Flagler County, Florida
(Section 38, Township 10, S, Range 31, E) (Plat 5, pg 12)


This cemetery is located on private property south of Marineland, FL. To get to the cemetery you take a small shell road (located ½ mile south of the Marineland City Limits sign) west for approximately 3/4 mile where you will come upon the cemetery which is surrounded by a wooden fence. The road has a chain over its entrance with a No Trespassing sign and is next to what looks to be a small telephone exchange building.

From the town of Flagler Beach, go north on State Road A1A (formally SR 140) for 15 miles. Turn west on sand road and continue NW .8 mile to the cemetery which lies on the west side of the road.

The compiler visited this cemetery on 12 Jun 2010 and took images of grave markers. Any items contained in parenthesis were added by the compiler and do not appear on the grave markers.

Any corrections and/or additions should be sent to the compiler, Claude Sisco Deen, Jr, P.O. Box 637, Flagler Beach, FL 32136-0637; or emailed to:

Baker, John Wyly, 04 Sep 1961-13 Jul 2009
Great Grandson of Caroline DuPont Hopkins
(U.S. Navy - Persian Gulf)
(s/o John Lee Baker & Martha Jane Snyder; h/o Tamra LNU)

DuPont, Abraham, (01 Jul 1783)-15 Oct 1857
(s/o Charles DuPont & Sarah Coachman; h/o Jane Verdier Pepper)

DuPont, Benjamin E. (Edmond), 25 Dec 1825-26 Jan 1911
(Company H, 2nd FL Inf, C.S.A.)
(s/o Abraham & Jane Verdier Pepper; h/o Sallie Wilmington Jones &
Caroline Octavia Kisselsteine)

DuPont, Charles J. (Jones), 11 Sep 1860-31 Mar 1914
(s/o Benjamin Edward Dupont & Sallie W. Jones; h/o Susan E Wilson)
( SJ County Superintendent of Public Instruction; State Representative)

Dupont, Franklin Pepper, 20 Jan 1865-28 Nov 1946
(s/o Virgil Dupont and Sarah Elizabeth Knight; h/o Laura Boynton)

DuPont, George Elbert, 17 Sep 1884-21 Mar 1943
(s/o of Benjamin Edward Dupont & Caroline Octavia Kisselsteine; h/o Hilda Maria Kunslauder)

DuPont, George E. (Elbert), Jr., 23 Jul 1918-11 Nov 1965
(s/o George Edward Dupont & Hilda Maria Kunslauder)

DuPont, Milton
Sacred to the memory of, age 18
(on the same stone as Abraham Dupont)

DuPont, Sarah D.
Sacred to the memory of, age 10
(on the same stone as Abraham Dupont)

DuPont, Virgil R., 26 Mar 1813-11 Aug 1885
(s/o Abraham Dupont and Jane Verdier Pepper; h/o Emily AnnWheatley & Elizabeth Knight)
(According to some DuPont Family sources, his middle name was Longworth)

Hopkins, Carolyn (Kisselsteine/Carrie) DuPont, (12 Jan)-1875 (14 Jan )1937
(d/o Benjamin Edward Dupont & Caroline Octavia Kisselsteine; w/o Henry Garland Hopkins)

Hopkins, Henry Garland, (10 Sep)1873-1942
(h/o Caroline Kisselsteine Dupont)

Kisselstein, Caroline O. (Octavia), (10 Feb)1848-(23 Jul)1930
(d/o Frederick Von Kisselstein; w/o Benjamin Edward Dupont)

Stewart, Alexander B., born in Scotland, died 19 Sep 1893