Joseph Marion Hernandez

Joseph Marion (Jose Mariano) Hernandez, son of Martin Hernandez Triay and Dorotea Gomila was born *26 May 1788, Spanish Colony of St Augustine, FL, and died 08 Jun 1857, Audaz (family estate), District of Coliseo, Matanzas Province, Cuba, interred Junco family vault in San Carlos Cemetery, Matanzas, Cuba, married 25 Feb 1814, Ana Maria Hill, widow of Henry Samuel Williams and daughter of Theophilus Hill and Teresa Tomas, born 06 Jun 1787, Spanish Colony of St Augustine, FL, died Jun 1849, St Augustine, St Johns CO, FL, buried 23 Jun 1849, St Augustine, St Johns CO, FL.

He was schooled in Savannah from the age of 15 and thence went to Havana to "read law" returing to St. Augustine in 1811 where he took up legal practice.

He was quickly accepted by the plantation gentry and other aristocracy, making an excellent position for himself by his industry, native intelligence and by a most auspicious marriage to Anna Marie Hill, beautiful and wealthy widow of Samuel Williams, Esq. whose plantation Orange Grove, was located on land that was later purchased by Matthias Day. The Williams grant formed the nucleus of what was to become Daytona Beach.

In 1816, he obtained the grant of a large track of land from the Spanish Governement at the head of the Matanzas River and Graham's Swamp in northeast present-day Flagler County. About 700 acres of this tract Joseph cultivated as a sugar plantation, calling it St. Joseph plantation. In 1818, he bought from Francis Ferreyra two other places, one, nearly 800 acres named Mala Compra and, adjoining it, the former estate of John Moultire called Bella Vista and containing at this time, 375 acres. His plantation house was at Mala Compra on the east bank of the Matanzas River.

When the Spanish left Florida, he transferred his allegiance to the United States. Upon the formation of the Florida Territory, he was elected as a Delegate to the Seventeenth Congress and served from September 30, 1822 to March 3, 1823. He was a member and presiding officer of the Territorial house of representatives and appointed brigadier general of Volunteers in the war against the Florida Indians.

At Christmas, 1831, the Hernandez family entertained a visitor at Mala Compra who later became a world famous personality - - John James Audubon, the wildlife artist. While staying in St Augustine, Audubon met Joseph Hernandez, to whom he had letters of introduction. Hernandez invited the artist to Mala Compra about 30 miles south of St Augustine. Audubon stayed at Mala Compra for about ten days before moving south to the Halifax River area.

Joseph entered the United States service and served from 1835 to 1838. He was appointed brigadier general of Mounted Volunteers in July 1837. His military activites brought upon him the only blot upon his otherwise splended record. His capture of Coacoochee and Osceloa under a flag of truce was not done with his approval but has been established as an order given to him by his superior, General Jesup.

Toward the end of the Indian War, Hernandez's two plantations were destroyed by Indians after being occupied by Federal Troops - - one known as St Joseph, a sugar plantation and the other as Mala Compra, a cotton plantation. He filed claim against the US Government for approximately $100,000 for damages for the destruction of his buildings and personal property in East Florida by the Seminole Indians in the years 1835, 1836 and 1837.

In March 1839, Congress approved the first of the monetary awards made to Hernandez as a result of the war claims. Between that time and May 1842, he had received a total of $34, 521.30. In 1844, Hernandez went back to Congress to ask for the balance of $64,494.89 - - his request was denied. Copies of the voluminous documents are on file at the Flagler County Historical Society in Bunnell, FL.

He was an unsuccessful candidate of the Whig Party for the United States Senate in 1845.

So great was the destruction of the plantations of East Florida by the Seminoles, few were ever re-established, particularly as the United States Government lowered the tariff on sugar from the West Indies. Many of our most successful planters drifted away and our greatly honored and beloved Joseph Hernandez joined the exodus, returning to Cuba in the late 1840's or early 1850's. He engaged as a planter in the District of Coliseo, near Matanzas.

Histories contain detailed accounts of his military activities and his land holdings but this short family sketch is given to place him and his family as one of the early residents of Flagler County. Issue;

1. Ana Eduardo Teresa (Anita) Hernandez born Nov 1814, Spanish Colony of St Augustine, FL, died 1836, St Augustine, St Johns CO, FL, married Feb 1833, Kingsley B Gibbs, son of George Gibbs, about 1810, NY, died 1859, St Augustine, St Johns CO, FL.

Kingsley moved to St Augustine in 1821, when his father became the first U S Customs House Collector there. Later his father became Clerk of the Superior Court of East Florida, a position he later filled

2. Jose Mariano Tomas Hernandez, born about 1816, Spanish Colony of St Augustine, FL, died before 1825, St Augustine, St Johns CO, FL

3. Elena Justa Rufina (Ellen) Hernandez, born 19 Jul 1817, Spanish Colony of St Augustine, FL, died 12 Apr 1858, New Orleans, LA, married 1837, St Augustine, St Johns CO, FL, A N Walker of New Orleans. They moved to New Orleans before 1850. Issue;

(1) Maria Walker

4. Maria Josepha Hernandez, born 03 Sep 1819, Spanish Colony of St Augustine, FL, married Thomas F Hunt, died before 1887. In 1843, he was stationed at St Augustine during the Seminole War as an US Army, Deputy Quartermaster

5. Fernando Martine Valenino Hernandez, born 14 Feb 1821, Spanish Colony of St Augustine, FL died before 1856. Issue;

(1) Casper Hernandez

(2) Phebeana Hernandez

(3) Anita Hernandez

6. Martin Eduardo Hernandez, born 08 Jun 1822, St Augustine, St Johns CO, FL, died 09 Jun 1885, Matanzas, Cuba

7. Lucia Catalina (Louisa Caroline) Hernandez, born 08 Jun 1823, St Augustine, St Johns CO, FL, died 12 May 1859, Kinston, Lenoir CO, NC, married 07 Jan 1845, St Augustine, St Johns CO, FL, George Lawrence Washington, son of John Washington and Elizabeth Heritage (Eliza) Cobb, born 03 Jul 1818, Kinston, Lenoir CO, NC, died 1894. He and Louisa had eight children. See sketch on George Lawrence Washington for additional information on this family (in work, Jul 2010 - sorry).

8. Jose Mariano Hernandez born about 1825, St Augustine, St Johns CO, FL, died before 1856

9. John Gaspar Hernandez, born between 1826 - 1828, St Augustine, St Johns CO, FL, died before 1856

10. Doratea Fredrica Ignatius (Dora) Hernandez, born about 22 Feb 1828, St Augustine, St Johns CO, FL, died 03 Jan 1907, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA at the home of her son-in-law, Henry C. Peeples, married 04 May 1857 by the Rev. Father Flanigan in New Orleans to William Stephen Walker, son of Duncan S Walker, born about 1823, Pittsburgh, PA, died 07 Jun 1899, Grady Hospital, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA.

In the Family Record Section of Anne M. Hernendez's 1833 Bible, she wrote that at the time of his marriage to her daughter (1857), W. S. Walker was a captian in the 1st Cavalry, U. S. Army which conflicts with some of the information in his "official" biography which follows. She also wrote that the "emigrated to the south when a child, first coming to Louisville, Ky. and then to Natchez, Misspi."

Brigadier General William S. Walker, of Florida, began his career as midshipman in the United States Navy. He participated in the Mexican war as a staff officer with the rank of lieutenant. At the time of the threatened seizure of Fort Pickens, near Pensacola, Fla., he was still in the United States service commanding the United States ship-of-war Brooklyn.

Soon after the secession of Florida he resigned his commission in the Navy of the United States and entered the service of the Confederate States as captain of infantry. In 1862, he was commissioned colonel, and on the 22nd of October, in command at Pocotaligo, SC, he defeated a Union force that attempted to seize the Charleston & Savannah railroad. Eight days later he was promoted to brigadier-general, and during the balance of the year he was in command of the Third military district of South Carolina.

His position was one which required great diligence and watchfulness, in order to protect the coast of South Carolina from sudden incursions of the enemy. As the spring of 1864 opened, all troops that could possibly be spared from the department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida were sent to the armies in Virginia and Georgia.

On April 29, 1864, General Walker was ordered to Kinston, NC, to take command of that post and soon afterward he was called by Beauregard to assist in the defense of Petersburg, at that time seriously threatened by Butler's advance. General Walker reached the army concentrated by Beauregard in time to share in the attack upon Butler.

George Lawrence Washington Jr, (son of George Lawrence Washington and Lucia Catalina (Louisa Caroline) Hernandez) was his aide de camp before he was captured during the Petersburg, VA campaign.

During a fight on May 20, 1864, he accidentally rode into the enemy's lines, and when called upon to surrender refused and was fired upon. His horse was killed and he was himself so severely wounded in the foot that amputation became necessary.

He remained a prisoner of war until exchanged in the fall, when on the 29th of October he was placed in command at Weldon. He was commanding in North Carolina when the war ended.

General Walker removed to Georgia after the war, and in 1898 was a citizen of Atlanta. He was in the insurance business and served as Fulton County Tax Collector in 1875 and 1876. Issue;

(1) Anita Hernandez Walker, born 10 Sep 1858, Kinston, NC, married 06 Oct 1877, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, Edward L Anderson, born 09 Jun 1859, Thomasville, Thomas CO, GA, died 30 Apr 1929, Madison CO, FL (probably - Anita is listed as a widow in the 1930 census; in the 1860 census of Ft Riley, KS taken on 03 Sep 1860, she is listed as Annette). Issue;

A. Marion H Anderson

(2) Marion Hernandez Walker, born 04 Sep 1860, Fort Riley, Geary CO, KS, died 19 Sep1864, Mt. Bernon Springs, Chatham CO, NC. Buried at the Gulf, on Deep River, Chatham CO, NC

(3) Lillie Duncan (Lucia) Walker, born 11 Nov 1863, Mt. Bernon Springs, Chatham CO, NC, died 27 Jun 1929, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, married 03 Dec 1885, Jacksonville, Duval CO, FL, Henry Cabiness Peeples, son of Cincinatus Peeples and Eliza Jane Cabaniss, born 01 Oct 1856, Athens, Oglethorpe CO, GA, died 09 Mar 1937, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA. Issue:

A. Anita E Peeples, born Aug 1887, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA

B. Lucia Cabiness (Lillie) Peeples, born 28 Sep 1888, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, died 12 Aug 1984, DeKalb CO, GA, married 24 May 1923, Andrew Miller Fairlie, born 11 Feb 1877, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, died 17 Jun 1949, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA. Issue;

a. Lucia Walker Fairlie, born 27 Mar 1925, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, married William Leopold Pulgram, born 01 Jan 1921. He served in the U. S. Army during WW II and was an architect. Issue;

aa. Lucia Deirdre Pulgram, born 05 Nov 1956, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA

bb. Lawrence Fairlie Pulgram, born 04 April 1958, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA

cc. Anthony Ernest Pulgram, born 06 Apr 1960, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA

b. Margaret Fairlie, born 27 Mar 1925, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA

c. Andrew Miller Fairlie, Jr., born 23 Mar1928, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, married Jun 1952, South Bend, St Joseph CO, IN, Mary Ann Scherger, born 22 Mar 1931. Issue;

aa. Katherine Marie Fairlie, born, 11 Mar 1953, Lorain, Lorain CO, OH

bb. Thomas Andrew Fairlie, born 20 Apr 1954, Lorain, Lorain CO, OH

cc. John Anthony Fairlie, born 21 Jul 1956, Lorain, Lorain CO, OH

dd. Laura Jean Fairlie, born 21 Nov 1957, Westlake, Cuyahoga CO, OH

ee. Elizabeth Ann Fairlie, born 22 Apr 1960, Westlake, Cuyahoga CO, OH

dd. Margaret Carrick Fairlie, born 25 Mar 1961, Louisville, Jefferson CO, KY

ee. Patricia Ann Fairlie, born 29 Aug 1962, Avon Lake, Lorian CO, OH

ff. Robert Bruce Fairlie, bon 28 Nov 1966, Avon Lake, Lorian CO, OH

C. Henry Edwin Peeples, born 30 Dec 1890, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, died 22 Oct 1970, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, married Grace Angier, dau of Edgar Angier and Grace, born 24 Sep 1893, GA, died Apr 1972. In 1917 he was working for the Retail Credit Company of Chicago as a Life Insurance Inspector. In 1920, he was back in Atlanta. Issue;

a. Henry Cabiness Peeples II, born Mar 1920, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, marVesenex, France. Issue;

aa. Henry Christian Peeples, born 26 Jul 1947, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA

Henry Cabiness Peeples II, married Dolores Martinez. Issue;

bb. Patricia Grace Peeples, born 13 Jan 1960, Santa Clara CO, CA

b. Lucia Cabiness Peeples born 01 Sep 1923, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, married 03 Feb 1945, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, Robert Thomas Foley, born 21 Dec 1918. Issue;

aa. Linda Jean Foley, born 03 Apr 1953

bb. John Dennis Foley, born 28 May 1956

D. Stephen Duncan Peeples, born 15 Feb 1893, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, died 02 Jun 1970, DeKalb CO, GA, married Margaret F LNU, born about 1904, GA

E. Francis Hernandez Peeples, born 02 Jan 1896, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, died 10 Apr 1969, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, married 15 Jan 1927 to Dorothy Stocker. Issue'

a. Francis Hernandez Peeples, Jr, born 14 Dec 1931, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA

b. Dorothy Ada Peeples, born 02 Mar 1934, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, married Steve Jones

(4) Lousia Hernandez Walker, born 20 Mar 1867, Charleston, Charleston CO, SC at Savage Weyward's House

(5) Dorah H Walker, born about 1869, GA

(6) William Stephen Walker II, born 04 Oct 1870, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, died 20 Mar 1941, married Mamie Owen, born about 1887, GA, died 29 Apr 1950, Richmond CO, GA. Issue;

A. William Stephen Walker III, born about 1910, GA, died 30 Dec 1921, Cobb CO, GA

B. David Owen Walker, born 11 Apr 1913, GA, died 31 Oct 1979, Vacaville, Solono CO, CA, married 22 Jun1938, Atlanta, Fulton CO, GA, Frances Elinor Wilkinson, dau of Charles Reed Wilkinson and Ella Victoria Bray, born 30 Apr 1917, Elizabeth City, Pasquotank CO, NC, died 30 Jul 1993, Vallejo, Solano CO, CA. Issue:

a. Unnamed Infant Walker, born 1942, GA, died 1942, GA

b. William Stephen Walker IV, born 17 Sep 1946, Woodland, Yolo CO, CA, married 1970, Janet Lynn Barkdull

c. Ella Reed Walker, born 17 Sep 1946, Woodland, Yolo CO, CA, died 03 Apr 1947, Solano CO, CA

d. Sally Frost Walker, born 12 Nov 1950, Woodland, Yolo CO, CA, married 28 Apr 1972, Virginia City, Storey CO, NV, James Scott Robinson (div-1980). Issue;

aa. David Stephen Robinson (adopted by James Peter French)

Sally Frost Walker Robinson, married 2nd, 02 Feb 1981, Harris CO, TX, James Peter French, born about 1944


Ana Maria Hill married 1st, about 1805 in St. Augustine, Henry Samuel Williams, son of Henry Williams and Margarita Burton. Henry Samuel Williams died about 1813 in Mosquito, now Volusia CO, FL.

Henry Samuel Williams developed an extensive plantation (3,200 acres) on the Halifax River, at the site of present-day Daytona Beach (between now Bay Street, and Wilder Avenue with his home on the West bank of the Halifax River to his rice fields near present-day Campbell Middle School)

Henry Samuel and Ana lived on his Halifax Plantation, at first trying unsuccessfully to grow cotton on soils not suited to the crop, then began to grow sugar cane and met with more success.

When Henry Samuel died in 1813, Ana petitioned the Spanish government for control of her late husband’s estate despite existing Spanish laws that forbid women from owning property. With the aid of Joseph M Hernandez, a prominent St. Augustine lawyer to whom she would later marry, Ana succeeded in securing her claim in 1817. Aided by Hernandez’s already considerable wealth, the Orange Grove Plantation underwent a period of intense improvement and was soon added to his properties, making Hernandez one of the wealthiest and most influential land owners in the region.


1. William Henry Williams, died 1845, Orange, now Volusia CO, FL, married Fanny LNU.

2. Eliza Ann Williams, born 21 Mar 1807, died 25 Mar 1871, married Abraham Bellamy.

Eliza Ann Williams married 2nd, William John Bailey

3. Samuel Hill Williams

4. John Theopholus Williams, died between 1842-1856

*(NOTE: According to the “Biographical Directory of the American Congress,” Joseph Marion (Jose Mariano) Hernandez was born 04 Aug 1793. Clarence E Carter, editor of the five volume set of “The Territorial Papers of the United States,” gave 1792 as his birth date. Dr Mildred L Fryman, Ph.D., in her “Washington Oaks State Gardens Historical Research Report,” she did for the FL Dept. Of Natural Resources in Oct 1992 stated that there was another Jose Marion Hernandez born in St Augustine on 14 Aug 1793 and perhaps his baptismal record was used by mistake. The compiler has used the date listed by Dr Fryman)


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A special note of thanks to Sally Frost Walker French who has not only contributed to this Hernandez Genealogy, but who has also contributed many Hernandez Family items to the Flagler County Historical Society for public view at their museum in Bunnell, Flagler CO, FL.

Acknowlegement is also made to Lucia Walker Fairlie Pulgram who has donated pieces of the china General Hernandez used while a Delegate to the Seventeenth Congress to the Flagler County Historical Society.

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