Korona, Flagler CO, FL



NOTE: This listing was compiled in February 2003 and updated in June 2005 and again in October 2009 by taking digital images of over 400 grave markers and then transferring this information to this listing.

During February 2010, the obituary records of the Flagler County Historical Society were researched and 132 obituaries were found for individuals buried in this cemetery. These were scanned, posted and linked to this listing in March 2010. Additional obituaries will be posted as they are found.

Any items contained in parenthesis were added by the compiler and do not appear on the images of the grave markers. As with any printed source there will be inevitable errors. Dates and other entries that appear in parenthesis were obtained from obituaries, the Social Security Death Index, the Florida Death Index, other published public records, family histories and Baggett & Summers Funeral Home Records transcribed by Bill Morgan and John Woodard of DeLand. If something seems questionable, check another source if possible.

Corrections and/or additions should be sent to Claude Sisco Deen, Jr, P.O. Box 637, Flagler Beach, Fl 32136-0637,

DIRECTIONS. Go south on US 1 from Bunnell to Korona (5 miles). The cemetery is on the west side of U.S. 1, 7/10 mile south of the White Eagle Bar (intersection of US 1 and South Old Kings Road in the middle of Korona, St Mary’s Church is on the east side of US 1).

Abate, Josephine M., (08 Apr)1911-(09 Feb)2005
(d/o Joseph Tramontana & Carmelia Farina; w/o Salvatore P. Abate)

Abate, Salvatore P. “Sam,” (09 Sep)1909-(08 Jun 2010)
(s/o Mario Abate & Rosina Bonfanti; h/o Josephine M. Tramontana)

Abbott, Jack D. (David), 10 Feb 1922-09 Sep 1982
Tec 4, US Army, WW II
(s/o Milton Dale Abbott & Josephine Bogard; h/o Susana Chong)

Abbott, Susana "Susie," (16 Apr 1920)-05 Aug 2007
(d/o Len Chong & Catherine Howard; w/o Jack David Abbott, Sr.)

Abellera, (Dr.) Rosito (P.), (04 Aug)1933-(09 Sep)-2003
(s/o Theodora C. Abellera & Simplicia F.Pimentel; h/o Violeta LNU)

(Abellera, Jr., Rosito, 29 Oct 1969-29 Dec 1969)
d/o Rosito Pimentel Abellera & Violeta LNU)

Abellera, Violeta, 1938-(no date)
(w/o Rosito Pimentel Abellera)

(Abraham, Nagi G., 29 Jan 1920-21 Apr 2016)
(s/o George Abraham & Elizabeth Nizeh Khalil Bahsa; h/o Rose Migliorisi)
(U.S. Army, WWII)

Abraham, Rose, (26 Mar)1925-(23 Dec)1977
(d/o Emanele Migliorisi & Josephine Scibilia; w/o Nagi Abraham)

Adkins, Edward (Albert), (27 Mar)1918-(06 Mar 1988)
(s/o Albert Edward Adkins & Louise Eugenia Duquette; h/o Ruth L. Felber)

Adkins, Ruth (L), (02 Aug)1920-(17 Mar)1984
(d/o Richard Carl Felber & Florence H. Gilcart; w/o Edward Albert Adkins)

(Allan, Archibald T. (Thomas, "Archie"), (20 Jun)1920-(09 Mar)2006)
(s/o Archibald Francis Allan & Josephine McCurry; h/o Berenic Patricia Connely & Dolores M. LNU)

(Allan, Alice C., (23 Apr)1913-(05 Jan)2013)
(d/o James Aloysius Cronin & Margaret J. Murray; w/o John Thomas Allan)

(Allan, Dolores M., (23 Jan)1928-no date)
(w/o Archibald Thomas "Archie" Allan)

(Allan, James T. (Thomas), (31 Oct)1914-(17 Apr)2007)
(s/o Archibald Francis Allan & Josephine McCurry; h/o Alice Mary Cronin)

Allard, Elnetta C. (Condon), 28 Jul 1893-12 Aug 1973
(d/o William Huftile; w/o George Joseph Allard)

Allard, George J. (Joesph), 16 May 1894-06 Aug 1980
US Army, World War I
(s/o John Baptist Allard & Harriet W. Rock; h/o Elnetta Condon Huftile)

(Allen, Richard H., 24 Feb 1939-19 May 2014)
(CPO, US Navy, Retired)
(s/o Roy Allen & Hilda England; h/o Catherine Mary Margaret Porte)
(cremains spread on Porte family plot)

Almeter, Charles A (Arthur) (29 Dec)1911-(04 Dec 2009)
(s/o Jacob Nicholas Almeter & Mary Katherine Schwab; h/o Frances Ernestine Clayton)

Almeter, F (Frances). Ernestine, (04 Jan)1913-(10 Jul)2000
(d/o George Clayton & Ellen Rafferty; w/o Charles Arthur Almeter)

Alvarez, Daniel R. (Rodriguez), (23 Sep)1893-(11 Jun)1979
(h/o Louise B. LNU)

Alvarez, Louise B., (29 Nov)1906-(15 Aug)1986
(w/o Daniel Rodriguez Alvarez)

Anton, Charles J. (Joseph), (01 Feb)1911-(09 Sep)1987
(s/ Pasquale Antonaccio & Elizabeth Imbriglio; h/o Mary Raphaella Colasurdo)

Anton, Mary R. (Raphaella), (31 Aug)1915-(29 Nov)2002
(d/o Antonio Colasurdo & Angelanton Cocco; w/o Charles Joseph Anton)

(Antos, Mary Jean, 29 May 1951-01 Jan 2016)
(d/o John Welch & Nancy Dena; w/o James C. Antos)

(Araya, Mary Fortier, 13 Mar 1929-08 Jun 2022)
(d/o Olin Fortier & Mary Stankus; w/o Arturo Araya)

Artushin, Peter (Kererich), (05 Oct 1889)1888-1943
(s/o Kostie Artushin & Havdosia LNU: h/o Victoria Kazniserovich)

Bajer, Boleslaw, (09 Jun)1918-(06 Oct)1982
(s/o Michal Bajer & Bonislawa Blaze; h/o Josephine Kopec)

Bajer, Josephine, (24 Jun)1918-(05 Oct)2007
(d/o Wojciech Kopec & Katarzyna Zarkowski; w/o Boleslaw "Bill" Bajer)

Balewski, Genevieve (Virginia - Jinx), (28 Feb)1929-(17 Jan)2004
(d/o Stanislaus Bodzenski & Maria Kazanecka; w/o Theodore Balewski)

Balewski, Jennie C., 1903-1972
(d/o John Sulecki & Mary Grebosky; w/o John T Balewski)

Balewski, John T. (Thomas), (20 Mar)1897-(31 Dec)1963
(s/o Albert Balewski & Maryanne Tykarski; h/o Jennie Pauline Sulecki)

Balewski, Theodore (J), (13 Mar)1923-(08 Apr)1995
(s/o John Thomas Balewski & Jennie Pauline Sulecki; h/o Genevieve Jinx Bodzenski)

Ball, Mary Lois, (01 Aug)1928-(15 Jul)1980
(d/o Leamon Stephens & Bertha E. Heath; w/o Ernest D. Ball)

Ballou, Arthur D. (Daniel) 23 Oct 1921-08 Jun 2000
(s/o William Edward Ballou & Mary Louise Clark; h/o Gertrude Roberta Lally)

Ballou, Gertrude L. (Roberta), 12 Dec 1922-05 Mar 2003
(d/o Robert A. Lally & Catherine G. Messer; w/o Arthur Daniel Ballou)

Baran, Stanley John, 30 Mar 1912-04 Feb 1994
AM3, US Navy, World War II
(s/o Jacob Baran & Ludwika Pabisinski)

Bassett, Thomas McHenry, 15 Apr 1927-11 May 1999
(s/o Edwin Prince Bassett & Mary Frances McHenry; h/o Kathleen Ryan)

Bauer, Ethel May, (29 Jun)1901-(17 Nov)1987
(d/o George C. Short & Caroline Kirstead; w/o Frederick George Bauer)

Bauer, Jr., Frederick G. (George), 14 Mar 1923-01 Oct 1985
Sgt, US Army, World War II (Air Corps)
(s/o Frederick George Bauer & Ethel May Short)

Bayer, Joseph Isaac, 15 Mar 1916-11 Oct 1992
S Sgt, US Army, World War II
(s/o Michal Bajer & Bonislawa Blaze)

Bayer, Weadyslaw (Walter) C. “Bajer,” (24 Apr)1912-(25 Feb)2002
(Priest, boyhood friend of the Pope)

Beliveau, Bernice L. (Louise), (15 Jan)1905-(21 Jun)1993
(d/o Albert Mayo & Ella Welcome; w/o Frank Joseph Beliveau)

Beliveau, Frank J. (Joseph) (23 Jun)1905-(12 Oct)1992
(s/o Arcadius Gassie Beliveau & Jeanne Morissette; h/o Bernice Louise Mayo)

Bennington, Dale C., (26 Oct)1915-(06 Aug)1981
(s/o Chauncy Lorenzo Bennington & Florence M. Bailey; h/o Patricia Ann Tannehill)

Bennington, Patricia A. (Anne) (27 Aug)1924-(11 Jun)1990
(d/o Vernon L. Tannehill & Veronica E. Gocke; w/o Dale C Bennington)

(Benvento, Angela Colasurdo, 11 Jan 1923-22 Aug 1993)
(d/o Giovanni Colasurdo & Rosa Rella; w/o Donato Benvento)
(obit says buried here; compiler could not locate grave)

Bergelevier, Edwige, (24 Aug)1924-(22 Nov)1986
(w/o Richard Stanley Bergelevier)

Bergelevier, Richard (Stanley), (18 Dec)1924-(28 Sep)1986
(h/o Edwige LNU)

Berry, James A. (Anthony), 24 Jan 1919-14 Feb 1996
(U.S.Army, WWII)
(s/o James A. Berry & Emily M. Niblick)

(Billetz, Melody Ann, 22 Jul 1954-01 Nov 2022)
(d/o Melvin Haines & Roberta Svoboda; w/o George Billetz)

Birbiglia, Lawrence, (08 Jun)1914-(08 May)1987

Block, Ann M. (Anna), 17 Mar 1902-26 Nov 1995
(d/o John J. McKeown & Alice Scully; w/o James Hubert Cochrane, Jr., FNU Secor & FNU Block)

(Bloom, Elizabeth A. (Agnes), (14 Feb)1911-(13 Oct)1986)
(d/o Antoine Pete & Anna Laginess; w/o Frank George Bloom)

(Bloom, Frank George, 13 Aug 1905-27 Dec 1967)
(s/o Frank Bloom & Barbara Zenz; h/o Elizabeth Agnes Pete)

Bortz, Lavina (Faith), (28 Apr)1920-(14 May)1987

Bowen, Bradford A. (Alonzo), (03 Jan 1883)-(16 Jun)1967
(s/o Bradford B. Bowen & Ida Arithusa "Thersa" Wilbur; Brenda Finneral & h/o Catherine C. Mitchell)

Bowen, Catherine C., (23 Jan 1889)-(13 Jan)1970
(d/o Michael Mitchell & Catherine Finn; w/o Bradford Alonzo Bowen)

(Brandt, Frank O. (Oliver), 01 Oct 1934-19 May 2010)
(s/o Oliver Leo Brandt & Mae Frances Butala; h/o Kelly LNU)

Brandt, Mae F. (Frances), (14 Aug)1901-(06 Jan)1988
(d/o Frank Butala & Anna Kastelic; w/o Oliver Leo Brandt)

Brandt, Oliver L. (Leo), (05 Mar)1901-(15 Oct)1978
(s/o Frank Oliver Brandt & Charlotte Bean; h/o Mae Frances Butala)

Brede, Frank, 19 Nov 1888-05 Nov 1969
(s/o Martin Brede & Francis Bumgartner; h/o Marie Elizabeth Ohm)
(Flagler Beach City Commissioner - East Flagler Mosquito Board Commissioner)

Brede, Marie E. (Elizabeth), 22 May 1899-05 May 1969
(d/o John Joseph Ohm & Bridget Agnes B. Kennelly; w/o Frank Brede)

Brohen, Anne, (26 Nov)1916-(19 Jun)1997
(d/o Joseph Chapola & Aneila Zaveslanska; w/o FNU Travis & FNU Brohen)

Brosnan, Helen M. (Marie), 13 Jun 1904-09 May 1984
(w/o William H. Brosnan)

Brosnan, Marguerite (Anabel), 22 Dec 1924-26 Apr 1996
(d/o Milton D. McMann & Marguerite M. Beardsley)
(w/o George Edwin Thomas, Jr., Stanley Paul Kay, & FNU Brosnan)

Brosnan, William H., 11 Oct 1912-14 Apr 1999
(h/o Helen Marie LNU)

Brower, Elvera M. (Marie), (07 Oct)1916-(25 Jul 1991)
(d/o Augustus Carbone & Rosa Gardella; w/o Walter Stout Brower, Jr.)

Brower, Walter S., (20 Jul)1917-(18 Sep)1980
S Sgt US Army, World War II
(s/o Walter Stout Brower & Lila May Brower; h/o Elvera Marie Carbone)
(Flagler Beach City Commissioner)

Brulewicz, Kazimierz, (29 May)1914-(Dec)1983
(h/o Zofia LNU)

Brulewicz, Zofia, (28 Mar)1910-(12 Jan)2004
(w/o Kazimierz Brulewicz)

Buenaventura, Manuel M. (Madrigal), 22 Dec 1927-26 Feb 2003
(s/o Manuel Buenaventura & Maria N. Madrigal; h/o Petra Miranda Labaguis)

Buenaventura, Petra (Miranda) L., 19 May 1929-(15 Jun 2005)
(d/o Andres Labaguis & Isidra Miranda; w/o Manuel Madrigal Buenaventura)

Bukovinsky, Andrew (John), (01 Apr)1909-(05 May)1987
(h/o Sue Spishak)

Bukovinsky, Sue, (29 Jun)1910-(03 May)1998
(d/o John Spishak & Julia Chimckak; w/o Andrew "Andy" John Bukovinsky)

Bullard, Louise H. (Helen), 14 Sep 1913-04 Apr 1986

Bundy, Charles Ernest, (18 Jan)1905-(29 Jun)1983
Cpl, US Army, World War II
(s/o Frederick R. Bundy & Catherine Brundridge; h/o Mary G. LNU)

Bundy, Mary G., 1902-1989
(w/o Charles Ernest Bundy)

Buono, Anna Maria, (23 Sep)1901-(01 Nov)1994
(d/o Carmine Belperio & Mariantonia Lupo; w/o Domenico Buono)

Buono, Betty J. (Jane), 22 Feb 1926-24 May 2006
(U.S. Veteran)
(d/o William Gonia & Sadie R. Jacwiecka; w/o James D. Buono)

Buono, Domenico, (22 Jan)1894-(24 Oct)1972
(s/o Vincent Buono & Katherine Pescalli; h/o Anna Maria Belperio)

Buono, James D., 31 Jul 1918-19 Sep 2006
(U.S. Army, World War II)
(s/o Domenico Buono & Anna Marie Belperio; h/o Bernadette Buhner & Betty Jane Gonia)

(Buono, Jr., James D. "Jimmy," 01 Apr 1958-31 Oct 2016)
(s/o James D. Buono & Bernadette Buhner)

Burzyck, Marie J., (09 Jan)1895-(13 Apr)1982
(d/o Regis Beauchamp & Julien LNU; w/o Peter Paul Burzyck)

Burzyck, Peter P. (Paul), (20 Jan)1893-(06 Nov)1968
(s/o Matthew Burzyck & Anna Gulzenski; h/o Marie J. Beauchamp)

Byrnes, Peter J.(Joseph), (03 Nov)1908-(07 Feb)1993

Calia, (Angelina E) Lena, 29 Oct 1905-11 May 1988

Calia, (Carmela) Lillian, 15 Jul 1904-07 May 1988

Carbone, Mary,
(w/o Pat Carbone)

Carbone, Pat, (04 Feb)1926-(28 Feb)1985
(h/o Mary LNU)

(Carmody, Ferne N., 18 Mar 1914-05 Jan 1975)
(d/o Joseph Francis G. Whateley & Ferne Mae LNU; w/o Thomas Francis Carmody)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

Carmody, Thomas Francis, (12 Nov)1909-(24 May)1967
(s/o Isaac Francis Carmody & Catherine H. Bayley; h/o Ferne N. Whateley)

Carrier, Nicholas, 25 Jul 1928-14 Jan 1995
PFC US Marine Corps, World War II
(s/o Frank Cruso Carrier & Theresa M. Claramella)

Casademont, Cyril T.(Thomas), 11 Jul 1921-26 Jan 1999
Lt JG, US Navy, World War II
(s/o Henry Casademont & Leocadie Farrell)

Chapman, Grace McCabe, (19 Aug)1917- (21 Jul 2007)
(d/o Charles McCabe & Prisilla White; w/o Stanley James Chapman)

Chapman, Stanley James, 28 Jan 1915-03 Oct 1997
Pvt US Marine Corps
(s/o James Joseph Chapman & Elvina Houle; h/o Grace McCabe)

Charon, Alice B., (17 May)1884-(08 Mar)1975
(Nee: Bateson; w/o Charles Francis Charon)

Charon, Charles F. (Francis), (24 May)1878-(09 Nov)1968
(h/o Alice G. Bateson)

Chirco, (Jr.), Francis S. (Sisto), 10 Sep 1943-25 Nov 2003
(s/o Fracis Sisto Chirco; h/o Mary LaRusso)

(Chirco, Mary R., 08 Dec 1942-23 Aug 2019)
(d/o Louis LaRusso & Tina Barbagallo; w/o Francis Sisto Chirco)

Chmielarski, Joseph B. (Bronoslaus), 07 Nov 1918-07 Sep 1997
Cpl, US Army, World War II
(military marker has incorrect date of birth of 1928)
(s/o Stephen Chmielarski & Rose Safraniec; h/o Stella Ann Majchrzak)

Chmielarski, Stella A.(Ann), 25 Nov 1921-(27 May 2012)
(Nee: Majchrzak; w/o Joseph Bronoslaus Chmielarski)

Clark, John, (23 May)1894-(18 Jan)1965
(British Air Force, WW I)
(h/o Mary Alice Heal)

Clark, Mary A. (Alice), (27 Jul)1895-(02 May 1985)
(d/o James Heal & Jane Cavanaugh; w/o John Clark)
(Creamains buried Midwest Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN)

Clemons, Mary Guarneiri, (06 Nov)1922-(11 Oct)1985
(d/o John Guarneiri & Rose Rocco; w/o Shirley Clemons)

Clemons, Shirley, (03 Sep)1914-(18 Sep)1990
(s/o George Washington Clemons & Viarg Holdren; h/o Mary Guarneiri)

Clifton, Christopher J. (James), 29 Dec 1993-02 Feb 1996
(s/o Joseph Christopher Clifton)

Clifton, Joseph Christopher, 23 Oct 1972-06 Jun 2001
(s/o Joseph Clifton & Eileen LNU)

Clymer, Donald, 20 Jan 1931-
(h/o Frances Mulhern)

Clymer, Frances, 01 Mar 1932-05 Jan 2009
(d/o Thomas A.Mulhern & Frances Mantey; w/o Donald Clymer)

Cocca, Richard (Paul), (19 Jul)1935-(13 Jul)1995
(s/o John Cocca & Susan Angelucci; h/o Sheila)

Cocca, Sheila, (08 Dec)1940-(no date)
(w/o Richard Paul Cocca)

Colasurdo, Marie M. (Michele), (24 May)1913-(03 Jul)1991
(d/o Antonio Colasurdo & Angelanton Coca)

Colasurdo, Rose M. (Modesta), (24 Feb)1911-(24 Sep)2006
(d/o Antonio Colasurdo & Angelanton Coca)

Coleman, Edward M. (Martin), 14 Jul 1920-31 Jan 1996
(s/o Abbott Frances Coleman & Aagot Ovidia Nelson; h/o Ann Eileen Schipke)

(Collins, Francis E. (Edward), 1918-(22 Jul) 2012)
(s/o James P.Collins & Elizabeth A. McCann; h/o Mary A. Ryan)

Collins, Marilyn (Kathleen) M., 06 May 1928-03 Dec 1994
(d/o Henry Oxley & Frieda Shiller; w/o John Patrick Collins)

(Collins, Mary A., (08 Jun)1922-(15 Jun)1992)
(d/o John J. Ryan & Mary Tangemann; w/o Francis Edward Collins)

Collins, Patrick John, 16 Mar 1929-15 Dec 1995
Sgt, US Army
(s/o Patrick J. Collins & Eleanor Murray; h/o Marilyn Kathleen Oxley)

Columbus, Josephine M. (Mae), (23 Apr)1926-(01 Jan)1984
(d/o Joseph Kozik & Daisy Rosella Schroff; w/o Joseph Columbus)

Conklin, Alicia I. (Irene), (26 Jun)1920-(10 Apr)2005
(d/o Edward J. Knott & Alicia I Donnelly; w/o Eugene Currie Conklin)

Conklin, Eugene C. (Currie), (01 Jan)1917-(29 Aug)1994
(s/o Augustus Conklin & Edith Cassidy; h/o Alicia Irene Knott)

Cook, Catherine, 20 Apr 1912-28 Jan 1983
(On the same tombstone as Arthur & Florence Gratz)

(Corte-Real, Luis Franco, 28 Nov 1953-09 Apr 2021)

Cote, Bernadette (Bernice) C. (Claudia), (07 Sep)1909-(30 Apr)1990

Crews, Veronica (Constance) McCabe, 10 Feb 1932-16 Oct 1998
(d/o Charles Edward McCabe & Prisilla Ruth White; w/o Charles Ray Crews)

Cruz, Leonida G., 28 Jan 1921-15 Oct 2008

Czachorowski, Bronislaw “Ben,” (18 Mar 1893)1894-(12 Dec)1968

Daly, Eileen M. (Margaret), (24 Oct)1924-(02 Apr)1994
(d/o John Vanburen & Mary Cashman; w/o Joseph W. Daly)

Daly, Joseph W., (17 Apr)1929-(no date)
(h/o Eileen Margaret Vanburen)

Darrow, Robert Carter, (08 Mar)1919-(23 Mar)1983
1st Lt US Army, World War II
(s/o Benjamin Harrison Darrow & Mary Francis Carter; h/o Audrey W. Wilson)

Davenport, Gertrude, (08 Mar)1912-(28 Sep)2000
(d/o Henry Brown & Edith LNU; w/o Richard William Davenport)

Davenport, Richard (William), (22 Nov)1908-(03 Jul)1986
(s/o David Campbell Davenport & Margaret Seddon; h/o Gertrude Brown)

Davock, Irene M. (Mary), (25 Aug)1899-(04 Feb)1976
(d/o Vincent Klaztrowski & Michalena Jabonboski; w/o Thomas J. Davock)

Davock, Thomas J., (07 Mar)1901-(07 Jun)1975
(s/o Thomas Davock & Mary Mulvihill; h/o Irene Mary Klaztrowski)

Deacon, Robert Partick, 29 Mar 1918-11 Dec 1994
Capt, US Army, World War II

DeCarlo, Domenick J., 14 Oct 1909-08 Feb 1980
PFC, US Army, World War II
(s/o Peter DeCarlo & Mary Leone; h/o Rose Martino)

DeCarlo, Rose Martino, 06 Oct 1912-09 Oct 1998
(d/o Nick Martino & Mary Guerra; w/o Domenick J. DeCarlo)

DeLamar, J. Robert, (17 Jul)1912-(25 Jan)1985
US Army, World War II
(s/o John Henry DeLamar & Julia Hayes; h/o Mary C. McCormick)

DeLamar, Mary M., (12 Dec)1915-(10 Apr 2011)
(d/o William McCormick & Alice S. LNU; w/o J. Robert DeLamar)

Delany, John J. (Joseph - Jr.), 15 Apr 1911-18 Mar 1997
(s/o John Joseph Delany & Viola I Ainwick)

Del Tejo, Candina (Rosa), 23 Oct 1896-18 Nov 1984

De Martino, Edith R (Rita), 26 Apr 1921- (09 May 2012)
(d/o Howard Kennish & Eda LNU; w/o Edward Francis Xavier De Martino)

De Martino, Ellen M. (Marie), 17 May 1956-29 May 2006
(d/o Edward De Martino & Edith Rita Kennish)

De Martino, Edward F. X. (Francis Xavier), 19 Dec 1920-22 Dec 1998
(s/o Antony DeMartino & Rose Bruig; h/o Edith Rita Kennish)

Denham, Clarence W. (Wilfred), (21 Nov)1903-(17 Mar)1983
(s/o Thomas Alfred Denham & Sarah Jane McCutcheon; h/o Rose Ann Novak)

Denham, Rose Ann, (01 Sep)1901-(02 Jul)1995
(d/o Frank Novak & Francis LNU; w/o Clarence Wilfred Denham)

DePiro, Benjamin Paul, 17 Jan 1928-29 Sep 1994
A1C, USAAC, World War II
(s/o Giovanni DePiro & Alice Janson DePero; h/o Elaine Ross)

(Diego, Josephine F., 28 Feb 1919-24 Mar 2009)
(d/o Joseph Jaeger & Helena Frances Kapfer; w/o Rafael Diego)

(Diego, Ralph (Rafael), 28 Dec 1919-26 Apr 2016)
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Ramon Diego & Candelana Ramirez y Carillo de Albomoz; w/o Josephine Frances Jaeger)

Dockendorff, Arthur S. (Spurgeon), 30 Mar 1894-12 May 1970
MA, Pvt Co A 35 Machine Gun Bn, World War I
(s/o John Solomon Dockendorff & Melissa Ann Muttart; h/o Mary Veronica Devine)

Dockendorff, Mary V. (Veronica), (24 Sep)1892-(02 Mar)1985
(d/o Michael Devine & Mary Jane Wallwork; w/o Arthur Spurgeon Dockendorff)

Dockendorff, Nancy M., (06 Feb 1918)-(28 Feb 2001)
(d/o Arthur Spurgeon Dockendorff & Mary Veronica Devine)

Domanski, Beata, 1933-1990
(w/o Waclaw Domanski)

Domanski, Helen, (01 Aug)1924-(24 Aug)1999
(d/o Jan Tatarczuk & Antiona Lasiuk)

Domanski, Waclaw, (10 Mar)1922-(23 Jan)1993
(s/o Pawel Domanski & Weronika Czmut; h/o Beata LNU)

Donahue, Charles Aloysious, 09 Dec 1894-08 Nov 1977
Pvt, US Army, World War I
(h/o F. Christine LNU)

Donahue, F. Christine, (18 May)1901-(26 Nov 1980)
(w/o Charles Aloysious Donahue)

Donnelly, (Jr.), John E.(Ellis - "Jackie"), (23 Oct)1913-(17 Jan 2006)
(s/o John Ellis Donnelly & Katherine M. L. Doran; h/o Rita Teresa Callahan)

Donnelly, Rita C. (Teresa), (07 Jan)1916-(26 May)1990
(d/o John Callahan & Mary Francis; w/o John E. Donnelly)

Dooley, Julia C. (Constance), (12 Mar)1956-(05 Jul)1999
(d/o Vincent Alphonsus Scully & Susan Catherine Kilmartin; w/o FNU Dooley)

Drazba, Helen T. (Louise), (11 Jan)1911-(11 Apr)1999
(d/o Bronislin (Barney) Trojanowski (Trojan) & Leakadia (Lillian) Szafrans;
w/o Leonard Joseph (Lee) Drazba)

Drazba, Leonard J. (Joseph) “Lee,” (21 May)1909-(07 Mar)1987
(US Army Recreation Division, Miami, FL, WW II)
(St Augustine City Commissioner)
(h/o Helen Louise Trojan)

Dubanowitz, Sophie, (27 May)1896-(20 Dec)1979

Dunbar, Frederick, 13 Nov 1921-13 Jan 1988
S1, US Coast Guard, World War II
(s/o John Dunbar & Ellen Jackson)

Dunkin, Mary Ann, (22 Jan)1942-(21 Apr)2000
(d/o Charles V. Saber & Mary J. Goodman; w/o FNU Lowe & FNU Dunkinn)

Eldracher, Doris (Ellen), (09 Jun 1917)1918-(15 Dec)1996
(d/o John Albert Eldracher & Rose H. Regan)

(Falls, John Anthony, 20 Nov 1909-03 Jun 1979)
(h/o Frances LNU)
(obit say buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

Farrell, Richard T. (Thomas), (04 Jan)1916-(03 Jul)1984
1st Lt, US Army, World War II
(s/o Thomas Francis Farrell & Elizabeth A. Kelley)

Feind, Frank T. (Thomas), (17 Feb)1911-(12 Dec)1976
(s/o John Feind & Lillie R. Westerman; h/o Margaret E. Condit)

Feind, Margaret E., (11 Mar 1913)-(19 Jan 2003)
(d/o Frank Zodoc Condit & Catherine F. O'Connor; w/o Frank Thomas Feind)

Felice, Margaret (Loretta), (09 Jan)1897-(05 Nov)1968
(d/o Michael Broderick & Kathryn Curtin; w/o Silvio Felice)

Felice, Silvio, (06 May)1890-(18 Jun)1962
(Canadian Forces, World War I)
(s/o Francis Felice; h/o Laura Veronica McKinnon & Margaret Loretta Broderick)

(Fernandez, Antonio, 18 Jul 1930-22 May 2016)
(h/o Herminia LNU)

Ferri, Guy, (07 Jul)1922-(08 Jul)1991
World War II, PA (U.S. Army)
(s/o Pasquale Ferri & Assunta Nobilio; h/o Teresa Bursley)

Ferri, Teresa B., (09 Apr)1928- (no date)
(d/o Herbert Sidney Bursley & Robertina Mary Harty; w/o Guy Ferri)

(Filkins, Doris Eva, 18 Jan 1920-15 Jun 1969)
( d/o Clifford Boucher; w/o Edward C. Filkins)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

Finan, John F. X. (Francis - Jack), 14 Jun 1927-10 May 1995
(s/o William Joseph Finan & Catherine Valentine McGrath; h/o Estella MacNeill)

Fiorello, Salvatore, 06 Nov 1924-06 Feb 2005
(s/o Domingo Fiorello & Bernardina Petrone; h/o Rosaria)

Fitzgerald, Alana, 14 Nov 1942-(no date)
(d/o Percy James Rogers & Marguerite Sears; w/o Dennis Merrill Fitzgerald)

Fitzgerald, Dennis (Merrill), 18 Feb 1942-14 Apr 1996
(s/o Maurice Fitzgerald & Lavina Caille; h/o Alana Louise Rogers)

Forson, Jack C. (Chamberlain), (17 Apr)1924-(18 Sep)1985
(s/o Harry C. Forson & Maude E. Wells; h/o Rena J. Powers)

Forson, Rena J., (20 Sep)1922-(no date)
Married 10 Oct 1942
(d/o Ralph Lewis Powers & Sylvia Frances Crimble; w/o Jack Chamberlain Forson)

Fraczek, Stanley (S. P.), 1915-1993
Spoczywaj W Poloju

Franckowiak, Mary, (22 Dec)1887-(18 Nov)1968
(“Ms Mary,” long time organist for St Mary’s Catholic Church; former Postmistress of Korona)

(Fugelsang, John J.(Joseph), 19 Oct 1933-02 Aug 2010)
(s/o Leonard Fugelsand & Adele Corrigan; h/o Mary Margaret "Peggy" Shank)

(Fugelsang, Mary Margaret, 08 Feb 1934-20 Aug 2016)
(d/o James Clarence Shank & Mary Margaret Schleman; w/o John Joseph Fugelsang)

Fuller, Anne D., (26 Jan)1904-(20 Mar)1968
(d/o William Dwyer & Nora Marie McDonald; w/o Herbert Fuller)

Fuller, Herbert, (03 Jan)1902-(26 Apr)1977
(US Navy, World War II)
(Mayor of Flagler Beach, FL, 1963-1967)
(s/o Walter Clinton Fuller & Laura Richard)
(h/o Anne Dwyer & Aileen Taylor, the widow/o Harry Bertram Treadwell)

Gancwol, Kazimier, (21 Mar)1917-(18 Jun)1988

Gareiss, Catherine (F), 04 Sep 1914-09 Jun 1984
(d/o Carmine Formichella & Mina Matteo; w/o Warren Murray Gareiss)

Gareiss, Warren (Murray), 21 Sep 1915-14 Dec 1997
(s/o Harry David Gareiss & Edith Diehl; h/o Catherine Formichella)

Garfield, Ann (Patricia) O’Meara, 10 Jan 1933-11 Mar 2002
(d/o Charles O'Meara & Madeline Hayden; w/o David Whitney Garfield, Jr)

Garfield, Jr., David W. (Whitney), 24 Aug 1923-12 May 1997
SSgt US Army World War II
(s/o David Whitney Garfield & Betsy C. Hobe; h/o Ann Patricia O’Meara)

Gariepy, (Mary) Alice, 30 Jan 1898-27 Jun 1990
(d/o George Henry Allard & Islla Archambault; w/o Omer Joseph Gariepy)

Gariepy, Omer J. (Joseph), 12 Sep 1899-23 Jun 1963
(s/o Joseph Gariepy; h/o Mary Alice Allard)

Gaudette, Ida M. (Marie), (06 Dec)1904-(02 Aug)1985
(d/o Joseph F. Cote & Marie Velerie Langiois; w/o William Gaudette)

Gaudette, William, (03 Apr)1904-(08 Oct)1980
(s/o George Gaudette & Lucy Pomerleau; h/o Marie Cesrie Ida Cote)

Gavulic, Francis, (03 Jun)1905-(19 Feb)1999
(h/o Harriett LNU)

Gavulic, Harriett, (23 Aug)1905-(09 Aug)1992
(w/o Francis Gavulic)

Giordano, Anthony, (02 Oct)1912-(03 Feb)1991
(h/o Josephine Morgante)

Giordano, Josephine, (06 Nov)1914-(24 Aug)1999
(d/o Vincent Morgante & Santa Difrancisca;w/o Anthony Giordana)

Gleason, Evelyn S., (18 Mar)1909-(16 Jun)1987
(Nee: Swartz; w/o John Michael Gleason)

Gleason, John M (Michael), (16 Apr)1906-(08 Jun 1998)
(s/o Lawrence Gleason & May McKay; h/o Evelyn J. Swartz)

Goray, Genevieve M., (17 Nov)1922-(no date)(02 Sep 2013)
(w/o James Anthony Goray)

Goray, James A. (Anthony), (28 May)1912-(19 Apr)1992
(s/o Joseph Goray & Catherine Sroczyk; h/o Genevieve M. LNU)

Gorecki, Angeline, 1886-(Jul)1968
(d/o Franciszek Pocchanski & Anna LNU; w/o FNU Maczewicz & Stanley Gorecki)

Gorecki, Edward A. (Alexander), (01 Aug)1902-(23 Nov)1966
(s/o Casimere Gorecki & Stephania Tanalska; h/o Helen A. Nalepa )

Gorecki, Helen A. (Ann), 1910-(04 May)1967
(w/o Edward Alexander Gorecki; d/o Antonio Nelepa & Josephine Huga)

Gorecki, Stanley, (25 Apr)1897-(05 Apr)1978
(s/o Casimere Gorecki & Stephania Tanalska; h/o Angeline Pocchanski)

Goryszewski, Anna (nee: Wiehliriska), 1864-1934
(w/o Julian Goryszewski)

Goryszewski, Julian, 1855-(03 Oct)1919
(h/o of Anna Wiehliriska)

Gossel, Floyd (Orley), (16 Jun)1914-(29 May)1971
(s/o Ernest Gossel & Rose Ellen LNU; h/o Ruth Leone Steen & Dorothy Cecilia LNU)

Gratz, Arthur (Joseph), 30 Jun 1915-24 Nov 2001
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Arthur Grantz & Anna Laujadair; h/o Florence LNU)

Gratz, Florence, 20 Dec 1916-03 Jun 1981
(w/o Arthur Joseph Gratz)

Graybosch, Anton Joseph (Andy), 10 Dec 1926-04 Mar 1993
CM3, US Navy, World War II
(s/o Anton G. Graybosch & Leah Rosenberg; h/o Ellen Estelle Ann Wahl)

Graybosch, Ellen A., (28 Jun)1926-(11 Oct 2019)
(d/o Howlan Wahl & Florence Muspratt; w/o Anton Joseph Graybosch & Theodore Andrew Meyers)

Griffin, Dorothea P., (17 Jun)1914-(12 Dec)2002
(d/o George L. O'Connor & Mary M. Koerber; w/o Walter J. Griffin)

Griffin, Walter J., (29 Feb)1912-(20 Aug)2002
(h/o Dorothea P. O'Connor)

(Grimes, (Jr.), Francis S. (Sarsfield), (07 Mar)1922-(11 Feb)2008)
(U. S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Francis Sarsfield Grimes & Alice Pettit; h/o Mabel T. LNU)

(Grimes, Mabel T., (14 Aug)1927-(no date)
(w/o Francis Sarsfield Grimes, Jr.)

Grodi/Holt, Viola Anna, 02 Mar 1908-09 Feb 1997
(d/o Antoine Pete & Anna Lagines; w/o Christopher William Grodi)

Grodi/Holt, Virginia, 13 Oct 1919-09 Oct 2001
(d/o Antoine Pete & Anna Lagines; w/o Jack Erskine Holt)

Guerin, Augustine Francis, 25 Nov 1934-23 Apr 1997
EMP3, US Navy, Korea
(s.o Augustine Francis Guerin & Dorothy Roffe; h/o Marian H. Kleinhans)

Guerin, Marian H., 20 Oct 1936-(no date)
(Nee: Kleinhans; w/o Augustine Francis Guerin)

Gulotta, Charles J., 20 Jan 1915-18 Dec 2003
(s/o Salvarore Gulotta & Liona Licata; h/o Natalie F Rizzo)

Gulotta, Natalie F., (Nee: Rizzo), 28 Oct 1917-01 May 2008
(d/o Andrew Rizzo & Josephine Scirica; w/o Charles J Gulotta)

Gwiazdowski, Josef, 01 Mar 1904-04 Dec 1995
(h/o Wiktoria LNU)

Gwiazdowski, Wiktoria, 20 Sep 1921-(07 Feb 2011)
(w/o Josef Gwiazdowski)

(Hagenberg, Mary Margaret, 30 Nov 1927-12 Jul 2016)
(d/o Hugh Black & Frances Applegate; w/o William Francis Hagenberg)

Hagenberg, Sr., William F. (Francis), 25 Nov 1925-19 Jun 1991
RM3 US Navy, World War II
(s/o Alphonsus Hagenberg & Wilhelmina Ragg; s/o Mary Margaret Black)

Hampton, Wilhelma M. (Marie), (11 Sep)1896-(07 May)1980
(d/o Henry C. Mussman & Anna M. Flynn; w/o Elijah B. Hampton)

Hansen, (Elizabeth Anne) Betty, 25 Jan 1930-07 Jul 1998
(d/o Francis McLaughlin & Esther McCall; w/o Roy Helmer Hansen)

Hansen, Roy Helmer, 28 Dec 1928-28 Apr 1996
RM2 US Navy, Korea
(s/o Helmer Hansen & Helga Kongslov; h/o Elizabeth Anne "Betty" McLaughlin )

(Harris, Ida M. 29 Apr 19??-(no date)

(Harris, Willie M. (Miles), 25 Dec 1926-05 Jul 2012)
(h/o Ida M. LNU)

Hartley, Bernice (Bronisianna) P. (Pauline), (04 Feb)1915-(25 May)1984
(d/o Michael Mikulka & Anna Marczyk; w/o James Walter Hartley, Jr)

Hartley (Jr), James W. (Walter), (08 Aug)1911-(26 Apr)1976
(s/o James Walter Hartley & Rose G. Van Schassin; h/o Bronislanna Pauline (Bernice) Mikulka)

Hartnett, Mary S. (Sienna), 31 May 1921-15 Jan 2006
Sgt, US Army, World War II
(d/o Thomas T. Hartnett & Lavera Schank)

Hartnett, Patrick John, 21 Feb 1915-22 Oct 2003
T/Sgt 12th Arm Div, 92nd Cav Recon Sq, World War II ETO
(s/o Thomas T. Hartnett & Lena Lavera Schank; h/o Wanda Joan Duhanowies)

Hartnett, Wanda Joan, 05 Apr 1921-(20 Mar 2011)
(Nee: Duhanowies; w/o Patrick John Hartnett)

Heffernan, Marion E. (Ellen), 11 Feb 1910-08 Jun 1984
(on the same tombstone as William & Helen Brosnan)

Helferich, Dorothy T., 01 Aug 1913-10 Sep 1979
(d/o Richard Parsons & Alice LNU; w/o Raymond Edward Helferich)

Helferich, Ray (Raymond) E. (Edward), 27 Dec 1909-31 Dec 1993
(US Army, World War II)
(s/o Albert Helferich & Kathryn Kamuth; h/o Dorothy T. Parsons)

(Henelt, Edmond R. (Reginald), (23 Oct)1929-2004)
(s/o Anthony H. Henelt & Wilhelmina Milewska; h/o Mary Louise Gorsuch)

Henelt, Wilhelmina Milewska, (07 Jan)1896-(01Jul)1991
(d/o Stanislav Milewska & Katarzyna LNU; w/o Anthony H. Henelt)

Hennessy, Eleanor M. (Marie) Kehr, 29 Dec 1906-(10 Oct 2003)
(d/o Joseph Hanson & Elizabeth McGoldrick; w/o FNU Kehr & Joseph A. Hennessy)

Hennessy, Joseph A., 03 Apr 1899-06 Feb 2000
(s/o William Edward Hennessy & Melinda M. LNU; h/o Eleanor Marie Hanson)

Herard, Leonard E. (Euclid), (05 Feb)1898-(16 Jun)1988
(U. S. Army, WW I)
(s/o Joseph Herard & Eugenie Cate; h/o Marie Cecelia LNU)

Herard, Marie C. (Cecelia), (13 Jun)1901-(23 Nov)1993
(w/o Leonard Euclid Herard)

Hicks, Sr., William J. (Joseph), 08 Nov 1911-09 Oct 1968
Cpl CO M 314 Inf 79 Inf Div, Michigan
(s/o William G. Hicks & Mary Jane Nolan; h/o Phyllis Kellogg)

Hlava, Frank (Francis) A. (Anthony), 09 Jul 1930-02 Jan 2006
Cpl, US Army, Korea
(s/o Ludvig Hlava & Antonia Psarsky; h/o Marilyn H. LNU)

Hlava, Marilyn H. (Helen), 11 Sep 1932-(23 Feb 2008)
(w/o Francis Anthony Hlava)

(Holmes, Loretta Ann, 03 Aug 1935-17 Feb 2023)
(d/o Frank Palisieski & Lillian LNU; w/o Edward James Holmes)

Iversen, Helene D. (Dorothy), (24 Apr)1927-(13 Nov)1991
(d/o William Seeger & Elizabeth Braun; w/o Thomas Francis Iverson)

Iversen, Thomas F. (Francis), (28 Aug)1927-(01 Aug)1985
(U.S. Army)
(s/o Joseph Peter Iversen & Anne Margaret Nally; h/o Helene Dorothy Seeger)

Izzillo, Vincenzo, (29 Jul)1883-(23 Jan)1994
(s/o Carmine Izillo & Giovannina Verusio; h/o Adelina LNU)

Jajuga, Louis (Ludwig) S., 13 Aug 1930-30 Aug 1985
BT2 US Navy, Korea
(h/o Marie Honczaruk)

Jajuga, Marie, 17 Jul 1926-(31 Aug 2017)
(Nee: Honczaruk; w/o Louis S. Jajuga)

Janczewski, Boleslaw (William), 04 May 1920-17 Jul 1996
(h/o Paulina S. LNU)

(Janczewski, Jadwiga W., 06 Dec 1928-23 Aug 2017)
(d/o Jan Zajac & Maria Klepacka; w/o Zdzislaw Janczewski)

Janczewski, Paulina (S.), 14 Jul 1928-(24 Jul 2014)
(w/o Boleslaw Janczewski)

Jankowski, Larry Joe, 06 Jun 1952-23 May 1975
(s/o FNU Jankowski & Betty Jane Gonia; step-son of James D. Buono)

(Janowicz-Winder, Czeslawa, 18 Jan 1923-07 Oct 2009)
(d/o Szezepan Tobiasz & Francisza LNU; w/o Zenon Janowicz)

Janowicz, Zenon, 18 Jun 1922-01 Jun 2003
(h/o Czeslawa Tobiasz)

Jarosz, Anna (Mary), (09 May)1903-(30 Dec)1975
(d/o John (Menzski) Mansky & Antonina LNU; w/o John J. Jarosz)

Jarosz, John (J), (14 Sep)1887-(13 Oct)1962
(s/o Wojcied Jarosz & Anna LNU; h/o Rozalia LNU & Anna Mary Mansky)

Jezak, John, 03 Oct 1902-24 Jul 1988
(h/o Josephine Kestusz)

Jezak, Josephine, 14 Jan 1901-01 Jun 2001
(d/o Martin Kestusz & Elizabeth LNU; w/o John Jezak)

(Johns, Anna (Anna Rosa Lee Szymanski), c 1898-19 Apr 1962)
(w/o Walter Johns)
(obit says buried here, unable to locate grave)

Jones, David A. (Allen), 01 Jan 1967-02 Sep 1995
(s/o Elmer Donald Jones & Jeanette Mildred Busch; h/o Shirleynne Rose Clemons)

Jones, Katherine E. (Elizabeth), (25 Aug)1887-(21 May)1971
(w/o William Fredrick Jones)

Jones, Shirleynne R. (Rose), 05 Mar 1947-(25 Dec 2005)
(Nee: Clemons; w/o David Allen Jones)

Jones, Virginia Best, 25 Nov 1914-17 Jun 2004
(d/o George J. Best & Helen Sheehy; w/o Paul Jones)

Jones, William F. (Fredrick), (14 Aug)1885-(19 Oct)1973
(s/o Alfred Jones & Matilda Fredericks; h/o Katherine Elizabeth LNU)

Kaczmarski, Loretta M. (Mary), (07 Aug)1918-(11 Nov 2009)
(d/o John Karol Sulick & Antonina Krauz; w/o Steven Kaczmarski)

Kaczmarski, Steven, 01 Jan 1912-10 Sep 1991
Pvt US Army, World War II
(s/o John Kaczmarski & Katherine Kasza; h/o Loretta Mary Sulick)

Kaminski, Sophie (Zofia), 09 Feb 1936- (06 Jun 2015)
(d/o Martin Sierak & Margaret LNU; w/o Stefan Kaminski)

Kaminski, Stefan, 07 Aug 1929-(no date listed)
(h/o Sophie Sierak)

Kandour, Helen, 1907-1990

Kandour, Mary Lou, (17 Dec)1947-(03 Nov)1991
(Nee: Minarchick; w/o Paul E. Kandour)

Karbowsky, Jadwiga, (15 Sep)1935- (no date listed)

Karbowsky, Walter, (13 Nov)1937-(17 Oct)2005
(s/o Walter A. Karbowski & Evelyn Schaffren; h/o Jadwiga LNU)

Kasper, William, (04 Dec)1897-(02 Mar)1976
Pvt US Army, World War II

Kenney, Robert James, 27 Jul 1926-01 Jun 2004
B3, US Navy, World War II
(s/o Wilfred J. Kenney & Grace Fuller)

Khula, Beatrice Marie, 31 Jan 1917-28 Jan 1988
(d/o John H. Steffens & Bridget McNulty; w/o Rudolf Paul Khula)

Khula, Rudolf Paul, 09 Sep 1914-23 Jul 1990
(s/o Walter Khula & Anna Sagla; h/o Beatrice Marie Steffens)

Khula, Walter D., 30 Jun 1953-30 Nov 2007
(s/o Rudolf Paul Khula & Beatrice Marie Steffens)

King, Gene Paul, 05 Jun 1923-05 Feb 2009
(US Army Air Corps, World War II)
(s/o William Henry King & Delia Brown; h/o Helen Patricia Gross)

(King, Helen (Patricia) Gross, 17 Mar 1929-(25 Apr 2017)
(d/o Herman Charles Gross & Helen Rose Daily; w/o Gene Paul King)

Klimek, Max (J.),(12 May 1906)1905-(27 Nov)1989
(s/o Michael Kilmek & Steffie LNU; h/o Nan C. LNU)

Klimek, Nan C., (07 Sep)1908-(10 Oct)1979
(w/o Max J. Klimek)

(Klos, Patricia L. (Loretta), (24 Sep)1924-2014)
(d/o Marcell Chnielewski & Palagia Kwieciski; w/o Thaddeus L. Klos)

(Klos, Thaddeus L., (13 Feb)1922-2015)
(s/o John Klos & Constance Apolonia Napierski; h.o Patricia Loretta Chnlelewski)

Knight, Thomas J. (John), (09 Feb)1908-(24 Nov)1988
(h/o Helen K. LNU)

Knight, Helen K., (17 May)1913-(Mar)1985
(w/o Thomas John Knight)

Kocjan, Maria S. (nee: Sokolowski), 28 Apr 1913-10 Jun 1998

Koczwanski, Maria Ann, 1896-19(no year listed)
(w/o Mieczyslaw Andrew Koczwanski)

Koczwanski, Mieczyslaw A. (Andrew) (Mark) (Sr), (05 Sep)1887-(25 Jun)1968
(US Army, enlisting on 07 Mar 1908)
(s/o Wladyslaw Koczwanski)
(h/o Stefania LNU, Jessie LNU, Preslawa LNU & Maria Ann LNU)

Kohler, Adam F. (Frank)(Sr), 19 Dec 1923-19 Feb 2000
US Army, World War II
(s/o Adam F. Kohler & Grace Phillips; h/o Jean Childs)

Kohler, Jean C., 08 Apr 1927-(19 Jun 2018)
(d/o William James Childs & Anna Mitchell; w/o Adam Frank Kohler)

(Komenda, Malgorzata, 22 Oct 1964-24 May 2009)

Kostanski, Stanley, 29 Apr 1896-09 Aug 1970
Mech Btry C 75 Fld Arty, World War I, Indiana
(h/o Josephine Huga - she was 1st w/o Antonio Nelepa)

Koszalkowski, Alice, 1925 (03 Nov 1930-(04 May 2018)
(w/o Zygmunt Koszalkowski)

Koszalkowski, Zygmunt, (09 Jan)1903-(03 Aug)1994
(h/o Alice LNU)

Kozak, Apolonia (Francznczek), (05 Jan)1888-(10 Mar)1973
(d/o FNU Narwocki & Mary Wisniewski; w/o John Simon Kozak)

Kozak, John (Francis), (07 Jun)1883-(23 Aug)1964
(h/o Apolonia Francznczek Narwocki)

Kozak, Stanley (Stanislav)(W.), 18 Aug 1914-14 Feb 1994
(US Navy Seabee, World War II)
(s/o John Simon Kozak & Apolonia Narwocki)

Kranski, Charles, (01 Jun)1904-(Jul)1974
(h/o Mary LNU)

Kranski, Mary, (24 May)1907-(26 Apr)1999
(w/o Charles Kranski)

(Kravantka, Helen (Olga), 15 May 1919-15 Jun 2004)
(d/o Wasyl Yarosh & Pauline Swanson; w/o Pater Paul Kravantka)

(Kravantka, Philamena "Phyllis," 30 May 1917-08 Sep 2003)
(d/o Bartlomie Lygas & Victoria Chruszcska; w/o Jerome J. Kravantka)

Kreutz, Holly (Mary Holiday), 29 May 1961-25 Feb 1977
(d/o Arthur Kreutz)

Kroncke, Lillian (Teresa), (10 Sep)1920-(01 Oct 2017)
(d/o John Joseph Laffey & Lillian Mary Morris; w/o Theodore William Kroncke)

Kroncke, Theodore (William), (08 Nov)1913-(08 Dec)1988
(s/o Theodore Frederick Kroncke & Elizabeth Rittercine; h/o Lillian Teresa Laffey)

Kuhn, Clarence A. (Albert)(aka Babe), 30 Oct 1912-26 Sep 2000
(s/o George F. Khun & Sarah C. Burris; h/o Katherine Rosalin Novak)

Kuhn, Katherine R., 11 Nov 1915-28 Nov 1991
(d/o Valentine John Novak & Frances Katherine Norlock; w/o Clarence A Kuhn)

Kurch, John, 25 Jun 1915-18 Feb 1992
Sgt US Army, World War II
(s/o John W. Kurch & Anna Halteshock; h/o Valerie Dobrzanski)

Kurch, Valerie (Walerja), (15 Oct)1920-(22 Nov)2004
(d/o Peter Dobrzanski & Victoria Szwaj; w/o John Kurch)

Kurzeja, Helena, (19 Feb)1910-(20 Apr)1990
(d/o Jan Lysik & Berta Cacak)

Kusiak, Frank (Franciszek), (19 Feb)1911-(27 Jul 2003)

Laffey, John J., 23 Aug 1906-04 Jan 1998
TSgt US Army Air Forces, World War II
(s/o John Joseph Laffey & Lillian Schell)

Laig, Elizabeth T. (Theresa), 08 Jan 1909-10 Jul 2002
(d/o Frank Tengler & Barbara Ratel; w/o Leroy Charles Laig)

Laig, Leroy C. (Charles), 06 Aug 1909-13 Oct 1979
(s/o Ernest Frederick Laig & Minnie F. White; h/o Elizabeth Theresa Tengler)

Lapre, Henri L. (Louis), 13 Jun 1917-05 Nov 1990
(s/o Francois Ludwig Lapre & Varina Gerdina von Broich; h/o Henriette Tellings)

Lapre, Henriette (Jetti), 26 Mar 1927-(10 Aug 2013)
(d/o Pieter August Tellins & Jeane Gaston; w/o Henri Louis Lapre)

LaTorre, Attilia (Maria), 31 (28) Jan 1895-28 Jun 1988
(d/o Philip Talerico & Angeline LNU)

LeArdo, Edward Charles, (21 Jul)1923-(10 May)1984
(s/o Charles LeArdo & Frances Virginia Stephenson; h/o Jean Margaret Norris)

LeArdo, Jean Margaret, (08 Apr)1928-(no date)
(d/o Adam George Norris & Sophie M.Kalish; w/o Edward Charles LeArdo)

Leary, Russell, (21 Nov)1901-(20 Jun)1984
(s/o George Leary & Delia Eagan; h/o Frances V. Brennan)

Leonardi, Daniel S., (15 Nov)1927-(no date)
(s/o Daniel Leonardi & Anna Mastroberte; h/o Ruth Pauline Vogt)

Leonardi, Ruth (Pauline) V., (20 Apr)1921-(05 Apr)2005
(d/o Gottfried Vogt & Pauline L. Steube; w/o FNU Fleck & Daniel S. Leonardi)

Lertola, Henrietta, (29 Sep)1916-(14 Nov)2001
(d/o Vincent Klasztorowski & Michalena Starowski; w/o William Robert Lertola)

Lertola, William R. (Robert), (29 Dec)1912-(14 Dec)1983
(s/o Adoulpus Lertola & Electra Stracci; h/o Henrietta Klasztorowski)

Lesczynski, Aniela M., (02 Oct)1924-(27 Nov)2001
(d/o Dominik Murszko & Rozalia Matulwicz: w/o Peter Frank Lesczynski)

Lesczynski, Peter Frank 19 May 1921-04 Jan 1996
PFC US Army, World War II
(s/o John Lesczynski & Sophia Arcziweski; h/o Aniela Murszko)

L'Esperance, Beatrice J., (03 Sep)1921-(19 Dec)2007
(d/o Jean Baptiste St. Germain & Amabilis Derosiers; w/o of Walter Leo L'Esperance)

L'Esperance, Walter L. (Leo), 11 Jan 1922-22 Jan 1992
S Sgt US Army, World War II
(s/o Omer Wilfrid L'Esperance & Delia Salvis; h/o Beatrice J. St. Germain)

Lewandowski, Benny (Bernard/Bartolmiej Andrew), 1878(19 Aug 1879)-(17 Aug)1958
(h/o Helen A. Miesowicz)

Lewandowski, Helen A., (14 Mar)1888-(03 May)1963
(Nee: Miesowicz; w/o Ignatz Alex Krzanowski & Bernard Lewandowski)

(Lima, Lino J. "Ceech," 18 Jan 1960-16 Dec 2009)

Linko, Peter (J), (08 Feb)1915-(18 May)1999
(s/o Peter Linko & Anna Hlanko)

Long, Kenneth M. (Michael), 29 May 1922-07 Oct 1986
SSgt, US Army Air Corps, World War II
(the military stone shows a dob of 1929)
(s/o Charles Henry Long & Margaret Heley; h/o Audrey Margaret Darrow)

Loszewski, Simon, (22 Apr)1890-(11 Apr)1939
(s/o Andrew Loszewski; h/o Mary A. Kolakowski)

Ludwig, (Jr.), Edward C. (Charles), 09 Jul 1912-02 May 1985
(s/o Edward Charles Ludwig & Julia Hebbel; h/o Rose Maria Stanziale)

Ludwig, Rose M. (Maria), 07 Oct 1916-09 Dec 2006
(d/o Vincenzo James Stanziale & Angelina Lambiase; w/o Edward Charles Ludwig)

Lynch, Katherine (Teresa), (21 Jul)1915-(28 Aug)1986

(Maiorano, Johanna, 06 Feb 1937-24 Apr 2022)
(w/o Joseph Maiorano)

Maisch, Mary Elizabeth, 18 Jun 1906-20 Mar 1987
(d/o Thomas Francis Fox & Winifred Murray; w/o John Maisch)

(Majewski, Claudette, (05 Oct)1936-(04 May)2013)

(Majewski, Wesley, (08 May)1934-(no date)

Maletta, Dominick G., (15 Mar)1914-(24 Oct 2003)
(s/o Gabrielle Maletta & Annie Dilera; h/o Rose Marie Anello)

Maletta, Lily D., 1958-(no date)

Maletta, Michael, (30 Dec)1942-(04 Aug)1982
(s/o Dominick G. Laletta & Rose Marie Anello)

Maletta, Peter, 1949-(no date)

Maletta, Rose (Marie), (12 Jun)1919-(28 Nov) 2006
(d/o Nick Anello & Josephine Rocco;w/o Dominick G. Maletta)

Mandziara, Mary, 19 Sep 1899-19 Jun 1970
(w/o FNU Jurkowski & Frank Mandziara)

Mandziara, Frank, (13 Jan)1893-(24 Dec)1981
(w/o Mary LNU)

Mankowski, Danuta M. (Maria)(SP), (03 Nov)1926-(11 Sep)1990
(d/o Emil Bogusz & Victoria LNU; w/o Louis Mankowski)

Maricle, James Anthony, 17 Mar 1921-09 Oct 1993
1ST Sgt US Army, World War II
(s/o William Allen Maricle & Anna L. Stewart; h/o Loretta Rose Flaherty)

Maricle, Loretta "Pat" Rose, 31 May 1916-20 May 2008
(US Army Women's Army Corps, World War II)
(d/o Hugh Michael Flaherty & Clara R. Janning; w/o James Anthony Maricle)
Married 01 Jun 1944

Marinucci, Angelo J. (Joseph), 29 Sep 1920-07 Oct 1998
(s/o Frank Marinucci & Lucy Ragon; h/o Ellen Goodyear)

Marinucci, Ellen G., 13 Jul 1917-21 Mar 2009
(d/o Richard Harrison & Norine Lennon; w/o Angelo Joseph Marinucci)

(Markowski, John Theodore, 01 Jul 1924-07 Oct 2015)
(s/o John Leo Markowski & Cecelia Strezeaki; h/o Lucy Outwater)

Markowski, Lucy (O.), (24 Aug)1924-(23 Aug)2009
(US Navy, World War II)
(d/o Robert Wesley Outwater & Lucille Warden; w/o John Markowski)

(Martel, Mary M. (Margaret), 27 Oct 1904-30 Aug 1975)
(w/o Joseph O. Martel)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Martin, Rose M. (Murray), (05 Jan)1885-(19 Jan)1977

(Martin, Eileen (Mary), (07 Jun)1933-(25 May)2002)
(d/o James J. Callan & Elizabeth "Bess" Burns; w/o Thomas Gerard Martin)

(Martin, Thomas "Roy," 25 Jun 1929-24 May 2013)
(s/o Patrick Martin & Mary B. Kearney; h/o Eileen Mary Callan)

Martucci, Agnes, 26 Aug 1902-31 Jan 1984
(Nee: Calia; w/o James Joseph Martucci)

Martucci, James (Joseph), 28 Jun 1900-30 Dec 1984
(h/o Agnes Calia)

Mashamesh, Julia, (08 Apr)1913-(28 Jun)2006

Massie, Italo H. (Herman), 15 Dec 1919-11 Apr 1988
Cpl US Army, World War II
(s/o Astore Massie & Amalia Fornachiari)

McAvoy, Mary, (05 Aug)1901-(Sep)1998
(w/o Patrick McAvoy)

McAvoy, Patrick, (14 Dec)1891-(01 Jun)1981
(h/o of Mary LNU)

McCabe, Charles E. (Edward), (08 Aug)1887-(28 Feb)1984
(s/o Patrick Robert McCabe & Mary Lenora Collins; h/o Priscilla Ruth White)

McCabe, Matthew J. (James), (13 Dec)1926-(15 Apr)1981
(s/o Charles Edward McCabe & Priscilla Ruth White)

McCabe, Priscilla R., (28 Oct)1893-(14 Mar)1975
(d/o Edward White & Priscilla Waterman; w/o Charles Edward McCabe)

McCarthy, Edward J. (James)., 16 Sep 1950-08 Mar 1987
US Army, Vietnam
(s/o Edward McCarthy & Consuela LNU)

McDermott, Thomas E. (Edward), (08 Jul)1898-(25 Mar)1973
(s/o Milton McDermott & Bridget LNU; h/o Margaret S. Murray & Helen LNU)

McDonald, Alexander Walter, 29 Jul 1927-25 Apr 1990
S Sgt US Air Force, Korea
(s/o Alexander Wallace McDonald & Edna M. Young; h/o Elizabeth Ann Conrad)

McDonald, Elizabeth A., 08 Sep 1933-(02 Aug 2017)
(d/o Reginald James Conrad & Elizabeth Anastasia Norris; w/o Alexander Walter McDonald)

McDonald, Coleen E., 11 May 1962-(no date)
(d/o Alexander Walter McDonald & Elizabeth Ann Conrad)

(McGrath, Lawrence "Larry" Edward, 30 Apr 1932-27 Jan 2010)
(s/o Edward Augustine McGrath & Elizabeth Conroy; h/o Millicent Anne McGovern)

McGrath, Millicent A. (Anne)(Mimi), 28 Oct 1932-27 Feb 2002
(d/o Philip T. McGovern & Sarah J.Bow; w/o Lawrence E. McGrath)

McKnight, Marie (Geraldine) B., 04 Apr 1931-02 Sep 1991
(d/o Joseph William Busch & Margaret Ford; w/o Herbert Edmund McKnight)

(McLellan, Christine M. (Marie), 27 Feb 1961-03 Mar 2012)
(d/o Leo Gowen & Jeanne Galarneau; w/o James Joseph "Jim" McLellan)

(McLellan, Dennis E. "Ted," 13 Aug 1922-02 Nov 2018)
(s/o Archibald M. McLellan & Beatrice Fraser; h/o Elizabeth "Betty" Sanders)

McMahon, George F. (Francis), (30 Mar)1915-(21 Dec)2001
(s/o George J. McMahon & Elizabeth F. Kenny; w/o Lieselotte E. LNU)

McMahon, Lieselotte E., (16 Mar)1917-(30 Sep 2009)
(h/o George Francis McMahon)

Meadows, Bertha (Betty), 1910-1932
(On same tombstone as Frank Kusiak)

(Meyers, Ellen E., 28 Jun 1926-11 Oct 2019)
(d/o Howlan Wahl & Florence Muspratt; w/o Anton Graybosh & Theodore "Ted" Meyers)

Micieli, Blanche (Ruth), 19 Jul 1934-18 Mar 1998
(d/o Worden McMillen & Mildred Mead: w/o Frank John Micieli)

Micieli, Frank (John), 11 Apr 1928-20 Aug 1993
(s/o John Miciela & Concetta Diorio; h/o Blanche Ruth McMillen)

Miela, Victoria, (31 Oct 1897)1902-(20 Aug)1967

Mikulka, Anna, (04 Mar)1889-(23 Jun)1969
(d/o Vincent Marczyk & Pauline Minowicz; w/o Mike Mikulka)

Mikulka, Henry, 29 May 1921-06 Dec 1987
Sgt US Army Air Corps, World War II
(s/o Michal Mikulka & Anna Marczyk; h/o Ruth Caroline Croscin {Chroscinski})

Mikulka, Joseph M. (Michal), (25 Jun)1909-(15 Oct)1983
(s/o Michael Mikulka & Anna Marczyk; h/o Mary Chesney)

Mikulka, Mike (Michal), (05 Feb)1882-(18 Sep)1958
(s/o Vincent Mikulka & Anna Belmoney; h/o Anna Marczyk)

(Mikulka, Ruth Caroline, 05 Oct 1927-26 Mar2023)
(d/o James Croscin & Monica Novak; w/o Charles Mathew Akins & Henry Mikulka)

(Millerski, Andrew, 01 Mar 1889-26 Apr 1951)
(funeral home records say buried here, compiler could not locate)

(Mitchell, Edwin L., 08 May1904-28 Jun 1968)
(s/o John F.Mitchell & Annie Lorraine LNU; h/o Minnie L. Nelson & Grace LNU)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate)

Mlotkowski, Anna, 1905-1921
(d/o Stanislaw Mlotkowski & Mary Maunowska)

Mlotkowski, Anthony (Edward), (22 Apr)1923-(08 Feb) 2004
(s/o Stanislaw J.Mlotkowski & Mary Maunowska; h/o Helen Clara Gumkowski)

(Mlotkowski, Chelsea Nan, 12 May 1988-26 Oct 2004)
(said to be buried here; compiler could not locate grave)

Mlotkowski, Helen (Clara), (26 Apr)1928-(31 Jul)2004
(d/o Hipolit Gumkowski & Martha Liszewski; w/o Anthony Edward Mlotkowski)

Mlotkowski, Sophie (Jeannette), 1911-(1937)1938
(d/o Stanislaw J. Mlatokowski & Mary Maunowska)

Mlotkowski, Stanley (Stanislaw) (J), (08 May)1883-1950
(s/o Wazul Mlotkowski & Katherine LNU); h/o Mary Maunowska)

Mongo, Jr., Charles Leonard, 23 Nov 1956-03 Feb 1957

(Morales, Paul, 19 (no date)-(no date)99)

Moriarty, Barbara L. (Louise), 30 Apr 1930-25 Aug 1998
(d/o Joseph A. Scolponeti & Katherine A. McCarron; w/o William Aloysius Moriarty)

Moriarty, William A. (Aloysius), 07 Mar 1912-11 Apr 1987
Tec 4 US Army, World War II
(s/o James Moriarty & Delia E. Leonard; h/o Barbara Louise Scolponeti)

Morrissette, Alice , (26 Apr)1912-(18 Jul)2001
(Nee: Lavoie; w/o Joseph George Morrissette)

Morrissette, J. (Joseph) George, (11 Jun)1912-(05 Sep)1987
(s/o Pierre Morrissette & Lea Louise Gendreau; h/o Alice Lavoie)

Mott, George (J,) (29 Oct)1905-(26 Oct)1998
(s/o George Washington Mott, Jr. & Mary Ann Collins; h/o Marion Estelle Sullivan)

Mott, Marion (Estelle), (14 Apr)1910-(08 Jul)2003
(d/o Michael Sullivan & Agnes Jones; w/o George J. Mott)

Myers, G. (Gertrude) Pauline, 16 Sep 1923-(26 Dec 2005)
(On the same tombstone as Edward M. Coleman)
(d/o Abbott Frances Coleman & Aagot Ovidia Nelson; w/o Philip Claire Myers)

Napier, O (Oliver) Christopher, 14 Dec 1946-13 Jul 1983
(s/o Peter Napier & Christina Rolston; h/o Virginia Ruth Pearson)

Naundorf, Henry (Ward), 21 Apr 1928-20 Apr 1974
S1 US Navy
(s/o Frank L. Naundorf & Irene C. LNU)

Negran, Anna, (17 Jun)1917-(18 Feb)2007
(d/o Leo Zbrick & Anna Hemie; w/o Joseph R. Negran)

Negran, Joseph R., (25 Feb)1914-(17 Feb)1998
(s/o Frank Negran & Mary Unyl; h/o Anna Zbrick)

Nepomuceno, Juanita F., (03 Jul) 24 Jun 1910-21 Apr 2002

Nicholas, Patricia E., (no dates listed on tombstone)
(Nee: Oreilly; w/o Patrick M. Nicholas)

Nicholas, Patrick M. (Michael), 16 Jun 1930-22 Jan 1996
PFC US Army, Korea
(s/o Patrick J. Nicholas & Margaret Sullivan; h/o Patricia E. Oreilly)

Niesen, Clarence H., (31 Mar)1899-(05 Mar)1973
(s/o Matthias Niesen & Elizabeth Buettler; h/o Eleanor Koerber)

Niesen, Eleanor K., (30 Mar)1898-(18 Jul 1987)
(d/o John G. Koerber & Margaret L.Salhen; w/o Clarence H. Niesen)

Novak, Ann (Anna Julia), (11 Nov)1916-(15 Sep 2009)
(w/o Stanley Kenneth Novak)

Novak, Anna B., (20 Nov)1914-(27 Jan)1973
(Nee: Bankos; w/o Ted Novak)

Novak, Bruno J. (John), (23 Oct)1905-(26 Apr)1979
(s/o Valentine John Novak & Francis Katherine Norlock; h/o Mary Artuschin)

Novak, Janina, (16 May)1887-(25 Apr)1982
(mother of Stanley & Ted Novak)

Novak, Mary A., (01 Jun)1916-(05 Feb)1975
(d/o Peter Kererich Artushin & Victoria Kazniserovich; w/o Bruno John Novak)

Novak, Stanley (Kenneth), (02 Mar)1910-(05 Nov)1993
(h/o Ann Julia Bankos)

Novak, Ted, 24 Oct 1907-26 Jul 1969
S2 USNR, World War II, New Jersey
(h/o Anna Bankos)

O’Brien, Florence M., (02 Dec)1912-(Aug)1996
(d/o Ferdinand Christopher & Cathalena Demote; w/o James Joseph O'Brien)

O’Brien, James J. (Joseph), (05 Sep)1914-(02 Aug)1985
(h/o Florence M. Christopher)

O’Connor, George Lawrence, 05 Apr 1921-20 May 1995
Tec 4 US Army, World War II, Intelligence Sergeant
(s/o George L.O'Connor & Mary M. Koerber)

O’Connor, Helen M., (06 May)1919-(no date listed)
(d/o Aniello Santaniello & Grace Izzo; w/o James Thomas O’Connor)

O’Connor, James T. (Thomas), 22 Jan 1918-07 Oct 1998
1st Lt US Army, World War II
(s/o James T. O'Connor & Mary L. Kent; h/o Helen M. Santaniello)

O’Connor, Mary M. (Magdalene), (17 Jul)1890-(11 Feb)1976
(d/o Edward John Koerber & Bridget Joyce; w/o George Lawrence O'Connor)

O’Hare, Robert, (04 Jun 1915)-25 Dec 1998
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(s/o Patrick O'Hare & Maryann Sullivan; h/o Helen LNU)

(Olafson, Carol, 15 Jan 1937-14 Oct 2022)
(d/o Walter Midura & Regina Kowalski; w/o William Oliver Olafson)

(Olafson, William Oliver, 07 Mar 1933-02 Feb 2023)
(s/o Oliver Olafson & Agnes Nelson; h/o Carol Kowalski)

Olley, Frederick W. (William), 24 Dec 1920-29 Sep 1997
PFC US Army, World War II
(s/o John H. Olley & Mary D. Mersch; h/o Vera Eva Parker)

Olley, Vera E. (Eva), 27 Nov 1920-08 Mar 1988
(d/o Clifford Parker & Pearl Holloway; w/o Frederick William Olley)

Olrich, Lee (Robert), (02 May)1921-(06 Sep)1999
(s/o Robert F. Olrich & Audie Maney; h/o Margaret Mary Manasa)

Olrich, Margaret M. (Mary), (24 Jan)1923-(04 Sep)1989
(d/o Homer Manasa & Leona Thomas; w/o Lee Robert Olrich)

Olrich, Robert N. (Nomer) (28 Aug)1951 (23 Aug)1981
(s/o Lee Olrich & Margaret Mary Manasa)

O'Neill, Aline M. (Marie), 22 Jul 1927-07 Feb 2005
(d/o Raymond F. Rutledge & Marguerite M. Lillis; w/o Bernard O'Neill)

(O'Neill, James Emmett, 22 Nov 1919-09 Jun 2012)
(s/o Patrick O'Neill & Lena Dinneen; h/o Mary Margaret Anslow)

O'Neill, Mary Margaret, 22 Apr 1918-10 Oct 2007
(d/o Thomas Anslow & Elizabeth Frawley; w/o James Emmett O'Neill)

(Onusko, Rita M. 26 Nov 1935-08 Oct 2010)
(d/o Paul Nemeth & Anna N.Oneska; w/o Robert L. Onusko)

(Onusko, Robert L., 13 Apr 1930-(no date)
(s/o Michael George Onusko & Kathryn H. LNU; h/o Rita Marie Nemeth)

Oset, James, 1951-1990

Oset, Stanley, 1920-
(h/o Stella Theresa Fabiszewski)

Oset, Stella (Theresa), (07 Sep)1919-(04 Jan)1978
(d/o Walter Fabiszewski & Mary Aptowicz; w/o Stanley Oset)

(Ouelette, Donald R., 29 Nov 1947-02 Mar 2015)
(h/o Kathleen LNU)

(Ouelette, Donald R., Jr., 01 Dec 1977-03 Aug 2008)
(s/o Donald R. Ouelette & Kathleen LNU; h/o Jennifer J. LNU)

(Owsianiak, Helen, 22 Aug 1921-24 Jul 2016)
(Nee: Haas; w/o Michael John Owsianiak)

Owsianiak, Michael J. (John), 10 Sep 1918-05 Aug 1996
US Army, World War II
(s/o Joseph Owsianiak & Anna Wanielista; h/o Helen Haas)

(Oze, Helen, 16 Dec 1900-13 Jan 1970)
(d/o Paul Hajas & Ethel Jambor; w/o Louis Oze)
(obit says buried here; compiler could not locate grave)

Oze, Louis, 28 Jun 1895-14 Aug 1970
Cpl Btry C 57 Arty CAC, World War I, Ohio
(s/o Louis Oze & Ethel Smith; h/o Helen Hajas)

Panas, Kazimiera, (19 Feb)1910-(20 Sep)1974
(d/o Antoni Gwardyak & Kazimira Andzy; w/o Mateusz Louis Panas)

Panas, Mateusz (Louis), (03 Dec)1883-(20 Jan)1981
(s/o Pawel Panas & Antonina Gromadzka)
(h/o Stella Gutowska, Kazimiera Gwardyak & Maria Dabrowska)

Panas, Matthew J. (John), 03 Jan 1963-05 Jul 1987
(s/o Henry Edward Panas & Elizabeth Ann Hughes)

(Parrino, Joseph V., 12 Apr 1930-05 Jun 2011)
(s/o Domenico Parrino & Concetta Nuzzo; h/o Florence Schwartz)

Pavlak, Irene Cecilia, (no dates on marker)(11 Feb 1911-????)
(w/o Stanley G. Pavlak, Sr)

Pavlak, Stanley G. (Sr), 09 Apr 1910-29 Jan 1998
Pvt US Army
(s/o Albert Pavlak & Kardula Buczynski; h/o Irene Cecilia LNU)

Pawlicki, Helen, (22 Oct)1898-(16 May 1986)
(d/o Stanislaw Miela & Katarzyna Czriba; w/o John Burda & John Pawlicki)

Pawlicki, John, (06 Aug)1896-(28 Sep)1978
(s/o Ylyeacinthius Pawlicki & Molane Eve LNU; h/o Helen Miela)

(Pelletier, Muriel Agnes, 22 Aug 1923-01 Aug 2010
(d/o George Barney & Merilda Plourde; w/o Robert Joseph Pelletier)

(Pelletier, Robert Joseph, 14 Nov 1921-17 Jul 2020)
TSgt, US Army Air Forces, World War II
(s/o Ernest J. Pelletier & Bernadette Beliveau; h/o Mauriel Agnes Barney)

Petrock, Catherine J. (Jane), (16 Jul)1909-(05 Jun)1990
(d/o Alexander C. Lotsey & Cathern C. Watkins; w/o Joseph Michael Petrock)

Petrock, Joseph M. (Michael), (28 Sep)1907-(25 Jul)1981
(h/o Catherine Jane Lotsey)

Petroff, Jr., Simon, (05 Aug)1923-(18 Jul)1980
Cox US Navy World War II
(s/o Simon Petroff & Della Netsova; h/o Mildred Drawley)

Petrulli, Michael, (10 Sep)1912-(21 Sep)1996
(W.W. II Veteran)
(s/o Nicka Petrulli & Jennie Demarco; h/o Rose Birbiglla)

Petrulli, Rose, (10 Sep)1911-(27 Nov)1989
(d/o Vinkos Birbiglia & Rosa Degrace; w/o Michael Petrulli)

(Piatkowski, Angela, (25 Sep)1918-(13 Sep)2003)
(d/o Anthony Kozieracki & Bertha Bartkow; w/o Leonard Piatkowski)

Piechocinski, Theodore (John) (Ted), (15 Oct)1895-(05 Feb)1975
(s/o Alex Piechocinski & Stanislawa LNU; h/o Victoria Brukwienska)

Piechocinski, Victoria, 1899-(07 Apr)1959
(d/o John Brukwienska & Julia LNU; w/o Theodore J. Piechocinski)

Pikula, Anna Myhal, 26 Jul 1892-30 Dec 1930
(d/o Henry Myhal & Trckia LNU; w/o Michael Pikula)

Pilecki, Frank (Franciszek), 22 Jul 1915-26 Jun 2000
(s/o Jacob Pilecki & Sophie Hadan; h/o Stella Theophila LNU)

Pilecki, Stella T. (Theopila), 05 Aug 1920-09 Oct 2009
(w/o Frank Pilecki)

(Pimentel, Mary A. (Aldama), 26 Mar 1917-13 Sep 2008)
(w/o Joseph Serrano-Pimentel)

Pimentel, Joseph S. (Serrano), (23 Jun)1911-(02 Mar)1988
(s/o Camilo Serrrano & Louise M.Pimentel; h/o Mary Aldama LNU)

(Pimentel, Velia C., 18 Oct 1942-25 Dec 2017)
(d/o Arturo Campos & Aurora Flores; w/o Joseph Dennis Pimentel)

(Piotrowski, Irene M., 1927-no date)
(d/o Conrad W. Masching & Irene F. LNU; w/o John S.Piotrowski)

(Piotrowski, John S., (05 Jul)1921-2013)
(h/o Irene Masching)

(Platkowski, Angela, 1918-2003)

Podgorski, Stanley (Joseph), 28 Sep 1914-07 Jul 1989
SP3 US Navy, World War II

Polyak, Janina (S.), 22 Aug 1922-(no date)
(w/o Miklos B. Polyak)

Polyak, Miklos B., 06 Oct 1926-27 Jan 2003
(s/o Antal Polyak & Veronika Manczel; h/o Janina S. LNU)

Porte, Catherine M., (10 Apr)1912-(18 Dec)1988
(d/o Nickolas Anders & Anna Graffrank; w/o Max Matthew Porte)

Porte, Max M. (Matthew), (30 Jan)1907-(25 Jun)1973
(s/o Martin Porte & Anna Schneider; h/o Catherine M. Anders)

Porter, Ruth D. (Doyle), (06 Feb)1896-(20 Jul)1973
(d/o William L. Doyle & Sarah Tichenor; w/o Richard Alfred Stuart Porter)

(Possidente, Phyllis M., (12 Nov)1929-(09 Jan 2012)
(Nee: Cusimano; w/o Vito S. Possidente)

Possidente, Vito S., (17 Jan)1930-(31 Oct)2007
(s/o Donemico Possidente & Maria Sabia; h/o Phyllis M. Cusimano)

Powers, Edward G. (Gerard), 05 Jun 1921-16 Jun 1998
(s/o John T. Powers & Rose Hresko; h/o Elizabeth Loretta Schilling)

Powers, Elizabeth L. (Loretta), 31 Mar 1923-20 Aug 1991
Married 16 Jul 1943
(d/o Arthur Schilling & Irene Murray; w/o Edward Gerard Powers)

Prominski, Constance A. (Apolonia), (02 Feb)1895 (02 Jan)1992
(d/o Edward Napierski & Vertvria LNU; w/o John Klos & FNU Promiski)

Quinn-Gillen, Bridgett, (04 Sep)1905-(09 May)1989

Quinn-Gillen, (Mary) Josephine (17 Dec)1911-(01 Aug)1995
(d/o John Gillen & Rose McDonough)
(in the Florida Death Index her last name is listed as Gillen, while Thomas’ and Bridgett’s last names are listed at Quinn; compiler can not determine the relationship between the three)

Quinn-Gillen, Thomas (Patrick), (16 Mar)1904-(16 Oct)1988

(Rady, Sigmund James Rady, 11 Feb 1938-14 Apr 2010)
(U.S. Army)
(s/o John Rady & Maria LNU; h/o Jessica LNU)

(Rambert, Mozella, 22 Sep 1947-Apr 2015)

Rancont, Maryan Louise, 13 Jul 1935-23 Aug 2005
(d/o Basil A. Molseed & Louise M. Graf; w/o Ronald James Rancont)

Rancont, Ronald James, 18 Apr 1936-
(h/o Maryan Louise Molseed)

Rapson, Mary Ann, (01 Apr)1923-(27 Jun)1996
(d/o Ernest J. Gensheimer & Helen M. Burke; w/o Herbert Neilson Rapson)

Rauh, Dorothy K. (Eva), (10 Aug)1892-(03 Jan)1978
(d/o Edward John Koerber & Bridget Joyce; w/o William Morris Fitzpatrick & Harry R. Rauh)

Rebechi, Alfred J., (12 Oct)1917-(01 Aug)2008
(US Army Air Corps, World War II)
(s/o Joseph Rebechi & Elvira Gaziani)

Ren, Jean M. (Mary), (17 Apr)1916-(08 Aug 2007)
(d/o Simon Loszewski & Mary A. Kolakowski; w/o Joseph Ren)

Ren, Joseph, (17 Feb)1914-(15 Jan)2001
(s/o Joseph Ren & Theodora Badaczewska; h/o Jean Mary Loszewski)

Roche, Joseph F., (08 Mar)1921-(16 May)2007
(US Army, World War II)
(s/o Walter Roche & Mary E. Denny; h/o Ann Daskalos )

Roche, Ann D., (04 May)1920-(13 Jul)2012
((Nee: Daskalos; w/o Joseph F. Roche)

Rock, Francis S., 01 Sep 1922-28 Mar 1992
PFC US Army, World War II
(s/o John Leo Rock & Elizabeth Brown; h/o Margaret Joan Frischkorn)

Rohan, Catherine J., 06 Feb 1934-(no date listed)
(w/o Thomas Patrick Rohan)

Rohan, Thomas P. (Patrick), 14 Nov 1930-14 Apr 1997
A1C US Air Force, Korea
(s/o Timothy Rohan & Helen Dornin; h/o Catherine J. LNU)

Roussin, Jennie, (15 Jun)1889-(04 Jul)1985
(d/o John F Thompson & Inez Maddern; w/o Woolridge Joseph Roussin)

Roussin, Wooldridge (Joseph), (14 May)1891-(08 May)1962
(s/o Joseph Roussin & Julia LaFrance; h/o Jane Bridget Thompson)

(Rumney, Lillian C. (Cecilia), (04 Feb)1914-2002)
(d/o Felix Macewica & Angeline Pouchanski; w/o Joseph Francis Rumney & Stanley Francis Pawlowski)

Rusyn, Andrew, 18 Dec (1894)1895-18 Nov 1981

Rzeczkowski, Eugene L. (Louis), (18 Jul)1912-(21 Mar)1988
(s/o John Rzeczkowski & Lucy Kordalewski)

Safarik, Anna, 1885-(01 Jun)1960

Santaniello, Antonette (nee: Caruso), 1922-
(w/o Victor Eugene Santaniello)

Santaniello, Victor (Eugene), (13 Dec)1917-(20 Dec 2005)
(US Army, World War II)
(s/o Aniello Santaniello & Grace Izzo; h/o Antonette Caruso)

Santaniello, Jr., Victor (Eugene), (28 Feb)1952-(09 Apr)1991
(s/o Victor Eugene Santaniello & Antonette Caruso)

Scarcella, Camillo, (04 May)1920-(30 Jul)1987

(Scarcella, Giovanna Venza, 21 Aug 1928-01 Apr 2010)
(w/o Camillo Scarcella)

Schatz, Dolores (Margaret), (07 Sep 1937)-
(d/o Stanley Kenneth Novak & Ann Julia; w/o Jerrald DeLeon Schatz)

Schatz, Jerrald (Deleon, “Jerry”) 13 Mar 1935-27 Jun 2005
(s/o Robert DeLeon Schatz & Lilah Ruth Richardson; h/o Dolores Novak)

Schrum, Helen (Veronica) T., (26 Apr)1919-(22Jun)1978
(d/o Patrick Joseph Tuohy & Anna Casey)

Schrum, Robert J., (21 Nov)1918-(03 Oct)1983
(US Army, World War II)

Schuch, Anna, (18 Mar)1905-(24 May)1990

Schultz, Edward F., (07 Jan)1909-(28 Mar)1969
(s/o Walter Ralph (Shukis)Schultz & Dorothy Hanson; h/o Aline E. Burch, Clara Mae Burnsed & Mary Higgins)

Schultz, Mary H., (25 Oct )1905-(14 Jun 1970)
(d/o John Norbert Higgins & Maargaret Dockery; w/o Edward F (Shukis) Schultz)

Scislowicz, Helena, 13 Sep 1908-18 Jul 1997
(d/o Jozef Scislowicz & Ann Homik)

Scullion, Peter Jeremiah, 18 May 1919-01 Aug 1996
SSgt US Army
(s/o Peter Scullion & Anna Skehan)

Scully, Susan K., 14 Feb 1920-07 Jan 1997
(d/o Michael J Kilmartin & Susan Smith; w/o Vincent Alphonsus Scully)

Scully, (Jr), Vincent A. (Alphonsus), 10 Jun 1919-17 Dec 1992
Lt Col US Marine Corps, World War II
(s/o Vincent Alphonas Scully and Marietta Dunphy; h/o Susan Catherine Kilmartin)

Seagraves, Catherine C., (25 Oct)1925-(02 Jun)1979
(d/o Domenico Buono & Anna Marie Belperio; w/o Marvin Franklin Seagraves)

Seagraves, Marvin F (Franklin), (08 Jun)1925-(26 Mar 2017)
(s/o John Henry Seagraves & Ida Tuck; h/o Catherine C. Buono & Genevieve VanTiem)

Senetra, Marion H. (Helen)(aka Mary), (20 Mar)1911-(20 Jan)1992
(d/o Michal Mikulka & Anna Marczyk; w/o Martin Agustave Senetra)

Senetra, Martin A. (Agustave) (04 Jun)1917-(19 Jan)1986
(US Army, World War II)
(s/o Mihaly (Michael) Sentra & Margaret Schwartz; h/o Marion Helen Mikulka)

Senetra, Michael J. (Joseph), 16 Oct 1924-09 Nov 1970
Pvt 321 Ftr Sq AAF, WW II
(s/o Mihaly (Michael) Sentra & Margaret Schwartz; h/o Merie Bertha "Doris"Dupont)

Senn, Mary Elizabeth Hanson “Bo Bo,” 07 Oct 1925-20 Nov 1997

Senn, Robert T. (Thomas), (06 Dec)1954-(13 Mar)1977

Sesnick, Stephen (Eugene), (25 Mar)1914-(26 Nov)1981
(s/o John Sesnick & Mary Vrsalovich; h/o Teresa M. Canarozzi)

Sesnick, Teresa (M) (07 Mar)1917-(04 Apr)1998
(d/o Leonard Canarozzi & Maria Gioffi; w/o Stephen Eugene Sesnick)

Sheehan, Sarah A., (18 Jan)1897-(08 Aug)1981
(d/o Michael Devine & Mary Jane Wallwork; w/o Daniel Joseph Sheehan)

Sheekey, Edna (Josephine), (22 Nov)1901-(19 Nov)1987
(d/o Jeremiah Carroll & Mary Glenn; w/o James Francis Sheekey)

Shropshire, Mildred H., (01 Mar)1913-(04 Jan)1985
(nee: Tudis; w/o William Kay Shropshire)

Shropshire, William K. (Kay), (17 Jan)1916-(21 Dec)1973
(US Army, World War II)
(s/o Leven Cooper Shropshire & Florence M. Kay; h/o Mildred H. Tudis)

Silvestri, Aida A. (Antoinette), (29 Aug)1912-(15 Apr)1985
(w/o Carmine Anthony Silvestri)

Silvestri, Carmine A. (Anthony), (25 Dec)1909-(14 Jun)1996
(h/o Aida Antoinette LNU)

Skowronski, Stella, 1885-(31 Dec)1961
(d/o Martin Urban & Constancia LNU; w/o Theodore Skowronski)

Skowronski, Theodore (Thener), (09 Nov)1879-(10 Jul)1961
(h/o Stella Urban)

Slovak, Antoinette, (19 May)1897-(03 Feb)1987
(Nee; Lalak; w/o Jarislav "Jerry" Slovak)

Slovak, Jerry (Jarislav), (17 Oct)1896-(08 Jun)1972
(h/o Antoinette Lalak)

(Slovak, John Leonard, 23 Jun 1931-11 Jun 2020)
(s/o Jarislav "Jerry" Slovak & Antoinette Lalak; h/o Hellen Jean Weekes)

(Slovak, Leo Anthony, 18 Jan 1937-09 Mar 2018)
(s/o Jerry Slovak & Antoinette Lalak)

Smigielski, Charles J. (Casimir John), 20 Dec 1910-20 Jun 1992
( US Navy, World War II, Bronze Star, Normandy Invasion)
(s/o Ludwig J Smigielski & Katherine Swistak; h/o Sophia C Novak))

Smigielski, Daniel M. (Martin Patrick), (17 Jan)1934-(07 Apr 2022)
(s/o Stanislaus (Stanley) S Smigielski & Rose Mary Croscin; h/o Virginia Schrage, Louise Frances Adams)

Smigielski, Dora A., (03 Feb)1931-(27 Jul)1931
(d/o Stanislaus (Stanley) S. Smigielski & Rose Mary Croscinski)

Smigielski, Katherine, (24 Nov)1874-(29 May)1959
(d/o Joseph Swistak & Katarzyna LNU; w/o Ludwig (Louis) J Smigielski)

Smigielski, Louise F. (Frances), (04 Jul)1921-(22 Feb)1993
Wife of Daniel M. Smigielski married 20 Jul 1952
(d/o Marcellus S. Adams & Leila F. Jackson)

Smigielski, Miva W. (Leoti), (15 Mar)1930-(23 Apr 2011)
(d/o Joseph Raymond Wiley & Nellie Mae Parrish; w/o Rudolph Thaddeus (Rudye) Smigielski)

Smigielski, Rose Mary, (28 Oct)1905-(29 Jan)1983
(d/o Frank D. Chroscinsku & Mary Podzinski; w/o Stanislaus (Stanley) S. Smigielski)

Smigielski, Rudolph T. (Thaddeus)(Rudye), (29 Jul)1928-(26 May 2018)
(s/o Stanislaus (Stanley) Simon Smigielski & Rose Mary Croscin; h/o Miva Leoti Wiley)

Smigielski, Sophie N., 14 Apr 1918-28 Feb 1981
(d/o Valentine John Novak & Frances K Norlock; w/o Charles John Smigielski)

Smigielski, Stanley (Stanislaus) S. (Simon), (19 May)1901-(22 Jul)1985
(s/o Ludwig J Smigielski & Katherine Swistak; h/o Rose Mary Croscin)

Smigielski, Teofil (Ted), (19 Dec)1904-(26 Feb)1974
(s/o Ludwig J Smigielski & Katherine Swistak)

(Smigielski, Virginia, 30 Jun 1922-01 Apr 2016)
(d/o Herman Joseph Schrage & Verena Mary Holtgrave;
w/o Frankie Eugene Watson, Jr.& Daniel Martin Patrick Smigielski)

Smith, Eli J. (Jeremiah), 03 Jun 1927-04 Feb 2001
(s/o Jonseph Smith & Edeith Bennett; h/o Thelma LNU)

Smith, Thelma, 05 Apr 1923-(no date)
(w/o Eli Jeremiah. Smith)

Smith, Virginia Joyce “Ginger,” 20 Apr 1962-24 Mar 1998
Wife of Steven Lee Smith, dau of Adam F & Jean C. Kohler, mother of
Rosina Ronda, Alysa Ronda & Christopher Lee Smith, sister & friend
of Adam, James, & Anne Marie Kohler & Kathleen Maida

(Snyder, Helen Loretta, 15 Dec 1915-06 Sep 2007)
(d/o William Frances Sweeney & Leticia Leonard; w/o William Snyder)

Snyder, William, (08 Sep)1918-(Oct)1986

Soustelle, Alice Y. (Yvonne), (10 Jan)1896-(03 Dec)1984

Stahn, Helen (J), (21 Feb)1903-(17 Jan)1996
(d/o Alexander Sahutsky & Catharine M. Lachowicz; w/o Clarence Jeremaih Stahn)

(Staley, Edward K., 17 Sep 1917-06 Nov 2009)
(U. S. Army, WW II)
(w/o Margaret Margaret Staley

Staley, Margaret M. (Mary), (21 Oct)1920-(27 May)1994
(d/o Joseph Connolly & Katherine Flanagan; w/o Edward K. Staley)

Stanish, Julia T., 18 Oct 1912-07 Feb 2006
(d/o Joseph Michon & Catherine Warzyn; w/o Paul James Stanish)

Stanish, Paul J. (James)(Pi), 22 Jun 1909-30 Jan 1976
(s/o Joseph (Stanich) Stanish & Frances Lenats; h/o Julia T. Michon)

Stehle, Jr., George, (06 Jun)1892-(03 May)1973
(s/o George Stehle & Ida Kappas)

Stewart, Daniel Patrick, 17 Mar 1913-18 May 1995
Sgt US Army, World War II
(s/o John Stewart & Mary A. LNU; h/o Mary Evelyn LNU)

Stewart, Mary D. (Evelyn), (10 Apr)1913-(11 Jan)1986
(w/o Daniel Patrick Stewart)

Stua, Joseph, (26 Jan)1899-(12 Apr)1983
Sgt US Army, World War I
(s/o Dan Stua & Barbara LNU; h/o Mary M. LNU)

Stua, Mary M., (21 Apr)1912-(28 Jan)1983
(w/o Joseph Stua)

Sullivan, (Jr.), Daniel Austin, 17 Nov 1916-13 Jun 1984
*(s/o Daniel Austin Sullivan & Ellen G. Gallagher; h/o Ruth Ann Locke)
SSgt US Army, World War II

Sullivan, Robert (Roeser), 27 Jun 1922-09 Jul 1988
(s/o Timothy Joseph Sullivan & Mabel C. Roeser)

Sweezy, Janice A. (Ann), 30 Jun 1938-02 Jan 2001
(d/o Carl Dolloff & Mary Murphy; w/o Robert A. Sweezy)

Sweezy, Robert A., 24 Dec 1934-01 Jul 2006
(s/o Henry Alfred Sweezy & Kathleen K. Lamontain; h/o Janice Ann Dolloff)

(Swords, Fionnuala Jane, 06 Feb 1927-30 Dec 2017)
(d/o Joseph Robinson & Hannah Pidge Duggan; w/o Thomas Joseph Swords)

(Swords, Thomas Joseph, 04 Dec 1925-28 Oct 2014)
(s/o Michael Swords & Mary Reynold; h/o Fionnuala Jane Robinson)

Sygit, Stella, 1894-(14 Mar)1959
(d/o Adam Rychkycki & Balbina Skowronski; w/o Stanley Sygit)

Szarama, John (Jan), 07 Jan 1889-15 Dec 1964
(h/o Maria LNU)

Szarama, Maria, 19 Apr 1904-24 Oct 1993
(w/o FNU Stula & John Szarama)

Szawlowski, Mary A., (15 Aug)1898-(14 Apr)1987
(Nee: Kolakowski; w/o Simon Loszewski & Walter John Szawlowski)

Szawlowski, Walter (John), (27 Jun)1891-(15 Jan)1957
(h/o Mary A. Kolakowski)

Szpak, Edward, (12 Oct)1923-(30 Mar)2013
(h/o Donna Kolodzijizyk)

Szpak, Donna (Danuta), (08 Aug)1930-(12 Dec)2004
(d/o Jozef Kolodzijizyk & Albius Sznez; w/o Edward Szpak)

Szymula, Eugieniusz (Eugene), 26 Dec 1920-18 Mar 2003
(s/o Stanislaw Szymula & Zofia Sikora; h/o Kazimiera LNU)

Szymula, Kazimiera, 20 May 1925-
(w/o Eugieniusz Szymula)

Taylor, Cynthia (Rose) Allen, 26 May 1921-30 Oct 2001
(d/o Robert D. Allen & Marion Brooks)

Tencza, Agnes, 20 Mar 1910-31 Oct 1999
(d/o Lawrence Tencza & Maryanna Pawlowska)

Thomsen, James P. (Peter), 15 Nov 1936-26 Sep 1996

Tidwell, Shirley Ann Mary Porte, 17 Nov 1937-02 Dec 1962
(d/o Max Matthew Porte & Catherine M, Anders; w/o Larry Clyde Tidwell)

Timm, Gustav C., 02 Dec 1917-27 Apr 1999
(s/o Gustav H Timm & Dorothy Foley)

Timme, Ann (Angela), (18 Jan)1920-(12 Aug)1996
(d/o Paquale Testa & Civita Dirruso; w/o Harry Andrew Timme)

Timme, Harry (Andrew), (21 Nov or 4 Dec)1914-(08 Feb)1993
(s/o Otto Timme & Annie Brostowicz; h/o Ann Angela Testa)

(Tornelli, Rita Agnes,23 Jul 1931-17 Jul 2019)
(d/o James Martucci & Agnes LNU; w/o Vincent Tornelli, Jr.)

(Tornelli, Jr., Vincent, 11 Feb 1930-21 Aug 2013)
(s/o Vincenzo Tornelli & Filomena LNU; h/o Rita Agnes Martucci)

Trancynger, Chester, (09 Feb)1907-(14 Dec)1975
(h/o Irene Broniecki & Bernice LNU)

Trojanowski, Bronislaw (Barney Trojan), (08 Sep)1885-(13 Oct)1962
(h/o Leakadia "Lillian" Szafrans)

Trojanowski, Lillian (Leokadia), (08 Dec)1889-(23 Sep)1980
(*d/o Stanislaw Szafranski & Jadwige "Helen" Kajetaniak; w/o Bronislaw (Barney) Trojanowski (Trojan)

Trojanowski, Zenon (Zeno), 1916-(07 Nov)1965
(s/o Bronislaw (Barney) Trojanowski (Trojan) & Leakadia (Lillian) Szafrans)

Unknown, ????-??95
(Craig Funeral Home Marker, name and dates missing)

(Ursone, Eleanor P. "Paula", 13 Mar 1924-no date on tombstone-"12 Sep 2013")
(d/o Salvatore Gallo & Teresina Buccheri; w/o Vincent John Ursone, Jr.)

(Ursone, Jr., Vincent John, 23 Apr 1920-14 Dec 2010)
(s/o Vincent John Urson & Adelaide Sementi; h/o Eleanor Paula Gallo)

Vaiano, Carmela, (16 Feb)1927-(31 May)1990

Vaiano, Raffaela, (22 Dec)1892-(24 Dec)1979

Valentin, Maria, (02 Aug)1942-(20 Sep)1994

Vandling, Charles F. (Frank), (20 Jan 1884)1885-(19 Mar)1964
(s/o Luther Samuel Vandling & Lydia Louise Snoddy; h/o Mary G. Beerd)

Vanetten, John B., 25 May 1926-12 Mar 2003
US Navy World War II
(s/o Albert J Vanetten & Florence M. Brown)

Vorase, Lucille M. (Marie), (24 Dec)1898-(28 Feb)1983
(d/o Carrmen Balpeior & Mary Tonia Luppo; w/o Loffie Luberto & Raphael Angel Vorase)

Vorase, Raphael A. (Angel), (10 Apr)1901-(24 May)1970
(s/o Joseph Vorase & Pearl Pescheta; h/o Helen L. Smith & Lucille Marie Luberto)

Wadley, Ruth (Sarah) P., (02 Mar)1914-(19 Apr)1990
(d/o Richard A. Porter & Ruth M. Doyle; w/o FNU McLaughlin & Henry Vinton Wadley)

Wallace, Mary E. (Ellen), (05 Feb)1902-(12 Jan)1988
(On the same tombstone as Peter J. Byrnes)

Wallace, Robert, (26 Jul)1922-(19 Mar)1984
(U. S. Army, W.W. II)

Walters, Evelyn V. (Virginia), 1917-(18 Jun)1969
(d/o Leo L. Wolf &. Evelyn Abigail LNU)

Watson, Carol (Jean), (16 Apr)1941-(27 Nov)1992
(d/o Frankie Eugune Watson & Virginia Schrange; w/o Thomas A. Gordon & FNU Teer)

(Webb, Adam James, 05 May 1954-01 Sep 2021)

Weeks, Harold W. (Walter), 07 Oct 1921-22 Mar 2001
US Army, World War II
(s/o Walter S. Weeks & Minnie Margaret Swanger; h/o Theresa S. LNU)

Weigold, Frederick W. (William), 19 Jul 1921-06 Dec 2002
AO2 US Navy World War II
(s/o Frederick W. Weigold & Lillian C. Quinn; h/o Lorraine Regina Doyle)

Weigold, Lorraine R., 20 Jan 1926-25 Sep 2007
Married 04 May 1957
(d/o John F. Doyle & Regina M.Stanley; w/o Frederick William Weigold)

Wenz, John Joseph, 22 Nov 1932-21 Mar 1996
US Marine Corps, Korea
(s/o Charles H. Wenz & Isabella C. Cunningham)

(Whately, Ferne Mae, 16 Apr 1890-01 Nov 1971)
(w/o Joseph Francis G. Whately)
(obit says buried here, compiler unable to locate grave)

Wheeler, Howard W. (William), 25 Apr 1922-22 Feb 1993
MOMM US Navy, World War II
(s/o George P. Wheeler & Katie B. Norton)

Wilkins, Lucille A. (Ann), 06 Apr 1924-14 Apr 1999
(d/o Domenico Buono & Anna Marie Belperio; w/o Walter John Wilkins)

(Wills, Jean Marie about 1885-14 Feb 1961)
(obit says buried here, compiler could not locate grave)

Wojtas, Caroline, (14 Oct)1917-(22 Nov)1988
(d/o John Wysowski & Anna Millier; w/o Karol Wojtas)

Wojtas, Karol (Michael), (10 Feb)1926-(02 Aug)1996
(New York National Guard)
(s/o Korol Wojtas & Adele LNU; h/o Caroline Wysowski)

Wolecki, Jadwiga, 10 Aug 1923-15 Jul 1994
(w/o Walter Wolecki)

Wolecki, Walter (Wladyslaw), 02 Apr 1915-(16 Oct 2006)
(s/o Polish Army, World War II)
(s/o Mihal Walechi & Maryianna Czapla; h/o Jadwiga LNU)

Wolfe, Edna (Mae), (13 Feb)1920-(20 Oct)1994
(d/o Melville Lorne Munro & Mabel Annie Carpenter; w/o Henry Norman Wolfe)

Wolfe, Henry (Norman) (24 Nov)1913-(27 Jan)1990
(s/o Jacob J. Wolfe & Anne Thiessen; h/o Edna Mae Munro)

Womack, Joann (Helen) Porte, 04 Feb 1933-25 Apr 2000
(d/o Max Matthew Porte & Catherine M Anders; w/o William W. Dulaney & Jesse Milton Womack)

Yarosh, Pauline, (20 Nov)1899-(28 Sep)1982

(Zabas, Joseph F., 11 Jan 1937-14 Apr 1992)
(h/o Sophie L.Beinoras)

(Zabas, Sophie L., 29 Jan 1942-12 Aug 2016)
(d/o Pranas Beinoras & Monika Skripka; w/o Joseph F. Zabas)

Zalewski, Andrew T. (Thomas), 08 Dec 1893-27 Nov 1971
PFC Btry E 119 Field Arty, World War I
(h/o Stella L. Samorzenska)

Zalewski, Edward (Bronistaw - Bennie) (23 Nov)1914-(16 Aug)1991
(s/o Stephen Zalewski & Josephen Skibinski)

Zalewski, Stella L., (03 May)1898-(Nov)1989
(d/o Joseph Samorzenska & Josephine Kospezak; w/o Andrew Thomas Zalewski)

Zance, Stanley John, 11 Feb 1921-06 Sep 1986
Pvt US Army, World War II
(s/o Stanley John Zancewicz & Anna Sultra; h/o Margaret Zysk)

Zelasko, Bernice L. (Lucille), 10 Jun 1897-04 Feb 1989
(d/o John Oleszkiewicz & Sophia Drewnowski; w/o FNU Juszkewica & Frank Stanley Zelasko)

Zelasko, Frank (Stanley), 27 Nov 1900-16 Jan 1985
(s/o John Stanley Zelasko & Mary Welnisk; h/o Bernice Lucille Oleszkiewicz)

Zeller, Edward D. (Donald), (18 Sep)1939-(20 Jul)2008
(s/o Edward Stanley Zeller and Margaret Ashton; h/o Serena Marsha Daniels)

Zeller, Francas (Frances) J. (Josephine), (24 Jun 1890) 1889-(06 May)1976
(w/o Henry Walter Zeller)

Zeller, Henry W. (Walter) (25 Oct)1885-(16 Sep)1964
(h/o Frances Josephine LNU)

Zeller, Marsha D., (04 Sep)1940-(24 Apr 2023)
(d/o Percy Marshall Daniels & Grace Aileen Robertson; w/o Edward Donald Zeller)

Zeller, Wanda D. (Dolores), (18 Nov)1917- (30 Aug)1963
(Lt, USA Nurse Crops, World War II)
(d/o Bronislin (Barney) Trojan (Trojanowski) & Leakadia (Lillian) Szafrans; w/o Edward Stanley Zeller)

Zysk, Alexander (Frank), (26 Jul)1889-(16 Feb)1974
(s/o Stanislaw (Stanley) Zysk & Eva Obliniski; h/o Martha Novak)

Zysk, Martha, (05 Aug)1902-(28 Feb)1984
(d/o Valentine John Novak & Frances K Norlock; w/o Alexander Frank Zysk)

Zytkowicz, Frances W., (24 Dec)1904-(18 Aug)1986


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