(Last Cemetery Visit: 06 July 2013)

This cemetery is located on the east side of Old Kings Road, 1 mile north of State Road 100 in Flagler County, Florida.

According to Flagler County records, the land for the cemetery was purchased by the Espanola Lodge Free and Accepted Masons (F. & A.M.) for the sum of One Dollar ($1.00) from Lewis Edward Wadsworth II and his wife, Angela Agusta Carpenter Wadsworth on 26 Mar 1948. The indenture is filed in Flagler County Deed Book 30, page 201.

The Espanola Masonic Lodge is a Prince Hall Masonic Lodge. Prince Hall Freemasons trace their roots to March 6, 1775, when a freed slave named Prince Hall was initiated along with fourteen other free black men into Irish Constitution Military Lodge No 441 in Boston. When the Military Lodge left, the black Mason's formed their own lodge and were granted a Warrant for Charter from the Grand Lodge in England in 1784.

Widespread racism and segregation in North America made it impossible for African Americans to join many mainstream lodges, and many mainstream Grand Lodges in North America refused to recognize as legitimate the Prince Hall Lodges and Prince Hall Masons in their territory, so black Masons continued to form their own lodges. According to data compiled in 2008, 41 out of 51 mainstream US Grand Lodges now recognize Prince Hall Grand Lodges - the complier does not know if Florida is one of the 41.

The earliest burial found by the compiler was that of PFC Versie Lee Mitchell (16 Nov 1924-19 Jan 1944), a soldier from Bunnell, who had enlisted at Camp Blanding on 27 Mar 1943 and who drowned in Burma (Asiatic Theater) on 19 Jan 1944. According to the 03 Jun 1948 edition of The Flagler Tribune, his remains were being returned by the military and were to be buried here. His grave is marked by a military headstone and is located in the far north-west portion of the cemetery.

A small portion of the original King's Road which the British constructed in the 1770's is located on the west side of the cemetery. On August 7, 2008, the City of Palm Coast Commission approved an agreement with the Espanola Masonic Lodge to help maintain and seek grant funding to upgrade the cemetery. On June 8, 2010, the City of Palm Coast held a ceremony to honor the museum's history and to show the public the new entry way and parking lot, the new fence around the cemetery and the landscaping on the outside of the fence.

Corrections and/or additions should be sent to the compiler: Claude Sisco Deen, Jr., P.O. Box 637, Flagler Beach, FL 32136 or Sisco_Deen@hotmail.com.

NOTE: This listing was originally compiled in April 2006, updated in September 2009 and updated again in Jun 2010 by taking digital images of the grave markers and transferring that information to the listing. For the most part the information shown below is what appeared to be on the grave markers.

Thirty-three (33) obituaries copied from the archives of the Flagler County Historical Society were scanned and posted to the listing in Jun 2010 - additional obituaries will be posted as they become available

Any information added by the compiler is contained in parentesis and was obtained from national and state census records, the social security death index, the Florida death index, obituaries, newspaper articles and information provided by family members of individuals buried here.

Abney, Sr., Willie, (24 Dec)1934-(15 Feb 1992)1991

Adams, Mary A. (Alice), (09 Jan)1951-(04 Aug)1986
(d/o James Emanuel & Hazel LNU)

Alexanderlon, James, 2? Feb 196?-18 May 1989
(marker was very difficult to read, so information may not be as it was originally)

Allen, Beulah (M), (30 Jun1929)1931-(24 Jul)1999
(w/o John Henry Allen, Jr)

Allen, John H (Henry), (17 Aug 1898) 1899-(03 Oct)1970

Allen, Jr., John Henry, (21 Aug 1923)1924-(05 Apr)2005

Allen, Myrna (K), (27 Dec)1932-(17 Jun)1999
(w/o Buford Allen)

Allen, William H (Herman), (11 Oct)1931-(15 Jan)1998
(h/o Thelma S. LNU)

Anderson, Jr., Jasper 30 Jan 1950-04 Aug 1971
U.S. Army

(Anderson, Johnny Lee, 27 Apr 1952-18 Mar 2014)
(s/o Jasper Anderson, Sr., and Mary LNU)

(Anderson, Patricia A., 30 Oct 1954-04 Aug 1971)
(w/o Jasper Anderson, Jr)

Anthony, Bernard Belle, -1993

Aponte, Ivelise"Vellie," 02 Dec 1973-17 Jun 2010

Asb, E. D., 23 Dec 1917-02 ??? 198?
(marker was very difficult to read, so information may not be as it was originally)

Baker, Carrie, (10 Jul 1885)1886-(15 Feb)1967

(Baker, Lorene, 24 Dec 1904-28 Jul 1981)
(w/o Albert Baker; obit says buried here, could not locate)

Baker, Wallie (Wallace)(Man), (05 Sep 1910)-(09 Mar)1963
(World War II Veteran)
(h/o Ruby Mae LNU)

Baldwin, Rachel P. (nee: Hogan), 12 May 1923-(28 Nov 1995)02 Dec 1995

Baldwin, Shell G., 23 Dec 1953-04 Feb 2002

Bartley, Mary J (Jane), (23 Jul)1953-(13 Mar)1987

(Bass, Alberta, 11 Jul 1913-27 Jul 1976)
(nee: Hodges; w/o Andrew Bass - obit says buried here, could not locate)

Bass, Andrew, (06 Aug 1893)1889-(Dec)1969
(h/o Alberta Hodges)

, Catherine (nee: Martin), (04 Mar)1906-(07 Mar)2001

Beauford, Louise (Tee)(nee: Smith), (06 Oct)1928-(22 Jan)2009
(w/o FNU Martin & Jessie Beauford)

Benford, Willie (Mae) H., (19 May)1904-(16 Nov)1970

Bennett, Frank W (Walter), 04 Jul1894-28 Oct 1967
Pvt, Co C, 425 Res, Labor Bn, OMC, World War I

Benton, Stacey, 05 ??? 1969-09 Mar ????
(marker was very difficult to read, so information may not be as it was originally)

Blackman, Leonard, 1937-1999

Blake, Vandy, (03 Jul)1897-(04 Apr)1974

Brewer, Della Bennett, (28 Aug)1942-(15 Jan)2011
(d/o Gaines Longwood & Alice LNU; w/o Robert Brewer)

Blewett, Isiah, (07 Mar)1906-(06 Apr)1988

Blue, Edell, (14 Jan)1926-(10 Aug)1997

Brinson, Johnnie, 13 Nov 1905-20 Aug 1985

Brizz, Prsilla H., 19?9-19?4
(marker was very difficult to read,may have been Brizzell, she may have been d/o Mary Lee Hall)

Brock, Fannie L (Lou), (12 Sep)1912-(04 Aug)1993
(w/o Lesley Brock)

Brock, Lesley, (22 Jun)1913-(15 Jul)1989
(h/o Fannie Lou LNU)

Brown, Curtis J., 12 Aug 1961-14 Feb 1999

Brown, Cynthia, (No dates)

Brown, Florence M., (30 Sep)1926-(21 Nov)2011

Brown, Henrietta, 08 Aug 1952-07 Aug 1997

Brown, James “Danny,” 08 Mar 1949-17 Sep 2002

Brown, Mamie, 1891-1994
(w/o Sam Brown)

Brown, Nathan, 30 Aug 1920-08 Jan 2001
PFC, U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Sam Brown & Mamie LNU)

Brown, Queen E. (Ester), (08 Jul)1939-(01 Mar)2010
(d/o Charlie Spearmon & Lonnie Mae LNU; w/o Joe Brown, Jr.)

Brown, Sam, (12 Jan)1895-(22 Jun)1970
(h/o Mamie LNU)

Brown, Jr., Willis, 12 Jul 1933-14 Feb1994

Bryant, Jr., James, (11 May 1943)-(06 Mar)1981

Bryant, James D., 25 Aug 1918-05 Aug 1984

Bussey, Chester, (01 Mar 1890) -(30 Jan)1976

Butler, James, (28 Feb)1928-(10 Jun)1971

Butler, Minnie (T), (15 Sep)1922-(20 Nov)1995

Butler, Missie, (20 Mar)1876-(26 Dec)1971

Butler, Shatoyna (Ranae), (27 Aug)1975-(28 Feb)1976

Carter, Isaac B. “Ike", 08 May 1904-03 Jul 1996

Ceaser, Jack, 22 Dec 1915 (1919)-08 Apr 1999

Ceaser/Miller, Jannie Lou, 04 Oct 1920-21 Jul 1997
(w/o Wallace Miller)

Ceaser/Miller, Wallace, 11 Jun 1937-15 Jul 1997
(h/o Jannie Lou Ceaser)

(Chappell, Elsie Louise, 25 Apr 1931-31 Aug 2013)
(d/o Bailey James Jefferson & Pauline Antoinette Young)

(Christensen, Niels Adelhart, 05 Aug 1963-28 Jun 2023)
(s/o Robert Christensen & Mary Prince)

Clark, David Nathaniel, 25 Feb 1930-06 Sep 1971
Florida, Cpl, U.S. Army, Korea

Clark, Mathew, 1907-(Apr)1964

Clemons, Charlie C., (22 Nov 1901)1898-(07 Oct)1978
(h/o Levert LNU)

Clemons, Levert, 1922-
(w/o Charles C. Clemons)

Colson, Evelyn B. (nee: Brock), (26 Oct)1932-(27 Jun)2001

Cook, Kiera S.,

Cook, Margaret, 1946-2001

Cooler, Gussie, c 1899-
(w/o Paul Cooler)

Cooler, Pauline, (26 May) 1917-(20 Dec) 1989
(d/o Paul Cooler & Gussie LNU)

Cooper, Arthur (Verdell), (19 Mar)1951-(24 Nov)1971
(s/o Arthur Verdell Cooper & Bonita LNU)

Cooper, Arthur V (Verdell), (19 Aug)1914-(15 Dec)1996
(h/o Bonita LNU)

Cooper, Elllen Lee, (02 May)1943-(17 Jun)2010

Cooper, James E. (Edward), (29 May)1956-(11 Dec)1971
(s/o Arthur Cooper)

Cooper, Kimberly R., 19??-2002
(marker was very difficult to read, so information may not be as it was originally)

Cooper, Louise, (07 Jan)1933-(15 May)1997

Cooper, Unknown,

Cottle, Kelvin, 1966-(Nov)1967

Crawford, Lemmie (S), (02 Jun)1911-(14 Aug)1999

Crockett, Catrena Galvin, (22 Jul)1969-(02 Sep) 2007
(d/o Johnny Lee Crockett & Anner Rodgers)

Crowley, Linto, 1936-1998

Cruse, E. (Evelyn) Virginia Mitchell, 13 Mar 1936-11 Apr 2003
(d/o John Mitchell & Clara Woods; w/o Leon Clarence Steward & John Cruse)

(Cruse, John, 29 Jan 1918-26 Jul 1995)
(h/o Evelyn Virginia Mitchell)

Culbreath, Fannie, (09 Feb)1901-(26 Dec)1971
(w/o Tempus Clubreath)

Culbreath, Tempus, (01 Jul)1889-(25 Oct)1976
(h/o Fannie LNU)

Current, Terry, (28 Nov)1969-(28 Sep)2009

Cusack, Sr., George W., (15 Aug)1896-(13 Dec)1975

Davis, Eddie, (15 Mar 1907)-(26 Sep)1974

Davis, Fred, (28 Sep)1905-(21 Feb)1986
(h/o Lacy LNU)

Davis, Lacy, (26 Aug 1916)-(12 Dec)1974
(w/o Fred Davis)

Davis, Michael (A), (31 Jan)1964-(08 Dec)2003

Dillard, James, 09 Dec 1926-28 Aug 1997
U.S. Army, World War II

Dozier, Willie L (Lee), 11 Aug 1913-09 Dec 1950
Florida, Pfc, OMC, World War II

Duchan, Douglas 1952-(01 Apr)1997

Dudley, John, 07 Sep 1948-16 Nov 1997

Dunlap, Jr., Abraham, (09 May)1923-(26 Jun)1997
(s/o Abraham Dunlap)

Dunlap, Charlie, (28 Sep 1931)-(05 Mar)1977
(s/o Abraham Dunlap)

Dunlap, Melvina, (03 Jul 1930)-(13 Oct)1985

(Durden, Willie L., 03 Jul 1940-23 Nov 2022)
(s/o Clifford H. Durden & Mary L. Davis; h/o Mamie L. LNU)

Edwards, Anna Lee, 24 Sep 1882-15 Jun 1965

Ellzy, Carrie E. (Elizabeth), (17 Jan 1916)1915-(14 Aug)1970

Emanuel, Elizabeth (Deloris), (04 Mar)1952-(26 Mar)1994
(d/o James Emanuel & Hazel LNU)

Emanuel, Jr., James, (10 Jul)1942-(26 Aug)1988

Emanuel, Leroy, 07 Nov 1911-08 Mar 1974

Emanuel, Rebecca (E) (nee: Harrison), (26 Aug)1921-(28 Sep 1993)

Emanuel, William, 1949-1999
(d/o James Emanuel & Hazel LNU)

Farmer, Jerline, (09 Jan)1945-(Sep)1969

Favor, Hugh, (05 Sep 1907)-(12 Feb)1981

(Ford-Thomas, Jeannette Williams, c1943-29 Jul 2014)
(d/o Hezkiah Williams & Tessie Monroe; w/o Wiley Thomas)

Foster, Josephine, (23 Mar)1915-(13 Apr)1998

Frederick, Unknown, 1902-1965

Fritzgerald, Willie, (No dates)

(Fullwood, James, 06 May 1940-03 Oct 1999)
(s/o Willie M. Fullwood & Mary Dollie)

(Fullwood, Willie M., 01 May 1910-15 May 1983)
(s/o Robert Fullwood; h/o Mary Dollie)

Galvin, Robert (Bobby), 03 Apr 1932-10 Feb 2010
(s/o Thomas Galvin; h/o Jeneva Hyzene)

Galvin, Sr., Thomas, (15 Jan 1901)1900-(Jan)1968

Galvin, Thomas, (28 Sep)1939-(26 Sep)2010
(s/o Thomas Galvin)

Gardner, Eudella Martin, (04 Aug)1907-(24 Jul)1988

Gardner, Horace, 1923(08 May 1924)-(06 Mar)2008

Gaskin, Lily (Mae), (15 Jul)1912-(21 Mar)1989

Giddens, Darius Delvon, 06 Jun 1989-23 May 2011
(s/o Darren Eugene Giddens & Harriett S. Johnson)

Giddens, Dwight D., 06 Jul 1974-10 Dec 1997

Giddens, Essie Mae, 13 Jul 1927-22 Aug 2003
(d/o Edd Mack & Louisa Blair; w/o Rev. Frank Giddens)

Giddens, Jr., Frank, 11 Aug 1956-25 Jan 2003
(s/o Rev. Frank Giddens & Essie Mae Mack; h/o Elizabeth Mae Davis & Dora LNU)

Giddens, Odell

Giddens, Robert L., 18 Sep 1941-30 Mar 1991
(s/o M. C. Giddens & Lena Mae LNU)

Giddens, Terrell M (Marshawn), (20 Mar 1990)-(20 Mar)1990

Gillyard, Lula, 01 Jan 1900)-(14 Oct)1977
(w/o Thomas Gilyard)

Gillyard, Oscar, 23 Jan 1931-15 Apr 2004
Sgt, U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Thomas Gillyard & Lula LNU; h/o Mary LNU)

Gillyard, Thomas, 15 Aug 1898-27 Aug 1969
South Carolina, Pvt, 156 Depot Brigade, World War I
(h/o Lula LNU)

Gillyard, Jr., Thomas, 25 Aug 1918-18 Mar 1950
Sgt, 2528 AAF Base Unit, World War II
(s/o Thomas Gillyard & Lula LNU)

Gilyard, Juanita, (16 Aug)1922-(11 May)1996

Gilyard, Marie (Estelle), 14 Jan 1917-08 Feb 1990
(w/o Sim Gilyard, Jr.)

Gilyard, Sr., Sim, (17 Oct 1909)1910-(10 Jan)1980
(h/o Marie Estelle LNU)

(Glover, Charles, 14 Aug 1961-29 Aug 2014)
(s/o Willie Lee Glover & Dorothy May LNU)

Godwin, Kaley (Charles - KC), (12 Feb)1925-(13 May)1987
(h/o Bertha Love)

Golden, Alvaughn Richardo, (14 Jun)1956-(27 Dec)2005
(s/o Neal N. Golden & Queen Ester Spearmon)

Golden, Eugene (Norman), (29 Apr)1955-(05 Apr)2011
(s/o John Arthur Golden & Georgia Ann LNU; h/o Charletta Gail England)

Golden, John A (Arthur), 12 Dec 1935-26 Jun 1961
Florida, Sp4, Corps of Engineers

Golden, Marion, (21 Jun 1897)-(Aug)1968
(h/o Nelia Helen LNU)

Golden, Nelia, (02 Feb 1900-24 Jan 1977)
(w/o Marion Golden)

Golden, Vonetta, (09 Aug)1974-(24 Dec)2012
(d/o Eugene Norman Golden & Charletta Gail LNU; w/o Marcellus Tatum)

(Golphin, Ethel Savannah (nee: Randolph), 19 May 1922-19 May 1993)
(w/o Leavitis Golphin)

Golphin, Leavitis, (19 Jul)1909-(07 Sep)1995
(U.S. Army, WW II)
(h/o Ethel Savannah Randolph)

Golphin, Lorenzo A., (????)-08 Dec 1990

Grant, Jr., Charles E., (03 Sep)1957-(02 Jul)2002

Grant, Maebell, 1913-(Mar)1969

Grant, Willie, (15 Mar 1918)-(22 Nov)1985

Green, Jr., David, (14 Dec)1945-(21 Jun)2008

Griffin, Bernice, (12 Apr 1928)-(30 Jan)1979

Griffin, Gladys Byrant, (15 Feb)1925-(17 Dec)1997

(Griffin, Johnnie Mae, 19 Jan 1957-19 Jun 2014)

Hall, David, (24 Sep)1975-(24 Jun)2002

Hall, Infant. (No dates)

Hall, James B (Brimer), 22 Mar 1931-31 Oct 1990
U.S. Army, Korea
(s/o Oscar Hall & Martha White)

Hall, Lela Mae, (27 Aug)1928-(17 May)1997
(s/o Oscar Hall & Martha White)

Hall, Mary (E), (01 Sep)1930-(28 Mar)2002

Hall, Mary, (????)-1978

Hall, Mattie 28 Oct 1917-27 Jan 2002

Hall, Oscar, 25 Oct 1895-17 Jan 1971
Florida, Pvt, U.S. Army, World War I
(h/o Martha (Mattie) White)

Hall, Raymond F., (15 Feb)1922-(15 Aug)2001

Hall, Jr., Rev. Shelly, (01 Apr 1927)1928-(21 Mar)1994
(s/o Shelly Hall & Sillar Watson)

Harris, Sr., Fate L (Leon), (17 Oct)1962-(03 Jun)1984

Harris, Layfate ("Big Daddy), (20 Oct)1926-(09 Feb)2011
(h/o Ruthie M. LNU)

Harris, Roosevelt, (30 Sep)1937-(05 Jul)2003
(s/o Emerable Harris & Martha Foster)

Harris, Rosetta, 03 Nov 1945-18 Jan 1980

Harris, Vincson (Leonard), (16 Feb)1963-(04 Jun)2004

Harris, Wilbert, 21 Nov 1948-26 Feb 2013
(s/o Emery Harris & Martha Foster; h/o Janice LNU)

Harrison, Willie Cleveland, (22 Jul)1922-(11 Dec)1983
Pvt, U.S. Army, World War II

Harvey, Jack, 08 Dec 1909-07 Sep 1996

Harvey, Sr., Leroy, 10 Sep 1932-18 Apr 1986

Harvey, Jr., Leroy, (06 Aug)1956-(09 Jun)2006

Harvey, Preston, (01 Jan)1912-(23 Jan)1979

Harvey, Viola, (22 Aug)1908-(19 Mar)2005

Henry, Sr., Louis (Donald), (17 May)1935-(15 Apr)2004
(s/o Chester Henry & Callie Ruth Whigham; h/o Rev. Daisy)

Hill, John, 15 Jul 1896-26 Mar 1967
Pvt, Co C, 328 Labor Bn OMC, World War I

Hill, Willie, 1929(14 Sep 1928)-(19 Dec)2007

Hizine, Love, (Jan)1894-(30 Jul)1974

Horne, Wylene, (12 Feb 1951-23 Aug 1976)

Howard, Essie M (Mae), 1905-(May)1964

Howell, Sr., James, (02 Sep)1909-(13 Jul)1985
Pvt, U.S. Army, World War II

Hubbert, Sr., Alvin, (26 Sep 1936)1937-(02 Jan)2003
(s/o A C Hubbert & Charlie Mae Brown; h/o Mary Lois Dunston)

Hubbert, Jr., Anthony James, 12 Aug 2012-05 Jan 2013
(s/o Anthony James Hubbert & Brandi Swineld)

Hubbert, Charlie (Mae), (15 Apr 1903)-(21 Jan)1973
(d/o FNU Brown; w/o A. C. Hubbert)

Hubbert, Elmer, (18 Nov)1928-(07 Jul) 2009
(s/o A. C. Hubbert & Charlie Mae Brown; h/o Regina LNU)

Hubbert, Esten, (12 Apr)1922-(27 Sep)1991
(s/o A. C. Hubbert & Charlie Mae Brown; h/o Mildred Ruth Gillyard)

Hubbert, Mary Lois, (11 Feb)1938-(02 Jun)2004
(d/o Sol Dunston & Louise Dortch; w/o Alvin Hubbert)

Hubert, Mildred (Ruth), (12 Jan 1929)-(06 Jan)1987
(d/o Thomas Gillyard & Lulu LNU; w/o Esten Hubbert)

Hudson, Rander (Jr), (10 Oct)1945-(14 Dec)2006

Hunter, Alberta, (17 Apr)1944-(12 Jan)1972

Hunter, Eleanor A., (13 Apr)1925-(Feb)1992
(d/o Zacie Moore & Mamie Ownes)

Hunter, Geraldine, (07 Jul)1924-(30 Sep)1981
(d/o Grant Hunter & Allie LNU)

Hunter, John H. (Henry), (12 Mar 1947)-(21 Jul)1990

Hymon, Betty Jean, (28 Feb)1958-(24 Jul)2007

Hymon, Catherine (T), (11 Sep)1935-(21 Nov)2007

Hymon, John Henry, 17 Jan 1931-09 Jun 1986
US Army, Korea

Hymon, Pauette M (Marie), (24 Nov) 1954-[22 Sep] 2008)
(d/o Parnell McCall & Willie Mae (LNU); w/o Standford Russell & FNU Hymon)

Hymon, Rosa Lee, 16 Nov 1927-28 May 2000
(d/o Abraham Dunlap & Bridina Londen; w/o Rev. Willie Hymon)

Hymon, Willie, (08 Aug)1923-(18 Jul)2006
(s/o Henry Hymon & Maggie Jones; h/o Rosa Lee Dunlap)

Irvin, Cordelia M., 04 Mar1906-16 Jun 1997
(d/o FNU Martin; w/o Irvin Dock)

Irvin, Dock, 30 Jan 1905-15 Jun 1992
(h/o Cordelia Martin)

Irvin, Walter V. (Vernell), (10 Jan)1946-(04 Oct)1999
(s/o Doc Irvin & Cordelia Martin)

Jackson, Angela (Louise), (02 Jan)1960-(13 Dec)1991

Jackson, Claudette Lauverne, 04 Aug 1959-19 Sep 1959

Jackson, Esther (Beatrice) J., (19 Aug)1946-(22 May)2008
(d/o Bailey James Jefferson & Pauline Antoinette Young; w/o Freddie Lee Jackson)

Jackson, George (Lewis), 23 Feb 1938-06 Dec 1982
(s/o Willie Jackson & Rosa Marshall)

Jackson, Sr., John H. (Henry), 11 Feb 1947-24 Apr 1997

Jackson, Julia M (Mae), 06 Jul 1922-08 Aug 1986
(w/o Lee Jackson)

Jackson, Lee, 18 Nov 1921-29 Oct 1992
(h/o Julia Mae LNU)

Jackson, Rosa M., 25 Aug 1911-30 Jan 1980
(w/o William Jackson)

(Jackson, Sylvia, 14 May 1953-26 May 2015)
(d/o Lee Jackson & Julia Mae LNU)

Jackson, Tony, 04 Apr 1943-23 Feb 2010
(s/o Anthony Jackson & Ruby LNU)

Jackson, William, 17 May 1908-05 Jun 1985
(h/o Rose M. LNU)

Jackson, Willie J (Jeffery), (04 Jan 1964-04 Mar 1989)

Je?????, Tommy, -1989

Jefferson, Bailey, (25 Jun 1885-Aug 1963)
(h/o Molly Williams & Pauline Antionette Young)

Jefferson, Nursey Earline, 17 Feb 1926-25 May 2000
(d/o Flarous E. Donaldson & Florence E. Gavin; w/o Bailey James Jefferson, Jr.)

Jefferson, Pamela, (19 Feb)1963-(28 Dec)1992

Jefferson, Pauline (Antoinette), (31 Jul)1903-(11 Jan)1974
(nee: Young; w/o Bailey Jefferson)

Jenkins, Harry, (01 Apr 1901)-(09 Sep)1978

Jenkins, Janika (J), (16 Oct)1983-(21 Oct)2002
(d/o Harry Jenkins & Helene LNU)

Jenkins, Lizzie (Mae), 26 (24) Jul 1948-16 Jun 2004

Jenkins, R. R., (????)-1990

Jenkins, Tommy, (15 Aug)1946-(15 Dec)1979
Pvt, US Army, Vietnam

(Jenkins, Shaneka Evon, 16 Aug 1988-11 Jul 2015)
(d/o Roger Jenkins & Juanita LNU)

Jenkins, Willie (Harry), (07 Jul)1941-(28 Apr)2007
(s/o Harry Jenkins & Gertrude LNU)

Johnson, Albert, (26 Feb)1922-(16 Aug)1996
(World War II Veteran)
(h/o Elizabeth Dunston)

Johnson, Jr., Albert, 18 Aug 1948-30 Dec 2008
U.S. Army, Vietnam
(s/o Albert Johnson & Mary Ann Elizabeth Dunston)

Johnson, Alma L. (Lee), 1927-(Aug)1969

Johnson, Ella Louise, (16 Jul)1908-(08 Sep)1991
(d/o Will Johnson & Annie Duncan; w/o Otis Williams)

Johnson, Jessie J (James), (24 Dec)1959-(11 Mar)1997

Johnson, Kenneth L. (Lorinzo), 23 Jan 1942-08 Jul 2005
(h/o Trudie Mae LNU)

Johnson, Jr., Larry James, (11 Jul)1972-(01 Apr)1973

Johnson, Mary, 19??-1999
(marker was very difficult to read, so information may not be as it was originally)

Johnson, Mary Ann (Elizabeth), (02 Jan 1925)1926-(12 Jan)2005
(d/o Sol Dunston & Louise Dortch; w/o Albert Johnson)

Johnson, Robert James, 04 Sep 1978-21 Jul 2001
(s/o Larry Johnson & Carail LNU)

Johnson, Sazjuan, 1999-1999

Jones, Alma Jean, (10 May)1945-(21 Oct)1997

Jones, Anne, (????)-1978

Jones, Catherine, 1938-2004

(Jones, Cora, c1937-06 Apr 2019)
(d/o Rufus Lee & Eva Lattimore; w/o Roosevelt Jones)

Jones, Diane Verdell, 07 Dec 1958-29 Sep 2001
(d/o Horace Verdell; w/o Anthony Bernard Jones)

Jones, Easter Mae, (16 Apr)1912-(05 Aug)1973

Jones, Ethel (Mae), (15 Aug)1921-(30 Apr)2007
(d/o Andrew Bass & Ethel Peat; w/o Willie Wesley Jones)

Jones, Estella Lucivee, 28 May 1914-27 Nov 2002

Jones, Freeman, 1940-1970
(s/o Freeman Jones & Irene LNU)

Jones, Gunnis 28 Jan 19??-13 Nov 19??
(marker was very difficult to read, so information may not be as it was originally)

Jones, Johnnie, 08 Jun 1933-13 Jan 2010
(s/o Mike Jones & Sarah LNU)

Jones, Miguel A. (Antwon), (15 Jun)1978-(04 Sep)2009

Jones, Nathan E. (Eugene), 09 Feb 1984-20 Apr 2006

Jones, Nettie R. (Ruth), 10 Apr 1944-25 May 2004

Jones, Roosevelt, (02 Jul)1934-(19 Sep)2010
(h/o Cora Lee)

Jones, Sarah (Jane), 18 Aug 1911-14 Dec 1992
(nee: Hinson; w/o Mack Jones)

Jones, Wiley, (18 Mar)1943-(09 Sep)2004
(s/o Mack Jones & Sarah Jane Hinson)

Jones, Willie Wesley, 10 Dec 1910-16 Jan 1991
(s/o of Tom Jones & Rebecca LNU; h/o Ethel Mae Bass)

King, Elouise B., (29 Oct 1922)1923-(17 Jul)2004
(d/o Julius Brown & Beatrice Nelson)

Kresty, Micha, 1974-2001

Laster, Sallie Mae, 01 May1920-30 Oct 1982

Lawrence, Lucille, (30 Apr 1893)1898-(Feb)1968
(w/o Will Lawrence)

Lee, Robert, (05 Jul)1904-(Oct)1969

Lemon, Johnnie, (08 Jan)1941-(08 Oct)2008

Locke, Ronney, (30 May)1949-(15 Feb)2000

London, Edd, (02 Jul)1921-(29 Mar)1988
STM1, U.S. Navy, World War II
(s/o Will London & Caldonia Jessie )

London, Frank G (Griff), 01 Oct 1919-02 Aug 1989
Pvt, U.S. Army, World War II

(London, Eddie, Jr., c1952-04 Apr 2021)

(London, Loraine Y., c1964-06 Dec 2015)

(London, Willie Lee, c1953-02 Oct 2021)
(s/o Ed London & Annie Bell Adams)

Longwood, Alice, (07 Jan)1910-(16 Sep)2005
(w/o Gaines Longwood)

Longwood, Gaines, 10 Feb 1893-11 Jun 1982
(h/o Alice LNU)

Love, Victor (Edward), (09 Jul)1975-(16 Sep)2000

Marshall, Elijah, 25 Dec 1917-22 Dec 2000
U.S. Army, World War II

Martin, Glen (Lawrence), (07 Feb)1947-(17 Aug)2001
(s/o FNU Martin & Louise (Tee) Smith)

Martin, (Jr), Laurice, (27 Jul)1923-(06 Aug)1987
PFC, U.S. Army, World War II

Martin, Will, (No dates)

McArthur, Thomas, 1930-2004

McCall, David, (????)-1988

McCall, James (Luther), (05 May 1922)-(21 Jan)1991
(marker was very difficult to read, so information may not be as it was originally)
(s/o Leroy McCall & Mattie Walker; h/o Theresa Lee)

McCall, Jr., Nay L. (Lamar), (04 Jan)1975-(22 Nov)1998
(s/o Nay Lamar McCall & Audrey Teresa Emanuel)

McCall, Nathan, (17 Jul 1923)-(15 Nov)1988
(s/o Leroy McCall & Mattie Walker)

McCall, Parnell, 12 Oct 1936-06 Mar 2004
(s/o Thomas McCall & Ruth Braxton; h/o Willie Mae Jones)

McCall, Terry (Anthony), (30 Jul)1987-(26 Oct)2007
(s/o Ollie R. McCall & Rodrick Clements)

McCall, Theresa Lee, (06 Apr)1937-(28 Apr)1991
(marker was very difficult to read, so information may not be as it was originally)
(w/o James Luther McCall)

McCants, Evelyn, 13 Feb 1905-23 Mar1983
(w/o Joseph McCants)

McCants, Joseph, 06 Mar1901-15 Sep 1986
(h/o Evelyn LNU)

(McCaskell, Donnie J., 07 Jul 1953-12 Jun 2018)
(s/o Johnnie McCaskell & Betty Lucille "Paradise" LNU)

McCaskell, Johnnie, 11 Dec 1925-22 May 1998
(s/o Isiac McCaskell & Sarah Williams)
U.S. Army, World War II

McClendon, Ruby D. (Dean), (18 Dec)1928-(06 May)2006
(d/o Frank McClory & Rosa Magic)

McClory, Rosa (Rosetta), (25 Dec 1901)1893-(14 Apr)1973
(nee: Magic; w/o Frank McClory)

McCormick, Kylee, (15 Jan 1905)-(25 Oct)1977

(McCutchen, Olivia A., 30 Sep 1978-27 Dec 2018)
(d/o Louis McCutchen & Lula M.Williams)

McGee, Margaret, 1950-(11 May)2012

McKinnon, Jr., Aaron (J.), (12 or 17 Apr)1968-(31 Jul)2000
(s/o Aaron J McKinnon & Beverly Hubbard)

McPrim, Willie, (17 Sep)1924-(18 Jul)1970

McQueen, Dora, 15 Aug 1895-23 Mar 1985
(w/o Tom McQueen; sister-in-law of Henry Hymon)

(Melvin, Alphonso (Bernard), 22 Oct 1964-30 Nov 2012)

Melvin, James, (09 Oct)1913-(30 Aug)1996
(s/o James Melvin & Irene Waldus; h/o Minnie Lee Dunlap)

Melvin, Jr., James, 02 Apr 1948-23 Dec 1971
Sp 4, U.S. Army
(s/o James Melvin & Mimmie Lee Dunlap)

Melvin, John, (01 Oct)1955-(03 Sep)2012
(s/o James Melvin & Mimmie Lee Dunlap; h/o Catherine LNU)

Melven (Melvin), Marie (Bessie), (10 Nov 1927)-(06 Sep)1978

Melvin, Minnie Lee, (09 Dec)1924-(24 Aug 1993)1994
(d/o Abraham Dunlap & Bridina Londen; w/o James Melvin)

Mickens, Claybon, 12 Dec 1917-31 Mar 1973
(h/o Margaret Jean Jones)

Mickens, Margaret J. (Jean), 21 Mar 1930-17 Apr 1991
(d/o Nathan M. Jones & Easter M. LNU; w/o Claybon Mickens)

Mickens, Myrle (Levern) “Bonnie,” 12 Jan 1955-15 Feb 1994
(d/o Claybon Mickens & Margaret Jean Jones)

Miller, Isaac, (10 Mar)1939-(15 Oct)1985

Mitchell, Birdie (Lue), (11 May 1907)-(09 Sep)1989
(w/o Randal Mitchell)

(Mitchell, John Flander, 23 Jun 1889-09 May 1952)
(h/o Clara A. Woods)

(Mitchell III , John Flander)
(s/o John Flander Mitchell, Jr., & Essie Belle Holt)

Mitchell, Versie L (Lee), 16 Nov 1924-19 Jan 1944
Florida, PFC (U.S. Army) Engineers, WW II
(s/o John Mitchell & Clara A. Woods)

, Clara L., 1927-1999

Mobley, Shirley Mae, (06 Jun)1940-(11 May)2001
(d/o Rander Hudson & Rosie L. Welch; w/o FNO Mobley)

Monroe, Raymond, (05 May)1903-(04 Aug)1986

Moreland, Wrenda (Maud), (30 Dec)1932-(27 Jan)1996
(d/o Tom Willis & Ida M. Johnson; w/o Johnnie Moreland)

Moses, Richard, (03 May 1947)-(27 May)1978

Moses, William (Taft), (20 Mar)1915-(09 Sep)1979

Murphy, Alzie (Lee), (11 Feb)1958-(06 Jan)2002
(d/o Kasey Charles Godwin & Bertha Love; w/o Clarence Edward Murphy)

Murray, Eloise, 03 Mar 1928-20 Mar 2013
(d/o Zack Murray and Zula LNU)

Murray, Frances, (24 Aug 1934)-(25 Aug)1976

Nelson, Sr., Louis C. (Charles), 02 Sep 1925-23 May 1997
U.S. Army, World War II
(s/o Ben W. Nelson & Beatrice Hudson; h/o Mary Dunlap)

Palmore, Mary (04 Jul 1892) -(04 Aug)1976

Paradie, Lucille- -1972

Patterson, Loretta A. (Ann), 06 Mar 1973-30 Oct 2011
(d/o Curtis Patterson, Sr., & Lula Mae LNU; w/o Calloway McCaster, Sr.,)

Penson, Mrs. Arah (Sarah LNU), 21 Apr 1870-30 Dec 1949
(w/o Arah Penson)

Perkins, Bessie (Lou), (27 Mar 1916)-(18 Jun)1980
(nee: Johnson; w/o Cornelius Perkins)

Perrault, Marvin (Turner) “Marvelous,” (16 Nov)1945-(19 Oct)1999

, Adrian (Curtis), (24 Oct)1971-(17 Mar)1988

Phillips, Freddie, 19 Apr 1928-18 Aug 1962
(s/o Lewis Phillips & Mary LNU)

Phillips, Louis, 27 Jul 1927-08 May 1966

Phillips, Mary, 11 Apr 1900-(03) 08 Jul 1979

Phillips, Tyshonel, 1994-1994

Phillips, Jr., Versa Lee, (30 Mar)1966-(22 Jan)1998

Plummer, Bertha Lee, (01 Oct)1928-(22 Mar)2005
(d/o Willie M Wilson & Albertha Tillman; w/o Rev. James Plummer, Jr)

Plummer, (Jr), Rev. James, (26 Oct)1919-(13 Apr)1983
(s/o James Plummer; h/o Bertha Lee Wilson)

Porter, Ruth B., 22 Jun 1964-26 Mar 2006

Pouncey, Jerry, 1945-1965

Powell, Joseph (Lee), (18 Sep 1978-(14 Nov)1978

Powell, Patricia Ann, 1949(28 Dec 1950)-22 Jul 2009

Pratt, John (Theophilus), (02 Nov)1934-(10 Dec)2001
(s/o Joseph Pratt & Priscilla Stubbes; h/o Mabel LNU)

Reeves, Sr., James, (15 Jan)1916-(30 Jun)1995
(h/o Rutha Mae Hubbert)

Richardson, J. C., (11 Nov 1910)1911-(Dec)1966
(h/o Gladys LNU)

Richardson, John, (09 Jan)1894-(23 Sep)1978
Pvt, U.S. Army, World War I

Roberts, Willie, (23 Dec 1883)-(02 Jan)1978

, Mae Alice, (11 Oct)1924-(04 Aug)2002
(d/o James Robinson & Elizabeth Stevens; w/o David Robinson)

Robinson, Ola, (02 Feb 1894 or 02 Jan 1902)-(24 Oct)1978

Robertson (Robinson), Sylvester, (22 Apr)1929-(10 May)1984
(s/o James Robinson & Elizabeth LNU)

Rodgers, Deanna (Latonya), (18 Sep)1974-(27 Mar) 2009


Rogers, Jame(s), 1910-(Apr)1963

Rogers, Purity (Pearly), 23 Dec 1915-17 May 1996
(d/o Tom Waldon & Anna Edwards

Rollins, Earnest, (No dates listed on marker) (22 Nov 1916-06 Dec 1990)
(s/o Jesse E. Rollins & Estella Jones)

Rollins, Mary (F), (22 Aug)1926-(04 Oct)2009

Rollins, Sabrina (Maletta), (24 Jan)1971-(05 Apr)2003
(d/o John Rollins & Earnestine; w/o Steve Spearmon)

Rollins, Ste,

(Royal, Ajene Nate, 09 Oct 2009-09 Oct 2009)
(d/o Nateshawn Royal & Shaunta Johnson)

Sampson, Clarence (McKinley), (26 Apr 1906-(08 Dec)1974

Scipp, Brontey, (29 Jul)1978-(31 Mar)1979

Sipp (Scipp), Eddie L., (15 Oct)-(08 Nov)1985

Seller, Jr., James, (09 Dec)1937-(27 Mar)2011
(s/o James "Jim" Seller & Annie LNU)

Shavers, Jr. Wilbert James, 01 Mar 1973-20 Apr 2013
(s/o Wilbert James Shaver & Gloria LNU)

Shellman, Annie (Bell), (12 Jun)1909-(02 Dec)1977
(w/o James Shellman)

Shellman, Doris (Ann), (22 Apr)1949-(01 Jun)1996

Shellman, James, (22 Jul)1915-(29 Apr)2004
(s/o Lonnie Shelman & Rachel York; h/o Annie Bell)

Skelton, Robert, (06 Apr)1937-(10 Apr)1986

Slater, Luevina, 1934-1982

Slater, Rosa M., (28 Jan)1941-(03 Jan)2010
(d/o Robert Rodgers & Purity LNU)

Sloan, Samuel, (02 Aug)1907-(Jan)1973

Smith, Catherine Melvin, 11 Oct 1943-06 Jan 2001
(d/o James Melvin & Minnie Lee Dunlap; w/o Robert Lee Smith)

(Smith, Dorothy C., 21 Dec 1948-03 Aug 2021)
(d/o James Emanuel & Hazel LNU; w/o Wilbert Smith)

Smith, Gertrude, 14 Oct 1961-12 Apr 1962

(Smith, Herman Lee, 07 Feb 1959-26 Jun 2017)
(s/o Wilbur Chester Smith)

Smith, James (Earl), 22 Mar 1952-25 Mar 2010
(s/o Willie Smith & Susie LNU)

Smith, Joseph, (03 Sep 1935)1934-(23 Sep)2011
(s/o Otis Smith & Juanita LNU)

Smith-Beauford, Louise "Tee," (06 Oct) 1928-(22 Jan) 2009
(d/o FNU Smith; w/o FNU Martin & Jessie Beauford)

Smith, Sr., Robert (Lee), (12 Aug 1936)1937-(10 Mar)2005
(s/o George Smith & Irene Clark; h/o Catherine Melvin)

Smith, Wilbur (Wilbert) C., (01 or 04 Jan)1923-(10 Apr)1985
Pvt, U.S. Army, World War II

Smith, Jr., Wilbert C. (Chester), (14 Apr)1954-(30 Apr)2008

Smith, Willie L. (Lee), (15 Sep)1919-(02 Dec)1984
(h/o Susie Henry & Alberta LNU)

Spates, Clarence, (No dates)(26 Jul 1959-23 Jul 1990)

Spates, Jabo, (06 Jan 1913)1914-(29 Dec)1973
(marker was very difficult to read, so information may not be as it was originally)
(h/o Ola M. Williams)

Spearman, Rodney, (27 Nov 1977)1978-(16 Mar)1978

Spearmon, Charlie, (10 Mar)1900-(Dec)1956
(h/o Lonnie Mae Stafford)

Spearmon, Curtis (Lee), (27 Jul)1981-(24 Feb)1998

Spearmon, Darren Darrell, (23 Sep)1989-2012
(s/o Stevie Spearmon & Sabrina Maletta Rollins)

Spearmon, Gracie Mae, (22 Jul)1944-(30 Sep)1994

Spearmon, Lizzie Mae, (23 Jul)1943-(02 Jan)1990

Spearmon, Lonnie Mae, 1912-(Mar)1969
(nee: Stafford; w/o Charlie Spearmon)

Stafford, Tony (L), (28 Feb 1952)-(21 Feb)2008

Stallworth, Clarence (Eugene), (07 Feb 1940)-(23 Dec)2002
(s/o Buster Stallworth & Amandy Harrison; h/o Ruby)

Stark, Oscar L. (Lee or Levent), (No dates)(09 Jan 1937-01Mar 1989)
(s/o Jack Stark & Rosa L. Hudson)

(Steward, Artie Clarence, 05 Apr 1943-10 Dec 2013)
(s/o Leon Clarence Steward & Georgia Mae Woods; h/o Betty Jean Galvin)

Steward, Jr.,Darren L. (Lavan)., (06 Dec)1985-(30 Jan)2009
(s/o Darren Lavan Steward & Felicia LNU)

Steward, Leon C. (Clarence), 12 Aug 1923-23 May 2009
Pvt U.S. Army, WW II
(s/o Rufus Steward & Eva Lee [Minor, Minner or Minnow])

Steward, Roosevelt, 15 Dec 1932-(27 Jun 2003)
(s/o Rufus Steward & Eva Lee [Minor, Minner or Minnow]; h/o Ruby C. LNU)

Steward, Ruby C. (Cile), 28 Sep 1936-02 May 1996
(d/o Willie W. Jones & Ethel Bass; w/o Rossevelt Steward)

Steward, Jr., Rufus, (No dates)(06 Oct 1927-07 Jul 2004)
(s/o Rufus Steward & Eva Lee [Minor, Minner or Minnow])

Stokes, Charles (Anthony), (08 Jun)1959-(15 Feb)2009
(s/o FNU Stokes & Margaret LNU)

Stokes, Ruthe Mae, 1946-(May)1969
(d/o Eloise Murray)

Stubbs, L. E., (No dates)

Suggs, Ozell W (Wolfe), (07 Aug 1934)1935-(29 Mar)1973

(Tanner, Corey Levert, 04 Sep 1989-18 Aug 2014)
(s/o Raymond Tanner & Brenda Johnson)

Taylor, Ida Mae, (11 Sep 1911)-(30 Jun)1974

Thomas, Pearl L., 28 Aug 1930-22 Sep 1981
(d/o Manuel Smith & Louise Watkin)

Thomas, Rachel Hall, 17 Sep 1917-24 Feb 2005
(d.o Vandy Blake & Sarah Harris)

Thomas, Wiley, 27 May 1937-30 Sep 2010
(h/o Jeanette Ford)

Underwood, Betty C., (23 Jul)1943-(20 Mar)2008

Underwood, Freddie, (16 Feb)1944-(05 Sep)1970
(s/o Joel Underwood & Olla Mae LNU)

Underwood, Joe, -1988

(Underwood, Wanda, c1966-19 May 2021)
(d/o Freddie Underwood & Truddie Dudley)

Underwood, Willie Mae, (19 Nov)1904-(15 Nov)1997
(w/o Robert Underwood)

Unknown, Benjamin,

Unknown, Robert S_ter, -1991

Unknown, Rosa Le, 1912-12

Unknown, Salli, 1930-

Unknown, ?ant, 1944-1989

Valy, John, 1941-

Verdell, Doretha (Adams), 19 Mar 1935-20 Mar 1994

Walker, Jack, 30 May 1919-07 May 2004
Pvt, U.S. Army, World War II

Walker, James Curtis, (11 Oct)1914-(05 Apr)1987
U.S. Army, World War II

Washington, Melvin, (08 Jan 1910)-(22 Sep)1977
(h/o Olane LNU)

White, Baby, (No dates)

White, Mary (Lee) 05 Oct 1937-23 Jul 2009
(d/o of Louis Phillips & Mary LNU; w/o FNU Johnson & FNU White)

(White, Mary Jean, ????-16 Jun 1982)

White, Ola, 1880-(Apr)1963

Wiley, Ida Mae, (03 Oct)1923-(16 Nov)2002
(d/o Bailey James Jefferson & Pauline Antoinette Young; w/o FNU Wiley)

Williams, Andre B. (Bernard), 28 Jun 1964-21 Nov 1998
U.S. Army

Williams, Clarence, 10 May 1917-13 Oct 2008
(h/o Mother Katherine Robinson)

Williams, Jr., David L (Lee), (10 Dec)1962-(20 Sep)1978
(s/o David Lee Williams & Pricilla Hall)

Williams, Eugene Antwan, 23 Jun 1984-19 Mar 2003
(s/o Eugene Williams & Debra LNU)

Williams, George, (15 Mar)1922-(22 Sep)2003

Williams, Johnny, (12 Jun)1940-(25 May)2008
(s/o Robert Ora Williams & Carrie Belle Dantzler)

Williams, Math (Mathew Lee), (06 Feb)1931-(12 Oct)2007
(s/o James Z. Williams & Lucille Jackson)

Williams, Minnie L. (Lee), (20 May)1911-(12 Apr)1979

(Williams, Mother Katherine R., 14 Sep 1918-01 Jan 2013)
(d/o John Edwards & Elizabeth Robison; w/o Clarence Williams)

Williams, Naomi L. (Lee), (18 Apr 1936)1934-(28 Aug)1977

Williams, Robert Ora, (01 Jan)1903-(19 Dec)1997
(h/o Carrie Belle Dantzler)

Williams, Ronnie Lee, 1962-2010

Williams, Warnell W (Webster), 24 Dec 1954-03 Jan 1987
Pvt. U.S. Army

(Wilson, Frankie Lee "Bill," 27 Feb 1951-05 Oct 2014)
(s/o Willie James & Wrenda Maude Willson; h/o Gloria Denise McCaskell)

Wilson, (Jr), General Grant, 1905-(Mar)1959
(h/o Vinnie Lee)

Wilson, Leroy, (08 Oct)1907-(17 Apr)1971

Wilson, Rosia (Estelle), (18 Sep 1909)1908-(22 Nov)1991

Wilson, Vinnie Lee, 1895-(Apr)1966
(w/o General Grant Wilson, Jr)

Wishart, Robert, ????-21 Jan 2012

Wright, Nelson E (Eddie), (03 Jul)1940-(22 May)1980
(s/o James Wright & Ida M. Roberson)

Young, Henry (Clay), 1882-(Jul)1965
(h/o Lilly LNU)

Young, Leola, 02 Feb)1928-(05 May)1970
(d/o Henry Clay Young & Lilly LNU)