 1931-15 Aug 2019)
(d/o Floyd Zeil & Sophie LNU; w/o Peter James Sekunda)

Sellers, Jr. , Claves E. (Earl) "Clay," 17 Jun 1965-06 Apr 2011
US Air Force
(s/o Claves Earl Sellers & Wanda Jeanette Scott; h/o Jill Marie Patrick)

Selman, Howard L. (Leonard), 22 Apr 1918-20 Apr 1994
(s/o Louis Zusselman & Nettie Breskin; h/o Sandra Posner)

Selman, Sandra P., 09 Oct 1921-23 Feb 2007
(d/o Joshua Posner & Fanny Rayman; w/o Howard Leonard Selman)

Seminara, Alyssa Annrose, 26 Aug 1998-15 Jul 1999
(d/o Louis Seminara & Rose Marie Veneri)

Seminara, Louis, (12 Jul)1932-(02 Jan)2008
(s/o Luigi Seminara & Palmina Marlina; h/o Rose Marie Veneri)

Sena, Thresa S. (Soares), 15 Feb 1942-11 Apr 2006
(d/o Manuel G. Sena & Arminda S. Barreto; w/o FNU Sena)

Seplowitz, Ann, 24 Oct 1920-20 Apr 2007
(d/o Hyman Leventer & Tillie Wiegler; w/o Eli Seplowitz)

Seplowitz, Eli, 21 Jan 1925-29 Oct 2006
PFC US Army World War II
(s/o Benjamin Seplowitz & Frida Metasky; h/o Ann Leventer)

Seps, Jr., Donald J., 06 Apr 1960-11 Apr 1987
(s/o Donald J. Seps & Judy Parry)

Sessions, Harold Cowley, 20 Sep 1904-15 Sep 1971
CM1, U.S. Navy, WWII
(s/o Harry Sessions & Alice Crowley; h/o Ida Evelyn White & Juanita Herndon)

Sessions, Unnamed Infant, 1925-1925
(s/o Harold Cowley Sessions & Ida Evelyn White)

Settle, Bailey Thomas, 11 Jul 2001-20 Jan 2005
(s/o Stephen Settle & Kathleen LNU)

Shaffer, Helen, (19 Dec)1913-(13 Sep)1982
(d/o Morris Hessel & Anna Edelson; w/o Jacob Shaffer)

Shaffer, Jacob ("Jack"), (07 Mar)1916-(08 Mar)1992
(s/o Sam L. Shaffer & Mamie Gimpleson; h/o Helen Hessel)

Shamblen, Doris (Quinnell), 09 May 1938-(28 Jun 2020)
(d/o Cleveland Jackson Clark & Abby S. Groober; w/o Rudye Irving Shamblen)

Shamblen, Rudye I. (Irving), 19 Oct 1928-27 Mar 1992
(s/o George Arnold Shamblen & Lottie Emily Milam; h/o Doris Quinnell Clark)

(Shams, Deborah Lee Holzbach, 18 Jul 1952-25 Feb 2014)
Married Sept. 29, 1979
(d/o Hubert Lee Holzbach & Ellen Lee Slacther; w/o Safwan M. Ghaleb Shams)

(Shams, Safwan, 30 Aug 1949-no date)
Married Sept. 29, 1979
(s/o Mouhamd Gahleb Shams & Nuhad LNU; h/o Deborah Lee Holzbach)

Shany, Amir, (22 Dec)1949-(29 Jun)1999
(h/o Laureen Cheryl Jones)

(Shaposh, Vadim T., 30 Jul 1950-20 Feb 2016)
(h/o Svetlana V. LNU)

Sharps, Harry A. (Albert), (11 May)1925-(20 May)1989
(s/o Alexander Sharps & Natalie Primoff; h/o Adele Wedman)

Shepherd, R. (Ruth) Marilyn, 11 Jul 1933-16 Apr 2000
(d/o Albert L.Waltz & Ruth M. Hunsicker; w/o Lawrence P. Shepherd; c/o John J. Kulesavage)

Sheppard, Doris V., 1931-(no date)
(w/o Walter V. Sheppard)

Sheppard, Walter V., (19 Jul)1927-(13 Nov)2004
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o James Alexander "Zandie"Sheppard & Catherine Hyacinth Lake; h/o Doris V. LNU)

Shope, Allen H. (Harrison), 01 Feb 1889-03 Mar 1956
(h/o Mollie Lee Smith)

(Shope, Robert Lee (Bobby), 06 Dec 1944-03 May 1955)
(s/o Allen H. Shope & Mollie Lee Smith)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate)

Shorina, Yelena, 08 Jul 1926-02 Feb 2007
(inscription is in Russian with another individual on the marker which is probably her husband with dates of
08 Apr 1926-14 Mar 1985)

Shotwell, Steven John, (28 Sep)1937-(28 Jan)1982
Sgt, U.S. Navy, Korea, Vietnam
(note: he was retired Navy, so know why the "Sgt" rank)
(s/o Samuel Harold Shotwell & Anne Marie Krajnikovich; h/o Paula Charlene Brewer)

Shtaynberg, Galina, (05 Sep)1927-(16 Oct)2004
(d/o John Bruker & Frida Miliner; w/o Mikhail Shtaynberg)

Shtaynberg, Mikhail, 11 Sep 1923-12 Jun 1999
(s/o Rubin Shtaynberg & Galina Alta; h/o Galina Bruker)

(Shumaker, Harold, (24 Jul) 1927-(31 Oct) 2004)
(s/o Leslie P. Shumaker & Norma V. Burgoon; h/o Eleanor LNU)

Shur, Solomon (M.)(Sol), (18 May)1931-(06 Mar)2004
(s/o Maxim Shur & Fanny Rosman; h/o Vela V. Sanoff)

Shur, Vela V., (31 May)1933-(28 Sep)2009
(Nee: Sanoff, w/o Solomon Max Shur)

(Shvartsbeyn, Boris, 11 Dec 1947-12 Jan 2022)
(h/o Raisa LNU)

Siboroski, Denise M., 03 Dec 1937-(no date)

Siboroski, James M., 17 Dec 1964-(no date)

Siboroski, Walter J., 12 Oct 1933-(no date)

Sicola, Antoinette T. (Theresa), (27 Feb)1923-(09 Sep)2006
(d/o Frank Mazza & Theresa Lardino; w/o Dominick A. Sicola)

Sicola, Dominick A., (15 Jun)1915-(20 Jan)1994
(U.S. Navy WW II)
(s/o Paul Sicola & Fortuna Secola; h/o Antoinette Theresa Mazza)

Siegel, David I., 29 Jun 1909-06 Feb 2004
(Royal Canadian Air Force - WW II)
(s/o Isadore H. Siegel & Ida Lewis; h/o Ada Steinberg & Jeanne R. Fass)

Siegel, Jeanne R., 19 Mar 1923-(17 Oct 2020)
(d/o Edward L. Fass & Fannie LNU; w/o Sidney Ram & David I. Siegel; c/o Alan Smolen)

Siegfried, Mary, 1932-(no date)
(w/o William Michael Siegfried)

Siegfried, William M. (Jr.), (03Dec)1929-(28 Jun)2007
(s/o William Michael Siegfried & Catherine Hamelburg; h/o Mary LNU)

Sierzant, Isabella, (30 Aug)1923-(26 Feb)2002
(d/o Thomas Tyrrell & Isabell Quinn; w/o Anthony Sierzant)

(Sifonte, Efigenia, 1934-28 Dec 2017)
(d/o Juana Cabrera & Ramon Rosado; w/o Cristobal Sifonte)

Silva, Gabriel M., 04 Oct 2010-05 Oct 2010

Silveira, Caleb Peniel, 01 Jun 2008-24 Jun 2008
(Infant s/o Samuel Silveira & Ketia Macean)

Simmerman, Joseph P. (Phillip), (16 Dec)1931-(Sep)2012
(h/o Maureen Frances Dougherty)

Simmerman, Maureen F. (Frances), (11 Jul)1937-(06 Mar)2008
(d/o Charles Augustine Dougherty & Harriet C. Hand; w/o Joseph Phillip Simmerman)

Simpson, Betty (Jean), (20 Sep)1921-(26 Jul)2011
(d/o Albert Franklin Quier & Gladys Marguerite Hook; w/o Philip Loraine Simpson)

Simpson, Brenda L. (Lee), 03 Jan 1941-21 Sep 1997
(d/o Herman Gallahar & Itaskir Cooper; w/o William R. Simpson)

Simpson, Philip (Loraine), (30 Jul)1921-(01 Apr)1999
(s/o Eugene Lyle Simpson & Augusta Belle Eaton; h/o Betty Jean Quier)

Simpson, William R., 26 Oct 1942-(no date)

Sirotovotch, Josee, 05Aug 1928-22 Jan 2010

Sklenar, Joseph E. (Edward), (02 Mar)1913-(21 Dec)2001
(s/o Emil Edward Sklenar & Julia Merkowsky; h/o Margaret J. Kulyka)

Sklenar, Margaret J., (09 Jan)1915-(11 Jul)1996
(d/o Paul Kulyka & Justine Lichvar; w/o Joseph Edward Sklenar)

Skorokhod, Zoya, (06 Feb)1938-(11 Dec)2010

(Skripka, Sharon L.(Lynn), 26 May 1948-20 Jan 1999)
(d/o John Skripka & Harriet L. Allen)

Skuchko, Ann, 1916-1992
(d/o John Demyanovich & Sophia Slivakanich; w/o John E. Skuchko)

Skuchko, John E., (19 Jan)1914-(26 Feb)2006
(s/o George Skuchko & Mary Popp; h/o Ann Demyanovich)

Slaugh, Elmer L. (Lewis), (24 Nov)1941-(no date)
(s/o Lewis J. Slaugh & Miriam E. Ream)

Slaugh, (Jr), Lewis J. (John), 1902-(19 Dec)1961
(s/o Lewis John Slaugh & Ameliah Beck; h/o Miriam E. Ream)

Slaugh, Miriam R., (09 Dec)1902-(04 Jan 1991)
(d/o Edward Amborse Ream & Annie Smith Pecht; w/o Lewis John Slaugh)

Smith, Alfred A., 28 Sep 1920-01 Apr 1999
(s/o Alexander Stephenson & Mercilena Newell; h/o Kathleen Louise Rose)

(Smith, Barbara J., 23 Mar 1933-no date)
(w/o Donald B. Smith)

Smith, David A., (19 Jun)1945-(01 Mar)2011
(s/o Alexander M. Smith & Margaret Emily Monahan)

(Smith, Donald F., 26 Mar 1936-no date)
(s/o George Ogeline Smith & Jeannette Caroline Delarme; h/o Barbara J. NLU)

Smith, Effie L. (Louise)(Dusty), 21 May 1922-15 Aug 1999
S 1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(d/o Charles C. Watson & Frances M. Long; w/o Norman Dale Smith)

Smith, Evelyn N., (25 Dec)1913-(Oct)1990
(d/o Thomas Norris & Daisy Vanderberg; w/o William Knox Smith)

Smith, Florence M., 14 Nov 1948-(no date)
married 17 Sep 1966
(Nee: Freeman; Wilbur Joseph Smith)

Smith, Jr., Frederick M. (Meyers), 05 Aug 1931-05 Apr 1996
Cpl, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Frederick Meyers Smith & May Redd; h/o Jacqueline Christian Mandal)

(Smith, Gloria E., 18 Aug 1934-26 Oct 2022)

(Smith, Gordon Oscar, 10 Sep 1921-24 Mar 2012)
(s/o FNU Smith & Marie LNU; h/o Josephine LNU)

(Smith, Jeannette C. (Caroline), 19 Jan 1911-10 May 2001)
(d/o Francis Delarme & Ada Clinton; w/o George Ogeline Smith)

Smith, Josepha F. Y., (28 Feb)1921-(18 Jun)1998
(w/o Gordon Oscar Smith)

Smith, Kathleen L.(Louise), 09 Jul 1923-20 Dec 2000
married, 23 Dec 1956
(d/o John Rose & Ann C. Harvey; w/o Alfred A. Smith)

Smith, Laurence J. (John), (26 Oct)1932-(30 Jul)2013
(h/o Kara Rousseau)

Smith, Norman D. (Dale), 01 Apr 1924-13 Jun 2013
1st Lt US Army Air Forces World War II
(s/o Joseph Elmer Smith & Shirley Eliza Puffenbarger; h/o Ronnie LNU & Effie Larue Watson)

Smith, Pamela Sue, 1953-2007

Smith, Wilbur J. (Joseph), 14 Sep 1948-13 Feb 1999
(s/o James Smith & Ethel Tremblay; h/o Florence Freeman)

Smith, William K. (Knox), (18 Dec)1907-(01 Oct)1983
(s/o Robert Knox Smith & Ann G. Muir; h/o Evelyn Mae Norris)

Smolen, Alan, 12 Feb 1920-06 Sep 2008
(US Army WW II, Korea)
(s/o Max Smolen & Pauine Rosenstauch; h/o Sylvia Ruth Levy)
(President, ITT Community Development Corp., 1975-1985)

Smolen, Sylvia (Ruth), 27 Jan 1919-03 Dec 2005
(d/o Herbert Levy & Cecilla Silverman; w/o Alan Smolen)

Smuckler, Jean, (29 Sep)1913-(24 Jul)2010
(d/o Max Braslowsky & Dena Fraider; w/o Harry Smuckler)

Snyder, Gail Carter, 18 Sep 1936-10 Dec 2001
(d/o Escho Leonard Carter & Ann Lois Hooks; w/o Warren Shepard Snyder)

(So, Chong Hui Ok, 08 Sep 1929-07 Sep 2010)
(h/o Linda Dung Y LNU)

So, Linda D. (Dung Y.), (01 Apr)1937-(18 Aug)2003
(w/o Chong Hui Ok So)

Soares, Genoveva M., (28 Jun)1928-(27 Apr)2005
Married Feb 10, 1961
(d/o Josef Moniz & Maria Medeiros; w/o Joao Soares)

Soares, Joao, (25 Sep)1926-(25 Jul)2001
Married Feb 10, 1961
(s/o Manuel P. Soares & Maria Teresa; h/o Genoveva Moniz)

Sobczak, Anthony A. (Albert), 17 Sep 1913-01 Sep 1998
(h/o Mary Ann Selsky)

Sobczak, Mary Ann, 10 Oct 1916-12 May 1993
(d/o John J. Selsky & Anna Marko; w/o Anthony Albert Sobczak)

Sobers, Eugene D. (Dennis), 28 Aug 1935-23 Sep 2007
(s/o Sinclair Sobers & Myrtle Dodson; h/o Arline Cherry & Marion T. Lowry)

Sobers, Marion T., 19 Aug 1936-(no date)
(Nee; Lowry; w/o Eugene Dennis Sobers)

(Soeung, Cheang, 02 Dec 1925-12 May 2015)

Sokolowski, Gaetana "Tina," 05 Jan 1942-21 Jan 2009
(d/o Salvatore Macaluso & Lillian LNU; w/o Thomas D. Sokolowski)

Sokolowski, Thomas D., 07 Apr 1940-(no date)
(h/o Gaetana Macaluso)

(Som, Sokleang Lynn, 07 Aug 1971-29 Jun 2023)
(d/o Khel Thy & Lon LNU; w/o Ros Som)

Sommerfield, James J. (Joseph), 02 Sep 1929-19 Jan 2004
FRB1, U.S. Navy, Korea
(s/o Watson Sommerfield & Sophia Slominski; h/o Agnes LNU)

(Soria, Claire, 22 May 1935-no date)
(w/o Gerald David Soria)

(Soria, Gerald David, 08 May 1934-05 May 2014
(s/o Jacob Soria & Emile Elhaik; h/o Claire LNU)

Sorrentino, Ellen Mirabella, 10 Oct 1947-20 Dec 2001
(d/o Vito Mirabella & Rose Lanfranco; w/o Vincenzo Sorrention)

Sorrentino, Judith Ann (Judy), 15 Jan 1948-19 Feb 2010
(d/o Robert W. Russell & Fran LNU; w/o Frank Anthony Sorrentino)

Sorrentino, Vincenzo, 19 Dec 1933-03 Aug 2003
(s/o Annielo Sorrentino & Ann Cirillo; h/o Ellen Mirabella & Santa LNU)
(obituary says buried in Las Vegas)

Sotolongo, Estela, (25 Mar)1912-(15 Nov)2002
(d/o Juan Paula & Leonor Pino; w/o Francisco Faustino Sotolongo)

Sotolongo, Francisco (Faustino), (15 Feb)1905-(02 Feb 2001)2000
(s/o Nicasio Sotolongo & Francisca Hernandez; h/o Estela Paula)

Sousa, Antonio P. (Pereira), 05 Jan 1925-14 Sep 1997
(s/o Francisco J. De Sousa & Alvina Pires; h/o Felisbela LNU)

Spann, Ransom (Jr.), (31 Dec)1919-(10 Jun)2007
(s/o Ransom Spann & Sarah Hanes)

Sparaga, Antonetta, 15 Jun 1915-15 Jan 2006
(d/o Antonio Orsala & Elisabetta Tuciarone; w/o Frank Sparaga)

Sparaga, Frank, 26 Dec 1920-14 Jul 2010
(s/o Pasquale Sparaga & Maria Grazia Rasile; h/o Antonetta Orsala)

(Sparkes, Jean Mae, 17 Nov 1925-10 Jan 2015)
(d/o Lawrence Denmead Miller & Elsa Rees; w/o Robert Frederick Sparks)

Spence, Samuel (Alfred), (23 Oct 1915)1916-(30 Dec 2007)2008
(on same grave marker as Zena LNU)

Spence, Zena, 1942-(no date)
(on same grave marker as Samuel Spence)

Spencer, Wendy Michelle, 11 May 1984-07 Jun 1986
Dau of Darry & Judi Spencer

Sperry, Edith A., 31 Dec 1927-24 Jan 1985
(d/o Pearl J. VanDeWalker & Lula Stowell; w/o Leonard Henderson Sperry, Jr.)

Sperry, Jr., Leonard H. (Henderson), 18 May 1928-28 Aug 2007
(s/o Leonard Henderson Sperry & Lulu Brundage; h/o Edith A. VanDeWalker & Frances Alberta Fluharty Ice)

(Spinello, Helen M., 02 Dec 1945-04 Apr 2011)
(on same monument as James Pembroke)

Spinka, Emma M., (12 Jun)1905-(19 Oct)1995
(d/o Joseph Busson & Marie Drexler; w/o Frank R. Spinka)

Spinka, Frank R., (11 Jul)1904-(Nov)1984
(h/o Emma M. Busson)

Spiro, June C., (29 Jun)1899-(01 Oct)1981
(w/o FNU Dukes & Nathan Benjamin Spiro)

Spiro, Nathan B. (Benjamin), (15 Jul)1902-(21 Aug)1994
(s/0 Meschulem Spiro & Maryna Kleinhaus; h/o Frances Rosenblatt & June C. LNU)

(Spivey, Aubrey F. (Francis), 02 Feb 1938-04 Jun 2014)
(s/o Edward Manila Spivery & Susan Ethel Bryant; h/o Wardeen Barker)

Spivey, Edward M., (Manila "Coon"), (27 Dec)1900-(23Jun)1966
(s/o Wingate Edward Spivey & Sallie Ford; h/o Susan Ethel Bryant)

Spivey, Susan B. (Ethel), (28 Feb)1905-(21 Sep)1993
(d/o Robert Francis Bryant & Mary Ann Rozier; w/o Edward M. Spivey)

Stacey, Earl B. (Benton), 06 Jun 1923-03 Apr 2001
Cpl, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Perry Earl Stacey & Feddie Fletcher; h/o Nancy Reeves)

Stanziale, Edward A. (Aristide), 24 Mar 1917-17 Mar 1994
(s/o Aristide Stanziale & Serafina Luongo; h/o Louise Martoccia)

Stapp, Jr., John W. (Wilkes), (04 Apr)1916-(11 Jun)1983
(s/o John Wiles Stapp & Annie Laurie Thornton; h/o Jane Elizabeth Scott)

Stallings, Gussie Davis, 27 Jan 1903-25 Dec 1962
(d/o Silas Allen Davis & Missouri Hunter; w/o Jerry Walker Stallings)

Stallings, Jerry Walker, 05 Nov 1897-27 Mar 1989
(s/o James Otis Stallings & Lucy N. Coleman; h/o Gussie Davis)

States, Michael C. (Charles), 16 Jan 1940-07 Jun 2007
Central Intelligence Agency - 25 Years of Service
(s/o Charles A. States & Dorothy M. Cooper; h/o Caroline L. Sloan)

Statham, Albert E. (Edward), 02 Mar 1908-20 Aug 1991
(s/o Albert Statham & Gerda Kathryn Westerholm; h/o Elizabeth M. Muse & Ann Wachter)

Statman, Ann (W.), 14 Apr 1924-12 Jun 2011
(Nee: Wachter; w/o Albert Edward Statham)

Statman, Bernice (Aurora) Z., 28 Jan 1917-04 Jan 2007
(d/o Irving Z. Zeitlin & Rose Kushner; w/o Dr. Irving Jonathan Statman)

Statman, Irving J. (Jonathan), 25 Mar 1911-12 Apr 1995
Captain, U.S. Army, WW II
(h/o Bernice Aurora Zeitlin)

(Steadman, Colleen Marie, 05 Sep 1968-02 May 2020)
(d/o Henry Hilton Steadman, Jr. & Ellen Mylon; partner of William C. "Bill" Schwarz)

(Steadman, Ellen, (Cecile) 26 Feb 1933-05 Feb 2020)
(d/o Thomas Leo Mylon & Mary Genevieve O'Meara; w/o Henry Hilton Steadman)

Steadman, Henry H. (Hilton), 29 Oct 1926-28 Feb 2002
U.S. Navy, Vietnam
(s/o John Henry Steadman & Mease McCklemurry; h/o Ellen Cecile Mylon)

Steckler, Ann Toole, 11 Jun 1927-02 Feb 2000
(d/o Clark W. Toole & Florrie A. Eastmead; w/o Edward Keith Steckler)

Steckler, Edward Keith, 08 Oct 1932-(25 Dec 2012)
(h/o Ann Clair Toole)

Steen, Ann M. (Marie), (13May)1917-(10 Apr)2006
(d/o John Jurak & Anna Witkowska Mamka; w/o Vernon Charles Steen)

Steen, Vernon C. (Charles), (10 Aug)1919-(22 Apr)2005
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o William C. Steen & Clara M. Buth; h/o Ann Marie Jurak)

Steflik, (Bertha) Emily B., 19 Oct 1926-13 Nov 2011
(d/o Larrie Paul Baldwin & Brertha Mae Capallia; w/o Frank Steven Steflik, Jr.)

Steflik, Betty (Best), 22 Jun 1917-07 Nov 2004
(d/o Sidney Albert Deans & Irene Vance Joyner; w/o Michael Steflik)

Steflik, Jr., Frank S., 19 Feb 1922-11 Mar 2002
Tec 5, U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o Frank Steven Steflik & Mary Szucs; h/o Bertha Emily Baldwin)

Steflik, Michael, 12 Sep 1913-(26 Aug 2005)
(s/o Frank Steven Steflik & Mary Szucs; h/o Betty Best Deans)

Steigner, Amy (Dorothaleen) Miller, 14 Nov 1956-16 Apr 1982
(d/o Burrel Theodore Miller & Dorothaleen Mamie Hales; w/o John Martin Steigner)

Stein, Irwin, (13 Jun)1933-(23 Feb)2005
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o Jack Stein & Hetty Rosenberg; h/o Phyllis Lenore "Lynne" Kyman)

Stein, Lynne (Phyllis Lenore), 21 Jan 1936-12 Sep 2007
(d/o Harry Kyman & Ann Weiss; w/o Irwin Stein)

Steinberg, Morris, 1916-(07 Apr 2015)
(h/o Slyvia R. LNU)

Steinberg, Sylvia (R.), (28 Feb)1918-(10 Jul)2011
(w/o Morris Steinberg)

Stephens, Edith V. (Virginia), 11 May 1933-16 Jun 2002
(d/o Charlie W. Wilson & Goldie Dixon; w/o Douglas W. Mitchell & Joseph Neal Stephens)

(Sterling, Antonie, 29 Nov 1929-12 Feb 2016)

Stiles, Arthur (J.), (07 Mar)1917-(03 Nov)1991
(s/o Edwin F. Stiles & Albina Tetrealt)

(Stilley, Gladys (Gay), (27 Apr)1940-(30 Oct)2018)
(d/o William Reily Moore & Melissie Tuten; w/o Norman Stilley)

(Stirtz, Sacide, 25 Dec 1934-23 Dec 2022)

(Stodden, Jerry Dean, 30 Oct 1954-26 Dec 2021)
(s/o Leonard Stodden & Patricia LNU; h/o Rita LNU)

Stolowich, Frank S. (Stanley), 09 May 1926-16 Aug 2006
(US Navy WW II)
(s/o Stanley F. Stolowich & Anna Kaminski; h/o Helen M. Leszcynski)

Stolowich, Helen M., 11 Aug 1927-(no date)
(d/o Frank Leszcynski & Bertha LNU; w/o Frank S. Stolowich)

Stolyarova, Lidiya, 31 Dec 1938-24 Jun 2006

Stone, George C. (Chester), 12 Oct 1895-11 Oct 1973
Pvt, Air Service, WW I, Kansas
(s/o James Barlow Stone & Edith Collins)

(Stollerman, Arlene, 01 Mar 1932-21 Sep 2020)
(Nee: Schnieder; w/o Herbert Hymin Stollerman)

(Stollerman, Herbert Hymin, 01 Mar 1927-07 Oct 2019)
(h/o Arlene Schnieder)

Storke, Frank J. (Francis Joseph), 05 Aug 1920-29 Aug 1993
(s/o Earle Francis Storke & Ann Henrietta Clements; h/o Mary Elizabeth Fowler)

Storke, Mary E. (Elizabeth), 18 Oct 1922-(no date)
(d/o James E. Fowler & Mary C. LNU; w/o Francis Joseph Storke)

Story, Jennie Leona Mercer, 01 Aug 1899-15 May 1997
(d/o John Christopher Mercer & Nancy Celeta (Jennie) Deen; w/o Willie Warren Story)

Stout, Charles L. (Louis), 14 Jan 1954-(no date)

Stout, Teresa Ann, 15 Mar 1956-18 Jul 1992
(d/o James Edward Machek & Patricia Ann LNU; w/o Charles Louis Stout)

Stow, Carol M., 25 Dec 1935-04 Oct 1995
(d/o Harry E. Leach & Ardis M. Stetson; w/o William Pratt Stow)

Stow, William P.(Pratt), 14 Jun 1928-(24 Oct 2020)
(U.S. Army)
(s/o Miles Stow & Emily Randall; h/o Carol Madeline Leach)

Stratford, James E., 19 Apr 1931-(no date)
(h/o Marie Therese Castellanete)

Stratford, Marie (Therese) C., 04 May 1935-03 Sep 1996
(d/o John Costello Castellanete & Mary Tocco; w/o James E. Stratford)

(Straton, Mary E. (Elizabeth), 16 May 1923-30 Aug 2015)
(d/o Louis Aadolph Wetzlau & Mary C. Kohler; Robert Barrie Straton, Jr.)

Streeter, Charles L. (Lorenzo), (03 Jun)1882- (01 May)1953
(s/o Lorenzo Streeter & Laura E. Mann; h/o Susie McDonald & Myrtle Mae Walrath)

Streeter, Myrtle Mae, (03 Sep)1884-(10 Sep)1970
(d/o Eugene Walrath & Sarah Beek; w/o Charles Lorenzo Streeter)

Strickland, Ann Elgin, 21 Sep 1921-18 Oct 1994
(d/o Richard Fiddler Elgin & Leila Harrison Gray; w/o Harvey Daughtry Strickland, Jr.)

Strickland, Bridget O'Hara, 06 Feb 1916-23 Aug 2012
(d/o Edward O'Hara & Jane Boswell; w/o Harry J.Strickland)

Strickland, Dorothy E. (Elaine), (19 Jul)1939-(13 Jul)2013
(d/o Emmett Wilson Strickland & Sallie Coatney)

Strickland, Eloise R., 22 Apr 1928-10 Feb 2005
(d/o John W. Ricketson & Mae Ellis; w/o George L. Strickland)

Strickland, Emmett Wilson, 24 Aug 1913-29 Oct 1998
(s/o Ira Columbus Strickland & Zellie Magnaline McKennie; h/o Sally Coatney)

Strickland, George L., 04 May 1929-13 Nov 1989
SFC, U.S. Army, WW II, Korea, Vietnam
(s/o Luther George Strickland & Mable Hopkins; h/o Eloise Ricketson)

Strickland, Jr., Harvey Daughtry, 17 Oct 1917-16 Jun 1989
(s/o Harvey Daughtry Strickland & Elizabeth Perry; h/o Ann Elgin)

Strickland, Marcus Carlton, 03 Aug 1900-15 Dec 1946
(s/o George Washington Strickland & Mary Jane Morrell; h/o Sadie Stone)
(re-interred in the Strickland Family Cemetery, Korona, Flagler CO, FL)

Strickland, Sallie Sue, 11 Jul 1915-23 Oct 2001
(d/o Lum C. Coatney & Savannah Wood; w/o Emmett Wilson Strickland)

(Striner, C. (Carmel) Jean, 15 May 1935-21 Jul 2014)
(d/o Harry Isaacs & Irene Lawson; w/o Clarence V. Striner)

Studley, Mary K. (Katherine), (21 Sep)1920-(29 Sep)2003
(d/o Raymond William McCahon & Nellie Marie Conley; w/o Thomas Fredrick Studley)

Studley, Thomas F. (Fredrick), (02 Sep)1920-(28 Aug)2004
(s/o Charles T. Studley & Mary Elizabeth Sweeny; h/o Mary Katherine McCahon)

Stuhler, Sherry, 09 Jul 1921-11 Mar 2008
(d/o Isidore Cohen & Fanny Talon)

Sturak, John, 14 Apr 1918-02 Jan 2010
(US Navy - WW II)
(s/o Charles Sturak & Mary Hvozda; h/o Phyllis Hope)

Sturak, Phyllis Hope, 11 Aug 1929-(no date)
(w/o John Sturak)

Suarez, Noelia R., 08 Jun 1924-24 Jun 1993

Sullivan, James R. (Richard), 11 Dec1954-30 May 2008)
(s/o James Sullivan & Phyllis Burke; h/o Kathy LNU)

(Sullivan, William Henry, 26 Jun 1931-21 Feb 2018)
GYSGT US Marine Corps Korea Vietnam

Swango, Tim (Earl), 12 Aug 1970-15 Apr 2007
(s/o Randy Swango & Mary Margaret LNU; h/o Tammy Michelle Rothove)

Swartz, Alberta (Ida), 01 Jan 1921-14 Dec 2000
(d/o Everett Swartz & Jessie Dolfin; w/o Edray Shogran Swartz)

Swartz, Edray Shogren, 03 Aug 1919-23 Jun 1985
Am 1, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Ray Swartz & Edith Elvira Lorenda Shogren; h/o Ida Alberta Swartz)

Swartz, Ronald W., (14 Jun)1945-(09 Mar)1998
(s/o Edray Shogran Swartz & Ida Alberta Swartz)

(Sweet, Diana Kaye, 11 Jan 1945-19 Oct 2022)
(d/o Paul Sweet & Edna Cummins)

Sweeters, William J. (Joseph), (30 Jun)1907-(29 Nov)1993
(s/o Joseph Sweeters & Theresa Weinig; h/o Ann Pauline Abbott)

Swenson, Charles H. (Henry), 17 Nov 1930-21 Mar 1995
SSgt, U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II
(s/o Swen O. Sewnson & Gerda M. Forsell; h/o Isabel D. Anguilar)

Swenson, Isabel D., 28 Nov 1923-13 Oct 2009
(d/o Olegairo J. Aguilar & Tomasa Campos; w/o Charles Henry Swenson)

Swietlicki, Joseph W. (Walter), 18 Dec 1917-09 Feb 1998
(s/o Frank Swietlicki & Peggy Socha; h/o Yvonne D. Choiniere)

Swietlicki, Yvonne D., 30 Jul 1918-22 Feb 1998
(d/o Albert Choiniere & Alice Alexander; w/o Joseph Walter Swietlicki)

Sykes, Hugh M. (Mervyn), 28 Oct 1931-19 Oct 2006
(s/o Giles B. Sykes & Henrietta E. Anders; h/o Patricia A. Costello & Barbara Fousek)

Szemak, John, (23 Dec)1916- (06 Feb)1984
(U.S. Army WW II)
(h/o Josephine Maria Crespo)

(Szemak, Josephine (Maria), 15 Jul 1915-22 Nov 2016)
(PVT U.S. Womens Army Corps WW II)
(d/o Joseph Crespo & Lena LNU; w/o John Szemak)

Szpara, Michael, 08 Sep 1917-05 Sep 1989
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Louis Szpava & Pauline Howleva; h/o Eleanor Mary Simpson)

Tanner, Mary H. (Helen), (09 Jun)1919-(16 Apr)2006
(d/o Claire D. Tanner & Nettie Mae Noble)

Tanner, Nettie M. (Mae), (03 Sep)1896-(23 Jan)1992
(d/o Charles Noble & Mary LNU; w/o Claire D. Tanner)

(Tant, Barbara Ferrell, 24 Jul 1949-no date)

(Tant, Sr., Tommy D., 07 May1949-no date)

Tant, Jr., Tommy D. (Douglas), 27 May 1974-19 Nov 1998
(s/o Tommy Douglas Tant & Barbara Jean Ferrell)

(Taylor, Arthur H., Jr., 27 Jan 1935-22 Jan 2016)
(s/o Arthur Henry Taylor & Catherine Regina Armbruster; h/o Frances Fiore & Tomiko LNU)

(Taylor, Enid B., 20 Jul 1936-20 Jan 2015)
(d/o Obadtah Wynter & Elma Nelson; w/o Joslyn Taylor)

Taylor, George W., 30 Oct 1867-05 Mar 1946

Taylor, Jerome (Thomas "Joe"), (27 Apr)1933-(24 Aug)2009
(U.S. Air Force, Vietnam)
(s/o Thomas Jefferson Taylor & Mayme Frazier; h/o Yvonne Music)

Taylor, Kristofer (Sean), (25 Feb)1974-(02 Jul)2001

Taylor, Teresa Ann, 06 Jan 1968-14 Jan 1989
(d/o Calvin Edwards & Hilda Elaine Parks; w/o Dwayne Taylor)

Taylor, Yvonne M., (02 Dec)1935-(18 Nov 2022)
(w/o Jerome Thomas Taylor)

(Tea, Veng Srin, 11 Dec 1931-05 Jun 2021)
(s/o Seu Kee Tea & Heang Chheng; h/o Say Hong Tang)

Teate, Laura A., (Apr)1862-(28 Feb)1950

Teate, Walter C. (Cornelious), 23 Feb 1886-19 Aug 1955
(s/o Cornelius Theodore Teate & Laura A. High; h/o Adaliza Levonia Coggins)

Tedrick, (Scott) Travis (Jr.), 15 Mar 1977-06 Mar 2002
(s/o Scott Travis Tedrick & Susan LNU; h/o Sharon Lynn LNU)

Teeters, Dale Dean, (17 Dec)1936-(22 Oct)1998
(s/o Richard Virgil Teeters & Adeline F. Fisher; w/o Sharon LNU)

(Teixeira, Elena L., 27 Jan 1930-17 Jul 2022)
(d/o Manuel Rodrigues Aleixo & Maria Loura; h/o Alexandre Norton Teixeira)

Teixeira, Mario, 20 Jul 1927-28 Nov 2010
(s/o Alvaro Teixeira & Ines Rua; h/o Teresa Herrera)

Teixeira, Teresa, 15 Aug 1936-(no date)
(Nee: Herrera; w/o Mario Teixeira)

Teller, Stanley, (27 Jan)1926-(09 May)2013
(US Navy - WW II)
(s/o Jacob Teller and Ida Heller; h/o Rose Wallen)

(Tenreiro, Emilia, 08 Dec 1939-23 Sep 2016)
(d/o Antonio Augusto Amaral & Francelina Nacimento; w/o Saul V. Tenreiro)

(Terlizzo, Kathleen Mary, 27 Oct 1946-no date)
(d/o FNU Greenwood & Evelyn V. LNU; w/o Matthew Carmine Terlizzo)

(Terlizzo, Matthew C. (Carmine), 19 Oct 1942-04 Dec 2018)
(w/o Kathleen Mary Greenwood)

Terranova, Adrienne, 1945-(no date)
(w/o Gerard C. Terranova)

(Terranova, Francesco, (27 Sep)1961-(05 Sep)2017)
(s/o Giorgio Terranova & Gulia Cofone; h/o Ederlita LNU)

Terranova, Gerard C. (Clemens), (09 Nov)1940-(06 Aug)2011
(s/o Alfred Joseph Terranova & MarieCandida Gigliello; h/o Adrienne Accarino)

Tesoriero, Philip, 25 Jun 1959-19 Jul 1993
(h/o Sherry Meilik)

Tesoriero, Sherry, 05 Mar 1965-29 Sep 1992
(d/o Ruven Meilik & Rhoda Lifschitz; w/o Philip Tesoriero)

Teston, Thomas J. (Jefferson), (20 Jan 1878)1876-(Apr)1963
(s/o Manning Teston & Emily Dixon; h/o Winnie Morgan)

Teston, Jr., Thomas J. (Tom), 07 Mar 1919-16 Sep 1927
(s/o Thomas Jefferson Teston & Winnie Morgan)

Teston, Winnie, 1889-(23 Oct)1944
(d/o James Azail Morgan & Jane Keane (Keen?); w/o Thomas Jefferson Teston, Sr.)

Teters, Benjamin Robert (Bobby), 23 Apr 1929-07 Nov 1998
TSgt, U.S. Air Force, Korea
(s/o Miller Robert Teters & Nellie Gatlin; h/o Ceil Longo & Pamela LNU)

(Teters, James Austin "Jimmy," 10 Jul 1931-05 Jul 2009)
(s/o Miller Robert Teters & Nellie Gatlin; h/o Elaine Claire Bedard)

(Teters, Margaret A. (Nancy), c 1876-01 Nov 1945)
(w/o Robert C. Teters)
( obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate)

(Teters, Miller R. (Robert), 30 Jan 1908-18 Jul 1978)
(Flagler County Deputy Sherff)
(s/o Robert C. Teters & Margaret A. (Nancy) LNU; h/o Nellie Bernice Gatlin, Martha Lucille Moody & Clarice Minchew)
( obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate grave marker)

Thibeault, Gloria "Ann." (10 Mar)1928-(23 Jul)2007
(d/o Carl Porter & Willie Mae Beck; w/o William F. Thibeault)

Thibeault, William F., (02 Sep)1925-(01 Oct)2001
(s/o Harry Joseph Thibeault & Grace Sheffield; h/o Gloria Ann Porter)

Thoman, Darryl J. (Judith), (12 Oct)1927-(28 Apr)2002
(d/o Kingsley L. Knapp & Violette Otilia Derleth; w/o Robert Charles Thomas)

Thoman, Robert C. (Charles), (30 Nov)1921-(29 Aug)1997
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Emil Charles Thoman & Mary Graffley; h/o Darryl Judith Knapp)

(Thomas, Edna, 08 Nov 1927-02 Sep 2014)

Thomasson, Rose Marie, (05 Mar)1917-(27 May)2001
(d/o Sherman Bledsoe & Lona Mahon; w/o William Bolton Thomasson)

Thomasson, Wm. Bolton, (31 May)1917-(01Sep)1987
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o John F. Thomasson & Grace Bolton; h/o Rose Marie Bledsoe)

Thompson, Herman “Rocky”, (17 Feb)1951-(03 Dec)2000
(s/o Herman A. Thompson & Bette B. LNU)

Thompson, Tindal (Victor), (13 Dec)1920-(02 May)1996
(s/o Johnthan F.Thompson & Tete Evangeline Taylor)

Thomson, Elsa E., 1932-1985

(Thornabene, Elizabeth "Betty" Y., Dec 1931-19 Jan 2010)
(d/o William Shocker & Alice LNU; w/o Frank Tornabene)

(Thornhill, William T. (Thomas), 14 Oct 1926-21 Dec 2014)
(s/o William Joseph Thornhill & Martha Fay Duncan; h/o Janet Marie Eustace)

Thum, Edwin, 21 Jan 1910-06 Oct 1995
(s/o Edwin Thum & Bertha Grunert; h/o Irma Halasz)

Thum, Irma, 02 Oct 1914-31 Dec 1997
(d/o Julius Halasz & Julia Antal; w/o Edwin Thum)

Tibbs, Suzanne V. (Vivian), (21 Jul)1954-(27 Apr)1990
(d/o Robert O. Starkson & Helen Latrelle Brady

Tidwell, Johnnie (John Frank), 19 Jun 1919-25 Dec 2005
Sgt, U.S. Army, 42nd Inf Reg, WW II
(s/o William J. Tidwell & Elizabeth Noblett; h/o Zora Lee Thomas, Frankie Lee Green & Ann LNU)

Tidwell, Zora Lee, (10 Nov)1925-(17 Mar)1996
(d/o George Dewey Thomas & Lovie Eason; w/o Johnnie F. Tidwell)

(Tierney, Michael J., 29 Nov 1937-30 Oct 2013)
(h/o Elzbieta LNU)

Tillard, Ann (Anna Immaculato Della Rosa), 24 Mar 1927-31 Jul 2012
(d/o FNU Dellla Rosa; w/o William J. Tillard)

Tillard, William (John), 07 Jul 1927-28 Mar 1998
(U.S. Navy WW II)
(s/o William J. Tillard & Myrtle Belle Williams; h/o Anna Immaculato Della Rosa)

Tillman, Mary G. (Grace), (12 Mar)1920-(29 Jan)2002
(d/o Thomas C. Behan & Mary R.Connolly; w/o Robert James Tillman)

Tillman, Robert J. (James), (06 Aug)1926-(04 Jan)1991
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o Irving D. Tillman & Roxanna V. Hann; h/o Mary Grace Behan)

Timus, Charles N., 28 Sep 1938-03 May 2011
(s/o William Timus & Sophorina Johnson; h/o Carolyn Drekeford)

Tinker, Albert A. (Augustus), (09 May)1861-(12 Dec)1943
(Flagler Beach City Commissioner)
(s/o Stephen Albert Tinker & Julia Isabel Wheeler; h/o Reba Ellen Burtch & Sarah "Pearl" Long)

Tinker, Sarah “Pearl,” 1871-(22 Apr)1957
(d/o James H. Long & Caroline V. Davis; w/o Horatio Woodford Burtch & Albert Augustus Tinker)

Tinkoff, Bernard (J), (10 Dec)1933-(20 Jan)2012
(US Army - Korea)
(s/o Richard Tinkoff & Anne Condiotti; h/o Norma L. LNU)

Tkacek, Joseph W. (Walter), (18 Mar)1914-(25 Jun)2000
(s/o John Tkacek & Sarah LNU; h/o E. Lis)

Tofani, B. (Blaise) Joseph, (28 May)1912-(14 Aug)2002
(s/o James Tofani & Angelina LNU; h/o Erleine Mae LNU & Florence Margaret Carlon)

Tofani, Erleine M. (Mae), (13 Feb)1916-(06 Oct)1986
(w/o Blasie Joseph Tofani)

Tolan, Christine Jaedicke, (21 Apr 1885)-16 Feb 1952
(d/o Frederick H. Jaedicke & Nellie LNU; w/o Robert Stuart Tolan)

Tolan, Robert Stuart, (28 Jun 1870)-12 Jan 1944
(s/o George Tolan & Eliza LNU; h/o Christine Jaedicke)

(Tollin, Marc Ryan, 14 Nov 1969-24 Feb 2019)
(s/o Stephen K. Tollin & Merilee Deby Wasserman)

Tollin, Merilee H., 10 Jan 1943-16 Nov 1998
(d/o FNU Wasserman & Marion Hershberg; w/o Stephen K. Tollin)

Tollin, Stephen K., 25 Jan 1939-(no date)
(h/o Merilee Deby Wasserman)

Tomeba, Ha_e_ _a, 01 Apr 1928-11 Aug 2008
(in Russian)

(Tomsey, Ardyth (Anne), (10 Oct)1934-(22 Feb)2015
(d/o Lewis Robert Smith & Azilee Esco; w/o Albert M. Tomsey)

Toner, Helen M., 1917-(no date)

Toner, Unknown (Edward?)
(h/o Helen M. Toner)

Tornabene, Elizabeth "Betty" (Y.), (08 Dec)1931-(19 Jan)2010
(d/o William Shocker & Alice Lepage; w/o Frank Tornabene)

(Torre, Nicolette, 24 Jun 1934-06 Aug 2018)
(d/o Salvatore Portale & Maria Giovanna Loicamo; w/o Paolo Torre)

(Torre, Paolo, 05 Jan 1931-02 Nov 2017)
(s/o Vincenzo Torre & Angela Marchese; h/o Nicolette Portale)

Torres, Christina, 15 Jun 1936-21 Dec 2005
(d/o Marcos Torres & Juana Rivera)

Torres, Leon, 19 Apr 1927-01 Jun 2007
Sgt US Army Korea
Estraras En Mi Corazon
(s/o Jose Torres & Maria R. Fernandes; h/o Elizabeth LNU)

Torres, Rosenda, 01 Mar 1899-26 Apr 1996
(d/o Rosendo Rios & Ana Robles; w/o Victor Torres)

Torres, Victor, 15 Jun 1907-11 Apr 2001
(h/o Rosenda Rios)

Toth, John J. (James), (28 Jan)1925-(08 Jan)2011
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o John Toth & Mary Szabo; h/o Zdenka Trninich)

(Touhey, Basil Mathew, (14 Dec)1961-2013)
(s/o Michael Stephen Touhey & Sheila Jones)

(Toussaint, Max J., 19 Mar 1938-13 Oct 2019)

(Towne, Clara, c 1842-15 Jan 1932)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

Toynbee, Martha (Catherine) T., 29 Nov 1873-05 Oct 1950
(Nee: Totten; w/o John Caudell Toynbee)

(Tracy, Tyler Matthew, 26 May 1994-18 July 2015)
(s/o Gerald Tracy & Desiree LaForte Arkin; h/o Brianna Vitale)

Trad, Louis N., 28 Mar 1888-04 Jun 1963
Mech, Co B, 23 Bn, Montana, U.S. Guards, WW I
(s/o Joseph Trad & Mary LNU; h/o Nazhla Jabaly)

Trad, Michael L. (Louis), 26 Jul 1925-16 Jan 1945
In Memory of, U.S. Navy
(s/o Louis Joseph Trad & Nazhla Jabaly)
( He was killed in an airplane crash near Key West, FL)

Trad, Nazhla Jabaly 11 Jan 1898 29 May 1992
(d/o Deeb Antone Jabaly & Malaky Atta; w/o Louis Joseph Trad)

(Trainor, Mary Ellen, 29 Aug 1909-16 Oct 1992)
(d/o Luther Orlando Upson & Ida A. Fuquay; w/o Maurice Green, Vernon Barrett Emerson & Foster James Trainor)

Trautman, Joseph E., (26 Jun)1914-(Sep)1979
(s/o Charles William Trautman & Margaret L. Mullen; h/o Dorothy LNU & Marion Ruth Mycoff)

Trautman, Marion M. (Ruth), (05 Jan)1921-(22 Oct)2005
(d/o William J. Mycoff & Amanda M.Clark; w/o Thomas Connelly & Joseph E. Trautman)

Travis, Leon (Benjamin, Jr.), (1 Jun)1924-(09 Nov)1999
(U.S. Merchant Marine, WW II)
(s/o Leon Benjamin Travis & Addie Pettiway; h/o Vernice Elizabeth Southall)

Travis, Vernice (Elizabeth), (24 Feb)1929-(02 Aug 2007)
(d/o Richard Southall & Sabrina Whidbee; w/o Samuel D. Bailey & Leon Benjamin Travis, Jr.)

Treadwell, Aileen Fuller, (13 Mar)1903-(28 Aug)1980
(d/o John William Taylor & Mary Elizabeth Hunt; w/o Harry Bertram Treadwell & Herbert Fuller)

Treadwell, Harry B. (Bertram), (09 Feb)1895-(06 Dec)1968
(s/o John Jefferson Treadwell & Lillie Ardelia George; h/o Aileen Fuller)

Tripodi, Benjamin A. (Anthony "Ben"), 02 Sep 1930-27 Nov 2008
(U.S. Army, Korea)
(s/o Charles Tripodi & Rose Colucci; h/o Marion Di Franco)

Tripodi, Marion (Rose), 06 Oct 1930-(20 May 2018)
(d/o Giuseppe Di Franco & Rosina Marino; w/o Benjamin Anthony Tripodi)

Trouton, John E. (Edward), 13 Mar 1927-21 Jul 2002
(s/o Edward P. Trouton & Florence A. Horbert; h/o Rita Platt)

Trouton, Rita, 19 Dec 1928-11 Dec 2010
(d/o Frederick Platt & Mary Tulkovic; w/o John Edward Trouton)

(Trufant, Regina H., (25 Oct)1923-(27 Dec)2014)
(d/o Benjamin Hilger & Ida Koczolowski; w/o Richard Frank Trufant)

(Trufant, Richard Frank, (05 Jan)1922-(21 Feb)2016)
(s/o Frank Albert Trufant & Marion Ethel Chase; h/o Regina Hilger)

(Tullis, Merril F. (Felisa), 09 Apr 1928-25 Feb 2015)
(h/o Myrtle Emeline Elliott)

(Tullis, Myrtle Brown, (30 Sep)1930-(24 Dec)2006)
(d/o Samuel Elliott & Bernice McIntosh; w/o Gerard Brown & Merril Felisa Tullis)

(Tully, Joseph Edward, 15 Nov 1933-27 Dec 2022)
(s/o Joseph Tully & Mildred LNU; h/o Dianna LNU)

(Tuohy, Clare T., 27 Apr 1927-no date)
(d/o Patrick Cunningham & Annie Duffy; w/o Joseph Michael Tuohy)

(Tuohy, Joseph M. (Michael), 11 Oct 1922-11 Jan 2003)
(s/o Michael P. Tuohy & Mary A. Oday; h/o Clare T. Cunningham)

Turchette, Ernest B. (Benedict), (09 Apr)1917-(27 Feb)2007
(s/o Joseph T. Turchette & Nancy Rossetti; h/o Mary J. Battoglia)

Turchette, Mary J., (11 Sep)1910-(May)2012
(d/o Peter Battoglia & Ernesta Rossi; w/o Ernest Benedict Turchette)

(Turley, David L. (Laurence), (19 Jul)1932-(23 Nov)2013)
(s/o Thomas John Turley & Winifred Mary Davidson; h/o Marilyn Clare Alexander)

Turley, Marilyn (Clare), (08 Jul)1929-(05 Dec)2009
(d/o Samuel Alexander & Grace May Schaffner; w/o David Laurence Turley)

Turnbull, Ethel M. (May), (10 Feb)1910-(21 Oct)2005
(d/o John Edward Johnson & Thina Johannsen; w/o Richard P. Turnbull, Sr.)

Turnbull, Richard P. Sr., (22 Jul)1910-(16 May)2003
(s/o James Alpheus Turnbull & Jessie Giles; h/o Ethel May Johnson)

(Turner, Charles Henry, 26 May 1936-19 May 2006)
(U.S. Army Reserve)
( s/o Charles Rodgers Turner & Norma Keith Durrance)
( First Trumpet, Frank Sinatra Orchestra)

Turner, Charles Rodgers, (06 Oct)1912-(17 Jan)2002
(s/o Charlie Harris Turner & Lulu Bell Rodgers; h/o Norma Keith Durrance)

Turner, Eloise (E), (15 Mar)1908-(09 Oct)1992
(d/o Robert McDonal Johnson & Nettie Isabel Mazingo; w/o William E. Turner)

(Turner, Norma Keith, (17 Dec)1916-22 Nov 2012)
(d/o Thomas Omega Durrance & Irene M Jepson; w/o Charles Rodgers Turner)

Turnquist, Carolyn A. (Ann), 06 May 1932-30 Mar 1998
(d/o Paul Oscar Toren & Viola R. Anderson; w/o Clarence Nels Turnquist)

Turnquist, Clarence N. (Nels), 10 Oct 1928-11 Feb 2011
(s/o Nels Turnquist & Ellen Sandberg; h/o Carolyn Ann Toren & Paula)

Turnquist, Paula Baker, 17 Sep 1939-(no date)

(Twelbeck, Doris K., 16 Aug 1927-01 Feb 2021)
(Nee: Schlegel; w/o Walter Frederick Twelbeck)

Twelbeck, Walter (Frederick), (06 May)1924-(03 Jan)2009
(s/o Frederick Twelbeck & Anna Klein; h/o Doris K. Schlegel)

Tyler, Calvin T. (Theodore), 10 Oct 1925-25 Mar 1999
MUS3, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o William Theodore Tyler & Emma J. West; h/o Constance Arabella Lyte)

Tyler, Connie (Constance Arabella), 16 Aug 1927-18 Sep 2001
(d/o Titus E. Lyte & Marcella Hudson; w/o Calvin Theodore Tyler)

Udvari, George, 20 Jun 1947-(no date)
(h/o Linda Banks)

Udvari, Linda (B), 07 Apr 1950-04 Jan 2010
(d/o Joseph A. Banks & Sara E. Snyder; w/o George R. Udvari)

Underwood, Randall Franklin, 16 Jul 1945-10 Feb 1989
U.S. Military, Vietnam
(s/o Reuben Underwood & Ruth Vivian Chaffin)

(Ung, Bruce Kung Ke, 03 Apr 1961-27 Mar 2016)

(Ung, Hang Seng, 02 Aug 1939-28 Dec 2006)

Upson, Dorothy Whatley, 10 Jun 1924-12 Nov 2004
(d/o John Will Whatley & Erin August Hagerman; w/o Reginald Clyde Upson)

Upson, Ida A. (Arcadia) Fuquay, (02 Apr)1879-(24 Aug)1961
(d/o John M. Fuquay & Mary E. Weeks; w/o Edwin Martin Hart & Luther Orlando Upson)

Upson, John J. (Jesse), (25 Jun)1912-(11 Apr)1967
(s/o Luther Orlando Upson & Ida A. Fuquay; h/o Helen Caterine Potts)

Upson, John J. (Jesse)(Jr), 26 Oct 1941-04 Apr 1942
(s/o John J. Upson & Helen Catherine Potts)

Upson, Luther O. (Orlando), (27 Aug)1872-(29 May)1941
(s/o Jesse Tuxberry Upson & Ellen Rosetta Patten; h/o Ida Arcadia Fuquay)
(Flagler Beach Mayor, Commissioner and Commission Chairman)

Upson, Martin Evan, (04 Sep)1958-(26 Feb)1979
(s/o Reginald Clyde Upson & Dorothy Nell Whatley)

Upson, Reginald Clyde, 01 May 1915-13 Nov 2005
(s/o Luther Orlando Upson & Ida Arcadia Fuquay; h/o Dorothy Whatley)

(Urbon, Charles James, 30 Jun 1940-06 May 2018
AG2 U.S. Navy
(s/o Charles Urbon & Marian Lewis; h/o Christine Rogers)

Urrea, Clara Eufemia, 03 Sep 1932-30 Apr 2006
Married 11 Mar 1968
(d/o Mauuel Arias & Rafaela Urrea; w/o Rafael Francisco Urrea)

Urrea, Rafael Francisco, 03 Dec 1928-(no date)
(h/o Clara Eufemia Arias)

Usik, Olga, 27 Oct 1937-11 Jul 2000
(d/o Grigority Chernenko & Lukeria Nicheta)

Usmany, Albert J., 17 Oct 1976-16 Jul 1999

Usquiano, Domitila L. (Leon), 15 Apr 1903-31 Jan 1998
(d/o Angel Leon & Zolia LNU)

Vaccaro, Russell John, 10 Jun 1961-08 May 1982
(s/o Norbert Gerald Baccaro & Loretta Nora Cunniff)

Vacianna, Madeline L. (Lillian), 12 Jan 1921-(22 Jan 2016)
(d/o George Phillip Thorbourne & Clara Maud Atkinson; w/o Maurice Alfred Vacianna)

Valdez, Frank (Francisco), (11 Oct)1900-(22 Sep)1987
(s/o Jose Valdez & Elena Knox; h/o Jean Agnes Abraham)

Valdez, Jean (Agnes), (21 Jan)1920-(01 Jun)2005
(d/o Nassif Abraham & Lillian Atkinson; w/o Frank Francisco Caldez)

(Valentin, Aida Barreto de, 04 Oct 1933-02 Feb 2019)
(d/o Buenaventura Barreto & Eleuteria Matias Morrell; w/o Alejandro Valentin)

(Valentin, Alejandro, 11 Jan 1933-19 Apr 2014)
(s/o Alfonso Valentin & Cecilia Rodriguez; h/o Aida Barreto)

(Valentin, Marilyn, 29 Jun 1965-30 Mar 2015)
(d/o Alejandro Valentin & Aida Barreto)

Van Alst, Richard F. (Fielding), (11 Aug)1913-(24 Dec)1981
(s/o Wilson Van Alst & Mildred Fielding)

(Vance, Jr., Charles Thomas, 02 Oct 1970-29 Jul 2009)
(s/o Charles Thomas Vance & Beverly LNU)

Van Cott , Marietta, (26 Jul)1921-(06 Jan)2013
(Nee: Hughes; w/o Whitfield Van Cott)

(Van Cott , Whitfield, 14 Jun 1921-no date)
(h/o Mariettta Hughes)

Van Dusen, Dr. James (Disalvo), 21 Feb 1952-11 Nov 1998
(s/o James Van Dusen; h/o Patricia R. Sales)

Van Dusen, Patricia R., 09 Jun 1951-(no date)
(d/o John M. Sales; w/o James Van Dusen)

Van Horn, Herbert O. (Ord), 21 Sep 1921-22 Jan 2009
Tec 5 US Army World War II
(s/o Samuel Clyde Van Horn & Anna LNU; h/o Norma Madeline DeYarmon)

Van Horn, Norma M. (Madeline), 11 Nov 1919-31 Jul 2008
(d/o Charles DeYarmon & Bessie Eldoa; w/o Herbert Ord Van Horn)

Vargus, Lucy, 13 Dec 1912-13 Mar 2002

(Varol, Arsak, 12 Dec 1952-18 Nov 2017)
(s/o Puzant Varol & Maryam Gazaryan)

(Varol, Maryam, 01 Aug 1931-05 Apr 2017)
(d/o Avdeis Gazaryan & Guldudo Papazyan; w/o Puzan Varol)

(Vascellaro, Joseph, 22 Nov 1928-17 Dec 1988)
(U.S. Navy)
(s/o Sam Vascellaro & Constance Sacrangello)

Vasilevskaya, Basya, (09 Jun)1923-(25 Oct)2012

Vecchioni, Betty J. (Jane), 23 Jun 1932-27 Aug 2012
(d/o Clem Trunnell & Edna Clonses; w/o Michael Lewis Mancini, Daniel Victor Montuori & Nino Arthur Vecchioni)

Vecchioni, Constantine (Bernardino), 24 Mar 1902-26 Oct 1989
(s/o Vincenzo Vecchioni & Amelia LNU; h/o Felicitas Botschen)

Vecchioni, Felicitas, 29 Dec 1907-31 Mar 1999
(d/o Johann Arthur Botschen & Freida Elisabeth Feddern; w/o Constantine BernardinoVecchioni)

Vecchioni, Nino A. (Arthur), 12 Mar 1930-17 Jan 1993
(s/o Constantino Bernardino Vecchioni & Felicitas Botschen; h/o Ida Mae Sadler & Betty Jane Trunnell)

(Vega, Isabel, 11 Mar 1932-no date)
(w/o Jamie Antonio Vega)

(Vega, Jamie Antonio, 15 Apr-1927-10 Apr 2015)
(s/o Francisco Vega & Eulogia Lopez; h/o Isabel LNU)

Vegerano, Sandy (Sandra Lee), 16 Jun 1967-09 Nov 2011
(d/o Victor Esposito & Zaida LNU; w/o John A. Vegerano)

Velichkovich, Norma, 17 Jul 1924-05 May 1989
(d/o Thomas Velichkovich & Violet E. Brown; w/o FNU Keene)

(Veloso, Virgilio P., 08 Mar 1938-21 Jan 2019)

Venetianer, Charlotte E., 08 Jul 1926-(no date)
(d/o Harry Morris & Rose Gopon; w/o Sidney Venetianer)

Venetianer, Sidney, 13 Jun 1916-25 Jan 1993
(s/o Adolph Venetianer & Rose Deutsch; h/o Charlotte E. Morris)

(Venturella, Mary Eileen, 21 Oct 1949-01 Dec 2020)
(d/o Thomas Martin & Imelda LNU; w/o Ronald Venturella)

(Verdone, Guido Salvatore, 19 Feb 1991-21 Jan 2015)
(s/o Carmelo Verdone & Filomena LNU)

Vickers, Lillian, 13 Mar 1910-30 Mar 1994
(d/o David Entlich & Rebecca Pinkeus)

(Vidal-Izuierdo, Angelina, 04 Jun 1921-09 Dec 2008)
(d/o FNU Vidal & Eduvigis Izuierdo; w/o FNU Cabrera)

Vieira, Enid (Hortense) Forte, 20 Feb 1920-28 Apr 1989
(d/o Garnett Forte & Agnes Sargeant; w/o Robert L. Brown & Ben Vieira)

Vigille, Maria Ula, 22 Oct 1924-18 Mar 2006
(d/o Boysie John & Virginia Nicholas)

Villafane, Maria Isabel, 01 May 1912-21 Aug 2000
(d/o Juan Esteban Navarro y Benvenuti & Blasina Gallardo y Santiago; w/o Juan Manzanet Oquendo & FNU Villafane)

Villamin, Flora Meneses, 29 Jul 1925-(no date)
married 06 Dec 1942
(w/o Gerardo Ortanez Villamin)

Villamin, Gerardo Ortanez, 15 Nov 1921-21 Oct 1992
(s/o Jaun B. Villamin & Agapita B. Ortanez; h/o Flora Meneses)

Villanueva, Leonor, 16 Apr 1914-13 Jul 2011
(d/o Rafel Enrique Suarez y Chcon & Eduarda Fantauzzi Torres de Suarez; w/o Bernabe Villanueva Marcial)

Villanueva (Jr.), Timothy, 04 Jun 1981-27 May 2005
(s/o Timothy Villanueva & Dale LNU)

Villegas (Jr), Luis, 12 Feb 1944-29 Sep 2008
(s/o Luis Villegas & Angelina Rivera; h/o Sara Carmona)

Villegas, Sara, 11 Apr 1943-04 Nov 2004
(d/o FNU Carmona; w/o Luis Villegas, Jr)

Vino, Margaret C., 19 Apr 1926-19 Sep 2009
(Nee: De Luca; w/o Nicholas Vino)

Vino, Nicholas (Ralph), 16 Mar 1920-12 Jun 1998
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o John Vino & Anna Deleo; h/o Margaret C. De Luca)

Von Der Haar, Mary Jane, (25 May)1949-(18 May)2013
(nee: Sweet; w/o John Von Der Haar)

Von Oehsen, George (David), (01 Oct)1937-(20 Dec) 2009
(U.S. Army, Vietnam)
(s/o George Von Oehsen & Mary Chockla; h/o Susan J. Tomcazk)

Von Oehsen, Susan (J.), 1943-(no date)
(d/o Frank Tomcazk; w/o George Von Oehsen)

Voss, Dorothy A., 04 Aug 1923-(no date)
married 12 Feb 1942
(w/o Otto P. Voss)

Voss, Otto P. (Philip), 03 Oct 1920-20 Mar 1995
(s/o Otto Voss & Catherine Schmiginsky; h/o Dorothy A. LNU)

Voynov, Etya, 27 Oct 1946-(no date)
(w/o Yuriy Voynov)

Voynov, Yuriy, 08 Aug 1946-27 Feb 2009
(h/o Etya LNU)

(Vutsinas, Nicholas, 25 Oct 1930-19 Jul 2023)
(s/o Stavros Vutsinas & Zafiro LNU; h/o Faye LNU)

Wagner, Richard C. (Carl), 15 Aug 1933-05 Mar 1999
SP2, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Karl Wagner & Clara Kurbs)

Walker, Alfred W. (Walter), (01 Apr)1863-(17 Feb)1953
(s/o George Sabina Walker & Doughty LNU; h/o Lilly Jane Tidball)

(Walker, Daisey Thelma, 10 Nov 1904-11 Oct 1986)
(d/o James Emmett Deen & Daisy Padgett; w/o James S. Bray, Hoke S. Proctor & Clayton S. Walker)
(unmarked, near her father)

Walker, Jr., Edward D. (Donald), 03 Dec 1939-11 Oct 1989
Pvt, U.S. Army
(s/o Edward Donald Walker & Mary E. Mulhearn)

Walker, Ether C., 23 Mar 1925-(no date)
(w/o Paige W. Walker)

Walker, George Gordon, (25 Jan)1926-(23 Sep)2010
(US Navy)
(s/o George Daniel Walker & Helen Maloney; h/o Ruth Marie Sauter)

(Walker, Lilly Jane, 02 Feb 1880-Feb 1959)
(nee: Tudball; w/o FNU Brown & Alfred Walter Walker)
( obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

(Walker, Louise (M.), (01 Aug)1941-2017)

Walker, Paige W., 12 Jul 1918-08 Jan 1993
(h/o Ether C. LNU)

Walker, Ruth Marie, (22 Jun)1927-(21 Mar 2018))
(d/o Victor Sauter & Gladys Isabell LNU; w/o George Gordon Walker)

Wallace, Miriam (Elizabeth), 29 Nov 1927-22 Jan 2010
(Nee; Baker; w/o Norman Sawyer Wallace)

Walsh, John F. (Jack "Sterling"), 15 Dec 1937-14 Sep 2004
(s/o John Walsh & Kathryn Purcell)

Walsh, Patrick, 17 Mar 1979-25 Sep 1998
(s/o Alfred Walsh, Jr. & Maureen LNU)

(Walthall, Christine Campbell, 02 Mar 1948-15 Feb 2014)
(w/o Julian Wilber Walthall)

Walton, Hugh, 19 Sep 1921-(no date)

Walton, Marie (Artie), 01 Jun 1923-27 Jan 1996
married 3 Oct 1939
(d/o James M. Rauls & Mayetta Yancy; w/o Hugh Walton)

(Wang, Betty Sun, 02 Jul 1925-11 Dec 2018)
(w/o Dr. Yung Fa Wang)

Waranch, Bernice S. (Shirley), (21 Oct)1922-(22 Aug)2006
(d/o Herman Stein & Anna Klotzkin; w/o Bernard Harold Waranch)

Waranch, Bernard (Bernie) H. (Harold), 26 Nov 1927-21 May 1995
Cpl, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Harry Hersch Waranch & Helen Ginda Karlin; h/o Shirley Bernice Stein)

Ward, Jenny R., 1976-(30 Sep)1978
(d/o M/M Jackie Lee Ward)

Wasserman, Beulah, 03 Jul 1917-07 Oct 2006
(d/o Meyer Bush & Fannie Fish; w/o Joseph Wasserman)

Wasserman, Joseph, 09 Feb 1918-10 Jun 2008
(s/o Paul Wasserman & Fannie Weiner; h/o Beulah Bush)

(Waszczak, Edward, (23 Feb)1930-(19 May)2009)
(s/o Gabriel Waszczak & Anastasia LNU; w/o Corrine Caputo)

(Waszczak, Wayne Walter, 04 Sep 1964-21 Apr 2013)
(s/o Edwars Waszczak & Corrine Caputa; h/o Christine M. Grossi)

Waterman, Andrew S. (Stephen), 27 Oct 1950-26 Feb 2000
SFC, U.S. Army, Vietnam
(s/o Leslie PhillipWaterman & Audrey May Hunt; h/o Lynn Marie Mounts)

Waterman, Audrey M. (May), 08 Dec 1929-03 Dec 2007
(d/o Stephen Rondel Hunt & Sarah Irene McCarty)w/o Leslie Phillip Waterman)

Waterman, Leslie P.(Phillip), 07 Jan 1921-20 Feb 2001
Pvt, U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o Alfred John Waterman & Laura Louisa Ecker; h/o Audrey May Hunt)

(Waters, Louis Theodore (Ted), 26 Dec 1941-19 Feb 2007)
(s/o Louis Samuel Dewey Waters & June Elizabeth Young; h/o Janice LNU)

(Watkins, Margaret (J.), (16 May)1933-(01 Dec)2013)
(d/o Charles Tatum & Minnie Lee Pettigree; w/o James Richard Watkins

Watson, Dollie Sue, (09 Mar)1958-(29 Dec)2006
(d/o William Ashworth & Dollie Jones; w/o Steve Watson)

Watson, Dorothy K., 05 Jul 1928-(no date)
(w/o William J. Watson)

Watson, Laura E. (Laura), 25 Jan 1909-14 Nov 1992
(d/o Fredrick C. Becker & Mary I. Hand; w/o William Joseph Watson)

Watson, William C. (Charles), (26 Apr)1920-(27 Dec)1983
Capt, U.S. Army, WW II

Watson, William J. (Joseph)(Jr.), 07 Mar 1927-19 Dec 1998
(s/o William Joseph Watson & Laura Edna Baker; h/o Dorothy K. LNU)

Watters (III), Edward Charles, (13 Sep)1914-(27Feb)2004
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o Edward Charles Watters & Edith R.Peterson; h/o Katherine Jane Fasenmyer)

Watters, Katherine Jane, (24 Feb)1914-(29 Oct)1990
(d/o Eugene George Fasenmyer & Mary Alice Green; w/o Edward Charles Watters III)

(Weatherbee, Joan, 12 Oct 1933-06 Aug 2017)
(d/o Anthony Daniel McCluskey (Podlewski) & Margaret Mary Fales;; w/o William T. "Bill" Weatherbee)

(Weatherbee, Will (William) T. (Jr.), 08 May 1930-no date)
(h/o Joan McCluskey)

(Weaver, James D., 21 Apr 1950-28 Apr 1950)
(s/o Robert L. Weaver)
(said to be buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

Webb, Dudley A., 28 Nov 1931-15 Aug 2008

Webb, Pearl D. (Delbert), (17 Dec)1936-(03 Jul)1998
(s/o Delbert Webb & Julia Lightfoot; h/o Marsha)

Webb, Ruby S., (24 Dec)1924-(04 Sep)1997
(d/o Enoch Rice Fillinger & Lora Lee Hager; w/o Harrell W. Webb)

Weeks, Alice Onnolee, 18 Sep 1904-01 Jan 1926
(d/o Roy Hugh Brown & Lillian Mabel Cowley; w/o Ollie Chester Weeks)

Weeks, Annie E., (28 Nov)1870-(02 Feb)1959
(d/o William Alfred Walker & Nancy Ann O'Steen; w/o William Baxter (Willie) Weeks)

(Weeks, Leotah Margaret, 19 Dec 1929-06 Aug 2015)
(d/o Robert Thomas Hamilton & Cora Leotah Benson; w/o William Wallace Weeks)

Weeks, Ollie Chester (20 Apr 1897)-23 Nov 1931
Apprentice Seaman, U.S. Naval Reserve Forces
(s/o William Baxter Weeks & Annie E Walker ; h/o Alice Onnolee Brown)

Weeks, Robert C. (Chandler), (09 Mar)1927-(08 Jan)1998
(s/o John Herbert Weeks, Jr. & Jean MacKinlay)

(Weeks,William Wallace, 13 Jun 1923-30 Dec 2013)
(s/o Ollie Chester Weeks & Alice Onolee Brown; h/o Leotha Margaret Hamilton)

Weeks,William Alfred Raymond, (25 Sep)1922-(09 Apr)1978
(s/o William Alfred Raymond Weeks & Geneva Flora Burnsed)

Weeks, Willie B. (William Baxter), (20 Dec)1866-(20 Dec)1955
(s/o John Polk Weeks & Amelia Ann Silcox; h/o Annie E. Walker)

(Weinbel, Mary, (24 Feb)1925-(27 May)2015)
(d/o Ignazio Paci & Frances Bullaro; w/o John Michel Weinbel)

Weinbel, Michael (John), (05 Aug)1921-(28 Feb)2007
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o Michael Weinbel & Mary Fick; h/o Mary Paci)

(Weinert, Doris V. (Virginia), 07 Oct 1921-10 Jan 2014)
(d/o John Grisdale MacArthur & Anna Herman; w/o Roland Edward Weinert, Jr.)

Weinert, Jr., Roland E. (Edward), 29 Jun 1921-25 Feb 1992
SSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Robert Edward Weinert & Madeline Allen; h/o Doris Virginia MacArthur)

(Weise, Kimberly Joy, 15 Sep 1962-12 Jun 2016)
(d/o Dennis Hironimus & Roma Wolford; w/o George A.Weise)

(Weiskopf, Norman Kenneth, 29 Jan 1940-25 Jun 2017)
A2C U.S. Air Force Vietnam
(s/o Simon G. Weiskopf & Estelle G. Cohen)

(Wellence, Vicky Lynn, 24 Feb 1953-30 Mar 2000)

Wells, Gerard J. (Joseph), (18 Sep)1918-(06 Dec)2002
(Royal Air Force, WW II)
(h/o Marie)

Wells, Harold S. (Sidney), (24 Aug)1915-(20 Feb)1990

Wells, Ivan C. (Charles), (01 Jan)1919-(26 Jan) 2006
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Charles Bailey Wells & Beulah A. Flaughr; h/o Roberta Mae Martin)

Wells, Roberta M., (04 Feb)1926-(15 Jul)2002
(d/o Robert E. Martin & Michie A. Albright; w/o Ivan Charles Wells)

(Wells, Stella Fedora, 02 Jul 1931-25 Jul 2009)
(d/o Jack Jefferson Kersey & Louise Bainbridge; w/o Benjamin Franklin Cauley & Leslie Clyde Wells)

Wencel, Sophia (Agnes), (26 Apr)1926-(13 Jul)2001
(d/o Stanley Walczynski & Mary Mroz; w/o William Joseph Wencel)

Wencel, William (Joseph), (10 Apr)1922-(13 Aug)1988
(s/o John Wencel & Bernice Karpel; h/o Sophia Agnes Walczynski)

Werner-Kennedy, Joan C., 01 Nov 1935-20 Dec 2010
d/o FNU Werner & Claire L. LNU)

(West, Earl C. (Carnes)(Jr.), 19 May 1925-04 Oct 2001)
ST3 U.S. Navy WW II
(s/o Earl Carnelius West & Mary E.Brown; h/o Lydia Freeman)

West, M. Loys, 1903-1977
(w/o Robert Otto West)

West, Robert O. (Otto), (23 Jun)1911-(07 Aug)1982
(U.S. Navy WW II)
(s/o Walter West & Florence Howell; h/o M.Loys LNU)

(Westerberg, Mary Cornelia, 11 Mar 1942-01 Jan 2021)
(d/o Raymond Horton & Lois LNU; w/o Don Errol Westerberg)

(Westphal, Marion, 19 Mar 1925-14 Sep 2013)

Wetmore, Allison K. (Kirkwood), 23 Feb 1926-(02 Jun 2013)
U.S. Navy
(s/o Clifford Dougls Wetmore & Kathleen Ann Britton; h/o Cecelia Annette Ahearn)

Wetmore, Cecelia A. (Annette), 17 Feb 1927-21 Dec 1993
(d/o Peter E. Ahearn & Ella Mae Cheverie; w/o Allison Kirkwood Wetmore)

Weyant, James Earl, 13 Nov 1927-28 Mar 1979
F1, U.S. Navy, WW II

(Wheeler, Frank Robert, (Jr.).13 Feb 1918-09 Aug 2010)
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Frank Robert Wheeler & Leona Math; h/o Eleanor Seyfert)

Whitaker, Margaret G. (Gertrude), (12 Mar)1913-(05 Jan 2018)
(d/o Dwight Thurston Stewart & Bessie Mae Ford; w/o Walter Jesse Whitaker)

Whitaker, Walter J. (Jesse), (19 Mar)1906-(15 Jun)1996
(s/o James Thomas Whitaker & Mary Jane Deer; h/o Charlotte Evelyn Clover & Margaret Gertrude Stewart)

White, Barney F., 03 Apr 1867-28 Mar 1927
(s/o William Bellamy White & Susan Anna Clayton)

White, Byron L., 12 Oct 1917-24 Feb 2005

White, Donald Ray, 11 Mar 1950-10 Apr 1996

White, Dorothy (E.), (04 Dec)1926-(no date)
(w/o Joseph White)

White, Hortese S. (Sophia), (29 Nov)1915-(20 Mar)2000
(d/o Henry Mayne & Ethel Clayton)

White, Joseph (William), (16 Jun)1926-(04 Apr)2003
(s/o Michael Joseph White & Bertha Francisca Piller; h/o Dorothy LNU)

White, Lucille, 14 May 1921-12 Nov 2009
(d/o George W. Shrader & Carrie Williams; w/o Rayferd White)

White, Rayferd (Coy), 06 Oct 1919-31 Oct 2002
(s/o Clarence Roy White & Adelaide Mounce; h/o Lucille Shrader)

White, Ruth D. (Deleone), 08 Oct 1910-19 Feb 2000
(d/o Fuel Hairston & Jessie Mitchell

(Whitehead, Elizabeth S., 06 Dec 1935-04 Feb 2013)
(d/o Elmer H. Seabaugh & Opal R. Reynolds; w/o Rev. Robert S. Whitehead)

Whiteman, Donald P., 02 Dec 1911-24 Nov 1974
PFC, U.S. Army

Whitford, Dell M. (Marie), (20 Jul)1938-(28 Apr)2010

Whitman, Corinne Conant, 22 Oct 1922-03 Mar 1980
(U.S. Army WW II)
(d/o Luther Chittenden Conant & Mildred Elizabeth Button; w/o
Edwin Richard Knerr; David J. Dickie & Newton Edward Whitman)

Whitman, Newton Edward, 24 Dec 1908-03 Feb 1995
(s/o Daniel Charles Whitman & Daisy Alice Tufts; h/o Dorothy Alice Martin & Corinne E.Conant)

(Whitney, William M. (Michael), 15 Feb 1928-21 Feb 2018)
(s/o William Nathan Whitney & Elsie A. Wolff; h/o Joan Marie Bonnett)

Whittaker, Jr., Arthur (Bud) (John), 08 Apr 1922-27 Dec 1996
(Tec 5 U.S.Army WW II)
(s/o Arthur John Whittaker & Agnes Miskell; h/o Dorothy Julia Spinka)

Whittaker, Dorothy J. (Julia), 08 Jun 1932-27 Jun 1999
(w/o Frank R.Spinka & Emma M. Busson; w/o Arthur John Whittaker, Jr.)

Wholley, Harry E. (Edward), (04 Apr)1916-(20 Jan)1997
(s/o Henry Wholley & Marguerite Oneill; h/o Marjorie Janet Nellis)

Wholley, Marjorie N. (Janet), (28 Nov)1921-(16 Apr)2004
(d/o Edward B. Nellis & Gertrude J. Link; w/o Harry Edward Wholley)

Wickle, Annie (Anna Eula), (05 Feb)1883-(17 Apr)1951
(d/o George Washington Durrance & Dora Helms; w/o James Daniel Rushing & Henry Eugene Wickle)

(Wickle, Harry Eugene, 14 Feb 1898-31 Mar 1970)
(h/o Anna Eula Durrance)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

Wickline, Austin V. (Vanburen), (05 Mar)1859-(05 Jan)1942
(s/o George Washington Wickline & Louisiana S. Counts; h/o Esther Chaffee)

Wickline, Esther (Etta) Chaffee, (26 Sep)1868-(11 Nov)1952
(d/o Charles Edwin Chaffee & Julia Lucinda McIntyre; w/o Austin Vanburen Wickline)

Wickline, George E. (Edwin), 20 Aug 1903-08 Nov 1987
(s/o Austin Vanburen Wickline & Esther Chaffee; h/o Nina Catherine Pepper & Ethel Mae Wilson)
( Flagler CO Commissioner, 1944-1970; Flagler Beach City Commissioner for 33 years with 10 years as Mayor)

Widdis, Robert A. (Arnold), (25 Nov)1936-(01 Mar)2009
(U.S. Army)
(h/o Jeanne R. LNU)

Widdis, Jeanne R., 1943-(no date)
(w/o Robert Arnold Widdis)

Widener, Sam (Samuel) L. (Leroy), (30 May)1930-(11 Jul)2005
(s/o Bennie Franklin Widener & Carrie Beck; h/o Anna Antonia DeAngelis; c/o Judith Matthews)

Widing, Mikal P. (Bubba), 12 May 1979-27 Jun 1996
(s/o Patrick Widing & Gayle LNU)

Wieder, Bernice, (08 Apr)1938-(13 Dec)2004
(d/o Meyer Isaacs & Mary Gelvan; w/o Shelton Don Wieder)

Wieder, Shelton (Don), 09 Oct 1928-06 Nov 2007
Cpl US Army World War II
(s/o Irving Wieder & Mildred Greenberg; h/o Bernice Isaacs)

Wiggins, Jack, 15 May 1928-30 Jan 2006
(s/o Rooney Wiggins & Faye Kehoe; h/o Kay Francis Pugh)

Wiggins, Kay Francis, 08 Aug 1931-14 Mar 2009
(d/o Ernest Pugh & Jennie Morgan; w/o Jack Wiggins)

Wilcox, Bess Benson, (16 Feb 1890)1884-(13 Feb)1960
(d/o FNU Hill; w/o George Royal Benson, Jr. & George P. Wilcox)

(Wild, Isabel, 13 Jun 1944-no date)
(d/o John Robert Marcus & Maria Isabel Pizarro Castro; w/o FNU Bandel & Jacob Wild)

(Wild, Jacob, 02 Oct 1926-10 Apr 2017)
(s/o Harry Wild & Celia Isenberg; h/o Isabel Marcus)

Wiley, Kenneth (Ken) M., 1958-(no date)

Wiley, Yvonne S. (Suzanne), (12 Oct)1957-(23 Sep)1998
(d/o Clyde Allan & Bille Sue LNU; w/o Kenneth M. Wiley)

(Wilkens, Rollin A., 22 Jul 1921-20 Jan 2014)
(s/o Herman Carl Wilkens & Martha Christine Schoedel; h/o Barbara LNU)

(Wilkes, Lucille R. (Rachel), 28 Jun 1930-09 Apr 2018)
(d/o Benjamin Wilkes & LNU; w/o Raymond Irving Bassett II)

Willacy, Annette (M.), 18 Feb 1962-(no date)
(w/o Headley Garfield Willacy)

Willacy, Headley G. (Garfield), 12 Jun 1931-06 Oct 2001
(s/o Markland H.Willacy & Euphemia Seal; h/o Annette M. LNU)

(Williams, Amos W. (Wilby), 10 Mar 1923-31 Jan 2015)
(s/o James Williams & Rachel Shaw; h/o Rachel B. LNU)

(Williams, Clara B. (Burnell), 11 Jun 1919-02 Sep 2013)
(d/o John Lykes Johns & Clara Ella Burnell; w/o Sidney George Williams)

Williams, David P., (25 Jul)1903-(01 Sep)1973
(h/o Lula Mae LNU)

Williams, Derris, 09 Dec 1970-11 Aug 1997

Williams, Helyn L. (Louise), (20 Apr)1920-(07 Feb)1996
(d/o William Bowman & Connie Shepperdson)

Williams, Jack L., 05 Dec 1928-(no date)
(w/o Marie G. Gragg)

Williams, Lula Mae, (31 Jan 1906)1907-(16 Mar)1987
(w/o David P. Williams)

Williams, Marie G., 19 Apr 1929-25 May 2007
(d/o Talton Talbert Gragg & Lillie Ann Cantrell; w/o Jack L. Williams)

(Williams, Milton S., (07 Sep)1941-(23 Apr) 2017)

Williams, Olive, 01 Apr 1920-26 May 1998

(Williams, Rachel B., 18 Oct 1939-no date)
(w/o Amos Wilby Williams)

Williams, Raven, 23 Oct 1994-23 Oct 1994

(Williams, Sallie F., 15 Nov 1940-07 Aug 2022)

Williams, Septimus (Seth), 11 Jan 1847-20 Feb 1945
( s/o Joseph Bargett Williams & Adeline Bridgewater; h/o Laura Frances Basford)

(Williams, Steven Russell, 05 Nov 1969-30 Sep 2013)

(Williams, Sydney G. (George), 04 Nov 1916-22 Apr 2006)
(UK Merchant Seaman, WW II)
(s/o George Williams & Margaret A. Jones; h/o Clara Burnell Johns)

Willis, Howard L. (Leyman), Sr., (26 Oct)1927-(28 Mar)1999
(s/o Jess E. Willis & Monti M. Israel; h/o Norma Lee Hinerman)

Willis, Norma Lee, (12 Mar)1928-(04 Feb)1993
(d/o Orval J. Hinerman & Ellen B. Taylor; w/o Howard Leyman Willis)

Wills, James (Frederick), (04 Nov)1942-2000
(s/o Fred R. Wills & Winona Tilson; h/o Neely Anne Brigham)

Wills, Neely (Anne), (17 Jan)1934-(02 Mar)2011
(d/o John Neely Bighm & Polly Black Bigham; w/o James Frederick Wills)

Wilson, Bernie L. (Lamar), 22 Feb 1927-14 Aug 1999
(s/o James M. Wilson & Dola Estelle LNU; h/o Catherine Pepper Wickline)

Wilson, Ethel M., (Mae), (20 Feb)1921-(06 Jun)1986
(d/o Frederick Stanley Crispell & Rachel L. Myer; w/o Glenn Lester Wilson)

Wilson, Glenn L. (Lester), (07 Jan)1915-(11 May)2002
TSgt, U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o James Bailey Wilson & Marguerite Herr; h/o Ethel Mae Crispell)

Wilson, H. (Helen) Jeannie, 1932-1993
(d/o Roy Elber Likins & Wilmuth Helen Brisendine; w/o Howard Lee Wilson)

Wilson, Howard L. (Lee), (16 Feb)1933-(09 Oct 2003)
(s/o Taylor Wilson & Hazel M. Potter; h/o Helen Jeannie Likins)

Wilson, Janet W. (Winifred), 20 Mar 1944-24 Feb 1998
(d/o of William Earl Leach & Winifred C. Fore; w/o Mickey Lynn Wilson)

Wilson, Lillie (Jane), 06 Sep 1915-15 May 2006
(on the same marker with Becky Emery & Martin Gillis)
(d/o Aaron R. Wilson & Evelener Garner)

(Wilson, Virginia Catherine, 05 Sep 1926-20 May 2022)
(d/o Robert Benjamin Richardson & Rosalie Elberta Jones; w/o Norris Samuel Wilson)

(Winant, Carol, (16 Dec)1915-2016)
(d/o Christopher Powell & Sarah Barnes; on same monument as Sarah Powell & Lucy D. Powell)

(Winters, Bruce A. (Alan), 26 Jun 1938-13 Oct 2017)
(Master Chief, U.S. Navy)
(s/o Harry Clyde Winters & Dorothy Georgiana Ricketts; h/o Donna Marie Hollingsworth)

Winters, Donna Marie, 04 Sep 1937-29 Nov 2012
(d/o Edmund Hollingsworth & Kathryn Noll; w/o Bruce Alan Winters)

(Winters, Mary, 11 Nov 1919-16 Apr 2006)
(d/o Michael Megles & Bertha Hornyak)

Wintrip, Wm. “Windy” (Robert), (16 Aug)1926-(01 Jul)1995
(U.S. Navy WW II)
(s/o William Wintrip & Ella Lumley)

Wishmeyer, Mary A., 24 Jun 1908-16 Aug 1996
(d/o John E. Spellman & Sarah Dickenson; w/o Albert H. Wishmeyer)

Wisman, Jessie, (12 Apr)1926-(16 Aug)2011
(d/o Lonnie Tillman Bennett & Maybelle Priester; w/o Jarvey Julian Crosby, Joseph Grabarski, & FNU Wisman)

Witman, Donald P. (Phillippi), 02 Dec 1911-24 Nov 1974
PFC, U.S. Army
(s/o Rowert W. Whitman & Minerva Lutz)

Wojtaszewska, Malwina, 08 Sep 1914-27 Sep 2007
(d/o Michal Sawczyk & Anna Kaszcyc)

Wolcott, Gail O., 1937-(no date)
(w/o William Lewis Wolcott)

Wolcott, William L. (Lewis), (08 Jul)1917-(05 Feb)2010
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(s/o Fredrick D. Wolcott & Grace Frances Watters; h/o Greta Sofia Larrow & Gail O. LNU)

Wolen, Florence B., 02 Nov 1924-13 Apr 2001
(d/o Jacob Bitter & Sadie Rosofsky; w/o Seymour Norman Wolen)

Wolen, Seymour N. (Norman), 08 Aug 1923-13 Jul 1989
Pvt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Albert Wolen & Yetta R. Helfand; h/o Florence Bitter)

Wolf, Joyce L. (Lois), 04 Mar 1930-25 Oct 1995
(d/o Charles J. Lauter & Harriet Litke; w/o Robert David Wolf)

Wolf, Robert D. (David), 18 Jan 1922-09 Jul 2002
(s/o Joseph Wolf & Caroline Solomon; h/o Joyce Lois Lauter)

Wolfe, James R. (Ralph), 01 Apr 1932-24 Dec 1980
(s/o Herbert Radford Wolfe, & Eva Loraine Patrick; h/o Wanda Dianne Adams)

Wolff, Arnold P. (Pane), 01 Jun 1933-17 Jan 1988
(s/o Arnold Wolff & Ida Kempf; h/o Jeanne Lo Rayne Nelson)

Wolski, Mamie, 05 Apr 1908-01 Mar 1992
(d/o Valentine John Novak & Francis Katherine Narlock; w/o James Croscin & Peter Paul Wolski)

Wood, Homer, (14 Jan)1930-(19 Oct)1997
(s/o Milton G. Wood & Maude Mae Kinna; h/o Edith Lydia Krause & Maria Szolga)

Wood, Maria S., (01 Jan)1922-(13 Feb)1997
(d/o Georg Szolga & Katalina Balogh; w/o Homer Wood)

Woodman, Florence, 09 Oct 1922-08 Jul 2007
(d/o Harry Rubinstein & Anita Pineles)

Woodman, Lee, 20 May 1951-(no date)
(d/o Florence Woodman)

Woods, Addie (Ezel), 06 Jan 1912-09 Apr 1996
(d/o Alfred Roland Brooks & Martha Ann (Mattie) Burris ; w/o Lewis Woods)

Woods, General D. (Dewey) (aka Gid), (17 Apr)1900-(24 Dec)1982
(s/o Thomas Woods & Mary Ann McClellen; h/o Lavada Pearl Durrance)

Woods, L. (Lavada) Pearl, (06 Dec)1912-(26 Oct)1991
(d/o Arthur Washington Durrance & Rosa Leah Brooks; w/o Thomas A. Evans & General Dewey D. Woods)

Woods, Lewis, 18 Dec 1904-07 Jun 1989
(s/o Thomas Woods & Ellen Driggers; h/o Addie Ezell Brooks)

Woods, Lewis H. (Howard), 1938-1938
(s/o Lewis Woods & Addie Ezell Brooks)

Woods, Marion, (18 Jun)1918-(08 Aug)1998
(d/o Edward Hunter & Fanny M. Graham; w/o Phillip Stanley Woods)

(Woods, Norman G. (Gail),(05 Aug)1919-(01 Mar)2015)
(U.S. Navy WW II POW
(s/o Charles Brittain Woods & Addie Kathryn Shane)

Woods, Phillip (Stanley), (01 Feb)1922-(08 May)1999
(s/o Richard E. Woods & Leonie A. Hinkson; h/o Marion Hunter)

(Work, Garnet V., 02 Aug 1927-no date)
(w/o George Marshall "Bob" Work)

(Work, George M. (Marshall)(Bob), 23 Mar 1923-23 Nov 2013)
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o Sumner Bowen Work & Cora May Bumgarner; h/o Garnet LNU)

(Worrell, John (K.), 21 Apr 1937-20 Jan 2017)
(s/o John Paul Worrell and Louise Agnes Gries; h/o Anne B. LNU)

Wortman, Daniel W. (William), 31 Mar 1924-07 Feb 1996
SSgt, U.S. Army Air Corps, WW II
(s/o Walter Henry Wortman & Margaret Elizabeth Airwyke; h/o Sara Ann Salo)

Wortman, Sara A. (Ann), 15 May 1940-10 Jan 2001
(d/o John A. Salo & Pearl L. Hansulato; w/o Daniel William Wortman)

Wright, Auria, 04 Aug 1940-(no date)
(w/o Cliff Wright)

Wright, Cliff, 05 Nov 1933-13 Apr 1998
(h/o Auria LNU)

Wright, Norma Elaine, (25 Sep)1929-(29 Apr)2002
(d/o Charles R. Smith & Norma McRae; w/o Robert Innes Wright)

Wright, Purnella Agatha, 12 May 1909-03 Jun 2003
(d/o Thomas Owen & Florence Wilson)

Wright, Robert Innes, (31 Jan)1923-(05 Feb)1996
(s/o Robert Innes Wright & Elizabeth Tennent; h/o Normal Elaine Smith)

Wrona, Ann, 27 Mar 1922-06 Feb 1999
(d/o Mike Struss & Bessie Magihrovic; w/o Chester J. Wrona)

(Wrona, Arlene M., 11 May 1948-27 Sep 2020
(d/o Chester J. Wrona & Ann Struss)

Wrona, Chester (J.), 07 Aug 1918-26 Sep 2003
(s/o Boleslaw Wrona & Tatianna Zyla; h/o Ann Struss)

(Wu, Chin Cheung, 02 Aug 1939-14 Feb 2014)

Yanchek, Elsie A., 24 Feb 1919-(28 Aug 2013)

Yanchek, George F., 02 Jan 1920-28 Jan 2004
(h/o Elsie A.)

(Yanovsky, Juana K., 21 Oct 1932-01 Mar 2021)
(d/o David Knopf & Esther Chapnik)

Yelvington, Bert L. (Lamar), 30 Nov 1917-23 Aug 1949
(s/o Edward Eugene ( Eddie) Yelvington & Eva Mae Cawton; h/o Frances Wyona Durrance)

Yelvington, Frances, (19 Aug)1919-(13 Dec)2004
(d/o Arthur Washington Durrance & Rosa Leah Brooks; w/o Burt L. Yelvington)

Yelvington, Russell L. (Lanier), 17 Oct 1908-21 May 1971
S1 U.S. Coast Guard, WW II
(s/o Asbury B. Yelvington & Minnie; h/o Agnes L. Clifton)

Yegiyev, Sergey D., 08 Nov 1918-13 Feb 2006
WW II Veteran
(h/o Yevdokiya Y. LNU)

Yegiyeva, Yevdokikya Y., 01 Mar 1919-22 Aug 2005
(w/o Sergey D. Yegiyev)

Young, Bernice A., 19 Aug 1926-
(w/o Robert Gordon Young)

Young, Carolyn E., (13 Mar)1914-(01 Feb)1995
(w/o Robert E. Young)

Young, Irving H., 14 Sep 1926-25 Oct 1999
(h/o Shari Lee Kah)

Young, Jr., John O., 09 Sep 1920-27 Oct 2006

Young, Robert E., (16 Apr)1919-(18 Jul)1996

Young, Robert Gordon, 23 Jan 1929-16 Dec 1994
Lt Col, U.S. Air Force, Korea, Vietnam
(h/o Bernice A. LNU)

(Young, Shari Lee, 28 Oct 1934-21 Dec 2015)
(d/o Ralph Kah & Zelma; w/o Irving H.Young)

(Zaia, Elizabeth, 26 Apr 1937-24 Aug 2019)
(d/o Anthony Piscopo & Mary Turano; w/o Joseph Zaia)

(Zakkour, Gabraiel, 01 Aug 1943-06 Feb 2023)
(s/o George Zakkour & Harba Lubos; h/o Katrina Halabi)

Zemanek, Alexander, 06 Mar 1921-

Zemanek, Eva, 27 Sep 1924-27 Jan 1999

Zephyr, Winifred O., 16 Jun 1913-20 Oct 2010
(d/o Jonathan Robinson & Elizabeth McKenzie; w/o Arnold Zephyr)

(Ziajko, John, 18 Dec 1928-05 Sep 2021)
(s/o Andrew Ziajko & Anastazia Cwiam; h/o Maria Duchnaik)

(Ziajko, Maria, 10 May 1932-15 Mar 2021)
(d/o Mikolaj Duchniak & Maria Potoczniak; w/o John Ziajko)

(Zicht, Austin Leroy, 05 Dec 1927-24 Nov 2018)
(h/o Joan)

(Zierk, Donald Richard, 11 Feb 1933-31 Dec 2022)
(s/o Walter Zierk & Cecelia Bunn; h/o Dorothy Emily Ricker)

(Zierk, Dorothy Emily, 02 Jan 1935-19 Mar 2021)
(d/o James Ricker & Mary Veleta; w/o Donald Richard Zierk)

Zinn, Norman, (19 Feb)1931-(30 Jan)2001

Zinn, Phillip H., (25 Nov)1909-(17 Oct)1999

Zinn, Marie K., (24 Apr)1925-(25 Apr)1989

(Zirkelbach, Dorothy M., 04 May 1925-18 May 2021)
(d/o William Gross & Anna LNU; w/o Frederick W. Zirkelbach)

Zirkelbach, Frederick W., 05 Aug 1921-26 Jul 1991
SSgt, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, WW II, Korea

Zoller, Daniel, (23 Sep 1890)1889-1960
(s/o Daniel Zoller & Margaret Brady; h/o Theodora Irene Kennelly)

(Zolton, Michael (William), (06 Nov 1917)1916-(22 Aug)2005)
(U.S. Army WW II)
(s/o John F. Zolton & Katherine Krivak; h/o Pauline Victoria Kuban)

(Zolton, Pauline (Victoria), (09 Sep)1920-2014)
(d/o Louis Joseph Kuban & Elizabeth LNU; w/o Michael William Zolton)

Zschummel, Anna H., (21 Sep)1911-(13 Jul)1995

Zschummel, George M., (31 Jul)1912-(11 Oct)2004
(s/o FNU Zschummel & Emma W. LNU; h/o Anna LNU)

Zubko, Alexandra C., (11 Oct)1919-2011
(Nee: Churak; w/o Paul P. Zubko)

Zubko, Paul P. (Peter), (06 Jul)1919-(26 Feb)1996
(U.S. ArmyWW II)
(s/o Alexander Zubko & Pauline Maslona; h/o Alexandra T. Churak)

Zuckerman, Emanuel (Manny), (28 Mar)1928-(02 Jun)2012
(s/o David Zukerman & Elsie Kaufman; h/o Maxine "Miki" LNU)

Zuckerman, Maxine, (14 Dec)1931-2012
(w/o Emanuel Zuckerman)

(Zulick, Cheryl Ray, 08 Apr 1945-29 Jun 2014)
(d/o Gilbert Adams & Margaret Smith; w/o Thomas Zulick)

Zymalski, Maria Janina, (14 Aug 1891)15 Sep 1891-21 Nov 1984
(Nee: Napierski; w/o Walter Henry Zymalski)