Seville, Volusia County, Florida
(Last Cemetery Visit: 21 September 2014)
(Last Update: 21 Jan 2020)

This non-denominational community cemetery was established in the early 1900's on a beautiful, oak-studded, gently rising piece of land overlooking Lake Louise. Several graves dating from the late 1800's were located on a plot on the south side of the present cemetery. Some land for the cemetery was purchased from the Masonic lodge and other acreage was donated by Mr. J. C. Robinson. Serving with Mr. Robinson on the original Cemetery Association were Harry Prevatt, E. M. Woolwine, Mrs. R. R. Raulerson and Zylphia Richardson.

This listing was first compiled in July 2001 by taking digital images of the grave stones and then transferring this information to a written inventory. This information was then checked against a listing of the inscriptions done by Daphne M. Brownell in June 1972.

I revisited the cemetery on 19 Sep 2004, 18 Sep 2005, 17 Sep 2006, 14 Sep 2008, 20 Sep 2009, 19 Sep 2010, 18 Sep 2011, 23 November 2012, 22 Sep 2013, 21 Sep 2014 and again on 18 Sep 2016 and took additional images and updated this listing.

During early 2009, the obituary records of the Flagler County Historical Society as well as those of the Daphne Brownell collection at the Volusia County Public Library in DeLand, which she donated to the library in 1983, were researched and 161 obituaries were found for individuals buried in this cemetery. These obituaries were scanned, posted and linked to this listing in October 2010.

Following future research at the aforementioned institutions and elsewhere, additional obituaries will be posted as they are found. The compiler expresses his appreciation to the Roots and Branches Genealogy Society of DeLand for putting the Daphne Brownell Collection in alphabetical order and through the direction of Jerry Hale, putting this collection on CD's.

The majority of the information on the King family was provided by Steve King via email. Additional Register family information has been provided by Charles T. Zeigler of Newton, AL via email; additional James Arnold family infomation provided via email by Wanda Arnold of Hilliard, FL and additional Spence family information provided via email by Frank Spence.

Any items (contained in parenthesis) were added by the compiler and do not appear on the images of the grave markers. Any corrections and/or additions should be sent to the compiler, Claude Sisco Deen, Jr, P.O. Box 637, Flagler Beach, FL 32136-0637; email:


Abbott, Clyde (T), 1909-(Aug)1961
(s/o Joseph L. Abbott & Sarah Vashti Waters; h/o Grace Lenora Love)

Abbott, Grace (Lenora), 1916-(Dec)1963
(d/o William P. Love & Jessie V. LNU; w/o Clyde T. Abbott)

Abbott, Joseph L., 24 Apr 1888-13 Jul 1953
(s/o John I. Abbott & Cassie R. Nettles; h/o Sarah Vashti Waters)

(Abbott, Joseph Lonzo, 27 Nov 1937-04 Jun 2021)
(s/o Robert Leslie Abbott & Thelma Nadine Morris; h/o Joyce Louise McMahon)

Abbott, Otis (C.), (05 Dec)1912-(29 Jan)1983
(s/o Joseph L. Abbott & Sarah Vashti Waters)

Abbott, R. (Robert) Leslie, (24 Nov)1907-(11 Jul)1978
(s/o Joseph L. Abbott & Sarah Vashti Waters; h/o Thelma Nadine Morris)

Abbott, Sarah V.(Vashti), 02 Jan 1885-09 Jul 1962
(d/o Wiley Hopkins Waters & Mary Ann Elizabeth Purcell; w/o Joseph L. Abbott)

Abbott, Thelma N. (Nadine), (27 Apr)1913-(05 Feb) 2005
(d/o Robert Lonzo Morris & Sarah E. King; w/o Robert Leslie Abbott)

Adams, John C., 1928-1967
(s/o Shifley J. Adams & Margaret L. Russell; h/o Ruby Rosetta LNU)

Adams, Margaret L., (22 Jun)1904-(09 Apr)1984
(Nee: Russell; w/o Shifey L. Adams)

Adams, Ruby R. (Rosetta), (25 Jul)1934-(07 Mar)1988
(w/o John C. Adams)

Adams, Shifley J., 1907-(Apr)1963
(h/o Margaret L. Russell)

Adams, Tillie R., (06 Jan)1912-(08 Apr)1987
Wife of Albert M. Adams, Sr
(d/o William David Raulerson & Mary Poppell; w/o Julian LeGrand Bird & Albert M. Adams)

(Allen, Elmira, 03 Sep 1871-06 Jan 1916)
(d/o James Sanderson Braddock & Caroline Elizabeth Braddock; w/o Joseph Parker Allen)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate)

Allen, M. (Mary) Christine, 10 May 1948-16 Sep 1999
(d/o Noel Victor Nihoul, Jr. & Elsa Josepha Maria Bratsburg; w/o Randolph Allen)

(Allen, Martha, 23 Apr 1833-27 Feb 1923)
(d/o John Day; w/o FNU Harris & Roger Allen)
(obit & death certificate says buried here, compiler could not locate)

(Allen, Roger, 1824-1901)
(h/o Martha LNU)
(said to be buried here, compiler could not locate)

(Alt, Johnnie Wannell, 29 Aug 1931-25 Mar 2017)
(d/o Edgar Donald Miles & Patsy S. Lewis; w/o George Lee Prevatt & Leonard John Alt)

Ambrose, Burwell K. (Kilbourne), 08 (18)Dec 1899-09 May 1953
(s/o John Francis Ambrose & Adelaide G. Jordan; 1st h/o Mary Victoria Baker)

Anderson, Lambert H. (Harvee), 13 Dec 1925-04 Apr 2003
married 02 Jan 1947
(s/o James Forester Anderson & Beatrice Arnelia Hurst; h/o Sarah E. LNU)

Anderson, Sarah E., 06 Feb 1932-(no date)
(w/o Lambert Harvee Anderson)

Appleby, Harry A. (Andrew), 07 Aug 1889-08 Oct 1947
(s/o James P. Appleby & Sara Matilda King; h/o Ruth D. King)

Appleby, Ruth K., 02 Jan 1895-17 Feb 1977
(d/o William A. King & Isaac Annah Brown; w/o William Jackson "Jack" Tipton & Harry Andrew Appleby)

Arnold, Daughter, (No dates)

Arnold, James M.(Madison), 16 Apr 1832-06 Jan 1912
(C.S.A., Co. G., 50th GA Inf.)
(s/o James Arnold & Mary Higgs; h/o Levicy "Vicy" Griffis & Louisa "Laura" Matilda Poppell Owens)

(Arnold, Louisa Matilda, 25 Oct 1841-06 Sep 1921)
(d/o James William Poppell & Dolly Ann Gill; w/o Samuel T. Owens & James Madison Arnold)
(death certificate says buried here; compiler could not located grave)

Arnold, Sr., Marion C. (Christopher), 18 Nov 1872-08 Jan 1959
(Spanish American War Veteran)
(s/o James M. Arnold & Levicy "Vicy" Griffis; h/o Susan Jane Kinnon)

Arnold, Susan J. (Susie Jane), 29 Dec 1877-29 Apr 1930
(d/o Swence Kinnon & Margaret Moore; w/o Marion Christopher Arnold, Sr.)

Atkinson, Ira Lou, 01 Jun 1924-27 Dec 1993
(d/o Ira David Robinson & Lula Papple Bond; w/o Lawson Atkinson)

Atkinson, Lawson, 06 Oct 1911-19 Feb 1977
Tec 5, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Alexander Thadeus Atkinson & Mamie Clara Bass; h/o Ira Lou Robinson)

Avillaneda, Marino, 1986-02 Mar 2014

Baker, Ann C., 09 Apr 1938-23 Apr 2014
(d/o Matthew C. Coleman, Jr., & Mary T. Lisle; w/o John Thomas Baker)

Baker, Baby, 1938-1938

Baker, Benjamin Franklin (Frank), 23 Jul 1905-17 Oct 1972
(s/o Smiley Armstron Baker & Nellie Civil McKenzie; h/o Vera Addison)

Baker, Bernice, 18 Apr 1882-30 May 1912
(d/o James W. Long; w/o Lewis Marvin Baker)

Baker, Clarence Joseph, 12 Mar 1903-09 Jan 1966
(World War I Veteran)
(s/o Thomas A. Baker and Marie Babers; h/o Lillie L. Johnson)

Baker, David H. (Hughes), (14 Nov)1899-(Nov)1960
(s/o Frederick Joseph Baker & Anna K Furley; h/o Jennie Maude King & Paralee Fore)

Baker, George C. (Crill), 1907-(22 Feb)1968
(s/o Smiley A. Baker & Nellie C. McKenzie; h/o Inez Morrison)

Baker, Helen E. (Elizabeth), (25 Oct)1911-(17 Mar)1986
(w/o John Albert Baker)

Baker, Inez M. (Mary - Peggy), 1900-(07 Nov)1958
(d/o David F. Morrison & Mary Aurilla McBride; w/o George C. Baker)

Baker, John A. (Albert), (14 Jan)1917-(11 Sep)1959
(s/o Smiley A. Baker & Nellie C. McKenzie; h/o Helen Elizabeth LNU)

Baker, John T. (Thomas), 13 Nov 1936-(no date)
(s/o Clarence Joseph Baker & Lillie A. Johnson; h/o Mary Ann Coleman)

Baker, Lillie A., (29 Sep)1907-(11 Jan)1996
(d/o J. W. Johnson; w/o Clarence Joseph Baker)

Baker, Marie (Lida) Babers, 29 Jul 1880-26 Aug 1966
(d/o John Henry Babers & Victoria Laura Jennings; w/o Thomas Arant Baker)

Baker, Nellie C. (Civil), (16 Nov)1881-(21 Mar)1953
(d/o John W. McKenzie; w/o Smiley Armstrong Baker)

Baker, Paralee Fore, 15 Jan 1898-13 Nov 1968
(d/o Gain Daniel Fore & Paninah "Nina" Skaggs; w/o Robert Pope & David Hughes Baker)

Baker, Ruth Annie, 26 May 1914-27 Oct 1982
(d/o Thomas Arant Baker & Marie Babers)

Baker, S. A. (Smiley Armstrong), (03 Mar)1858-(02 Jun)1924
(s/o Peter Baker & Winny Arant; h/o Mary Jane Arant & Nellie Civil McKenzie)

Baker, Jr., Smiley A. (Armstrong), (05 Jan)1904-(06 Feb)1941
(s/o Smiley Armstrong Baker & Nellie Civil McKenzie; h/o Ola Barber)

Baker, Thomas Arant, 28 Nov 1880-16 Jan 1940
(s/o Smiley A Baker & Mary Jane Arant; h/o Marie Lida Babers)

Barthlow, Virginia S. (Susan), 20 Apr 1953-16 Jan 1967
(probably the d/o George E. Barthlow)

Beck, Almeda C. (Charlotte), (20 Dec)1909-(14 May 1999)
(d/o James Erasmus Cade & Elzabeth L. Frierson; w/o Daniel Russell Hiscock & John Erskine Beck)

Beck, John E. (Erskine), (13 Sep)1895-(18 Feb)1985
(s/o John Otis Beck & Elizabeth Kirby; h/o Thelma Yent & Charlotte Almeda Cade)

Becker, Arthur (Bernhard) L. (Louis), (09 Jan)1901-(10 Dec)1976
(s/o Gustave Becker & Bertha Hose; h/o Rosa Lee Rogero)

Becker, Baby, 1947-1947

Becker, Baby, 1952-1952

Becker, Carolyn V. (Virginia), 26 Feb 1940-(no date)
(d/o FNU Jones; w/o Kenneth Curtis Becker)

Becker, Clyde C. (Cecil), (30 Aug)1923-(16 May)1975
(s/o Arthur Luther Becker & Rosa Lee Rogero; h/o Gypsy Lee Creel, Annis Jean Stewart, Sara Frances Frager)

Becker, Danny Lamar, 17 Jul 1961-14 Sep 1962

Becker, Gypsy Lee, 1925-1966
(d/o Dewitt Flemming Creel & Dixie Lavador; w/o Clyde Cecil Becker & John Dean Wright)

Becker, Jacqueline Marie, 12 Oct 1949-21 Feb 1954
(d/o Ralph J. Becker & Bettie Marie Malphurs)

Becker, Kenneth C., 22 Mar 1927-23 Nov 1993
U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Arthur Luther Becker and Rosa Lee Rogero; h/o Carolyn Virginia Jones)

Becker, Rosa Cox, 04 Sep 1901-07 Oct 1993
(d/o William Frances Rogero & Francis Jula Solano; w/o Frank George Cox & Arthur Louis Becker)

Bell, Carey A. (Alexander), 18 Aug 1943-21 Dec 2007
(s/o L. Z. Bell & Katherine McCullough; h/o Geraldine Crosby)

Bell, Francis (Fannie) Coleman, 07 May 1940-03 Sep 2001
(d/o Matthew C. Coleman & Mary T. Lisle; w/o James Lewis Bell)

Bell, Geraldine (nee: Crosby), 09 Sep 1946-(no date)
(w/o Carey Alexander Bell)

Bell, James Lewis, 03 Sep 1940-(06 Nov 2020)
(s/o Albert Lewis Bell & Glennie Mae Pittman; h/o Francis Coleman)

Bell, James Shannon, 27 Jul 1970-29 Dec 1992
(s/o James Lewis Bell & Francis Coleman)

Bell, L. Z., 15 Dec 1921-28 Aug 2004
(U. S. Marine Corps, WW II)
(h/o Katherine McCullough)

Bell, Katherine, 27 Dec 1924-23 Jul 1978
(d/o Cory McCollough & Daisy May Crews; w/o L. Z. Bell)

Bell, Teri, (no dates)
married 26 Oct 1991
(w/o James Shannon Bell)

Bell, Terry A. (Alexander), 10 Mar 1966-11 Jul 1966
(s/o Carey A. Bell & Geraldine Crosby)

Bellamy, Hubert H. (Hannibal), (25 Sep)1887-(14 Feb)1969
(s/o Henry Floyd Bellamy & Susan R. Cleveland; h/o Jincy Lane Thomason)

Bellamy, Jincy L. (Lane), (26 Nov)1889-(08 Jan)1974
(d/o James Monroe Thomason & Harriett Malinda Payne; w/o Hubert Hannibal Bellamy)

Bellamy, Marshall Wayne, (03 Apr)1934-(08 Dec)2006
(s/o Wallace V. Bellamy & Lila Mae Robinson)

Bellamy, Vivian (Malinda) Massey, (22 Sep)1919-(12 Sep)2004
(d/o Hubert Hannibal Bellamy & Jincy Lane Thomason; w/o Lawton K. Owens & James G. Massey)

Bellamy, Wallace V., 1909-(Apr)1936
(s/o Hubert Hannibal Bellamy & Jincy Lane Thomason; h/o Lila Mae Robinson)

Bennett, Donna (Marie), (Jan)1961-

Bennett, Elbert (Lafayette), 03 Nov 1899-30 Jan 1983
(s/o James Madison Bennett & Sidaline Susue Anna Harris; h/o Susie May Haymart)

(Bennett, James A. (Albert), 20 Oct 1957-19 Aug 2001)
(s/o Albert Bennett & Grace Ilene Waters; h/o Sharen Elizabeth Seaman)

Bennett, Jean, (no date)-1959

Bennett, Susie, 09 Dec 1906-12 Jan 1999
(d/o Julius Lafayette Haymart & Eugenia A. (Jennie) Thompson; w/o Elbert L. Bennett)

Bennett, Twin Boys, 1954-1954

Bennett, Walter E. (Bud), 18 Nov 1929-(12 Jan 2013)
Brother of William E. Bennett
(s/o Elbert Lafayette Bennett & Susie May Haymart)

Bennett, William E. (Eugene) 01 Sep 1938-25 Sep 1994
Brother of Walter E. Bennett
(s/o Elbert Lafayette Bennett & Susie May Haymart)

Benton, Elizabeth (Lizzie), 08 Nov 1886-07 Sep 1928
(d/o Jesse Harris Bryan & Mary Lucinda Massey; w/o Rufus Hinton Benton)

Benton, Howard, 16 Jul 1922-29 Sep 1926
(s/o Rufus Benton & Mary Elizabeth Bryan )

Benton, Lucy Mae, 24 Jun 1926-12 Feb 1928
(d/o Rufus Benton &Mary Elizabeth Bryan)

(Benton, Mary Annie, 14 Mar 1926-14 Feb 1927)
(d/o Rufus Benton &Mary Elizabeth Bryan)

Benton, Rufus Hinton, 26 Jul 1878-23 Jul 1929
(s/o Bradley C. Benton & Susan C. Johnson; h/o Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bryan)

Betterton, Alberta (Susan,’Beta’) H., (Feb)1870-(May)1961
(d/o Fredrick Holle & Artimesia Lucinda Brittain; w/o Robert McGhee Betterton)

Betterton, R. (Robert) McGhee, (Oct)1862-(22 Feb)1949
(s/o Leroy B. Betterton & Martha Ann Duke; h/o Alberta Susan Holle)

Birdwell, Ardell (Ring), 09 Jul 1910-13 Sep 1987
(s/o William Moses Birdwell & Elizabeth Jane Gardner; d/o Susie Rita Bellamy)

Birdwell, George A. (Alfred), 31 May 1950-25 May 1970
Sp4, Co C, 503 Inf, 173 Abn Bde, Vietnam, Bronze Star Medal - Purple Heart
(s/o Ardell Ring Birdwell & Susie Rita Bellamy)
(Killed in Action - Vietnam)

Birdwell, Susie R. (Rita), 21 May 1912-30 Jul 1991
(d/o Hubert Hannibal Bellamy & Jincy Lane Thomason; w/o Ardell Ring Birdwell)

Birdwell, William (Hubert/Bill), 09 Feb 1938-02 Aug 1955
(s/o Ardell Ring Birdwell & Susie Rita Bellamy)

Blackman, Lois (Helen) H., 1925-1995
(d/o Cark Steven Hoock & Leonore E. Halter; w/o Ralph William Blackman)

Blackman, Ralph W. (William), (18 Apr)1910-(19 Sep)1976
(s/o William J. Blackman & Olive Edith Smith; h/o Lois Helen Hoock)

Blackman, Jr., Ralph W. (William), 03 Jan 1949-08 Dec 1993
PFC, U.S. Army, Vietnam
(s/o Ralph William Blackman & Lois Helen Hoock)

Bolin, Eunice (Barbara) R., (24 Oct)1906-(26 Apr)1984
(d/o Robert Dixon Raulerson & Jane Emmaline Stone; w/o Wyatt E. Bolin)

Bolin, Libby, 12 Jun 1933-23 Oct 2009
(d/o Arthur Albertis "Art" Murphy & Mamie Livingston; w/o Junius Theodore "JT" Bolin)

Bolin, Robert David, 14 Nov 1935-21 Apr 2008
(U.S. Army)
(s/o Wyatt Elliot Bolin & Eunice Barbara Raulerson; h/o Ja Dean Johnson & Harriet Bedell)

Bolin, Wyatt E. (Elliot/Slim), (16 Jan)1899-(29 Aug)1970
(s/o Merida Calvin Bolin & Carrie Josephine Jeffcoat; h/o Eunice Barbara Raulerson)

Bollinger, Frank, 12 Sep 1882-07 Dec 1962
(h/o Emma Stamey & Ruth Mae Gause)

Bollinger, Ruth (Ruthie Mae), 26 Jun 1903-18 Aug 1970
(d/o Robert Franklin Gause & Sarah Margaret Todd; w/o Joseph Wesley King & Frank Bollinger)

Boyd, Baby, 03 Dec 1937-04 Dec 1937
(infant of Thomas Shaw Boyd & Mildred Pert Robinson)

Boyd, Gerald E. (Ellis)(Jerry), (25 Jul)1939-(15 Jun)2000
(s/o Thomas Shaw Boyd & Mildred Pert Robinson; h/o Cynthia Diane Purdee & Vanessa Gail Harper)

Boyett, Gaston W. (William), (20 Feb)1941-(22 Sep)2008
(s/o Gaston H Boyett & Eugina Ware; h/o Sandra Shiflett & Mildred White)

Braddock, Dalton Adam, 14 Nov 1989-29 Nov 1989
(s/o Darell Adam Braddock & Lori Siler)

(Braddock, Francis Leon, 18 Jun 1932-17 May 2017)
(s/o James "Edno" Braddock & Jessie Carlisle; h/o Norma Carolyn Ruth)

(Braddock, Norma Carolyn, 15 Oct 1933-24 Feb 2019)
(d/o William Robert Ruth & Pheonie M. Malphurs; w/o Francis Leon Braddock)

Bradley, Willis H. (Hankins), (08 Aug 1889)-(29 Nov)1954
(s/o Benjamin Heard Bradley & Martha Ann Elizabeth Hankins; h/o Lillian Whitlaw & Cora Lee Moore)

Bramlitt, Walter K (Keith). (Turkey), 08 Jun 1962-09 Feb 2011
(s/o Walter Bramlitt & Elsie LNU; h/o Kristina Mae Smith & Tony Lynn Gilbert)

Brantley, Irving L., 11 Mar 1905-09 Jan 1970
(s/o William J. Brantley & Fannie Payne; 1st h/o Vera Alice Lawson)

Brown, Bulah 14 Feb 1897-16 May 1954
(d/o Jonah Collins King & Elizabeth Jane Cox; w/o Samuel Asbury Brown)

Brown, Samuel A.(Asbury), 17 Oct 1883-19 Dec 1930
Mech 18, 6 Div, South Carolina
(Military tombstone)
(h/o Bulah King)

Brownlee, Angeline C. (Caladonia/Donie), 20 Apr 1862-08 May 1934
(d/o James A. Collins, C.S.A. & Trinity Mobley; w/o Mitchell Adolphus Brownlee)

Brownlee, Essie (Asalee) Miles, 18 Apr 1892-21 Sep 1985
(d/o David P. Miles & Missouri Deen; w/o George Rome Brownlee)

Brownlee, George R. (Rome), 18 Feb 1888-04 Feb 1979
(WW I Veteran)
(s/o Mitchell Adolphus Brownlee & Angeline Caladonia Collins;
h/o Bertha Elizabeth Raulerson & Essie Asalee Miles)

Buckles, Gordon (Welch), 14 Feb 1934-05 Jan 2011
(s/o Joseph Clarence Buckles & Caroline Salyerds; h/o Maxine Marie Fetterley)

Bullard, Reuben (Rudy)(Ryan), 1941-(Feb)1965
(s/o Ryan Joyce Bullard & Jewel Josephine Yelvington)

Bullard, Sylvia (Jewel)(Judy), (21 Dec)1943-(14 Nov)1958
(d/o Ryan Joyce Bullard & Jewel Josephine Yelvington)

Bullock, Fannie M. (Myrtle), 20 Apr 1880-03 Nov 1920
(d/o Eli MacMillion Woolwine & Mary Elizabeth Still; w/o William Henry Bullock)

Bullock, Myra, 09 Mar 1920-22 Aug 1920
Dau of Fannie M. Bullock
(d/o William Henry Bullock & Fannie Myrtle Woolwine)

Byrd, Annie L., 27 Mar 1911-28 Nov 1948
(d/o Solomon Joseph Mew & Letta Francis Cook; w/o Thomas Eugene Byrd)

Byrd, Carlisle Appleby, (18 Oct)1905-(29 Mar)1987
(s/o Julian Edward Byrd & Minnie L. Stokes; h/o Mary Register & Ola Barber)

Byrd, Edward C. (Christian), 16 Sep 1884-18 Mar 1952
(s/o Julian Edward Byrd & Barbara Williams; h/o Helen A. Cade)

Byrd, Helen A., 28 Apr 1886-25 Sep 1953
(d/o John LeGrande Cade & Charlotte H. Green: w/o Edward Christian Byrd)

Byrd, Hugh D. (David), 10 Jul 1936-29 Nov 2008
(s/o Julian LeGrande Byrd & Tillie Raulerson; h/o Evelyn E.Malphurs)

Byrd, J. (Julian) LeGrande, 13 Nov 1909-27 Apr 1960
(s/o Edward Christian Byrd & Helen A. Cade; h/o Tillie Raulerson)

Byrd, Mary R., (07 Jun)1906-(18 Dec)1949
(d/o Thomas E. Register & Daisy Mae Hamilton; w/o Carlisle Appleby Byrd)

(Byrd, Unnamed Infant, 01 Jun 1926-02 Jun 1926)
(d/o Carlisle Appleby Byrd & Mary Register)

Cade, Eleanor Mae Newman, 03 Aug 1913-02 Mar 2004
(d/o William J. Newman & Ruth Varnes; w/o George Vernon Cade)

Cade, Elizabeth (L.), (29 Mar)1871-(05 Dec)1955
(d/o Mack Frierson & Martha Ann Garland; w/o James Erasmus Cade)

Cade, Frederick Pasco, 05 Feb 1907-19 Feb 1988
(s/o James Erasmus Cade & Elizabeth L. Frierson; h/o Ruby Ray Edmund)

Cade, George Vernon, 22 Feb 1914-25 Jun 1978
(s/o James Erasmus Cade & Elizabeth L. Frierson; h/o Eleanor Mae Newman)

Cade, James E. (Erasmus), (25 Oct)1874-(01 Feb)1967
(s/o John LeGande Cade & Charlotte H. Green; h/o of Elizabeth L. Frierson)
(Volusia CO School Board, Justice of Piece, 19 yrs, State Representative, 2 yrs)

Cade, James (Lee, "Jimmy,")( 06 May) 1934-(11 Feb) 2016
(s/o Fredrick Pasco Cade & Ruby Ray Edmund)

Cade, John J., 1902-1924
(s/o James Easmus Cade & Elizabeth L. Frierson)

Cade, Ruby Ray Edmund, 11 May 1912-08 Mar 2016
(d/o Phylander Edmund & Mittie Williamson; w/o Frederick Pasco Cade)

(Cade, Vivian Jean, 27 Sep 1937-28 Oct 2016)
(d/o Charles Eldred Vann & Mary Margaret John; w/o John Pasco Cade)

Calhoun, Sr., Franklin M. (Merton), 14 Dec 1879-30 Mar 1970
(s/o Hiram Calhoun & Julia M. Giles; h/o Hexandria (Hexie) Ferguson)

Calhoun, Hexandria F. (Ferguson), 19 Jan 1893-24 May 1960
(d/o Alfred A. Ferguson & Carrie Hole; w/o Franklin M. Calhoun)

(Calhoun, Julia C. (Carolyn), 30 Jul 1917-14 Dec 2006)
(d/o Franklin Merton Calhoun & Hexandria Ferguson)

Capron, Pauline Mary, (20 May)1871-(27 Jan)1947
(Nee: Barth; w/o Maturin Rice Capron)

Carlisle, Lula M., (Jun)1893-(Sep)1964
(d/o Thomas Jefferson Morgan & Mary Emma McCullough; w/o Warner Hill Carlisle)

Carlisle, Warner H. (Hill), (27 Jul)1888-(Dec)1958
(h/o Lula B. Morgan)

Carroll, Dewey E. (Eugene), (31 Aug)1926-(26 Sep)2004
(U.S. Navy)
(s/o Weaver McNeese Carroll & Ivor Dubois; h/o Marjorie King, & Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Cade)

Carroll, Elizabeth A. (Ann) Cade, 02 Mar 1936-(no date)
(d/o Fredrick Pasco Cade & Ruby Ray Edmund; w/o Dewey Eugene Carroll)

Carroll, Marjorie K., 20 Sep 1926-03 Aug 1987
(d/o Joseph Wesley King & Ruth Gause; w/o Dewey Eugene Carroll)

(Carter, Alice Ann Aeline, 13 Apr 1870-04 Apr 1928)
(d/o John Cercy & Mary LNU; w/o John Mills Carter)
(death certificate says buried here, compiler unable to locate grave)

Carter, Don L., 05 Feb 1919-28 Mar 1934
(s/o James Henry Carter & Rosetta Mae Smith)

Carter, Lewis Prentis, Sr., 05 Oct 1922-06 May 2008
(s/o James Henry Carter & Rosetta Mae Smith; h/o Gladys Marie Dorton, Nathley E. LNU & Anna L. Bowers)

Casper, Everett J. (John), 26 Mar 1908-26 Dec 1968
(s/o John Franklin Casper & Ollie Mae Houseman; h/o Beulah Violet Oller & Mildred Pert Robinson)

Casper, Mildred R., 02 Sep 1919-(11 Apr 2004)
(d/o Emett M. Robinson & Nellie Edith Martin)
(w/o Thomas Shaw Boyd, Richard Wilton Newman & Everett John Casper)

Causey, George (H.), 26 Jan 1892-17 Feb 1971
(s/o John Gibson Causey & Mary Harriet Keene)

Causey, James Donald, 11 Dec 1928-04 Mar 2010
(s/o Marion Osteen Causey & Kate Alma Deen; h/o Dorothy Colleen Register)

Causey, Joseph Era, 01 Sep 1893-03 Oct 1976
(s/o John Gibson Causey & Mary Harriet Kean)

Causey, Kate A. (Alma), (24Jan)1890-(18 Aug)1963
(d/o James M. Deen & Mary J. J. S. Miles; w/o Marion Osteen Causey)

Causey, Marion O. (Osteen) (21 Dec)1878-(Sep)1964
(s/o Leighton Erastus Causey & Francis Sophila O'Steen; h/o Kate Alma Deen)

Chambers, Ethel, 1879-(May)1969
(w/o Jackson Earley Chambers)

Chambers, J. (Jackson) E. (Earley), 1881- (17 Jan)1962
(h/o Ethel LNU)

Chavis, Glaitous (Hulin), (01 Mar)1924-(13 Aug)1978
(s/o Henry C. Chavis & Ola Jane Jacobs; h/o Joyce Smith)

Chavis, Joyce S. “Sister,” 23 Mar 1927-14 Nov 2004
(d/o Madison Edgar Smith & Ethel Jane King; w/o Claitous Chavis)

Christilles, C. (Clarence) C., 16 Oct 1901-(04 Oct 1989)
(h/o Mary Josephine LNU & Hattie Lee Prevatt)
(Clarence remarried his first wife after Hattie's death; both died in Texas)

Christilles, Hattie Lee, 03 Oct 1904-08 Aug 1971
(d/o George Montgomery Prevatt & Mary Elizabeth Jackson; w/o Franklin O. Raulerson & Clarence C. Christilles)

Clark, Charles B. (Beauford), 04 Sep 1906-22 May 1986
Cpl, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o George Thomas Clark & Mary Lula Satterfield; h/o Ella Mae Carter)

Clark, Ella Mae, 31 Mar 1912-07 Jan 2003
(d/o James Henry Carter & Rosetta Mae Smith; w/o Charles Beauford Clark)

Clegg, Charles Harry, 29 Aug 1951-11 Jun 1967
(s/o George F. Clegg & Rebecca Ann Davis)

Clegg, George F. (Ferguson), 06 May 1926-24 Dec 2007
(s/o Harry Clegg & Julia Ward Ferguson; h/o Rebecca Ann Davis & Kathleen Anderson)

Clegg, Harry, 21 May 1889-28 Feb 1965
(s/o John Clegg & Jane Shaw; h/o Julia Ward Ferguson)

Clegg, Julia (Ward) Ferguson, 07 Dec 1894-08 Jul 1983
(d/o Alfred A. (Alf) Ferguson & Carrie Holle; w/o Harry Clegg)

Clegg, Rebecca (Ann) D., 17 Nov 1929-23 Jul 1982
(d/o Charles Eberley Davis & Kappie LNU; w/o George Ferguson Clegg)

Clifton, John C. (Cray), (11 Oct)1898-(24 Jul)1959
(s/o Levis Salathiel Clifton & Frances "Fannie" Roberts; h/o Mollie Elizabeth Carter Wheeler)

(Cohen, Gartha F., 04 Jul 1860-11 Feb 1929)
(d/o Samuel Givens Owens & Louise LNU; w/o Francis Trowell & William Henry Cohen)
(FL Death Certificate says buried Seville; Complier could not locate)

Coleman, Betty A. (Ruth), 11 Apr 1943-28 Nov 1965
( d/o Jack David Abbott & Susana Chong; w/o Walter Coleman)

Coleman, Deanna Rae, 04 Feb 1944-10 May 1985
(d/o Raymond Bernias Dixon & Yoma Hall; w/o David William Lewis & Walter Carl Coleman)

Coleman, Harry J., 11 Jun 1905-28 Sep 1989
(s/o Mathew C. Coleman & Minnie J. Price; h/o Madie Wilson)

Coleman, James Woodie (Jimmie), 15 Jan 1937-18 Aug 1982
(s/o Woodie B. Coleman & Ruby Lee Lisle; h/o Vivian Ann Bass)

Coleman, Jayne L. (Louella), 03 Oct 1949-12 Jul 2014
(Nee: Swindell; w/o Walter Carl Coleman)

Coleman, Madie W., 02 Nov 1907-26 Jun 1998
(Nee: Wilson; w/o Harry J. Coleman)

Coleman, Mary L. (Lou), (25 Aug 1915)-07 Nov 1980
(d/o Jessie L. Lisle & Lillian L. Bartlett; w/o Matthew C. Coleman, Jr.)

Coleman, Matthew C., (02 Jun)1879-(22 Nov)1942
(s/o Elisha Jordan Coleman & Harriet Lake; h/o Minnie J. Price)

Coleman, M. (Matthew) C. (Jr), (26 Feb)1911-(24 Apr)1974
(s/o Matthew C. Coleman & Minnie J. Price; h/o Mary Lou Lisle)

Coleman, Minnie P., (24 Jun)1880-1938
(d/o John Fitzsimmons Price & Louisa Ella Hall; w/o Matthew C. Coleman, Sr.)

(Coleman, Rodney (Harrell), (10 Jun)1950-(26 Nov)2003)
(s/o Woodie B.Coleman & Ruby Lee Lisle)

Coleman, Ruby Lee, (09 Jan)1914-(29 Apr)1989
(d/o Jessie S. Lisle & Lillian L. Bartlett; w/o Woodie B. Coleman)

Coleman, Vivian Ann (nee: Bass), 03 Aug 1946-
(w/o James Woodie Coleman)

Coleman II, Walter C. (Carl) "Cash," 28 Dec1962- 08 Dec1995 (05 Dec 1996)
(s/o Walter Coleman & Betty Abbott)

Coleman, Woodie (B), (29 Jan)1909-(15 Feb)1969
(s/o Mathew C. Coleman & Minnie J. Price; h/o Ruby Lee Lisle)

Colson, William F., 07 Jan 1904-03 Apr 1911
(s/o Foster Alexander Colson & Ora Starr Braddock)

(Conkrite, Albert, 29 Jan 1857-21 Mar 1937)
(2nd h/o Caroline Stewart)
(obit says buried here, could not locate)

Connell, Donia May, 22 Aug 1927-07 Apr 1985
(d/o John Riley Varnes & Eudelle Morrison; w/o Charles C. Connell)

Cook, Mary (Frances)(Becky), 28 Jul 1919-31 Jul 1994
(d/o Dell L. Keith & Annie H. Woodbury; 2nd w/o John Henry Register & Reuben Hamilton Cook)

Corbett, Henry Wm., 26 Sep 1917-12 Jan 1918

Corley, Robert L. (Lee), (08 Dec)1908-(31 Oct)1971
(s/o Robert Lee Corley & Sarah Fannie Jackson; h/o Ruby Dell Watson)

Corriher, Tracie Dawn, 06 May 1974-20 Feb 1976

Cotterman, Elmer E. (Edgar), (29 Sep)1907-(21 Mar)1989
(s/o Campbell Cotterman & Margaret Weber; h/o Grace S. LNU & Arravela Mae Miles)

Cotterman, Grace S., (02 Jun)1913-(08 May)1986
(w/o Elmer Edgar Cotterman)

(Cowart, Alma Constance, 10 Sep 1922-30 Oct 2016)
(d/o Fred Sykes & Miriam Clayton; w/o Oliver James Cowart & Thomas Stewart Clifton)

Cowart, Barbara (Jean) Barry 16 Dec 1930-(14 Jul 2010)
(d/o Ernest Harold Barry & Lena Ola Gordon; w/o Wesley Jessie Cowart)

Cowart, Charles Hiram (C.H.), 06 Feb 1908-26 Feb 2007
(s/o Oliver Wesley (Ollie) Cowart and Nancy Beatrice (Nannie) Mask;
h/o Esther Helen Davidson and Thera Edna Anderson)
(served as a Flagler County Commissioner from 1956 to 1984)

Cowart, Charlie (Charles Daugherty), (21 Apr)1886-(02 Feb)1960
(s/o Hiram (Babe) Cowart & Rebecca Bradshaw; h/o Elsa Baker and Elma Sykes)

Cowart, David, 04 Jun 1935-04 Jun 1935
(s/o John Hazel Cowart & Gladys Coleman)

Cowart, (Dorothy) Christine, (29 Jul) 1924-(25 Dec) 2015)
(d/o Leslie Edgar Easterling & Alpha Elizabeth Coward; w/o Herbert Earl Cowart)

Cowart, Edna P. (Hilda Edna), 30 Dec 1929-22 Apr 2011
(d/o Edward D. Peterson & Ruby E. Phillips; w/o Walter Victor Cowart)

Cowart, Gladys Coleman, 29 Nov 1915-06 Jun 2012
(d/o Matthew C. Coleman & Minnie J. Price; w/o John Hazel Cowart)

Cowart, Herbert Earl, 20 Apr 1922-13 Nov 1988
(s/o William Raymond Cowart & Sarah (Sallie) Butler; h/o Dorothy Christine Easterling)

Cowart, James Stanley, 04 Sep 1946-16 Aug 2004
(s/o Oliver James Cowart & Alma Clifton; h/o Christine Evelyn Gamble)

Cowart, John Hazel, 15 Oct 1909-22 Sep 1948
BM1, USNR, WW II, Florida
(s/o William Raymond Cowart & Sarah (Sallie) Butler; h/o Gladys Coleman)

Cowart, Lucille (Rebecca), (28 Nov)1911-(15 Sep)1988
(d/o Walter Branand Cowart & Lena Parrish)

Cowart, Nannie B. (Beatrice), 14 Jan 1885-24 May 1965
(d/o Charles H. Mask & Catherine S. Harris; w/o Oliver W. Cowart)

Cowart, Oliver Gary, 20 Jul 1942-12 Dec 2021
(s/o Oliver James Cowart & Alma Constance Sykes; h/o Rebecca Jane Durrance)

Cowart, Oliver J. (James), 12 Jul 1912-23 Mar 1973
(s/o Oliver Wesley (Ollie) Cowart & Nancy Beatrice (Nannie) Mask; h/o Alma Constance Sykes)

Cowart, Oliver W. (Wesley), 21 Nov 1881-17 Jan 1950
(s/o Hiram (Babe) Cowart & Rebecca Bradshaw; h/o Nancy Beatrice (Nannie) Mask)

Cowart, Rebecca, 1848-1920
(d/o Dickson G. H. Bradshaw & Elizabeth Whitman; w/o Hiram (Babe) Cowart)
(one source has her date of death as 23 Feb 1926)

Cowart, Sallie (Sarah) Butler, 28 Feb 1877-08 Jan 1959
(d/o William V. Butler & Lucy Clifton; w/o William Raymond Cowart)

(Cowart, Thera Edna, 01 Nov 1914-09 Nov 1996)
(d/o John J. Anderson & Edna E. Brett; w/o Thurman C. Young & Charles Hiram Cowart)

Cowart, Unnamed (Infant Son), 1959-1959
Grandson of Wesley Cowart

Cowart, Walter Branand, 12 Sep 1888-12 Dec 1918
(s/o Hiram (Babe) Cowart & Rebecca Bradshaw; h/o Lena Parrish)

Cowart, Walter Edward, (07 Sep)1952-(12 Dec)1958
(s/o Walter Victor Cowart & Hilda Edna Peterson)

Cowart, W. (Walton) Victor, 19 Oct 1928-04 Nov 2000
(s/o Oliver Wesley (Ollie) Cowart & Nancy Beatrice (Nannie) Mask; h/o Hilda Edna Peterson)

Cowart, Wesley Jesse, 01 Dec 1914-02 Oct 1991
(s/o Oliver Wesley (Ollie) Cowart & Nancy Beatrice (Nannie) Mask; h/o Barbara Barry)

Cowart, William Major, 16 Mar 1904-11 Mar 1979
(s/o William Raymond Cowart & Sarah (Sallie) Butler)

Cowart, William Raymond, 02 Nov 1876-10 Apr 1950
(s/o Hiram (Babe) Cowart & Rebecca Bradshaw; h/o Sarah (Sallie) Butler)

Cowdy, Robert L., 25 Nov 1863-12 Jul 1917

Cox, Frank G. (George), 07 Apr 1899-05 Jun 1953
(2nd h/o Rosa Lee Rogero)

Creel, B. (Bronial) Durwood, 06 Sep 1920-12 Mar 2000
SM3, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Dewitt Flemming Creel & Dixie Lavador Norton; h/of Patricia Jean Harvey)

Creel, Dewitt F. (Flemming), (16 Jan)1890-(27 Sep)1960
(s/o N. Elijah Creel &Mary Elizabeth Griffin; h/o Dixie Lavador Norton)

Creel, Dixie (Lavador), (01 Sep)1899-(13 Mar)1946
(d/o Lucious C. Norton & Anna Lee Strickland; w/o Dewitt Flemming Creel)

Creel, Patricia (Jean) Harvey, 04 May 1924-(21 Jun 2016)
(d/o Guy Earnest Harvey & Freda J. (Foxy) Fox; w/o Bronial Durwood Creel & Robert Kilkenny)

Creel, Phillip Durwood, 02 Aug 1965-14 Aug 1965
(s/o Bronial Durwood Creel & Patricia Jean Harvey)

Crews, D (Dallion), (Dec)1903-(18 Aug)1904
(Concrete slab with name scratched in - son of M/M Wiley Crews)
(s/o Wiley Crews & Berdina "Birdie" Moody)

Danks, Daisy M. (May), 03 Jun 1896-15 Apr 1980
(d/o Marquis V. Crews & Ida Dorothy Ray; w/o Cary McCollough & Sheridan Franklin Danks)

(Dantzler, Roger, 09 Jun 1924-13 Oct 1981)
(Pvt. U.S. Army, WWII)

Dartist, Mary, (c 1853-21 Dec 1928)
(d/o Albert A. Ford & Rebecca LNU; w/o John Dartist)

Davis, Evelyn G., (06 Apr)1910-(22 Mar)1981
(d/o Stephen Franklin Raulerson & Clara Virginia (Jennie) Moody; w/o Weldon E. Davis)

(Davis, Mary Lou, 11 Aug 1908-25 Oct 1930)
(d/o Louis Theophilus Reynolds & Lou Ann McCurdy; w/o Preston Abijah Davis)

(Davis, Preston Abijah, 17 Aug 1893-01 Dec 1966)
(s/o William A. Davis & Sarah L. Mims; h/o Mary Lou Reynolds)

Davis, Ruby Martin, 07 Aug 1930-15 Mar 2001
(d/o Alton B. Martin & Elva Johnson; w/o Walter Howard Davis)

Davis, Walter Howard, 12 Dec 1927-17 Mar 2010
(s/o Walter Louis Davis & Ellen Hines; h/o Ruby Martin)

Davis, Weldon E. (Emmett), (16 Dec)1902-(23 Nov)1978
(s/o John Emmett Davis & Ella Mary Ruddick; h/o Evelyn G. Raulerson)

Deen, J. (James) Monroe, 17 May 1853-25 Jan 1917
(s/o James Deen & Hulda Gray; h/o Mary Jane Josephine Sophronia. Miles)

Deen, Sophronia, 29 Dec 1857-14 Nov 1939
(Mary Jane Josephine Sophronia Miles Deen)
(d/o John Wesley Miles & Josephine Tuten; w/o James Monroe Deen)

(Deen, W. E. (William Edward), 06 Aug 1888-17 May 1931)
(s/o James Monroe Deen & Mary J. J. S. Miles; h/o of Frankie L Pittman)
(buried here, exhumed and moved to Trenton Cemetery, Gilchrist CO, FL 17 Feb 1959)

Dees, Ernest J., (09 Oct) 1948-(12 Apr) 2015
(s/o Ernest Dees; h/o Roma Jean McCormick)

Dixon, Mamie L., (01 May)1910-(14 Jul)1998
(d/o William M. Smith & Ella May Riggins; w/o Robert King Braddock & William Estes Dixon)

Dixon, Warner D. (Durante), 17 Dec 1911-10 Jan 1988
Pvt, US Army, WW II
(s/o James Raymond Dixon & Earney May Bennett; h/o Lillie Katherine Rossie)

Dixon, William E. (Estes), (23 Oct)1903-(03 Mar)1981
(s/o James Raymond Dixon & Earney May Bennett; h/o Mamie L. Smith)

Duncan, Lawrence Brooks, 16 Sep 1916-16 May 1992
(s/o Loy B. Duncan & Florence G. Brown)

Earnist, Andrew Victor, 1870-1946
(h/o Mary Frances)

Earnist, Mary Frances, 1865-(29 Mar 1945)1946
(w/o Andrew Victor Earnist)

Edmund, Irvin T. (Theodore), 02 Dec 1914-01 Apr 1962
(s/o Neal A. Edmunds & Virginia (Jennie) Pierce; h/o Esther Davis)

Edmunds, Jennie (Virginia) P. (Pierce), 15 Sep 1885-25 Apr 1964
(d/o Ferney Pierce & Geranah Williamson; w/o Neal A. Edmunds)

Edmunds, Neal A., 22 Jul 1865-16 Apr 1942
(s/o Calvin Edmund & Martha J. Spivey; h/o Ida Williamson & Virginia (Jennie) Pierce)

Edmunds, Rosalie L., 22 Mar 1914-22 May 1997
(d/o Leroy Lightsey & Lilly Christerfer; w/o Wingate Franklin Edmunds)

Edmunds, Wingate Franklin., 24 Nov 1910-10 Jan 2007
(s/o Neal A. Edmunds & Virginia (Jennie) Pierce; h/o Rosalie Lightsey)

Erwin, Ralph E., 22 Apr 1926-20 Sep 1985
U. S. Navy, WW II

Fairclough, Walter (Eugene), 02 Feb 1901-18 Oct 1982
(s/o Thomas A. Fairclough & Emma A. Hicks)

Faulkner, Frank E. (Ernest), (07 Apr)1873-(20 Dec)1943
(s/o William Faulkner & Emma Richardson; h/o Hannah Susie Bogue)

Faulkner, Hannah B., (12 Mar)1878-(21 Jul)1962
(d/o Stephen Arthur Bogue & Emma Dolton; w/o Frank Ernest Faulkner)

Faulkner, June, 1923-1923
(child of Frank Ernest Faulkner & Hanna Susie Bouge)

Ferguson, Alfred A., (Mar)1865-1918
(h/o Carrie Horreta Holle)

Ferguson, Carrie H., (Sep 1866)1867-(25 Dec)1958
(d/o William F. Holle & Artimesia L. Brittain; w/o Alfred A. Ferguson)

Ferguson, George A. (Alfred/Alf), 13 Sep 1898-14 Sep 1967
(s/o Alfred A. (Alf) Ferguson & Carrie Holle; h/o Hershey Joy Bellamy)

Ferguson, Hershey B., 22 Aug 1906-06 Jan 1999
(d/o Hubert Hannibal Bellamy & Jincy Lane Thomason; w/o George Alfred Ferguson)

Ferguson, Jr., James H. (Henry), 31 Mar 1916-04 Jun 1996
(s/o James Henry Ferguson & Madelin Dodson; h/o Margaret Thomas)

Ferguson, Margaret T., 11 Jan 1918-17 Feb 1989
(Nee: Thomas; w/o James Henry Ferguson, Jr)

Flack, Archie (Arthur)Daniel, 08 Apr 1889-07 Jun 1972
(s/o James M. Flack & Mary Ellen Childers; h/o Gertrude LNU)

Flowers, (II), Albert M. (Marion), 20 Aug 1896-12 Jan 1957
Wagoner, U.S. Army, WW I
(s/o Alfred Marion Flowers & Izora A. Rushing; h/o Edna Underhill)

Flowers, Annie Mae, 29 Sep 1897-31 May 1972
(d/o George Best Sandlin & Mary Frances Jones; w/o Morris Flowers)

Flowers, Eleanor Rae, 23 Jun 1944-03 Sep 2011
(d/o O. C. Kelly & Fannie S. LNU; w/o Jack Flowers)
(married 22 Jun 1968)

Flowers, Jack, 23 Jun 1941-(13 Jun 2016)
(w/o Eleanor Rae Kelly)

Flowers, Jr., John Thomas, 25 Dec 1923-03 Sep 1993
TSgt, US Army Air Corps, WW II
(s/o John Thomas Flowers & Louise Laureta Boney; h/o Lois Jean LNU)

Flowers, Morris, 27 Jan 1901-06 Feb 1968
(s/o Samuel Flowers & Rebecca Varnes; h/o Annie Mae Sandlin)

Flowers, (Oscar) Manley, (26 Jun)1936-(23 Jul)2008
(s/o Morris Flowers & Annie Mae Sandlin; h/o Vera Mae Owens)

Flowers, Rebecca, 09 Aug 1872-16 Dec 1945
(d/o John Vincent Varnes & Trinity Mobley; w/o Samuel Flowers)

Flowers, Samuel, 01 Apr 1861-11 Sep 1931
(s/o Cullen Flowers & Hepsey LNU; h/o Rebecca Varnes)

Ford, Albert A. (Jr), (01 Jul)1865-(27 Jul)1921
(s/o Albert A. Ford & Rebeccca LNU; h/o Henrietta Melissa Brown)

Ford, George P., 1900-1922
(s/o Albert A. Ford, Jr. & Henrietta Melissa Brown)

Fore, Carl D., 1906-1927
(s/o Gain Daniel Fore & Perninah (Nina) Skaggs)

Fore, Gain D. (Daniel), (05 Jul)1876-(May)1960
(s/o Ambrose Fore & Cepus Caldwell; h/o Perninah (Nina) Skaggs)

Fore, Grace (Verlon) Creel, 04 Feb1918-08 Feb1986
(d/o Dewitt Flemming Creel & Dixie Lavador; w/o Marcus Boyd Fore)

Fore, Marcus B. (Boyd), 14 Oct 1895-05 Aug 1969
Pvt, US Army, WW I, Mississippi
(s/o Gain Daniel Fore & Perninah (Nina) Skaggs; h/o Grace Verlon Creel)

Fore, Nina (Peninah), (Apr)1876-1927
(d/o Hiram Henry Skaggs & Olivia L. Collier; w/o Gain Daniel Fore)

Franklin, Avery L (Laurence), 17 Aug 1873-04 Aug 1944
(s/o Peter Franklin & Eliza Jane Avery; h/o Katherine B. Murray & Rosie V. Worthrup)

Franklin, Eliza (Jane) Avery, 03 Feb 1851-20 Dec 1921
(d/o Silas Wood Avery & Mary Jane Molaskey; w/o Peter Franklin)

Franklin, Frank A. (Alanson), 14 (08) Feb 1880-18 Oct 1918
(s/o Peter Franklin & Eliza Jane Avery)

Franklin, Peter, 27 Oct 1848-17 Jan 1939
(h/o Eliza Jane Avery)

Frazee, Katie Louise, 17 Mar 1874-31 Mar 1917
(d/o Joseph S. Prevatt & Nancy Ann Harris, w/o James M. Frazee)

Gaines, Kate E., 22 Aug 1927-01 Aug 2011
(s/o Eugene McMillan & Ida Mae Strickland; w/o George R. Gaines)

Gamble, Alvin "Cricket," 19 Sep 1934-01 Nov 2006
(s/o Lonnie William Gamble & Ina Lousie Waters; h/o Janet Bass)

Gamble, Ina L. (Louise), (04 Jan)1906-(21 Oct)1979
(d/o James A. Waters & Ella M. Deen; w/o Lonnie W. Gamble)

Gamble, (James ) Roy, (14 Dec)1929-(08 Sep)1954
(s/o Lonnie William Gamble & Ina Louise Waters)

Gamble, Janet B., 31 Aug 1935-(no dates)
(d/o Jackson McNiece "Jack" Bass & Abbie Ruhamah "Ruth" Transue; w/o Alvin Gamble)

Gamble, Lonnie Vyrl, (07 Apr)1924-(26 Feb)1988
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Lonnie William Gamble & Ina Louise Waters; h/o Evelyn Wiles Thomas & Myrtle LNU)

Gamble, Lonnie W. (William), (22 Jul)1900-(18 Jan)1974
(s/o William Henry Gamble & Ella Jane Perry; h/o Ina Louise Waters)

Gamble, Mac Roy, 09 Sep 1963-12 May 2016
(s/o McCoy R. Gamble & Ima Gene Goss; h/o Sheila LNU & Carla LNU)
(Sgt, US Army)

Gamble, Mary (Trinity) Varnes, 31 May 1926-22 Nov 1993
(d/o John Riley Varnes & Eudelle Morrison; w/o Vernon William Gamble)

Gamble, McCoy "Coy", 14 Mar 1932-23 Jan 2005
PFC U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Lonnie W. Gamble & Ina Louise Waters; h/o Ima Gene Goss)

Gamble, Terrell (Arthur), 13 Nov 1948-07 Apr 1963
(s/o Lonnie Vyrl Gamble & Evelyn Wiiles Thomas)

Gamble, Vernon William, 12 Oct 1926-(23 Oct 2016)
(s/o Lonnie William Gamble & Ina Louise Waters; h/o Mary T. Varnes)

Gatlin, (Neva) Elizabeth Clegg, 15 Mar 1922-01 Apr 1953
(d/o Harry Clegg & Julis W Ferguson; w/o Ila Davis Gatlin, Jr)

Gatlin, Ruth Stella, (01 Apr 1953)-01 Apr 1953
(d/o Davis Gatlin & Neva Elizabeth Clegg)

Gordon, Ethel F. (Franklin), 21 Oct 1875-12 Feb 1967
(w/o Arthur Edward Gordon)

Gordon, Judge Arthur E. (Edward), 17 Jul 1879-10 Jun 1958
(s/o Edward John Gordon & Efie Jessie Bates; h/o Winifred Louise Sherman & Ethel Franklin Wright)

Gore, George A., 08 Aug 1891-17 Jun 1914
(s/o Albert Joseph Gore & Frances Emaline Dudley)

Gormley, (Ethel) Lorene (Lois) Henry, 07 Mar 1921-04 Jun 2003
(d/o William Benjamin Henry & Ethel Lenora Deen; w/o John William Gormley)

Gowdy, Robert L. (Livingston), 25 Nov 1853-12 Jul 1917
(s/o James Earl Gowdy & Theresa Ann McKenzie; h/o Ellen L. LNU)

Graham, Alex (Alexander Z.), 05 Dec 1897-30 Jan 1950
(s/o Jefferson Davis Graham & Patricia Louvenia Blanton; 1st h/o Marie Baker)

Graham, Elizabeth (Marie) "Lizzie", 01 Jan 1879-13 Mar 1949
(w/o William D. Graham)

Graham, Elsie (M), (03 or 08 May)1895-(12 Sep)1963
(d/o Alfred M. Flowers & Izora A. Rushing; w/o John H. Graham)

Graham, Jamie D., 18 Jun 1913-24 Jun 1985
(s/o William Don Graham & Elizabeth Marie LNU; h/o Julia Register)

Graham, Jefferson Davis, 29 Apr 1861-23 May 1932
(s/o Lorenzo Dow Graham & Prudence Grainger; h/o Patience Lavine Blanton & Louvenia Strickland)

Graham, John H.(Humbert), (01 Apr)1891-(03 Jun)1955
(s/o Jefferson Davis Graham & Patience L. Blanton; h/o Elsie M. Flowers)

Graham, Julia R., 16 Aug 1917-13 Apr 2005
(d/o Thomas Ezekiel Register & Daisy Mae Hamilton; w/o Jamie D. Graham)

Graham, Leta Faye, 28 Feb 1941-01 Mar 1941
(d/o Alexander Z. (Alex) Graham & Marie Baker)

Graham, Louvenia S. (Strickland), 15 Sep 1873-20 Mar 1955
(d/o Andrew Daniel Strickland & Catheren Agnes Strickland; 2nd w/o Jefferson Davis Graham)

Graham, Richard D. (David), 01 Jul 1934-07 Jan 1998
(U.S. Navy Reserve)
(s/o Jamie D. Graham & Julia H. Register; h/o Eleanor R. Cade & Antoinette LNU)

Graham, W.(William) D. (Don), 14 May 1883-03 Jun 1958
(s/o Jefferson Davis Graham & Patience Lavine Blanton; h/o Elizabeth Marie "Lizzie" LNU)

Gray, Amy S., 1881-1947

Gunter, Jim P. (James Penn), (23 Feb)1889-(01 Oct)1973
South Carolina Pvt. OMC World War I
(s/o William T. Gunter & Luella A.Henderson; h/o Ella Virginia Sykes & Agnes Marie Moody)

Gunter, Marie (Agnes Marie), (25 Nov)1894-(09 Aug)1982
married 1912
(d/o John Tillman Moody & Ela Juietta Prevatt; w/o James Penn Gunter)

Haight, Alwilda Cornelia (Allie), 09 Aug 1877-25 Oct 1960
(d/o Harlow Skeil Knowlton & Mary Jane Monroe; w/o William Benton Haight)

Haight, William Benton, 19 Mar 1874-29 Apr 1945
(s/o Francis Marion Haight & Mary Jane Sinks; h/o Alwidla Cornelia Knowlton)

Hall, D. D. (David Dyal), (02 Feb)1859-(11 Nov)1932
(s/o Berrien Lewis Hall & Maria Johnson; h/o Nellie F. Roak)

Hall, Maria, 24 Jun 1824-30 Apr 1886
Wife of B. L. (Berrien Lewis) Hall
(d/o Malcolm Johnson & Sara Davis)

Hall, Maudie M., (Mar 1885)-17 Dec 1885
Dau of C. (Charlton) B. & L. (Laery) A. (Dyal) Hall, age 9 mos & 10 dys

Hall, Nellie F. (Ellen Francis), (15 Oct )1860-(19 Feb)1929
(d/o John Roak & Mary Ann McQueeney); w/o David Dyal Hall)

Hall, Sallie (Sarah) Poppell, 1872-1902
(d/o James Gideon Poppell & Nancy Ann Yarbrough; w/o Malta Hall)

Hankins, Jane Elizabeth Bush, 16 Aug 1928-28 May 1999
(d/o Theodore L Bush & Bessie M. Wilson; w/o Charles J. Hankins)

(Hardee, Hilda Ellen, 06 Jun 1928-14 Dec 1933)
(d/o Jonah Dillon Hardee & Mary Elizabeth Williams)

Hardee, Iola, 11 Jun 1905-25 Dec 1941
(d/o William Edward Mew & Rebecca Caldonia "Donnie" King; w/o James Luther Hardee)

Harris, Ethel L. (Lenora) Deen, 01 May 1900-17 May 1986
(d/o James M. Deen & Mary J. J. S. Miles; w/o William Benjamin Henry, Norman Maurice Lawson, & George Harris)

Harris, (Mary) Thelma R., 11 Aug 1898-17 Oct 1996
(d/o William R Ruth & Josephine L. Sykes; w/o Wilbur Varboro & Sampson Harris)

Harris, Sampson, 20 Dec 1895-10 Mar 1975
(s/o Steve Harris & Missouri Peterson; h/o Mary Thelma Ruth)

Harrison, Vera E., (10 Oct)1905-(02 Sep)1983

Harvey, Daisy W., (09 Sep)1889-(28 Jan)1980
(d/o Thomas A.Wilson & Elizabeth Sires; w/o Robert Harrison Harvey)

Harvey, Freda J., (Jessie), 04 Oct 1894-01 Aug 1992
(d/o Jessie Albert Fox & Mahala Jane Keller; w/o Guy Earnest Harvey)

Harvey, Guy E., (Earnest) 01 Apr 1894-19 Mar 1959
U.S. Army, WW I
(s/o James C. Harvey, Jr. & Jane "Jennie" Shackleford; h/o Freda Jessie Fox)

Harvey, Robert H. (Harrison), 30 Jun 1888-24 Jan 1967
(s/o James C. Harvey, Jr. & Jane "Jennie" Shackleford; h/o Daisy E. Wilson)

Harvey, Wilbur W., 15 Dec 1909-16 May 1971
MOMM 3, U.S. Navy, WW II, FL
(s/o Robert Harrison Harvey & Daisy Wilson; h/o Gertrude Madran, Mary C. Waters & Catherine LNU)

Haylock, Irma A. (Alvira), 01 Feb 1903-14 Nov 1995
(d/o Charles Henry Horne & Irma Alvira Shaw; w/o John Frederick Haylock)

Haylock, J (John) Fred (Frederick), 26 Aug 1899-25 Aug 1981
(s/o Ernest Albert Haylock & Fanny Butcher; h/o Irma Alvira "Anna" Horne)

Haymart, Della I., (I’Dell), (29 Dec)1909-(29 Apr)1995
(d/o Julius Lafayette Haymart & Eugenia A. (Jennie) Thompson)

Haymart, Eugenia A., 04 Apr 1882-31 Mar 1954
(d/o Jasper Thompson & Emma LNU; w/o Julius Lafayette Haymart)

Haymart, Julius L. (Lafayette), 22 Oct 1869-02 Apr 1960
(s/o Julius B. Haymart & Ardelia Tire; h/o Eugenia A. (Jennie) Thompson)

Haynes, Dorothy (Alice), 15 Feb 1937-28 Mar 2011
(d/o Gerald Derward Lambling & Dorothy Shields; w/o Robert Horace Haynes)

Hedengren, Beanie, (17 May)1926-(15 Jan)2009
(w/o Wallace Bernard Hedengren)

Hedengren, Madeline T., 12 Dec 1904-05 Feb 1980
(d/o Edward Dupont & Elizabeth Cadoret; w/o Carl Gustav Hedengren)

Hedengren, Wally (Wallace Bernard), (23 Jul)1922-(20 Apr)2014
(s/o Carl Gustav Hedengren & Madeline T. Dupont; h/o Irene Bertha Hochgesand & Allivina May "Beanie" Richards)
(SSgt, US Army, WW II)

Heinemann, Mark Douglas, 07 May 1944-(no date)
(s/o Robert Edward Heinemann & Romilda LNU; h/o Sandra Michelle Davis)

Hendrex (Hendrix) , Grace B., (28 Sep)1928-(14 Jan 1989)1990
(d/o Thomas Eugene Byrd & Annie L Mew; w/o Charles Kilby Hendrix)

Hendrickson, Axel G. (Gunnar), 15 Aug 1900-21 Jan 1991
(s/o Olaus Henriksson; h/o Gretrude Blixt & Mary Victoria Baker)

Hendrickson, (Mary) Victoria Baker Ambrose, 02 Jan 1905-14 Oct 1993
(d/o Thomas Arant Baker & Marie Babers; w/o Burwell Kilbourne Ambrose & Axel Gunnar Hendrickson)

Hendrix, Charles Kilby "Charlie," 27 Nov 1952-22 May 2006
(s/o Charles Kilby Hendrix & Marilyn Grace Byrd; h/o Brenda Faye McCormick)

Henley, Paschal D. (Dyer), 06 May 1929-21 Apr 1977
(s/o Robert A. Henley & Minnie Pendegrass; h/o Nina Ladell McCaleb & Grace Harrison)

Henry, Corbett Earnest, 26 Sep 1917-12 Jan 1918)
(s/o William Benjamin Henry & Ethel Lenora Deen)

Henry, Francis Iona Ruth, 28 Dec 1929-06 Jun 2002
(d/o William R. Ruth & Phoenie M. Maphurs; w/o William Myrl "Bud" Henry)

Henry, James Edd (Edward), 20 Feb 1922-25 Jan 1967
(s/o William Benjamin Henry & Ethel Lenora Deen; h/o Freida Bosler Sykes)

Henry, Myrl “Bud”Willis, 28 Jun 1928-05 May 2013
(s/o William Benj. Henry & Ethel L. Deen; h/o Francis Iona Ruth)

(Henry, Myrl Mitchel, 30 Oct 1952-19 Mar 2021)
(s/o Myrl Willis Henry & Francis Iona Ruth; h/o Lila Marie Allen & Pamela Sue Holzschuher)

Henry, William “Ben” (Benjamin), (09 Aug 1897)1898-(Dec)1956
(s/o William Samuel Henry & Lizzie Harris; 1st h/o Ethel Lenora Deen)

Hines, (Burnice) Eugene, 07 Aug 1923-09 Apr 2002
(s/o Arthur M. Hines & Ollie V. Ruffey; h/o Doris Jean Gibson & Maxine Sperry)

Hines, Doris J., 22 Aug 1932-11 Aug 1995
married 24 Nov 1976
(d/o Delaney Gibson & Flora Steele; w/o Eugene Hines)

Hires, Henry E. (Ellis), 24 Feb 1892-31 Jul 1959
(s/o James Hires & America LNU; h/o Rozilee Smith)

Hires, Rozilee, 05 Jul 1899-18 Feb 1948
(d/o Keller Hartridge Smith & Mary Sophronia Smith; w/o Henry Ellis Hires)

Hiscock, Daniel Russell, 30 Dec 1911-11 Sep 1940
(s/o Hubert Alonzo Hiscock & Ester L. Angler; 1st h/o Charlotte Almeda Cade)

Hiscock, Jr., Daniel Russell, (14 Feb)1937 - (no date)
(s/o Daniel Russell Hiscock & Charlotte Almeda Cade; h/o Lois Carolyn Bass)

Hiscock, Lois Carolyn Bass, (10 Apr) 1938-(19 Dec) 2014
(d/o Jackson McNiece "Jack" Bass & Abbie Ruhamah "Ruth" Transue; w/o Daniel Russell Hiscock, Jr.)

Holloway, Infant, (No dates inscribed)

Hood, James Oliver, 02 Oct 1924-25 Jun 1949
SSgt, Co A, 1st Bn, 505th Reg, 82 AB
(s/o Robert Lovic Hood & Mollie Clara Garner)

Hood, (Mollie) Clara G., 26 Aug 1893-15 Feb 1978
(d/o James W. Gardner & Lelar Bellamy; w/o Robert Lovic Hood)

Hood, Robert Lovic, 03 Dec 1895-13 Jan 1958
(s/ o George Oliver Hood & Sarah Frances "Sallie" McDowell; h/o Mollie Clara Garner)

(Hood, Thelma L., 23 Aug 1922-15 Apr 1935)
(d/o Robert Lovic Hood & Mollie Clara Garner)

Hookway, Jack W., 05 Jun 1916-20 Jul 1978
U.S. Marine Corps, WW II
(s/o Frank Cornelius Hookway & Lillian Lyons; h/o LaVerne Wendt)

Horne, James R., 1908-1939

Hudson, Laura Lee (1871-(07 Jul)1961
(w/o John Hudson)

Humphrey, Glennie M., (14 Mar)1921-(22 Apr)1995
(d/o James Thomas Pittman & Ethel Estelle Moore; w/o Albert Lewis Bell & FNU Humphrey)

Jackson, J. Thomas, (15 Mar 1879)-25 Mar 1897
Died age 18 yrs & 10 dys
(s/o Thomas W. Jackson & Sallie Rollins)

Jackson, Thomas W., 22 May 1843-20 Sep 1902
(Burwell W. Jackson & Clara Harris; h/o Sarah A. "Sallie" Rollins)

Jeffries, Sr., George B. (Bower), 10 Feb 1908-03 Nov 1951
(1st h/o Phyllis Doris Owens)

Jimenez, Atilana, 25 Dec 1925-17 Jul 2003

(Johnson, Alma Catherine, 31 Mar 1910-28 Sep 1999)
(d/o Oliver Wesley Cowart & Nancy Beatrice Mask; w/o Riley Randall Malphurs & Henry Gustave Johnson)

Johnson, Baby, 08 Sep 1938-08 Sep 1938

Johnson, Bryan E.(Eugene), 12 Feb 1935-04 Mar 1997
(s/o Raleigh Ober Johnson & Mary Belle Rowe; h/o Marie Louise Pomponio)

Johnson, Claude J., 23 Aug 1900-11 July 1984

Johnson, Dennis N., 06 Oct 1940-(no date)
(h/o Phyllis S. Finney)

Johnson, D. (Daniel) M., 04 Nov 1870-30 Dec 1953
(h/o Mobeliela Vashti Cooner)

Johnson, Eliza Jane, (24 Jun)1909-(08 Mar)1978
(d/o Levin W. Tomlinson & Willie Andra Sumner; w/o John B. Rivers & James D. Johnson)

Johnson, Henry G. (Gustave), 18 Dec 1897-11 Jul 1967
(U.S.Navy, WW I)
(s/o Alfred Gustave Johnson & Elvira Chalott Olson; 2nd h/o Alma Catherine Cowart)

Johnson, James D., 22 Apr 1916-09 Nov 1968
(s/o William Thomas Johnson & Minnie Summers; h/o Eliza Jane Tomlinson & Marceile Helen Byrd)

Johnson, Marceile H. (Helen), 15 Dec 1921-28 Jan 1996
(d/o Edward C. Byrd & Helen A. Cade;w/o Monroe Waters, James Henry Conrad, James D. Johnson & Edgar D. Miles)

Johnson, Marie L. (Louise), 01 Apr 1937-20 Feb 1999
(d/o Ciro E. Pomponio & Grace L. Duffy; w/o Bryan E. Johnson)

Johnson, Mobelia (Vashti), 07 Jan 1880-20 Nov 1948
(d/o John Cooner & Sarah Pink Crapps; w/o Daniel M. Johnson)

Johnson, Phyllis S. (Sue), 13 Aug 1942-24 Jan 1972
(d/o Clifton Finney & Mabel Vaughn; w/o Clarence Paul Allsop & Dennis N. Johnson)

Jones, Barbara Ann, 1937-1939
(d/o Everard P. Jones & Mildred Lou Ella Yelvington)

Jones, Ela (Juietta) Moody, 29 Jun 1870-04 Feb 1945
(d/o Joseph S. Prevatt & Nancy A. Harris; w/o John Tillman Moody & General L. Jones)

Jones, Everard P. (Patterson), 20 May 1910-06 May 1995
Cpl, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Preston Brook Jones & Sarah Edith Walker; h/o Mildred Lou Ella Yelvington)

Jones, General L. (Lee), 28 Jun 1886-15 Jan 1975
(s/o Mitchell Jones & Sarah Burnsed; h/o Mary Elizabeth Johnson, Ela Juietta Moody & Maggie L. LNU)

Jones, Maggie L., 05 Jan 1883-11 Mar 1971
(w/o General Lee Jones)

Jones, Mildred Lue Ella, 27 May 1914-26 Jun 1991
(d/o Reuben Yelvington & Luella "Ella" Cowart; w/o Everard Patterson Jones)

Jones, Sarah Edith, (19 May)1874-(15 Jul)1949
(d/o George Edward Walker & Mary Pollie Taylor; w/o Preston Brook Jones)

(Kilkenny, Patricia Jean, 04 May 1924-21 Jun 2016)
(d/o Guy Ernest Harvey & Freda Jessie Fox, w/o Bronial Durwood Creel & Robert Kilkenny)

King, Cheryl (Ann), 1956-(Nov)1956
Dau of Dale R. & Lucy E. King

King, Dale R. (Robert), (25 Jul)1925-(23 Jul)1987
(s/o Thomas Jefferson King & Marion Ewers; h/o Lucy Etta Brown)

King, Earl Wesley, 12 Jan 1925-19 Jun 1970
PFC Co A 136 Infantry, WW II
(s/o Joseph Wesley King & Ruth Gause; 2nd h/o Carolyn May Hosford)

King, Glenn, 1947-1947
Son of Dale R. & Lucy E. King

King, (Helen) Henrietta B., 03 Feb 1920-12 Jan 1934
(on same stone as Joseph D. King, Jr)
(d/o Henry H. King & Hester Smith)

King, Henry H. (Hansel), 09 Mar 1890-25 Jan 1973
S2 U.S. Navy, WW I
(s/o Joseph Brevard Edge King & Helen Ann Rebecca Fullwood; h/o Hester Smith)

King, Hester, 16 Feb 1894-03 Jan 1998
(d/o Henry B. Smith & Alice A. Sellers; w/o Henry Hansel King)

King, James Wilton, 20 Aug 1928-25 May 1961
PFC U.S. Marine Corps Res WW II Florida
(s/o Joseph Wesley King & Ruth Gause)

King, Jr., (Joseph D. Dayton), 06 Apr 1960-(no dates)
(s/o Joseph D. King & Jean LNU)

King, J. (Joseph) Wesley, 28 Jan 1892-31 Jan 1933
(s/o Jonah Collins King & Elizabeth Cox; h/o Lola T. Buckles & Ruth Gause)

King, Lois, 26 Nov 1917-28 Nov 1917
Dau of Lola T. and J. W. King

King, Lucy E. (Etta), (27 Feb)1926-(21 Feb)1992
(d/o Samuel Brown & Bulah King; w/o Dale Robert King)

King, Orbin Collins, 12 Mar 1923-04 Jun 1951
Sgt U.S.M.C.R. WW II Florida
(s/o Joseph Wesley King & Ruth Gause; h/o Sara Mae Cain)

King, Unnamed, 1955-1955
Stillborn Child of Dale R. & Lucy F. King

Kleingartner, Cheryl Leigh, 03 Apr 1963-06 Mar 1974
(d/o Elmer Frederick Kleingartner & Martha Elizabeth Mayfield)

Knief, Macy W., (13 Feb)1916-(12 May)1980
(d/o Alex Waters & Alma Cooner; w/o FNU Knief)

Knight, Eloise, 24 Nov 1902-01 Mar 1909
Dau of W. E. (Walter Eugene) & Salome J (Jane Kellum) Knight

Langford, Charles Marvin, 25 Feb 1918-29 May 1984
(s/o Madison Leroy Langford & Susan Annie Langford; h/o Frances Jeannette Owens)

Langford, Frances Jeannette, 27 Jun 1922-21 Dec 1995
(d/o Robert Bruce Owens & Ida Belle Prevatt; w/o Charles Marvin Langford)

Langford, Kimball Francis, 27 Feb 1948-19 Mar 1949
(s/o Charles Marvin Langford & Frances Jeannette Owens)

Lapinski, Wylene Mayfield, 04 Jan 1936-05 Apr 1982
(d/o William Howard Mayfield & Mary Thelma Davis; w/o William James Lapinski)

Lathrop, Charles W. (Wayne), (10 Jun)1890-(May)1969
(s/o Charles Philip Lanthrop & Nancy Elizabeth Calbreath; h/o Lottie Mae Fox)

Lathrop, J. (Jessie) C., 04 Mar 1915-20 Aug 1992
1st Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Charles Wayne Lathrop & Lottie Mae Fox; h/o Mary Nell Christmas)

Lathrop, Lottie M. (Mae), (18 Jan)1891-(01 Jul)1971
(d/o James Albert Fox & Mahala Jane Keller; w/o Charles W. Lathrop)

Lathrop, Mary Nell, 12 Apr 1916-15 Nov 2007
(Joseph Ernest Christmas & Antie M. Hughes; w/o Jessie C. Lathrop)

Lawson, Arthur L. (Leonard), 09 Aug 1912-06 Feb 1995
U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Norman Blanchard Lawson & Emma Esther Spear; h/o Audrey Alma Morace)

Lawson, Audrey M., 11 Dec 1926-23 Dec 1997
(d/o Octave J. Morace & Lena P. David; w/o Clarence Thompson & Arthur Leonard Lawson)

Lawson, Emma E. (Esther), 15 Dec 1886-14 Oct 1964
(d/o John William Spear & Alice L. Railey; w/o Norman Benjamin Lawson)

Lawson, Fred K. (Kirton), 12 Nov 1918-20 Dec 1942
(s/o Norman B. Lawson & Emma Esther Spear)

Lawson, Norman B. (Benjamin) “Cornbread,” 29 Mar 1883-08 Aug 1978
(s/o Joseph Brown Lawson & Ida V. Railey; h/o Emma Esther Spear)

Lawson, N. (Norman) M. (Maurice), (25 Feb)1906-(21 Feb)1973
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Norman B. Lawson & Emma Esther Spear; h/o Bertha LNU & Ethel Lenora Deen)

Lawson, Wyle Marcel, 14 Feb 1916-26 Jul 1944
(s/o Norman B. Lawson & Emma Esther Spear)

Loadholtz, Eleanor (Catherine) M., (21 Apr)1933-(Aug)1961
(d/o Donald C. Marshall & Ivy Raulerson; w/o Larry Lewis Loadholtz)

Loadholtz, Larry L. (Lewis), (06 Jun)1932-(25 Feb)2014
(s/o Shelton W. Loadholtz & Mae Register; h/o Eleanor Catherine Marshall & Helen Joyce LNU)

Loadholtz, Mae R., 14 Feb 1911-06 Sep 1997
(d/o Thomas Ezekiel Register & Daisy Mae Hamilton; w/o Shelton W. Loadholtz)

Loadholtz, Shelton W., 23 Mar 1901-22 Apr 1982
(s/o Joseph W. Loadholtz & Matilda Croft; h/o Mae Register)

(Lungren, Claudine E., 20 Sep 1935-20 May 2017)
(d/o Claude Willis Yelvington & Martha Jewel Dixon; w/o Hugh Burgin Lungren)

Malphurs, Albert Riley "Bubba," 15 Dec 1932-05 Jan 2009
(U.S. Air Force)
(s/o Riley Randall Malphurs & Alma Catherine Cowart; h/o Evelyn Dean & Martha Jane Stewart)

Malphurs, Dena Kay, 11 May 1973-08 Dec 1998
(d/o Albert Riley Malphurs & Martha Jane Stewart)

(Malphurs, Joseph Randall, 09 Sep 1931-04 Apr 2023)
(s/o Riley Randall Malphurs & Alma Catherine Cowart, h/o Mary Ellen Burnsed & Florence Lillian Nickerson)

Martin, Alton B. (Red), 17 Mar 1904-19 Sep 1973
(s/o Quillian Edward Martin & Ella May Todd; h/o Elva Johnson)

Martin, Ann Rebecca, 05 Nov 1878-07 Nov 1946

Martin, Elva J., 07 Dec 1907-23 Feb 1967
(Nee: Johnson; w/o Alton B. Martin)

Martin, Eugene Daniel, 18 Mar 1928-17 Dec 1985
Cpt, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Alton B. Martin & Elva Johnson)

Martin, James (J. C.), 22 Feb 1925-05 Nov 1931
(s/o Alton B. Martin & Elva Johnson)

Martin, Joyce (Evelyn), 31 Dec 1931-26 Jan 2015
(d/o William J. Woodard & Neva Viola Cassandra Creech; w/o Eugene Daniel Martin)

Martin, Reid Eugene, 01 Feb 1962-18 Feb 1991
(s/o Eugene Daniel Martin & Joyce Evelyn Woodard)

Martin, Walter R., 24 Dec 1913-08 Jul 1966

Maryes, James Otis, 11 Jul 1921-25 Dec 1995
(s/o Luther Albert Maryes & Effie Lela Graham; h/o Martha Florence Carlisle)

Maryes, Lela, (Nov)1889-(11 Jul)1961
(d/o Jefferson Davis Graham & Patience L. Blanton; w/o Luther Albert Mayres)

Maryes, Luther A. (Albert), (16 Jul)1889-(26 Feb)1960
(s/o James Ratlif Maryes & Mary Victoria Manuel; h/o Effie Lela Graham)

Maryes, Robert Lee, (03 Sep)1930-(12 Aug)1983
(s/o Luther Albert Maryes & Effie Lela Graham; h/o Ruby Dell Watson)

Maryes, Ruby Dell, (24 Aug)1918-(23 Dec)1989
(d/o John Nathan Watson & Mary Christian Hatten; w/o Robert Lee Corley & Robert Lee Maryes)

Mask, (Charles Henderson), (Jan 1854)-16 Apr 1924
In Remembrance of Charles H. Mask died at age 69 years
(s/o William N Mask & Louisa F. LNU; h/o Catherine S. Harris

Mask, Claudie, (29 Sep 1883)1882-(20 Jul) 1961
(Nee: Carlisle; w/o Thomas Clyde Mask)

Mask, Katie (Catherine) S., 25 Sep 1851-09 Apr 1938
(d/o Elisha Addison Harris & Cassaline Hicks; w/o Charles Henderson Mask)

Mask, T. (Thomas) C. (Clyde), (19 Jun)1882-(16 Dec)1949
(s/o Charles Henderson Mask & Catherine S. (Kate) Harris; h/o Claudia Carlisle)

Mathews, Leander, (15 Dec)1921-(20 Dec)1954
(s/o Starkey Mathews & Maggie Chavis)

Mathews, Maggie, 15 Nov 1891-30 Dec 1976
(d/o Levi Chavis & Maggie Jeffcoat; w/o Starkey Mathews)

Mathews, Starkey, (31 Aug)1892-(17 Apr)1980
(s/o Burrell F. Mathews & Nancy Broom; w/o Maggie Chavis)

Matthues, James Coy, (15 Mar)1924-(16 Apr)1964
(s/o Starkey Mathews & Maggie Chavis)

Mayfield, Ethyle Elizabeth, 12 Nov 1909-25 Dec 1982
(d/o Thomas A. Baker and Marie Baber; w/o John Caldwell Mayfield)

Mayfield, John Caldwell, 06 Aug 1905-20 Mar 1970
(s/o John Dawson Mayfield & Nannie Emma Caldwell; h/o Ethyle Elizabeth Baker)

Mayfield, John Dawson, 15 May 1872-19 Jan 1942
(s/o Green W. Mayfield & Gabrella Phillips; h/o Nannie Emma Caldwell)

Mayfield, Mary Thelma, 15 Sep 1902-10 Mar 1981
(d/o John Smith Davis & Mary Elizabeth Drew; w/o William Howard Mayfield)

Mayfield, Nannie Emma, 07 Oct 1876-28 Jul 1961
(d/o David Caldwell & Margaret Frances Wheless; w/o John Dawson Mayfield)

Mayfield, Unnamed Daughter, 21 May 1943-21 May 1943

Mayfield, Unnamed Son, 14 Feb 1932-15 Feb 1932

Mayfield, William Howard, 20 Jul 1900-10 Feb 1969
FL, Lt Cmrd, U.S. Navy, WW I & WW II
(s/o John Dawson Mayfield & Nannie Emma Caldwell; h/o Mary Thelma Davis)

McArn (Jr). G. (George) C. (Cornelius), 06 Jun 1914-28 Oct 1960
(compiler's father-in-law)
(s/o George Cornelius McArn & Agnes B. Smith; h/o Fannie Marie Buckles & Sayde Lee Byrd)

McBride, Douglas B. (Bowen), 06 Jan 1945-25 Jul 1977
(s/o Halcyon E. McBride & Mabel Bowen; h/o Miriam Gail Cowart & Mary Frances Miller)

McBride, Halcyon E. (Elsworth), (29 Jun)1894-1953
(s/o William H. McBride and Malvina V. Braddock; h/o Mabel Bowen)

McBride, Mabel Bowen, (23 Aug)1904-(14 Jul)1988
(d/o Clarence C. Bowen & Mable Claire Richardson; w/o Halcyon Elsworth McBride)

McBride, Malvina V., (Feb)1870-(16 May)1940
(d/o William C. Braddock & Malvina V. Bright; w/o William H. McBride)

McBride, William H. (Harry), (12 Jul)1863-(24 May)1921
(s/o Peter McBride & Catherine J. McQuaig; h/o Malvina V. Braddock)

McCamey, Arris French, (23 Jul)1889-(04 Jun)1971
(s/o James McCamey & Ida Nolan; h/o Elmina Mae King)

McCamey, Barbara J. (Jean), 21 Sep 1950-25 Sep 1950
(d/o Edgar C. McCamey & Marie King)

McCamey, Edgar C. (Collins), (25 Oct)1927-(12 May)1995
(s/o Arris French McCamey & Elmina Mae King; h/o Marie King)

McCamey, Edie Eliz, 1912-1915
(d/o Arris French McCamey & Elmina Mae King)

McCamey, Elmina Mae, (17 Sep)1890-(12 Jul)1959
(d/o Jonah Collins King & Elizabeth Jane Cox; w/o Arris French McCamey)

(McCamey, Marie, 21 Apr 1926-31 May 2000)
(d/o Benjamin Franklin King & Vera Ewers; w/o Edgar Collins McCamey)

McCamey, Randall E. (Edgar), 27 Dec 1954-30 Dec 1966
(s/o Edgar C. McCamey & Marie King)

McCormick, Dorothy M. (Mary), 03 Mar 1921-05 Feb 1997
(d/o James Arthur Waters & Ella May Deen; w/o James Harold McCormick)

McCormick, James H. (Harold "Mac"), 23 Jun 1917-27 Apr 1999
SSgt, U.S. Army, WW I
(s/o Harold McCormick & Nellie Adell Tarbox; h/o Dorothy Mae Waters)

McCullough, Jr., Ray Daniel, (28 Feb)1938-(30 Mar)1998
(s/o Ray Daniel McCullogh & Clarice Jeannette Malphurs; w/o Barbara Windchester)

McLauchlin, Don W., 14 Jan 1940-25 Jun 2013
(h/o Joan Carolyn Bennett)

McLauchlin, Joan C., 25 Dec 1944-
(w/o Don W. McLauchlin)

McMercer, Ada, 1896-1957

McMillan, Eugene, 22 Jul 1896-10 Jul 1985
U.S. Navy, WW I
(s/o William Sanders McMillan & Selena Susan Carter; h/o Ida Mae Strickland)

McMillan, Ida Mae, 09 Feb 1895-29 Feb 1956
(d/o Joseph Henry Strickland & Sallie Colson Ramsey; w/o Eugene McMillan)

McMillan, P. (Paul) Foster, 19 Dec 1931-29 Aug 1982
(s/o Eugene McMillan & Ida Mae Strickland)

(Melan, German, 21 Aug1963-19 Nov 2022)
(s/o Carlos Gabriel Melan & Maria Consuelo Pineda; h/o Sonia LNU)

Mercer, Adam C. (Courtland), (26 Mar)1896-(Aug)1957
(s/o Jacob Mercer & Missouri Murphy; h/o Pearl Clifton Wilson)

Mew, Ada May, 1905-1908
(d/o Solomon Joseph Mew & Jennie Stanley)

Mew, C. (Cleveland) W. "Sonnie," (25 Dec)1916-(04 May) 2013
(s/o Solomon Joseph Mew & Frances Letta Cook; h/o Louise Gunter)

Mew, Coy J.(James Coy), (26 Nov 1874)1876-(22 Jun) 1928
(h/o Kizzie P. LNU & Sarah Martha Gause)

Mew, Diana (Geneva), Oct 1923-Jun 1925
(d/o M/M J. C. Mew; obit published 21 May 1925 shows dod as 20 May 1925)

Mew, Donna King (Rebecca Caldonia), 24 Mar 1810-3 Feb 1956
(d/o Jonah Collins King & Elizabeth Jane Cox; w/o William Edward Mew)

Mew, Elizabeth Anne, 21 Jun 1967-29 Jun 2010
(d/o Robert Horace Haynes & Dorothy Alice "Dottie" Lambing; w/o Lance Joseph Mew)

Mew, Frances L. (Lettie)(Fannie), (13 Apr)1894-(26 Oct)1979
(d/o Quince E. Cook & Mary Ann Spivey; w/o Solomon Joseph Mew)

Mew, Grace P., (26 Dec)1946-(no dates)
(d/o John Peterson & Mildred Miller; w/o Richard Wilson Mew)

Mew, James Corbett, (26 Mar)1930-(04 Feb)2008
(U.S. Army, Veteran)
(s/o Solomon Joseph Mew & Francis Letta Cook; h/o Marilyn Daugharty)

Mew, Jennie S., (07 Aug)1885-(30 Apr 1907)1905
(d/o Leonard J. Stanley & Catherine Mishoe; 1st w/o Solomon Joseph Mew)

Mew, Louise J., (11 Jul)1916-(30 Dec)1999
(d/o Jim Penn Gunter & Agnes Marie Moody; w/o Cleveland W. Mew)

(Mew, Marilyn, 05 Mar 1934-29 Jan 2018)
(d/o Lance Daugharty & Helen M. Reed; w/o James Corbett Mew)

Mew, Richard W. (Wilson), 13 Nov 1943-07 Sep 2005
(FN U. S. Navy Vietnam)
(s/o Cleveland Wilson Mew & Louise Gunter; h/o Grace Peterson)

Mew, S. (Sarah) Martha, (Mar 1877)1884-(06 Aug)1957
(d/o Robert Franklin Gause & Sarah Margaret Todd; w/o James Coy Mew)

Mew, Serena Ann, 08 Feb 1876-16 Jul 1953
(d/o Phillip M. McCormick & Sarah Emaline Hardee; w/o William Edge Mew)

Mew, Soloman J. (Joseph) (28 Nov)1884-(07 Sep)1972
(s/o Abel Mew & Mary Elizabeth Brown; h/o Jennie Stanley & Letha Frances Cook)

Mew, William Edge, 07 Nov 1874- 12 Oct 1952
(s/o Abel Mew & Patience King; h/o Serena Ann McCormick)

Mew, William Edward, 12 Oct 1875-25 Feb 1937
(s/o Abel Mew & Patience King; h/o Anne M. Elkes, Julia A. Stavely & Rebecca Caldonia "Donnie" King)

Meyer, Ernest, 13 Mar 1878-24 Apr 1942
(h/o Signe Christine Anderson)

Meyer, Signe Christine, 19 Apr 1890-29 Jul 1955
(d/o Louis Anderson & Andrea Amundsen; w/o Ernest Meyer)

(Meza, Alma Ruth, 06 Jun 1961-11 Aug 2021)
(d/o Jose Bonilla & Rosa Alfaro; w/o Joaquin H. Meza)

Miles, Aaron Brian, 06 Dec 1986-03 Jan 2005
(s/o William Miles & Helen Barker)

Miles, Christopher Alan, 06 Dec 1980-17 May 2015
(s/o Ralph A. Miles & Linda Diane Sheffield)

Miles, Edgar D. (Donald), (12 Mar)1897-(19 Apr)1975
(s/o John W. Miles & Sarah E. Drawdy; h/o Patsy S. Lewis)

Miles, Jr., Edgar D. (Donald), 21 Sep 1926-15 Feb 1978
U.S. Navy
(s/o Edgar Donald Miles & Patsy S. Lewis; h/o Marceile Helen Johnson)

Miles, Edith Agnes, 17 May 1857-13 Nov 1926
(d/o Rev. Willaim de Molgnes; w/o William George Miles)

(Miles, Marceile Helen, 15 Dec 1921-28 Jan 1966)
(d/o Edward Christian Byrd & Helen Amelia Cade; w/o Edgar Donald Miles, Jr.)

Miles, Patsy S. (Selena), (14 Dec 1900)1899-(27 Jan)1981
(d/o William Harris Lewis & Elizabeth Hullanber; w/o Edgar Donald Miles, Sr.)

(Miles, Vera Annie, 19 Jan 1920-14 Mar 2018)
(d/o Frederick Floyd Prevatt & Ava Martha Ann Miles; w/o William Otis Miles)

Miles, William George, 21 Mar 1852-19 Nov 1928
(h/o Edith Agnes de Molgnes)

Miles, William O. (Otis), 16 Nov 1919-19 Jan 1995
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II, Purple Heart
(s/o Edgar Donald Miles & Patsy Lewis; h/o Vera Prevatt)

Miller, Emily A. (Alice), 27 Oct 1887-10 Apr 1965
(d/o Jonah Collins King & Elizabeth Jane Cox; w/o Porter A. Miller)

Miller, Porter A. (Alexander), 16 Nov 1886- 09 Aug 1952
(s/o John Wesley Miller & Annie Eliza Indiana Florida Jamerson; h/o Emily A. King)

Miller, Rev. W. C., 1878-(09 Oct)1934

Moody, Annie E.(Elizabeth), 29 Dec 1883-27 Mar 1972
(d/o Peter Stone & Anna Minshew; w/o Isaac H. Moody)

Moody, Charles David, (29 Feb)1880-(08 Nov)1963
(s/o Isham H. Moody & Clara L. Abbott)

Moody, Clara (Louise), (Sep)1853-1938
(d/o John S. Abbott & Elizabeth George; w/o Isham H. Moody)

Moody, Clarence E. (Eugene), 16 Jun 1899-10 Nov 1911
(s/o John Tillman Moody & Ela Juietta Prevatt)

(Moody, Everett, Jun 1900-08 Mar 1914)
(s/o Isham H. Moody & Clara L. Abbott)
(obit says buried here, could not locate)

Moody, George C., 1909-1911

Moody, Isaac H., 30 Sep 1876-17 Dec 1948
(s/o Isham H. Moody & Clara L. Abbott; h/o Annie Elizabeth Stone)

Moody, Isham H., (14 Apr)1857-(31 Oct)1937
(s/o Isaac Moody & Elizabeth Tillman; h/o Clara L. Abbott)

Moody, John T. (Tillman), 01 Nov 1865-16 Jan 1924
(s/o Isaac H. Moody & Elizabeth Tillman; h/o Ela Juietta Prevatt)

Moody, Junius (Theodore), 13 Aug 1907-08 Jan 1926
(s/o John Tillman Moody & Ela Juietta Prevatt)

Morris, Alouise Holloway, 04 Oct 1912-25 May 1997
(d/o Quinton T. Holloway & Ollie Sain; w/o Carl B. Morris)

Morris, Carl B. (Bay/Benjamin/Baxter?), 12 Apr 1905-08 Mar 1952
(s/o Robert Lonzo Morris & Sarah E. King; h/o Alouise Holloway)

Murphy, Arthur A. (Albertis)(Art), (17 May)1898-(11 Jan)1987
(s/o Jackson Lee Murphy & Cora Aletha Hungerpiller; h/o Mamie Livingston)

Murphy, Ira H. (Pete), 17 Mar 1928-17 Jul 1962
(s/o Purse Hilton Murphy & Carrie Jane Levens)

Murphy, Mamie L., (25 Aug)1907-(13 Mar)1999
(d/o Taliaferro Alexander Livingston & Isla Van Ellenburg; w/o Arthur Albertis Murphy)

Murphy, Ruth Cowart, 05 Feb 1903-31 Dec 1967
(d/o Raymond Cowart & Sallie Butler; w/o Joseph Reed Malphurs & Cohen Henry Murphy)

Myers, Broadus, 06 Sep 1899-24 Oct 1994
U.S. Navy, WW I & II
(s/o James John Myers & Mary Jones; h/o Athelis Blanch Tucker)

Myers, Ned, 22 May 1902-01 Jun 1990

Neal, Alice (C), (Aug 1870)1872-(06 Nov)1906
(d/o Mathew Rushing & Wealthy Ann Bennett; w/o James Neal)

Neal, James, 30 Jun 1861-06 May 1919
(h/o Alice C. Rushing)

Nelson, Alton T. (Thomas), 31 Dec 1969-22 Jun 1970

Nelson, Beulah, 07 May 1909-27 Jun 1999
(d/o Solomon Joseph Mew & Letta Francis Cook; w/o Thomas William Nelson)

Nelson, Bobbie L (Lee)., 18 Apr 1929-12 Jan 2003
(d/o William H. Harrison & Ida L. Smith; w/o Loyd C. Nelson)

Nelson, Carroll E. (Edwin), 29 May 1930-05 Feb 1992
Sgt, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Thomas William Nelson & Beulah Mew; h/o Carolyn Eleanor Janusz & Patricia E. LNU)

Nelson, (Joseph) Dale, 13 Jun 1945-01 Jul 2015
(s/o Thomas William Nelson & Beulah Mew; h/o Roselynn Zurbuchen)
(US Army, Vietnam)

Nelson, Loyd C. (Crestion), 12 Jul 1927-14 Feb 1991
1st Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II, Korea
(s/o Thomas William Nelson & Beulah Adell Mew; h/o Bobbie Lee Harrison)

Nelson, Patricia E., 06 Nov 1946-(no date)
(w/o Carroll Edwin Nelson)

Nelson, (Roselynn) Lynn, 07 Apr 1940-17 Nov 2014
(d/o Paul "Roy" Zurbuchen & Alice L. Bleumer; w/o James Jackson & Joseph Dale Nelson)

Nelson, Tom (Thomas William), 16 Mar 1905-20 Apr 1978
(h/o Beulah Adell Mew)

Nelson, Unnamed Daughter, 23 Nov 1970-26 Nov 1970

Newman, (Adeline) Victoria, 29 Apr 1870-10 Jun 1910
(d/o Matthew Rushing & Wealthy A. Bennett; w/o Thomas J. Newman)

Newman, Claxton C., 24 Jan 1915-19 Sep 1968
(s/o Thomas Jefferson Newman & his 2nd wife Mary Ida LNU)

Newman, Eddie J., 25 Nov 1888-27 Sep 1889
(s/o Thomas Jefferson Newman & Adeline Victoria Rushing)

Newman, Golda C. (Corine), 27 Jan 1900-19 Sep 1937
(d/o William R. Ruth & Josephine L. Manning; w/o Milo Clarence Newman)

Newman, Grace D. (Deen), 14 Nov 1907-06 May 1990
(d/o James Arthur Waters & Ella May Deen; w/o Thomas Victor Newman)

Newman, Lee Roy, 17 Aug 1880-17 Nov 1910
(s/o Thomas J. Newman & Adeline Victoria Rushing)

Newman, Milo C. (Clarence), 24 Jan 1893-03 Oct 1948
(s/o Thomas J. Newman & Adeline Victoria Rushing; h/o Golda Corine Ruth & Ruth Wiggins)

Newman, Jr., Milo C. (Clarence), 08 Nov 1919-28 Aug 1944
TSgt, 151 Inf Div, WW II (Silver Star)
(s/o Milo Clarence Newman & Goldie Corine Ruth)

Newman, Monroe Clinton, 30 Sep 1945-17 Jan 1999
SMSgt, U.S.A.F., Vietnam
(s/o Thomas Victor Newman & Grace Deen Waters; h/o Wanda Lou McClellan)

Newman, Richard Wilton, 18 Sep 1921-23 Aug 1975
Tec 5, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Milo Clarence Newman & Goldie Corine Ruth; h/o Mildred Pert Robinson)

Newman, Sonya, (04 Nov)1970-(16 Feb)1971

Newman, Thomas J.(Jefferson), 03 Mar 1858-18 Sep 1920
(h/o Adeline Victoria Rushing & Mary Ida LNU)

Newman, Thomas V. (Victor), 19 Dec 1907-07 Mar 1975
(s/o Thomas Jefferson Newman & Adeline Victoria Rushing; h/o Grace Deen Waters)

Newman, Wanda Lou, 31 Jan 1945-(no date)
married 10 May 1969
(d/o Wiley Hilton McClellan & Hazel Louise Pierce; w/o Monroe Clinton Newman)

Nicholas, Alexander Stephen, 15 Jan 1862-08 Nov 1938
(s/o James Hamilton Nicholas & Sarah Frances Hopps; h/o Eva Melissa Robinson)

Nicholas, Eva (Melissa) R., 29 Feb 1876-03 Jan 1975
(d/o James C. Robinson & Elizabeth Hall; w/o Alexander Stephen Nicholas)

(Nolan, Bessie Juanita, 20 Apr 1919-16 Sep 2012)
(d/o Oliver Wesley Cowart & Nancy Beatrice Mask; w/o Robert Frank Nolan, Jr.)

Nolan, Richard Cannon, 27 Jun 1967-01 Jan 1983
(s/o Robert Frank Nolan III & Louise Cannon)

Nolan, Jr., Robert F. (Frank), 01 Mar 1912-16 May 1961
(s/o Robert Frank Nolan & Hattie; h/o Bessie Juanita Cowart)

Norman, Henry J. (Jackson), 23 Feb 1922-11 Jun 1971
(s/o John L.Norman & Anzie Loucinda Morgan; h/o Jewel Josephine Yelvington)

Norman, Jewel J. (Josephine), 17 Dec 1919-(19 Feb 2000)
(d/o Reuben Yelvington & Luella (Ella) Cowart; w/o Ronald Ryan Bullard & Henry J. Norman)

North, (Joan) Beverly Creel, (01 Apr)1947-(26 Jan) 2004
(d/o Brouyal Durwood Creel & Patricia Jene Harvey; w/o Larry Thomas North)

Owens, Annie (Martha Ann Spivey, probably), 1870-(03 Nov)1931
(w/o Quince Cook & A. E. Owens)

Owens, Charles G., (Charlie) (02 Jan)1900-(12 May)1929
(s/o Peter James Owens & Sarah Jane LNU)

Owens, Ida Belle, (31 Jan)1899-(23 Jun)1974
Mother of Lawton Kermit, Frances Jeannette, Malcolm Patrick
(d/o George Montgomery Prevatt & Mary Elizabeth Jackson; w/o Robert Bruce Owens)

(Owens, Mary Ann, 16 May 1969-03 Nov 1931)

Owens, Mary C. (Cornelia), 12 Mar 1856-06 May 1942
(d/o Edward Wilson Cox & Louisa Odom; w/o Melvin Zolicopher Owens)

Owens, Matilda H. (Havanna), "Tildie," 12 Nov 1898-28 Oct 1984
(d/o Jonah Collins King & Elizabeth Jane Cox; w/o Sardis Sylvester Owens)

Owens, Melvin Z. (Zolicopher), 02 Aug 1859-11 Apr 1944
(s/o Peter James Owens & Anna Jane Harris; h/o Mary Cornelia Cox)

Owens, Nella Pearl, 26 Nov 1892-06 Oct 1937
(d/o Isham H. Moody & Clara L. Abbott; w/o Gus Owens)

Owens, Patrick O., 17 Feb 1899-17 Jul 1915
(s/o Melvin Zolicoffer Owens & Mary Cornelia Cox)

Owens, Peter James., 08 Feb 1849-27 Nov 1926
(s/o William T. Owens & Mary C. Johnson; h/o Sarah Ann Todd & Sarah Jane LNU)

Owens, Rellie B., 13 Apr 1908-31 Oct 1993
(w/o FNU Key & Robert Bruce Owens)

Owens, Robert Bruce, 08 Nov 1892-17 Nov 1972
(World War I Veteran)
(s/o Melvin Zolicoffer Owens & Mary Cornelia Cox; h/o Ida Belle Prevatt & Rellie B. LNU)

Owens, Sardis S. (Sylvester)(Bub), 26 Apr 1890-22 May 1976
(s/o Melvin Zolicoffer Owens & Mary Cornelia Cox; h/o Matilda King)

Owens, Unnamed Daughter, (No dates)

Owens, Unnamed Daughter, (No dates)

Owens, Unnamed Son, (No dates)

Owens, Willard M. (Merle), 28 Aug 1923-14 Dec 1933
(s/o Sardis Sylvester Owens & Matilda King)

Parker, Henrietta E. (Elizabeth), (Feb)1869-(03 May)1956
(d/o Eli Warren Livingston & Elizabeth Bradshaw; w/o William Hall Parker)

Parker, William Hall, (31 Jan)1862-(13 Jun)1937
(s/o Japer W. Parker & Susan Elizabeth Marion Grooms; h/o Henrietta Elizabeth Livingston)

Parrott, Anita L. (Loraine), 15 Jan 1978-19 Dec 1993

Pascoe, Alfred Ira, 02 Oct 1930-24 Oct 2002
(s/o William Stanley Pascoe & Dorothy J. Dewster; h/o June Ray Smith)

Pascoe, June Ray, 25 Sep 1928-22 Nov 1995
(d/o Lankford R. Smith & Otelia "Annie" Brooks; w/o FNU Wilson & Alfred Ira Pascoe)

Perkins, Pearl, (Funeral marker, no dates)

Peters, No name (Theodore Orren), (01 Oct)1878-(Dec)1956
(s/o Nathaniel F. Peters & Julia LNU; h/o Mamie Maull)

Peters, Robert E. (Ernest), (19 May)1912-(07 Apr)1989
(s/o Theodore Orren Peters & Mamie Maull; h/o Evelyn House)

Peterson, Edward (D), (03 Dec)1889-(05 Nov)1971
(World War I Veteran)
(s/o William C. Peterson & Alice Grinstead; h/o Ruby Phillips)

Peterson, Ruby E., (12 Feb)1890-(31 May)1971
(d/o Daniel Phillips & Iola Dorsett; w/o Edward D. Peterson)

Phillips, Alex C. (Calhoune), 27 May 1932-15 Jan 1973
Cpl, U.S. Marine Corps
(s/o William Hunter Phillips & Beulah Bell; h/o Barbara Annette Scruggs & Ruth Elaine Sensabaugh)

Pigue, Jr., Leslie Bennett, 16 Mar 1938-19 Aug 1992
AA U.S. Navy
(s/o Leslie Bennett Pigue & Leila M. Terry; 2nd h/o Meredith Susan Smith; nee: unknown)

Pittman, Joe E. (Joseph Enoch), 04 Nov 1892-25 Mar 1979
Pvt U.S. Army, WW I
(s/o Condary D. Pittman & Mary E. Thomas; 2nd h/o Lulie Margaret "Lulu" Graham)

Pittman, Lulie (Margaret/Lulu), 29 Mar 1893-26 Nov 1962
(d/o Jefferson Davis Graham & Patience Lavine Blanton; w/o FNU Adams & Joseph Enoch Pittman)

(Poppell, Allen Jay, 20 Feb 1880-25 Sep 1943)
(news article says buried here, compiler could not locate a grave marker)
(s/o James Gideon Poppell & Nancy Ann Yarbrough; h/o Pearl E. LNU)

Poppell, Beatrice Dore, 1868-(May)1912
(d/o FNU Dore; w/o William W. Poppell)

Poppell, James G. (Gideon), (Mar 1841)-(03 Nov 1901)
Co E, 3 U.S. Vol Inf
(h/o Nancy Ann Yarbrough)

Poppell, Nancy Ann, 15 Aug 1846-01 Feb 1935
(d/o FNU Yarbrough; w/o James Gideon Poppell )

Poppell, Rachel Mizell, 1867-1892
(d/o James Gideon Poppell & Nancy Ann Yarbrough)

Pounds, James L., 23 Nov 1943-23 Nov 1943

Powell, Gordon L., 14 Dec 1870-10 Dec 1901
(h/o Lena M. Robinson)

Powell, James R., 31 Aug 1898-06 Oct 1918
(s/o Gordon L. Powell & Lena Robinson)

Powell, Lena M. (Mozelle), 09 Sep 1874-04 Dec 1939
(d/o James C. Robinson & Elizabeth Hall; w/o Gordon L. Powell)

Prevatt, Albert D. (Dennis), (02 Feb)1896-(25 Jan)1936
(s/o Joseph Clay Prevatt & Florance Pique; h/o Addie A. Fletcher)

Prevatt, Albert L. (Lee), Sr., 03 Oct 1958-26 May 2011
SP4 U.S. Army
(s/o George Lee Prevatt & Johnnie Wannell Miles; h/o Marion Gardner & Susan Mary Trelford)

Prevatt, Alonzo B. (Beaugard), (29 Mar)1861-(28 Jun)1939
(s/o Joseph Prevatt, C.S.A. & Nancy Ann Harris; h/o Anna S. Ohlson)

Prevatt, Anna S. (Sofia), (29 Jun)1866-(06 Sep)1940
(d/o FNU Olson; w/o Alonzo Beaugard Prevatt)

Prevatt, Arthur M. (Marion), 10 Aug 1891-22 Aug 1966
(s/o Joseph Clay Prevatt & Florance Pique; h/o Mae Veronica LNU)

Prevatt, Aunt Clara (Clara Anna), 1871-(Nov)1963
(d/o Thomas W. Jackson & Sallie Rollins; w/o Thomas Harry Prevatt)

Prevatt, Ava M., (Martha Ann) 29 Nov 1889-13 Sep 1983
(d/o David Patrick Miles & Missouri Deen; w/o Frederick Floyd Prevatt)

Prevatt, Charles E. (Edward), 14 Aug 1923-09 Oct 2001
YN1, U.S. Navy, WW II, Korea
(s/o Waldamer A. Prevatt & Elizabeth Mabel Frierson; h/o Marjorie Ann Becker)

Prevatt, Clement Earl, 27 Oct 1896-14 Jan 1948
(s/o Thomas Harry Prevatt & Clara Anna Jackson; h/o Edna Vanditier McClelion)

Prevatt, Delia Jackson, 22 May 1870-08 Jan 1949
(d/o Thomas W. Jackson & Sallie Rollins; w/o Lee Prevatt)

Prevatt, Douglas Erik, 07 Jan 1946-26 Jan 2008
(U.S. Arny)
(s/o Erik William Prevatt & Florence E. Flowers; h/o Ida Olivia Allen)

Prevatt, Elizabeth (Mabel), (17 Oct)1898-(27 Apr)1933
(d/o John Dozier Frierson & Annie Belle Player; w/o Waldamer (Wallie) A. Prevatt)

Prevatt, Emma (Mildred Emma) W., 18 Mar 1915-28 Jul 2012
(d/o James Arthur Waters & Ella Mae Deen; w/o George Morrison Prevatt)

Prevatt, Erik W. (William), 14 Oct 1905-03 Sep 1999
(s/o Alonzo B. Prevatt & Anna S. Ohlson; h/o Florence Euphemia Flowers)

Prevatt, F. Fred (Frederick Floyd), 07 Jan 1884-11 Dec 1959
(s/o Joseph Clay Prevatt & Florence Pique; h/o Ava Martha Miles)

Prevatt, Florence F. (Euphemia), 08 Nov 1908-17 Feb 1989
(d/o Clarence L. Flowers & Minnie E. Phifer; w/o Erik William Prevatt)

Prevatt, Florence Pique, 06 Mar 1855-28 Dec 1937
(d/o Albert A. Ford & Rebecca LNU; w/o Joseph Clay Prevatt)

Prevatt, Jr., George Lee, 09 Oct 1949-09 Oct 1949
(s/o George Lee Prevatt & Johnnie Wannell Miles)

Prevatt, Sr., George Lee, 26 Aug 1923-07 Jul 1983
Pvt U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Frederick Floyd (Fred) Prevatt & Ava Martha Miles; h/o Johnnie Wannell Miles)

Prevatt, George M. (Montgomery), 19 Feb 1859-22 Dec 1913
(s/o Joseph S. Prevatt, C.S.A. & Nancy Ann Harris; h/o Mary Elizabeth Jackson)

Prevatt, George M. (Morrison), 27 Nov 1916-22 Dec 2003
(s/o Orrell Wilson Prevatt & Stella Lenora Morrison; h/o Mildred Emma Waters)

Prevatt, George S. (Spencer), 10 Aug 1881-03 Jul 1913
(s/o Joseph Clay Prevatt & Florence Pique)

Prevatt, Gregory Leroy, 05 Apr 1956-01 Apr 1989
(s/o George Lee Prevatt & Johnnie Wannell Miles; h/o Consuelo (Connie) Flories)

Prevatt, Ida Olivia, 22 Dec 1947-03 Aug 2005
(d/o George Elliott Allen, Jr. & Johnnie Maxine Buckles; w/o Douglas Erik Prevatt)

Prevatt, Jack (Lavon), 17 Jun 1927-28 Sep 1986
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Waldamer A. Prevatt & Elizabeth Mabel Frierson; h/o Wanda Jean Abbott & Margie LNU)

Prevatt, James Dozier, 04 May 1922-09 Jun 2002
AMM2, U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o Waldamer A. Prevatt & Elizabeth Mabel Frierson; h/o Madeline Elizabeth Hedengren)

Prevatt, Jennifer Nicole, 09 Sep 1981-18 Sep 1981
(s/o George Lee Prevatt, Jr & Kimberly Ann (Kim) Gardner)

Prevatt, Jesse Olan, 06 Jul 1921-11 Jul 1921
(s/o Orrell Wilson Prevatt & Stella Lenora Morrison)

Prevatt, John F.(Fredrick), 25 Dec 1959-30 Jul 2002
(U.S. Navy Veteran)
(s/o George Lee Prevatt & Johnnie Wannell Miles)

Prevatt, Joseph C. (Clay), 01 Dec 1856-07 Jun 1933
(s/o Joseph S. Prevatt, C.S.A. & Nancy Ann Harris; h/o Florence Pique Ford)

Prevatt, Joseph S., 02 Jan 1830-24 Mar 1898
(s/o William Atkinson Prevatt & Sarah Womack; h/o Nancy Ann Harris)

Prevatt, Juanita, 17 Jul 1871-18 Aug 1910
(d/o Joseph S. Prevatt, C.S.A. & Nancy Ann Harris)

Prevatt, Lee, 14 May 1868-15 Oct 1899
(s/o Joseph S. Prevatt, C.S.A. & Nancy Ann Harris; h/o Delia Jackson)

Prevatt, Mae Veronica, 12 May 1897-14 Oct 1917
(w/o Arthur Marion Prevatt)

(Prevatt, Madeline (Elizabeth), 10 Jul 1925-12 Jan 2020)
(d/o Carl Gustav Hedengren & Madeline T. Dupont; w/o James Dozier Prevatt)

(Prevatt, Marjorie Ann, 19 Apr 1925-13 Oct 2017)
(d/o Arthur Bernhard Louise Becker & Rosa Lee Rogero; w/o Charles Edward Prevatt)

Prevatt, Mary Elizabeth, 12 Jun 1867-12 Apr 1939
(d/o Thomas W. Jackson & Sallie Rollins; w/o George Montgomery Prevatt)

Prevatt, Nancy A. (Ann), 27 Oct 1830-16 Nov 1918
(d/o Elisha Addison Harris & Cassaline Hicks; w/o Joseph S. Prevatt, C.S.A.)

Prevatt, Orrell W. (Wilson), 18 Nov 1892-08 Dec 1973
(s/o George Montgomery Prevatt & Mary Elizabeth Jackson; h/o Stella Lenora Morrison)

Prevatt, Stella (Lenora) M., 22 Dec 1892-11 Feb 1980
(d/o David F. Morrison & Mary Aurilla (Rilla) McBride; w/o Orrell W. Prevatt)

Prevatt, Uncle Harry (Thomas Harry), (25 Nov)1864-(Aug)1961
(s/o Joseph S. Prevatt, C.S.A. & Nancy Ann Harris; h/o Clara Anna Jackson)

Prevatt, Wallace S. (Stuart), 19 Sep 1922-28 Mar 1973
SSgt, U.S. Marine Corps, WW II
(s/o Orrell Wilson Prevatt & Stella Lenora Morrison; h/o Eleanor Lastufka)

Prevatt, Wallie (Waldamer) A., (25 Jan)1899-(18 Apr)1973
(s/o Alonzo Beaugard Prevatt & Anna S. Ohlson; h/o Elizabeth Mabel Frierson)

Prevatt, Wannell (Johnnie Wannell) M., 29 Aug 1931-
(d/o Edgar Donald Miles & Patsy S. Lewis; w/o George Lee Prevatt, Sr., & Leonard Alt)

(Prevatte, Mary Lee, 02 Sep 1947-26 Jan 2017)
(d/o George Lee Prevatt & Johnnie Wannell Miles)

Price, Derrell Daniel, 15 Jan 1982-13 Jun 1987
(s/o Driskell Danile "Danny" Price, III & DeLynn Alison Braddock)

Price, Henry C. (Cable), 28 Jan 1847-14 Aug 1924
(s/o Partirck H. Price & Elizabeth Ann Gray; h/o Jessie Mary Mickler)

Price, Jr., Henry C. (Cable), 20 May 1912-27 Nov 1918
(s/o Henry Cable Price & Jessie Mary Mickler)

Price, Jessie Mary, 03 Jul 1872-18 Nov 1931
(d/o William Alfred Mickler & Manuela Victoria Mickler; w/o Henry C. Price)

Price, John, 1839-1915

Price, Jr., Lester T., 23 Mar 1980-23 Mar 1980

Price, Miles Patrick, 14 Oct 1928-13 Oct 1990
(s/o Henry Lester Price & Ruby Maybelle (Mabel) Yelvington)

Price, Ruby Maybell, 01 Jan 1903-14 Mar 1980
(d/o Reuben Yelvington & Luella (Ella) Cowart; w/o Henry Lester Price)

Price, Unnamed Infant, 31 Oct 1904-02 Nov 1904

Pruvis, Edward John, 26 Feb 1959-29 Apr 2002
(s/o James Earl Purvis & Patience Bethania Pittman)

Pruvis, James Earl, 10 Mar 1925-(06 Sep 2017)
(s/o Coy F. Purvis & Mary K. Driggers; h/o Patience Bethania Pittmann)

(Pruvis, Jr., James Earl, 27 Apr 1962-08 Apr 2017)
(s/o James Earl Purvis & Patience Bethania Pittman)

Purvis, Patience (Bethania), 10 Mar 1926-01 May 2006
(d/o Joseph Enoch Pittman & Lulie Margaret Graham; w/o James Earl Purvis)

Raulerson, Alice L. (Louise), 30 Jun 1872-07 Jul 1964
(d/o Daniel (Little Dan) Clifton & Elizabeth Cowart; w/o Jacob J. Raulerson)

Raulerson, Annie P. (07 Jul)1876-(28 Apr)1967
(d/o James Hamilton Purdom & Elizabeth Clifton; w/o Burton Bryan Raulerson)

Raulerson, Barbara, (c 1844)-23 Nov 1924
(d/o Dickson G. Bradshaw & Elizabeth Whitman; w/o Robert R. Raulerson)

Raulerson, Burton B. (Bryan), (09 Dec)1878-(04 Nov)1952
(s/o Robert Rowan Raulerson & Barbara Bradshaw; h/o Annie Purdom)

Raulerson, Catharine L. (Cate), 23 Apr 1881-05 Jun 1901
(d/o Robert Rowan Raulerson & Barbara Bradshaw)

Raulerson, Clara V. (Virginia), (03 Sep)1881-(07 May)1954
(d/o Isham H. Moody & Clara L. Abbott; w/o Stephen Franklin Raulerson)

Raulerson, Clarice (Jeannette), 29 Jul 1919-27 Feb 1981
(d/o Jesse Washington Malphurs & Mable L. Buckles;
w/o Merlin Austin, Ray D. McCullough & Herman E. Raulerson)

Raulerson, Clifford R., 28 Feb 1899-09 Feb 1902
Son of Wm. D. & Mary (nee: Poppell) Raulerson

(Raulerson, Dalilia, c1952-02 Jul 2019)
(d/o Aurelian Richard & Caroline LNU; w/o Marvin Raulerson)

Raulerson, Edgar V. (Vivian), (09 May)1905-(19 Jul)1959
(s/o Robert D. Raulerson & Jane E. Stone; h/o Onnie Reeves)

Raulerson, Etta E., 13 Sep 1891-15 Nov 1977
(d/o Mitchell Adolphus Brownlee & Angeline Caladonia Collins; w/o George Washington Raulerson)

Raulerson, George W. (Washington), 16 Jan 1884-20 Dec 1970
(s/o Robert Rowan Raulerson & Barbara Bradshaw; h/o Etta E Brownlee)

Raulerson, Herman E. (Edward), 02 Jul 1907-10 Jan 1984
U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Jacob J. Raulerson & Alice L. Clifton; h/o Clarice Jeannette Malphurs)

Raulerson, Infant Son, 10 Jan 1910-10 Jan 1910
Son of Wm D. & Mary (nee: Poppell) Raulerson

Raulerson, Jacob James, 07 Aug 1872-10 Mar 1954
(s/o Robert R. Raulerson & Barbara Bradshaw; h/o Alice Louise Clifton)

Raulerson, James W. (William), (18 Apr)1914-(23 Jun)1973
(s/o Robert D. Raulerson & Jane E. Stone; h/o Ruth Annette McDaniel )

Raulerson, Leamon W. (William), 28 Feb 1908-19 May 2001
(s/o Stephen F. Raulerson & Clara V. Moody; h/o Sadie Ruth Richardson)

Raulerson, Leonard J. (James), (11 Jun)1910-(26 Jan)1977
(s/o George Washington Raulerson & Etta E. Brownlee)

Raulerson, Mary P., (06 Sep 1869)1868-(26 Feb)1949
(d/o James Gideon Poppell & Nancy Ann Yarbrough; w/o William David Raulerson)

Raulerson, Mollie S., (31 Aug)1879-(03 Feb)1957
(nee: Jane Emmaline "Mollie" Stone)
(d/o William H "Uncle Billy" Stone & Jane Emmaline "Emma" Richardson; w/o Robert Dixon (Boss) Raulerson)

Raulerson, Norman R. (Robert), 01 Mar 1908-21 Aug 1986
(U.S. Army, WWII)
(s/o William D. Raulerson & Mary Poppell; h/o Lottie Mae Byrd)

Raulerson, Robert D. (Dixon). (16 Apr)1870-(06 Feb)1940
(s/o Robert R. Raulerson & Barbara Bradshaw; h/o Jane Emmaline "Mollie" Stone)

Raulerson, R. R. (Robert Rowan), 01 Dec 1845-16 Feb 1898
(Capt. Stark's Company, C.S.A.)
(s/o James Fort Raulerson, CSA & Ruth Hull; h/o Barbara Bradshaw)

Raulerson, Ruth, (c 1816)-22 Mar 1900
(d/o Joseph Hull & Sarah Hardee; w/o Noah Hicks & James F. Raulerson)

NOTE: Ruth died while visiting her daughter Jane Harper in Seville and was buried there because
the Haw Creek area was flooded and the water was too high to transport her body to back to Espanola.
" A tender mother and a faithful friend"

Raulerson, Ruth A.(Annette), (25 Jul)1914-(20 Jun)1997
(d/o John W. McDaniel & Onnie Wilds; w/o James William Raulerson)

Raulerson, Sadie Ruth, 18 Nov 1912-02 Jul 2004
(d/o Adam D. Richardson & Ruth Stone; w/o Leamon W Raulerson)

Raulerson, Stephen F. (Franklin), (29 Sep)1874-(08 Feb)1966
(s/o Robert R. Raulerson & Barbara Bradshaw; h/o Clara Virginia Moody)

Raulerson, Vernon William, 10 Mar 1905-05 Aug 1922
(s/o William D. Raulerson & Mary Poppell)

Raulerson, William D. (David), (Feb)1867-1946
(s/o William D. Raulerson & Barbara Bradshaw; h/o Mary Poppell)

Raulerson, William Travis, 17 Nov 1971-17 Nov 1971
(s/o Danny Raulerson & Kay Creel)

Raulerson, William W. (Winert), 16 Jan 1917-20 Jan 1976
(s/o George Washington Raulerson & Etta E. Brownlee; h/o Laura Roberts)

Raut, May E.(nee Perkins), (05 Mar)1891-(30 Jun)1980
(w/o William John Raut)

Raut, Sr., William J. (John), (06 Apr)1878-(Jun)1963
(s/o John Raut & Helen D Larabee; h/o May E. Perkins)

Ray, Baby Girl-1955

Register, Daisy Mae, (21 Sep 1880)1881-(04 Nov)1942
(d/o Luther Calvin Hamilton & Susan Elvenus Sentelle; w/o Thomas Ezekiel Register)

Register, James W. (William - JW), 22 Mar 1907-29 Jun 2006
(s/o Griffin Jay Register & Mamie Moody; h/o Victoria Eugenia "Gene" Wickey)

Register, John H. (Henry), 01 Dec 1897-20 Apr 1939
(s/o Thomas Ezekiel Register & Daisy Mae Hamilton;
h/o Smithia Maysie (Mazzie) Miles & Mary Frances "Becky" Keith)

Register, Josephine, 03 Sep 1921-13 Mar 1922
(d/o Thomas Ezekiel Register & Daisy Mae Hamilton)

Register, Lenora B., (06 Nov)1913-(12 Nov)1984
(w/o Thomas Sherman Register)

Register, Robert, 1938-1938

Register, Thomas E. (Ezekiel), (17 Sep)1866-(29 Aug)1953
(s/o Francis Register & Charlotte Wood; h/o Daisy Mae Hamilton)

Register, Thomas S. (Sherman), (04 Feb)1904-(26 Aug)1971
(s/o Thomas Ezekiel Register & Daisy Mae Hamilton; h/o Lenora B. LNU)

Register, Victoria Eugenia Wickey, 06 Aug 1909-18 Jan 2010
(d/o Charles T. Wickey & Kathleen A. Franklin; w/o James William Register

Reynolds, Dan S., (30 Jul)1908-(29 Oct)1982
(U.S. Navy, WW II)
(h/o June Robinson)

Reynolds, June R., (23 Sep)1914-(05 Nov)1993
(d/o Emett M. Robinson & Nellie Edith Martin; w/o Dan S. Reynolds)

Richardson, Benjamin, 03 Mar 1830-20 Jun 1898
(h/o Zilpha Minshew)

Richardson, William Grant, 08 Jun 1864-17 Jul 1925
(s/o Benjamin Richardson & Zilpha Minshew)

(Richardson, Zilpha, c 1837-29 Nov 1911)
(d/o Willoughby Minshew & Ann Hodges; w/o Willoughby Mitchell Brownlee & Benjamin Richardson)
(Obit indicates buried here, compiler could not locate)

Ridenhour, John William, 02 May 1941-19 Jun 1981
AD1 U.S. Navy, Vietnam
(s/o John Arthur Ridenhour & Willie Geneva Harwood; h/o Linda Anne Lisk)

Rios, Teresa Maldonado, (05 Aug)1974-(24Dec)2015

Rivers, Charles David, 11 Oct 1943-03 Dec 2015
(s/o Ralph William Rivers & Martha Lou Hogan; h/o Iris Ray Cade)

Rivers, Iris Ray Cade, 11 Jul 1947 - (no date)

Roberts, Ophelia Brown, 23 Feb 1858-21 Apr 1921
(d/o David Chappel Brown & Hariett Hatcher; w/o Nathon Enoch Roberts)

Robinson, Annette H., 19 Mar 1936-
(w/o James C. Robinson)

Robinson, A. M. (Alma May), 21 Feb 1882-(31 Mar 1982)
(d/o James Christopher Robinson & Eliza Hall)

Robinson, Baby, (05 Feb 1934)-05 Feb 1934
(d/o Carl Hall Robinson & Shirley Alma Malphurs)

Robinson, Carl H. (Hall), 15 Feb 1911-21 Oct 1967
(s/o Emett M. Robinson & Nellie Edith Martin; h/o Shirley Alma Malphurs)

Robinson, Doris C., 18 Dec 1909-30 Jan 1997
(d/o Thomas Easley Ladd & Parrie Mae Palmer; w/o Merrill H. Robinson)

Robinson, Elizabeth, (03 Mar)1852-(21 Jun)1951
(d/o Berrien Lewis Hall & Maria Johnson; w/o James Christopher Robinson)

Robinson, Emett M. (May), (04 Dec)1872-(16 Nov)1965
(s/o James C. Robinson & Elizabeth (Eliza) Hall; h/o Florida Elizabeth Pigue & Nellie Edith Davis)

Robinson, Eva Gertrude, 20 Nov 1887-10 Jan 1946
(d/o William Hall Parker & Henrietta Elizabeth Livingston; w/o James Louis Robinson)

Robinson, Ira D. (David), 30 Apr 1878-23 Dec 1960
(s/o James C. Robinson & Elizabeth Hall; h/o Lula Papple Bond & Aileen Ogilvie)

Robinson, James C., (31 May)1851-(04 Jan)1934
(s/o Jacob Robinson & Annetta LNU; h/o Elizabeth (Eliza) Hall)

Robinson, James C. (Curtis), 14 Dec 1933-13 May 1989
(s/o James Cecil Gordon Robinson & Mildred A. Mask; h/o Annette Louise Haylock)

Robinson, James C. (Cecil) G. (Gordon), 11 Nov 1908-25 Aug 1977
(s/o Ira D. Robinson & Lula P. Bond; h/o Mildred Agnes Mask)

Robinson, James F. (Floyd), 29 Oct 1914-07 Nov 1972
(s/o James Louis Robinson & Eva Gertrude Parker; h/o Lila Mae Robinson)

Robinson, James Louis, 20 May 1886-01 Nov 1947
(s/o James C. Robinson & Elizabeth Hall; h/o Eva Gertrude Parker & Ola Barber)

Robinson, Louis E, (Everett), 23 Jun 1910-04 Dec 1991
(s/o James Louis Robinson & Eva Gertrude Parker; h/o Winifred Baker)

Robinson, Lula P. (Papple) 27 Mar 1883-05 Oct 1942
(d/o Minor T. Bond & Emily C. Brannan; w/o Ira David Robinson)

Robinson, Marie L. (Lindsey), 06 Jul 1918-11 May 1973
(d/o Milton Sturges & Rose Lindsey; w/o Robert Parker Robinson)

Robinson, Merrill H., 12 Jul 1912-27 Aug 1972
(s/o James Louis Robinson & Eva Gertrude Parker; h/o Doris Cordelia Ladd)

Robinson, Mildred A. (Agnes), 30 Nov 1913-27 Apr 1999
(d/o Thomas Clyde Mask & Claudia Carlisle; w/o James Cecil Gordon Robinson)

Robinson, Nellie E. (Edith), (03 Jun)1883-(10 Jun)1973
(d/o William John Martin & Elizabeth Davis;; w/o Emett May Robinson)

Robinson, Robert P. (Parker), 02 May 1916-05 Dec 1995
(s/o James Louis Robinson & Eva Gertrude Parker; h/o Marie Lindsey Sturges)

Robinson, S., 11 Mar 1880-(18 Jun 1882)
(s/o James C. Robinson & Elizabeth Hall)

Robinson, Shirley (Alma), 06 Aug 1917-15 Oct 1992
(d/o Jesse W. Malphurs & Mable L. Buckles; w/o Carl Hall Robinson)

Robinson, Wilhelmina E. (Estelle), 13 Jan 1904-23 Jul 1991
(d/o Ira David Robinson & Lula P. Bond)

Robinson, Winifred B., 03 Dec 1911-24 Jul 1980
(d/o Smiley A. Baker & Nellie C. McKenzie; w/o Louis Edward Robinson)

Roland, J. W., 1872-1926

Roman, Clayton W. (Welcome), 01 Feb 1915-30 Oct 1995
(s/o James Edgar Roman & Anna J. Mullinex; h/o Eunice Alma Fore)

Roman, Eunice A. (Alma), 24 Jun 1918 01 Aug 1997
(d/o Gain Daniel Fore & Peninah "Nina" Skaggs; w/o Clayton Welcome Roman)

Rowell, Melissa S (Sue)., 02 Feb 1965-29 Jul 2010
(d/o Bryan Eugene Johnson & Mary Louise Pomponio; w/o Gary Steven Rowell)

Rowley, Grace Lola, 18 Jan 1901-17 Apr 1939
(d/o William Benton Haight & Alwilda Cornelia "Allie" Knowlton; w/o Hamilton Rowley)

Ruth, Elsie S., 01 Apr 1913-11 May 1992
(d/o FNU Solano; w/o Roy Randall Ruth)

Ruth, Jean J. (Janell), 10 Feb 1938-15 Sep 2012
(d/o Clarence Dean & Ruby LNU; w/o William Robert "Billy" Ruth, Jr.)

Ruth, Jesse L. (Leonard), 22 Feb 1917-10 Feb 1984
U.S. Army
(s/o William R. Ruth & Josephine L Sykes; h/o Gerry Cook & Florence Carpenter "Pat" McMahon)

Ruth, Josephine L., 10 Jan 1880-13 Jul 1976
(d/o David Sykes & Eliza C. Roberts; w/o William R. Ruth)

Ruth, Michael F. (Francis), 23 Sep 1952-15 Dec 1980
(s/o Jesse L. Ruth & Gerry Cook; h/o Ruth Marion Marcoux)

Ruth, Pat (Florence Carpenter), (06 Apr)1926-(23 Apr)1998
(d/o Vincent O. McMahon & Teresa M. Johnson; w/o Jesse Leonard Ruth)

Ruth, Pheonie M. (Magnolia), 24 Aug 1909-18 Jun 1979
(d/o Jesse W. Malphurs & Mable L. Buckles; w/o William R. Ruth)

Ruth, Roy R. (Randall), 23 Sep1909-04 Mar 1986
U.S. Navy, WW II
(s/o William Ruth & Josephine L. Sykes; h/o Elsie Solano)

Ruth, Ruth M. (Marion), 04 Oct 1958-15 Dec 1980
(d/o Roland Marcoux & Ruth Noble; w/o Michael E. Ruth)

Ruth, William R., 09 Apr 1856-28 Jan 1921
(h/o Josephine L. Sykes)

Ruth, William R. (Robert), 10 Sep 1902-10 Mar 1962
(s/o William R. Ruth & Josephine L. Sykes; h/o Pheonie Magnolia Malphurs)

Sayers, LaVerne J. (Jeanette), 18 Jan 1919-10 Jan 2010
(d/o John Wendt & Anna Glame; w/o Jack Hookway & William Lacy Sayers)

Sayers, William L. (Lacy), 27 Feb 1923-04 Nov 1991
GMCS, U.S. Navy, WW II, Korea, Vietnam
(s/o William L. Sayers & Jessie Cloyd Calfee; h/o LaVerne Jeanette Wendt)

Sharp, Beulah Bell, 04 Mar 1911-09 Jan 1982
(d/o Alexander E. Bell & Beulah Lee; w/o William Hunter Phillips & FNU Sharp

Shelton, Clay D. (Duckett), (24 Feb)1903-(21 Sep)1980
(s/o William Henry Shelton & Georgia Duckett; h/o Sadie C. Raulerson)

Shelton, Sadie (C/.) R., (18 Jan)1904-(07 Apr)1999
(d/o Stephen Franklin Raulerson & Clara Virginia (Jinnie) Moody; w/o Clay Duckett Shelton)

Shiver, Ida F. (Florence), (20 Sep)1876-(07 Sep)1955
(d/o Ithial Henry Strickland & Elizabeth Bulloch; w/o Dillard Filmore Shriver)

Shiver, Sarah I. (Ida), (30 Oct)1907-(24 Sep)1991
(d/o Mathew Louis. Dunaway & Mittie Jane Clark; w/o Vernie C. Shiver)

Shiver, Vernie C. (Carl), (05 Jan)1905-(Nov)1966
(s/o Dillard Filmore Shiver & Ida Florence Strickland; h/o Sarah Ida Dunaway)

Siler, Donald Royce (Roy), 03 Sep 1935-16 Nov 2001
PFC, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Lacy Curtis Siler & Mary Rebecca Hargett; h/o Nancy Jane McCall & Diane Lynn Moore)

Sing, Frances Leona, 22 Feb 1911-13 May 1929
(d/o James Thomas Sing & Lue Cidy Cox)

Sistrunk, Anna S., 1915-
(d/o Charles E. Smith & Alma Lillisn Prevatt; w/o FNU Sistrunk)

Sleeper, Harriet M., (25 Sep)1903-(17 Sep)1978

Smethurst, Robert Bruce, 02 May 1935-17 Mar 2012
(h/o Addie Laura LNU)

Smith, Alma L. (Lillian) (14 Oct)1889-(27 Sep)1982
(d/o Alonzo Beaugard Prevatt & Anna S. Ohlson; w/o Charlie E. Smith)

Smith, Anna R., 1884-(23 Nov)1964
(d/o James C. Robinson & Elizabeth Hall; w/o Robert Lee Smith)

Smith, C. (Charles) Emory, (07 Oct)1918-(13 May)2009
(U.S. Navy - WW II, Korea)
(s/o Charles E Smith & Alma L Prevatt; h/o Jeanne Capeda)

Smith, Charlie E., (08 Aug)1889-1962
(s/o Samuel E. Smith & Susanna Mizell Floyd; h/o Alma Lillian Prevatt)

Smith, Chester L., 22 Mar 1927-05 Aug 1988
Pvt, US Army, WW II
(s/o Charles E. Smith & Alma L. Prevatt; h/o Joan Louise Flack)

Smith, Earney M. (May), 15 Sep 1887-18 Sep 1977
(d/o John Bennett & Scnenie LNU; w/o James Raymond Dixon & James Lander Smith)

Smith, (Ella) Chestene, 10 Aug 1926-(04 Aug 2008)
(d/o James Landers Smith & Earney May Bennett; w/o Arthur Henry Wells, FNU Griever & Gordon Lee Smith)

Smith, Ella May, (30 May 1875)1870-(04 Nov)1938
(nee: Riggins; w/o William Millington Smith)

Smith, Elsie, 30 Apr 1942-(no date)
married 15 Apr 1972
(w/o Madison Reuel "Rudy" Smith)

Smith, Emma K., 1895-1972

Smith, Ethel Jane, 13 Aug 1910-04 Jun 1958
(d/o Solomon James King & Susan Jane King; w/o Madison Edgar Smith)

Smith, Eva M., 1912-(no date)
(w/o James Talmadge Smith)

Smith, Gordon L. (Lee), 03 Oct 1926-25 Oct 1996
(s/o Robert Gordon Smith & Ruby Leona Wingate; h/o Ella Chestene Smith)

Smith, Grace Gwendolyn, 14 Dec 1928-20 Nov 1976
(d/o Thomas V. Newman & Grace D. Waters; w/o Herman Edward Smith)

Smith, Herman Edward, 24 Oct 1924-06 Apr 1995
(s/o Charles E. Smith & Alma L. Prevatt; h/o Grace Gwendolyn Newman)

Smith, James Talmadge, (15 Jan)1921-(10 Jul)1976
Cpl, U.S. Marine Corps, WW II
(s/o James Landers Smith & Earney May Bennett; h/o Phyllis Mae Savio & Eva M. LNU)

Smith, Jarred M. (Micah), (31 Aug)1985-(18 Aug) 2012
(s/o of Rhonda Grace Smith)

Smith, Jeanne C., (23 Sep)1919-(11 Feb) 2011
(d/o Victor Manuel Cepeda & Ena Garrett; w/o Charles Emory Smith)

Smith, Jesse Merrell, 17 Apr 1924-13 Aug 1996
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o James Landers Smith & Earney May Bennett)

Smith, Joan L. (Louise), (28 Sep)1933-(02 Jun)2005
(d/o Archie D. Flack & Florence G. Brown; w/o Chester L. Smith)

Smith, Laura B., 23 Mar 1925-12 May 2005
(d/o Roscoe Smith & Edna G. LNU; w/o Jesse Merell Smith)

Smith, Lina H., 11 Feb 1909-09 Dec 1991

Smith, Madison Edgar, 02 Apr 1892-27 Apr 1955
PFC, Co B, 106 Field Sig Bn, WW I
(s/o James Madison Twiggs Smith & Matha Delila Hanson Simmons; h/o Ethel Jane King)

(Smith, Madison Reuel "Rudy," -04 May 2000)
(s/o Madison Edgar Smith & Ethel Jane King; h/o Ethel

Smith, Mary L. (Louise), (30 Dec)1937-(20 Oct) 2008
(d/o Thomas Victor Newman & Grace Deen Waters; w/o Murray Edgar Smith & Thomas Edward Hayes)

Smith, Murray E., (02 May)1935-(16 Feb)1991
(s/o Madison Edgar Smith & Ethel Jane King; h/o Mary Louise Newman)

Smith, Robert Lee, (10 Apr)1878-(28 Jul) 1950
(s/o Julius Morgan Smith & Elizabeth Carter Martin; h/o Anna J. Robinson)

Smith, Roscoe, 08 Mar 1900-08 Apr 1979
(h/o Edna G. LNU; Zylphia Cohen & Mildred Hall)

Smith, Rudy (Madison Reuel), 09 Dec 1936-04 May 2000
(s/o Madison Edgar Smith & Ethel Jane King; h/o Elsie LNU)

Smith, Unnamed Daughte,r (02 Apr 1912)-02 Apr 1912
Dau of R. L. & Anna Smith

Smith, Unnamed Daughter, 21 Jan 1951-21 Jan 1951

Smith, Jr., William L. (Lewis) (Buddy), 1929-1935

Smith, William Lewis, 31 Oct 1896-24 Apr 1976
BLKSMTH 1, U.S. Navy, WW I
(s/o William Millington Smith & Ella May Riggins

Smith, William M. (Millington), (21 Sep)1868-(05 Oct)1953
(s/o John Jasper Smith & Sophronia E. Brown; h/o Ella May Riggins)

Solis, Arzaneth Cardenas, (23 Mar 2012)-23 Mar 2012
(d/o Jose Victor Cardenas & Rosa Maria Solis)

Solis, Jr., Guillermo, 04 Oct 1990-16 Oct 2015

Spence, Betty Ann, 28 Jun 1918-14 Feb 1985
(w/o Clyde Edward Spence)

Spence, Betty Jane, 30 Jul 1933-29 Nov 1934
(d/o Leaston Wesley Spence & Estelle "Stella" Haymart )

Spence, Clyde Edward, 04 Mar 1916-10 Nov 1966
SSgt U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o John Wesley Spence & Mary Jane Barwick; h/o Betty Ann LNU)

Spence, John W. (Wesley), (12 Jul 1892)1893-(11 Apr)1950
(s/o Gillis Spence & Mary Clark; h/o Mary Jane Barwick)

Spence, L. (Leaston) Wesley, 29 Dec 1913-14 Sep 1980
(s/o John Wesley Spence and Mary Jane Barwick; h/o Estelle "Stella" Haymart)

Spence, Mary Jane, (14 Oct)1895-(11 Jun)1954
(d/o George Thomas Barwick & Julia Edna Chastain; w/o John Wesley Spence)

Spence, Stella E., 21 Aug 1913-(22 Dec 2003)
(d/o Julius Lafayette Haymart & Eugenia A. "Jennie" Thompson; w/o Leaston Wesley Spence)

Starling, Fred, 17 Apr 1927-10 Jan 1966
Florida, F 1, U.S.N.R., WW II

Stone, Gladys P. (Mae), 22 May 1928-13 Nov 1997
married 06 Jul 1946
(d/o Joseph Enoch Pittman & Lulie Margaret "Lulu" Graham; w/o Lester Stone, Jr.)

(Stone, Larry Joseph, 14 Apr 1948-13 Oct 2006)
(s/o Clarence Lester Stone, Jr. & Gladys Mae Pittman)
(obituary says buried here, complier unable to locate grave)

Stone, Jr., Larry J. (Joseph), (1972)-14 Mar 1972
(s/o Larry Joseph Stone)

Stone, Jr., Lester, 31 Oct 1926-18 Jun 1987
Sgt, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Clarence Lester Stone & Eula Mae Cowart; h/o Gladys Mae Pittman)

(Swanson, Mary Elizabeth, 10 Feb 1930-07 Feb 2019)
(d/o John Caldwell Mayfield & Ethyle Elizabeth "Ethel" Baker; w/o Stanley Edward Swanson)

(Swanson, Stanley Edward, 18 Feb 1925-30 Jan 2019)
(s/o Stanley Carl Adolph Swanson & Lula Marion Ashcraft; h/o Mary Elizabeth Mayfield)

Tanner, Forrest Herman, 24 Jun 1916-31 Oct 1998
Tec 5, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o George Rome Brownlee & Bertha E. Raulerson; adopted by Wesley Wallace Tanner)

Tanner, Janet, 28 Jun 1932-20 Sep 2009
(d/o Andrew Edward Cooler & Mary Elizabeth LNU; w/o Stephen Lavon Tanner)

Tanner, (Stephen) Lavon, 28 Jan 1928-08 Mar 2016
(s/o Wesley Wallace Tanner & Bertha Elizabeth Raulerson; h/o Janet Cooler)

Taylor, Alice L. (Lutricia), 01 Feb 1888-29 Apr 1974
(s/o Melvin Zolicoffer Owens & Mary Cornelia Cox; w/o Oscar Nathan Taylor)

Tedder, Elsa W., 11 Sep 1892-02 Dec 1972
(d/o Alonzo Beaugard Prevatt & Anna S. Olson; w/o William Walter Tedder)

Tedder, Emma (Waneta), 24 Apr 1913-12 Sep 1915
(d/o William Walter Tedder & Elsa W. Prevatt)

Tedder, W. (William) Walter, 14 Jul 1889-06 Oct 1918
(s/o Perry M. Tedder & Emma LNU; h/o Elsa W. Prevatt)

Thayer, Caroline P., 21 Mar 1917-10 May 2003
(d/o Mark J. Schroer & Louise E. Bernardin: w/o Marvin Oren Thayer)

Thayer, Marvin Oren, 27 Sep 1917-19 Nov 2005
(s/o Arthur Duane Thayer & Charlotte Vout; h/o Caroline P. Schroer)

Thayer, Dennis L. (Lee), 05 Oct 1956-14 Jun 1990
(s/o Marvin Oren Thayer & Caroline P. Schroer)

Thigpin, Charles B., (28 Jul)1866-(23 Mar)1950
(s/o William Thigpin & Eliza Futch; h/o Mary Margaret Buckles))

Thigpin, Margaret Lee, 03 Jan 1912-16 Apr 1913
Dau of Chas B. & Mary N. Thigpin

Thigpin, Mary M. (Margaret), 1890-1946
(d/o John Samuel Buckles & Eliza C. Roberts; w/o Charles B. Thigpin)

Thomas, Grace, 04 Oct 1914-16 Mar 1915
Dau of A. F. & M. C. Thomas

Thomason, James G. (Ginn), 14 Feb 1892-25 May 1958
Georgia, Cpl, 29 Infantry, WW I
(s/o James Monroe Thomason & Harriett Malinda Payne)

Thompson, Anita (Louise), 06 Apr 1950-09 Mar 1958
(d/o FNU Thompson & Audrey M. LNU)

Thorn, Janet Waters, 20 Dec 1916-19 Jan 1993
(d/o Emett M. Robinson & Nellie Edith Martin; w/o Ira B. Waters & Slim Thorn)

Tipton, Troy J. (Jackson), 03 Aug 1917-14 Dec 1933
(s/o William Jackson "Jack" Tipton & Ruth King)

Tomberlin, James M. (Monroe), 1909-1910
(s/o William Major Tomberlin & Lena Jane Haire)

Tompkins, Leonard G. (George), (03 Mar)1913-(30 May)1987
(s/o George Burton Thompkins & Majorie Alice Hopkins; h/o Winifred Elizabeth Thigpen)

Tompkins, Winifred (Elizabeth) T., (23 Mar)1914-(24 Mar 2009)
(d/o Charles B. Thigpin & Mary M. Buckles; w/o Leonard G. Tompkins)

Torres, Veronica, (24 Mar)1983-(08 Nov)2001
(d/o Jesue E. Torres & Aurora Solis)

(Townsend, Ruth Carolyn, 13 Jan 1924-07 Feb 2013)
(d/o Harry Clegg & Julia Ward Ferguson; w/o James Walter "Jim" Townsend)

Trowell, W. (William) N. (Norris), 27 Nov 1878-17 Apr 1913
(s/o Francis Trowell & Gartha F. Owens)

Tucker, Harry Wesley, 27 Oct 1895-05 Jan 1961
Florida, PFC, HQ 81 Bn MPC, WW I
(s/o James Middleton Tucker & Bessie Mae Platt; h/o Wreatha Martin)

Tucker, Wreatha M., (24 Feb)1902-(12 Feb)1985
(w/o Rev. Harry Wesley Tucker)

(Tyler, Thomas William, c1934-06 Jun 2016)
(s/o Jim Tyler & Mary Stout; h/o Marlene LUN)

Underwood, W. C. (William Crestwell) “Buddy,” 25 May 1965-23 Sep 2003

Varnes, Ben (Benjamin), (20 Feb)1876-(02 Jan)1927
(s/o John Vincent Varnes & Zilphia Trinity Mobley; h/o Ella Rose Braddock)

Varnes, Catherine, 12 Dec 1860-28 Jun 1960
(d/o James Fort Raulerson & Ruth Hull; w/o Samuel Lawrence Varnes)

Varnes, Ella Lee, 26 Jan 1890-16 Aug 1969
(d/o Mitchell Adolphus Brownlee & Angeline Caladonia Collins; w/o Tolbert Varnes)

Varnes, Emory Lee, 03 Sep 1912-10 Aug 1942
(s/o Tolbert Varnes & Ella Lee Brownlee)

Varnes, Eudelle M., (29 Mar)1891-(02 Sep)1963
(d/o William H. Morrision & Mary E. Causey; w/o Maxie Clifton & John Riley Varnes)

Varnes, John R. (Riley), (04 Oct)1868-(28 Jul)1939
(s/o John Vincent Varnes & Zilphia Trinity Mobley; h/o Edella Morrison)

Varnes, Keightley (Raulerson), 28 Jul 1892-27 May 1981
(s/o Samuel Lawrence Varnes & Catherine Raulerson; h/o Rose Lindsey )

Varnes, Rose (Lindsey), 20 Aug 1895-06 Feb 1980
(w/o FNU Sturgis & Keightley Raulerson Varnes)

Varnes, Samuel (Lawrence), 18 Jan 1849-07 Apr 1929
(s/o Samuel L. Varnes & Martha Tyner; h/o Catherine Raulerson)

Varnes, Tolbert, 10 Apr 1881-22 Jun 1961
(s/o Samuel L. Varnes & Catherine Raulerson)

Warrensford, Nila Christine (nee: Bell), 06 Jul 1942-27 Jul 2011
(w/o Glen Arther Deats & FNU Warrensford)

Waters, Alma C., 08 Mar 1892-01 Sep 1980
(d/a John C. Cooner & Elizabeth Theodora Hesters; w/o Alexander Waters)

Waters, Ella (May), 19 Mar 1884-14 Mar 1960
(d/o James Monroe Deen & Mary Jane Josephine Sophronia Miles; w/o James Arthur Waters)

Waters, Iba B.(Brooks), 05 Feb 1910-12 Nov 1966
(d/o Alex Waters & Alma C. LNU; h/o Janet Robinson)

Waters, Irene, 22 Jul 1922-01 Oct 1944
(d/o Alexander Waters & Alma Cooner)

Waters, J. A. (James Arthur), 01 Jun 1880-12 Dec 1947
(s/o Wiley H. Waters & Mary A. Purcell; h/o Ella May Deen)

Waters, James Cleo, (09 Apr)1913-(26 Aug)1988
(s/o James Arthur Waters & Ella May Deen; h/o Lula Bell Watson)

Waters, Larry (Lee), (07 Mar)1945-(15 May)2008
(U.S. Army, Vietnam)
(s/o Morgan Lee Waters & Stella Ruth Raulerson; h/o Victoria "Vicki" Bradley)

Waters, Lawton, 16 Feb 1914-15 Mar 1985
(s/o Alexander Waters & Alma Cooner; h/o Mary Alice Smith)

Waters, Lula Bell, (24 Aug)1918-(07 Apr)1991
(d/o FNU Watson; w/o James Cleo Waters)

Waters, Marie Baker Graham, 20 May 1907-10 Jun 1988
(d/o Thomas Arant Baker & Marie Babers; w/o FNU Graham & Morgan Lee Waters)

Waters, Mary Alice (nee: Smith), 14 Feb 1922-16 Jan 1973
(w/o Lawton Waters)

Waters, Morgan Lee, 21 Feb 1912-17 May 1979
(s/o Morgan Lee Waters & Minnie LNU; h/o Stella Ruth Raulerson & Marie Baker)
(U. S. Merchant Marines - World War II)

Waters, Neual H. (Newell Hartriage), 20 Sep 1938-08 Jun 2016
(s/o James Cleo Waters & Lula Bell Watson; h/o Sara Estelle Braddock)

Waters, Stella Raulerson, 06 Feb 1911-12 Jun 1987
(d/o Robert D. Raulerson & Jane E. Stone; w/o Morgan Lee Waters)

Waters, Wyle Monroe (Monk), 15 Mar 1919-12 Jun 1977
(s/o James Arthur Waters & Ella May Deen; h/o Martha Elizabeth Robinson)
(Wyle also spelled Wiley)
( U.S. Navy - World War II)

Watson, John Nathan, 06 May 1884-07 May 1953
(s/o George Ross Watson & Sarah Ann Louisa Garnto; h/o Mary Christin Hatten)

Watson, Mary Christin, 31 Aug 1889-23 Oct 1966
(d/o Charles Monroe Hatten & Tabitha Ann Bowen; w/o John Nathan Watson)

(Watson, Vera (Alice), 15 Apr 1921-09 Oct 2017)
(d/o Norman Benjamin Lawson & Emma Esther Spear;
w/o Irving L. Brantley, Maurice Penn Raulerson & Earnest Vivian Watson)

Wells, Clyde E. (Elias), 07 May 1908-28 Aug 1962
(s/o Jacob M. Wells & Mary N. LNU; h/o Miriam Emily Waters)

Wells, (Miriam) Emily W., 18 Mar1915-11 Oct 1993
(d/o James Arthur Waters & Ella May Deen; w/o Clyde E. Wells)

Wells, Unnamed Infant, (1954)-Mar 1954
(Child of Clyde Elias Wells & Miriam Emily Waters)

(Wells, Tony Dewain, 27 Dec 1943-15 Dec 2009)
(s/o Clyde Elias Wells & Miriam Emily Waters; h/o Evone Crosby)

White, Herman (Bud), 26 Apr 1931-06 Dec 1996
(s/o Laura L. White & Nancy E. Roberts; h/o Melba Nadine Waters)

White, Melba Nadine, 05 Mar 1972-11 Feb 1995
(d/o James Arthur Waters & Ella May Deen; w/o Leonard King, Robert North, S. R. Nelson & Herman White)

Wickey, Kathleen F., 03 May 1884-10 Feb 1956
(d/o Peter Franklin & Eliza Avery; w/o Charles T. Wickey)

(Wiley, John F., c1859- 08 Apr 1909)
(h/o Maggie M. Roberson)
(obituary says buried here, complier unable to locate grave)

Williams, Adjulia B. (Bessie), 11 Nov 1888-20 Apr 1957
(d/o Thomas G. Hagan & Amanda F. Crosby; w/o William J. Williams)

(Williams, Charles Raymond, 08 Nov 1935-11 Jun 2013)
(s/o Calton Warren Williams & Ellen Sarah T P Solana; h/o Nancy Lee Ruth & Mary Frances Miller)

(Williams, Mary Frances, 25 Apr 1936-20 Jun 2013)
(d/o Joseph B. Miller & Minnie LNU;
w/o David Twiligear, FNU Price, Douglas Bowen McBride & Charles Raymond Williams)

Williamson, Lila Mae, 19 May 1911-04 Dec 2008
(d/o Ira David Robinson & Lula Papple Bond;
w/o Wallace V. Bellany, James Floyd Robinson & William AllenWilliamson)

Willis, Sally Anne, 16 Jan 1946-06 Aug 1997
(d/o Alexander Z. Graham & Marie Baker; w/o Harold Thomas "Tommy" Willis)

Wilson, Hattie Lou, 1907-(18 Jul)1935
(d/o Matthew C. Coleman & Minnie J. Price; w/o Elmer Wilson)

Wilson, Lamar E. (Elmer), 09 Apr 1927-14 Apr 1976
(s/o Elmer Wilson & Hattie Lou Coleman; ho Luebell Transue)

Wilson, Luebell, 17 Mar 1932-21 Jul 1988
(d/o Ira N. Transue & Maggie Lee Ellis; w/o Lamar Elmer Wilson)

Wilson, Raymond N. (Neal), 17 Dec 1951-11 Apr 2000)

(Wingate, Edith Elizabeth, 08 Jun 1936-22 Dec 2002)
(d/o Frank Bollinger & Ruth Mae Gause; w/o FNU Smith & FNU Wingate)

Woodard, (Neva) Viola Cassandra Creech Strickland, 13 Jun 1899-07 Sep 1997
(d/o James A.Creech & Philitia F. Temple; w/o Charlie Elbert Strickland & William Jacob Woodard)

Woodard, William J.(Jacob), 25 Mar 1874-09 Aug 1957
(s/o Rufus W. Woodard & Mary Price; h/o Neva Viola Cassandra Creech)

Woolwine, E. M. (Eli MacMillian), (22 Jun)1854-(24 Feb)1934
(s/o James Alexandra Woolwine & Caroline Smith; h/o Mary Elizabeth Still & Sarah Francis Maull)

Woolwine, Lenora A. (Abigail), 1909-(Jul)1964
(d/o FNU Gunter; w/o Theodore Orman Woolwine)

Woolwine, Mary E. (Elizabeth), 22 Dec 1854-02 Jun 1896
(d/o FNU Still; w/o Eli MacMillian Woolwine)

Woolwine, Sallie E.(Sarah Frances), (14 Sep)1878-(Oct)1962
(d/o George Edward Maull and Mary Askew; w/o Eli MacMillian Woolwine)

Woolwine, Theodore (Orman), (25 Nov)1905-(02 Aug)1986
(s/o Eli MacMillion Woolwine & Sallie E. Maull; h/o Lenora Abigail Gunter)

Wright, Walter W. (Woodruff), 1875-(16 Apr)1938
(s/o Frank Wright & Robartt Woodruff; h/o Ethel Maud Franklin)

Yelvington, Claude W. (Willis), 04 May 1909-21 Sep 1986
(s/o Reubin Yelvington & Luella Cowart; h/o Jewel Dixon)

Yelvington, H. L. (Hiram Lester), 01 Nov 1900-26 Nov 1925
(s/o Reubin Yelvington & Luella Cowart)

Yelvington, Jewel, (Martha Jewel), 10 Mar 1909-31 Dec 1988
(d/o James Raymond Dixon & Earney May Bennett; w/o J. Landers Smith & Claude W. Yelvington)

Yelvington, Luellan (Ella), (27 May)1874-(07 Jul)1938
(d/o Hiram Cowart & Rebecca Bradshaw; w/o Reuben Yelvington)

Yelvington, Reuben, (18 Apr)1872-(08 Apr)1950
(s/o Aaron Yelvington & Martha A. Durrence; h/o Luella (Ella) Cowart)