Bunnell, Florida
Thursday, July 5, 1923


Saturday afternoon, as the workmen from the road paving gang were riding into Bunnell on one of the heavy International trucks used for hauling rock a young man by the name of Roy Nunn was shaken from the running board of the machine, fell across the rut of the road and the rear wheel passed over his body diagonally across the lower abdomen and hips, breaking most of the bones, including the spinal column, from the effects of which he died shortly after reaching the hospital at Daytona, where he was taken by his comrades.

It is claimed that two of the boys were scuffling while riding on the running board and that Roy lost his balance and fell directly beneath the wheel. The car was in rapid motion and there was no chance to stop the car before the damage was done.

The young man's father has a sub-contract from the general contracting firm for hauling rock, and Roy has been in charge of the fleet of Ford trucks on the State road work. As was their custom the young men were en route to Bunnell where Saturday night and Sunday were usually spent. His companions were terribly shocked at the accident which cost Roy his life.

It is understood that the father arrived from Gainesville, his present home, Sunday, and that the son's body has been embalmed and shipped to his birthplace in North Carolina for interment.