Appling CO, GA
Est 1864 on land donated by Henry Deen 1827-1913
(Last Cemetery Visit - 28 January 2012)


DIRECTIONS: From Alma, take SR 32 East 1.5 miles to Bennett Still Road. Take Bennett Still Road 8.1 miles North. Just after crossing over two bridges there is a fork, Satilla Road goes to the left and Bill Morris Road goes to the right. Take Bill Morris Road North for 1.3 miles. The cemetery is on the east side of the road.

NOTE: A image of each grave marker was made on 07 April 2001 and the following list compiled from those images. Images of grave markers showing burials after April 2001 were taken on 19 Jun 2003, 18 Jun 2004, 17 Oct 2009, 21 August 2011, 28 January 2012 and again on 27 May 2017 and the listing was updated.

A listing of Deen Cemetery made by Bert Walker and Mrs Bonnie Ellis and Family was found in the Huxford Genealogical Society Magazine, Volume 6, Number 1, March 1979 and those burials I did not have were added. *These names are contained in parentheses and noted with an asterisk. **Names contained in parentheses with two asterisks were taken from

All other items contained in parentheses were added by the compiler and do not appear on the grave markers.

Any corrections and/or additions should be sent to the compiler, Claude Sisco Deen, Jr, P.O. Box 637, Flagler Beach, FL 32136-0637. E-mail:

Abbott, H. B. (Harry Barney), 22 Sep 1874-22 Aug 1899
(s/o James Henry Abbott & Melvina Moody; h/o Laura Priscilla Cauley)

Ahl, Alfred Henry, 28 Sep 1912-08 Oct 1996
MM 1, US Navy, WW II
(s/o William H Ahl & Emily E Deen; h/ Codeta "Connie" Pavalone)

Ahl, America Jane Thompson, 20 Mar 1880-26 Jan 1929
(d/o H Jordan Thompson & Louisiana Deen; w/o George W Ahl)

Ahl, Emily E. (Elizabeth) (14 Nov)1883-(11 Dec)1944
(d/o Alexander H S Deen & Sarah F Williams; w/o William Henry Ahl)

*(Ahl, Fytchex T., [15 Jan]1943-[16 Jan]1943)

Ahl, Sr., George W. (Washington), 09 Dec 1878-21 Jul 1945
(s/o George Ahl & Mary Jane Harrison; h/o America Jane Thompson)

Ahl, William Elick, 16 Oct 1909-25 Nov 1986
ADEC, US Navy, WW II, Korea
(s/o William Henry Ahl & Emily E Deen; h/o Gretchen Lowis)

Ahl, William H. (Henry), (04 Nov)1874-(24 Jun)1944
(s/o George Ahl & Mary Jane Harrison; h/o Emly Elizabeth Deen)

Baxter, Mildred L., 06 Jan 1923-12 Nov 2004
(d/o Grover Gordan Hayes & Leecie Vaughn; w/o FNU Hamilton & John N. Baxter)

Bennett, Cora Miles, 11 Jan 1892-17 Oct 1916
(d/o Leonard Miles & Polly Ann Mississippi Deen; w/o S. Calvin Bennett)

Bennett, Unnamed Infant, 17 Oct 1916-17 Oct 1916
(d/o S. Calvin Bennett & Cora Miles)

Blair, Erma K., 09 Oct 1931-01 Mar 1975
(d/o Harvey D. Kimberly & Lula Bowen; w/o Earl Wayne Blair )

Boatright, D. (Doy) Millard, 01 Nov 1909-11 Nov 2001
(s/o John Riley Boatright & Rachael Ardelia nee: Boatright; h/o Lillie Mae Cauley)

Boatright, Ira, 13 Feb 1920-13 Feb 1920
(infant/o Wiley Herman Boatright & Ira Deen)

Boatright, Lillie Mae Cauley, 15 Mar 1903-20 Jun 1983
married 06 Dec 1931
(d/o George H. Cauley & Zenny Carter; w/o Doy Millard Boatright)

Boggs, Aaron D., 03 Oct 1895-02 Oct 1967
PFC, US Army, WW I, NC
(h/o Ruth Deen)

Bowen, Edd, - Aug 1899

Bowen, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ahl, 08 May 1909-18 Feb 1976
(d/o Chester Smith Ahl & Ruth Quattlebaum; w/o Leroy Bowen)

Bowen, Fulton, 02 May 1927-14 Feb 1928
(s/o Leroy Bowen & Ollie Miles)

Bowen, H. (Hubert) Thurman, 18 Nov 1918-31 Jan 1923
(s/o Leroy Bowen & Ollie Miles)

Bowen, Ira O., 05 May 1906-07 Mar 1907
(s/o James W. Bowen & Mozelle Miles)

Bowen, James W., 30 Apr 1862-04 Jul 1937
(h/o Mozelle Miles)

Bowen, L. (Leonard) Ellis, 21 Aug 1894-04 Sep 1895
(s/o James W. Bowen & Mozelle Miles)

Bowen, Leroy, 26 Jun 1896-20 Nov 1973
(s/o James Bowen & Mozelle Miles; h/o Elizabeth Ahl & Ollie Miles)

Bowen, Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Barber, 12 May 1927-22 Jun 2001
Wife of Bruce C. Bowen
(d/o Allen Barber & Suan P. Floyd)

Bowen, Mozelle M., 22 Nov 1874-08 Aug 1938
(d/o Leonard Miles & Polly A. M. Deen; w/o James W. Bowen)

*(Bowen, Nancy Elizabeth, 29 Sep 1873-07 Dec 1933)
(d/o William F. Cauley and Harriet F. Deen)

Bowen, Ollie Mae M., 13 Oct 1900-06 Apr 1931
(d/o Willis Franklin Miles & Lou Rainey Herndon; w/o Leroy Bowen)

Bowen, Shiela Evone, -22 Apr 1980
Infant Dau of Truman & Evone Bowen

Bowen, Unnamed Infant Daughter, (24 Apr 1913)-24 Apr 1913
(d/o James W. Bowen & Mozell Miles)

Bowen, Unnamed Infant Daughter, 03 Dec 1936-03 Dec 1936
(d/o Leroy Bowen & Lizzie Ahl)

Bowen, Unnamed Infant Daughter, -01 Oct 1942
(d/o Leroy Bowen & Lizzie Ahl)

Bowen, Unnamed Infant Son, -20 Apr 1902
(s/o James W. Bowen & Mozell Miles)

Bowen, Vivian A., 24 Dec 1921-20 Apr 1922
(d/o Leroy Bowen & Ollie Miles)

Bullard, Annie E. (Elizabeth) Miles, 24 Mar 1878-06 Oct 1954
(d/o Isaac Carter & Nancy Harrison; w/o Elliott Colquit Miles & Jess Bullard)

Carter, F. M. (Flora Mary Jane) 19 Apr 1872-09 Jan 1902
(d/o Henry Deen & Nancy Miles; w/o Francis Marion Carter)

Carter, Jr., Francis M. (Marion) 01 Jan 1902-03 May 1902
(s/o Francis M Carter & Flora Mary Jane Deen)

*(Carter, Mattie Mary, 30 Oct 1899-02 Feb 1902)
(d/o Francis M Carter & Flora Mary Jane Deen)

Carter, Wm H., 27 Apr 1862-07 Jan 1906

*(Cauholme, Georgia, 1897-1968)

Cauley, Ernest S. (Scott), 10 Sep 1900-20 Nov 1987
(s/o George H. Cauley & Zenny Carter Deen; h/o Manisey Chancey)

Cauley, H. (Henry) Earl, 25 May 1929-05 Jun 2003
(s/o Earnest Scott Cauley & Manisey Mae Chancey; h/o Willie Mae Sellers & LaSondra Herndon)

Cauley, Harriet F., 23 Apr 1853-08 May 1929
(d/o Henry Deen & Lydia A. E. Stephens; w/o William Franklin Cauley)

Cauley, James A. (Alexander), 10 May 1886-22 Oct 1894
(s/o William Franklin Cauley & Harriet F. Deen)

Cauley, John F. (Franklin), 04 Jun 1888-31 May 1918
(s/o William Franklin Cauley & Harriet F. Deen; Lula Thomas)

Cauley, Manisey (Mae) C., 14 Oct 1907-06 Jul 1991
(d/o William Henry Chancey & Tallulah Dedge; w/o Earnest Scott Cauley)

Cauley, W. (William) F. (Franklin), 09 Dec 1846-16 Sep 1925
(s/o George Franklin Cauley & Nancy; h/o Harriet F. Deen)

(Cauley, Willie Mae, 27 Mar 1927-25 Aug 2018)
(d/o Lemuel Carver Sellers & Flora E. Medders; w/o Henry Earl Cauley)

Chancey, Lula (Tallulah) Mobley, 07 Jan 1873-11 May 1956
(d/o Calvin Warren Dedge & Eliza Ann Meeks; w/o Matthew Carlos Mobley & William Henry Chancey)

*(Clark, Grandchild of the Hargrove’s; Unmarked)

Crews, Berry (Ashberry), 07 Jan 1923-06 Mar 2004
(s/o of Lucius C. Crews & Leola Smith; h/o Rillie LNU)

Crews, Berry, (No dates inscribed)

Crews, Charles Henry, 13 Jun 1946-11 Sep 1982

Crews, Leola S., 20 May 1882-22 Nov 1964
(w/o Lucius C. Crews)

Crews, Lillian, 14 Oct 1927-15 Mar 1998

Crews, Lucius C., 26 Sep 1889-20 Jul 1951
(s/o Aster M B Crews & Jane Perville Sapp; h/o Leola Smith)

Crews, Jr., Lucius C., 02 Dec 1928-09 Sep 1994
US Army, Korea
(s/o of Lucius C. Crews & Leola Smith)

Crews, Rillie, (Slab, no dates)
(w/o Berry Ashberry Crews)

Crews, Tommy, 11 May 1956-10 Jan 2004
(s/o Berry Ashberry Crews & Rillie LNU)

*(Crosby, Russell, 03 Oct 1931-06 Oct 1931)

Deen, Ada (Addie) Smith, 14 Apr 1893-20 Mar 1920
(d/o Patrick L. Smith & Mollie Hutto; w/o Downie D. (Took) Deen)

Deen, A. H. (Alexander Hamilton Stephens), 23 Feb 1861-20 May 1904
(s/o Henry Deen & Lydia Stephens; h/o Sarah F. Williams)

Deen, Alice E., 18 Sep 1893-13 May 1905
(d/o Martin Miles Deen & Julia A. McDonald)

Deen, Allison, 27 Nov 1891-27 Sep 1892
(d/o Ebenezer Henry Deen & Missouri Douglas)

Deen, Claud, 27 Jun 1909-30 Dec 1909
(s/o Levi Deen & Sally Barber)

Deen, Clyde Downie, 09 Jun 1916-29 Dec 1925
(s/o Downie D. (Took) Deen & Addie Smith)

Deen, David Harold, 03 Aug 1919-06 Jan 1926
(s/o David Henry Deen & Lillie Norton)

Deen, David Henry, 16 Aug 1886-13 Jan 1935
(s/o Martin Miles Deen & Julia .A McDonald; h/o Lillie Norton)

Deen, Don Miles, 03 Apr 1932-10 Aug 1932
(s/o Emmett Joseph Deen & Leonora Waters)

Deen, Downie D. (Took), 29 Sep 1890-04 Mar 1951
(s/o John H. Deen & Adeline Moody; h/o Addie Smith)

Deen, Ebenezer H. (Henry), 22 Nov 1858-06 Apr 1928
(s/o Henry Deen & Lydia A. E. Stephens; h/o Missouri Douglas)

Deen, Eddianne, (No dates inscribed, est b/d: 1893)
(d/o Ebenezer Henry Deen & Missouri Douglas)

Deen, Effie (J), 09 May 1899-01 Dec 1900
(d/o Martin Miles Deen & Julia .A McDonald)

*(Deen, Elick, No slab or marker)
(s/o Millard Ralphus Deen & Susan Elizabeth Johnson)

Deen, Emmett Joseph, 17 Mar 1904-11 Jun 1972
(s/o Martin Miles Deen & Julia A McDonald; h/o Leonora Waters)

Deen, Fannie (Etta), 10 Dec 1881-16 Dec 1896
(d/o Ebenezer Henry Deen & Missouri Douglas)

(Deen, Grady Thomas "Tommy" (Jr), 05 Nov 1958-10 Jan 2016)
(s/o Grady Thomas Deen & Vonice Hartley; h/o Linda Diane Wilds)

Deen, Henry, 15 Jan 1827-26 May 1913
(s/o Martin Deen & Frances Elizabeth Higgs)
(h/o Lydia Ann Elizabeth Stephens, Nancy Miles & Malissie Eason)

Deen, Hulda, 24 Nov 1824-17 Apr 1863
(d/o Green Berry Melton & Martha A. Gray; w/o James Deen)

Deen, James, 15 Jan 1825-07 Apr 1863
(s/o Martin Deen & Francis Elizabeth Higgs; h/o Hulda Gray Melton)

Please see remarks at the end of this listing for information on burials of James & Hulda Deen

(Deen, John Franklin, 09 Nov 1869-Jul 1872)
(s/o Henry Deen & Nancy Miles)
(said to be buried here; compiler could not locate grave)

Deen, John Henry, 09 Nov 1862-02 Jul 1895
(s/o James Deen & Hulda Gray; h/o Addie Moody)

(Deen, John Madison, 11 Jun 1868-18 Jul 1921)
(s/o Harmon Deen & Malison LNU; h/o Mary Ellen Thomas)
(said to be buried here; compiler could not locate grave)

Deen, Julia A. McDonald, 18 Nov 1867-22 Jul 1947
(d/o Jeremiah McDonald & Sarah McClellan; w/o Martin Miles Deen)

Deen, Lawton H. (Henry), 03 Jul 1910-09 Jun 1929
(s/o Levi Deen & Sallie Barber)

Deen, Leonora Waters, 03 Apr 1904-30 Oct 1982
(d/o James Arthur Waters & Ella May Deen; w/o Emmett Joseph Deen)

Deen, Levi, 26 Apr 1885-04 Nov 1954
(s/o Alexander Hamilton Stevens Deen & Sarah Frances Williams; h/o Sarah Elizabeth (Sallie) Barber)

Deen, Lillie N., 05 Jan 1886-15 Feb 1968
(d/o Dyal Norton & Martha Payne; w/o David Henry Deen)

(Deen, Lydia Diane, 20 Aug 1964-29 Aug 2014)
(Nee: Wilds; w/o Grady Thomas (Tommy) Deen, Jr.)

Deen, Lydia A. (Ann) E. (Elizabeth) Stephens, 17 Dec 1834-18 May 1864
(d/o James Stephens & Harriet A LNU; w/o Henry Deen)

Deen, Martin Lee, 30 Oct 1864 - 25 Dec 1927
(s/o Martin Deen and Nancy E. Cook; h/o Laura Bell Smith)
(according to his death certificate he is buried here; his wife and most of his family are buried at Omega)
(compiler was unable to locale a marker either here or at Omega)

Deen, Martin M. (Miles), 24 Jul 1866-21 Nov 1940
(s/o Henry Deen & Nancy Miles; h/o Julia A. McDonald)

Deen, M. R. (Millard Ralphus), (12 Dec)1851-18 May 1925
(s/o Henry Deen & Lydia Stephens; h/o Sara Elizabeth Johnson)

Deen, Miram H., 02 Dec 1896-19 Jan 1899
(d/o Martin Miles Deen & Julia A. McDonald)

Deen, Missouri, 18 Jun 1860-04 May 1927
(d/o James C Douglas & Sarah LNU; w/o Ebenezer Henry Deen)

Deen, Nancy, 11 Jan 1845-10 Oct 1906
(d/o John Miles & Harriet Kemp; w/o Henry Deen)

(Deen, Sallie B. (Sarah Elizabeth), 08 Jul 1884-05 Dec 1966)
(d/o Cornelius M. Barber & Elizabeth Taylor; w/o Levi Deen)

Deen, Sara Elizabeth, 14 Jan 1853-29 Jan 1932
(d/o of John Johnson & Levicy Roberson; w/o Millard Ralphus Deen)

Deen, Talmadge, 14 Apr 1894-26 Jan 1916
(s/o Ebenezer Henry Deen & Missouri Douglas)

Deen, Unnamed Infant Daughter, 27 Dec 1937-27 Dec 1937
(d/o Emmett Joseph Deen & Leonora Waters)

*(Deen, Unnamed Infant, about 1922-about 1922)
(Infant of George Lee Deen & Fathie B. Medders)

Devereaux, (Evelyn) Janelle Vaughn, 05 May 1933-23 Mar 1985

Everett, Percy D. (Durevard), 12 Oct 1901-15 Jun 1933
(s/o Daniel McNeill Everett & Lorena .L Hall; h/o Aedelia Carter & Inez Crosby)

Faircloth, Audrey Vaughn, 11 Apr 1927-05 Nov 1989
(d/o Ernest Mobley Vaughn & Carrie Elizabeth Deen; w/o Hugh Lamar Faircloth)

Faircloth, Wm (William) Ernest, 01 Nov 1955-26 Jul 1976
(s/o Hugh Lamar Faircloth & Audrey Deen Vaughn)

*(Founer, Unnamed Infant)
(Note says dau of Lee Founer)

Fox, Georgia (Mae) Deen, 27 Sep 1901-19 Jun 1953
(d/o Martin Miles Deen & Julia A. McDonald; w/o John Broadus Norton & William H. Fox)

Gannon, Loler J., 07 Oct 1878-06 Dec 1902
(d/o Henry Deen & Nancy Miles; w/o G. W. Gannon)

Glosson, Darwin Mullis, 20 Dec 1957-05 Nov 2016
(s/o Doyle Victor Glosson & Ruby Lee Mullis; h/o Julie Rigdon)

Glosson, Doyle V. (Victor), 02 Dec 1909-03 Jan 1984
(s/o John J Glosson & Elvira Deen; h/o Ruby Lee Mullis)

Glosson, Elvira D., 26 Nov 1886-15 Feb 1979
(d/o Alexander Hamilton Stephens Deen & Sarah Frances Williams; w/o John Jestus Glosson)

Glosson, John J.(Jestus), 24 Nov 1866-18 Jan 1974
(s/o James C. Glosson & Pernia Bailey; h/o Elvira Deen)

Glosson, Julie Rigdon, 20 Apr 1960-
(w/o Darwin Mullis Glosson)

Glosson, Ruby (Lee) Mullis, 30 Aug 1916-07 Feb 2005
(d/o James Monroe Mullis & Ethel Lee Glisson; w/o Doyle Victor Glosson)

Gray, Daniel H. (Hart), 06 Mar 1888-13 Dec 1974
(s/o Asberry B. Gray & Sallie Emily Blackwell; h/o Dora Deen)

Gray, Dora D., 30 May 1899-02 May 1989
(d/o Alexander Hamilton Stephens Deen & Sarah Frances Williams; w/o Daniel Hart Gray)

Gray, (James) Harold, 03 Nov 1931-13 Aug 1995
(s/o Daniel Hart Gray & Dora Deen)

Gray, Mary J. (Juanita), 09 Apr 1934-23 May 1934
(d/o Daniel Hart Gray & Dora Deen)

Gray, R. H., 21 May 1922-01 Aug 1923
(s/o Daniel Hart Gray & Dora Deen)

Gruber, Addie (Nancy) Deen, 26 Apr 1888-07 Oct 1979
(d/o Martin Miles Deen & Julia A McDonald; w/o John Franklin Gruber)

Gruber, John Franklin, 12 Aug 1860-31 Jan 1928
(s/o John W Gruber; h/o Vicey Ann (Levicy) Thomas; Irene LNU & Addie Nancy Deen)

*(Guereft, Peley D., 12 Oct 1901-15 Jun 1933)

Hall, Young, 10 Apr 1903-24 Oct 1967
(h/o Lula Bowen)

Hamilton, Unnamed Infant Daughter, 18 Sep 1941-18 Sep 1941

Hampton, Dorothy Miles, 04 Nov 1904-06 Jan 1976
(d/o John Miles & Rosette Smith; w/o Jesse Columbus Hampton)

Hargrove, Frank H. (Henry), 14 Feb 1867- 17 Jan 1941
(Grave marker is a concrete slab with names etched in and very difficult to read. Frank and Lizzie could be the Henry F (c1866) and Mary E (c1874) found in the 1930 Appling CO census, Deen’s Distict 1563)

*(Hargrove, Lizzie)

Hayes, Grover G. (Gordon), 17 Nov 1888-29 May 1959
(s/o Robert A Hayes & Lula LNU: h/o Lech V. LNU)

Hayes, Lech V., 16 May 1888-10 Aug 1940
(w/o Grover Gordan Hayes)

Hayes, J. D., Dec 1918-Feb 1929
(s.o Grover Gordon Hayes & Lech V. LNU)

Hayes, Ruth, Mar 1927-Mar 1927
(d/o Grover Hayes & Lech V LNU)

Heath, Pat K., 16 Apr 1938-
(d/o FNU Kimberly; w/o John Herbert Lamar Deen, Jr & Thomas V. Heath)

Heath, Thomas V., 28 Dec 1941-
(h/o Pat Kimberly)

Hendrix, Janet S. Morris, 16 Aug 1942-13 May 1985

Hickman, Eva Carol Morris, 09 Aug 1958
(w/o Willis Donald Hickman; d/o Chaudowin Smith Morris & Carolyn Ann Vaughn)

Hickman, Willis Donald (Donnie), 20 Jul 1944-21 May 2013
(s/o Willie Warren Hickman & Evangeline Long; h/o Martha Janette Waters & Eva Carol Morris)

Higginbotham, I. S. "Buddy" (Irvin Solomon) 07 Feb 1939-21 Jul 2012
(s/o Fred W. Higginbotham & Louise Batten; h/o Judith Kay Peacock)

Higginbotham, Judith P., 14 Oct 1942-
(w/o Irvin Solomon Highbotham; d/o Hubert Hustin Peacock & Willie Deen)

Hilton, Harriet F. (Harriet), 16 Nov 1881-23 Apr 1910
(d/o William Franklin Cauley & Harriet F Deen; w/o Samuel Facial Hilton)

Jenkins, Janie B., 02 Mar 1900-08 May 1970
(d/o James W. Bowen & Mozelle B. Miles; w/o Ruben J. Jenkins)

Jenkins, Jack, 08 May 1931-14 May 1988
(s/o Ruben J. Jenkins & Janie Bowen; h/o Verna Lou Ricketson)

Jenkins, Rube (Ruben) J., 28 Apr 1899-06 Mar 1978
(h/o Janie Bowen)

Jenkins, Verma Lou R (Ricketson), 29 Dec 1933-11 Feb 2017
married 08 Nov 1952
(d/o Jesse Calvin Ricketson & Pauline Smith; w/o Jack Jenkins & Bruce C. Bowen)

Johnson, Meriam (Miriam) Victoria, 03 Feb 1880-25 Dec 1944
(d/o James J. Smith, CSA & Floria M. Livingston; w/o William Henry Johnson)

Johnson, Unnamed Infant, -1897
(Child of J A Johnson)

Johnson, Walter Jarmyn, 08 Nov 1904-09 Dec 1940
(s/o William Henry Johnson & Miriam Victoria Smith)

Johnson, William Henry, 26 Dec 1876-13 Jul 1943
(h/o Miriam Victoria Smith)

*(Kermilt, 09 Feb 1909-23 Oct 1973)

Kimberly, Alyne G., 05 Feb 1912-28 Aug 1996
(d/o Joseph E. Griffin & Arvie Morgan; w/o Irwin Chester Kimberly)

Kimberly, Baby, -07 Mar 1943
(child of Harvey Dixon Kimberly & Lula Bowen)

Kimberly, Harvey D. (Dixon), (27 Jun)1903-(21 Jan)1960
(s/o Ira Washington Kimberly & Delia Horne; h/o Lula Bowen)

Kimberly, Ira J. (Joe), 15 Jun 1936-15 Apr 2008
(s/o Irwin Chester Kimberly & Alyne Griffin: h/o Loyce B. LNU)

Kimberly, Ira W. (Washington), 04 Jan 1871-22 May 1942
(s/o Isaac Dixon Kimberly & Martha Malindy Dailey; h/o Delia Horne)

Kimberly, Irwin C. (Chester), 21 Feb 1898-25 Dec 1960
(s/o Ira Washington Kimberly & Delia Horne; h/o Aline Griffin)

Kimberly, Loyce B., 29 Jan 1943-
(w/o Ira Joe Kimberly)

Kimberly, Lula B., (23 May)1910-(27 Oct)1991
(d/o James W. Bowen & Mozelle B. Miles; w/o Harvey Dixon Kimberly & Young Hall)

Kimberly, Omer Miles, 11 Feb 1934-24 Dec 1956
Pvt, Co D, 1 Inf, Tng Regt, Georgia,
(s/o Harvey Dixon Kimberly & Lula Bowen)

Lawhorn, Georgia S., 30 Sep 1897-15 Apr 1968
(d/o William Eason Sapp & Sophronia B "Floey Ann" Hatcher; w/o Sam Lawhorn)

(Lightsey, Edith Virginia, 28 Jul 1943-29 Aug 2020)
(d/o James Bernice "Judge" Turner & Dollie Mae Johnson)

(Little, Mary Anglee, 03 Nov 1931-25 Aug 2012)
(d/o Joe Bynon Martin & Okella Mae Tayton; w/o Robert Wesley Little)

Long, James E. (Toby), 20 Jul 1939-06 Dec 1992
(2nd h/o Merle Kimberly)

Maddox, E. (Edward) D., 09 Aug 1891-17 May 1961
(h/o Lorena Bowen)

Maddox, Lorena B., 01 Nov 1892-18 Sep 1970
(d/o James W. Bowen & Mozelle B. Miles; w/o Edward Maddox)

Martin, Alonzo, 15 Aug 1904-06 Dec 1918
Son of Mr. & Mrs. M. H. Martin
(s/o Micajah H. Martin & Nancy Whitfield)

*(Martin, Billy Howard, -07 Sep 1938)

Martin, Doyle C., 16 Dec 1901-07 Apr 1965
(s/o Micajah H. Martin & Nancy Whitfield; h/o Florida Mae Crosby & Ethel M. LNU)

Martin, Ethel M., 11 May 1902-(12 Jul 1978)
(w/o Doyle C. Martin)

Martin, Fannie, 14 Jul 1887-25 Apr 1914
(d/o Leonard Miles & Polly Ann Mississippi Deen; w/o Francis M. Martin)

Martin, Jr., Joe Bynom, 24 Jul 1935-28 Oct 1995
U. S. Air Force, Korea
(s/o Joe Bynom Martin & Okella Mae Taylor)

Martin, Sr., Joe B. (Bynom), 28 Jul 1911-15 Dec 1972
(s/o Micajah H Martin & Nancy Whitfield; h/o Okella Mae Taylor)

Martin, (Marlon) Todd, 29 Aug 1963-27 Jan 2005
(s/o FNU Martin & Janice Williams)

*(Martin, Nancy - Note on listing says mother of Alonzo, Doyle and Joe, no marker)
(Nancy Whitfield, w/o Micajah H. Martin)

Martin, Okella Mae, 27 Feb 1911-03 Jun 1991
(d/o Alvin Taylor & Mary Christmas; w/o Joe Bynom Martin)

Medders, Jenny (Etta) D., 21 May 1906-21 Feb 1952
(d/o Martin Miles Deen & Julia A McDonald; w/o Francis W Taylor & Ben Medders;)

Mercer, John C. (Christopher), 18 Jul 1865-21 Dec 1920
(s/o William Hamilton Mercer & Elizabeth B Blount; h/o Nancy Celeta Deen)

Mercer, Nancy E. (Eliza), 13 Aug 1895-20 May 1896
(d/o John Christopher Mercer & Nancy Celeta Deen)

Mercer, Nancy S. (Celeta), 03 Aug 1875-23 May 1915
(d/o Henry Deen & Nancy Miles; w/o John Christopher Mercer)

*(Mercer, Mrs W. H. - probably, Elizabeth B Blount; one the wives of William Hamilton Mercer )

Miles, Elizabeth B., 16 Oct 1902-24 Aug 1953
(w/o James Dewitt Miles)

Miles, E. C. (Elliott Colquitt), 14 Feb 1879-28 Feb 1908
(s/o Leonard Miles & Polly Ann Mississippi Deen; h/o Annie Elizabeth Carter)

Miles, Gladys Smith, 10 Nov 1898-22 Jun 1899
(d/o John James Miles & Rosette Smith)

Miles, J (James) Dewitt, 24 Jul 1894-09 Jul 1955
(s/o John James Miles & Rosette Smith; h/o Wilma Dean Moye and Elizabeth B. LNU)

Miles, J. Ellis, 28 Oct 1895-19 Sep 1896
(s/o John James Miles & Rosette Smith)

Miles, John J. (James), 03 Jul 1872-21 Nov 1950
(s/o John Wesley Miles & Josephine A Tuten; h/o Rosette Smtih)

Miles, Leonard, 18 Jul 1851-25 Dec 1921
(s/o John Miles & Harriet Kemp)

Miles, Mrs. Leonard (Polly Ann Mississippi) 18 Jun 1855-20 Dec 1922
(d/o Henry Deen & Lydia Stephens; w/o Leonard Miles)

Miles, Mildred, 18 Jul 1907-11 Sep 1907
(Twin d/o John James Miles & Rosette Smith)

Miles, Murel, 18 Jul 1907-15 Sep 1907
(Twin d/o John James Miles& Rosette Smith)

Miles, Zettie (Rosette) Smith, 14 May 1875-18 Sep 1969
(d/o James J. Smith, CSA & Floria M. Livingston; w/o John James Miles)

Miller, Aunt Mary, (No dates inscribed)

*(Miller, Auther, Unmarked )

*(Mixon, Unmarked )

*(Mixon, Unmarked)

*(Mixon, Note in listing says the Mixon’s are related to the Crew’s, Unmarked)

Moody, Bonnie, 27 Jul 1902-17 Jul 1902
(d/o George Moody & Bettie Miles)

Moody, Georgia, 02 Oct 1909-14 Jan 1911
(d/o George Moody & Bettie Miles)

Moody, Inf Son, 25 Nov 1905-25 Nov 1905
Son of Mr. & Mrs.George (Bettie Miles) Moody

Morris, Carolyn (Ann) Vaughn, 02 Feb 1933-
(d/o Ernest Mobley Vaughn & Carrie Elizabeth Deen; w/o Chaudowin Morris)

Morris, Chaudowin Smith, 09 Mar 1930-08 Oct 1999
(s/o William Henry Morris & Georgia Louise Smith; h/o Carolyn Ann Vaughn)

Morris, (Georgia) Louise Smith, 25 Jun 1911-04 May 1999
(d/o John Franklin Smith & Georgia Belle Cauley; w/o William Henry Morris)

Morris, James Gregory, 21 Jul 1959-24 Feb 2012
(s/o Thomas Lawton Morris, Jr. & Janet Gail Smith; h/o Lana Renee Beecher)

Morris, William Henry, 01 Apr 1905-12 Jan 1969
(s/o Lawton L. Morris & Gertrude F. Daniels; h/o Georgia Louise Smith,)

Nelson, Pauline M., 07 Aug 1931-15 Aug 1985

Norris, Ira (Lee) Vaughn, 03 May 1942-13 Feb 1992
(d/o Enoch Herschel Vaughn & Emma Lee Dyal)

Nugent, Barbara (Ann) Vaughn, 05 Mar 1940-17 Sep 2002
(d/o Enoch Herschel Vaughn & Emma Lee Dyal; w/o Maloy L. Nugent)

Osgood, Rev. Arthur W., 27 Sep 1911-21 May 1947
(s/o William Osgood & Mab LNU; h/o Mildred Louise Moland)

Parker, Hattie Grace, (1904)-(21 Oct 1904)
Dau of Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Parker
(William Parker & Harriet Miles)

*(Parker, Harriet (Hattie), 24 Apr 1877-08 Aug 1948)
(d/o Leonard Miles & Polly Ann Mississippi Deen; w/o William C. Parker)

Parker, Wm. (William) C., 19 Feb 1874-08 Feb 1934
(s/o William Jasper Parker & Mary Ann Jones; h/o Harriet Miles)

Patterson, James B. (Benjamin), 07 Jun 1871-30 Jun 1962
(h/o Mary M. Baldwin; Elizabeth Carter & Laura Priscilla Cauley Abbott)

Patterson, Laura P. (Priscilla), 13 May 1875-28 Nov 1967
(d/o William Franklin Cauley & Harriet F. Deen; w/o Harry Barney Abbott & James Benjamin Patterson)

(Perry, Eunice, 09 Oct 1930-10 Sep 2017)
(d/o Irwin Chester Kimberly & Alyne Griffin; w/o Ralph Perry)

Pierce, Henry Daniel, 05 May 1936-27 Oct 1957
A2C, 2466 Air Res Flg Cen
(s/o John Arthur Pierce & Ruth Deen)

Pierce, John Auther (Arthur), 20 Dec 1889-03 Mar 1951
(s/o John Jefferson Pierce & Malinda Pittman; h/o Ruth Deen)

Pierce, John Jefferson, 15 Mar 1862-24 Feb 1929
(h/o Malinda Pittman)

Pierce, John R. (Roland) (11 Sep)1926-(07 Jul)1948
AD2, US Navy, WW II
(s/o John Arthur Pierce & Ruth P. Deen; h/o Dolores Ann Paedae)

Pierce, Ruth P. Grayson, 06 Jul 1893-23 Nov 1969
(d/o Alexander Hamilton Stephens Deen & Sarah Frances Williams;
w/o Aaron D.Boggs, John Arthur Pierce & John Burgess Grayson)

Pierce, Sara Ola, 19 Oct 1917-28 Sep 1919
(d/o John Arthur Pierce & Ruth Deen)

Pierce, Wm J. (William Jennings) (Shack), 01 Jan 1933-19 Oct 1979
(s/o John Arthur Pierce & Ruth Deen)

*(Poole, Aubrey)

*(Poole, Elizabeth V., 1895-1963)

Poole, Minnie B., 30 Nov 1903-24 May 1934

Pope, Ira L., 20 Aug 1870-07 Sep 1941
(h/o Fanny LNU & Sarah Frances Williams)

Pope, Sarah F. (Frances) Deen, 26 Jan 1864-01 Sep 1937
(d/o Wilson Williams & Elizabeth DeLoach; w/o Alexander Hamilton Stephens Deen & Ira L. Pope)

Richardson, Martha (Jane) Wallace, 10 Mar 1833-22 Jan 1922 (1923)
(d/o FNU Wallace and Franey LNU; w/o William Zeno Richardson)

Richardson, Noah Bazzel, 05 Aug 1868-19 Mar 1906
(s/o Worth Zeno Richardson & Martha Jane Wallace)

Richardson, W. Z. (William Zeno), 15 Jan 1832-27 Oct 1905
(h/o Martha Jane Wallace)

Ricks, Arsia, 28 Mar 1883-11 Sep 1935

*(Ricks, Mame)

*(Ricks, Richard)

Sapp, Bartley W., 22 Feb 1901-04 Feb 1940
(s/o William E. Sapp & Floey Hatcher)

Sapp, Floey Ann B. (Sophronia)(nee:Hatcher), 21 Aug 1865-19 Oct 1918
(w/o William E Sapp)

Sapp, John A., 18 Sep 1891-12 Sep 1963
(s/o William Eason Sapp & Sophronia B. Hatcher)

Sapp, William Clifford, 18 Sep 1929-05 Nov 1929

Sapp, William E. (Eason), 13 Mar 1862-10 Feb 1943
(s/o John Henry Sapp & Nancy Eason; h/o Floey Ann Hatcher)

Sellers, Little Max, 05 Jul 1959-06 Jul 1959

Sessions, Ewing, 06 Nov 1906-06 Feb 1924
Son of H. (Hampton) H. & Minnie (Cauley) Sessions

Sessions, H. (Hampton) H. 19 Nov 1872-24 Jan 1929
(s/o Josias T Sessions & Fannie LNU; h/o Minnie Mississippi Cauley)

Sessions, Joseph T. (Tillie), 15 Dec 1918-26 Jan 1968
S1, USNR, WW II, Georgia
(s/o Hampton H Sessions & Minnie Mississippi Cauley; h/o Evelyn Delores Tucker)

Sessions, Kermit, 09 Feb 1909-23 Oct 1973
(s/o Hampton H. Sessions & Minnie Mississippi Cauley)

Sessions, Minnie (Mississippi) Cauley, 06 Jun 1877-28 Sep 1942
Wife of H. (Hampton) H. Sessions
(d/o William Franklin Cauley & Harriet F. Deen)

Smith, Betty Jean, 22 Jul 1932-01 Feb 1934
(d/o Clifford L. Smith & Thadeaus Ora Miles)

Smith, Clifford L., 20 Jul 1894-09 Jul 1970
(s/o Patrick L Smith & Mollie Hutto; h/o Thadeaus Ora Miles)

Smith, Edsel Dale, 22 Nov 1929-04 Dec 2002
Cpl, US Army, Korea
(s/o Clifford L. Smith & Thadeaus Ora Miles; h/o Pauline Hartley)

Smith, Flora M., 13 Apr 1835-17 Feb 1914
Wife of J. (James) J. Smith
(d/o Michael Livingston & Mary Johns)

Smith, Floyd Hamilton, 22 Dec 1902-20 Jul 1904
(s/o Aaron Smith & Emily Elizabeth Deen)

Smith, Georgia (Belle) Cauley, 19 Aug 1879-06 Apr 1932
(d/o William Franklin Cauley & Harriet F Deen; w/o John Franklin Smith)

Smith, Gerald D., 22 Jun 1924-25 Aug 1980
(s/o Clifford L. Smith & Thadeaus Ora Miles; h/o Ella LNU)

Smith, H. J. (Henry), 20 Jun 1857-06 Mar 1909
(s/o James J. Smith, CSA & Floria M. Livingston)

Smith, James J., 10 Oct 1824-03 Jul 1917
(s/o Benajah H. Smith & Priscilla Hall; h/o Floria M. Livingston)

Smith, J. Burton, 18 Feb 1917-27 Mary 1918

Smith, Jill Danielle, 05 Apr 1977-14 Nov 2001
(d/o Danny Smith & Gail Morris)

Smith, J. F. (John Franklin), 17 Oct 1860-07 Apr 1915
(s/o James J. Smith, CSA and Floria M. Livingston; h/o Georgia Belle Cauley)

Smith, Jr., John Franklin, 24 Nov 1915-27 Sep 1928
(s/o John Franklin Smith & Georgia Belle Cauley)

Smith, Johnnie J., 19 Dec 1902-29 Oct 1969
(s/o Patrick Lamar Smith & Mary A Hutto; h/o Minnie Burnett)

Smith, Johnny P. (Patrick), 13 May 1940-07 Jan 1984
(s/o Clifford L. Smith & Thadeaus Ora Miles; h/o Nedia LNU)

Smith, Manning M., 04 Dec 1866-01 Aug 1918
(s/o James J. Smith & Flora M. Livingston)

Smith, M. R. (Millard Robert), (Nov 1869)1870-(04 Jun)1923
(s/o James J. Smith & Floria M. Livingston; h/o Sarah Morrison)

Smith, Minnie B., 03 Oct 1919-21 Apr 2000
(d/o William S. Burnette & Rohda Henderson; w/o Johnnie J. Smith)

Smith, Mollie Hutto, 08 Dec 1869-21 Oct 1963
(d/o John F. Hutto & Caroline Mobley; w/o Patrick Lamar Smith)

Smith, Pauline (Fancis Pauline) Hartley, 02 Nov 1933-25 Aug 2011
(d/o Daniel Harvey Hartley & Mattie Estelle Gordon; w/o Edsel Dale Smith)

Smith, Patrick L. (Lamar), 30 Sep 1863-03 Nov 1939
(s/o James J. Smith & Floria M. Livingston; h/o Mollie A. Hutto)

Smith, Thadys (Thadeaus Ora) Miles, 22 Feb 1900-09 Mar 1979
(d/o John James Miles & Rosette Smith; w/o Clifford L. Smith)

Smith, Unnamed Infant Daughter, 19 Dec 1909-11 Jan 1910
Dau of J. F. (John Franklin) & Georgia (Belle Cauley) Smith

Smith, Unnamed Infant Son, (No dates inscribed)
Son of J. F. (John) & Georgia (Belle Cauley) Smith

Smith, Unnamed Infant Son, 14 Sep 1893-14 Sep 1893
Son of J F (John Franklin) & Lincy (Lucia Roberson) Smith

Swint, Jo Ann, 02 Jul 1935-15 Mar 1966
(d/o Clifford L. Smith & Thadeaus Ora Miles; w/o Robert Lee Swint, Jr.)

Swint, Robert L. (Lee)(Jr.), 17 Jul 1931-06 Jun 2013
(s/o Robert Lee Swint & Rose Barksdale; h/o Jo Ann Smith)

Taylor, Edith Miles Deen, 23 Apr 1902-18 Aug 1956
(d/o John Miles & Rosette Smith; w/o Downie (Took) Deen & Thomas Paul Taylor)

Taylor, Francis W. (William), 18 Oct 1900-19 Jan 1929
(h/o Jenny Etta Deen)

, Jewel Edna, 18 Jan 1904-03 Jun 1905
(d/o of Burell W. Taylor & Fannie Deen)

Thigpen, Jerry, 1959-1974

Thompson, R. J. (Rev. Robert Jordan), 19 Sep 1857-16 Apr 1923
(h/o Louisiana A (Lucy) Deen & Harriet F Deen)

Thompson, Harriet (F), 25 Feb 1847-06 Jan 1922
(d/o James Deen and Hulda Gray; 2nd w/o Robert Jordan Thompson)

Treadwell, Rhonwyn Nina Glosson, 20 May 1960-08 Nov 2010
(d/o Doyle Victor Glosson & Ruby Lee Mullis; w/o FNU Treadwell)

Turner, Dollie Mae, 29 Dec 1915-07 Jun 2002
(d/o Quitman C. Johnson & Lou E. Peacock; w/o James Bernice (Judge) Turner)

Turner, Edith Colvis, 09 Feb 1908-16 Nov 1983
(d/o Colquitt “Quip” Turner & Unity Stone)

Turner, J. B. (Bernice) “Judge” 09 Sep 1905-29 Apr 1984
(s/o Colquitt “Quip” Turner & Unity Stone; h/o Dollie Mae Johnson)

Turner, Katie Ahl, 10 Aug 1914-12 Jan 1994
(Thought by complier to be 2nd wife of George Washington Ahl)

Turner, Quip (Colquitt ), 14 May 1877-31 Jan 1941
(h/o Unity V. Stone)

Turner, Unity (Virginia)., 01 Mar 1877-20 Mar 1960
(d/o William Mitchell Stone, CSA & Margaret Spell; w/o Quip Turner)

Turner , Unnamed Infant Daughter, 22 Mar 1945-26 Mar 1945
Dau of Mr. & Mrs. J. B. (James Bernice “Judge”) Turner

Unknown, Nancy,

Upchurch, Addie (Adeline) Moody Deen, 18 Apr 1872-15 Jun 1935
(d/o Issac I. Moody & Martha Miles; w/o John Henry Deen & John Richard Upchurch)

Vaughn, Earnest Mobley, 28 Aug 1902-26 Jan 1992
(s/o Manning Vaughn & Della Carter; h/o Carrie Elizabeth Deen)

Vaughn, Carrie (Elizabeth) Deen, 19 Jun 1909-04 May 2002
(d/o Martin Miles Deen & Julia McDonald; w/o Earnest Mobley Vaughn)

**(Vaughn, Della, 03 Jul 1879-13 Aug 1954)
(d/o Paul Anderson Carter; w/o Manning T. Vaughn)

Vaughn, E. (Enoch) Herschel, 21 Feb 1912-15 May 1982
(s/o George D. Vaughn & Mary Lizzie Peace; h/o Emma Lee Dyal)

Vaughn, E. (Edward) Herschel, 16 Jun 1942-17 Aug 1944
(s/o Enoch Herschel Vaughn & Emma Lee Dyal)

Vaughn, Emma L. (Lee) Dyal, 06 Oct 1917-28 Jan 2000
(d/o Raymond Gaston Dyal & Nancy Turner; w/o Enoch Hershel Vaughn, Sr)

Vaughn, Geoffrey Dale, 02 Nov 1919-12 Mar 1920
(s/o George D. Vaughn & Mary Lizzie Peace)

Vaughn, George D. (Demus), 16 Dec 1883-03 Jan 1968
(h/o Mary Lizzie Peace)

Vaughn, Lilla (Mae) K. (Kimberly), 19 Jan 1908-07 Feb 1972
(d/o Ira W Kimberly & Delia Horn; w/o FNU Vaughn)

**(Vaughn, Manning T., 12 Jan 1872-25 Sep 1958)
(h/o Della Carter)

Vaughn, Mary Lizzie, 17 Aug 1889-26 Jun 1984
(d/o Richard Alexander Peace & Lydia Louise Howard; w/o George Demus Vaughn)

Waters, Bertie V. (Virginia), 02 Oct 1896-01 Mar 1920
(d/o Patrick L. Smith & Mollie Hutto; w/o Robert Fulton Waters)

Waters, Robert F. (Fulton), 13 Jun 1893-08 Mar 1920
(s/o Wiley Hopkins Waters & Mary Ann Elizabeth Purcell; h/o Bertie Virginia Smith)

Watson, Adeline L.(nee: Lambert), 10 Aug 1877-15 Feb 1962
(w/o Richard A. Watson)

Watson, Robert J., 06 Sep 1895-04 Mar 1929
(s/o Richard A. Watson & Adeline Lambert)

Williams, John Alfred, 22 Jun 1931-15 Mar 1966
(h/o Merle Kimberly)

Williams, Merle Kimberly, 12 Apr 1929-
(d/o Harvey Dixon Kimberly & Lula Bowen; w/o FNU Vaughn, John Alfred Williams & James E (Toby) Long, Jr;)

Williams, Tasha M., 15 Dec 1983-09 Dec 1984

Williams, Unnamed Infant, (No dates inscribed on stone)
Child of Mr & Mrs J. R. ( James R. & Emma Agnes Deen) Williams

Wright, Robert M. (Merwin), 22 Jul 1914-20 Jun 1973
M2, US Navy, WW II, Pennsylvania
(s/o John Clyde Wright & Georgianna Marguerite Weigel; 2nd h/o Willie Deen Gruber)

Wright, Willie D., 12 Dec 1919-11 Apr 2003
(d/o John Franklin Gruber; & Addie Nancy Deen; w/o Hubert Hustin Peacock & Robert Merwin Wright)


REMARKS - James and Hulda Gray Deen -

This family was one of the victims of the small-pox epidemic which visited Appling County about other South GA counties in 1863 during the Civil War.

James Deen and his wife and some of the children were struck down with the disease and he died Apr 7, 1863 and his wife died ten days later, April 17, 1863. The children infected with the disease, however, recovered.

Mr Deen and his wife were buried in a field adjoining the Deen Cemetery near his home, the field being part of his lands. In the mid-1970's, Deen Family Historian Mary Ketus Deen Holland (1917-2009) located the two graves with the headstones in excellent condition even though the small plot had been overgrown for many, many years. On authorization of the Deen Family Association, they were moved and re-interred in the Deen Cemetery.

At the Oct 1, 2000 Deen Reunion, Lamar Deen said that he had visited the former grave site and although the stones had been removed, that after some digging, they found what appeared to be four grave sites. He and Leon Deen later fenced in the site.

Who was buried in the other two grave sites? Mary Ketus said that she had been told that James Deen's father (Martin Deen) also contacted the smallpox, died and was buried in the field..... Another story was that the father (Martin) and one brother died from the disease and were buried in the field.