Bunnell, Florida
Thursday, September 10, 1964


Flagler County had three fatal holiday accidents, two from drowning and one highway accident.

Ronald Baker, 24, of Hakensack, N. J. was killed when the car in which he was riding rammed into the back of a tractor trailer truck seven miles north of Bunnell on Highway 1. The accident occurred early Saturday morning.

Sunday afternoon Herbert Anderson was credited with saving the lives of 13 when he rescued them from an automobile which had skidded and over turned into a canal along Highway 304. One passenger, Willie James Herd of Cordele, Ga., drowned. All passengers of the over turned car were Negroes.

According reports the car, traveling at high rate of speed, passed the Anderson car and skidded several hundred feet overturning in the canal. The thirteen were rescued by the efforts of Anderson.

At Favorita Sunday afternoon James Lasseter was drowned while swimming in a borrow pit there.