Bunnell, Florida
Thursday, September 4, 1930


Rev. Daniel Stoker, who has made Bunnell his winter home for the past several years, and who was active in church work here, died at his home in Homer, N. Y. last Saturday, according to a newspaper dipping sent to The Tribune from his sister, Mrs. Manley Terrell.

Following is the account as recorded by the New York newspaper:

"Rev. Daniel Stoker died Saturday, August 30, at the home of his sister, Mrs. Manley Terrell on Copeland Avenue.

The funeral was held from the Terrell residence yesterday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock. Rev. A. J. Saxe had charge of the service and he was assisted by Rev. W. H. York and Dr. Andrews, district superintendent of the Methodist church. Burial was made in Atwater cemetery on the Scott road.

Mr. Stoker was born in Homer August 22, 1860, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Stoker. He was a graduate of Homer Academy and Cazenovia Seminary. He served several pastorates in the Methodist church, including New Albany, Pa., and Heaver Dam, N. Y.

Because of ill health Mr. Stoker was obliged to give up the ministry several years ago and he operated a farm at Maine, N. Y. for some years.

Mr. Stoker was married twice, first to Hattie Allen and then to Della Ferrenbaugh. Both wives died and he had made his home during the summer with his sister, Mrs. Terrell and her husband.

His sister, Mrs. Terrell and a nephew, Karl Terrell of New York are the only near relatives surviving.

Friends and relatives from out of town who attended the funeral were: Mr. and Mrs. Karl Terrell and son Walter of New York; Mr. and Mrs. Luther Stoker of New Hope; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Olds, Syracuse; Mrs. Lula Smith and sister Miss Frost of Union; Mr. and Mrs. Emerson of Maine,. N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. George Winchester of Scott and several friends and relatives from Cortland.

The bearers were: Arthur Stoker, Luther Stoker, Frank Stoker and L. D. Terrell.”


Bunnell, Florida
Thursday, October 23, 1930


The following bit of history concerning the coming to Bunnell of the late Rev. Daniel Stoker and his subsequent location here, and what he did during the winter months spent in Bunnell was prepared by a committee representing the local Methodist church, of which he was especially interested in. It is understood that other organizations here have also recorded resolutions in the pages of their official records.

The committee's statement and resolution follows:

When the sad news was received here September 4th that Rev. Daniel Stoker had died at his home in Homer, New York, on Saturday, August 30, 1930, it was a shock and indeed a great bereavement to his many friends and especially church and Sunday school associates.

In the autumn of 1925 he came to Florida, as had been his custom for several previous years, to spend the winter months. He arrived in Bunnell late one Saturday evening, weary from driving, and sought lodging until Monday, desiring to attend Sunday school and church on Sunday rather than traveling on to Orlando, his destination.

Hotels and rooming houses being full, he found lodging in a private home. On Sunday he attended Sunday School at the Methodist church, and preaching services, morning and evening, where he was very cordially greeted. On Monday he continued his journey to Orlando, but before the end of the week he returned to Bunnell, saying he liked the town and the fine cordiality and hospitality of the people he met. He purchased two lots surrounded by good neighbors, built a garage apartment, small, but neat, convenient and comfortable. He made a nice lawn around his house and planted flowers and fruit trees. Orange, tangerine, grape fruit and persimmon are now bearing. He made a beauty spot of his home grounds.

During the months he was here each year he was a faithful attendant and supporter of the Methodist church and occasionally attended the Baptist church for worship there. At times when called upon at the Methodist church to teach the Bible class or to preach a sermon in case of an emergency, he always cheerfully responded and his services were of the highest order. He was a devout Christian man, living each day the fullness of his implicit faith in his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and an outstanding exponent of those cardinal Christian graces, Faith, Hope and Charity.

The three additional lots to the rear of and belonging to the church were in their primitive state. This condition was unsightly to him and discordant with his fine sense of beauty. Physically frail as he was he determined to change this view and quietly went to work with his own hands and tools to do it. This start was sufficient to arouse the dormant pride of others. Money was contributed to hire laborers to finish the work, however, following this he spent many hours on the grounds mowing grass, trimming shade trees and shrubs, giving a touch here and there.

The very last thing he did the evening before leaving on Tuesday, May 27, for his New York home, was to mow some grass in a corner that had been left.

In loving recognition, appreciation and remembrance of our dear departed brother, Rev. Daniel Stoker, in those things recited above, therefore, be it,

RESOLVED, that that part of the grounds of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, yard, being lots 10, 11 and 12, block 135 in the Town of Bunnell, Florida, be hereby named Stoker Park, to be kept as a memorial to Rev. Daniel Stoker.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this “In remembrance” be sent to his sister, Mrs. Manley Terrell, one copy filed in the church records and one copy published in The Flagler Tribune, Bunnell, Florida.