Henry Mason Cutting

Henry Mason Cutting, son of Heyward Cutting and Lydia Mason, born 12 Jun 1865, NY, died 28 Oct 1892, St Johns CO, FL in a boating accident, married 28 Nov 1888, Grace Episcopal Church, New York City, NY, Angela Mills, born 29 Sep 1869, NY, died 25 Jun 1956, St Augustine, St Johns CO, FL, daughter of Clark Wickham Mills and Julia Coleman.. Henry and Angela are buried in the Cutting family plot, Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings CO, NY (Lot 6609, Section 23)

In 1886, Henry Mason Cutting purchased the property known as "Cherokee Grove," which was part of the Francis Pellicer Grant, in the northeast corner of what would become Flagler County, where Pellicer Creek meets the Matanzas River, from H. C. Slogett. Cutting also bought several adjoining parcels, including a point where he decided to build his lodge

Henry was a wealthy New England sportsman and had William M. Wright, a noted St. Augustine and New York architect, draw up the plans. The house, a large hunting lodge facing the water, was completed in 1888. There was a spring fed swimming pool, stables and tennis courts where he brought his young bride, Angela, educated in France, for the winter months.

They entertained lavishly many prominent families from New England and St. Augustine. However, they also met and knew the local people. Mary Ketus Deen Holland’s mother, Minnie Mae Johnston was born just across Pellicer Creek from the Cutting Estate in 1885 and as a little girl she attended affairs where the neighboring families were invited to the Estate. She remembered vividly a doll she received at a Christmas party at the Cutting's, according to Mary Ketus.

In October, 1892, Henry Cutting died on his boat, somewhere between St. Augustine and Cherokee Grove. His death has been attributed to several causes including appendicitis and an overdose of codeine. He left his estate to his 26 year-old wife Angela, and two infant children. Issue;

1. Unnamed child, born and died 16 Oct 1889, New York City, NY, buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings CO, NY.

2. Heyward Cutting, born 05 Oct 1890, NY, died in Jun 1926, NY, married 02 Feb 1921, Grace Episcopal Church, New York City, NY by the Rev. Dr. Slattery to Constance Cleveland Roberson, dau of William Cleveland Roberson and Minnie Cater, born 17 Oct 1889, NY, died Nov 1946, NY, both buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings CO, NY.

Heyward was an attorney in New York City. He graduated from Harvard in 1913 and during WW I served in the United States Air Serice, 147th Squadron, First Pursuit Group. Constance served two years in France with the Civilian Reliefof the Red Cross and later in the canteen department of the American Red Cross. Issue:

(1) Heyward Cutting, born 03 Dec 1921, New York City, New York, died 18 Mar 2012, Concord, MA, buried Memorial Garden, Trinity Epsicopal Church, Concord, MA, married Jeremy Hohenstine (div, 1978).

A 1939 graduate of Eton College, hestudied at Harvard and in 1953 received his B.Sc. in architecture and design from Illinois Institute of Technology. From 1954-56, he was a partned in the Cambridge firm of Chermayeff and Cutting, architexts and industrial designers, and later a vice-president of Geometrics, Inc. in Cambridge. He also engaged in private practice.

For many years a trustee of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, he was appointed Assistant Director for Administration from 1968-1973.

During World War II, he served in the British 8th Army (King's Royal Rifle Corps, 60th Rifles) in Egypt and Italy. His regiment was part of the renowned 7th Armored Division,, known as the Desert Rats by the red jumping jerboa emblem on their vehicles. Heyward was wounded in Oct 1942 at the Battle of El Alamein. Issue;

A. Heyard Cutting, born 01 Sep 1948, living in Staunton, VA in Mar 2012

B. Francis Brockhols Cutting, born 22 Aug 1950, living in Shelburne Falls, MA in Mar 2012

C. William Bayard Cutting, born 28 Jun 1957, living in Guilford, CT in Mar 2012

Heyward Cutting married 2nf Joan Faulkner

(2) Constance Cleveland Cutting, born 16 Feb 1924, New York City, New York, died Sep 1982, Westminster, London, England, married FNU de Bodard de la Jacopiere

(3) Patricia Cutting, born 04 Apr 1925, New York City, New York, married FNU Glenn and was living in London in Mar 2012

2. Henry Mason Cutting, 07 Oct 1892, New York City, New York, died 16 Jan 1899, buried Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings CO, NY.


Angela Mills Cutting married 2nd, 29 Jan 1901, Palm Beach, Palm Beach CO, FL, John Lorimer Worden, a wealthy New York stockbroker, son of Daniel Toffey Worden and Anna Augusta "Annie" Wilmot, born 09 Aug 1973, Mamaroneck, Westerchester CO, NY, died 11 Jun 1938, at sea between Providence, RI and New York City.

John was a Harvard graduate and grandson of Admiral John L Worden, commander of the United States ironclad Monitor during its famous battle with the Confederate Merrimac during the Civil War. He joined the New York Stock Exchange on 10 Jan 1896. His firm was Worden & Co., 3 Broad Street, New York City, NY

John served in the Spanish American War with Roosevelt's Rough Riders in Cuba and was in all engagemnents excepting El Caney, which was stormed and taken by regulars only. He was muster out on 12 Sep 1898 in "broken health."

John and Angela were divorced sometime before 1920 and on 25 Sep 1920 in Jersey City, NJ, he married Edith Lounsberry, dau of Richard Pardy Lounsberry and Edith Hunter Haggin.


Angela's third marriage was in 1923 in Paris to exiled Russian Prince Boris Scherbatoff, who later changed his name to Scherbatow, and she became known as a Princess, thereafter the estate was known as the Princess Estate or the Princess Place.

Boris Scherbatow was born in St. Petersburg, now Leningrad on 25 Dec 1872, to Prince and Princess Boris Scherbatoff. He died on 17 Oct 1949 in New York Cemetery and is buried in the Cutting family plot, Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings CO, NY (Lot 6609, Section 23). He was 77 years old at his death and resided at 137 East Sixty-sixth Street.

A member of a family ennobled in the ninth century, he served for many years in the Russian Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs, holding posts in Vienna and Stockholm.

The Princess granted a class from Bunnell High Schoo lthe privilege of going to the estate for a picnic about 1932/33 and even providing vintage bathing suits for those who elected to swim in the pool. Each student was granted the privilege of selecting a book from their library as a gift.

Lewis Edward Wadsworth and his wife Angela Agusta Carpenter bought the house and the 600 acre tract in 1954, about two years before the princess died. Lewis had hunted around the estate and his mother was a room mother for a group of school girls who were often the guest of the princess. The property was later sold to Conway and Polly Kittredge.

In October 1993, the Flagler County Commission purchased 435 acres of the Princess Estate with its land acquisition funds and $1 million in funding from the State of Florida. It was formally dedicated by Governor Lawton Chiles as the Princess Place Reserve in August 1994. The reserve, including the lodge and other buildings are now open to the public.


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