Madison County, Florida

DIRECTIONS: From Madison, go east on U.S. 90 until you reach Macadonia Baptist Church which is on the north side of the Highway. Go south on SE Apache Avenue immediately across from the church (it quickly turns into a dirt road) for .5 mile. Turn west on SE Arrowhead Drive (also a dirt road, which parallels a pine orchard on the south side) and go .4 mile. At this point, Arrowhead drive will turn north and you will see a two rut road continuing west. Follow the two rut road for .1 mile where it will fork. Take the left fork which goes south around the west side of the pine orchard (.1) and then it turns west. Follow it west for .1 mile where the cemetery will be on the north side of the road.

NOTE: This listing was complied on 7 May 2002 by taking images of the grave markers. Any items in (parenthesis) were added by the compiler either because they do not appear on the grave markers or were illegible. Any corrections and/or additions should be sent to the complier, Claude Sisco Deen, Jr, P.O. Box 637, Flagler Beach, FL 32136, or emailed to him at

This cemetery was kept maintained through the efforts of former Flagler County resident, Joseph Brady Wadsworth, Lufkin, TX (son of Lewis Edward Wadsworth and Lotta Mary Littledale; husband of Daisy Ruth Buckles) until his death on 29 December 2002. He is also the individual who provided the compiler with the majority of the information not contained on the grave markers.


Barrett, James W., Jan 1870-03 Mar 1920

Barrett, Rose, 03 Feb 1876-01 Nov 1902
Wife of W (Rosa Belle Wadsworth, dau of Burton D & Elizabeth E Brady Wadsworth)

Brady, America C., 28 May 1854-01 Apr 1883
(Dau of John W & Louisa A Lurcey Brady)

Brady, Joe, (19 Nov) 1868-(29 Nov) 1920
(Son of John W & Louisa A Lurcey Brady)

Brady, Jr., John W
(Unmarked, inside fenced area)

Brady, Leona (J), 1870-1961
(Wife of Joe Brady

Brady, John W (William) (19 Jul 1813)-(15 Oct 1873)

Brady, Louisa A., 06 May 1824-02 Jan 1904
Wife of John W (Dau of Joseph & Carolina Heynsman Loursey)

Brady, Unnamed Infant, 1892-1892
Son of J A Brady

Brady, Unnamed Infant, 1900-1900
Son of J A Brady

Brady, Unnamed Infant, 1911 1911
Dau of J A Brady

Breeden, Floree Tate, 02 Nov 1913-05 Feb 1979
(Wife of Sam, dau of Charles L & Florida Jones Tate)

Breeden, Sam R., 01 Sep 1911-27 Mar 1974

Bridges, Mary (03) Mar 1847-15 Nov 1926
Wife of Levi (Dau of John W & Donna R Plummer Brady)

(Bridges, Mary C., 07 Mar 1826-25 Jun 1908

Bridges, Mary Lillie, 03 Sep 1876-19 Nov 1958

Bridges, Wilbern, 23 Oct 1817-24 Dec 1896

Bridges, Rufus Levy, 1878-1962
(Son of Levi & Mary Brady Bridges)

Bridges, Levi, (11 Feb) 1850-(28 Nov) 1884

Bridges, W. B. (Sr), 28 Jan 1877-24 Jan 1927

Darling, Everett, 14 Apr 1854-11 Sep 1935

Darling, Sarah (Lusindy), 19 Mar 1840-10 Mar 1908

Geiser, Sam’l J., (No dates)
Co. M, 1 MINN, H.A., Q.M.Sgt, (USA, Civil War)

Harris, Pamela Lynn, 02 Nov 1958-13 Dec 1958

Henderson, Church C., 06 Feb 1857-08 May 1921

Henderson, Marion (I. Brady) 13 May 18(61)-02 Jan 1932
(Wife of Church C Henderson; dau of John W & Lourcey Brady)

(Holton, Unnamed Infant Daughter, died 13 Jan 1942)
(Dau of H T Holton)

Jones, Vincent (H), 29 Jan 1892-08 Jul 1899)
(Son of William G and Florida A Brady Jones)

Jones, William G., 26 Sep 1856-26 Dec 1897

Jones, Florida (Ann Brady) (19 Apr 1856)-(01 Dec 1893)
Wife of (William G Jones, dau of John W & Louisa A Lurcey Brady)

Maddox, Florida Rowell Bridges, 10 Oct 1892-03 Mar 1980

McClelland, Ada, 02 Oct 1875-31 Jan 1938
(Wife of Bryant McCall, dau of Jerry & Catherine V Brady McClelland)

(McClelland, Archie Burton, 23 Jul 1883-27 May 1885)

McClelland, Bythewood, 02 Aug 1896-26 Jul 1905
(Son of Jerry & Catherine V Brady McClelland)

McClelland, Catherine (Virginia) Brady, 19 Aug 1852-15 Feb 1931
Wife of Terry McClelland (Dau of John W & Louisa A Lurcey Brady)

McClelland, Jerry, 30 Jan 1845-10 Nov 1901

McClelland, William Moses, 04 Nov 1872-30 Nov 1872
(Son of Jerry & Catherine V Brady McClelland)

Phillips, Mary Louise, 19 Mar 1874-28 Apr 1907
Wife of S E

(Sealey, Richard, 1861-1920)

(Sealey, Lida, 1875-1923)

Smith, Edna Tate, 02 May 1908-17 Mar 1981
(Dau of Charles L & Florida Jones Tate)

Stewart, Ida Rosa Lee, 25 Jun 1912-(01 Jun 1913)
Dau of W B & Ida Rosa Lee Stewart

Stewart, Unknown Infant Daughter, 21 Dec 1903-06 Oct 1904
(Dau of W B & I R Stewart)

Stewart, Wallace M., (11) Apr 1899-08 Jun 1899
Son of W B & Ida Stewart

Tate, Charles Layfaette, 04 Jul 1881-06 Sep 1931

Tate, Florida Jones, 10 Aug 1890-07 Feb 1948
(Wife of Charles L, dau of William G & Florida Ann Brady Jones)

Tate, Infant Son, 1922

????ton, Arch, 1883-2? May 1885


Unknown, Richard (double stone),

Unknown, ?? Mar 18??-25 Jun 1886

Wadsworth, Agnes C., 05 Jun 1912-28 Jan 1975
2d Lt, Army Nurse Corps ( Dau of John W & Marie Wadsworth, wife of Joseph G Gay)

Wadsworth, Catherine, 05 Apr 1916-24 Nov 1917
(Dau of John W & Marie A Carlton Wadsworth)

Wadsworth, Burton D (Daniel), (20 Feb) 1845-(24 Nov) 1902
(Son of Eli & Melinda E McLendon Wadsworth)

Wadsworth, Eli, ?? Jan 1914-18 Jan 1874
(Son of John W & Sarah McSween Wadsworth)

Wadsworth, Elizabeth E., 13 Apr 1858-15 Jul 1927
(Wife of Burton Daniel Wadsworth, dau of John W & Louisa A Lurcey Brady)

Wadsworth, J, (Joseph) Burton, 06 May 1800-22 Sep 1885
Son of B D and E E

Wadsworth, James Bythewood, 02 Sep 1831-07 Jan 1892
(Son of Burton D & Elizabeth E Brady Wadsworth)

Wadsworth, John W (William), 21 Sep 1874-05 Dec 1917
(Son of Burton D and Elizabeth Brady Wadsworth)

Wadsworth, (Jr.), John W. (William), 08 Aug 1906-30 Dec 1979
(Son of John W & Marie A Carlton Wadsworth)

Wadsworth, Marie C., 17 Nov 1879-10 Jan 1977
(Marie Adeline Carlton, dau of William A & Mary Holden Carlton, wife of John William Wadsworth)

Wadsworth, Mary Alice (Annie), 03 Jul 1917-08 Jul 1917
(Dau of Gordon Paramore & Kate McGriff Wadsworth)

Wadsworth, Melinda, 14 Jan 1819-03 Oct 1871
(Melinda Elizabeth McLendon, dau of Burrel McLendon, wife of Eli Wadsworth)

Wadsworth, (Theodore Randall) (12 Dec) 1886-13 May 1888
Son of BD & E E

Whittle, Ella Teresa, 25 Oct 1882-10 Oct 1883

Whittle, Georgia A., 26 Oct 1849-05 Mar 1909
(Georgia A Brady, dau of John W & Louisa A Lurcey Wadsworth, wife of James P Whittle)

Whittle, James P., 16 Aug 1847-18 Oct 1888